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Osteopathy for Children Also, carrying heavy schoolbags, or sitting for long hours at a desk studying or using a computer can also create postural issues for developing bodies, such as asymmetry in the shoulders, excessive slouching, walking awkwardly, or having feet that turn in or out. Therefore, while young bodies are inherently flexible and resilient, they are not immune to physical stresses that have the potential to cause longer lasting harm, beyond the normal rough and tumble of growing up.

Young bodies undergo a lot as children grow into adults. First, there are the thumps and bumps incurred in everyday childhood activity, as well as the knocks and scrapes suffered when playing sport. Then, there are more severe types of traumas, that can occur as the result of an accident, that might include serious falls, fractures or broken bones.

In addition, there are also musculoskeletal strains associated with the actual process of growing itself. These are often dismissed as ‘growing pains,’ but they can be an indicator of an underlying, invisible problem, and so could provide an early warning system that a child might be on the way to being susceptible to posture problems as an adult. Therefore, while it might be tempting to dismiss such discomfort merely as part of growing up, it may nevertheless have more significance. Throughout this tumultuous time, therefore, a regular osteopathic examination and, if necessary, treatment, can be extremely beneficial in

discovering any Osteopathy for children can be a highly effective way unrecognised of treating the normal sorts of injuries that occur when problems and growing up, from playground slips to sporting injuries, but eliminating it has a range of longer lasting benefits as well their impact in the future. Children appropriate and/or whether other forms do have great resilience and, very of medical treatment may also be often, because they have no points necessary. of comparison to be able to make the judgement that some part of their body Following this examination, a isn’t functioning exactly as it should, they personalised treatment plan will be think that discomfort or pain is ‘normal’ prepared, which will outline what the and so don’t make a fuss. Their rapid osteopath proposes should be the next healing abilities can also sometimes steps, and any ongoing treatments mask that fact that lasting damage of that may be necessary. As part of which they aren’t aware has already this, your osteopath will also make been caused. recommendations regarding diet, lifestyle Flexibility is a key to being able to continue to lead a physically active, unencumbered life and so anything that impedes a child’s mobility, strength or balance, and that prevents the body from functioning with freedom, is likely to have consequences for their development, both in the short-term and then into adulthood. This is why it is so important to resolve injuries at an early age, as this can prevents year of compensatory behaviour designed to cope with the difficulty. How does osteopathy for children work? The manner in which an osteopath approaches working with children is much the same as working with adults. The first step is to undertake a thorough and complete understanding of the child’s medical history. This might include discussion of their birth, early development, and any injuries or illness that they have suffered. There will also be a complete physical examination to determine whether osteopathy is

and exercise that will be helpful in going forward. This may also include, if necessary, advice and guidance on issues such as how to sit at a desk when studying, how to position your computer, etc., that are of particular relevance to children and teenagers. Osteopathy has an holistic approach and so treats not only injuries and problems, but works with the patient to

establish the conditions whereby problems aren’t exacerbated or reoccur. The benefits of osteopathy for children The very nature of osteopathic treatment is one of the reasons why it is so effective in the treatment of children. It is extremely calm, gentle, non-invasive, and totally drug-free, and this is why it appeals to parents, and why the process is one that children feel comfortable with. It is also extremely safe and has no side effects. Generally, after a treatment session

children feel invigorated, as though after a sports match or active play session, and can be expected to have a good night’s sleep that evening.

to their long-term health and well-being.

Therefore, if your child has hurt themselves playing or in a sporting match and is having trouble Osteopathy’s approach moving freely, or you to caring for the whole have concerns about their person also means that posture or how they may young people receiving be walking, for instance, osteopathic treatment then osteopathic treatment have an opportunity to is something that you learn for themselves about should consider. Please how their body works, and feel free to contact us to the interconnectedness of discuss the situation, or the nervous system and to make an appointment other vital organs, making to visit us at our Adelaide them better equipped CBD practice. to make good lifestyle choices that will contribute Amber Laris is a qualified and experienced chiropractor and osteopath with a popular practice in the heart of the Adelaide CBD. Amber is dedicated to helping her patients find a natural way to health and wellbeing, and is able to work with parents and children to treat childhood and sporting injuries, as well as to help children to correct issues concerning their posture and how they walk.

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Amber Laris, Adelaide—Osteopathy for Children  

Osteopathy for children can be a highly effective way of treating the normal sorts of injuries that occur when growing up, from playground s...

Amber Laris, Adelaide—Osteopathy for Children  

Osteopathy for children can be a highly effective way of treating the normal sorts of injuries that occur when growing up, from playground s...