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Cement Wall and Floor Tiles—Innovative, Strong and Environmentally Sound

At Ceramica Tile + Design, we have further added to the exceptional range of innovative architectural design tiles that we can now offer to Adelaide homeowners.

We are excited now to be stocking the Boss Architectural Ciment range of cement tiles, produced in Australia using innovative new technology and processes developed by Abbey and Pride.

The three ranges of cement tiles and slabs—the Natural Cement Collection, the Basalt Collection and the White Collection—are unique and unlike any other cement tile that has been previously been produced. They are extremely durable and so suitable for any high-traffic areas in the home or commercial premises, and can be installed on floors and walls both inside and out. Ciment tiles are also eye-catching and bold when used as splashbacks, cladding, fireplace surrounds, benchtops and vanity units. The innovative production process developed by Abbey and Pride means that Ciment tiles are produced using material that is 100% natural and contains no resins or plastics, and so they are fully recyclable. The manufacturing process is such that these tiles are produced using significantly less water and energy, and they also require less material and processing. In addition, they are produced in Australia and so the costs and environmental stresses associated with shipping and transport are significantly reduced. Overall, the innovations that have been utilised

in their manufacture make Ciment tiles a uniquely environmentally sound design option. Strength and resilience are integral to the design of Ciment tiles, and they have a hardness that is comparable to that of marble and granite, with the added advantage that they continue to harden further and improve over time. They are highly resistant to abrasion and meet Australian Standard AS-NZS 4586 with regards to slip rating, having a Y classification rating, while alternative surfaces can be provided if the tiles are to be installed in a wet area. Ciment tiles are installed in the same way as any natural stone material.

Natural Cement Collection Made using a blend of pure, natural cements with no colour pigments added, the Natural Cement Collection is notable for its clear, neutral tones that means it can be incorporated into a wide range of design concepts, and it works both in concert and in contrast with a host of other materials and colours. The cement ages extremely well, getting stronger over time, and is not affected by UV and so doesn’t fade.

Basalt Collection Inspired by the volcanic rock basalt, the Basalt Collection is available in shades that are darker in hue, and that bring with them a warm, earthy feel along with exceptional strength and durability.

White Collection The White Collection includes five different shades of white that are both neutral and engaging, and are designed to bring light and a feeling of energy to any indoor or outdoor space.

All three collections are available as both slabs, or wall and floor tiles. Slab sizes:

3060 mm x 1440mm 3300mm x 1640mm 20mm thickness Wall and floor tile sizes:

600mm x 300mm 900mm x 300mm 1200mm x 300mm 400mm x 400mm 800mm x 400mm 600mm x 600mm 6mm, 10mm and 15mm thickness At Ceramica Tile + Design, we offer a free in-store design consultancy service, and so we can help you create design concepts if you are building a new home or renovating an existing one, and we would be delighted to show you how the Ciment range from Boss Architectural would be an eye-catching, innovative and environmentally sound addition to your home. 76 Grange Road, Welland SA 5007 Ph (08) 8346 6653 Fax (08) 8340 0968

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Ceramica Tile + Design, Adelaide—Cement Wall and Floor Tiles  

Ceramica Tile + Design, Adelaide’s leading supplier of distinctive and innovative architectural design tiles, are now stocking the Ciment ra...

Ceramica Tile + Design, Adelaide—Cement Wall and Floor Tiles  

Ceramica Tile + Design, Adelaide’s leading supplier of distinctive and innovative architectural design tiles, are now stocking the Ciment ra...