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Foie gone?

Labour launches animal welfare proposal that could see a total ban on imports of foie gras


ENGLISH Tyrrells crisps

Comeback of the can the can is back in fashion

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Pure Indulgence



Our award-winning Yorkshire Rhubarb Gin is crafted using Harrogate aquifer water, pure single grain spirit, locally sourced botanicals that are synonymous with the beautiful and restorative nature of Harrogate and the finest rhubarb sourced from the famous ‘Rhubarb Triangle’.



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his month’s editor’s letter is a pleasure to write as I’m sat on a sunny beach in Mexico, experiencing wonderful international hospitality. It’s true what they say about our industry and there being a recognisable “worldclass” standard; whether it’s in a London hotel or a beach in Cancun, consumers know what fivestar service looks and feels like.It’s something we strive to achieve in all aspects of the customer experience, from drinks on entry, right the way through bidding goodbye with a smile. This month sees a distinctive Mexican theme too, with our drink of the month being Tequila; in which we examine the history of the beverage and some of our recommended bottles (page 19). We’re also working with Mexgrocer, the supplier of Mexican products, to talk recommended brands and more (page 20).

On-Trade Progress has also ventured into central London this month to visit Eve, our Venue of the Month on page 26. This stunning underground bar boasts beautiful biblical symbolism, not only in its décor but also with its truly delicious cocktail menu. Moreover, they combine elegant drinks with a range of delectable bar snacks that cannot be overlooked. This feature sees us examine the comeback of the can into hospitality venues; whether it’s craft beers, sodas and more, the remerging can trend is evident. We explain how cans are a more environmentally friendly and generally economical choice, and what their future could mean for the industry on page 6. Don’t miss out on our fun taste test feature on page 14 either; this month we get our teeth into Tyrrells, a delicious offering for any bar and restaurant. So sit back and enjoy this wonderful issue of On-Trade Progress, as I sit back and enjoy this piña colada. Hey, who doesn’t love getting caught in the rain? Adios!

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Alcohol free.


John Porter, beer sommelier, makes the case for good ol’ fashioned bitter.


Presenting new drink trends.


Our expert’s view sees Kate Nicholls explore the ALMR and BHA merger.


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Comeback of the can

This month we explore the comeback of canned drinks within the on-trade; whether it’s craft beer or non-alcoholic sodas, canned drinks are back in fashion. Premium crisps For our monthly Taste Test, the team delight in trying a selection of Tyrrells crisps – the perfect snack for customers.


Foie gone? A new Labour proposal could see the French delicacy banned from the UK; we explore this bill in-depth and what it could mean for the UK restaurant and catering industry.



Pure indulgence Our Venue of the Month takes us to Eve, a bar that prides itself on pure indulgence, both in its fabulous cocktails and bar snacks too.



comeback of the can Yes it can In February 2014, JD Wetherspoon announced that it would be serving cans of beer in 900 of its chains. This was due to the establishment joining forced with US Sixpoint Brewery, based out of New York, to offer three of its canned beers. Since then, its canned beer offering has expanded, adding Flying Dog Snake Dog IPA from Flying Dog Brewery and Uprising Treason West Coast IPA from Uprising Craft Brewery too. This offering is the first step in the acknowledgement and expansion of canned craft beers within the industry and a key indication of the direction this trend is going in… up.

Can it be better? Cans are much better for the product itself; with cans providing key benefits for the preservation of the drink. Firstly, cans keep out harmful UV rays with damage the flavour of the beet and alters the acidity of the hops. Where clear packaging, such as in a bottle or glass offer no protection, cans actually offer the best form of protection. If UV rays come into contact with the product, it can make the beer taste “off” and alter the integral flavour.

Can it make a comeback? With the popularity of craft beer and other beverages served in cans on the rise, can the can make a comeback?


nce upon a time, the only products that came in cans were supermarket brand lagers and beers. It was rare that these were ever served up by the hospitality industry in the can-form; often preferring a fresh pint of the brew instead. However, with the revolution of the brewing industry and more players entering the market, the canned craft beer is making a comeback with restaurants, bars and pubs opting to offer these popular products as-is. Moreover, with a move for the industry to be more inclusive, its not simply coke that's served in cans – more health conscious and varied sodas are making it to the fridge than ever before.


Moreover, cans are air-tight, meaning no oxygen is able to get in to interfere with the beer; allowing the bubbly freshness to be kept sacred. If beer is over-oxygenised it damages the flavour, making it turn flat faster. There’s nothing worse than a warm fizzy drink. Cans cool down and maintain their coolness a lot better than glass bottles, allowing hospitality professionals to regulate

to this recent phenomenon. He comments: “Until recently, it was unusual to see a canned beer in a pub or bar. There were sound reasons for this; including quality, on the basis that older canning technology sometime left a metal taint on the beer flavour, and the chilled fridge space needed to display cans was often at a premium.

the temperatures of their products for customers. Cans are also far more environmentally friendly than bottles; with aluminium being a 100 per cent recyclable material. With the conscious customer being more aware of how restaurants, bars and pubs are environmentally proactive, canned beer could be the solution. Compared to bottles, cans are lighter – meaning its easier for employees to carry and also cheaper for brewers to package and ship. Cans are a cost-effective and practical alternative to bottles products and much easier for consumers to transport too. Lastly, and perhaps, most importantly, in several blind taste tests, consumers are unable to tell the difference between beers from a bottle or can. Meaning that canning the product doesn’t affect the quality at all.

On-Trade Progress has turned to its resident beer sommelier, John Porter, who offers a fresh insight

“One key factor, however, was a reluctance give the game away Neither pubs nor brewers really wanted consumers to think too hard about the fact that the lager poured from a can selling for under a pound in a supermarket multipack was the same beer as was coming out of an impressive tap on the bar at four quid a pint. “The craft beer boom has changed all that, as a new wave of brewers recognised that canning was a cost-effective way to package and transport their beer. The quality challenge has been overcome; cans now come with an inner coating that preserves the flavour, and unlike bottles there is no danger of light affecting the taste. Crucially, craft beer drinkers are more willing to a pay a premium for a beer they enjoy, whatever the format it’s served in.” Hospitality entrepreneurs are keen to show their support to; Rupert Thompson, managing director of Hogs Back Brewery, states :“Draught beers command a presence on the bar, and while cans in a back chiller are less prominent, they generally have a longer shelf life

and are a way to increase the choice of beer for customers. The growth of craft beer in cans in the last few years has undoubtedly contributed to beer’s appeal to younger drinkers - this was certainly our thinking behind our two can launches in recent years, Hogstar English Craft Lager, and London’s Outback golden pale ale. For bars where the beer range has a more urban, modern craft feel, both Hogstar and London’s Outback work well.” Porter however, has identified some potential backlash to canned products potential. He comments: “There are still some issues around display in the on-trade. Expecting a customer at the bar to squint past the bartender and work out what the beer in fridge are is a big ask, even with the bold graphics many brewers prefer. Printed beer menus, chalkboards and even locked frontof-house display fridges are all way around this for venues where the can is now very much part of the sales mix.” Similarly Jen Draper, head of marketing at Global Brands, is keen to promote the humble can. She says: “The demand for cans has risen, particularly in the RTD and beer category. This is due, ultimately, to convenience. Cans promise the same great taste whilst being easily transportable, recyclable and altogether much better for the environment – a major focus within the industry. “Cans are growing across the board but are becoming significantly important in the on-trade. Cans maintain efficiency, especially forbusy late-night venues which rely on speed of service, while offering the perfect serve every time. Cans are also deemed safer; they offer a simple solution for those with glass bans. Additionally, we find there is a desire from consumers that their drinks be ‘Instagrammable’ as well as an extension of their own personality and image. Cans offer scope for creative and interesting designs that appeal to this rising trend.”


Comeback of the can

Primo Vino

Name me the first problem that comes to mind when you think of serving a drink at a concert, festival or event. Did you think of waiting times? You’re not alone.


ow think of this problem when it comes to sparkling wine. It gets worse, doesn’t it? Lengthy pouring times and the constant opening of new bottles subsequently means bars are faced with an enormous challenge, to keep the queues moving and ensure that the quality is not substituted. Due to these issues, some venues opt out of serving these drinks all together. Troubled by this dilemma, Europe’s largest arenas and festivals turned to Gerry Smyth of Bear Smyth LTD to find a solution. Gerry embraced the challenge, and soon, a solution was to be birthed from a combination of both British innovation and Italian craftsmanship. The first challenge was how to overcome the issue of time, and the answer? Simple. Can it. Ready to drink cans are now a common sight


in our supermarket fridges, washing away any previous stigma of being seen with one in hand. With next to no opening time in comparison to a traditional bottle, no issues of broken glass and being completely recyclable, it makes you ask the question as to why this hasn’t been done sooner? The next challenge was the quality. The wine needed to be authentic and so did the bubbles. Other sparkling canned wines on the market have carbonation added post production. A bolt on if you will. But any sparkling wine worth knowing about doesn’t gain its bubbles, or its name this way. Instead, it’s gained from the traditional method of the fermentation of the grapes themselves. To ensure this was the case, Gerry and his team made trips to see the master wine blenders at Gancia, known as the “Grand-dad

of all Prosecco in Italy”, they skillfully crafted a lightly sparkling wine that was fit for their can. Described as “fresh, crisp and with a beautifully balanced fruity finish”. Through great people and great heritage, Primo Vino was born! As you may have noticed throughout, the drink has been referred to as sparkling wine rather than prosecco, this is deliberate, and is the case for these few interesting reasons; it is not made in Veneto, it is not made from 100% Glera grapes and it is illegal to sell Prosecco in cans! However, OnTrade Progress were sent a couple of samples, and honestly, I challenge you to try and taste the difference, because the truth is, you can’t! With branding now finished and the contents too, Gerry took Primo Vino to three large focus groups of women, who in turn, described the product in three perfect words: Primo Vino - classy, elegant and sophisticated.

“Bear Smyth continue to deliver amazing innovative products and this fizz is the ‘Jewel in the Crown’ - the customers absolutely love it!” - Motorpoint Arena, Nottingham

Perfect for: Stadiums & Arenas Leisure Sites Retail Travel



@PrimoVinoWines PrimoVinoWines


The Houses of Parliament go alcohol free

The Temperance Spirit Company were asked to sample Teetotal GnT at a reception that took place at the House of Commons on Wednesday 7th March, under the auspices of the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Alcohol Harm, as one product from the increasing range of high-quality alcohol-free and verylow-alcohol drinks now available. ‘’We are very pleased to have been invited by Alcohol Concern to sample Teetotal G’n’T with the MP’s and to promote the benefits of producing adult-styled non-alcoholic drinks to give those who wish to moderate their drinking effectively by bars offering this growing range of premium drinks’’ says Gillian Venning. Andrew Misell Director Alcohol Concern Cymru, said, “There’s been a real lack of good soft drinks for adults for a long time. Many consumers who are drinking less alcohol, or who don’t drink at all, are looking for products that aren’t just sweet fizzy pop. Thankfully, things are starting to change. We’re seeing expert brewers producing quality beers at 0.5% and 0.0% ABV. We’re also seeing alcohol-free premixed drinks, such as the pub classic, the GnT. A number of these new drinks have reached supermarket shelves. Our hope now is that both alcohol10

free beer and alcohol-free GnT will become a normal offering in pubs and bars across the country.” The inception of Teetotal G’n’T was created when three Yorkshire businessmen joined forces to launch an innovative, new soft drink to beat the breathalyser and to meet the growing needs of the ‘non-drinker’ by producing a unique premium ‘adult style’ drink which tastes and looks exactly like a gin and tonic and allows the drinker to feel like they are part of the party. Since coming to market in December 2015, Teetotal G’n’T is now stocked in a wide range of pubs and restaurant as well as in farm shops and upscale retailers such as Harvey Nichols and Fenwick’s. It is a very refreshing soft drink with only 52 calories per bottle and 12 g of natural sugar. The company’s logo features the

formidable Victorian temperance activist, 6’4” tall American Carrie Nation who was noted for smashing up taverns with an axe! To build on the current success of Teetotal G’n’T, a new drink Teetotal ‘Cuba Libre’ will be launched at The Northern Restaurant and Bar show in March. Watch this space.

TemporarY Catering Facilities During Refurbishment

Mobile Kitchens Ltd specialises in the hire of temporary catering facilities and foodservice equipment

We regularly provide our services to clients when they are undergoing a kitchen refurbishment or carrying out other building works that necessitate the closure of existing catering facilities. We offer a free design service, and project management from concept through to delivery and installation on site, plus full technical support throughout the hire period. The elements that make up our temporary kitchen and restaurant facilities can be provided as individual units in their own right – Production Kitchens, Preparation Kitchens,Ware-washing Units, Dry Store Units, Cold Rooms, Restaurant Units, etc - or they can be linked together on site to form a complete complex. Alternatively, we can offer modular, open-plan facilities, usually for larger, longer term hires. We have many tried and tested design layouts and would be pleased to put forward our recommendations for your project.

For further information or to arrange a site visit, please email: or call us on 0345 812 0800 or visit our website:

Visit us on 5 Stand: a3 h 20-21 marc



Battling for brown beer site, now renamed the Eagle Brewery. As well as the Young’s brand, another great London beer brand, Courage, is also brewed on the site, along with Bombardier and Eagle IPA itself, among others. Marston’s has a good track record of keeping breweries and brands going. You can still enjoy a pint of Banks’ from Wolverhampton, Pedigree from Burton, Hobgoblin from Wychwood, Old Thumper from Ringwood and Sneck Lifter from Jennings, all of which are owned by Marston’s.

Beer sommelier and journalist, John Porter, makes the case for traditional bitter. “Boring brown beer” is a phrase I’ve heard used more than once to describe that mainstay of any pub’s beer range, cask bitter – and it makes me wince every time. While my family home in Wandsworth, South London, was not exactly in the shadow of the of the old Young & Co’s Brewery, it was certainly close enough, when the wind was in the right direction, for me to get a healthy lungful of the

early-morning brew of brown beer while heading for the bus to school. When I finally began drinking the beer itself – and these were times when muttering the magic phrase “I’m in the upper sixth” could be enough to get you served a lunchtime pint in a school blazer – it was Young’s pubs which shaped my experience. There was new a language to learn; Young’s Bitter had to be asked for as ”a pint of Ordinary”, which distinguished it from the premium Special. All of which means that I still take a somewhat proprietorial interest in Young’s beers. A decade ago, production moved from Wandsworth when the Ram site was sold for redevelopment, to the Charles Wells brewery in Bedford. Young’s later exited the joint venture, and ownership changed again when, in May 2017, Charles Wells sold its brewery and most of its beer brands to Marston’s. So it was with interest that I accepted a recent invitation to visit the Bedford


However, we’re in a market where the new breed of craft beers are causing cask bitters real problems. Consumers will happily pay a premium for a keg IPA but not for a local ale, it seems, which is causing some brewers to question the value of brewing traditional bitters. Happily, I came away from my tour of the Eagle Brewery impressed by both the dedication and organisation skills of a brewing team that has dozens of beer recipes to juggle, as well as the commitment of the marketers to the Young’s and Courage brands within the wider Marston’s beer range. This is not nostalgia – these are great British beers and we all have a part to play in celebrating them. You might have to work a little harder to appreciate the flavour of a ‘boring brown beer’ over a flashy American-style pale ale, but it’s worth persevering. I also plan to be more vocal in promoting the delights of a pint of bitter to my more junior drinking companions. Pubs can also do more to communicate the quality of the cask beers they sell, and persuade customers that a hand crafted, live beer is worth every penny. We won’t get there overnight, but it’s a battle worth fighting.


Crafted Furrows: Absurdly good with an ale On-Trade Progress and our extremely eager taste test panel put Tyrrells Furrows range to the test this month. It’s a Sunday afternoon, the sun is shining, families and friends are in your venue and enjoying a pint of their favourite. Stomachs begin to rumble, and discussions soon turn to satisfying appetites before the muchanticipated roast dinner. There’s one word on everyone’s lips. Crisps! The solid, staple accompaniment to any get-together worth attending. Spring, summer, autumn or winter. The humble crisp is always an effective way to increase turnover and when they’re as flavoursome as the range we’re discussing today, they’ll be coming back for more. We all know when these salty snacks kick in, parched customers are going to be ordering their next round, or two! A taste of home, the Tyrrells’ range

we’re pleased to present, are English from field to packet. Hand cooked in small batches, where quality and taste and an almighty crunch is what they’re all about! Aptly named after the fields they’re grown in; Tyrrells’ Furrows range are masterfully crafted at Tyrrells Court Farm in Herefordshire and they really are something to be marvelled at to say the least. We didn’t need a panel to tell you how good each of the four flavours are, but what we did need them for, is a collection of opinions and comments on one of the go to, premium crisp brands. Once again, On-Trade Progress assembles our mighty tasting panel to, for want of a better word, devour Tyrrells’ Furrows range with

a selection of the nation’s favourite craft beers and ales! Each flavour tested is available for the On-Trade in packets sized 40g & 150g.

Tyrrells Aberdeen Angus beef & English mustard furrows The finest beef with a punch of classic condiment masterfully united on a mighty furrow. A masterfully crafted flavour that lives up to its bold name. Meaty, and not afraid to show it, this flavour really stands proud. Deep and rich beef flavours erupt upon the first bite with the English mustard taking a back seat, slowly coming forward to leave a lasting impression. “I found these go really well with Hobgoblin’s chocolate & toffee flavours, they complimented the rich beef perfectly!” “Mustard flavour crisps can sometimes be really overpowering, but with these it just really adds to 14

the flavour, delicious.” “Being intolerant to gluten means I can rarely indulge in the more flavoursome snacks. With these I can snack away to my hearts content. Amazing!” “The heat from the mustard and the hearty beef flavour pair perfectly with Brewdog’s 5AM Saint.” The amber ales really struck a chord with the panel for this flavour, known to go perfectly with red meats. Others did suggest this bold flavour being able to stand up to an old or strong ale, making this flavour open to a wide range of drinks and customers.

Tyrrells cheese & pickled onion furrows Take strength from this grownup alliance of mature cheddar and that age-old friend of the ploughman, the pickled onion. A flavour built on English produce, this ploughman inspired flavour takes a mature approach to its classic predecessor. From the getgo the vibrant onion leaves your mouth pickled with flavour and is then complimented perfectly with a contrasting, smooth and creamy vintage cheddar. “Forget the old cheese and onion, you’ve got to try mature cheddar and picked onion. This is the future for crisps. Great twist on the family favourite.

I doubt you’ll be wanting to share, so be sure to get more than one bag!” “The big ridges on these crisps lock in so much flavour! Both the pickled onion and the cheese are really rich and tasty” “I’ve always found Pale Ales to pair really well with cheddars, these crisps are no exception. Brewdog’s Dead Pony Club is a great example.” In summary, we found that the pale ales and IPAs were a great match for this flavour. With sensational, complimentary flavours from both parts, it’s definitely an accompaniment to recommend if a customer orders either of these drinks.

Tyrrells sea salt & vinegar furrows Whichever bright spark first thought to combine a smidge of sea salt with a spritz of vinegar was a clever Trevor indeed. Packing a punch, these malty devils really tantalise the taste buds, through and through. As soon as the first crisp enters the mouth, the classic combination springs to life, crunch by crunch, washings of salt leave the Furrows’ mighty rows and strike the pallet, soon to be followed by the crashing waves of the tangy vinegar. “I found this flavour really cleansed

my palate after a stronger, darker ale like the Newcastle Brown Ale. Guess it means I can have another drink?” “I got transported down to the seaside with one bite of these, a great take on the old classic.” “Fuller’s ESB and these crisps are a match made in heaven.” We found English style pale ales work perfectly here. Fish and chips is a well-known pairing for this type of ale and we all know two things that this classic British meal and these crisps have in common, don’t we? .

What finer way to honour the steadying heft of the mighty Furrow than simply to sprinkle it with a soupçon of sea salt? The humble salted Furrow, holds its ground against the other indulgent flavours, the reason being? They allow you to appreciate the amazing texture Tyrrells have produced in the Furrows range. With a fantastic crunch that really satisfies the senses. “These crisps could go with anything. They don’t overpower my drink but are still mega tasty!”

Tyrrells sea salted furrows “I found these go really well with the lighter tasting ales like Sharps Doom Bar, they both go down way too easy!” “I’ve never been one for the stronger flavours, so these are a bit of me.” “I think a simple Pilsner would go great with these to wash down the salty goodness” With these, we wanted to leave an open book. The reason being is due to the fact they go so well with everything, simple, and allowing the drink to do its thing. Put these forward with any drink, any time!



Premium crisps are performing well in the on-trade Alex Albone, founder of Pipers Crisps, just voted Britain’s Best Brand of savoury snack for the sixth consecutive year, emphasises the increasing importance of premium crisps and the unique opportunity they offer operators to increase sales and margin.

These days crisps aren’t just for beer drinkers; Britain’s growing number of spirit drinkers - particularly gin - are realising that premium crisps are also the perfect partner for their favourite tipple. The gin-drinking revolution is currently riding the crest of a wave based on exciting new premium blends. Gin distillers are travelling the world discovering the best flavour combinations - juniper and other botanicals - to make their gin unique. Gin drinkers are looking for high quality snacks with innovative herbal flavours that go really well with these gins. Flavours such as thyme and rosemary work really well in premium crisps, and are a perfect match for great gins.

Premium crisps are one of the bestperforming types of snack in the on-trade at present, having almost doubled their penetration in less than five years. They also represent a significant advantage over ‘standard’ and ‘value’ crisps in terms of their rate of sale and price/margin. Premium crisps command around a 30% price premium over quality mainstream products (CGA Trading Index figures). Ever-more sophisticated consumer tastes have led licensed outlets to premiumise their food menus, enhance flavours and improve provenance. This trend has also driven the ‘premiumisation’ of snacks and is the reason behind the huge sales growth in this category. The growth is happening right across the UK, in all kinds of bars.

What does this mean for operators? The figures send a clear message to operators; premium crisps offer 16

a great opportunity to grow sales and increase margin by meeting the consumer demand for greater menu sophistication and food provenance. Premium crisps are the perfect snack for more discerning customers who don’t mind paying for high quality, great-tasting products. By selecting the right premium crisp brand operators can further enhance the benefits they achieve. Look for a range of flavours that are on-trend and accompany a wide variety of drink choices. For example, our recently launched Jalapeno & Dill meets the current trend for heat and exciting flavour combinations that satisfy consumers’ desire for innovation. This is particularly relevant for 18-34 year olds, the most significant snack-buying segment and a key target for licensed operators. Like all Pipers Crisps, Jalapeno & Dill is a strong, ‘grown-up’ flavour, so it will be popular in pubs, clubs and bars where it’s the perfect accompaniment for an ice-cold bottled lager served with fresh lime.

It’s also a good idea to recognise the increasing importance of healthier eating and the fact that growing numbers of people are choosing to follow a gluten-free diet, either because they are gluten intolerant or suffer from coeliac disease. So, as an additional selling point, look for a range of premium crisps that is gluten-free and preferably also wheat-free and barley-free.


New Labour proposal Labour launches animal welfare proposal that could see a total ban on imports of foie gras.


he Labour Party has launched an animal welfare policy document that could see the total banning on the import of foie gras. The classic French delicacy consisting of duck or goose liver that has been purposely fattened could have implications across the hospitality industry affecting restaurant chains and caterers throughout the United Kingdom. The product, which is currently illegal to produce in the UK, would be banned altogether; stopping the import of the product entirely. The proposed Labour policy is name Animal Welfare for the Many, Not for the Few. Sue Hayman MP, Labour’s shadow environment secretary, said: “Labour is the party of animal welfare. From bringing in the ban on fox hunting to tightening the rules on the transport of live animals, Labour has always been consistent in our leadership on matters of animal welfare. “Today we’re making proposals for real, long-term progress. Our vision 18

is one where no animal is made to suffer unnecessary pain and we continue to drive up standards and practice in line with the most recent advances and understanding. “With new trade deals on the horizon and the UK no longer subject to EUwide rules of animal welfare, we want to ensure there is a comprehensive legislative agenda in place so that the UK becomes a world leader on animal rights.” The product is most popular throughout France and is considered a delicacy of French cuisine. As a result, the potential banning of the product could have a ripple effect on French restaurants based in the UK. The production of foie gras is already considered controversial, as the duck or goose liver must be enlarged to ten times its original volume.

Sketchy history Foie gras has been the subject of extensive controversy throughout the industry and often due to the

backlash from animal rights groups. In 2008, the Animal Liberation Front vandalised the front of the Michelinstarred restaurant, Midsummer Common for serving the product on its menu. Similarly, in a separate incident, a brick was thrown through the restaurant’s window prior to opening for dinner service. This led to foie gras being removed from the menu. Moreover after pressure from animal rights activists, the hotel groups, Malmaison and Hotel du Vin, as well as the caterer, Compass Group, have also removed foie gras from their collective menus. Labour’s proposals have been supported by the League against Cruel Sports, Compassion in World Farming and WWF – and would also see the banning of badger culling and fox hunting.


What is Tequila? Tequila is a Spirit protected by an Appellation of Origin, whose production begins with the fermentation and later distillation of the Tequilana Weber blue variety Agave sugars.

The Tequila production process

As well as the cultivation of the Agave must take place within the territory specified in the Declaration of Protection of the Tequila Appellation of Origin. According to the Tequila Standard, only Tequilana Weber blue variety Agave may be used for the production of Tequila. These Agaves must be planted within the territory protected by the Appellation of Origin, as well as being included in a registry of plantation controlled by the Tequila Regulatory Council. Many different types of agave exist. In Mexico alone more than 200 hundred varieties have been identified. However, none is as suitable for the production of Tequila as the plant that was classified in 1905 by the German botanist Franz Weber, from whom this variety took its name. The Agave is planted in parcels in forming neat rows leaving sufficient space between them to facilitate the care of the plant.

The Agave requires from 6 to 10 years to reach its maximum sugar concentration. During its period of growth, the plants are subject to pruning or trimming of the tips of the leaves to favour the growth of the head. All of the care and cultivation of the Agave is done manually following traditional methods that have been passed down from generation to generation. The cooking converts the complex carbohydrates of the agave heads into simple sugars, suitable for fermentation and also softens the heads to make the process of sugar extraction easier. The yeast that each producer decides to use initiates the fermentation processes converting the fresh must (mosto fresco) into dead must (mosto muerto), meaning the transformation of sugars into alcohol. The fermentation lasts many hours and differs among factories due to the standards that each one has established. Once the normal

fermentation process has concluded and the must has reached an alcoholic content of 5% to 7%, it can be left to settle a few hours before moving onto the distillation stage. The distillation takes place in copper or stainless steel pot stills or in continuous distillation towers. Tequila is distilled twice. After the second distillation, a transparent liquid is obtained that can already be considered as silver Tequila or it can be aged to become another type of Tequila. Barrels or casks are used for aged Tequilas. Extraaged Tequilas and Ultra-aged Tequilas necessarily have to use barrels with a maximum capacity of 600 litres. All barrels must be made of white oak which can be American or French. The barrels may be new or may have previously been used for other spirits. Also, they may have been subject to a toasting or burning treatment that will ultimately transmit different characteristics to the Tequila. >>




The first and most important rule is to analyse the label carefully to make sure that what you will taste or purchase is real Tequila. This comment is meant to point out the fact that recently store shelves have been stocked with products that confuse consumers. Taking advantage of the impressive boom Tequila has achieved in the last few years, some producers have started bottling distilled beverages made of different types of agave, cultivated in areas outside the Appellation of Origin Tequila. The normally use attractive bottles and labels that, by their shapes and tones, suggest that what they contain is Tequila. For this reason, the aspects to consider are: • The word Tequila should clearly stand out • Make sure that the NOM (Official Mexican Standard) and CRT (Tequila Regulatory Council) is printed, this guarantees the certification of these institutions • For the Tequilas that have been produced with only Tequilana Weber blue Agave sugars, the description 100% Agave must be printed. When this description does not appear, assume it is a Tequila that guarantees that at least 51% of its composition was processed with sugars from Tequilana Weber blue Agave • Select a type of Tequila according to your personal liking: silver, gold, aged or extra-aged. These descriptions should be clearly printed on the label • Be sceptical of the products that contain descriptions such as:100% agave distilled, 100% natural, distilled of agave, etc. With this we do not mean to insinuate that they are products of bad quality simply that they are not Tequilas Once that you have ensured the recommendations mentioned above and selected your preferred brand 20

and type of Tequila, enjoy it with all your senses. Try not to experiment with distilled products other than Tequila when you are living this experience. For the moment, concentrate on the Tequila you have selected; taste it, appreciate it, indulge in it, but above all, consider the effects of the following day. If you fully enjoy your Tequila during the tasting and the following day you wake up optimistic and willing to repeat your selection, then you can be sure it was the appropriate choice. But do not forget that when drinking an alcoholic beverage, it is advisable to moderate the intake so that you may better enjoy it and for a long time. Gentle reader, always try to drink only the good Tequila that you find on your way, but never allow Tequila to drink you.

What and where to buy? Patron, Don Julio, 1800 Tequila, Arette, Fortaleza are just a few recommended brands that are all available from Mexican drink

specialist MexCellar. Tequila, Mezcal and Beer are Mexico's most representative drinks and at MexCellar who stock only the finest. Their selection of 100% agave tequila, mezcal and craft beers have been carefully chosen by experts who understand the provenance, quality and effort it takes to make these special spirits. MexCellar are committed to offering only the best Mexican drinks at a price that reflects true value and outstanding quality.

Celebrate Tequila Tequila & Mezcal Fest is a unique celebration of Mexico’s most popular and ancestral agave spirits. It was born with one objective, to educate people on how to consume these two traditional drinks. A true celebration of the vibrant and rich Mexican culture, fully endorsed by the Mexican embassy, Tequila & Mezcal Fest educates and informs guests about how to drink these exotic, fine spirits. Guests can also discover the true essence of Mexican culture through delicious tacos, music, contemporary art, Aztec ceremonies, mariachi and folklore.


La tinga

12 Los nopales


Las aguas


Los tacos

18 La cochinita


El mole

1 La michelada

21 Los churros


El pozole

13El huitlacoche

The best Mexican groceries order now at 11Las enchiladas

3 La paloma

SINCE 2014


El pastor

14 La nogada

17 El tequila

22 Los tamales


Los chiles

Sponsored feature

Top of the tables

Hamish Blair, marketing coordinator at Arc Tableware, talks latest products and company history.


rc Tableware, a leading importer of tableware and barware in the UK, is proud to offer hospitality professionals a selection of products to match the industry’s innovative style. One of the ways the company has done this is through introducing brands that use new materials and designs to enhance the food or drink on display. For bar owners, Arc Tableware has a range of glasses to increase the performance and presentation of drinks.

collection aims to add more refinement to the overall look and feel of the glass.

Producing greatness

“We were the first company to launch a specialist gin glass, Juniper Gin, back in 2016,” explains Hamish Blair, marketing coordinator at Arc International Tableware UK. “This has become known as the ubiquitous stemmed gin glass during the recent ‘gin renaissance’ the glass is all about the perfect serve and has promoted the continental style of serving up gin using a wide aperture, lots of ice and bold garnishes. The great news is that this now iconic gin glass shape is now available, restyled, in our Dolce Vina range.”

It’s not just the Dolce Vina range which is being added to the company’s vast repertoire of products.

This latest Dolce Vina range has an internal optic – which means that the elegant glass focuses on presentation whilst adding an unforgettable look to the drink’s presentation. Using the shape of some of Arc Tableware’s most popular glasses, the Dolce Vina

All of Arc Tableware’s products are made in France and designed with the professional in mind; be that with regards to trends, materials or function. The company’s range of products is designed to be cutting edge and to exceed the expectations of both client and customer. From continual research and development, they attempt to consistently deliver quality products that are at the forefront of hospitality trends.

Blair continues: “We never stop developing new products. Our latest creation is a tumbler range called ‘Pop corn’, it’s a real remix of a classic. The glass is made and then deformed in a way meaning that each glass is unique – the glass almost looks drunk which is a real statement and talking piece. Pop corn is great for serving up cocktails, gin, water and beer!”

A lot of these motivations stem from the company’s history. Blair elaborates: “The factory in France has been producing glass since 1825, so quite a long time. Arcoroc – our flagship brand has been going 22

for 55 years and has become the most well-known glassware brand within the industry; starting off with humble beginnings Arcoroc has bloomed in to the complete tabletop solution offering a complete range of barware and dinnerware products. More recently our premium brand Chef & Sommelier is approaching its 10th anniversary – over the past decade the use of materials and design within this brand have elevated the performance of tableware through developing products for industry professionals.” It’s not just the company’s history that is special, but it has a lot of exciting plans for the future. With a redesigned website being launched soon – professionals can keep up to date with all the latest products via the company’s social channels (Twitter, Facebook and Instagram) – all found at ‘arctableware’. With the industry insight gained at Arc Tableware, Blair is keen to offer keen advice to hospitality professionals looking to acquire tableware. He says: “Think about quality and usage; where does your glassware fit in with both the use you have in mind at the moment and any uses within the future. You’ll find that many of our products fit multiple uses and understand the need for versatility of products within the industry.” For more information on Arc Tableware, please visit or call 01386 552 551.


T: 0161 672 8775 E:

Bespoke Sheet Metal Fabrications

Caterfab proudly present, our new modular slide under bar

system. The modular system allows the customer/ bar personnel, the flexibility to design and create their own bar layout, specific to their needs whilst incorporating best working practices, helping to maximise efficiency and deliver potential turnover of custom. All our stations come ready to go, ideal for DIY projects/ improvements and layout refurbishments. No assembly necessary, just slide under, level and secure, plumb them in and you are ready to go.

They are all fully welded so are durable and robust. We also manufacture fully welded bars. The benefit of a fully welded bar, is that this becomes the footprint of your bar and the primary structure which houses and supports your frontage and upper bar top. All of our bars are built with practicalities in mind, creating an efficient work space where bartenders have all they need, right to hand, maximising your serving capabilities, and ultimately profit.












Fab-ulous As Caterfab reaches its 10-year anniversary, Rebecca Squires, operations manager, talks how far its come and what the team can offer hospitality professionals.


aterfab, the manufacturer of stainless steel bar systems and commercial catering fabrication, has celebrated its 10year anniversary of providing worldclass products to the hospitality industry.

Club, Junkyard Gold, Altrincham Con Club and Mojo – as well as many others.

10 years and counting

“We are very proud of the growth we have achieved,” comments Rebecca Squires, operations manager at Caterfab. “From our initial launch where we did work for one sole customer local to us, to now, where we supply nationwide to chain brands as well as vast numbers of independent users. We have many repeat customers and they come from many different backgrounds from festival and event traders to boutique bars, restaurants, clubs, or anywhere that will be selling cocktails, beers spirits and more.

Since its inception in 2008, Caterfab, based in Manchester, has prided itself on its motto – “raising the bar” – which is exactly what it does. The company’s unique specialism is cocktail bars means they have become renowned across the UK, working with the likes of Almost Famous, Black Dog Ballroom, Liars

“The hospitality industry is constantly changing - with new trends and concepts that are continually being introduced, so we recognise that no two bars are the same and there will always be variables and challenges that are presented to us, we then use systems that we have worked in the past and can be applied with a

Making its bar systems bespoke to suit the operation of the establishments it works with, Caterfab prioritises efficiency, hygiene & cleanliness and working practicalities to ensure hospitality professionals give the most to their team and to their customers.


small twist as necessary to come up with the best solution. We never stop learning and rely heavily on our past experience and creativity to keep improving.”

Producing greatness The Caterfab team has innovated the hospitality industry by providing premium products that are individual to their clients. Its bar stations are extremely popular; offering versatile bar stations for hospitality professionals. These bar stations are built so that they can slide behind already existing bar frontages, therefore reducing client costs. They come with removable shelves

hence the buyer’s cost. “We try to provide many different styles and looks, so we can accommodate the customer’s needs and vision,” says Squires, discussing how Caterfab offers customisable bars. “We are very versatile and can provide as little or as much as is needed and anything is achievable, no matter what size or space you have to work in, within reason. It helps if the customer has an idea of what they want to create and what is crucial to them in their operation and then together from this, we can make the dream become a reality.

and speed rails which make cleaning and clearing far easier – moreover, installation is easier. Caterfab’s bar stations come in a range of different designs and various configurations to suit each individual bars operation. They can also fit together if needs be and make any combination you require; for example, the classic cocktail station, glasswash station, shelving station, ice well station, Deluxe station and supreme cocktail section, which again all come in different sizes. The classic cocktail station is a popular choice for the company’s clients as it’s comprised of a fully insulated ice chest, dividers, speed rail and even boasts a bar sink and area for preparation.

to customers. Not only is this in the general ambience of the bar and the quality of drink they supply, but also in the appearance of the bar itself. Moreover, there is a noticeable re-emergence of the bar-side culture; with a trend seeing consumers opting to sit by the bar more than ever before. With this in mind, hospitality professionals are choosing bespoke bar building, with a focus to optimising their unique offering. With so many different stations in different sizes and styles, it allows the client to create their perfect, tailor-made bar suited just for them. Furthermore, as the bar stations are made in batches, it lowers the manufacturing time and

“There are all manner of materials available to create the aesthetics, be that shiny, rustic, chic, where mild steel, brass, stainless steel, copper, zinc can help create that look. It is a very varied industry and we attribute our versatility as key to our success.” The company motto is “raising the bar” and in true fashion, Caterfab works continuously to develop its range of bar stations and bespoke bars for both new and existing customers. From receiving the initial sketch to the design stage to manufacturing, Caterfab exercise precise attention to detail to ensure the final product is one of first rate quality, fit for purpose and built to last. For more information, please visit or contact them at or call 0161 672 8775

Squires, commenting on Caterfab’s products in the pipeline, says: “Because so much of our work is bespoke, we are continually coming up with new ideas and better ways to improve our products. We are currently developing and enhancing our slide under bar systems, with many new modular stations about to be launched in the spring of this year.”

Ahead of the curb With the hospitality market saturated, entrepreneurs are constantly trying to revolutionise the look and feel of their bar to make it more attractive



Pure indulgence On-Trade Progress visit Eve, a bar that pairs indulgence with luxury on every level.

T .

ucked in between the streets behind London’s quaint Covent Garden that run down to The Strand, an unassuming door next to Frog by Adam Handling leads you down to one of the capital’s most brilliant and characterful bars. Eve, a bar which breaks and redefines the boundaries of conventional cocktails, opened in September last year, by Adam Handling also, and offers visitors an array of drinks and bar snacks to choose from. The décor is refined and plush with an ode to biblical undertones that underpins its name; Eve (… and Adam). Both of whom feature in massive stain glass instalments that hang semi-nude above the blue velvet stools. It plays to modern tropes too; with small hexagonal wooden tables - big enough to hold your drinks, but not large enough to overwhelm the intimate space. One of the most wonderful and fascinating elements to the bar is the nod to the creationist elements that surface throughout. Some are so small, you could miss them, like the occasional book on the wall with a sultry apple perched on top. 26

Others are far more imposing, such as the branches that stem from the ceilings and entwin around the low lighting and mirrors. Even the smaller back room, which can be hired out for private events or parties, plays true to creationism with the enclave shrouded in leafy shrubbery that parallels with the garden of Eden. The cocktail menu, co-designed by Benji Davies, the head bartender at Eve, plays true to the biblical theme too. Divided into Innocence, Temptation and Indulgence (and more), each of the cocktails are playful and innovative. They capture the essence of cocktail experimentation that is truly lost; working on already established drinks to reinvent them. For example, the ‘Uncensored’ (a play on the Pornstar Martini) uses whiskey rather than vodka; the Monkey Shoulder is mixed with passionfruit, tonka bean (banned in the US), miso and Champagne. The latter of which comes in the form of an ice lolly. Similar, the ‘Adam’s Apple’, which I highly recommend, is accompanied by a small Chinese candied apple – which is insanely delicious. It is so technical that Davies, who up

until September had never made caramel in his life, is now proficient – candying the Chinese apple twice a day to maintain their freshness. “I’ve always loved cocktails and the chemistry behind them,” says Adam Handling, chef/owner of Adam Handling Restaurant Group, and by extension, Eve. “I started to find that when I was tasting and trying new things, I would think about how it would work in a dish but also how it could work in a drink. Exploring flavour profiles shouldn’t be confined to just food. There’s also a strong partnership between my team of chefs in Frog by Adam Handling and the bar team in Eve. Everyone works together on creating new flavour combinations and this is what inspired me to start the cocktail pairing menu available at Frog by Adam Handling. I’m

really passionate about high-quality cocktails, and I wanted to open a bar where the same attention to detail that I put in my food could also be put in the drinks.”

Creating greatness The biblical nature of the bar’s décor runs throughout the intimate establishment; with odes also to the prohibition era. Handling continues: “I was inspired by the story of creationism, so the bar is heavily themed on the story of Adam and Eve and the idea of temptation, indulgence, temptation, hedonism, all of life’s greatest pleasures. That’s why we encourage everyone that steps into Eve to ‘resist everything except temptation’. “I think the speakeasy style of the bar’s design lends itself to the idea of temptation and indulgence – it’s dark, luxurious, and a little bit mysterious. We’ve also designed the cocktail menu around the progression of the creationist story. It’s divided under five themes – Innocence, Temptation, Indulgence, Antique, and Non-Intoxicating – with each section offering a different style of drinks. As the menu entices you deeper, the cocktails do too, from fresh and fruity cocktail mixes to more sophisticated, experimental offerings.”

Natural pairings Frog by Adam Handling is only upstairs from Eve and both venues conceived by Handling compare and contrast in unique ways. The

former offers a beautiful and ornate setting to enjoy truly sumptuous food, while the latter prides itself on its speakeasy feel. You can actually move through a set of unassuming fire-escape style doors and find yourself in the bar below and in that way in plays true to its theme. “The vibe in Eve is a lot more edgy and once you step through the door, you can leave all of life’s worries behind you and simply indulge,” continues Handling, explaining the difference between the restaurant and the bar. “Even the drinks list in Eve is completely different to what we offer in the restaurant exclusively designed to match the vibe of the bar, which is more decadent than upstairs.” In general Eve offers a lot more than conventional bar spaces, as it seeks to define itself not only be theme, but by quality too. With the biblical overtones blending well with the cocktail offering. It’s important to note too that the bar snack menu was incredible. Not only providing twists on classics such as burnt

toast-style bruschetta, but also parmesan and truffle doughnuts that oozed pure sensory delight. In this way, everything the bar does plays on indulgence and luxury. On this note, Handling concludes: “I think our ability to have such a strong collaboration between the chefs in Frog by Adam Handling  and the bar team in Eve is something very unique. It means we can create food and drink menus which perfectly complement each other. I also think there’s something really distinctive about the atmosphere in Eve - it’s full of surprises, with secret hidden alcoves, cool artwork and an amazingly talented bar team. “I’ve been genuinely blown away at how quickly Eve has made it on to people’s radar. The buzz that that has been created and the popularity we’ve grown in a short amount of time has amazed me. I love that the concept and the food and drink behind it is intriguing people and getting them talking. I’m so excited about what’s to come.”



A merger that matters Kate Nicholls, Chief Executive of UKHospitality writes exclusively for On-Trade Progress about the ALMR and BHA merger. Exciting plans announced in January, to create UKHospitality by merging the ALMR and the British Hospitality Association, were last week overwhelmingl approved by members of both trade bodies. Now we will begin the process of combining the two organisations into a single, powerful voice. The decision to merge represents a continuation and formalisation of the close work that the ALMR and BHA have carried out together over the past couple of years. It is a logical next step to consolidate our resources and expertise to establish a body with the gravitas to communicate with the Government at the highest levels; to ensure that hospitality, which is the third largest private employer in the UK, is taken as seriously as it ought to be. The sector generates £38billion in taxes every year. To put that into perspective, it is the equivalent of the UK’s defence bill for a year or the entire Brexit divorce bill. Hospitality is a huge sector and is time the Government treated it accordingly. UKHospitality is the vehicle by which this can be achieved. At present, when parliamentarians look to the business community for inspiration or feedback on key issues, they tend to focus on the same four groups: the Confederation of British Industry, the Federation of Small Business, the British Retail Consortium and the manufacturers’ association the EEF. Seeing as the hospitality sector generates £130 billion – 5% of GDP – in turnover each year, it deserves to be included in high level conversations regarding policy and UKHospitality within this select of trade associations with a direct line to Downing Street. 28

UKHospitality’s tactic for supporting the sector will focus on a threepronged plan of attack. Firstly, a longstanding ALMR objective, the reformation of the tax system that is fit for purpose, taking into account the unfair burden being shouldered by high street hospitality businesses and the changing nature of UK business, including digital companies. Secondly, the promotion of a regulatory regime which frees venues from burdens and allows them to operate with freedom and grow. Thirdly, our focus will be on developing and strengthening the hospitality sector workforce. This will be crucial if we businesses hope to meet projected growth. With Brexit continuing to cause some uncertainty for employers and employees, this last issue is extremely important. We will also be pushing the Government to appoint a dedicated Hospitality Minister to represent the industry. It seems ridiculous, almost beyond

belief, that the third largest private sector in the UK does not have its own representative on the front benches. Establishing UKHospitality as the authoritative voice for the sector is the first step in achieving these goals and fundamentally reshaping the image of the sector in the eyes of politicians. With a powerful, unified voice speaking on behalf of this dynamic and exciting sector, we are in a great position to succeed. Skyline design 119 Parker Drive, Leicester, LE4 0JP T:+44 116 2366726 M: +44 7904 153 903 E:

Top quality and unique designs for the world’s best Hotels, restaurants, spas and private residences the world over. Working with the interior design houses across the globe to grace the world’s most outstanding houses and villas. We have one of the largest collections of outdoor designs available with a large finish choice and un matched choice of performance fabrics. Skyline Design custom and bespoke design service offers its clients professional consultation for residential and commercial projects. Our experience of more than 30 years as indoor and outdoor furniture manufacturers, along with a work force of more than 1500 people and facilities equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, allowing, Skyline Design to customize each piece following the client’s needs, design, materials and finish. From the initial project to the last detail, our designers, production, assembly team and our experience in contract and residential projects all over the world is at your disposal to achieve outstanding results.


The shape of you (such as silver and rose gold) that embellish these geometric shapes. Whether it’s a low-lying cutting-square lampshade or a hand towel basket in a brass colour – these patterns and shapes are booming in the hospitality industry.

Geometric shapes in the hospitality are on the rise, presenting a literal cutting-edge style for the industry.


n-Trade Progress is fortunate enough to be invited to bars, restaurants, pubs and hotels across the country. We count ourselves truly lucky to be able to operate in such a wonderful industry, which pushes the boundaries of convention; whether that’s through food or drink offerings, themes or importantly, design. One design trend that has caught our eye has been sharp-edged, geometricallyshaped furniture and objects. The trend first appeared in our Venue of the Month feature, which saw us welcomed into Eve restaurant in central London, where despite the intimate setting, one of the stand-out designs was the small, hexagonal, blue tables. Later that evening, at a friend’s house, I noticed all of her mirrors were a rose-gold hexagonal shape and that her coffee table at home was the same. Now, I’ve been working in this industry a while, and it really struck me how the trend has

erupted both at home and on-trade to work with hexagonal, or in general, geometric shapes.

Classy not classic There’s a lot that can be said here for the presentation of geometric shapes and they certainly portray a minimalist, semi-futuristic, and importantly, classy feel. In a push for spaces to be picture-worthy or “Instagrammable”, these geometric shapes, perhaps in their very sharpness, draw our eye. This was the same in my recent trip abroad, whereas the convention in most hotels is to have large mirrors that encompass a space to give the illusion of grandeur, the hotel’s mirror were three overlapping diamond figures. I was instantly taken aback, and then considering them, they weren’t there for practicality or comfort. They inadvertently said something about the hotel; that it was ahead of the curb and was considered in adding every aspect and detail to its design.

The future Design is by its very nature subjective and fickle. One minute plush and intimate booths were the fashion and now its metallic spaces 30

What does this say about us? It can’t be denied that we are somewhat following a home-stay trend which seems a similar pattern repeated. However, these cold and harsh shapes leave a lot to work with. Whether it’s allowing the cool tones to match with brighter colours, like the hexagonal tables in Eve matching with the plush blue seats, or perhaps the diamond mirrors in my hotel contrasting the warm carpeted flooring – geometric shapes and cooling tones are like a blank canvass in many respects. Similarly, in general, geometric shapes are lovely to look at. I can’t help being drawn to them. Perhaps this is a human thing; in the natural world, where nothing is naturally so straight and perfect, hospitality professionals are embracing manmade shapes and encouraging visitors to have their eyes drawn to these interesting displays. It’s fortunate then, that our industry is at the cutting edge, quite literally, of design and that we are pushing the boundaries of setting trends for visitors and each other.

Our Bar Man can serve up anything you want. In Neon. Our Bar Man is a little different to yours. He works with fire and glass. But like the best, he can serve up a cocktail of Neon exactly as you like it. If you have an idea for a bespoke Neon sign, we’re here waiting to serve you.

Icon Neon Lexham House Forrest Road Binfield RG42 4HP w: e: t: 01189 789 738 m: 07879 774 706


Illuminati case study The challenge Illuminati was opened in Burnley in December 2013 and aims to provide a city vibe close to home. Chantelle Lighting originally provided their manufactured industrial pendant lights for their downstairs bar when they first opened, so when they planned to refurbish the upstairs bar into a 'Rock Room', local business Chantelle were the first they came to. Illuminati aim to stand out from the crowd by delivering the best music in a select, stylish interior. Their creative cocktail menu offers something different to their customers and is served by waiters in bow ties for that upmarket feel. Business Owner Tom Lord was working with a short lead time but still wanted light fittings that would have maximum impact and work with the theme of the upstairs bar. "We had to turn the refurb around fast but didn't want to stray from our design ideas, luckily Chantelle had a great range of products in stock that they could offer which worked with our scheme.

The solution With a clear vision in mind, Tom chose Chantelle's top hat pendant


lights to adorn the bar. The hats are minimal, black with a gold inner, but combined with the filament bulb they give the bar a nostalgic feel. Across the room is a private booth area with black leather sofas and multi drop fitting subtly highlights this area with the warm glow of various filament bulbs. Aether, the geometric pendant from Chantelle's Elemental Range hangs in a cluster of three above the staircase with a rustic filament bulb within each. The smooth brass fittings give a hint to the contemporary dĂŠcor that is downstairs and subtly illuminate the quotes that are on the walls as you walk downstairs.

The result After a successful launch night in October, the Rock Room was a hit. Fairy lights dressed the windows and a retro cinematic light box can be seen behind the bar, letting the customers know who is serving them that evening. The new retro scheme is classic and authentic, and all design features tie in well together. Chantelle Lighting Managing Director Anthony Holly was thrilled to see a local bar thriving. "It's always great when local businesses work together, and its fantastic to see Illuminati doing so well. Lighting is key when it comes to setting the right mood and ambience for a bar, and the various pieces we provided work brilliantly with their design.



... for every occasion! Contract Furniture Group Contract House, Little Tennis Street South, Nottingham NG2 4EU

0115 965 9030



Don’t compromise: prioritise audio Whether creating a new bar, or refurbishing an existing venue, the design and operational choices are endless. Top priorities are often – quite rightly - things like interior design, lighting, furnishings and even which toiletries to offer in the ladies room – but stop for a moment to consider. What is the atmosphere like once all of these elements are in? Do customers feel comfortable and welcome as they enter the bar? Can you have a private conversation which cannot be heard by clients at a neighbouring table?


t Bose, we often receive a panic call a week or so before a new venue is due to open. Please can we arrange for a sound system to be installed at short notice and without affecting the beautiful and immaculate décor that someone has taken weeks to get just right. At this stage, it is a potentially difficult installation that requires skilful cabling and maybe out of hours work to complete on time. Fortunately, audio is slowly creeping into the top requirements list, and more and more venues are making sure that the audio solution is considered at the same time as the rest of the infrastructure, particularly now that it can be networked, or included as part of the IT/AV package. Bose works with a network of authorised Pro Partners to offer an audio design as early as the initial planning stage, ensuring that cabling and speaker positions are built into the overall interior design. It is 34

possible, and frequently a preferred option, to make the speakers a major feature of the design, but alternatively, for venues requiring discretion, speakers can be flush mounted into a suspended ceiling. There is another major advantage to early planning, as a bespoke DSP audio management system can be incorporated which seamlessly integrates with popular facility control devices and IT systems. The Bose ControlSpace® ESP-88 offers a powerful, flexible and sophisticated DSP solution for bars of all sizes, combined with ease of operation via the CC-64 control centre and/or individual zone controllers. The ubiquitous cube speakers from the Bose FreeSpace® 3 range are perhaps the most discreet surface-mounted speakers on the market, and are available in either black or white to blend into their surroundings. All Bose FreeSpace speakers are available as surface or flush ceiling speakers, and are perfect for creating a warm

atmosphere, either as a full range speaker or linked to a concealed bass unit to provide full range quality background sound in many venues, often those located within a hotel where discreet yet high quality sound at low listening levels is a must. For larger venues, Bose® RoomMatch® Utility loudspeakers bring the award-winning sound of RoomMatch arrays to smaller 2-way point-source designs. Available in a variety of sizes and coverage patterns, these high-SPL loudspeakers can be used for many retail and restaurant applications, and as specific zone fill and floor monitors for performance centres. The line of products features the Bose EMB2 compression driver to reduce distortion and deliver consistent tonal balance. They are also available in black or white are great in destination bars where both quality sound and aesthetics are important. They can be incorporated into the décor as a design feature, pumping out fabulous quality sound over a wide listening area, and can also be enhanced by the addition of concealed bass. All Bose professional speakers come with a unique Five Year Warranty and are designed with both performance and appearance in mind. Rarely is one feature compromised by the other. Both the Bose FreeSpace® 3 cube speakers and the Bose RoomMatch® Utility loudspeakers are particularly good examples of the unique combination of quality sound and attractive design that give Bose products that competitive edge. For more information, and to arrange for a Bose sales consultant to assess your requirements, please contact us on 03330 142545, or email

Award-winning sound from small-format loudspeakers.

RoomMatch® Utility loudspeakers Bose® RoomMatch Utility loudspeakers bring the award-winning sound of RoomMatch arrays to smaller 2-way point-source designs. Available in a variety of sizes and coverage patterns, these high-SPL loudspeakers can be used for many retail and restaurant applications, and as specific zone fill and floor monitors for houses of worship and performing arts centers. The line of products features the Bose EMB2 compression driver to reduce distortion and deliver consistent tonal balance across all product models. Available in black or white.

Learn more at PRO.BOSE.COM

©2017 Bose Corporation.


The Aures Club A.C. Entertainment Technologies (AC-ET) Ltd. have supplied the award-winning new StageSmarts smartPDU power distribution system to Titan Reality for their first certified, fully immersive 3D audio venue experience in Europe.

breaking Indream certified solutions and technologies for immersive venues. Titan Reality completed the development and perfected the first phase of the sensory technology with a revolutionary 3D sound experience for audio playback and live performance, intelligent show control combined with energetic lighting and lasers. The venue will become Indream certified once all phases will be completed.


he Aures club is located along Leake Street Tunnel under London's Waterloo station, which features a giant mural of street art organised by renowned English street artist, Banksy. Aures provides a blank canvas event space within a seven-metre high exposed brick arch and over 2,000 square feet of floor space, which is perfect for product launches, photoshoots, presentations and corporate parties. The venue recently launched the first phase of 'Sensorium', a truly groundbreaking immersive experience which will eventually encompass sound & light, taste, scent, sight, and touch, to create a five-sensory venue for the arts and events. To deliver their creative vision, the team behind the Sensorium project opted for Titan Reality’s ground-


With the PA system's 50 speakers and 30 amplifiers consuming 50,000 watts of power, plus Titan Reality’s unique Indream 3D sound processing equipment and the lighting, Titan Reality CEO, Arny B. Arnold was looking to source a highly reliable and safe power distribution solution. Arny found his solution when he visited the PLASA show in London. On the stand of technology distributor, A.C. Entertainment Technologies, he saw a demonstration of the new StageSmarts smartPDU intelligent power distribution system. The smartPDU, which received a PLASA industry award for innovation from the show's organisers, has been designed to provide a new level of functionality, reliability and safety. For users' complete clarity and peace of mind, it provides simple and highly accurate real-time load monitoring at any time and from any location, of each individual circuit - either via status indicators on the unit itself, or remotely via any device with a web browser. Users can therefore identify a potential problem before the circuit breaker trips. Safety features include individual RCDs fitted to all outputs, to maximise electrical safety whilst also minimising the impact of any electrical fault. In addition, loss of neutral protection prevents costly

damage to connected loads caused by over-voltages. Other features include industrial grade magnetic circuit breakers for reliable operation even in the harshest weather conditions, and an 'off the shelf' standard design available in 36, 48 and 72 channel versions, which can be configured for a wide range of applications and connector preferences thanks to its easily swappable output modules. The Sensorium phase 1 immersive audio experience was launched to great success, assisted by the venue being able to accurately monitor the Titan Reality PA system's power load throughout the event. You can contact the company to arrange your personal product demonstration, on 01494 446000 /, or visit



Transform your online presence

A leading Lancaster-based digital agency is proud to release details of their latest work for a new client, national hotel chain, Hallmark Hotels.


at Media, who list YOTEL, Macdonald Resorts and Swissport amongst its hospitality client portfolio, recently won the competitive pitch to re-design and develop new functionality for Hallmark’s website.

agency to deliver a major rehaul of their online presence. Due to our ongoing work with YOTEL and Swissport and our established hospitality industry credentials, we were successful in winning the pitch."

Hallmark Hotels, owned by investment experts, Topland Group boasts a collection of 28 properties across the UK. Fat Media were commissioned to change the face of its website and provide extensive digital marketing services to ensure a joined up approach to maximise Hallmark’s online presence.

Fat Media are also offering SEO, affiliate marketing and display marketing, to ensure a heavy return on external banner advertising which will support Hallmark Hotel’s 28 individual locations. They have now completed a full restructure of Hallmark Hotel’s Google Adwords account, which is showing impressive results already, including a reduced cost per click, and cost per acquisition. Google advertising is a key way of getting the Hallmark Hotels brand at the very top of search engine result pages, above online travel agents. When this is followed up with remarketing adverts, encouraging visitors back to the Hallmark site and not a competitor or OTA, the results are extremely favourable.

Complementing brand personality The first phase of the project included a re-vamp of the website’s look and feel to mirror Hallmark’s brand personality. The site went live a short time ago and is already seeing some impressive results. By completing some initial User Experience research, including user engagement, user stories and empathy maps, Fat Media ensured their designs were rooted in what Hallmark guests expect and need from the site. Account director at Fat Media, Richard Metcalfe, said: “Hallmark Hotels were looking for a full-service 38

an interactive quiz for Hallmark. The intention is to regularly create new, fun and engaging content in this way, which will also serve to gather email addresses and encourage users to opt-in to receiving further communications. With GDPR on the horizon, this is a vital part of data collection and ensures Hallmark Hotels is prepared when the regulations come into play. All of this work has the simple but challenging aim of increasing direct bookings made on the Hallmark Hotels website, and therefore reducing the share of bookings received via online travel agents.

Engaging data collection

Debbie Neate, head of marketing for Hallmark Hotels added: “During the digital pitch presentations, we were really impressed at how Fat Media had understood our challenges and presented a very cost effective, insightful and comprehensive insight into how they would transform our digital presence. We are already beginning to reap the benefits of a brand new website and joined up digital marketing approach.”

Another new avenue Fat Media have opened up is the use of online games. Having partnered with online gamification specialist LeadFamly, so far the team have created an online scratch card and

For more information about this project, or to discuss how Fat Media can help drive more direct bookings to your hotel, please visit, or give us a call on 01524 487129.

We are a national, award-winning full-service digital marketing agency. Fat Media is all about the people - us and you. We build successful long-term relationships with our clients here in the North West and throughout the UK. We’re digital marketing experts and we love every minute of it.





Get in touch, the kettle is always on. Lancaster Office: 01524 548948

PUB INSURANCE We can save your business money. Contact us to find out how 100% proof available from Morgan Richardson LTD

Call for FREE:


0800 731 2941 and give us your order A u t h o r i s e d a n d r e g u l a t e d b y t h e F i n a n c i a l C o n d u c t A u t h o r i t y ( Te l e p h o n e c a l l s m a y b e r e c o r e d a n d m o n i t o r e d )



Are you underinsured? According to the Building Cost Information Service, more than three quarters of commercial properties are currently underinsured. Underinsurance is a major problem in the business world and the scale of the issue means that many businesses have unintentionally left themselves financially exposed and potentially unable to survive a loss.

Underinsurance in the commercial world If you don’t have the right level of insurance cover for your needs then you too could be underinsured. This is a very easy trap to fall into because values change and businesses are a fluid ongoing concern with lots of different factors to consider. If you are underinsured then this means any insurance you have simply won’t provide enough cover, even though you have regularly been paying out on premiums for years.

Understanding the consequences of under insurance Here’s an example for illustrative purposes: if your current insurance policy provides coverage to rebuild or replace property or contents up to a limit of £200,000 then that is the maximum pay out you would receive under the policy. If the actual cost to you is more likely to be £400,000 then you are underinsured by 50%, and the final settlement of your claim will likely be reduced in line with this.

Get a grip on changing values For a lot of businesses handling ongoing changing values is a big issue when it comes to avoiding underinsurance. Rebuilding costs can change year on year, for 40

example, and different definitions of gross profit may be problematic for something like business interruption insurance. However, regularly defining and reassessing the values that you’re using in order to purchase insurance will be a key part of ensuring that you don’t end up underinsured.

Reassess insurance in the context of any business change Even the smallest business change – such as the purchase of new equipment – could mean that you are underinsured once that equipment arrives on the premises. For example, if you’re using specialist equipment that will have a fairly long lead-in time in terms of obtaining a replacement then you might need to buy a higher level of business interruption cover as a result.

Work with the professionals to understand risk assessment

Risk assessment for your business will play a key role in your own understanding of what kind of cover is required, as well as getting to grips with the numbers. Some industries have a much more specific set of risks than others and these may require additional insurance or extra cover to ensure that you are able to cope with them should the situation arise.

Be proactive Underinsurance is becoming such a problem that the British Insurance Brokers’ Association is even producing special information about it for British businesses. If you want to ensure that you don’t fall into the category of underinsured then you need to be proactive in terms of regularly assessing whether

the insurance you have is the right type – and the right level – for your business. For support with choosing the right insurance for you, we suggest that you contact Morgan Richardson who are a specialist business insurance broker that provide great service and advice. You can contact a member of their team on 0800 731 2940.

Lucky Voice Karaoke Tills ringing, the whole venue singing

Get in touch 0207 907 7741 Karaoke Solutions



Spinning around: to rotate or not Bob Pease, President & CEO of the Brewers Association, a notfor-profit trade body representing small and independent American craft brewers, looks at how to build a better beer list. In the States, and elsewhere for that matter, beer tap rotation is all the rage. However, new research suggests pubs and bars need to think more strategically about building their beer list by looking at what fits the consumer occasion, how much rotation (if any) is right for their customers and their demographic mix. Rotating is common in some places and non-existent in others, depending on the venue and clientele.While customers come to retail establishments like pubs and bars for various occasions, a new survey by Nielsen/.CGA of 5,000+ on-premises in America found that 69% of consumers preferred roughly the same number of rotating and standard taps. Balance is key. The survey also found that: 1. Consumers most preferred set up is one to 10 tap lines of both fixed and rotating. 2. Quality is more important than price in driving the decision to drink craft (44% versus 33%*). 3. Once a consumer has decided on craft, quality of product (59%), style (48%) and brand reputation (31%) are the three most important influencers in brand choice for craft beer drinkers.* 4. 71% of consumers know which drink category they will choose before entering the venue. Of those customers, 57% will stick to their favourite brands. For those without a drink category preference, price is the Number 1 purchase driver, with 43% of those who don’t know which 42

category they will drink saying price is their decider. 5. Trial declines with age. Too many choices and a lack of consistent offering can discourage older consumers. Today’s beer drinker clearly likes variety, but too many choices can result in confusion and reduced sales. While research shows variety has grown in importance, having a combination (or limited number) of rotating taps, with a consistent mix of quality beers people want, will likely lead to stronger sales and happier, more regular customers. Not all accounts are the same and ultimately you are the best judge of your customer base. Members of the UK trade are welcome to attend the Craft Brewers Conference and Brew Expo America® in Nashville, Tennessee, 30th April - 4th May 2018, an annual

educational conference and trade show. It’s the industry’s largest gathering for concentrated, affordable brewing quality and performance bringing together a record 13,000+ brewing professionals. Now in its 35th year, attendees will hear from a wide range of expert speakers across 12 different tracks. Affiliated to the Craft Brewers Conference is Brew Expo America®, the premier show in the States for craft brewers featuring 800 vendors all in one place. Also taking place at the same time is the World Beer Cup. This bi-annual event is the most prestigious beer competition in the world and is often referred to as ‘the Olympics of Beer Competitions.’ More details * Nielsen/CGA


CAMRA to decide its future next month With just one month to go before CAMRA’s Members Weekend, AGM & Conference, taking place from 20-22 April 2018 in Coventry, all eyes are on the last stage of the “Revitalisation Project” and what the future holds for the 46-year-old organisation.

In 2016 we set out to conduct a root and branch review of the Campaign’s positioning and purpose. Tens of thousands of members responded to online surveys or attended one of more than 50 meetings across the country. We also spoke to dozens of industry experts, journalists and politicians to seek their opinions. Why bother to go through all this? Popular wisdom is that it’s important for any organisation to conduct periodic reviews to ensure that it remains relevant and keeps pace with the changes that take place around it. Members have been very enthusiastic in taking part - and the Steering Committee, led by CAMRA founding member Michael Hardman, not only received a wide range of opinions but also a clear indication of the majority opinion on the key issues that were debated. The National Executive (CAMRA’s Board) has now put forward its recommendations about CAMRA’s future objectives. While advocating that campaigning for the continued production and consumption of real ale, cider and perry should remain the organisation’s core purpose, the volunteer leadership is proposing that the Campaign widens its scope of interest to all types of high-quality beer. CAMRA hopes to attract ‘discerning drinkers’ who are keen to develop their knowledge of beer, in the hope that they will take the opportunity to develop their ability to discriminate between different types and styles, and make well-informed judgements about what is ‘good’ and ‘bad’. This broadening of consumer representation would see CAMRA showing an interest in every type of on-trade outlet that serves beer, cider and perry, in a bid to influence the choice of drinks that are made available to customers. While CAMRA will continue to campaign for the preservation of traditional British pubs and clubs, it will also, if the NE recommendations are agreed, champion all types of public social drinking venues and seek to reverse the increasing tendency for people to buy their drinks in supermarkets and consume them at home. 44

The proposed changes could see CAMRA festivals offering a more comprehensive range of exciting beers, ciders and perries in a variety of different formats. The hope is that more people will be drawn to these events because of their wider appeal, providing CAMRA with the opportunity to engage them in what is hoped will become a ‘journey of discovery’. In this way, we hope to support everyone in their appreciation of beer and hopefully help them to discover why CAMRA continues to place real ale on a ‘pinnacle’. We recognise that there is widespread interest in the outcome of CAMRA’s strategic review across the sector. Many brewers, cider/perry producers and retailers have said that it is important that there continues to be a strong consumer ‘voice’, lobbying politicians and industry leaders for customers’ interests to be recognised. In making its proposals, CAMRA’s volunteer leadership wants to reach out to everyone who favours drinking beer, cider or perry, who considers themselves to be discerning in their tastes, and who believes in the fundamental importance of maintaining the pubs and clubs that are such an important part of our communities. Over the next month, our members will have the chance to reflect on the CAMRA they want to see in the future, before casting their votes at or ahead of the Annual General Meeting on 21st April. Members of the National Executive will travel across the UK to speak to members about their recommendations, and also participate in online question and answer sessions. You can learn more about the recommendations, and the reasons for them, at If you are not yet a CAMRA member, but feel inspired to join so that you can influence the decision, join here:


Intent on greatness

of the above. Moreover, Intent Productions has worked across the industry to deliver a premium service every time. Amy Braund, Sales and Events Manager for the Historic Boutique Hotel in Bingham, commented: “We struggled to find a solution that would enable our guests to enjoy our beautiful outside space come rain or shine. We needed something that looked impressive, wasn’t permanent and could be fitted in all the gaps. Intent Productions came along to see the space and within days arranged a bespoke canopy for us! It has changed our business massively, and with the addition of fairy lights, turns what can be rainy days into fantastic events all year round.”

The tent people Intent Productions talks making life easier for hospitality professionals.


ntent Productions, the London based stretch tent specialists, have launched a new service aimed at hospitality professionals – MyTent, catering specifically to the needs of the industry. Its aim? To make its clients lives simple whilst producing spectacular end results – with summer only a few months away, hospitality professionals can reassess how they use their outdoor spaces to maximise commercial value. The MyTent service encourages hospitality professionals to purchase their own bespoke tent, designed by Intent Productions to their exact specifications. After the tent has been manufactured, the company will provide a full management service; including installation, take down, storage and cleaning. Stretch tents, having already taken the events industry by storm, have flexible waterproof canopies which can be fitted into any outdoor space. They also retain heat well and provide a visually stunning back drop for any event space. Javier Vidal Breard, Mytent manager 46

at Intent Productions, explains: “We pride ourselves on having a flexible and innovative approach to doing business. We can tailor the MyTent service to work for individuals, chains, pub companies and franchises. “Working to industry safety and employment standards, we provide all relevant health and safety documentation and are passionate about creating a safe and enjoyable working environment.”

For professionals MyTent offers hospitality professionals a myriad of different options for stretch tent use and benefits. Whether its using a stretch tent to transform an outdoor space, such as a beer garden and keep it warm in the winter and open all year round; or to offer venue hire options, wherein you can rent out your stretch tent for events and seasonal parties; or even to create revenue through branding, by building commercial partnerships with businesses by branding your stretch tent. Intent Productions will also be able to offer advice on all

Intent Productions are tent specialists and its team offer bespoke advice to hospitality professionals. “Finding a stretch tent that is both right for your space and your business is key when thinking about making an investment in an outdoor space,” says Breard, commenting on how hospitality professionals can find the perfect stretch tent for them. “At MyTent we have built our service around the needs of the hospitality industry specifically and have developed a comprehensive package that allows business to not only design a custom stretch tent but have it managed by our expert team all year round.” For more information, please visit Intent Productions on or call 020 8947 2465 or email

Event Tent Rental

Event Structures & Interiors Temporary and semi-permanent event structures. Committed to offering the best value for money when considering our level of finish, quality of materials, structural safety, design and overall project delivery. Confident that once you have used our services you will want to use us again. Tel: 01949 845070 Email:



Event Planner Calendar

Must see events & exhibitions

Whether you're looking to sample the latest products, achieve a new qualification or find some new suppliers to help improve your business, On-Trade Progress provides you with a selection of events that you simply cannot miss over the next few months.

13-14 March 2018

Hotel, Catering & Retail Show Bournemouth International Centre

The Hotel, Catering & Retail Show is one of the UK’s longest running hospitality and food service events, with over 60 years’ history. It features new and innovative products & services, and hundreds of delicious food and drink product tastings. Showcasing trends and exciting innovations from industry leaders, the show offers the chance to network with current suppliers, your peers and key industry players.

Northern Restaurant & Bar

Manchester Central Convention Complex

20-21 March 2018

Northern Restaurant & Bar is the largest trade exhibition for the Northern Hospitality industry. There’s plenty to see at Northern Restaurant & Bar, such as: grape & grain, chef live, drinks live, spirit room, market kitchen arena and many more.

20-22 March 2018

IFEX 2018

Titanic Exhibition Centre, Belfast IFEX is Northern Ireland’s PREMIER showcase of the latest food & drink products, catering equipment, interiors, technology and services to the food, retail and hospitality industries. IFEX is must-attend event for those in the foodservice, retail and hospitality sectors - at our last edition, 5,300+ key buyers from NI and beyond joined us to meet with over 140 exhibiting companies.

The UK Food Shows NEC, Birmingham

Food & Drink Expo, Foodex, The Ingredients Show, National Convenience Show and Farm Shop & Deli Show - are trade only events open to professionals involved in the food and drink market. They are free to attend - visitors may register via the website or can request an invitation and bring this along on the day they wish to visit. Your badge is valid for the five shows, across all three days. 48

16-18 April 2018

2-3 May 2018

The Food & Drink Trade Show Three Counties Showground, Malvern

Find unique and exclusive new products from passionate producers. Come and hear their stories that you can then pass on to your customers. Find inspiration and ideas to differentiate yourselves from your competitors, and profit as a result! If you’re involved in hospitality and food and drink, wherever your business is based, and whatever your business does, this is the show for you!

Boutique Lifestyle & Hotel Summit London

21-22 May 2018

The international boutique, hybrid and lifestyle hotel sector is booming. Both small independents and large hospitality groups are investing heavily on new hospitality concepts targeting the ever changing guest 'mindset'. Take time out to join us and discover what makes the vibrant boutique and lifestyle hotel sector 'tick'. Engage, learn and do business at Europe’s only b2b boutique and lifestyle hotel conference - now in its 8th year!

21-23 May 2018

London Wine Fair 2018 Kensington, Olympia, London

The ultimate event for the London Wine Trade. Introducing the all-new London Wine Fair. Bigger, better and more inspiring than ever before. Featuring over 14,000 wines from 40 countries, innovative tastings, critical masterclasses and a host of brand new features for 2018, London Wine Fair is an unmissable destination for anyone in the industry.

Commercial Kitchen

5-6 June 2018

Montcalm Hotel, London

Whether you’re a decision maker from a chain or independent pub or restaurant a food-to-go multiple or a hotel, to a school, hospital or care home – you can see and compare the latest equipment at the UK’s only show dedicated to the running of effective, profitable kitchens.!

2-3 July 2018

Imbibe Live

Olympia, London

Whether you're interested in wine, spirits, beer, cider, soft drinks or the full spectrum of drinks, if you source, buy or serve drinks within the drinks industry, Imbibe Live is the must-attend show for you. This year's programme has been curated by leading industry figures and ambassadors across each drinks category, as well as Imbibe Magazine's award-winning team. The result is an unmissable event for anyone who wants to improve their drinks IQ, business acumen and service skills.


On-Trade Progress March 2018  

On-Trade Progress takes a detailed look at everything that is needed to run a pub, club or bar successfully including interior design, secur...

On-Trade Progress March 2018  

On-Trade Progress takes a detailed look at everything that is needed to run a pub, club or bar successfully including interior design, secur...