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Hello, October

Photjanard Kantiwong

Glad to see you again. Only two months left for this year, so make sure that you’ve already done everything you planned at the beginning of the year. Since the hotel industry is very important in Thailand, we would like to give you some information about it as a highlight. This column is telling about its growth and the charms of hotels and resorts in Thailand. After you read the highlight, if you want to travel and stay in a good hotel, just move to the ‘Tips to Trip’, we provide you some technique for choosing a good hotel. As the same, our Lomprayah magazine still have many interesting stories for you. Let check it out.

Executive Editor Wanitcha Sukchet Tinn Chacalanuwattanapong

Editorial Staff Vorapong Vongvarothai Juntiya Laoniyomthai Areeya Pichittanabordeekul Jiraporn Boonta Saksid Boonrawang Kitthawat Chaisingthong

Art Director Methakritsada Wanngoen

Graphic Designer Seattakit Meunnak

Photjanard Kantiwong




THAILAND 2013 is expected to be a golden year for the hotel industry in Thailand, with a parade of new openings in major tourism provinces thanks to improved political stability, which has created a better investment climate, and the upcoming Asean Economic Community (AEC) single market in 2015.

The Growth of Hotel Industry in Thailand As per the latest data released by the leading hotel market information provider, STR Global, Thailand’s hotel industry registered a double-digit growth in terms of occupancy rate, as the occupancy level stood at 69.2 percent for 2012, having increased 10 percent year-on-year. The occupancy rate achieved by Thailand’s hotel industry is way above the world average and slightly above the Asia Pacific average. As a result of increased occupancy levels across Thailand, the revenue per available room (RevPAR) surged by 15.4 percent year-on-year. Similarly the average daily rate (ADR) also climbed by 4.9 percent year-on-year, which is a decent recovery, although the Thai hotel industry lags behind the Asia Pacific ADR average. Within the country, the tourist heaven, Koh Samui performed impressively registering a 27 percent jump in ADR, recording the highest ADR all across Thailand. The RevPAR for Koh Samui hotels also soared by a massive 29.4 percent year-on-year, underlying the area’s ever growing popularity and the effects of the good work done in the past from the local development authorities. The increase in demand and ADR becomes an even bigger story considering a sharp increase in hotel room supply in Thailand during the year. Oversupply of rooms was feared for Bangkok for instance, but a 16 percent increase in foreign tourist arrivals, helped the supply create its own demand. According to data released by the Thai Hotels Association (THA), an estimated 3,919 new rooms, mainly four- and five-stars, will be added to the market during the course of the year.

Meanwhile, Jones Lang LaSalle’s Hotels and Hospitality Group projects that there are some 8,000 new rooms in all Bangkok hotel segments in the pipeline between now and 2015. Although the luxury hotel sector continues to be the focus of development, there is also an increasing interest among developers in Thailand’s mid-tier segment, particularly in areas such as Pattaya, Phuket and Koh Samui. Furthermore, a survey conducted by Questex Hospitality Group during the event revealed that Thailand is the most popular Asian hospitality investment market, followed by Cambodia, Myanmar, Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines. All attendees were given the opportunity to vote, regardless of their affiliation. The participants at the two-day summit included almost 300 delegates from over 100 luxury and hospitality companies. Among them were many investors, developers, hotel owners, designers, master planners, architects, operators and policymakers from the region.

Strength of Hotel Business in Thailand Best service-minded The service-minded of Thai hotel officers is very famous among the tourists. Their polite manners, humility, their smiling and good servicing always make the tourists impress. Especially ‘Wai’, it can say that this is the one of our characteristic. Unique Style Although there are many modern hotel in Thailand, but most of them usually present Thai culture through the hotel decoration. Many hotels or resorts were built in Thai style architecture. And some of them were built by blend the Thai and modern style together. Not only hotel decoration, but the outfits of hotel officers are also. They usually wear Thai dress or Thai textile as their costume. It is a unique style which hotels or resorts in another countries cannot do like us even the world’s luxury hotel brands. Various accommodations In Thailand, the tourists can find every kinds of accommodation; modern five stars hotels with full of facilities, homestays in the small village, boutique hotel and etc. Then, the various can fulfill the need of every tourists group.

Special Activities Many hotel and resort provide special activities for the tourists, which is difficult to do in another country such as Thai cooking course, Thai massage or even farming. Room Rate Room rate of hotels or resorts in Thailand are lower than many countries (Compare with the hotel which are in the same grade). Including the beautiful environment and a good service, staying in the hotels in Thailand is very worthy.

Weakness of Hotel Business in Thailand English Skills A lot of hotel officers in Thailand are not fluent in English. Especially in the middle or small accommodations, many of the hotel officers in those hotels cannot use English very well. So, if they cannot communicate, they will avoid speaking with the foreign tourists. Then, it may cause some problems. Training Programs The programs or courses for training the hotel officer are not enough. The general officers usually trained by their senior in each hotel, but don’t have an opportunity to be trained from the experts or take any course from another organization. So, may be sometimes they don’t have enough standard to service the customer, especially the high-end customers target.

Transportation In case the hotels or resorts are in an upcountry and far from the city, it is quite uncomfortable for the tourists. Because some areas in Thailand don’t have the public transportation.

Though, Thailand has some weakness, but it doesn’t cause too much problem to hotel business in Thailand. Comparing with another country, we have many things which better than them. Besides, many hotels in Thailand always have a good rank in many international polls. Thais can show that our hotel business is accepted from the tourists around the world. Moreover, the advent of the AEC is seen as a force to make Thailand more attractive for investment, with the country becoming a platform to expand hotel networks regionally, thanks to its good location, strong infrastructure and skilled labor. Thailand will become a corridor for trade and investment, which also means a big opportunity for hotel businesses. Hotel business is the important Thailand’s economic driver. So, both of the government and private companies try to focus and develop this business as much as they can.

credit : http://www.joelizzerd.com/latest/a-golden-year-for-the-hotel-industry-in-thailand-2013#! http://www.thailandproperty.com/news/view/thailand_voted_most_popular_asian_investment_market http://www.hotelnewsnow.com/Article/10781/Hotel-development-takes-off-in-Thailand http://www.hospitalityandtourismdaily.com/news/asia-pacific/thailand-hotel-industry-show-improved-numbers.php

Destination Guide

http://www.underwaterwedding.com http://www.trang-travel.com/kradan.htm

Ko Kradan Trang

Ko Kradan is the most beautiful island in the Trang. With an area of 600 acres, most of the island (5/6) is under the jurisdiction of Hat Chao Mai National Park. Kradan Island is named after the oblong shape of the island. The rest are privately owned rubber and coconut plantations.

The turquoise water, white sandy beach, and fresh sea breeze awaiting visitors. When the tide is low, one can see the wondrous sight of coral reefs and the marine life that inhabit them in shallow water. It is like an orchestra of color and life, with different kinds of fishes and crabs. Outstanding natural beauty unfolds, be it under water or on the beach itself, with the sun rising above or sinking under the sea, or the bright yellow moon in the night sky. Ko Kradan is also the place where the underwater wedding ceremony is organized every year.

The most striking feature of Ko Kradan is its powdery, white beach and crystal clear water that permits a great view of the coral reef underneath that stretches from the beach’s northern end to the coast. A variety of colorful fish inhabit the shallow water corals.

“Trang Underwater Wedding� ceremony promotes an exotic traditional Thai wedding culture to foreign wedding couples, divers, and tourists from all over the world. The ceremony consists of Buddhism ritual and the traditional Thai wedding ceremony of pouring luster water, and the escort the brides and grooms to their honeymoon suites by old happily-married couple in accordance with the long belief to bring peace and long-lasting relationship as well as the eternity of love to the bridal couples. The bridal couples further experience and impress the symbolic hand-woven Thai wedding costume.

Place Guide

Phra Borommathat Chaiya Phra Borommathat Chaiya is an amazing tourist spot in Surat Thani. It is an ancient Chedi. This ancient Chedi or say in wider terms temple is famous for housing Buddha relics. These Buddha relics in Phra Borommathat Chaiya are held in high esteem by local people and revered to its most. Phra Borommathat Chaiya has also risen in popularity for having prominent influence of Srivijaya’s religious architecture. Its origin dates back to over 1,200 years ago. In the holy courtyard of Phra Borommathat Chaiya numerous sculptures and Buddha images are also located. Situated 54 kilometers north of the provincial capital, Phra Borommathat Chaiya enjoys a pristine location in Chaiya, one of the oldest cities of Thailand. This city was once the regional capital of Srivijaya kingdom of the 5th to 13th century. However coming back to the features of Phra Borommathat Chaiya that have created immense impact on the minds of the visitors, it can be said that this sacred temple is positioned amidst a rebuilt pagoda in Srivijaya style. The beauty of this Chedi is truly beyond words. On a visit to Phra Borommathat Chaiya you will also vouch for the same.

From Phra Borommathat Chaiya you can also make a move towards nearby branch of the Chaiya National Museum, Surat Thani. In this famous museum you will get to see plenty of relicts of the time when this temple was built. Besides, you will see two more pagodas there which now stand as a brick mounds only. Not only this, Phra Borommathat Chaiya will make your traveling easy to famous Suan Mokkhphalaram. This forest temple in Surat Thani is also famed as Wat Than Nam Lai Monastery of Flowing Water.

Restaurant Guide

Sa Bieng Lae

Sa Bieng Lae is “The place of Samui traditional foods & cuisine.” The restaurant is in Samui people’s style and food in a unique taste. Let come out and enjoy your dining a unique taste on the beach with a nice atmosphere. It can fulfill your holiday perfect. Operated since 1990 and running by Mr. Am Nart and his wife. “Sa Bieng” is meaning stored of food and “Lae” is a short wording calls the sea. Absolutely are varieties of seafood. Sa Bieng Lae is located in the southeast of Koh Samui and close to tourist attractions “Hin Ta and Hin Yai”. It’s far from Samui Airport 15 kilometers.

Address: 438/82 Moo 1, Tambon Maret, Koh Samui, Surat Thani, Thailand 84140 Tel: +66 77 233082, +66 81 538 7045 Fax: +66 77 233083 Website: www.sabienglae.com

Real Story

Credit : http://blog.ornthordarson.com/2010/01/19/island-hopping/

Island Hopping Ko Tao is a cozy little island (3Ă—7 km or so), the first of the three islands in the Gulf of Thailand that will be our home for the next couple of weeks or so. We stayed for two nights at Freedom Beach on the south end of Ko Tao in a basic hut with Charlie the Cockroach, a few lizards and mosquitoes that were quite happy to have some fresh Nordic blood while I wrote the last post ;) Even though the hut could have been better everything else at Freedom beach was top-notch and the resort was obviously undergoing a major refurbishment like a lot of places around here. The most impressive at Freedom Beach were the beaches and the coral reefs.

We rented us some snorkeling gear and snorkeled for a few hours in the crystal clear turquoise colored sea above beautiful corals and colorful fishes that we have only seen in home fish tanks before. It was absolutely fantastic and started just a few meters from the shore. We had never thought snorkeling could be so much fun!

Two things have bother us quite a bit since we came to the islands. Firstly we have hardly gotten hungry lately. It’s not that we are eating so much, it’s more that our appetite has diminished, which is a great shame because we both love to eat. Maybe it is the Beach God telling us that we need to shed a few pounds to walk his sandy beaches half-naked …who knows. I wouldn’t mind if that would be the case and he is helping us getting there.

After two days we wanted to rent a scooter and explore the island but made an impulse decision to jump on the boat and go to the next island instead and go on a scooter there. So we took the 1 hour boat to Ko Phangan.

The other thing that has bothered us greatly is that we haven’t been able to bling ourselves up. Any descent backpacker that has been in Thailand more than a week has multiple layers of bracelets and necklaces made of leather, shells, coconuts, fish bones and what not around their necks, wrists and ankles. Somehow we have not been able to follow this trend but are anxious to make up for it and will keep you updated. The next steps in the backpacking transformation are dreadlocks and huge tattoos …we’ll start with the bracelets and necklaces and take it from there.

Ko Phangan is a lot bigger island and is mostly famous for the huge Full Moon parties held here …every full moon. Up to 30.000 people come here on the full moon during the high season to drink, smoke, snort and dance the night away. They have stretched the full moon concept a bit so now there are full moon, black moon, blue moon and a few other parties going on so basically you can party no matter where the moon and the sun are positioned at that moment. This all happens on the south side of the island so all the oldies and the nerds head basically anywhere else and we went up the west coast to Hat Yao where we have just been enjoying life, exploring the North-West coast on a scooter, trying out a few hammocks and bathing in the sun.

The action on the ABT has been slow, only 2 games in the last 3 days. Örn won another Scrabble game after Elínborg made an incredible comeback and tried to steal the victory but couldn’t quite get there and Elínborg won a Ludo game, tieing the Ludo mini series, in an exciting Ludo mach on the beach of Hat Yao where nerves were extended and adrenaline ran high.


Credit : http://www.calendarlabs.com/holidays/us/halloween.php


Halloween is celebrated on 31st October every year. Halloween is the modern name of an ancient Celtic holiday “Samhain”. People celebrate this day as a spiritual beginning of a new year. The various activities done in Halloween are mostly associated with the idea to obtain good fortune. Ancient people believed that ghosts came back to earth on this day. It is said that on this day, the spirits of the dead come back to earth in search of living bodies to possess for the next year and try to return to the homes where they were living. So to appease these spirits, people offer them fruits and nuts. If the spirits are not pleased, it is feared that the spirits would kill the people or destroy their property. Halloween costumes are traditionally related to ghosts, skeletons, witches, and devils. Black and Orange are the famous color for this day. The Jack-o-lantern is the festival light for Halloween. Pumpkin is a good substitute of the turnip, to be used as Jack-o-lantern.

Trick-or-treating is a traditional celebration for children on Halloween. Children in their costume go from house to house, asking for treats, with a question, “Trick or treat?” The word “trick” refers to a threat to trouble the homeowners or their property if no treat is given. People generally give candy to the children who come to their house. Nowadays many schools and churches arrange Halloween parties for the kids. People usually have parties, wear Halloween costumes, do bonfires, tell and read scary stories about witches, skeletons, bats and ghosts and also watch horror movies

Horoscope Predictions for the month of By Mr.


Rup Krishen Baqaya

Aries: Family and finances keep you occupied for nearly the whole month. It is better to keep your own counsel and not reveal your plans to others in order to avoid future problems.

Taurus: Stepping up your own efficiency, tolerance levels and willingness to help will pay you many dividends, especially in dealing with colleagues, superiors and subordinates.

Gemini: You are willing to take risks and live dangerously, perhaps too much. You are looking at new avenues and wider perspectives and may even be shifting your house. Love, romance, sex and passion are now important for you. Cancer: Love, romance and good times attract you strongly and bring you joy. You will be fun loving and sociable during the month what with many gettogethers where you indulge and pamper yourself.

Leo: Your sense of adventure will take a new direction. You will express yourself along creative lines and may even find fresh/new lines of work. Contacts made now could lead you to new contracts. The focus in the month will be on travels, communications and contacts.

Virgo: You pursue your personal desires, that are the things which give you pleasure, with determination this month. Be careful about losses, thefts and excessive expenses. You are a little prone to minor injuries.

Libra: Those of you who are single may find a partner for matrimony. Some of you may get promotion in your job. You are advised to avoid loose talk and keep a check on expenses.

Scorpio: There will be plenty of movement and activity this month, both physically and financially. However, do not look for quick profits as it could be risky. Expenses will mount, but you will find ways and means to meet them. Sagittarius: The focus this month is on the domestic arena. You are concerned about the activities of your children and relatives. You could plan and build up a home based business.

Capricorn: Health issues will need to be addressed. Rest and relaxation in quiet, and harmonious surroundings will help. This may even take the form of a home away from home.

Aquarius: You will concentrate very intensely on your work. Don’t neglect your health however. Adequate rest and sleep and health safeguards are a must.

Pisces: You will sidetrack the more personal issues and focus on family and community issues. As a result, many pending matters will come to a satisfactory conclusion giving you immense satisfaction.


Credit : http://mhei.hubpages.com/hub/rainydaysfashion

5 Ways to

Switch Up

Your Makeup Routine

for Fall By PopSugar

Before Fall officially hits, it’s time to start thinking about transitioning your makeup bag for the new season. Jessica Scantlin, a makeup artist from Blushington Beauty Lounge, shares her Summer-to-Fall beauty advice with us below.

1. Toss your shimmering bronzer : When it comes to your Fall makeup palette, one of the first things to stash away is your golden bronzer. “If you want to use bronzer, opt for a matte bronze instead of a shimmered bronze,” Scantlin says. “Also, when using an illuminator in the Fall, try choosing few specific areas that you would like to highlight, and do so in a small dose.”

2. Keep some color in your makeup bag : “Keep all of your colorful lipsticks, shadows, and colored mascara,” Scantlin says. “These are easy products to go from Summer to Fall.” She recommends the traditional gray, taupe, bronze, and plums for your shadow, but you can use the bright blue or electric purple from your Summer makeup as an accent on your lower lash line.

3. Add depth to your lipstick : “In Summer, we keep it minimal with a pop of color on the lips. However, Fall is the perfect time to use those colors in a richer and darker shade,” Scantlin explains. So if you wore a soft rose all Summer, try trading it in for a bold burgundy or deep red-violet hue for Fall.

4. Bring out the jewel tones : “In Fall, we see a lot of jewel tones on the eyes, but you can transition the look into a more sultry style,” says Scantlin. To do this, bring the shadow down to your lower lash line, and to add more intensity, smudge a liner on top.

5. Try an ombré plum lip : When colder weather hits, it’s time to amp up the dramatic effect of your makeup. One of Scantlin’s easiest ways to do this is to work a trendy ombré lip. “The way to get a pretty plum pout with an ombré effect is by starting from the outside of your lips and working your way in toward the center,” she explains. Start by lining your lips with a dark liner. Then, apply a coordinating lipstick shade without filling in the entire lip. Finish by sweeping on a lighter shade in the same color family on the inner section. “Top that off with a clear gloss, and you’ll have a fun, trendy ombré lip for the Fall season.”


The Vegetarian Festival The Vegetarian Festival is celebrated everywhere in Thailand, but Phuket is one of the provinces where the event is held on a wide scale. During this period, all Chinese shrines in Phuket are open for rituals of self-purification. In the case of the Vegetarian Festival, the Chinese traditions of wearing white and parading continue, but have morphed into something unique in its display and practice. Like Thaipusam, celebrants physically pierce and mutilate their bodies during the nine days to demonstrate the belief that the gods will bring healing waters and their physical wounds will be healed. Observers should expect to see entranced mediums walking the streets of Phuket with their faces and bodies pierced with thin long pins, knives, stakes, swords and any manner of sharp objects. A man with 20 blades jutting through his body, blood cascading down his white shirt is a stark sight for even the least faint of heart. Perhaps miraculously, both scarrings and deaths are rare once the festival has ended.

Participants, known as Mah Song (roughly translated as “horseback riding”) , are considered to be mediums (the horse) who invite the gods (the riders) to enter and possess them while in a trance brought on by the ritual piercing, flaying, and mutilation. While bleeding and entranced, the Mah Song visit Phuket’s temples (where the cutting takes place under the supervision of medical staff) and food stalls, where they partake in a variety of vegetarian dishes locally known as je. Watch for yellow signs with เจ written in red stuck in various dishes—this indicates they’re je. The festival has become a major cultural event of this southern island, attracting tourist arrivals during this period, especially from Malaysia, Singapore, and Hong Kong, which have large Chinese populations.

Lompraya News Strategic seminar to commitment to be excellence and preparation for the AEC Lomprayah High Speed Ferries Co.,Ltd. has a strategic seminar to commitment to be excellence and preparation for the AEC with company’s management team at Chiang Mai

Peak Season is Coming - The gulf of thailand The peak season in Thailand is coming in a little more than a month. It should be mentioned that many popular hotels will be fully booked during this period. We therefore recommend that you book your hotel room well in advance, if you plan to visit Thailand during the high season.

Global News LONDON - World Travel Market 2013 LONDON - WTM 2013 - REPORT: Catalonia, Abu Dhabi, Korea Tourism Organisation and South Africa are among the exhibitors to be honoured with awards for their stands at World Travel Market, the leading global event for the travel industry.

Leading luxury travel website launches in the UK The Luxury Link Travel Group has launched its award-winning travel website in the UK. Based in the US and already recognised as one of the world’s leading luxury travel websites, sophisticated travellers in Britain can now purchase an ultra-exclusive getaway, tailor-made with luxury in mind via Luxury Link’s dedicated UK website.

Qatar Airways joins oneworld Qatar Airways becomes part of oneworld, adding one of the world’s fastest growing and most highly rated airlines to the world’s fastest growing and most highly rated global airline alliance.

Thanks : www.traveldailynews.asia

Tip to Trip

Tips for Choosing a

Good Hotel On a holiday, getting a hotel of your choice can be a challenge! So keep these tips and points in mind while choosing a hotel to enjoy a hassle free holiday. You have to think about pricing, comfort, reviews, photos, deals, discounts - it can be extremely overwhelming. Here are a few tips that can help you finalize your hotel.

by afiatajdar

Credit : www.mustseeindia.com/articles/tips-for-choosing-a-good-hotel/4038


Book a hotel which fits your budget. Gone are the days of calling each and every hotel for getting price. With internet, you can browse various websites to find out the exact price of any hotel easily. Hotels provide various discounts and special holiday packages (like 1 night free stay etc.) during the festive season as well as the off-season to attract more customers. Make sure you enquire about any promotional offers beforehand.


In addition to price, location also plays an important role in selecting a hotel. Depending on your trip, you may want to choose a hotel within the city or maybe secluded location, or maybe you want one on the beach. Decide what kind of property you are looking for and do a thorough research for hotels accordingly.

User Reviews

No matter how much research you do, nothing replaces feedback from past guests of hotel. Make sure you go through the reviews and feedback of the hotel from the people who have stayed at the place. Instead of going blindly by the review posted on the website of the hotel, go to website like tripadvisor.com for valuable information on the hotels from the other travelers. However, internet is full of fake reviews - use your judgment and past experience in trusting user reviews. Thumb rule is to trust reviews for hotels which are larger in number and then plan your holiday in North India, or any place of your choice.

Cancellation / Refund Policy

Emergencies might happen anytime, which might lead you to cancel or postpone your trip. Be sure to check the cancellation policy of the hotel which varies from one hotel to another. So it is recommended that you go through it before booking the rooms.

Check in and Check Out time

Although most hotels have standard check in and checkout time, be sure to find out the exact timings to avoid any last minute surprises. Staying beyond regular checkout timing might attract extra charges.


Many hotels offer numerous amenities like in-house restaurant, gym, swimming pool etc. The amenities offered by the hotels also play a major role in determining the star rating of the hotels. Before booking the hotel, compare the amenities and select the one that fulfills most of your requirements. Not all the hotels provide various indoor as well as outdoor facilities like bon fire parties or others. If you are planning to arrange something like this on your honeymoon trip then make sure you ask the hotel management for the same in advance. Party halls, children play area and outdoor swimming pools are some of the outdoor facilities provided by the hotels for the use of its guests.


Type of Holiday

The type of holiday you are looking for also determines the kind of hotel you should stay in. If you are on an adventure trip then you would do not spend too much on the hotel, as you will not be spending too much time there. For family vacation, choosing a comfortable and good hotel is mandatory.

Other Tips

Use the booking engines to garner as much information on the hotel you are planning to book. For details like facilities for the disabled, senior citizens etc., guests should call the hotel in advance. Photos on the website of the hotel can sometimes be misleading. Check reviews from other guests. If your pre-booked facility is not provided, please ask the hotel manager. If you are travelling with family, then you might want to check with the hotel’s family policy. Many hotels often run various deal and promotions for families and also check with the various resorts and hotels before finalizing your tours to Goa or any other place in the country.

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