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ARTs and Crafts comes to Ceramica Tile + Design

The Artisan Range from Southern Cross Ceramcis

Print by William Morris, leading light of arts and Crafts

The Arts and Crafts Movement

Since its beginnings in the 1880s, the Arts and Crafts Movement has had a profound effect on design. Originally a response to increasing industrialisation, it had a focus on traditional skills and accessibility—art for everybody. Materials and design were at its heart, and leading proponents of the movement celebrated craftsmanship and the value of work. Designers took inspiration from Medieval decoration, and were also influenced by Japanese and Islamic art. This produced the highly stylised, decorative patterns and motifs

synonymous with Arts and Crafts. Stylised flowers, Celtic motifs and largescale repeating patterns became dominant themes, with colours such as cream, terracotta, mustard yellow, olive green, deep blue and crimson coming to the fore. Domestic tiles were very much part of the movement’s desire to bring high-quality products and design into everyday homes. These were very often brightly coloured, in blues, greens and reds, with stylised flowers and recurring patterns the dominant images.

Southern Cross Ceramics have been producing high-quality decorative tiles in Australia since 1987, and their tiles can now be found in specialist tile showrooms throughout the world

Southern Cross Ceramics

Highly redolent of the Arts and Crafts Movement in their design, but thoroughly contemporary in their manufacture, the Artisan range of wall and floor tiles from Southern Cross are stunningly decorative and bold in their look, yet with deep echoes of the past. Featuring fifteen highly distinctive designs, in ten different colourways, the Artisan range includes geometric designs, intricate floral patterns, bold stripes and heraldic images which encapsulate the aesthetic ideals of Arts and Crafts.

The Artisan Range

Although looking and feeling like cement tiles, they are much lighter and slimmer, being only 7mm in thickness. Ideal for use on walls and floors, the anti-slip porcelain composition means that no sealing is required, and so these tiles are suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. The vintage-inspired colours include more subtle greys and creams, as well as more vibrant blues and deep reds, meaning that they enhance almost any type of design concept. Additionally, you can create your own designs or order a customised blend. ii ii ii ii ii ii

200mm x 200mm 25 tiles per metre2 matt finish rectified edge R10 slip rating <3% porosity

Vienna Black

Geneva Denim

Winchester Tan Clay

Oslo Oxblood

Tangiers Forest Black

Munich Charcoal Crimson

Marrakesh Chocolate Sky

Arabesque Tan Clay

Milan Sky

Madrid Oxblood

Oxford Charcoal Dark

Melange Forest Black

Casablanca Turquoise

Ceramica Tile + Design is an Adelaide owned and operated independent importer, distributor and retailer of superior quality tiles from Australia and around the world We offer a free in-store design consultancy service, and so we can help you to create design concepts if you are building a new home or renovating an existing one, and we would be delighted to show you how the Artisan range from Southern Cross Ceramics can help you to make a bold and eye-catching statement 76 Grange Road, Welland SA 5007 Ph (08) 8346 6653 Fax (08) 8340 0968 This article was written and distributed by Cadogan and Hall, a team of freelance writers based in Adelaide, South Australia. We specialise in producing online content, websites, blogs, articles and press releases for small- and medium-sized buisnesses.

Ceramica Tile + Design, Adelaide—The Artisan Range of Wall and Floor Tiles  

Ceramica Tile + Design, Adelaide’s leading distributor of premium-quality tiles, is now stocking Artisan wall and floor tiles from Australia...

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