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Putting a Gloss on Your Bathroom: Stunning New Ranges of Imported Glazed Tiles I

f you are looking for a bright, innovative and contemporary look for a new or renovated bathroom, you should consider the new ranges of whitebody bathroom tiles being imported into Australia from leading manufacturers in Italy. These highly-glazed tiles have a white bisque that is particularly suited to decoration and glazing, and so the result is a range of dazzlingly brilliant wall tiles with mirror-like surfaces where the colours almost seem to glow.

The manufacturing and design process means that these tiles are shiny and radiant, creating a look that is a long way removed from sombre, traditional bathroom design. The ranges of colours available from bright, crimson red, to glistening silver, to deep blue - mean that they will complement and enhance any modern design concept, allowing fixtures and fittings to be either matched or excitingly contrasted. In addition to a wide colour palette, you will also find a comprehensive variety of tile patterns and textures that further increases these tiles’ versatility.

The mosaic ranges are made so that they consist of several different types of tile surfaces, each with a varying degree of luminosity and having a different texture - some are matt and others patterned, some come in subtly different shades, some are slightly reflective while others have a glossy, mirror-like sheen. The overall effect is engaging and intriguing, as this combination of distinctly different, yet perfectly matched tiles, seem to shift in their appearance and composition depending on the way the light plays off them.

This technique has also been put to good use in the ranges of wallpaper-style designs. These feature modern geometric patterns and abstract designs, as well as more traditional floral patterns, and they also benefit from the whitebody manufacturing and glazing technique so that they come in a range of bright, luminous colours. The textured surfaces highlight the different patterns and designs, and further accentuate the brightness of the finish. These tiles are manufactured to allow jointless installation, so the patterns are continuous and have the look of traditional wallpaper, yet in a water-resistant ceramic perfect for use in bathrooms. For a more overtly contemporary look, glazed whitebody tiles also come in large, single-colour tiles without pattern or texture. The colours here do all the work, and the sizeable uninterrupted surfaces mean that you gain the full benefit of the tiles’ chromatic qualities, while at the same time allowing other design features in the room (such as cabinets and basins) to be accentuated. The extremely smooth, luminous surface is at the fore in

Whitebody glazed tiles feature brighter, more luminous colours than ever before, while a greater variety of patterns and textures are now available these larger tiles, and this creates an elegant and yet simple finish in a range of contemporary colours. Therefore, if you are creating a new bathroom, or renovating an existing one, talk to a design consultant about the new ranges of imported Italian glazed tiles that are now available in Australia. You can create any number of new and innovative looks with these textured and patterned whitebody tiles that come in a wide range of distinctive, brightlycoloured mirror-like finishes.

Ceramica Tile + Design is an Adelaide owned and operated independent importer, distributor and retailer of superior quality tiles from Australia and around the world. Contact Design Consultant Anita Sweeting on (08) 8346 6653 or at to learn more about the outstanding new Adore range of glazed bathroom tiles from leading Italian manufacturer Ceramiche Atlas Concorde. 76 Grange Road, Welland SA 5007 Ph (08) 8346 6653 Fax (08) 8340 0968 This article was written and distributed by Cadogan and Hall, a team of freelance writers based in Adelaide, South Australia. We specialise in producing online content, websites, blogs, articles and press releases for small- and medium-sized buisnesses.

Ceramica Tile + Design - Stunning New Ranges of Imported Glazed Tiles  

Bathroom tiles are available in an ever-growing range of colours and designs, and are being produced using enhanced manufacturing techniques...

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