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Australian Enviroblast Pty Ltd info@australianenviroblast.com.au www.australianenviroblast.com.au tel: 0458 455668

who we are

Australian Enviroblast was founded in 2009 by Mark Chiappin with the aim of introducing environmentallyfriendly abrasive blasting services to Australia.

where we are

Our fleet of mobile equipment means that we are able to carry out on-site abrasive blasting and industrial coating on both largeand small-scale jobs throughout the Adelaide metropolitan area, as well as regional and country South Australia

At Australian Enviroblast, we use the Quill Falcon Kwikblast速 Dustless Blasting System, an environmentally friendly cleaning system noted for its power, efficiency and ability to remove a wide range of coatings, corrosion and residues from all types of structures, locations and equipment, leaving surfaces completely clean and contaminant free. Australian Enviroblast is licensed by the Environmental Protection Agency and adheres to its high standards of environmental safety with regards to air quality, noise, water quality and waste management.


Marine vessels are naturally subject to a build up of algae and barnacles, grime and dirt, bilge-oil film and blisters after an extended time in the water. These and other unwanted additions to the hull can eventually cause so much drag that they affect a boat’s performance.


Using the Quill Falcon Kwikblast® System, abrasive blasting is able to successfully remove all of the following from boat hulls and decking, and marine machinery and structures: oil • grease • corrosion • soluble salts (chloride and sulphates) • chemicals • old coatings • algae • barnacles • grime and dirt


Removing these types of growth and contaminants by hand is not only incredibly laborious, but it can also cause damage to the surface, particularly on a fibreglass hull. Doing so, it is easy to scratch or even gouge the gelcoat, which can lead to blisters and fractures. The difficulty of stripping a boat hull also means that it can be tempting simply to apply a fresh coat of antifouling paint over the hull without stripping it right

back beforehand. As well as hiding and then eventually exacerbating problems, this also means that boat performance is affected as a result of the rough bottom and the excess weight produced by too many layers of paint. Wet abrasive blasting is extremely gentle and effective at removing unnecessary and harmful paint layers and other build ups in such a way as to maximise boat performance, without requiring enormous amounts of time and intensive labour. This means that there is more time available for anti-fouling paint and protective coatings to be applied thoroughly without increasing your downtime and maintenance costs, which will in turn have the effect of adding years to a vessel’s lifespan.

Wet abrasive blasting can be used to clean the hulls of fibreglass, aluminium, metal and timber yachts and boats, and it effectively removes: • • • • • • • •

rust paint bitumen mill scale old coatings chlorides soluble salts surface contaminants

removing old coatings, paint and contaminants

If a marine vessel is painted or a coating is applied before contaminants are removed, the coating is likely to fail because it does not adhere to the surface effectively. In addition, contaminants can draw moisture through the coating which causes blistering, detachment and can also accelerate corrosion. Wet abrasive blasting removes all types of coatings, corrosion and residues from marine vessel surfaces, meaning that blisters that need to be repaired can be identified and surfaces can be primed so that new protective coatings can be applied in such a way as to achieve maximum bonding. However, at the same time abrasive blasting won’t remove the sealing from seams or thin the metal of a boat’s hull. Abrasive blasting is able to profile surfaces in a variety of ways so that they are ready to receive all types of industrial coatings and protective paints.


case studies

Visit our website to see case studies of our wet abrasive blasting and industrical coating work on a variety of commercial fishing boats and other vessels in Adelaide. Go to www.australianenviroblast.com.au

line marking

Wet abrasive blasting using the Quill Falcon Kwikblast速 System removes all types of road and pavement markings, both from the surface and from any cavities or depressions.

This is done without producing fumes, smoke or excessive dust, and results in a road surface that is profiled to your specifications but remains unscorched and unscarred. This is because the Quill Falcon Kwikblast速 system is a precision dustless blasting system which combines the simplicity of conventional grit blasting with the effectiveness of ultra high pressure (uhP) jetting, but without the associated hazards and complications. During the wet abrasive blasting process, abrasive material is propelled at high pressure onto the road or footpath surface and this strips away unwanted markings and substances but leaves

the original surface clean and contaminant free, and there is almost no dust produced during the process. Wet abrasive blasting also cleans mould, grease, oil and other slippery deposits from roads, paths, walkways, car parks and driveways. Furthermore, concrete aggregate can be exposed by wet abrasive blasting to create nonslip surfaces, perfect for use in public spaces such as shopping centres, schools, industrial parks and commercial premises. Non-slip surfaces can be created by abrasive blasting on a variety of materials and surfaces, including concrete, tiles and pavers.


The Quill Falcon Kwikblast® System quickly and effectively removes all types of markings from road and pavement surfaces, including: • permanent and temporary thermoplastic paint • temporary road marking tape • surface dressing emulsion • resin-based paints • anti-skid surfacing


removing rubber deposits

Rubber deposits are also effectively removed from road surfaces, pavements and driveways using abrasive blasting. This can be extremely important in an airport environment, for instance, where a clean and profiled surface allows for maximum braking, as well as enhancing the brightness and appearance of markings. Removing rubber deposits and burn out marks also improves the appearance of roads, curbs and car parks

graffiti removal Graffiti removal using wet abrasive blasting means that paints and other contaminants are completely removed from the surface of brickwork, stone, metal and other materials without leaving a shadow, and the vandalised area is returned to pristine condition without any damage to the underlying surface.

statues and memorials Wet abrasive blasting restores public art, statues and memorials to their former glory without damaging the fine detail and contours or detracting from the artist’s original vision. Intricate surface designs can be cleaned without any damage, as there are no chemicals used and the process is a gentle one. Likewise, public memorials can be fully appreciated if they are clean and all writing and inscriptions is clearly visible.

swimming pools Abrasive blasting is effective both in cleaning pool surrounds and creating non-slip pathways, but also for cleaning pool interiors, or stripping and restoring them in preparation for re-surfacing or re-tiling.



Abrasive blasting can be used for a variety of purposes in the restoration and renovation of all types of buildings and structures, including domestic and commercial premises as well as all types of industrial and manufacturing spaces.


In Adelaide, many of our finest heritage buildings and residences are located within high-density areas, and therefore they are particularly prone to suffering from traffic and environmental pollution and degradation. Sandstone and bluestone, historically the stones used in the majority of Adelaide buildings, can become severely discoloured and this leads not only to a deterioration in appearance but also to the overall integrity of the stone as result of decay.

stones like sandstone, bluestone, limestone and masonry.

However, wet abrasive blasting means that years of soot, grime and fumes build up can be removed quickly but without causing any damage to the surface. More gentle than sand blasting and other types of cleaning, abrasive blasting is ideal for use on softer

Heritage restorations of sandstone or bluestone buildings, houses and cottages naturally requires additional care and sensitivity and abrasive blasting using the Quill Falcon Dustless Blast System is the ideal solution.

The Quill Falcon Kwikblast速 Dustless Blasting System is economical, environmentally-friendly and non-toxic. No chemicals are used and therefore there is no negative environmental impact. Little dust is produced and so our abrasive blasting services can be employed in heritage or residential areas without the need for encapsulation or causing undue disruption.

Abrasive blasting is an essential tool in a wide variety of building renovation applications. It offers a versatile, efficient, thorough but gentle cleaning process that makes it ideal in all kinds of renovation and restoration tasks. Whether stripping paint from interior and exterior walls, cleaning oil-stained driveways and car parks, removing graffiti, repairing flood or fire damage, undertaking a sensitive heritage restoration or renovating memorials or public art works, our abrasive blasting services are the ideal cleaning and preparation solution

renovation, restoration or resale

If you’re a homeowner, builder, house painter or property manger renovating or redecorating a home, or preparing it for sale or rental, stripping away old, existing layers of paint is vital before repainting. Abrasive blasting cleans away all residual paint layers leaving an extremely smooth, even finish that is the ideal preparation for repainting. Likewise, if your brickwork or stonework, fences and walls, driveway or outdoor living area need to be cleaned and revitalised before a resale or renting out, abrasive blasting strips away oil and mould stains, residue and corrosion, and restores all types of surfaces to pristine condition.


photo gallery

Visit our website to see photographs of our restoration work on a range of Adelaide buildings, including heritage and period properties, commercial and business premises, and a variety of homes throughout the metropolitan area and regional SA. Go to www.australianenviroblast.com.au

Australian Enviroblast Pty Ltd info@australianenviroblast.com.au www.australianenviroblast.com.au tel: 0458 455668

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