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Editor’s Talk Hello, December, the month of last of year! Decoration lights, Christmas trees, gifts, greeting messages or the smell of winter, are now spread all over the world. These signs show that New Year’s Day is coming. If something bad happened in this year, just leave it behind and move on, many good things are waiting for you in the coming new year. According to the coming New Year’s Day, you will see that every columns of this issue are related with this festival. For example, 10 New Year’s Eve celebration in ‘Highlight’, which show you the interesting event around the world, the wonderful restaurant where you can see a breathtaking 360° view of Bangkok in ‘Restaurant Guide’ or the makeup tips which will make you look good throughout the New Year’s night in ‘Trend’ As always, we would like to say thank you for those who support our Lomprayah magazing and say apologize for some inconvenient. We will improve our magazine as much as I can. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!! See you.

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10 New

Year’s Eve Celebration New Year’s Day is the first day of the calendar year. It is celebrated as a holiday in almost every country in the world. It is a time of gaiety, sharing with friends, remembering the past, and hoping for good things in the future. The transition between New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day is an exciting one. In each country will organize the interesting events and has its own theme or character which can gather the people to count down the seconds to welcome the new day and enjoy the festival together. Here are some of the well-known places for the New Year celebration.

Times Square NEW YORK

Every year as the clock nears midnight on December 31st, the eyes of the world turn once more to the dazzling lights and bustling energy of Times Square. Anticipation runs high. New Year’s Eve at the symbolic center of New York City has become more than just a celebration - it’s a global tradition. The world holds its breath...and cheers as the clocks strike twelve. As the famous New Year’s Eve Ball descends from the flagpole atop One Times Square, an estimated one million people in Times Square, millions nationwide and over a billion watching throughout the world are united in bidding a collective farewell to the departing year, and expressing our joy and hope for the year ahead. The Times Square New Year’s Eve celebration features star-studded musical performances, balloons, handouts, confetti, a colorful pyrotechnic display and about a million of your closest friends.

Rio de Janeiro Brazil

Attracting more than two million people each year, it is one of the best destinations to be at New Year if you are looking for once-in-a-lifetime experience. Not only does it has a very pleasant atmosphere for outdoor partying but also, Brazilians have very strong traditions related to the New Year’s holiday where they all dress in white, all having to do with bringing good luck and fortune to the lives of those you love. Rio’s famous Copacabana beach hosts the celebrations, with giant stages set up along the oceanfront, and an array of drum-heavy music, opulent Carnival-style costumes, magnificent view of the floating candles, and the great samba keeping the revelers entertained through the evening hours. The beach has been the biggest meeting point at midnight year after year, with people flocking here to watch the 15-minute firework display fired from barges which is unlike any that they have ever seen before.

Sydney Australia

There’s no better place to welcome the New Year than in Sydney - the New Year’s Eve Capital of the World.

Be one of the first in the world to welcome the New Year as Sydney dazzles you with its world-class event and a spectacular Midnight Fireworks Display. The towering Sydney Harbor Bridge is the centerpiece for celebrations with two fireworks displays set off from river barges and rooftops, and elaborate pyrotechnic displays setting Sydney Harbor and the iconic Opera House on fire. The internationally-loved event on Sydney Harbor brings in more than 1.5 million spectators and is watched by more than 1 billion viewers across the world.

Celebrations start with Pre-Show Entertainment from 5pm. The evening of entertainment includes aerial acrobatics, an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander smoking ceremony (said to cleanse the evil spirits of the past year) and an Acknowledgement of Country presentation, culminating in the magnificent Harbor of Light Parade -- a mass flotilla of illuminated boats choreographed throughout the harbor. And festivities get bigger with the not-to-be-missed 9pm Family and Midnight Fireworks Displays. Start your party plans early and make sure you get a front row seat to the best show in the world.

Niagara Falls Ontario, Canada

A unique celebration completely different from any other on this list has Canadian revelers celebrating amidst the gorgeous scenery of the famous Niagara Falls. So much goes on at Queen Victoria Park that it makes this one of the busiest nights of the year at Niagara. Live music, two rounds of fireworks (at 9pm if you want to bring little ones and the obligatory midnight display), and 30,000 of your closest friends will ring in the New Year in style. And the best part of this whole party? It’s absolutely free.

The festivities kick off at 8pm at Queen Victoria Park with the aforementioned live music. This year’s lineup features rock legend Styx. If freezing outside in Canada isn’t on your list of ways to celebrate the New Year, keep in mind that there are plenty of options in the area. Casino Niagara and Niagara Fallsview Casino Resort offer entertainment for those in the mood for a more adult atmosphere, and families not wanting to brave the crowds at Queen Victoria Park might have a better time at Clifton Hill, an amusement park of sorts offering plenty of activities for everyone. The Niagara Skywheel, a Dinosaur Park, and glow in the dark mini-golf are just a smattering of activities on offer at Clifton Hill. Come celebrate in a way that may not be typical of New Year’s Eve celebrations but is sure to be memorable.

London England

London’s spectacular New Year’s Eve fireworks display at the EDF Energy London Eye is famous around the world. Head to the Party Capital of the World to be a part of one of London’s biggest party nights and start your New Year off in style. New Year’s Eve in London is celebrated around the area of the River Thames where the London Eye and Big Ben are situated. As the epic countdown begins and Big Ben strikes midnight, the city erupts in a dramatic 10-minute light show and firework display, set to a backdrop of the towering London Eye, the Houses of Parliament and Westminster. Celebrations will continue until 12:45am with a live DJ set – staying until the end will make it easier to leave the viewing areas and go home. There is also a three-hour parade on streets of central London on New Year’s Day, with colorful floats, marching bands, costumed dancers and a procession of the Queen’s horses. The New Year’s Day Parade features more than 10,000 performers representing the London boroughs and countries from across the globe. For those who like to party, New Year’s Eve in London offers you some of the best clubs, pubs and special events in the world.

Paris France

Because you’d be celebrating New Year’s in one of the world’s greatest cities! Dancing and clubbing, eating and drinking, or simply enjoying a quiet evening with friends, Paris offers it all for New Year’s. Several street parties, at the Champs-Elysees and Montmartre, are the places to go if large groups of people and large fireworks display tickles your fancy. If you’re in Paris for the food, then options abound to satisfy your taste buds. If entertainment is what you’re looking for, then you’ll have no problem finding plenty of cabarets. Or perhaps a more low-key dinner cruise is your cup of tea? Finally, Paris is filled with plenty of bars and clubs to drink and dance the night away and celebrate the coming of a new year.

Champs-Elysees is ground zero for the Parisian street party, with large crowds and an impressive midnight fireworks display around the Eiffel Tower. If this is what your heart is set on, make your plans ahead of time and arrive early. For a similar experience that is not quite as hard-core, consider heading to the Sacre Coeur Cathedral plaza in Montmartre for a more laid back street party. If it’s a clear night, you’ll have no problem seeing the Paris skyline and midnight fireworks display. Thousands upon thousands of restaurants, bars, cabarets, and clubs dot the City of Lights, and most all offer a New Year’s party of some sort, so be sure to check around and find the perfect celebration for you.

Amsterdam Netherlands

The city of Amsterdam turns into a big street party on 31 December every year, as bars, clubs and restaurants fill up with people from around the world. Expect big crowds everywhere and remember to book as far in advance as possible if you want to go out for a meal. Otherwise, merely cruising around the street from crowd to crowd is a perfectly acceptable way to spend the evening. As the night rolls on, people end up taking to the streets, lining the bridges and settling on park benches. At midnight a massive fireworks display lights up the sky and turns the black water on the Amstel River into a picture of pastel shades. The major tourist areas, such as Leidseplein, Dam Square, Nieuwmarkt and Rembrandtplein are good spots to see organized firework displays, with Dutch acts and DJs to help keep things moving. The Dutch know how to have a good time and the capital is a warm and friendly host. So, choose whatever place suits you to celebrate this New Year’s Eve with your family and friends. The most important piece of advice however is to get into the spirit of things and have fun!

Goa India

The city does not sleep from the night of Christmas till New Year’s Eve and at midnight the New Year is welcomed with magnificent fireworks that light up the sky. Every house, church, beach shack is decked up with lights to welcome the New Year in best of the spirit. Baga Beach is one favored hot spot for enjoying the New Year celebrations.

Goa the most famous tourist destination that attracts millions of tourist from all around the globe whatever the occasion or season is. New Year Eves is an alternate extraordinary festival that pulls in visitor from India as well as everywhere throughout the world as Goa stand for enjoyment, shores and celebrating throughout the night. Goa is the top decision of each visitor in India if the subject of the excursion is pleasure and shores. New Year Eve along with Goa Carnival Festival lights up the festival season in this little state of India. Live Music Shows, nourishment, lager, fun, skip parties, sun, ocean and the sand. The commercial centers of Goa are all loaded with tinsel and streamers and individuals in vivid outfits down to boulevards. Here individuals revel in their hearts out with move and music. Plan accordingly if you are willing to celebrate this new year eve in Goa as its the peak season for tourist out there so planning is needed before you move on for Goa. Book Hotel or Resort in Goa earlier as hotels and resorts are full of tourist and chances for accommodation minimizes as the festival arrives.

Koh Phangan Thailand

A unique celebration completely different from any other on this list has Canadian revelers celebrating amidst the gorgeous scenery of the famous Niagara Falls. So much goes on at Queen Victoria Park that it makes this one of the busiest nights of the year at Niagara. Live music, two rounds of fireworks (at 9pm if you want to bring little ones and the obligatory midnight display), and 30,000 of your closest friends will ring in the New Year in style. And the best part of this whole party? It’s absolutely free. The festivities kick off at 8pm at Queen Victoria Park with the aforementioned live music. This year’s lineup features rock legend Styx. If freezing outside in Canada isn’t on your list of ways to celebrate the New Year, keep in mind that there are plenty of options in the area. Casino Niagara and Niagara Fallsview Casino Resort offer entertainment for those in the mood for a more adult atmosphere, and families not wanting to brave the crowds at Queen Victoria Park might have a better time at Clifton Hill, an amusement park of sorts offering plenty of activities for everyone. The Niagara Skywheel, a Dinosaur Park, and glow in the dark mini-golf are just a smattering of activities on offer at Clifton Hill. Come celebrate in a way that may not be typical of New Year’s Eve celebrations but is sure to be memorable.

Tokyo Japan

For New Year’s, two different but equally fun opportunities present themselves in Japan’s greatest city. Traditionalists enjoy visiting Tokyo’s Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples to celebrate in style and pray for good luck in the New Year. Amazing festivals are held in these shrines, replete with music and dancers dressed in ornate costumes.

When you’re done having wholesome fun with thousands of natives, test out Tokyo’s famous nightclubs for a naughtier time. These spots bring in Japan’s hottest techno and house beats along with some fine local tail. However, because these organized parties attract loads of people and the world’s best DJs, you’ll need to reserve tickets weeks, if not months, in advance. Check out Studio Coast, Womb and Yellow and let loose. The celebrations above are only some famous celebrations. There still has a lot of interesting New Year festival in the world which waiting for you to go and join. Find the place where is suitable to you and just go to celebrate.

Destination Guide

Surin Beach PHUKET

Surin Beach is certainly popular for a good reason, with plenty of dining venues along a large beach blessed with beautiful white sand, amazing clear blue water and great sunsets. Surin Beach is sometimes called “millionaire row”, due to all the luxury hotels located here such as Twinpalms, Amanpuri and The Chedi. Maybe it is already a bit too popular, but it’s not crowded or hectic. The quality of the water and sand still makes it one of the nicest beaches on the island.

Swimming, snorkeling or surfing are the great things to do here. Once you had enough of the sun and sea, you can always enjoy one of the few Spas, or take a Thai Cooking Class.

Credit : www.phuket101.net/2011/01/surin-beach-phuket.html www.phuket-plaza.com/travel-guide/surin-beach Photo : Kimberly Sue Blake (see more photo on : http://chinapictureoftheday.blogspot.com/2010/12/22-december-2010-surin-beach.html )

Restaurant Guide

Red Sky Restaurant

The Red Sky Restaurant is on the 55th floor of the Centara Grand Hotel and is a wonderful place to have seafood or steal dinner while providing diners with a beautiful view of Bangkok’s city skyline. They offer an “Urban Bistro Dining Experience” along with a wine bar and a martini bar. For the New Year eve, the RedSky is open from 19.00 - 02.00 hrs. Allowing you to join in the New Year’s countdown and watch the finest firework display in Bangkok. Last but not least, every guest will be entertained by the resident jazz trio, a seven-piece show band and the resident DJ throughout the evening Address : Centara Grand Hotel, 55th floor, 99/999Thanon Rama I Telephone : 02 100 6255 Website : http://www.centarahotelsresorts.com/redsky

Credit : www.thevacationwanderer.com/2012/12/30/four-incredible-new-years-destinations-in-thailand www.luxurysocietyasia.com/wine_dine_detail.php?id=85

Place Guide

ASIATIQUE The Riverfront

ASIATIQUE The Riverfront is the largest waterfront themed retail and new lifestyle night shopping place in Bangkok, Thailand that combined the elements of the Thai history and the modern lifestyle in the fabulous way, under the concept of Festival Market and Living Museum. The total project area is over 12 Acres located adjacent to Chaopraya river with the longest boardwalk over 300 meters. Actually it’s more than a typical night market – it could also be called a shopping and lifestyle complex. But the main place is a shopping area located in the old warehouses of the East Asiatic Company. And that’s the really nice thing about it: The Riverfront is an homage to Bangkok’s past as a riverside trading post during the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century. Originally this was the pier where a lot of the teak

wood trade took place, managed by Mr. Hans Nille Andersen. Located on the grounds which formerly belonged to a Danish trading company, many of the original buildings have been retained (although they did get a “facelift”). It’s popular not just with tourists, but also with Thais, but it definitely is the most upscale night market in Bangkok. One of the first things you’ll see when you walk from the river to the market is a huge iStore.

The Asiatique Riverfront is separated in four districts :

wonderful mystic (and at the same time) funny journey of ancient Thai characters.

• The Factory District is where the shopping goes on and where most of the 1500 small shops are located in old warehouses. You find lots of fashion, some souvenirs, design items, handicrafts, furniture, home furnishings and other things.

The Calypso is quiet a spectacle – 50 performers at each show. If you come with a group of five, that’s perfect, because there are tables for five people.

• The Waterfront District is what you see when you first arrive by boat. You find fancy restaurants and event venues lined up along a 300m boardwalk. Concerts, festivals and the New Year’s countdown celebrations take place here. • The Town Square District is a mixture of Thai & Western influences – a large sports bar, international food, and a small events area. • The Chareonkrung District is where you find more than 1,000 retail shops selling handicrafts, home decor, souvenirs, but also the Joe Louis Puppet Theatre and the Calypso Show (see below).

There are also some small vendors, and things like getting your portrait painted and the overall atmosphere is quite lively, without being overcrowded or busy.


In some festival, a special event is organized here such as Songkran, Loy krathong Day and New Year festival. This coming New Year, the Asiatique is also has an “Asiatique Countdown 2014”, the festival which has many interesting activies.

Opening hours: 5pm to midnight How to get there:

There are more than 40 restaurants here, so you won’t need to leave hungry. There also is an outdoor food court (which is very clean), but fortunately there’s a roof protecting you even when it rains. There are plenty of international dining options, from Japanese, to Italien, Korean, American, Thai, Seafood, Chinese, and others.

Take the BTS (sky train) to Saphan Taksin station. Then walk to the river. There you can get on a free ferry boat to Asiatique The Riverfront – it’s about 15 minutes and you get to enjoy the nice view of the Chao Phraya river. The boat leaves from the Saphan Taksin station every 15 minutes, starting at 4:30 p.m. and the last boat leaves from the Asiatique pier back to Saphan Thaksin at 11:30 p.m. It’s best to avoid going by taxi, because the road that leads there suffers from chronic traffic jam.


More Information:

Eating At The Asiatique

There are several shows taking place, like the Joe Louis Puppet Theater (which formerly performed at the Lumphini night plaza) and the famous Calypso Bangkok Theater. The Joe Louis Puppet Theater is a traditional puppet performance, but with modern choreography, and it will take your mind on a

http://www.facebook.com/Asiatique.Thailand http://www.thaiasiatique.com

Real Story

New Year’s Eve Full Moon Party Close your eyes and picture your fantasy New Year’s Eve celebration. Does it involve a white sand beach, a dress code of flip-flops, thousands of rowdy revelers and alcohol that is served quite literally by the bucket? Then I have the party for you. The Full Moon Party in Koh Pha Ngan, Thailand has taken on legendary status among travelers. This monthly gathering centered around the lunar cycle started in the 80′s as a group of hippie friends kicking back on the beach. These days the gathering draws crowds of up to 30,000 travelers from around the world and has become quite the commercial spectacle attracting major international DJs, neon-colored clothing lines, and mini-moon parties such as the Half Moon, Black Moon, Shiva Moon, etc. Each month is a major event; however there is no bigger party than the New Year’s Eve Full Moon Party (which takes place regardless of the moon phase).

Credit : www.alexinwanderland.com/2012/03/21/new-years-eve-full-moon-party/

During this epic party the beach would manage to go from this:

Party outfit is complete without the final touch: neon body paint. I always realize it’s the night after a FMP when I see dozens of zombie-looking backpackers arrive in Koh Tao covered in crusty, cracking neon paint.

To this :

Our New Year’s Eve started out the way so many do around the world- trying to pick out an outfit. However, instead of sorting through stilettos and Little Black Dresses, we were scouring the stores of Haad Rin for anything that was appropriately neon, ridiculous, and all-nightdancing-level comfortable.

I bought one bright dress with rainbow straps for about $9 (this is a pretty major splurge in Thailand) only to try it on later and deem it far too classy for an event where the vast majority of participants are wearing swimwear. Thankfully I had also purchased a backup outfit: a neon pink crop top with matching pink feather earrings. It was a good start. But no Full Moon

The first major portion of our evening was spent easing into a night of heavy drinking while taking turns getting adorned. I was elected as Head Body/Face Painter, thanks to the fantastic work I’ve done before.

Some people, like Olivia and Steffi, went for more decorative and pretty designs.

In real life we looked more like this:

Others went for something a bit more… confrontational.

The cool thing about the body paint is that there are black lights everywhere. So while in pictures we looked like this:

As we were finishing up our primping, we looked out over Sunrise Beach and saw something that actually made me gasp. Hundreds of rice paper lanterns were being released into the sky. It didn’t translate well onto my crappy point-and-shoot camera, so you’ll have to take my word for it: it was awe-inspiring.

Well, that was enough serene beauty for one night. It was time to party.

Others went for more simple electric versions.

Like on any big night out in Thailand, everyone was drinking “buckets”- lethal combinations of M150 (an amphetamine-filled Thai version of Red Bull that is banned in the US), liquor, and mixers. They are best drank communally, hence the handful of straws in each one.

Fire is one of the major forms of entertainment at the Full Moon Party, and in Thailand in general. The beach was lined with fire dancers twirling chains of flames in time with the music.

One we felt sufficiently pre-gamed, we ventured down to Sunrise Beach to take in the spectacle. Each resort on the beach has its own party going on with their own DJ, bar, and attraction. One had an amazing fire sign, like the one below, which changed from “2011″ to “2012″ at midnight.

For most people, just observing is enough. For others, perhaps those further in their alcohol consumption journeys, participation is vital. For those people, such as my boyfriend, there is fire limbo. Even I have participated once before… which I actually only realized when I woke up with a burn line down the front of my clothes. What, you didn’t know what a classy young lady I was?

I must be getting boring in my old age because I was actually completely terrified to do this- it was peer pressure and peer pressure alone that prevented me from scrambling back down that net. I had a little comic relief to calm my nerves when one fairly chubby young gentleman stripped naked before climbing up past screaming innocent bystanders and bouncing down the slide with such ferocity that he actually fell off sideways, narrowly missing the flames. Those with a more… relaxed perspective on personal safety might take a go at the fire jump rope. This, to me, is just completely nuts. Thankfully there are tons of clinics and nurses around but I would not want to wake up on New Year’s Day in Thailand with third degree burns. I actually can barely watch people do this because it gives me such anxiety. With all our running up and down the beach, I barely realized that were were moments away from midnight.

For those not that into fire, there’s totally a water feature too- the steel water slide. We managed to score a spot on the most popular part of the beach, right in front of the Tommy’s Resort countdown clock. It was so crowded, in fact, that some people felt the need to scale the scaffolding just to get a spot of their own!

And it was time for the partying to really begin.

And then came the highlight of my night, a moment I’ll never forget. As the clock hit zero, fireworks erupted in the sky for what seemed like forever. The night lit up and the energy and excitement of over 30,000 young, adventurous, and euphorically happy people was palpable.

I felt like I hit the New Year’s Eve jackpot, getting to hang out with a crew made up of my boyfriend, my baby sister, old friends from NYC, blog friend Matt, and new friends from Oregon. What was most impressive? The fact that we all managed to stick together despite the monumental crowds.

And just like that, it was 2012.

Credit for that goes fully to Mark, who forced me to buy blinking battery-powered bunny ears early in the night when I was way too sober to fully appreciate them. Whenever we were moving around, the group leaders put on the blinking ears and everyone trotted along after them. I may have rolled my eyes at purchase but later I was thanking him for being such a genius.

I’ve rung in the New Year in big cities like New York and Montreal and places as remote and quiet as southern Eleuthera in the Bahamas. This year set a new standard for fun and debauchery… a standard I look forward to meeting again and again.

I’d love to say more, but- I think what happens at the Full Moon Party gets to stay at the Full Moon Party. Except, of course, for all the stuff I’m putting on the interwebs. The rest will have to wait for my tell-all book deal.

At some point I plan to do an advice packed Surviving Sunjam-style feature about the FMP. Stay tuned! For now I’ll leave you with a video my brilliant friend Anton made of the night’s activities. Enjoy!

We partied through the wee hours of the night only to nod off on the beach right before sunrise. Our nap didn’t last long because we had an 9am ferry to catch. As we ran towards town to try to find a taxi, the party raged on. My New Year euphoria was only slightly interrupted by the cab ride we shared with some of the most feral people I’ve ever come into contact with. If you ever meet me in person and want to hear someone rant- ask me the story.

You can see original post at : www.alexinwanderland.com/2012/03/21/ new-years-eve-full-moon-party




Christmas is both a sacred religious holiday and a worldwide cultural and commercial phenomenon. For two millennia, people around the world have been observing it with traditions and practices that are both religious and secular in nature. Christmas Festival falls on 25th day of December every year and commemorates the birth of Lord Jesus Christ, the central figure of Christianity. Christian community across the globe celebrates Christmas with faith, joy and enthusiasm. Celebrations for Christmas begin on the eve of Christmas on 24th December and continue till New Year’s Day. During this entire period people make merry, decorating Christmas trees, attending church, party with friends and exchange season’s greetings, gifts with dear ones and, of course, waiting for Santa Claus the mythical character who brings gifts for children.

Credit : www.history.com/topics/christmas, www.happywink.org/christmas-day/christmas-tradition.html

The Traditional Elements of Christmas Yule Log

The burning of the Yule Log was taken from ancient sun worship rituals. Yule Logs are supposed to be cut from red oak trees and burned all of Christmas Eve and into Christmas Day.


Christmas has been widely associated with snow fun activities such as skiing, snowboarding, sled riding, snow mobile riding, or hiking with snowshoes.


To worship evergreen holly is taken as a sign of eternal life because it did not brown or die in the winter. Some religious groups say that the crown of thorns placed on Jesus’ head was made of holly. The berries were supposedly white but turned bright red from Jesus’ blood.


Mistletoe is rarely used in churches because it comes from the ancient Druid ceremony celebrating winter solstice. This once pagan tradition started when a girl would stand beneath the hanging plant and a boy would walk up, pick a berry and then kiss her.


There is no exact date recorded but the idea of leaving cookies for Santa started sometime in the 1930’s. Naughty kids use them to bribe Santa at the last minute and nice kids use them as a way of thanking him for all his hard work on Christmas Eve.

Santa Claus

Santa’ has been around since the 4th century. Originally known as Saint Nicholas, the patron of children and sailors, the bishop was immortalized because of his generous and loving nature towards children.


The very first person to have Christmas lights on their tree was Edward Johnson who worked for Thomas Edison. The use of decorative light has been imperative on the Christmas Day.

Christmas Tree The tradition of the Christmas tree comes from Germany. The very first trees were oak, the same tree used for the Yule Log. Trees have been a symbol of good luck since the Middle Ages.


The custom of singing Christmas carols is said to have come from 13th century Italy where a man named St. Francis of Assisi led songs of praise. It is very bad luck to send carolers away empty handed. It is customary to offer food, drink or even a little money.


The invention of Rudolph was an advertising gimmick. The red-nosed reindeer was born in 1939 when a 34-year old writer for Montgomery Ward named Robert L. May was asked to invent a Christmas story. The company gave copies of the story to customers during the holiday season as a promotion for their stores.

Horoscope Predictions for the month of

December By Mr.

Rup Krishen Baqaya

Aries: The general tone of the planets this month is optimistic. Avoid being argumentative. Romance is on the cards. Take care of your health. Taurus: Venus is now sparkling in a distant but vital part of your chart emphasizing the role close relationships have to play in all aspects of your life. You will get love and appreciations making you feel pleasant. Gemini: You will hear from loved one’s overseas. You could be in for a surprise romance. A new friend could encourage you to pursue an ambition to the end. Cancer: You throw off your inertia. Problems continue but your confidence helps you cope. Money situation may be tight, but there is understanding with the people involved and this will help in tiding over the situation. Leo: A gainful month. You will feel optimistic, determined and confident. The focus will be on children, hobbies and entertainment.

Virgo: Immovable property may need attention. You tend to be short tempered. You will shower love on your children and indulge in games of chance. Libra: You may purchase a new vehicle. There could be number of short travels during the month. Avoid disputes with your spouse. Scorpio: The focus will be on finance. The stars are favorable and you could gain a lot of money. Mercury passing through your sign makes you involved in communication and correspondence. Sagittarius: You will put in extra effort in your work with favorable results. In meetings and discussions you will prevail and will be able to persuade people that you are right. Capricorn: This is a profitable moth financially. With Venus passing over your sign you could feel romantic. Travels could be troublesome. Aquarius: You will feel self confident and assured. People will accept your ideas. Peace and contentment will prevail. You are grateful and appreciative of all you have got. Pisces: You may travel to new or unknown places in a spirit of adventure. You are advised not to follow your intuitions every-time and be a little more clearly headed about


Credit : www.vistamagazine.com/1533732-new-years-eve-makeup-tips

New Year’s Eve

MAKEUP TIPS by Susmita Baral

For makeup that stays put all night during your New Year’s celebration, consider these valuable makeup tips that will let you have fun without stressing over touch-ups.

New Year’s Eve is one of the biggest nights of year, so it’s important to ring in the new year with a flawless face and impeccable makeup. No matter what kind of soiree you’re attending, you don’t want to have to worry about touch-ups, smeary face makeup, or smudgy eyes. For makeup that stays put all night during your New Year’s celebration, consider these valuable makeup tips that will let you have fun without stressing over touch-ups.


If you don’t wear a makeup primer daily, that’s okay. But when you’re celebrating the last night of the year, it’s best make sure your makeup is set with a face primer and an eyelid primer. Applying primer to your face and eyelids lays the groundwork for long-lasting makeup, as the silicone in the primer allows the pigment from your foundation and eye shadow to stick. What’s more, primer absorbs oil, so your makeup is less likely to smear.


If you’re concerned about smudging eyeliner and running makeup, then waterproof your face. One of the best makeup tips for is to opt for a smudge-resistant eyeliner and waterproof mascara for the night. Rule of thumb: If it stays in place during a swim in the pool, then it’s good for New Year’s Eve.

Eyes first, then face

Most people opt for a dramatic eye makeup look for New Year’s Eve. If you fit in that category, work on your eyes, and then do the rest of your face. These makeup tips may seem counter intuitive, but they will save you time. Eye makeup tends to be messy, and you can end up with smudging mascara or flakes of eye shadow. Save some time by doing your eyes first, then clean up the surrounding area before applying your foundation.


Too much bronzer or self tanner may be a no-no for those living in colder regions, but everyone can get on board using highlighter. Here’s a makeup tip to create the ultimate faux glow: apply highlighter to the apples of your cheeks, the bridge of your nose, and around the hairline.

Setting spray

One of the best makeup tips of celebrities: Investing in a makeup setting spray can ensure that your face stays flawless without having to touch it up. It’s the final seal that will lock in your look and make sure it doesn’t budge. Just a few spritzes on your face and—voila!—you’re ready to go. Using this spray on New Year’s Eve , or any special occasion, will give you one less thing to worry about.

Lompraya News Lomprayah joined in “Krom Luang Chumphon Khet Udomsak Festival 2013” Chumphon Provincial Administration Organization organized Krom Luang Chumphon Khet Udomsak Festival 2013 on 17 - 19 December 2013. Lomprayah also joined in this fair by participate in the parade.

Chumphon Mini–Half Marathon 2013 Chumphon Provincial Administration Organization organized a mini–half marathon 2013 at Krom Luang Chumphon Khet Udomsak Royal Palace, Hat Sai Ri, Chumphon on december 15, 2013 distances 21.0 km, 10.0 km and 5.0 km.

Global News Thai Airways International will make its subsidiary Thai Smile totally independent Thai Smile is soon to be turned into a totally independent operating carrier by Thai Airways. The airline is due to change its name by next February. The new name will then be Thai Smile Airways Co. It is due to continue to strengthen its network on domestic and regional routes, taking over some of Thai Airways current routes but also adding new destinations.

Southeast Asia museum to open for tourists The Southeast Asia Museum in the framework of the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology will open to welcome tourists. There will be games, free activities for tourists and dishes from the country throughout Southeast Asia.

Amazing Thailand Countdown 2014 will be organizing in 7 provinces The Amazing Thailand Countdown 2014 will be organized as planned in seven major destinations – Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Chon Buri (Pattaya), Songkhla (Hat Yai), Phuket, Khon Kaen and Chiang Rai from 25 December, 2013 to 1 January, 2014.

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Tip to Trip

Peak Travel

Tips for Travelling in


Travelling in peak tourist season can try the patience of even a saint, but if you want to see some places at their best you have no choice but to go with the crowds. It doesn’t have to be a nightmare though, as you simply need to find a way to have fun while sharing these amazing spots with a lot of other people. The following simple tips will make travelling in peak season far easier to deal with.

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As soon as you have firm travel dates, book as many aspects of your trip as you can in advance, such as the flights, resort accommodation, car rental, tours, etc. Peak season means there are going to be massive amounts of tourists all with the same idea as you, so make sure you aren’t left without a crucial element of your trip by booking it all well in advance.

Be patient



There is no point in getting frustrated by the crowds, as people are just trying to have a holiday in the same way you are, so don’t let the fact that lots of other people are there prevent you from enjoying some fantastically beautiful places. Take your time and don’t let other people concern you too much; even if they are being extremely annoying, take a breath and relax.

Popular spots will always get crowded fast during peak season, so if you want to see something that lots of other people are going to as well, you can beat a lot of the crowds by arriving really early. Obviously if you are having to get up at 5am every day of your holiday it won’t be a very fun experience; however, if it’s only once in a while in order to see something special, it is absolutely worth the effort.

Go in smaller


Get early


Getting a booking for eight anywhere in peak season is going to be virtually impossible at anything but months of notice, so if you haven’t booked early enough to secure those family holiday apartments, it can be a good idea to split up your group. You still may be able to stay at the same luxury beach resort, and even if you can’t, you’ll still be at the same general location, so everything apart from sleeping will be just as though you were staying together.

When there are so many people travelling at the same time, events and activities are bound to fill up and sell out, so try to be flexible, as your plans may have to change. If your special event sells out, just be happy that you are on holiday and see what else is going on; sometimes it ends up being better than your original plan. It can be fun to have thousands of other travellers around on your holiday adventure, as they are people just like you, and sometimes you’ll end up meeting people from the same part of the world you’re from. Finally, when travelling peak season, above all else, remembers to relax — you are supposed to be on holiday after all!

Be flexible