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Editor’s Talk Welcome to the month of April as Songkran festival. Songkran Festival is a lot of fun for locals and foreigners. Wish to join the festival in the country. Lomprayah Magazine would like to suggest Khao San road and Ten tips for wom- en traveling alone, including presenting the Summer 2012 Fashion Clothing Trends. If you want to know, follow up inside. Close up with Songkran festival is fes- tival a fun, Songkran Across the country. Place the most popular is Khao San road In addition to these, many activities will be happening the month, such as the Seven Thai beaches voted Top 10 Asian beaches, Autochannel active at Suvarnabhumi, Khao San, tops splash spots. We wish to invite everyone go Songkran festival have new and happy experiences in Thailand .campaign of the tourism authority of Thailand, wish you were here and fun, smile in thailand I wish you Health, So you may enjoy each day in comfort. you can join us at http://www.facebook. com/lomprayah

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Cover Story

Happy Thai New Year


Songkran Festival

this April seems to be hotter than last year. Luckily, the pleasant Songkran festival comes to alleviate our hot situation. The Songkran Festival is one of the most important feasts that has been performed not only in Thailand but also in other countries (Laos, Cambodia, etc.) for a long time. It is also known as Thai Traditional New Year Day which falls on April 13 – 15 in a year. It is the great opportunity for meritmaking and a special time for Thai people to have fun, traditional music, dance, games, and other activities in the pastime.

The Meaning Of Songkran Festival

Deriving from the Sansakrit language, the word “Songkran“ means to pass or to move into. In this context, the meaning implies to the passing and the moving of the sun, the moon and the other planets into one of the zodiacal orbit. And the Grand Songkran Festival which falls on the Aries indicates the new era of the Thai New Year. Owing to the ancient Indian belief, the Grand Songkran Festival is most appropriate to be the Thai New Year due to the timing of the best season which is known as the spring of India which comes right after the cold season of winter. Also, there are other aspects supporting this belief such as the blooming flowers, the fresh atmosphere of the nature and the livelihood of all the living creatures. The Origins Of Songkran Festival

India is the first country holding this festival before the end of the year but there wasn’t water war as today. After this festival spread over the Asia, water started to play the vital role in celebration, being the symbol of richness. There are three days for this festival : First day is called Songkran day, the last day of the year. People will clean their home to welcome the coming new year. Second day is Wan Nao. People will bathe the Buddha image and all children will Rod-nam-dum-hua (pour water on the hands of revered elders and ask for blessing) their parents. Furthermore, they believed that saying the rough word on that day will bring the bad luck. The last is Payawan Day, the beginning day of New Year. People will make merit for their happiness. In the north, they will bring a timber to prop the big tree for their long life. All male and female teenagers will water each other for removing all bad things. This is only one day that they will meet each other, doing activities at the temple together.

Celebrate Songkran

On the eve of Songkran Day, on the 12th April, the people clean their house and burn all the refuse. This is a Spring Cleaning Day done as a duty in the belief that anything bad belonging to the old year will be unlucky to the owner if left and carried on to the coming New Year. It is something like a Public Health Cleaning Day but backed by traditional belief has proved more effective to emotional people to and ask blessings from their elders and than prosaic reason. respected persons. They will pour scented water into the palms of the old people Early on the first day of Songkran, and present them with a towel and other the 13th April, the people both young and bathing requisites. In the old days it was old in their new clothing go to the Wat or an actual bathing where the young people monastery belonging to their village or helped the old people to take a bath and district to offer food to the monks there. A to change their old clothing and put on the long table is erected in the compound of new clothes which the young people prethe wat where monk’s alms bowls stand sented them as an act of respect to the in a row on either side of the table. Into aged on the occasion of the New Year. the alms bowls the gathering people put boiled rice and into the covers of the alms bowls, food, fruits and sweetmeats. Such a performance can be seen at wats outside Bangkok on Songkran Day. While the monks partake of their feast, music sometimes is played to celebrate the occasion. In the afternoon of the same day there is bathing ceremony of the Buddha images and also of the abbot of the wat. After this begins the well-known “water throwing feast”. The bathing of images is done as ritualistic ceremony, but it is no other than a New Year’s purification. Younger people will also on this day or the succeeding days go to pay their respect

in the event, whereas 23.4% indicated they had no knowledge of the Thai New Year festival. As for those expressing their wish to join in on the Songkran celebrations, 25.1% have expressed concerns for their safety. Traffic congestion is also one of the concerns for 23.4% of the respondents, while violent water splashing is a cause for worry for 17.2%.

Khao San Road most popular Songkran destination among foreigners

BANGKOK, 11 April 2012 – A recent survey has revealed that the majority of foreign visitors to Thailand will be participating in the Songkran festival this year, with many indicating that Khao San Road is their favorite destination. The Bangkok Poll has conducted a survey on foreigners’ opinions of Thailand and found that the factors which attract foreign tourists to Bangkok are archaeological sites and objects (33.2%), Thai culture, tradition and folk art (19.8%), and shopping venues (16.4%). 61.4% of the respondents said they will be participating in the Songkran celebrations while listing out their preferred locations as Khao San Road (14.7%), Chiang Mai province (14.2%), and Pattaya beach (8.5%). However, 15.2% will not be joining

Songkran Festival on Khao San Road

Although Chiang Mai is likely Thailand’s most popular destination for Songkran (probably because of its ‘no holds barred’ mentality towards the festival), a close runner up, and certainly a favourite amongst foreigners, is Bangkok’s Khao San Road. Traditionally the capital’s backpacker and budget tourist area, Khao San Road has gone a bit up market over recent years and to some extent taken Songkran with it. Not so long ago Songkran on Khao San Road was typified by massive crowds drenching each other, smearing talcum powder into each others’ faces and dancing round to the sounds of massive sound systems. Good fun - but a bit on the ex-

treme side. The “Social Order” policies of the last Taksin government made it to Khao San and there was a bid to calm things down a bit. You could witness curious sights of female officials marching up and down the street advising bemused foreign women on what to wear in the run up to the Songkran festivities. During the festival itself, the ends of the street were blocked off to control access and revelers were given plastic replicas of traditional silver bowls in a bid towards getting people ‘sprinkling’ each other again as per the original tradition. Vans with loud speakers were also seen to patrol the area spreading a message of the advantages of the traditional Songkran festival.

Nang Songkran

The seven daughters of Kabil Maha Phrom, the god who lost his head as a wager, have their own names, but they are called as a class Nang Songkran or the Songkran Ladies. When any one of them appears in a Songkran Day parade, she rides on a certain kind of animal, seven in number and she rides it in four different postures according to the time she comes. She stands on the animal’s back if she comes in the morning rides on its back if she comes in the afternoon, reclines with her eyes open if she comes in the evening, and reclines with her eyes closed if she comes past midnight. All these are based on calculations made by court astrologers. For instance, in the year 1951, the Songkran Lady named Kimitha appeared on the 13th April at 1 o’clock 17 minutes and 56 seconds in the morning. She reclined with her eyes closed on the back of a buffalo. The time she appears is when the sun first enters the sign of Aries which heralds the beginning of Songkran New Year’s Day. Every year before the advent of Songkran the royal astrologer will present his calculations to the King giving all traditional information as predicted by the calculations of the coming year. The artist attached to the court will also paint a picture based on the above information, showing the Songkran Lady and the celestial procession of the god’s head. This painting with such information is hung in a

convenient and conspicuous place in the Royal Palace precincts for the people’s information. This traditional practice was given up many years ago, but still survives in old style printed calender sheets which find a ready demand among the folk. The four postures of the Songkran Lady on the back of her animal according to the time when she first appears as a herald of the New Year, was in the old days, a wise one. The people who were mostly illiterates were able to see at a glance when the New Year or Songkran Day begins. When they see the Songkran Lady reclining with her eyes closed on the back of a buffalo, for example, they know at once that Songkran Day will start past midnight. In such a case there will be four day’s celebration instead of three as in other pictures. A picture is more easily retained in memory than a number of figures. Now One of the main events organized during Songkran celebrations around Thailand is the Miss Songkran Beauty Contest. It takes place every year and it is always fun to go and watch. Both male and female contestants were taking part The contest is a good of the most beautiful women in Thailand. However, don’t go expecting a traditional Western type competition. The Thai girls are all dressed up in traditional clothes of this region and you won’t find a swimming costume category at all. However, the beautiful Thai smile more than makes up for this. All of them very well

Offering food to monks

On the dawn of the first day of the incoming year, people will prepare the best varieties of food to offer to monks. They will also dress up in their best attire. After giving alms bowl to monks, monks will eat the offered food in a temple hall. People will go home after monks finish their meal. Making sand pagodas

There is no specific date for making sand pagodas. It can be done on any days close to Songkran in temple grounds or on riverbank. People in Kamphaengphet province also make offerings to monks on riverbank. People in Nakhon Si Thammarat build their sand pagodas twice; first in a temple on the last day of the outgoing year, and then in the grounds of their houses on the first day of the incoming year. Sand used for building pagodas is often taken from riverbank.

Releasing birds and fish

This tradition began long time ago and it is normally done during the Songkran festival. Before the festival, the weather is usually very warm and there is not enough water in ponds and rivers for fish to dwell, as a result, people will go out to catch fish in dry ponds. Small fish which can not be eaten will be kept at home until Songkran when there is more water, and then they will be released back to their natural habitat. This tradition has evolved over time and is widely practiced nowadays. At present, in addition to fish, people also free birds as an act of merit-making. “Song Nam, Rot Nam, and Sat Nam�

To bathe a Buddha image, people will first make an offering of flowers, candles, and incense sticks to the image. Then they will sprinkle lustral water signifying bathing onto the image as a gesture of respect. A procession of the Buddha image will be made prior to the bathing. After that people will also bathe a Buddhist monk, usually the chief monk, by pouring over him lustral water. The chief monk will change to the new robe offered to him by laymen, then he will give a sermon and bless people who attend these bathing rituals. Besides, people will also call on elders and respected

ones to ask for their blessings. After that, people will “play” by splashing water at one another. A feast in the temple grounds will follow. Traditional desserts will be served there. The Songkran festival is very much related to water, since people believe that water splashing will induce abundant rainfalls in the incoming year. Water is also a symbol of fertility and is used to clean up bad things. As a result, water is used widely in different ceremonies and rites of passage.

and traditional perfume are also part of the gifts presented. Betel nut is a symbol of respect and hospitality. In the old days, Acacia water was used as soap. Once the elders receive the gifts, they will sprinkle the Acacia water and the perfume on top of the youngs’ heads to give them blessings.

Nowadays, some people still bring their new clothes and personal belongings along with other ritual objects, such as banana, sugarcane, and jackfruit leaves, to the temple so that Buddhist monks can Rod Nam Dam Hua sprinkle them with holy water in order to People in Northwest Thailand con- purify the clothes. These clothes and obduct the bathing ritual to the elders and jects will be kept untouched for days for respected ones on New Year’s day. Apart auspiciousness. from flowers, candles, incense sticks, and new clothes, betel nuts, Acacia water,

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Real Experience




If you have found this post, you will most probably already have heard about Khao San Road. It’s the backpacker ghetto of Bangkok, a place to immerse yourself in chaotic shopping, endless haggling and of course, the continuous display of Western tourists having had too many Chang beers.

Inevitably some of the locals also end up having too many chang beers...

Everything you have heard about this road is probably true. However, what you may not know, is that the road is only a little snippet of a side street. 350 meters long, that’s all. In return, these 350 meters are jam packed with… well… I suppose you could call it entertainment. Here are some of the family friendly things to do along this mythical road: Actually, these are not like the deep fried bananas you may get in restaurants. This is simple street food, and a better way to describe it is grilled banana, or ‘gluay ping’ as the Thai call it. In the picture you can see the woman pressing the grilled bananas together. It is served with a sugary sirup (palm sugar I believe), and will have you craving for more in no time!

Fried banana - or flied banana as the vendors call it. Ay Ay Pirate! Khao San Road is the mother of piracy… whether you’re dying for a Louis Vuitton suitcase, Armani underpants or like me – a classic pair of Ray Ban pilot sunglasses – you’ve come to the right place! Be prepared to bargain

hard though. Prices have shot up in the last five years, so don’t expect to pay less than 100 Bahts for a t-shirt, 150 for a pair of ‘designer’ glasses and another 150 bahts for a pair of Havaiana flip flops. Our football crazy son stocked up on all his favorite football strips for next to nothing, and I have rarely seen him as happy

Make believe Ray Bans are a must in Khaosan Rd!

Add some buddhism to your life... as it gets, so prepare yourself for some seriously crackly snacks… We tried the deep fried scorpions (like the one our son holds up in the photo), frogs, grashoppers, crickets, silk worms and the plain old normal worms. Or to be honest, I stuck to the plain worms while the rest of my family indulged in the whole menu. Their favourites were the scorpion and the crickets, whereas the silk worms left them all gagging and reaching out for the water bottle

Buddha is ever present in Thai life. As a tourist in Bangkok, you are likely to visit more temples than you are capable of absorbing, and the image of Buddha will eventually remind you of these serene places of peace, meditation and harmony. It’s a great place to start teaching your kids about world religions, as they will be able to get up close and personal with the standing buddhas, the lying buddha and maybe even adorn them with the gold leaf Baby feet! It is no secret that backyou can purchase at the temples. packing can leave your feet in a right The insect cart hits Khao San Rd at mess. Well, fear not, because in Khao around 7 pm every evening. It’s as exotic San Rd. there is a very entertaining cure for rough skin. My son found it hilarious,

Food, glorious street food!

and giggled all through the ten minutes he had his little feet in the fish tank. The feeling? Well, according to him it’s like a light electric buzz, and at one point we had to fish him out because he was on his way in with his whole body.

Thai tapas is the only way I can describe hitting the food stalls along Khao San Rd. You pick up a tasty satay skewer, shop a bit more, stop for a corn on the cob further down the road, bargain for a hammock, indulge in a chocolate pancake, and so on‌ it seems to be the way to do things around here. The food is ridiculously cheap – we never paid more than thirty bahts for anything (70 pence), and although food critics claim that the street vendors use soy sauce rather than the more authentic tamarind sauce, I say that the experience of eating in the street tastes so authentic that it more than compensates for the inferior ingredient. Oh, and no upset stomachs afterwards!

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Spring/Summer2012 fashion ClothingTR


Thanks : http://ksha


/hub/Sping-2012-T rends-Top-10



1 3

Flowers, Flowers and moreÖ. Floral prints are hot this spring! P unchy floral with vivid island colors of yellow and aqua blue,or vivid Hawaiia n prints, or maybe you want something much more subtleÖ. flowers are in the gam e. Floral prints always pep up neutra l colors or make a statement and pair them with a bold color!


Tribal Prints

Ever been to Africa? W ell if not, no need to worry! Ju st put on the tribal inspiration prints! These geometric desi gns in a color palette of desert hues or earthy tones will insp ire any soul to believe they ha ve taken a trip.

20’s Elegance

The 20ís were a time of elegance and grace. Well 2012 will be the year to replicate these inspired styles. Donít reminisce or admire anym ore because you can wrap yourself in the seasonís hottest flapper dress, sequen ce, beadings, feather, silk, all aspects th at will transform you in a classic bombshe ll


Just because youíre a tom-boy doesnít mean you ca nít make a fashion statement! Ti s the season to mix and match spor ty pieces with classics. Preppy sweatshirts, layering, baseball ha ts mixed with sleek cuts and monoc hromatic color scheme.


Geometrical Patterns


Geometry was never a strong subject for me but in terms of fashion I would rece ive all AAAA. Architectural us e of bold contrasting colors will certainly give you the wow fact or youĂ­ve been looking for. Strip es, linear lines, color blocking all elevate this trend to a new le vel

Pastel Colors

Candle light romance Ă–.pastel colors are the softest way to achieve this trend. Sof t colors and simple silhouette s with a feminine feel. These pi eces are great alone to achiev e a certain look or paired with cl assic to update your wardrob e.



If there was ever a se ason to get back in shape, th is is it! Get your spring/summ er body ready to bare your m idriffs! Abs will be bare for all to see so be aware!


The Drop Waist

The drop waist is back ! Although this does not enhanc e the female curvaceous shape, it does look quite stunning on mor e slender frames. So like the fa mous quote would say, ìIf you got it, flaunt itî!

10 Birds I hope you love the be autiful colors of birds, or the silhouette of birds because they will be the top pr int for the spring. Although it may not be everyoneís cup of tea, they will make a bold statement to an outfit! This trend w ill be the perfect example to integrate into an existing wardrobe. Just buy a blouse or dress and layer/pair it with a blazer to stay up with the times!



All designers have m ade it a point to include the pe plum in this seasons design. Whether worked into a blouse or jacket, the flared design is th is seasonís must-have acco utrement. Warning: you must em body the confidence to pull this trend off

Horoscope By

Mr. Rup Krishen Baqaya


Number Game Like the nine planets of the solar system which affect human life, the nine basic numbers influence humans in the same way. By Rup Krishen Baqaya

From the very dawn of history, humans have always been curious about their future. And so Numerology, Western Astrology and Chinese Astrology as three distinct studies evolved. Numerology is the study of the occult meanings of numbers that set of numbers associated with the date of your birth or letters of your name and their influence on human life. Mathematics i.e. from numbers one to nine. Beyond the No9, all numbers become

a repetition of the first nine numbers. Like the No.10, as the zero is not a number, becomes the repetition of No.1 the No.11 contains two ones and nothing else. The idea is to say that all numbers beyond the first nine numbers are made up of these nine primary numbers and nothing else. After deep introspection and research our ancestors had come to the conclusion that like the nine come to the conclusion that like the nine planets of the solar system which affect human life, the nine basic numbers too throw their influence on humans in the same way. In fact the ancients believed that there was some kind of a corelation between the nine numbers and the nine planets of the solar system as considered in astrology Numerology presupposes that the number relating to the date on which a person is born has a major influence on the life of that person. This number is known in numerology as the birth number. It may be remembered here that for knowing the birth number it is the date of birth alone which is relevant and not the month or the year. This would mean to say that if a person

was born on the first of any month in any year, his birth number will be one and therefore he will be specially influenced by the No.1 in his life Similarly, if a person is born on the second of any year, his birth number will be two. Thus for persons born on the first to ninth of any month in any year, the birth number will be the same as the date on which they were born. However, in respect of persons born after the ninth i.e. say on the 10th, 11th or 15th of any month, the numerals of the date have to be added to arrive at a single basic number from one to nine to determine the birth number. Thus for a person born on the 10th, the birth number will be one plus zero, that is one. The ancient Indian sages who had made a deep study of the effect numbers have on human life, attributed certain physical and mental characteristics to persons with different birth numbers. These characteristics are stated to be relatable to the planet of the solar system which the number symbolizes.



All persons born on 1st, 10th, 19th and 28th of any month will have the Sun. People born with the birth No.1 are creative, inventive and original. They are definite in their views and can be stubborn. They dislike restraint and must always feel free. Imbued with a strong sense of self-worth they have a marked dislike for criticism. Essentially, the No.1 people have a pioneering attitude in life and possess qualities of leadership. Thus, they relate to the Sun in many ways as the sun being the king of solar system also exhibits similar qualities of leadership and pioneering attitude. Like the Sun these people lead lonely lives. Like the Sun they are sometimes under eclipse and sometimes shine brightly. Their lives too follow the pattern of Sun.




A person is stated to have the birth No.2 if he is born on the 2nd, 11th, 20thor 29thof any month in any year. The No.2 vibrates to the Moon. People born with the birth No.2 are sensitive, imaginative, artistic and romantic. Like the No.1 people, they are also inventive, but being gentle by nature they are not as forceful in carrying out their ideas as the No.1 people The No.2 people are generally secretive by nature. They love money and like to accumulate it, though this may not prevent them from being charitable. Like the Sun, the Moon also sometimes gets eclipsed and sometimes shines brightly. Thus like the No.1 people, the No.2 people are also sometimes under eclipse and sometimes shine brightly. Generally known to ponder too much, people born with this birth number can as a consequence suffer from illness of a psychosomatic nature.


A person is stated to have the birth No.3 if he is born on the 3rd, 12th, 21stor 30th of any month in any year. The No.3 vibrates to the planet Jupiter and represents idealism, higher education, foreign travel and religion.

People born with birth No.3, like the No.1 individual, are decidedly ambitious. They are never satisfied by being in subordinate positions, their aim being to rise in the world and to have control in authority over others. The No.3 people have generally been found to be highly disciplined. Not only do they readily obey orders themselves but they also insist on their orders being obeyed. On account of their love of order and discipline, they are excellent in the execution of commands. As result, these people often rise to high positions in the business or profession they are found in.



A person is stated to have the birth No.4 if he is born on the 4th, 13th, 22ndor 31stof any month in any year. Some numerologists are of the opinion that the No.4 vibrates to the planet Uranus and other Consider it to be related to the Sun.


The No.4 represents individualism, originality and inventiveness, this number is also said to be the number of unconventional, eccentric and unexpected behavior. The people born with birth No.4 have a distinct character of their own. They appeal to view everything from an opposite angle to everyone else. In an argument, they will always take the opposite side even if in their hearts they may be agreeing with you. They instinctively rebel against rules and regulations and if they can have their way they would like to reverse the order of things. They often rebel against constitutional authority and are inclined to be attracted to social issues and reforms of all kinds.


A person is stated to have the birth No.5 if he is born on the 5th, 14th or 23rd of any month in any year. The No.5 vibrates to the planet Mercury and represents communication, movement and versatility. It is the number of both written and oral expression. People born with birth No.5 are versatile and mercurial in all their characteristics. They make friends easily. They are generally found to be quick in thought and decision besides being impulsive in action. Mentally high strung, they crave excitement. They detest any plodding kind of work and like to make money quickly.


Endowed with a keen sense for new ideas and inventions, they are willing to take risks and are born speculators. They possess an admirable elasticity of character and rebound swiftly from blows of fate, which leave no long lasting impression on them. Known to possess a great deal of charm they are generally found to be courteous.


A person is stated to have the birth No.6 if he is born on the 6th, 15thor 24thof any month in any year. The No.6 vibrates to the planet Venus and represents the feminine essence, compassion, money, love and romance.


The No.6 people are extremely magnetic and come across as attractive to others. They are genuinely loved by their friends and associates, and when they themselves become attached, they get deeply devoted to their loved ones. There is more idealism and affection than sensuality in their love nature.

They love to entertain their friends and make everyone around them happy. The key word of the No.6 vibration is harmony. They love harmony, be it in their surroundings or their relations. And naturally so, they cannot stand discord, unpleasantness or jealousy. When aroused by anger they tolerate no opposition and will fight unto death for whatever cause they espouse or out of their sense towards duty.



A person is stated to have the birth No.7 if he is born on the 7th, 16thor 25th of any month in any year. The No.7 vibrates to the planet Neptune. Some other Consider it to be related to the moon. It represents spirituality, sensitivity, sympathy and mystery. This number is also said to be the number of illusion, miracles, faith and dreams that come true. The No.7 people are restless in their natures, having a great love of change and travel. If they have the means, they travel extensively and visit many foreign countries and far off lands. They also read books on travel, foreign people and faraway lands, thus acquiring a wide knowledge of the world at large.

Charitable at heart, they make large donations and charity. They are strongly attracted to water and watery places and may at some time in life be associated with sailing, water sports or the navy. In trade, they often become merchants, importers and exporters, dealing with foreign countries and owners or captains of ships. NUMBER 8 A person is stated to have the birth No.8 if he born on the 8th, 17th or 26th of any mouth in any year. The No.8 vibrates to the planet Saturn. It represents wisdom, learning through experience and responsibility. It is also the number of caution, restriction and self control.


The No.8 persons normally are quiet and reserved. They don’t push ahead in an obvious manner, but slowly and surely they reach where they want to and nothing stops them from achieving their ambition.


They generally play come important role in life but usually one which is an instrument of fate for others. They are rather great successes or great failures, there being no happy medium in their lives. They have an inborn sense of duty and responsibility that won’t allow them to take a careless attitude towards anything. This makes them reliable people. for whatever cause they espouse or out of their sense towards duty.


A person is stated to have the birth No.9 if he is born on the 9th, 18th or 27th of any month in any mouth in any year. It represents aggression, courage and courage and conflict. It is also the number of originality and initiative.


The No.9 people are hasty in temper, impulsive, independent and desire to be their own masters. On account of their impulsive nature, they tend to take snap decisions, which may later be regretted. Although the temper will flare frequently, these people are also quick to forgive and forget.

They are not devious or manipulative as a rule. Since they are so direct themselves, they expect other to be same, which often in not true. Dishonesty may catch them off guard until they learn to be more cautious.


For affection and sympathy, they will do anything. As self-assertive as they may seem, they need continuous reassurance that they are respected. Admired and loved. In order to give full meaning to life a No.9 person should learn to be intuitive and visionary. The No.9 is supposed to be a fortunate number born under, provided one controls the excess of temper and violence associated with it. Btw R K baqaya is book, Analyse Your Date of birth, has been published by Rupa and Co.

Lompraya News Seven Thai beaches voted Top 10 Asian beaches

Based on votes by the website’s members across the world, Phi Phi Don Island in Krabi came second after the Philippines’ Boracay Beach, which won due to its beauty and popular diving spots.



The other award-winning Thai beaches are Krabi’s Lanta Island (3rd), Surat Thani’s Phangan Island (4th), Surat Thani’s Tao Island (5th), Phuket’s Kata Beach (6th), Surat Thani’s Chaweng Beach (8th) and Surat Thani’s Bo Phut Beach (10th). The seven beaches are all located in the South’s popular tourist destinations for foreign markets and meet the needs of “leisure group” tourists, especially divers. This award reaffirms Thailand’s seaside attractions are a foreigner’s “dream destination”, according to the TAT. http://www.bangkokpost.com/travel/travel-update/289588/seven-thai-beaches-voted-top-10-asian-beaches

Autochannel active at Suvarnabhumi



The automatic passport screening system at Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi airport went into operation yesterday without a snag, much to the rejoice of passengers for the speed and convenience it provides. The Immigration Bureau, which spent 76 million baht on the system known as Autochannel for initial use by Thai passport holders, voiced satisfaction with how it was easing passenger traffic at the crowded airport, especially in light of the coming Songkran holidays. “It works fine and we received a lot of compliments from passengers who told us we should have had this system in place long before,� Pol Col Viboon Kittiisaengsuwan, who supervises departure immigration at Suvarnabhumi, told the Bangkok Post yesterday Autochannel completes its two-step task _ first reading the passport and then scanning a finger and taking a photo _ in an average of 15 seconds, half the time it takes to be processed manually by an officer. Autochannel should allow the bureau to allocate its limited human resources to international passengers, who comprise about 80% of the 160,000 travellers passing through the airport each day. http://www.bangkokpost.com/business/aviation/288496/autochannel-active-at-suvarnabhumi

Lompraya News Khao San tops splash spots

The top splash venue in Bangkok for tourists is Khao San road.

Khao San Road tops the list (14.7%) as the most popular venue followed by Chiang Mai (14.2%), and Pattaya (8.5%). The study also found that international tourists worried about their personal safety and theft of belongings (25.1%) during the Songkran festival. Traffic jams in Bangkok were a major downside too at (23.4%) and there were fears that Songkran activities could turn violent (17.2%). The poll asked tourists what factors would discourage them from visiting Thailand in the future. Bangkok Poll collected information from 640 foreigners aged over 15 years old. Of that, 318 were male and 322 female. The samples were collected 30 March to 1 April in seven major tourist spots in Bangkok, they are: Khao San Road; Silom Road; Pratunam – Ratchadamri Road; Chatuchak Market; Emerald Buddha Temple – Wat Pho; Hua Lamphong Railway Station – Yaowarat and Sukhumvit – Asoke Road. http://www.ttrweekly.com/site/2012/04/khao-san-tops-splash-spots/



Princess Bejaratana

The only daughter of HM King Vajiravudh (HM King Rama VI) and HRH Princess Suvadhana, Royal Consort of King Rama VI, HRH Princess Bejaratana was born on 24 November 1925, at the Debstan Bilas Hall in the palatial group of buildings in the Grand Palace, while her father took residence in the Chakrabat Biman Royal residence, a building next to the Debstan Bilas Hall. The baby princess was presented to her father on Wednesday, 25 November 1925. It was her only visit to her father, as he passed away that same day.

King Rama VII named the Princess, selecting one of the three names his elder brother, King Rama VI, considered for his daughter: Somdej Chao Fah Bejaratana Rajasuda Sirisobhabannavadi. (“Bejaratana Rajasuda” is translated as a “Royal Lady with the beauty of a diamond,” while “Sirispbahabannavadi” means “beautiful complexion” or “the birth that is abundant in auspices.”) She grew up under the care of King Rama VII and the dowager Queen Sri Savarindira, King Vajiravudh’s aunt. The Princess formally attended Rajini School and took private lessons on the curriculum of the Ministry of Education at Suan Ruenrudi Villa on

Nakhon Ratchasima Road until the age of 12, when she moved to England for education and health purposes. When King Rama VII abdicated in March 1934, King Ananda Mahidol succeeded the throne as King Rama VIII, and on that occasion had bestowed upon his cousin, who was a Phra Kanitdha Bhaginee (the king’s younger cousin), the title Somdej Phra Chao Bhaginee Ther, which remained unchanged when Prince Bhumibol was crowned King Rama IX, as the term “bhaginee” applies either to an elder or younger sister. While living in England, Princess Bejaratana and her mother, Phra Nang Chao Suvadhana, were the pillars of the Thai community in England, becoming involved in the activities of the students and Thai residents in England. As her health improved and the situation at home returned to normal, she came back to Thailand for good in 1957 and made Ruenrudi Villa on Sukhumvit Soi 38, which was built at her order, her permanent residence. Since then, she lived her life in her father’s footsteps and often represented Their Majesties the King and Queen at many official functions. She served in many capacities as Honorary Chairperson and Patroness of some 50 institutions and charities, roles she faithfully accepted for the happiness of the Thai people and the prosperity of the country all through her life.

Her Royal Highness’s refined conduct was an ideal example. As a devout Buddhist, she took a profound interest in Dhamma and had, for years, studied Buddhism under the Supreme Patriarch, Somdej Phra Nanasangvara. Punctuality was another virtue of Princess Bejaratana. Another aspect of her exemplary lifestyle was her appreciation of and great pride in “Thainess,” always making sure the she spoke the Thai language with clear diction. Meanwhile, her sensible and judicious lifestyle also gave the members of her household an admirable example to follow. Their Majesties the King and Queen regarded Princess Bejaratana highly, as His Majesty the King graciously made her a General, Admiral, and Air Chief Marshal and decorated her with all the decorations of the highest orders. HRH Princess Bejaratana was admitted for treatment for blood infection in a ward on the fifth floor of the 84 Years Building, Siriraj Hospital, on 13 July 2011. Her condition deteriorated and on 27 July, at 16.37 hours, she passed away peacefully at the age of 85.

Accordingly, His Majesty the King instructed the Bureau of the Royal Household to organize a royally sponsored funeral with the highest honors. Members of the Royal Family and the Royal Household were to mark her departure by keeping a 100-day mourning period.

Thanks : http://www.princessbejaratana.com/en/biography06.php http://news.tlcthai.com/royal/8724.html http://teetwo.blogspot.com/2011/07/blog-post_27.html

Tip to Trip

r o f s p ti


ALONE For women, solo travel brings its own set of joys and challenges. It can be an extraordinary experience, to go where you want when you want and meet new people along the way. Many women who have traveled alone describe an incredible sense of freedom and possibility. But there are also the challenges, ranging from loneliness to safety, making solo travel daunting enough that many women never attempt it. That’s not to say it can’t be done. To help you get the most out of a trip, here are ten tips compiled from the advice of women who have traveled alone and will do it again.

Story by : SmarterTravel



Exercise hotel safety


Arrive during the day

There are many ways you can make a solo stay at a hotel safer. At checkin, you might consider asking for a room near the elevator so you won’t need to walk down long, potentially ill-lit hallways to reach your room. When filling out guest registration forms, consider using your first initial instead of your name, and skip the “Mrs/Miss/Mr” check box. Additionally, make sure the clerk writes down your room number instead of saying it out loud. This will prevent anyone in the vicinity from knowing where to find you later. If you’re at a hotel that requires you to leave your keys at the front desk, make sure that a desk clerk is there to put your key in a safe place; never just leave it on the counter. SmarterTravel.com’s Executive Editor Anne Banas cautions to never hang a filled-out breakfast card on your door; doing so lets people know you’re alone in the room, and means there’s a situation already set in which you’ll be expecting someone at the door. If I’m not sure about my accommodations, I bring along a rubber door stop to wedge under the door in case the lock is unreliable.

Arrive in new cities during the day. Areas around bus and train stations can be scary and/or deserted, and small towns tend to shut down early. Veteran solo traveler Mara Rothman of San Francisco notes that plenty of beautiful towns can appear eerie at night, and locals who are genuinely trying to help you can appear unnecessarily threatening. Arriving during the day means you’ll be able to find a place to stay and get your bearings before dark.

Keep your documents


Dress appropriatelysafe


If you choose to wear a money belt, use it for storage and not as a purse. Constantly reaching under your shirt for money draws attention to it, and tends to defeat the purpose. Instead, keep your passport, extra stores of money, and other important documents tucked away, and use a bag or purse for carrying daily spending money. Keep copies of your passport and credit cards in a separate and secure location. Rothman suggests slipping copies of such documents under the insoles of shoes. They may not smell great, but they’ll be there if you need them.

To avoid attracting unwanted attention, dress as conservatively as the women you see around you. This doesn’t necessarily mean donning the traditional dress, as that can sometimes backfire. When she arrived in India to travel on her own for six months, Eva Winter of London purchased the traditional Salwar kameez long tunic and pants. But as she traveled around the country, she noticed that she was actually attracting more attention from men who were curious about the six-foot-tall blonde in the customary cultural dress. Suspecting she might be giving the impression of attempting to appear traditional to attract an Indian suitor, Winter switched back to conservative Western dress and was hassled far less often.


Know when to buddy up


Exude confidence

Traveling alone doesn’t always mean being alone. There are plenty of situations in which seeking out company can make for a safer and more enjoyable experience. On vacation in Jamaica, Banas wasn’t comfortable walking alone from her resort into town for dinner and a reggae show, so she invited a couple she’d met earlier in the day at the pool to join her. By doing so, she got to try out a new restaurant, dance the night away, and make new friends. Smaller hotels and hostels are great places to find like-minded travelers to explore new places with. And even when you can’t find someone to buddy up with, there are often ways to associate yourself with others so you’ll be less likely to be bothered. In some countries, there are women-only sections in trains and women’s waiting rooms at train stations. Sticking close to families on public transportation and in unfamiliar public markets and bazaars is another technique some women use.

Whether you’re on a street at home or 7,000 miles away, walking confidently and with direction is an effective technique for deterring unwanted attention, since appearing lost or confused can make you vulnerable. If you are lost, walk into a shop or restaurant and ask for directions there. Try to avoid obviously looking at maps while you’re in the street. Study your route before you go, or find one of those wallet-sized maps that you can discreetly palm and refer to on the sly.

Research body language and culture Depending on the country, seemingly innocu-

ous gestures such as eye contact, shaking hands, smiling, and small talk can be construed as comeons. Learning the subtleties of body language and local culture before you arrive can prevent awkward or misleading situations.


Reading up on the culture before you go can also make your trip more enlightening and enjoyable. When in doubt, spend some time observing those around you, and then follow suit. And if you’re someone who likes to people watch or study faces, a dark pair of sunglasses can come in handy to avoid any confusion about eye contact.

Keep in touch


If you’re traveling alone, it will be important to have a few regular contacts who can keep tabs on you. Leave a general itinerary behind with family and friends, and send regular emails so that people at home know about where you are. You can also register your trip with the Department of State online. Registering a trip means that the embassy knows of your presence in a country; this can be especially helpful when traveling in dangerous areas or in the event of a natural disaster.who were curious about the six-foot-tall blonde in the customary cultural dress. Suspecting she might be giving the impression of attempting to appear traditional to attract an Indian suitor, Winter switched back to conservative Western dress and was hassled far less often.


Combat harassment

A few might argue that it’s just a well-developed appreciation of women, but unsolicited stares, calls, and attention feel more like harassment when you’re alone in unfamiliar territory. Having a repertoire of harassment deterrents can be as important to women travelers as a sturdy pair of shoes and a passport. SmarterTravel.com Contributing Editor RaeJean Stokes, who lived in Eastern Europe for two years, found that the combination of a basic understanding of the local language and the ability to feign total ignorance was a useful deterrent. After all, she said, “it’s not as fun to harass someone who can’t play back.” As an extension, not engaging with people who are bothering you can make you a less interesting target. If you want to avoid being approached during lulls in activity, such as while waiting for or while traveling on trains, it can be a good idea to carry a novel or paper for writing to friends (they miss you, you know, and want to hear how your trip is going). That way, you’ve got a prop that makes you look busy and involved. If a situation of harassment escalates, making a scene can sometimes be effective. Many societies place a high premium on respecting social norms, so drawing attention to harassment in a loud and clear manner may solve the problem. The sentence for “leave me alone” is a handy one to learn.

Use common sense

Using common sense is perhaps the single best tip for staying safe and having a good time while you’re traveling alone. This category includes the usual recommendations: don’t walk around late at night, don’t drink with strange men, don’t ride in empty compartments on trains, don’t compromise safety to save a few bucks on a hotel or transportation, and know how to use a pay phone.


Though these tips have been compiled for solo women travelers, they’re good ones for general travel as well. Awareness and a bit of street-smarts are the keys to safe and happy travels.

Photo by : Yarik Mishin (http://www.travelgrove.com/blog/travel-tips-and-tricks/travel-myths-about-women%E2%80%99s-solo-travel) http://ukwildadventures.com/index.php/trips/detail/lake_district_trip_pure_hiking_weekend/ http://www.wildnatureimages.com/Hiking-Camelback-Photos.htm http://www.smartertravel.com/travel-advice/ten-tips-for-women-traveling-alone.html?id=1268589&page=1

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