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Charlotte marshall N0441573 Qvs summer project

“The airport is my runway” - Brand manifesto. I intend to create a travel bottle range with fashion, style and utility at the forefront of the brand design and ethos.

Inspired by the fashion trend perspex, and the celeb obsession with airport wear I will create a brand marketed at the 18-30 market but with the commercial potential to be bought by a wider female age spectrum. I will create three ranges of travel bottle sets; the overnighter, the weekender and the traveller. Each varies in bottle purpose and quantity. The unique selling point of “the airport is my runway” is the bottle capability. Designed with practicality in mind. The bottle is made of a malleable plastic with takes the shape of the liquid, expanding and contracting according to volume. This space saving bottle is unique to this market. The idea has been used in the water bottle market with brand such as vapur featuring in vogue, elle and marie claire magazine.

“The airport is my runway” - Brand manifesto. Celebrity airport fashion is a phenomena. The airport is used to showcase their international casual wear. I intend to utilise this theme, with the celebrity jetsetter lifestyle becoming an enviable one. I hope to have celebrity endorsed advertising and product placement. My style stake holders would be celebrities such as vanessa hudgens with her boho style and international models such as freja beha erichsen and karlie kloss seen using our products when they travel. The range will be priced between £15-£30. our product is an investment. Created to be reused and last for a number of years, therefore a proportion of our marketing strategy will be aimed at highlighting the environmental benefits of “the airport is my runway” bottle range. With plastic bottle waste the main contributor to landfill overspill, we intend to consider the environment in our production and brand ethos.

Brand and travel inspiration, as featured in “who what wear�

Perspex trend ‘13 Following the Perspex trend seen within the collections of Valentino, Chloe and dior. Perspex has been a trend admired by the street style photographer and blogger

“the airport is my runway”

Current market “the airport is my runway� will be initially sold in the uk in boots and superdrug. The leading cosmetic stores for my market. This is currently the competition my brand would face. Other brands who have used the innovative design have been water bottle company vapur. Proving that this design is relevant to the fashion world, vapur have featured in both vogue and marie claire.

“the airport is my runway� vs. the conventional travel container. Conventional bottle shapes, waste valuable travel space. The hard plastic material makes them impractical to pack. Ickle bockle bank’s largest bottle is 125ml. This does not comply with EU hand luggage regulations. Both our overnighter and weekender range are designed for hand luggage purposes and even if not filled to capacity no space is wasted within the bag as the bottle will only take up as much space as the volume of liquid. Clear Perspex, as well as a highly fashionable statement also complies with eu flying guidelines. As your liquids will already be in a clear container. gone are the days of bagging liquids in plastic bags. This is an elegant and innovative product.

Bottle shape design, created using indesign

“the airport is my runway”

“the airport is my runway”

1 perspex zip bag 3 25ml travel bottles 1 perspex wallet for toothbrush, toothepaste etc

1 perspex zip bag 1 small perspex makeup bag 3 75ml travel bottles 1 perspex wallet for toothbrush, toothpaste

1 large perspex zip bag 1 makeup bag 4 200ml travel bottles 2 75ml travel bottles 1 75ml travel bottle with spray nozzle 1 clear perspex wallet




“the airport is my runway� Our product will be distributed nationally to superdrug and boots stores. Advertising will consist of in store campaigns and small magazine features in publications such as look and grazia. Our advertising will promote an adventurous jetsetter lifestyle, perfect for a weekend in barcelona or backpackinging through thailand.

“the airport is my runway”

The Airport Is My Runway  
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