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Roller Shutters for Commercial and Business Premises


nyone who is in retail, operates office premises, or owns any type of business space, knows that the glass in your windows and door can be susceptible to damage in a variety of ways. Whether it be through vandalism, attempted break-in, or caused by extreme weather and storms, your glass can be left vulnerable and unprotected. Added to this is the risk that broken glass can pose to health and safety, the damage it can inflict on stock and equipment, and the ease with which it can ruin fixtures and fittings. Roller shutters, however, can provide a vital extra layer of defence against any or all of these challenges, saving you both money and time, as the clean-up job from a broken display window or office door is expensive, time consuming and extremely inconvenient.

When roller shutters are closed, it means that vandals are unable to cause any damage to your valuable glass shopfront or the windows of your office premises. This keeps your place of business looking professional and ready for work, but it also means you avoid that awful call-out in the middle of the night to come and secure your shop or retail outlet after the windows have been smashed or damaged. As an extension of this, shutters will also make your premises a good deal more secure. Statistics on break-ins and burglary can sometimes make depressing reading, and there is no doubt that windows are one of the main points of access for opportunistic burglars. Therefore, it is prudent to do all you can to minimise the risk, and roller shutters can play an important role in this because they provide both an actual, physical barrier as well as a visual deterrence.

Shutters are made from high-grade aluminium and put together as a system of interlocking slats, and for this reason they are able to withstand the use of significant force, while the internal locking mechanism is resistant to attempts to prise or jemmy them open. Therefore, the effort required to gain access to premises protected by roller shutters is beyond the capabilities and patience of most burglars. Similarly, the costs involved in repairing broken windows and doors after storm damage can also be significant. Strong winds frequently cause damage to premises because debris and broken tree branches can easily be blown at great speed straight through exposed glass. This of course not leads not only to significant expense in having the glass replaced, but can also to lead to valuable stock, fixtures and fittings becoming water damaged or soiled as a result of rain and hail blowing in through a smashed window. In addition, the resultant broken glass can likewise ruin carpets, office equipment and other valuable assets.

However, the innate strength of roller shutters means that this sort of damage can be avoided and your premises will remain secure and damage-free in even the most hostile weather, with roller shutters that conform to CSIRO cyclone standards now available.

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Overall therefore, for any business owner, retail manager or anyone who

We specialise in the manufacture, supply and installation of Australian-made roller shutters for windows and doors that help to secure glass shopfronts, offices and business premises from the damage and breakage caused by vandals, burglars and flying debris in a storm. owns or operates office space, roller shutters represent a cost-efficient investment that could save you significant sums in the long term with regards to repairing the damage caused by vandals, attempted breakins and extreme weather. At Direct Shutters, we are able to manufacture and instal roller shutters for windows and doors in all types

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of commercial and business premises:

place of business remains secure so that you can have peace of mind, don’t need to waste time, and can carry on working.

Direct Shutters in Adelaide, with over 25 years’ experience in manufacturing and installing roller window shutters, are experts in all aspects of the industry and can advise you on the maintenance and cleaning of your roller shutters.

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Direct Shutters, Adelaide—Commercial Roller Shutters  

Direct Shutters in Adelaide manufacture, supply and instal Australian-made roller shutters for windows and doors that help to secure glass s...

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