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How to Ensure That Your Security Screen Door or Window Grille is Up to the Job The flyscreen has long been a ubiquitous feature of the Australian home. Originally, it served purely as a means of allowing you to have your windows and doors open during hot weather so that the air could circulate, while still keeping out flies, mosquitoes and other insects. However, the role and function of the humble flyscreen has evolved over the years, and stronger, more durable security screen doors and window grilles have now taken their place in the majority of Australian homes. One of the functions of a modern security screen door remains the same - to keep out insects when your main interior doors are open - but they now also serve the purpose of providing an additional layer of home security. A good security screen door or window grille therefore does an important job in helping to protect your home from intruders, so it is important to instal a high-quality product that is up to the job.

Homeowners should be aware that there is a nationwide standard that establishes the effectiveness or otherwise of security screens for doors and windows. Standards Australia, an independent, notfor-profit organisation, recognised by the Australian Government as the peak non-government Standards body in Australia, has issued AS5039 which describes the standards a security screen door or window grille must achieve in its manufacture to be considered effective as means of providing protection for your home. AS5039 sets a standard for the quality of the materials that must be used in the manufacture of a screen for a door or window, as well as establishing levels that

‘If you are considering purchasing new security screen doors for an Australian home, or renewing your existing doors, it is important to ensure that you are buying and installing products that will meet your requirements’

measure its overall strength and integrity. Therefore, it is crucial that when you are considering a new security or screen door that it adheres to this national, accepted standard. If it doesn’t, you can regard it as an inferior product

‘The are national industry standards that your new screen doors and windows should adhere to, both in their manufacture and installation, in order to make sure that they are providing you with the level of security and home protection you are looking for’ and one that will not be able to to withstand the determined attempts of an intruder nor provide you and your family with the security you are looking for. Standards Australia also emphasise the importance of installation in ensuring the effectiveness of a security screen door or window (AS5040). The overall strength of a screen door or window grille depends on the integrity of the

door or window frame, and the use of strong and appropriate fastenings and hinges. What this means for the homeowner is that you need to ensure that you employ the services of a skilled, experienced installer of good repute and upon whom you can reply to use sufficiently robust materials to make sure your screens are able to withstand force and attempts to prise them off or open. Therefore, if you’re looking to purchase new security screens for your doors and windows, ensure that you buy a product that meets the standards set by Standards Australia in its manufacture (AS5309), so that you can be sure it will be robust and strong enough to provide a reasonable level of protection for your home. Once you have decided upon a purchase, make sure you opt for an installer who understands and adheres to AS5040 so that you can be sure the appropriate hinges and fastenings have been used. In this respect, it makes sense to look for a well-established company with significant experience in both the manufacture and installation of security screen doors and window grilles, and who you can rely on to do the job effectively and safely.

Direct Shutters Adelaide is a long-established company with extensive experience in advising Adelaide homeowners on how security screens for windows and doors can improve their home security. To find out more about the full range of security screen doors and window grilles designed and manufactured by Direct Shutters in Adelaide, call Joe Anastasi.

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Direct Shutters - How to Ensure That Your Security Screen Door or Window Grille is Up to the Job