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Get the Advice of an Expert When Choosing Ceramic Tiles


e all like to think we know what will look good in our homes. We all like to think that we are good with colours and styles. In short, we all like to think that we have good taste. Nevertheless, there are very few of us whose new home or home renovation would not benefit from the creative input of a professional design consultant. In particular, when it comes to selecting new tiles for a bathroom, a kitchen, or an outdoor living area, it is always a wise decision to call upon the advice of an expert in the field. New developments in technology have meant that the way in which ceramic tiles are designed and manufactured has changed dramatically in recent years, and so when you are looking at ceramic tiles for your home, it

is important to speak to a consultant who is an expert in tiling and understands these new directions. New manufacturing techniques, when combined with the inspired and creative talents of the world’s leading tile makers, mean that many exciting and innovative contemporary tiling solutions are now within the budgets of Australian homeowners. However, unless you have the time, energy and dedication to research the industry thoroughly yourself, you will more than likely remain unaware of all of the latest options now available. A solution is to speak to a design consultant who specialises in ceramic tiles, and who can save you many frustrating and unrewarding hours through their knowledge of the latest manufacturing techniques and most up-todate collections from all around the world.

“New developments in technology have meant that the ways in which ceramic tiles are designed and manufactured have changed dramatically in recent years� A design consultant will work with you to create a look and feel that is right for you and, with their expert knowledge of the latest in tile design, will help you to come up with a design concept that is unique and makes the most of

what the world’s best manufacturers are now able to offer. In addition, an expert in ceramic tiles will not only understand what will look good in your home, but they will also have the knowledge and expertise to guide you towards the right type of tile to suit your lifestyle and budget. They can also help you to understand the installation process, what you need to do to maintain your tiles in pristine condition, and to help you to choose a finish that is right for your home.

“The large number of new styles and design concepts available from around the world means that it makes good sense to talk to an expert when you are choosing new tiles for your bathroom, kitchen, or outdoor living space�

It may be that some people are intimidated by the idea of working with a design consultant, or are afraid that their ideas will not be appreciated or, even worse, ignored (an inaccurate image that is unfortunately not helped by the sometimes overbearing portrayal of designers in popular television programmes). However, a good design consultant will instead aim to steer you in the right direction both in terms of practical choices (e.g. choosing a style of tile to suit your lifestyle), and design concepts, by

making use of the most attractive and innovative designs available on the market today. The design and manufacture of ceramic tiles has changed a great deal, and new innovations continue to be developed, so if you are building a new home, renovating your existing home, or you simply want to explore the imaginative and innovative new ranges of tiling solutions that are now available, it makes good sense to work with an expert. Ceramica Tile + Design is an Adelaide owned and operated independent importer, distributor and retailer of superior quality tiles from around the world. They offer a wide range of design consultation services to help homeowners choose the right bathroom, kitchen, or outdoor tiles to suit their home and budget. Visit Ceramica Tile + Design at www. 76 Grange Road, Welland SA 5007 Ph (08) 8346 6653 Fax (08) 8340 0968 This article was written and distributed by Cadogan and Hall, a freelance writers agency based in Adelaide, South Australia. We specialise in producing online content, websites, blogs, articles and press releases for small- and medium-sized buisnesses.

Ceramica Tile + Design - Get the Advice of an Expert When Choosing Ceramic Tiles