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Amber Laris

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Osteopathy for Seniors The ageing process is of course inevitable. However, what is not inevitable is accepting that there is no means of alleviating the stresses and strains that come as a result of the body getting older... With age, there is a natural process of deterioration in the musculo-skeletal system which can be accompanied by a decrease in flexibility, and this in turn then puts further additional pressure on the body’s soft tissues and bones. This deterioration can make older people more prone to injury, or cause postural changes that lead to repetitive strain injuries and degenerative changes. It might also mean that the body is less able to recover from minor strains, resulting in an overall sense of stiffness and lack of manoeuvrability. Osteopathic treatment, however, provides seniors with an holistic, gentle and noninvasive means of addressing problems associated with the spine, muscles and tissues, as well as helping to prevent further wear and tear on joints and bones. Osteopathy seeks to restore the body’s natural sense of balance so that the nervous system is working in conjunction with the rest of the body, and so improved movement and an increased ability of the body to adapt positively to changes that are taking place are significant benefits of osteopathic treatment for seniors.

This focus on improving the movement and function of joints is why osteopathy is such an effective approach to alleviating both the minor and major issues associated with ageing, from general early morning stiffness to other conditions that are more inhibiting and prevent freedom of movement. The gentle manipulation of muscles and joints also improves circulation and the functioning of the nervous system. Osteopathic treatment is also highly personalised and an osteopath will create a personal treatment plan that deals with the specific ailments an elderly person might be suffering from, taking into account their age and lifestyle.

Osteopathy can work to relieve this muscle pressure which then also decreases the pressure that the joint is experiencing and allows it to regain some degree of freedom and movement. However, as osteopathy involves a whole-body approach to wellness, a course of treatment will also seek to ensure that other parts of the body are functioning properly, which will then in turn also reduce the pressure on affected joints.

Osteopathy works on the principle that if other parts of the body are not under strain, this will then relieve the burden on joints, muscles and tissues that often have to compensate when the body isn’t functioning correctly. This approach to treating arthritis is Osteopathy is a gentle, non-invasive form of physical non-invasive and treatment that is particularly suited to dealing with the doesn’t involve stresses and strains associated with the ageing process. the use of antiIt can help older Australians to regain lost mobility and inflammatories, flexibility, and is especially useful in reducing the levels of which can in turn pain and discomfort caused by arthritis. have deleterious side-effects. Therefore, while There are a wide range of problems that osteopathy cannot cure arthritis, it can osteopathy can be used to address in decrease joint inflammation and muscle seniors: stiffness, and accordingly increase the range • lower back pain or stiffness of movement and flexibility experienced by • neck, shoulder, arm or hand pain sufferers. • RSI (repetitive strain injury) • headaches A further area in which osteopathy is • hip pain particularly helpful for seniors is in aiding • knee and foot pain recovery and recuperation after a surgical • impaired sense of balance procedure. For patients who may have • high blood pressure undergone a hip or knee replacement • digestive issues operation, for instance, osteopathy can be especially useful as a patient begins In addition, osteopathy can provide relief for to recover. This is because osteopathic patients suffering from arthritis, which comes treatment is designed to ensure that the about when the cartilage surrounding joints body’s parts function in unison, and the becomes worn away as a result of wear gentle manipulation techniques involved are and tear. The muscles around these joints designed to increase and enhance mobility, often seize up, becoming less flexible, as essential when recovering. the body’s way of protecting the joint from further damage. In addition, osteopathy’s focus on holistic well-being means that it places a high

priority on preventative for many senior citizens. In Australia, osteopathic strategies designed to stop Osteopathy can therefore treatment is covered by the problems recurring. For play a vital role in achieving extras schemes of most instance, as part of a course of Osteopathy can also bring relief to patients recovering treatment, your osteopath will be from surgery, such as a knee or hip replacement operation. able to advise you on techniques for improving your posture and this, as its focus on restoring major health funds, while lifting techniques, exercise the body’s natural sense of a patient with a chronic programmes to keep you balance can provide patients condition (e.g. a longflexible, as well as give with increased flexibility, standing musculoskeletal you advice on nutrition. In strength, energy, and an condition) which is being this way, the length of the enhanced sense of overall managed by a GP, is eligible restrictive post-operation well-being. It is designed for a Medicare rebate for a period can be reduced and both to alleviate existing maximum of five sessions of patients can move more problems and to prevent the osteopathic treatment in a quickly towards regaining full occurrence of new ones, calendar year (click here to mobility and freedom. and can also help to reduce read more). a patient’s reliance on Being able to remain mobile medication. is a key to independence Amber Laris is a qualified and experienced chiropractor and osteopath with a popular practice in the heart of the Adelaide CBD. Amber is dedicated to helping her patients find a natural way to health and well-being, and is able to advise senior Australians on how osteopathic treatment can aid their flexibility and mobility, and provide relief from debilitating conditions such as arthritis.

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Amber Laris, Adelaide — Osteopathy For Seniors  

Osteopathy is a gentle, non-invasive form of physical treatment that is particularly suited to dealing with the stresses and strains associa...

Amber Laris, Adelaide — Osteopathy For Seniors  

Osteopathy is a gentle, non-invasive form of physical treatment that is particularly suited to dealing with the stresses and strains associa...