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Reduce the Cost of an Adelaide Winter In March 2013, Adelaide was voted — for the third year in a row — Australia’s most livable city. And for those of us who live here, we know why: Adelaide Oval, Central Market, the Adelaide Festival and Fringe, the Barossa, Oakbank — the list goes on and on.

Direct Shutters in Adelaide is a South Australian-owned family business backed by over 25 years’ experience in the manufacture and installation of roller shutters for windows and doors in both homes and business premises

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owever, if there is one thing that unites us, one thing that detracts from the quality of life for us all, it’s energy costs. South Australians currently have the third highest energy costs anywhere in the world, behind only Denmark and Germany. And forecasts suggests that these are only going to rise—perhaps by as much as another 30% during 2013/14.

and built to cope as well with winter weather, and so this is the time of the year when our energy consumption rises most dramatically.


iven that the start of the 2013 winter has been wet and cold, and long-range forecasts predict more of the same, Adelaide homeowners who don’t want to be confronted with

The resulting insulating effect allows homeowners more effectively to control the temperature indoors, because when they are closed roller shutters keep cold air away from the external glass in doors and windows, and so temperatures inside do not fall as rapidly or as dramatically, and heat that has been generated is not lost as quickly.


verall domestic energy efficiency has been shown in Australian research to be much improved by the installation of insulated roller shutters, and in turn this also means a reduction in domestic emissions as well.



f course, household energy bills naturally rise during the summer, with the increased need for air conditioning, but this can be somewhat mitigated because Australian homes are often designed with the summer in mind—think of the verandahs on classic Adelaide cottages for instance, or the cooling systems in more contemporary, energy-efficient homes. However, homes in Adelaide are not necessarily designed

enormous winter heating bills can, however, take steps to exert greater control over the temperature inside their homes, and in so doing reduce their overall energy consumption.


ustralian-made roller shutters for windows and doors, manufactured from premium quality aluminium, are insulated with high-density polyurethane and then coated with a baked enamel finish.

further benefit to be gained from having shutters installed is that during extreme winter weather, such as strong winds and storms, they provide an additional layer of protection for your home. The robust, high-grade aluminium used in window shutters is strong enough to withstand the effects of flying debris and broken tree branches that can be propelled with great velocity during a storm, and they also protect your windows and doors from the potential damage that can be caused by heavy hail. As well as protecting your glass, this also means that there is less chance of internal water damage to your home as a result of rain blowing in through damaged windows and doors.


urthermore, professionally installed roller shutters don’t shake or rattle in high winds,

and can be closed quickly and easily (either manually or by remote control) if the weather closes in without warning.


here is undoubtedly much to love about living in Adelaide, but unfortunately the price we have to pay for energy is not one of them. However, it is possible for South Australian homeowners to be proactive in this regard, and to take steps towards a practical, cost-effective and energy efficient solution to an ever-growing problem. Installing Australian-made roller shutters on your windows and doors means that you can open those brown envelopes from the energy company with less fear and trepidation, while knowing that you’re also making a positive contribution towards keeping your domestic carbon emissions down as well. For more information about the benefits to be gained from installing roller shutters on the windows and doors in your home, including enhanced security, a reduction in energy use, and added protection against fire, call Joe Anastasi on (08) 8244 4437

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