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LiuGong Wheel Loaders at Work in South Australia’s Oil and Gas Fields

The Moomba and Innamincka gas and oil fields are located in the far north-east corner of South Australia, almost 800km from Adelaide. Gas has been piped from these fields since the late 1960s, while the the first oil discoveries were made in the 1970s. The area has long been crucial to Australia’s ongoing energy supply, and its importance looks set to grow further in the future, with leading mining companies continuing to make significant new investments in the region.

However, this is an isolated, demanding work environment, and so machinery used on and around the oil and gas fields needs to be powerful, durable, and economical. This is why two leading companies from Blyth in South Australia’s mid-north, Stirling Transport and Stirling Contracting, whose work involves moving oil and gas rigs on the fields, have recently purchased LiuGong CLG856 series wheel loaders from Lewis Construction Equipment, Australia’s leading LiuGong dealer. LiuGong CLG856 wheel loaders are ideal for working in a mining environment because of their exceptional durability and reliability. They are capable of working for long hours with minimal maintenance, which means extremely high rates of productivity, a hallmark of LiuGong’s wheel loader range. This is due largely to the high-quality engine and transmission technology they use. LiuGong CLG856 wheel loaders are fitted with Cummins engines and ZF transmissions, and this proven technology means that their reliability is also accompanied by fuel efficiency. A Cummins 6LTAA8.9 engine and a ZF 4WG200 semiautomatic transmission is fitted in the CLG856I, while the CLG856III features a Cummins QSB6.7 model and a ZF 4WG200 fully automatic transmission. A further reason why contractors working in the mining industry choose LiuGong machines is because of their flexibility and adaptability, coming as they do equipped with a hydraulic quick hitch, general purpose 3.0m3 bucket, a set of pallet forks and an extendable jib as part of the package. This makes them ideal for work such as levelling site pads for rigs and loading and unloading drill pipes.

LiuGong wheel loaders also come with exceptional backup; Lewis Construction Equipment has a close and longstanding working relationship with LiuGong, which allows them to offer high-quality service and support, as well as a rapid supply of parts. This is extremely important for contractors working in remote locations such as the Cooper Basin, and so purchasing a LiuGong wheel loader from Lewis Construction Equipment also means that operators receive outstanding levels of service, support and maintenance, and are able get hold of parts quickly, no matter where they are working. Another important reason for choosing LiuGong is that the CLG856 series of wheel loaders is extremely competitively priced, with Lewis Construction Equipment being able to supply a CLG856 for significantly less than you might pay for a similar machine from other leading makers, but which outperforms its rivals in the same price range. High levels of productivity, durability, ease of maintenance, and affordability therefore all combine to make LiuGong CLG856 wheel loaders the stand-out choice for Australian companies such as Stirling Contracting and Stirling Transport who work in the Cooper Basin and similar isolated mining environments. Lewis Construction Equipment, based in Wingfield, are the experts in LiuGong construction machinery and can advise you about the full range of machines now available in Australia. If you are looking for construction or agricultural machinery that you can rely on, work hard in any conditions and maintain easily at an affordable price, contact Dylan Caldwell at Lewis Construction Equipment to find out more about the ways in which LiuGong machines are being put to work in all types of Australian industries.

Lewis Construction Equipment, based in Adelaide, is Australia’s leading supplier of construction machinery and equipment from international manufacturer, LiuGong. Lewis Construction Equipment provide outstanding levels of maintenance and customer support, and supply LiuGong equipment to leading South Australian companies employed in the mining industry, such as Stirling Transport and Stirling Contracting. For further details about LiuGong equipment and machinery, contact Dylan Caldwell at Lewis Construction Equipment on (08) 8268 3428 This article was written and distributed by Cadogan and Hall, a team of freelance writers based in Adelaide, South Australia. We specialise in producing online content, websites, blogs, article marketing and press releases for small- and medium-sized buisnesses.

Lewis Construction Equipment - LiuGong Wheel Loaders at Work in South Australia  

Lewis Construction Equipment, based in Adelaide, is Australia’s leading supplier of construction machinery and equipment from international...

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