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ello readers,

With February kicking off in style and winter wonderland-esque snow falling across the country, this issue concentrates on attracting customers with cosy winter warmers. I know I’ve certainly needed some. Whether it’s discovering the fascinating history of brandy, with some personal recommendations on page 8 or pairing up some classic red wines with much-loved dishes on page 6, there’s something new to learn for all hospitality professionals. We’ve also made our way up to Scotland this issue to visit the remote and beautiful restaurant with rooms. The Isle of Skye’s The Three Chimneys is our venue of the month, where you can read all about the award-winning offering on page 32. Our profile feature spotlights not one, or two, or even three, but four hospitality entrepreneurs who together formed the Dodo Pub Co. Each brings their own unique aspect to the business and it’s a model example of how hospitality professionals can come together to succeed (page 24). We also have our regular contributors who have specialised and fascinating insights about the industry. So please, put your feet up, get a cup of tea, or dare I say, glass of brandy, and enjoy all the wonderful things this issue of On-Trade Progress has to offer. Best wishes, Mya Medina Editor-in-chief

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WINTER WINE PAIRINGS Getting together In this seasonal feature, we explore timeless winter wine pairings.


inter in the UK seems to last forever, and even though Christmas is over, we still have a few bottles of red left in our cabinets. Personally, I was bought a total of nine bottles of wine as Christmas gifts; whether it was from friends and family, I still have half of those at home. It was fascinating to see how each bottle was from a different wine region and the while some came with recommended food pairings on the back, I struggled to decide the best meal to pair each of the wines with. So at On-Trade Progress we’ve done the research so you don’t have to and written a definitive guide to winter wine pairings so hospitality owners have some suggested pairings that work!

Pinot Noir Pinot Noir is a personal favourite and one that I go to when cooking with earthy flavours. The general tasting notes suggest similar scents. Depending on the bottle, the drinker should experience tastes of woods, such as oak, and exotic fruits and flavours, like coconut or vanilla. Pair with the following: • Mushroom risotto; or any pasta dishes with mushrooms and truffle oils • Fatty fishes; such as salmon or tuna • Beef bourguignon; or similar beefbased stews


Cabernet Sauvignon


Colloquially known as the “cab sab”, it’s often a go-to wine for novice red wine drinkers. As a result, it’s often placed by hospitality owners as one of the first bottles of the wine list. Cabernet Sauvignon is blessed with strong fruit-based flavours, often with odes to blackberry, blueberry, cherry and black currents. It’s often laced with hints of vanilla and tobacco too; a classic tasting pair.

The Argentinian classic red is a personal favourite; when you find the right bottle, it can perk up the whole meal and bring nuanced flavours to the dish. When trying Malbec look out for South American inspired flavours like leather, chocolate and cocoa powder, as well as a hint of tobacco. Much like the Cabernet Sauvignon, the Malbec deploys similar fruity flavours, with touches of cherry, blackberry and plum.

Pair with the following: • Cheese crostini; or general cheese-based dishes and sauces • Winter salads; such as quinoa and avocado salads • Garlic chicken; or garlic-heavy foods in general

Pair with the following:

• Steak; the rarer the steak, the better with this pairing • Lamb chops; especially with mint sauce • Burgers; premium quality mince is preferred

Merlot Merlot is a fresh and full-bodied wine, which is proud of its fruity flavourings. Raspberry, blackberry and currents all come through when tasting. This sumptuous wine offers a silky texture and works will with a number of premium dishes. Pair with the following: • Shepherd’s pie; or the other British classic – cottage pie • Lamb burgers; or similar heavy lamb dishes • Veal chops; or similar veal-based delicacies

Zinfandel The distinctly Californian wine, Zinfandel, is reminiscent of the rolling hills of Napa Valley. It has distinct liquorice flavours, or even star anise, and has smoky, mineral undertones. Even the fruits are varied; consisting

of classics such as raspberry and blackberry, but also compiled of apricot, fig and cranberry. Pair with the following: • Smoky ribs; or any saucy meats • Arrabbiata pasta; the spicier the better with this wine pairing • Peppered steaks; again, spicy meats work well

Syrah/Shiraz Both Syrah and Shiraz are names for the same variety of wine. This wine’s flavourings are deeply connected to dark (or black) fruits, such as cherry, black current and blackberry. This spicy red is widely produced in the Australian, French and Californian red making regions and has oaky undertones. Pair with the following: • Pork belly; or other pork-based

dishes • Grilled lamb; Mediterranean cuisines work particularly well with this wine • Brined eggplant; or heartier vegetable-focused dishes


SPOTLIGHT On… Brandy On-Trade Progress examines brandy; the history of the drink and how and when it should be served. Brandy is as old as distillation itself; as the drink’s heritage is strongly tied with the distillation process in general. Consumed as an after dinner digestif and the parent to many different offshoots of the drink, venue and bar owners shouldn’t be scared to put brandy at the top of their menus.

The history Initially brandy appeared as a way to preserve wine on long trips overseas, the distillation process caused the water to erode, with the intention of adding this water back in before drinking it at the next destination. Much to the delight of merchants and consumers of the 15th century, having distilled the wine in wooden casks, the waterless and more alcoholic product, known as brandy, seemed to have its own distinctive taste. This then came to be a beverage unto itself, known as brandy. Brandies are produced all over Europe, with many favourites being distilled in the south-western region of France. Popular brandies that have emerged from these distillations include Cognac and Armagnac; both from the French regions.

Dutch word ‘brandwijn’, which is translated to ‘brandywine’ in English.

Serving Brandy generally contains Recommended approximately 30 – 60 per cent bottles alcohol volume and should be neat. One should serve brandy in a traditional glass known as a sniffer; a small wine glass with a larger base and smaller nose.

As well as being made from grapes, brandy can also be made from pomace and from fruits which are not necessarily grapes.

Some brandy drinkers like the brandy warmed, although there is much speculation about methods in which it should be warmed. The traditional method involves the drinker warming the glass with the palm of their hand and swilling the beverage to encourage even heating.

The word “brandy” comes from the

Brandy can also be used for culinary


purposes; for example, the infamous brandy snap. It can also be used to flambé certain dishes, such as Christmas cake or crepes.

• Metaxa – 12 star This Greek brandy is made from sun-soaked grapes and has a smooth and mellow taste. • Hine – Rare VSOP A great cognac with hints of sweetness, between six and 12 years of age. • Vecchia Romagna – Black Label From the Trebbiano grape, this brandy works well in cocktails.

DRINK NEWS Crooked takes the Gold for its innovative designs at the Drinks International Pre-Mixed Drinks Challenge 2018 Crooked Beverage Co, the UK’s first alcoholic craft soda has started the new year with a bang as they have been awarded the gold medal for Design & Packaging at the Drinks International Pre-Mixed Drinks Challenge 2018. An internationally acclaimed event, this year drew entries from across the globe, including Europe and the USA. The eighth edition of the competition saw fewer medals awarded from the same number of entrants, only four golds were awarded within the entire competition, with Crooked Beverage Co receiving one of these accolades. The three Crooked flavours each convey their own story and feature specific, surreal character illustrations on the can to bring the brand to life. The branding encourages consumers to enter the #CrookedReality of these “worlds” and capture imaginations. The aim of brief set to Lisa O’Hara, local illustrator, was to encapsulate these narratives into imagery to print onto the can and packaging. When describing her favourite illustration Lisa O’Hara details “Mother Moon; Peach and Pomegranate was the most interesting to illustrate. I tried to draw Mother Moon as mystical witchy being, with a range of potential back-stories. I could get lost in details like drawing her worshippers and in the idea of her controlling the sky and the sea. She’d definitely be the boss of the Crooked world.” Sharing names with lyrics from


Sheffield artists, the brand is heavily influenced by music which is explained by designer Lisa as paramount in the initial creation: “The musical theme attached to each flavour was an important part of getting to know the character’s personalities. I struggle to draw without listening to music so this method allowed me to immerse myself quite quickly. I have sketchbooks full of little weirdo characters that I can struggle to contextualise, so being responsible for interpreting both a character and their environment was really enjoyable, and the catalyst I needed.” The design and packaging round is judged by a panel of experts and industry specialists. Comments from the judges included “The alcoholic soda brand impressed the judging panel with the artistic and unusual

designs which cover its 33cl can.' 'Despite the fewer medals the quality within the category is certainly there.” Lisa O’ Hara comments “Crooked struck gold! I’m so made up. It’s a testament to how well the brief and the ideas were put together. I am beyond proud and grateful that; a little-known Sheffield based illustrator, has been instrumental to a product that is so highly regarded.” Innovation manager Charlie Leaver added “A lot of creativity and deep thinking has gone into the entire Crooked brand. We wanted to create a product that was different, that the consumer can resonate with and get lost in. For us to be receiving this kind of recognition internationally is a celebration of just how much top quality work has gone into the brand from the entire team.”

FOOD NEWS New recipe McCain Original Choice Chips go the extra mile McCain Foods is proud to launch the new and improved Original Choice Chips range, ensuring operators can serve great tasting chips, while increasing profits with extra portions. Following research among consumers to identify their ideal chips, new recipe Original Choice Chips are now even crispier on the outside and fluffier on the inside. The longer chips also give better plate coverage when compared to cheaper chips, enabling operators to serve more portions for the same weight of chips – delivering increased profits. For every case of chips prepared, Original Choice Thick Cut Chips delivered 4 extra portions and £10 extra cash in the till, when tested by The McManus Pub Company.

potato crop to add provenance to menus, with 66% fewer black and ‘scratty’ bits compared to competitor chips, the new and improved chip range has been created to help to ensure customer satisfaction. Jo Holborn, McCain Foods Marketing and Category Controller, said: “At McCain we go the extra mile to ensure we can offer caterers top quality chips they can rely on, and new Original Choice Chips are not only crispier and fluffier they also go further than cheaper chips, delivering extra portions and extra money in the till. “Chips are a key part of the menu, with our research showing that consumers would rather switch their meal centre than not have chips, so it’s important to get them right. With the new and improved range caterers can now serve great tasting chips every day, and every service.”

Made with the very best of the British

Topped chips menu inspiration

Authentic Madras Plain Poppadoms launched by Country Range

they have been secretly tested in UK curry houses to much high acclaim and are available exclusively via the 12 independent wholesalers that make up the Group in 1kg packs of 12.   Martin Ward, Country Range Group Trading Director, commented:   “Our new poppadoms are as authentic as they get and as they are produced to a traditional recipe in the Madras region of India we are able to call them Madras Plain Poppadoms. The ability to cook these delicious discs in just three seconds means that caterers are able to offer fresh, warm poppadoms to their customers quickly.”   Paul Dickson, Country Range’s Development Chef, said:  

Country Range, the leading independent foodservice brand and sponsor of the Country Range Student Chef Challenge 2018, is making it easier for caterers to offer authentic Indian cuisine in just minutes with its new uncooked traditional Madras Plain Poppadoms. Deep-fried in three seconds or microwaved in 30 seconds, these poppadoms are the real deal and the perfect low cost/high margin product for caterers looking to create distinctive sharing platters and side dishes. Produced in the Madras region of India,


‘Topped’ chips are on-trend, easy to prepare and enable you to charge a premium price for very little additional outlay. For menu inspiration visit recipes/

“Poppadoms are synonymous with Indian cuisine but there’s so much you can do with them whether served with an array of delicious dips, pickles and chutneys or even when crushed to add crunch and texture to dishes. To show caterers how they can be creative with poppadoms I created a chicken Balti hotpot and added crushed poppadoms over the potato topping for an added dimension.”

YOUR AWARD-WINNING TRADE SHOW FOR BARS & PUBS Book your free trade ticket at using priority code CD46 “Casual Dining has the most innovation I have seen at any of the shows this year.” TIM FOSTER, CO-FOUNDER, YUMMY PUB CO


@CasDiningShow #CasDining18

Organised by

DRINK NEWS Brooklyn Gin incentive offers trips to Bar Convent Brooklyn Brooklyn Gin is offering bars the chance to win an all-expenses paid trip to the inaugural Bar Convent Brooklyn trade event in June. Hi-Spirits, UK & Ireland distributor of Brooklyn Gin, will fly seven regional winners to Brooklyn in the USA, with the prizes awarded based on sales and promotion of the premium craft gin. Bars can win the points-based incentive by collecting the distinctive copper-coloured Brooklyn Gin bottle caps as proof of sale. Additional points will be awarded for social media posts using the hashtag @BROOKLYNGIN, as well as for displays in venues featuring the brand. Dan Bolton, managing director of HiSpirits, said: “Brooklyn Gin has built a strong following amongst bartenders, who appreciate the way its fresh, citrus flavours enhance both classic gin serves and bespoke cocktails. “Bars now have a huge choice of gins, so with the much-anticipated Bar Convent Brooklyn trade event taking place in the home of Brooklyn Gin in June, this incentive is designed to recognise and reward bars that are supporting the brand. Our seven winning bartenders will enjoy an unforgettable trip and get a feel for the true Brooklyn spirit.” To take part, bars need to register their interest by emailing, or contact their local Hi-Spirits rep. The incentive will run from 15 February to 31 April 2018, with a place on the trip for one bartender from the winning bar in each of the seven regions: London; Scotland and Newcastle; North; South Coast;


Midlands; South West; and Ireland. Points will be awarded on the basis of one point for each Brooklyn Gin bottle cap collected; one point for each social media post using the @BROOKLYNGIN hashtag (maximum three posts a week); five points for each in-venue display produced and photographed (minimum one month display); five points for featuring Brooklyn Gin on the drinks menu (minimum one month). Winners must be over 21 to comply with Bar Convent Brooklyn entry conditions. The prize runs from 11 June to 14 June, and includes flights, accommodation at the Henry Norman Hotel and tickets to Bar Convent Brooklyn. Full T&Cs can be found at Launching in 2018, Bar Convent Brooklyn takes place at the Brooklyn Expo Centre in the New York borough on 12 and 13 June.

The event is an extension of the successful Bar Convent Berlin trade show for bar professionals, spotlighting premium brands and a high profile education programme. ( Brooklyn Gin is handcrafted in New York using artisan methods and the finest natural ingredients, including fresh, hand-cut citrus peels and hand-cracked juniper berries. The flavour is fresh and complex, with juicy citrus notes that enhance both classic and contemporary gin serves. Founded in 2010 by industry veterans Emil Jättne and Joe Santos, Brooklyn Gin has won multiple awards including a double gold medal at the 2016 San Francisco World Spirits Competition. For more information, please contact Hi-Spirits on 01932 252 100, email or visit

DRINK NEWS The Imbibe Live Lager Challenge in association with SIBA is open for entries To help unearth Britain’s best lager, Imbibe Live is teaming up with the Society ofIndependent Brewers (SIBA) to launch The Lager Challenge. Lager in Britain is having its turn in the spotlight. For generations a speciality of our European neighbours and cousins across the Atlantic, today British brewers are just as likely to be creating the lagers that stop people in their tracks. From sessionable elegant helles through to distinctively dry pilsners, lager is a style of beer that is tricky for brewers to master but easy for

drinkers to appreciate. For a chance to win a coveted seasonal listing at a selection of M&B’s top pubs, breweries of Britain are invited to enter up to three lagers currently available in can or bottle. Five finalists will be chosen during Round 1, to do battle at Imbibe Live where the audience will decide the ultimate winner. Each finalist also has the chance to share their beers in the popular Hop & Apple Bar during Imbibe Live. Round 1 judging is taking place at

SIBA Beer X UK 2018, the UK’s biggest beer and brewing event, in Liverpool in mid-March. Dorber will be joined by an expert panel, including North Brew Co’s head brewer, Seb Brink. Entries must be made online at www.imbibe. com/thelagerchallenge by 26 February 2018, and samples can be delivered any time from now until 2 March 2018.

CATERING EQUIPMENT & TABLEWARE Pantheon’s TM5 is a great little mixer A reliable, compact, stand mixer is a basic necessity in any busy kitchen either as the sole mixer, if demand is light or, in larger kitchens, as a back-up mixer. Because so many commercial kitchens are open to the eating area these days, operators have to consider the aesthetics of any equipment within view of customers. Pantheon’s TM5, 5 litre mixer is ideal as it looks good, performs effortlessly and is very competitively priced.

Stand mixers work on the planetary system where the bowl remains static and the selected accessory spins. The TM5 comes with 3 aluminium attachments that cope with a multitude of tasks: • a whisk for liquid ingredients such as whipping cream or beating eggs • a beater for applications such as creaming butter and sugar or making batters • a dough hook for dense, sticky ingredients It is powered by a 200w motor and has a stepless speed facility giving the

operator complete control, enabling precision mixing. Overload protection is built in to ensure that the motor is never overworked. A switch lock prevents accidental activation and rubber feet stop the mixer slipping on the countertop.

Sous Vide Tools at Hotelympia – STAND 1440

cook sous vide and how it can be incorporated into their menu.

The Sous Vide Tools team will be cooking up a storm on the Grande Cuisine stand at Hotelympia.

Sous Vide Tools has the UK’s widest range of Sous Vide machines and accessories. Its portfolio of professional water baths starts with the compact 14 litre unit and it offers a further five models culminating in a 56 litre unit that comes complete with an integral stirrer. But the water baths themselves are only part of the story. To complement them, Sous Vide Tools also supplies a wide range of other equipment and accessories.

Chef Director Chris Holland will be taking centre stage preparing and cooking a wide range of sous vide dishes that demonstrate the many great attributes of the company’s wide range of sous vide and sous vide related equipment. Chris and his team will not only be

All white now After some years of colours dominating the tabletop, white is back. Parsley in Time, the out of the ordinary tableware specialist, says that white is set to be the big trend in 2018.

cooking a mouthwatering selection of dishes for visitors to the stand they will also be on hand to give chefs and foodies alike advice on how to “Although white has never exactly gone away, the recent tableware fashion has been for colours and patterns,” says Rob Blunderfield, marketing manager at Parsley in Time. “In terms of table layout, the great thing about white is its versatility: it’s easy to pair different plates from different manufacturers, so the potential for unusual and striking combinations is vast.” White is, of course, the classic when it comes to displaying food. No colour sets off chef’s signature dishes in quite the same way. 


All of which means white is in great shape: in fact, it’s in an unprecedented number of great shapes. “What’s different compared to a few years ago is the variety of plate profiles,” says Rob. “Triangular, square, oval, oblong, ‘organic’ round or straight round, deep rimmed or shallow, plus there are all sorts of finishes and textures.” With so much variety and potential, it makes sense to find out what’s available. Parsley in Time has put together a Whiteware 2018 catalogue, in partnership with Churchill China, which is available free on request. 



per day All-Inclusive Rental


Baskets full of washed and wet cutlery waiting to be dried and polished by hand, this is time consuming and costly.


Place handfuls of wet cutlery into the cutlery polisher (8-10 pieces at a time with 3-4 seconds between handfuls).

R E S U LT S :

After 35 seconds perfectly polished cutlery will emerge. A full basket of cutlery can be polished in one minute!

A full basket of cutlery can be polished in 60 seconds!

Team work Hive mind On-Trade Progress gets deep into the hive mind of the hospitality industry and explores how teams work together to achieve success.


he hospitality industry is built on people. It’s an industry that prides itself on delivering excellent service time and time again. Whether it’s working a bar at an outdoor summer event or working under the stressful conditions of the Christmas period; each and every team will have different ways of cooperating to ensure they succeed. Whether it’s a busy hotel in central London, or a smaller pub in the country, every team faces its own challenges that it must work together to overcome. In this feature, we discover the literal tricks of the trade which cause the successful cohesion of a team.

Blame-free Having spent this issue researching different effective team tactics, one thing that arises again and again is the psychology of working in a team. Much like any area of human life, members of an effective team won’t ‘single out’ the actions of any team member. If someone messes up, the best thing to do, especially if it involves working a busy night, is to move on for the sake of the team. Someone who understands this psychology is Gilmar Ribeiro. Ribeiro is the restaurant manager at the Feversham Arms Hotel and Verbena Spa in Hemsley, North Yorkshire.


Having previously worked at The Savoy in London and at Fairmont St Andrews in Scotland, he brings a wealth of experience when it comes to understanding how an effective team must come together. He explains: “For this [effective team work] to happen you must have a good organisation and good imagination in place. If all is in place it means – in addition to many other factors - we are working in accordance with legal requirements, to a good business plan and in compliance with hygiene and health standards. Although elements such as these will set the foundations, there is still work to be done to get the

team to work together effectively. “Clear communication, a good set of goals as well as good training are some of the elements to take into consideration. Creating a culture of inclusion is extremely important. A ‘no blame’ culture and concentrating on individuals’ strengths, not their weaknesses fosters trust and mutual respect. “Crucially, good team building will excite, motivate, inspire, communicate and bring fun to the work environment. Teams are more efficient and collaborative when they bond and get to know each other outside work. “To be truly effective this needs to be a continual process, embedded into the team and your organisation’s culture. A team that works well together is more effective, more productive and more successful – not to mention happier, thus getting the business through any peak season or Christmas without having to worry about it.”

Team spirit It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, you have to enjoy what you do. That’s as true of banking and flying planes as it is on working in the hospitality industry. My father used to say, “you don’t quit jobs, you quit bosses”. But what if it was the team you quit? Chieu Cao, co-founder of and CMO of Perkbox, the UK scale-up that helps companies engage and reward employees, has his own nuanced take on how teams can work together effectively. Cao elaborates: “According to our recent study, over half (55 per cent) of employees in the hospitality sector say ‘going home’ is the highlight of their day, which quickly demonstrates the engagement issue we’re facing in the industry. “To change this, good managers are essential. They’re the key to build a team based on trust, commitment and engagement – one based on rules not boundaries. This aligns efforts helping achieve organisational goals with enthusiasm, energy and efficiency. “With a sector consisting of low pay, incentives and benefits are also essential to compensate for modest wages – they are a key driver of morale. Perkbox’s research revealed that 34 per cent of hospitality employees are frustrated with the lack of recognition received for the work done and time invested. Additionally, 34 per cent of employees said they were not rewarded at all for their latest successes at work, whilst 38 per cent received only verbal praise. “In addition, provide staff with a way to improve and develop their skills

set to fit the organisation. Identify key performers and ensure that their career paths are taken seriously. Help them towards their goal through good management. Because as the world of work continues to change, so will the qualities and characteristics you will need them to have.”

Training first For the team to work together, all members must be proficient in what they do. Even if some members of the team, for example, the managers, are more skilled than the others, they need to be able to effectively impart this knowledge to other team members. Learning and developing is a huge help for team members to be happy and motivated. “The most important aspect for us is to foster a pleasant and inclusive working environment all year round, not just on the busy nights,” says Peter Atkinson, director of The Grainstore Brewery. “On busy shifts it’s important to make sure everyone is fully briefed

and aware of their role and happy to carry them out.” He continues: “Staff induction training and ongoing training sessions give them confidence in their abilities and this translates to customer service and teamwork. If problems arise, we find it important for a senior member of the team to deal with them as quickly as possible. Have a friendly debrief, in the form of a chat over a drink at the end of each shift to end on a positive. Constant communication is key. “As managers, we never ask our team to do anything that we are not prepared to do ourselves. If they are busy, so are we so we stand shoulder to shoulder with them and help get them through by example.” To conclude, each team leader has a different approach on how to lead. Ultimately, cultivating the hive mind psychology to empower every team member, while a long process involving training and time, will ultimately ensure high levels of staff retainment and allow the team to prosper.


Business services Industry employers and Job Centres unite to promote the hospitality sector as a great place to work Hospitality industry employers are integral contributors to the UK jobs market and are once again teaming up with Job Centres, industry bodies and charities to raise awareness of the sector as a great place to work – all part of an annual month-long campaign ‘Hospitality Works’ from the Department for Work and Pensions’ (DWP) starting on 7 February 2018. For the second year running Fred Sirieix, General Manager at Galvin at Windows in London’s Park Lane and star of Channel 4’s ‘First Dates’, has once again agreed to be the face of the campaign saying, “I’m proud to be supporting Hospitality Works for a second year. The hospitality industry has a fantastic range of roles available, to suit any aspiration or career goal, so it’s important you know what’s available. If you are an employer, you can contribute to Hospitality Works by offering taster-days, work experience placements and by broadcasting your organisation as a fun and rewarding place to work. If you’re a job seeker, use this month to discover hospitality as a career. Your local Job Centre will have plenty of information about the different routes into the industry, so make sure you enquire about jobs in hospitality. Finally, make sure to keep track of the Hospitality Works hashtag – #JobsWithASmile!”

Bourne Leisure said, “Bourne Leisure embraces the Hospitality Works campaign as a key enabler to promote the brilliant career opportunities and raise awareness of the hospitality sector.”

Some of the industry’s biggest names including, Costa, McDonald’s and Wagamama will be taking part. There are a number of activities and ways in which businesses are getting involved, including job offers and apprenticeships, taster sessions and raising awareness of what it’s like to work in the industry and the career development opportunities available within the hospitality sector.

Edinburgh-based Danielle Ramsay, Group Recruitment Manager from Apex Hotels said, “Apex Hotels were part of the Hospitality Works in 2017 and are delighted to be part of it again this year. It was a great opportunity to highlight and promote the various career opportunities within the industry and within Apex Hotels, and to showcase hospitality as an excellent career choice.”

Sue Davies, Head of People at

The Hospitality Works initiative has


created over 8,000 work placements since it began in 2015 and this year is expected to be bigger than ever, with employers offering ‘taster days,’ events and talks from industry experts at over 600 Job Centres and thousands of work placements created The Hospitality Works campaign comes at a time when unemployment is continuing at a record low level of 4.3%, with the threat of even greater skills shortages for the hospitality industry looming due to uncertainty surrounding the Government’s immigration policy. Anyone wishing to follow and help promote the campaign should look out for #JobsWithaSmile on social networks.

We are a national, award-winning full-service digital marketing agency. Fat Media is all about the people - us and you. We build successful long-term relationships with our clients here in the North West and throughout the UK. We’re digital marketing experts and we love every minute of it.





Get in touch, the kettle is always on. Lancaster Office: 01524 548948

Business services Insurance Hospitality entrepreneurs are always looking to bring fresh, innovative and trendy ideas to an industry that in many respects is already saturated. If it’s finding a niche in food, such as deep-fried halloumi, or finding a niche with service, such as restaurants that serve customers entirely in the dark – each and every professional comes with wonderful ideas. It’s often in the set up of these ideas that the bigger picture comes into play, and hospitality professionals jump into considering how they will style their restaurant, what food and drinks will they offer that stand out to customers, and how they will beat the competition. It’s unlikely that industry professionals will consider insurance… until it’s too late. With this saturated industry expanding at a phenomenal rate, this actually reflects well on hospitality insurance. With competition meaning that insurers are happier to offer more affordable rates, which cover more than previous thought. In a society that is influenced by a “no win, no fee” culture, it is ever more important that companies trading in the leisure and hospitality industry have adequate cover for all aspects of their business.

Public liability As mentioned, the “no win, no fee” culture has come to a point where business owners need to read the fine print when it comes to their public liability insurance. Whether it’s a wet floor that causes someone to slip due to inadequate signage or a small trip down the stairs that causes injury, insurance in these circumstances in crucial. Not only will reading the fine print of your insurance contract keep you clued in, but you will be able to ensure


that the venue makes small changes to avoid the worst.

Business contents

In restaurants, and pubs that have food offerings, the risk of an onpremise fire increases. As a result, all business content needs to be insured. In the unlikely event of a serious fire, all of your contents will be covered and the process of rebuilding can begin as soon as possible. Even other unlikely events such as flooding will be covered in this instance.

Product liability With an increasingly complex food industry and the number of individuals claiming compensation due to food poisoning higher than ever, product liability covers the

food you serve. While you may make the best efforts to keep the kitchen clean and ensure you don’t contaminate your food products, this doesn’t always stop the worst from occurring. With product liability you will be insured should anyone get sick from the food you serve in your establishment. However, this doesn’t guarantee your venue’s establishment remains intact.

Employers’ liability Our team are our allies, especially in the evolving and dynamic nature of the hospitality industry. As a result, while it is unlikely they will pursue legal action for any injury they may receive at the workplace, restaurant entrepreneurs should be covered – just in case. It can be from anything to spinal injuries while transporting product to slipping and injuring oneself; either way, all owners should be prepared for any legal action that may come their way.

PUB INSURANCE We can save your business money. Contact us to find out how 100% proof available from Morgan Richardson LTD

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0800 731 2941 and give us your order A u t h o r i s e d a n d r e g u l a t e d b y t h e F i n a n c i a l C o n d u c t A u t h o r i t y ( Te l e p h o n e c a l l s m a y b e r e c o r e d a n d m o n i t o r e d )

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PROFILE A four-midable team On-Trade Progress interviews the Dodo Pub Co. team (Leo Johnson - founding director, Chris Manners – founding director, Fred Turner – operations manager and Andy Holland – executive chef) to talk getting down to business.

How did the Dodo Pub Co. come to be? Johnson: Both Chris and myself found ourselves back in Oxford after university, sure of very little other than neither of us wanting an office job. Through a little luck and a tad of naivety, we decided to take out a tenancy on a down and out boozer in the back streets of East Oxford. Both being interested in food and drink, before developing a later love for design, we sort of stumbled into our ‘neighbourhood pub’ model, mostly by embracing our regulars as friends and listening to their ideas for improvement. I guess it’s as much the neighbourhood of each pub that decides what each pub will be like, as well as the personality we project onto it.

What has happened with the company to date? Johnson: Dodo has grown from strength to strength over the past few years, but we took it slowly in the early years; whilst we found our feet. After starting the Rusty back in 2009 and maxing out what credit we could get our hands on, it was a matter of sitting tight and making the most of the ride. Manners: The neighbourhood responded well to the Rusty in the early days, which was a huge relief and within a few months we were


filling up most nights, allowing us to pay debts and reinvest back into the pub. A year later the Rusty had gained critical acclaim and our neighbourhood model was working. Our next move was food, and our first steps bring back excellent memories. The kitchen started with what was left over from the previous owners and whatever small bits of kit we could afford. So, I guess the early days were defined by the hysterical electric four hob that looked like it belonged in our Nan’s house. Nonetheless, we baked two to four loaves in it a day, amongst other things, and trade for Rusty home cooked food quickly rose. Half a year later the demand outgrew what our little oven could cope with so the time came to put her into retirement but we’re grateful for the start that she gave us and she still lives on in the staff flat to this day.

Johnson: With the Rusty well established within the Oxford pub scene, we were ready for the next challenge. We bought another rundown boozer, in Jericho, that was destined for flats. We kitted it out with kitchen equipment and old furniture and lighting and filled it with booze, but this time we went gastro for the food. Remarkably, within a year we made it into the Good Food Guide and within three years, we were awarded a Bib Gourmand, but something wasn’t quite right. As

much as we had enjoyed that journey into the restaurant world, it wasn’t really us. Our hearts lay with the Rusty and everything it stood for and finally the Dodo Pub Co. model was born. We flipped the successful Rickety Press, against our friends’ and families’ better judgement, and made it what it is today; a roaring neighbourhood local. Manners: Developing and allowing these pubs to grow has enabled us to fully understand what the Dodo brand is all about. We know who we are, what we are, what we like and dislike, which has also helped us understand where we’re heading in the future. Fully understanding who we are as a brand gave us the confidence to step out of Oxford and expand into Gloucestershire. We took on another grotty run-down boozer in Cheltenham and transformed the place into a suitable sibling for the two pubs in Oxford. We named it The Bottle of Sauce (cockney for horse, a nod to the famous Cheltenham races) and we’ve just celebrated its first birthday after a run-away first year.

What pubs does the company work on? How are they different? Johnson: We’ve got the three pubs, The Rusty Bicycle, The Rickety Press

and The Bottle of Sauce. All are similar in brand, design and product, but our philosophy first and foremost is geared towards who is in the neighbourhood and what they want. Each pub’s character is dictated by the community; we react to what they get excited about and give them more of it. This Dodo USP means that we’re created, in part, by the communities that surround us, and this sense of belonging shines through when you visit. Manners: We want each pub to play to its strength, for example with the Rusty Bicycle we’ve just introduced breakfast Monday to Friday as there’s a demand for it. Young mums, professionals working remotely, friends meeting for catch ups, students taking time off from study and artists seeking inspiration. Whilst at the Bottle, they love a party, so this year we’re focusing on monthly events that’ll engage our neighbours, from comedy nights and yoga to silent discos and monthly yard sales with local independent artisans and producers.

What do you each What’s your vision for bring to the company? the company? Johnson: Everything associated with the brand from the cutlery to the next big party we’re throwing. Manners: I’d say I’m the nuts and bolts, I’ve always got my eyes on the figures, standards and driving any new business. Holland: I’m the resident chef – all the food concepts come for me. Turner: I deal with operations and steering the ship day to day.

Johnson: To keep developing the neighbourhood pub model. It seems that our pubs are really genuine experiences and as the world edges further and further into the crazy online world of social media and instant everything, we want to remain as that place you come to, switch off and get stuck into real life again, even if it’s just for a pint. Manners: We’re keen to expand. We’d like to grow the company to 15 or so sites within the next five years.


Expert’s View The importance of keeping on top of food safety laws Dr Lisa Ackerley, BHA Food Expert, writes exclusively for On-Trade Progress discussing food safety laws:


ospitality businesses collectively serve an estimated 8.3 billion meals every year across the UK. As any establishment which handles food will know, food safety is of the utmost importance, a poor hygiene rating can cause trade to fall by 20 to 50%. For many businesses, the costs of reputational damage, loss of trade and payment for a re-inspection can run into thousands of pounds. However, despite best efforts even seasoned chefs can get caught out, especially when it comes to wanting to keep up with the latest culinary trends. Recently, an establishment was fined £50,000 for serving food on wooden boards and another business received a 1-star hygiene rating for serving pink chicken livers. It has also been a trend to serve burgers rare and to take risks with other foods that traditionally require thorough cooking. It is imperative that, should you make significant changes to your menu, you make adjustments to your Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points (HACCP) and contact your local Environmental Health Officer (EHO) for advice. It goes without saying that, whatever you do, food must be safe for customers. Other issues which have caused problems include using the same vacuum packing machine for raw and cooked meats, selling food with undeclared allergens or serving food which is not what it says it is: all these can also land an establishment in hot water. This is not made any easier when the approach to enforcement and


official advice can vary significantly between England’s 326 local authorities. Widely disseminated urban myths can also cause confusion, such as: - That fly screens must be in place at all openable windows - That purple chopping boards must be used when preparing allergenic foods - That food must be cooled to below 8°C in 90 minutes - That food handlers must legally receive 6 hours of level 2 hygiene training. None of this advice is correct in all cases. To help the industry navigate through the myriad of advice the British Hospitality Association (BHA) has published the Official Catering Guide to Good Hygiene Practice, endorsed by the Food Standards Agency (FSA) and Food Standards Scotland (FSS). This is the definitive guide for the hospitality industry and enforcement officers. Furthermore, for BHA members who sign up to the Primary Authority Agreement, because it has been Assured by Cornwall Council, it can be relied upon to confirm agreed levels required for compliance and best practice, and is useful if challenged by an EHO. It is not just current advice that establishments need to be aware of. There are constant changes in legalisation. For example, in April 2018, food businesses will also have to adhere to new Regulations establishing

measures to reduce acrylamide in food. Acrylamide is a chemical that is created when many foods - particularly starchy foods such as potatoes and bread - are cooked at high temperatures, such as when baking, frying, grilling, toasting or roasting. The EU’s scientific assessment classified acrylamide as a carcinogen. From April 2018, businesses will need to be able to demonstrate that they have identified potential sources of acrylamide in their business and have put in place measures to ensure levels are kept as low as reasonably achievable. The BHA and other stakeholders have been working with the FSA and FSS to produce the Catering Industry Guide to Acrylamide and will be available imminently. This will include control measures from purchase through to service providing a practical guide to compliance and best practice, to be used by food businesses and enforcement officers. The BHA is dedicated to ensuring its members have the information they need to make informed and confident decisions when it comes to food hygiene.

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• The Hubbard Air Transfer Unit works alongside traditional cellar cooling systems to maintain a steady, cool environment for the conditioning of beers, wines, soft drinks and other perishables

• The Hubbard Air Transfer Unit compensates for heat producing ancillary and service equipment by utilising cooler air from a freely available natural external source. The cost savings and coincidental benefits associated with capturing and using cooler ambient air for cellar conditioning at this level can be substantial.

Expert’s View The ALMR’s chief executive and On-Trade Progress guest columnist, Kate Nicholls, writes:


t a time of uncertainty and increasing operating costs, support for the sector is crucial, with long-term reform of business rates arguably the most pressing concern for businesses. Recently we have seen reports that local authorities all over the UK have employed bailiffs to take action against businesses struggling to keep up with their rates bills. Around 41,000 businesses have struggled to pay crippling bills; a sign of the scale of the problem. The ALMR continues to push for support from the Government with the ultimate aim of long-term reform of a system that is totally unfit for purpose. A report by the Home Affairs Committee on immigration policy recommended a future policy that was sensitive to the needs of the UK economy, reflecting UK businesses’ needs to employ non-UK EU workers to augment their homegrown workforces. If we are to have any chance of securing such a deal, along with legislative reform that we need, then we need the evidence to back up our demands. With costs continuing to increase for retailers and with Brexit on the horizon, clarity and confidence for businesses is going to be key over the next few years. Hospitality businesses need a sense of stability to inform their plans and ability to manage investment and growth. What businesses in our sector need is an informed, reliable and comprehensive resource that outlines the costs of doing business,


tracks margins and identifies opportunities and key areas of concern as the country moves towards its exit from the EU. That is why the ALMR produces such a resource every year: the Benchmarking Report, produced in association with property specialists Christie & Co. This annual report provides a comprehensive overview of operating costs for pubs, bars, nightclubs and restaurants and is used extensively by the ALMR to inform its lobbying communications. It has been used to effectively influence policy on issues such as Service Charge, National Living Wage, business rates reform, PPL proposals and changes to

gaming machine stakes and prizes. It is recognised by Government and RICS as providing accurate information on rental valuations for commercial and industry leases. Over the past two years, it has also gauged employers’ concerns regarding Brexit, with results being used to push the Government for decisive action to secure a Brexit that is receptive to the needs of pubs and bars. The survey is open to all operators so if you have not taken part then I urge you to check the ALMR’s website and help ensure the report is robust, reliable and that we can continue to push for support.

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From the world’s best mixologists to those who prefer their cocktails at home, we create great tasting, 100% natural drinks that uplift your spirits yet are equally delicious on their own.

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EXPERT’S VIEW American craft brewers benefit from tax reforms Bob Pease, President & CEO of the Brewers Association, a notfor-profit trade body representing small and independent American craft brewers, explains the monumental significance of the recently passed Craft Beverage Modernisation and Tax Reform Act. December 20th, 2017 marked a historic day for small and independent American craft breweries, all 6,000+ of them, as US Congress passed legislation (the Craft Beverage & Modernisation Tax Reform Act) to reduce federal excise tax on beer from $7/barrel to $3.50/barrel for domestic brewers producing less than 2 million barrels annually, and to $16/barrel (from $18/barrel) on the first six million barrels for all other brewers and all beer importers. The bill maintains the current $18/barrel rate for barrelage over six million. In total, these cuts represent more than $142 million in annual savings which will allow America’s small brewers to reinvest in their businesses, expand their operations and hire more staff. Here at the Brewers Association we are incredibly pleased that Congress has enacted these bi-partisan, strongly supported measures. The effort to bring meaningful federal excise tax relief to small brewers has been a primary political objective for the Brewers Association for almost 10 years. We have played a central role within the beverage alcohol coalition, advocating for this historic


change in public policy. The BA, as an organisation advocating on behalf of small brewers, has a commitment to its members to influence change when and where it can, without taking a position on larger legislation. For BA members the new law provides excise tax relief for calendar years 2018 and 2019 and means that, for the next two years, small breweries will have additional capital that otherwise would have been sent to the U.S. Treasury as excise taxes. When I first became active in political activity on behalf of the Brewers Association around ten years ago, I would call up small and independent brewery owners and invite them to Washington D.C. to meet their member of Congress or senator. By and large the response I received was: “Are you crazy!” How times have changed. Now we

regularly get 300-400 small and independent brewery owners coming to D.C. at one time. The light bulb really comes on when a member of Congress visits a small brewery and realises they are developing a small business and creating jobs, rather than simply brewing beer. After nearly a decade of advocating for tax relief for small brewers, we appreciate all the support and hard work from every corner of the country that brought this act to fruition. It is a significant step forward and represents huge savings for small brewers. Small brewers are the growth engine in this industry and our expectation is that CBMTRA will spur additional growth in the months and years ahead. We will continue to build on this success to bring even greater economic growth for craft brewers and the communities they serve.

The WMF 5000 S

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The brilliant WMF 5000 S has just been awarded the top award in the coffee machines category by the renowned specialist European kitchen equipment magazine KĂœCHE. See the machine in action for yourself:

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VENUE OF THE MONTH A loch going for it This month, On-Trade Progress travels to Scotland to explore the Isle of Skye’s award-winning The Three Chimneys.


n the Isle of Skye there’s an arresting building seemingly in the ‘middle of nowhere’; upon further inspection however, visitors will find an awardwinning restaurant, and rooms to stay for the night. It’s worth the visit, that is, if you can find it. “The journey to find us became our USP, and still remains an important part of the adventure,” comments Shirley Spear, co-owner and retired head chef of The Three Chimneys. Spear bought The Three Chimneys with her husband, Eddie, in October 1984 and has been its proud owner ever since. She explains: “We moved with our very young family to begin a new life in the romantic Isle of Skye in north-west Scotland. We had no previous experience or training in the restaurant trade, nor commercial cooking. It was a purely lifestyle choice and we learnt everything we know by getting on with the job! “Our aim was to create the kind of place we would like to discover ourselves if we were on holiday in the Scottish Highlands. We wanted to provide authentic, home-cooked, fresh food using local ingredients and to pay tribute to Scotland’s culinary heritage by featuring traditional Scottish recipes on our menus. We also wanted to provide a friendly, but professional level of service and a memorable experience, making our remote restaurant worth finding and recommending to others.”


Getting roomy Since Spear and her husband founded the restaurant, The Three Chimneys has expanded significantly, having completely refurbished their hotel offering over the last four years. Spear observes: “Over the years, many changes have taken place, as well as repairs and renovations, large and small. The most notable was the brand new-build, luxury accommodation adjacent to the restaurant in The House Over-By, opened in May 1999. This comprises six-bedroom suites and a lounge/ breakfast area. This enabled us to develop the business into a viable, allyear-round operation, employ salaried staff and grow our reputation on a stronger foundation. Over the past four years, we have completely refurbished the bedrooms, the restaurant interior and the kitchen, introducing a kitchen table to the mix.”

Since then, success for the business can be seen through this hotel-type offering; sustaining their popularity, the bedrooms attract a 95 per cent average occupancy. “People aspire to stay and dine with us,” continues Spear. “We are on wish lists and a favourite choice of venue for marriage proposals, honeymooners, and celebrating special occasions. Those who choose to stay with us provide a core number of diners in the restaurant each night, which, in the beginning, helped us to build off-season business. We have never looked back.”

Winning mentality Over the years, The Three Chimneys has not only developed in notoriety across Scotland, but across the UK and internationally too – winning a number of significant awards. Spear, explaining the venue’s success, says: “Over the years, members of our team, the restaurant and our accommodation have won numerous awards and accolades, both locally, nationally and internationally. We operate at the top end of the AA’s three rosette level in the restaurant and, this year, won the AA’s UK Award for Food Service. We are also the current holders of the 2018 Good Food Guide’s UK Restaurant of the Year. We hold the AA’s Notable Wine List Award. We are listed in Harden’s Top 100 UK Restaurants Guide. “TripAdvisor readers listed us at #5 in the UK as a fine-dining restaurant and we are one of the five UK restaurants included in the European Top 20 in the same category. We won our first award in 1990 as Scottish Restaurant of the Year, and in 2002 and 2003, we were listed in Restaurant Magazine’s World’s 50 Best. There have been many others, all of which we have been honoured to receive.” With so many wonderful awards won, and the venue going from success to success, hospitality entrepreneurs should take note as we explore how Spear and her team keep the offering fresh and accessible. “I feel that we offer something unique in the first instance, due to our beautiful location and our well-

established ethos,” elaborates Spear. “Maintaining these basic standards is essential, and always has been. We have got to remain worth finding, down our single-track road to the most westerly point of the island!” A lot of the ingredients that are used in The Three Chimneys are locally sourced too; with its seafood caught fresh from the local loch. Spears concludes: “Our business is all about location and the food we serve. We have built our business around our ethos of using fresh, local ingredients first and foremost, and taking pride in Scottish food and drink. By local, we mean within a few miles radius of the restaurant kitchen door. We have built our business hand-in-hand with several of our local suppliers, who have also developed their business alongside ours over the years. We also engage with any new producers who start up locally. “We never rest of our laurels, nor allow our awards to distract us from the importance of the day-to-day work in hand. We aim at all times to impart our love and enthusiasm for the high quality of our local food, plus the importance of providing a high level of friendly, but professional service with our whole team. “Food is a very fashionable business, so we have never stood still and have always been prepared to move with the times. We never let our standards drop and we work as hard now, as we have always done, in building and maintaining strong relationships with our guests and customers, who will always come first in order of importance.”


Audio/Visual AV Systems specifies Bose for latest Haz Restaurant The latest Haz Restaurant situated on Mincing Lane just off Fenchurch St in the heart of the city of London, is a fine example of a modern venue deserving of a high-quality sound system to enhance and complement the stylish interior. Located on the ground floor of the Plantation Place building, the restaurant’s long glass frontage creates a light and airy space, perfect for enjoying the excellent cuisine. Bose Pro Partner, AV Systems, worked closely with the restaurant’s design team, I-AM, to ensure that the chosen speakers not only sounded good, but fitted discreetly into the mix of crystal chandeliers and unique wooden slatted ceilings. A fully concealed Bose FreeSpace 3 system consisting of 24 satellite cube speakers and 6 sub bass units was installed inside the composite ceiling finish, above the line of sight. It is driven from a dedicated AV rack containing a Bose PowerMatch 8500N amplifier, and Bose ControlSpace ESP 880 processor. The system delivers a warm and inviting ambience during the day, and at night it can be turned up to create a more vibrant atmosphere. Even in the restroom areas, there are quality Bose DS40 speakers to maintain the atmosphere, and the whole system is easily controlled by staff from a CC64 interface at the reception desk. Haz Restaurants have been favourite haunts for city workers for over 16 years, and Plantation Place is the fifth to open in the City of London. With


140 covers, and a bar area for those just looking for a drink after work, the restaurant offers modern Turkish & Mediterranean cuisine from a well thought out and varied menu. According to co-owner, Zafer Cicek, the sound enhances the ambience whatever the time of day. “We could not be happier with the result. I have worked with Adam from AV Systems on a previous Haz project near St Pauls, and he understands exactly what is required. The team at I-AM design love working with him as he is able to fully complement their design, ensuring that the system design meets their high standards.” Adam Florio of AV Systems also enjoyed working on the project. “It’s great to work with Zafer as he appreciates high quality sound. From an audio perspective, the design brief was for the system to blend with the contemporary yet luxurious feel of the restaurant, but to achieve this result in a way

that was completely visually non impacting, so Bose FreeSpace 3 was the obvious choice. The sound level goes above and beyond the standard specification for a restaurant of this size, with excellent vocal intelligibility and flawless coverage throughout the venue. Perfect for a lunchtime meeting or after work dinner. When the system is cranked up a little, it can provide entertainment as well as ambience.” For more information, visit Bose Professional – Email: AV Systems – Email: Skyline design 119 Parker Drive, Leicester, LE4 0JP T:+44 116 2366726 M: +44 7904 153 903 E:

Top quality and unique designs for the world’s best Hotels, restaurants, spas and private residences the world over. Working with the interior design houses across the globe to grace the world’s most outstanding houses and villas. We have one of the largest collections of outdoor designs available with a large finish choice and un matched choice of performance fabrics. Skyline Design custom and bespoke design service offers its clients professional consultation for residential and commercial projects. Our experience of more than 30 years as indoor and outdoor furniture manufacturers, along with a work force of more than 1500 people and facilities equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, allowing, Skyline Design to customize each piece following the client’s needs, design, materials and finish. From the initial project to the last detail, our designers, production, assembly team and our experience in contract and residential projects all over the world is at your disposal to achieve outstanding results.

Audio/Visual On-Trade Progress take a look at the newly opened Nightclub, IRO for some Audio/Visual and design inspiration.


he Mercantile Group’s latest Venue in Dublin plays host to the newly opened Nightclub IRO. The venue, which is very aptly named OPIUM, certainly has an aesthetically addictive feel to it! OPIUM features a newly refurbished Restaurant, Botanical Garden, Lounge and of course last but certainly not least, the aforementioned IRO Nightclub. One of the key suppliers and designers for IRO are Audiotek, who continued their excellent track record in Nightclub Sound, Lighting & Video. Audiotek designed and supplied a new, state of the art Lighting, Sound & Video package for this new venture, working alongside the leading architectural and worldwide renowned interior design firm, O’Donnell O’Neil. This venue required an entertainment system that was top-of-the-line. With an impressive collection of previous projects in their roster such as: Fabric in London, Gods Kitchen in Birmingham, Hakkasan in the USA, Omnia and JEWEL on the Las Vegas strip it made sense to choose Audiotek for this project due to their extensive previous clubbing and bar experience.

Addictive sounds Managing Director of Audiotek, Frank Murray said “The importance of a good sound system, and a well

designed lighting system cannot be understated in the world of bar and nightclubs. We’ve found from experience that the crowds follow the venues with better systems, as well as the more popular music offering. IRO realised this at conception of the venue, and we were involved in every discussion with the interior designers and ownership to ensure the result that we see today.”

stereo around the DJ coupled with L’Acoustics Subwoofers to provide a fully immersive audio experience. In the bar area, a delay system was implemented with further speakers used for the seating area. For the bar upper balcony area, two further ARCS were used.

IRO required an audio system that would speak for itself, continuing Audioteks extensive relationship with L’Acoustics, a popular choice for all large-scale projects. A system of L’Acoustics ARCS were hung in Continued on page 38


A series of high-intensity touring and installation loudspeakers, engineered for even coverage, outstanding control and unforgettable audience experiences.

Evolution Series

Audio/Visual Moreish visuals To provide a visual spectacle, three Chauvet video walls were installed – one located in the front of the DJ booth itself, with a further one mounted behind the DJ and finally one located along the long side wall of the venue. This provides a hugely immersive environment coupled with a selectively designed Chauvet overhead lighting system to compliment the visuals created for the venue, controlled by an Avolites lighting controller. Frank again comments, “We have found video content in clubs to be of increasing importance, and the right video content can now make or break a venue.”

Control you can depend on Within the newly created Botanical Garden, a system of Tannoy speakers were used to control the sound but also deliver a full experience. These were coupled with Tannoy subwoofers. Within both the restaurant and lounge, the existing audio systems were interfaced with the new processing system - allowing full control of the

system from both mobile devices and touch-screens located around the venue. The whole system was installed by Audioteks in house engineers, with personnel from both the Dublin and London office in attendance. Chris Kmiec, Audioteks Technical Director commented “This was a project that demonstrated the need for the AV supplier to be involved at all stages, and that an AV supplier must be confident with CAD work, pre-visualisation design, and acoustical modelling using software. Here at Audiotek, we ensure that all installed systems are correctly drawn and modelled before we even get to site to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible. Combined with our CHAS health and safety accreditation, our customers know their install is going to go smoothly.” Audiotek are also pleased to announce the opening of their new Farnborough, UK location, located to better serve their South UK, and London installation projects.




review Bev Expo 2018 Review A few of the On-Trade Progress team took a rather lengthy trip to Coventry in January to exhibit at Bev Expo 2018. The show, free to attend and based in The Ricoh Arena, was a two-day event and incorporated Cellar to Seller and BrewEX. The exhibition was organised by the BFBI – Brewing, Food & Beverage Industry Suppliers Association. Unfortunately for us we are based in the 25 per cent of the country that isn’t within a two-hour drive of The Ricoh Arena. However, we didn’t let that dampen our mood and revelled at the chance to get to Coventry and see what Bev Expo is all about.

Growing Still in its infancy, it is obvious that Bev Expo is a growing exhibition, based on higher visitor numbers than the 2016 exhibition. The 2018 exhibition also had more seminars and exhibitors than ever before. Bev Expo brought together all sectors of the beverage industry and enabled manufacturers, suppliers and brand owners to meet and celebrate excellence throughout the entire supply chain. On-Trade Progress were happy to be an official media partner and hope so to be for years to come. Bev Expo was a fantastic opportunity for the team and our readers that attended to discover new products and services, in addition to the education and wisdom that was attained from sitting in on the many seminars the exhibition had on its schedule.

Knowledge One of our team’s personal highlights was a seminar from Allan Stevenson,


Draught Quality Training Manager at Heineken, which was an overview of how a brand owner may connect to an existing dispense system within an on-trade outlet. Giving regard to: quality, safety and use of a competent technician. This even included a practical demonstration at the BDA Bar on how to connect correctly which we found very insightful. One of the take away points for the team at On-Trade Progress is that a cellar is to the pub what a restaurant is to a kitchen. We certainly wouldn’t want to eat at a restaurant with a dirty kitchen, so why should we settle for a pub with a poorly maintained cellar?

Exhibitors Many exhibitors stood out to us, from Multiplex UK with their innovative remote cooling solutions and proactively inspired dispense system ALBI, to Keg Star and their effective keg & cask rental system – not to mention their infamous table tennis table.

Testimonials Here are a few testimonials from show visitors collected by Bev Expo. "Good Expo to tie suppliers/ manufacturers in with Companies such as ourselves for Equipment. Also good to know what the in trend is with Smart Dispense and new John Guest fittings." "The soft drinks seminars were very interesting." "The best presentation I heard was from Sion Edwards from Langley’s Gin." "Nice exhibition. Good organisation. Good job." "Found talks very informative." "Good venue." We’re looking forward to seeing what’s ahead for Bev Expo throughout the years and we’ll see you all at the next show!

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TemporarY Catering Facilities During Refurbishment

Mobile Kitchens Ltd specialises in the hire of temporary catering facilities and foodservice equipment

We regularly provide our services to clients when they are undergoing a kitchen refurbishment or carrying out other building works that necessitate the closure of existing catering facilities. We offer a free design service, and project management from concept through to delivery and installation on site, plus full technical support throughout the hire period. The elements that make up our temporary kitchen and restaurant facilities can be provided as individual units in their own right – Production Kitchens, Preparation Kitchens,Ware-washing Units, Dry Store Units, Cold Rooms, Restaurant Units, etc - or they can be linked together on site to form a complete complex. Alternatively, we can offer modular, open-plan facilities, usually for larger, longer term hires. We have many tried and tested design layouts and would be pleased to put forward our recommendations for your project.

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KEG DISPENsE Best practice in keg dispense This article aims to outline the basics of what licensees and “craft keg” brand owners need to know in order to get their beers to the bar.


t’s exciting times at the bar, with craft keg brands increasing in popularity with the traditional cask ale consumer.

Much of the keg dispense system infrastructure in the UK is owned by one of the large brand owners, namely ABInBev, Carlsberg, Molson Coors, Heineken, (known as Brands Dispense Association – BDA) or by Regional Brewers (known as National Technical Liaison Group – NTLG). These brand owners (known as primary suppliers) own and maintain the system, charging on this cost as part of the Technical Services costs provision within the price of a barrel of beer. The cellar benefits from having two derogations from legislation (confined space and simple pressure vessel legislation). These derogations are due to the excellent safety record


and tight control over best practice exercised by the primary suppliers, with installation and maintenance of cellar and bar dispense equipment operating to the BBPA 5th Pressure Code of Practice for Gas Pressure Systems. The concern of all concerned is to ensure all that ALL Users, connect in a safe manner, and adhere to the Gas Pressure System Safety regulations. With the rapid growth in craft keg brands, and the frequency of rotating different brands on dispense, it is imperative that all brand owners and licensees understand the current provision of the Dispense System infrastructure and “User” Responsibilities, including statutory requirements to operate and maintain a safe dispense system (Pressure Safety System Regulations, 2000 SI 2000 NO 128 2nd Edition 2014),

ensuring the quality of all beers dispensed. Below the Bar provision of these systems is made available for all Brand Owners, with each new brand owner informing the Provider of the system that they are connecting. This communication, at the very least ensures that the Provider can maintain the equipment, product quality and ensure compliance with Health & Safety legislation. Traditionally, and currently, the Brewer owning and maintaining the Primary Cooling and Gas Pressure system (the keg dispense system) is the one with the greatest number of dispense taps on the bar; making the system available for others to dispense their brands.

Practical Responsibilities of the User (i.e. licensee): • The User of the pressure system, who is responsible for the BBPA code of practice & maintenance within the outlet unless those duties have been transferred in writing back to the owner or supplier, must only use the system for its designed purpose. • The User should be aware of who operates, maintains and is responsible for periodic inspection and testing of the pressure system. • The User needs to ensure Outlet Records are maintained and the Code of Practice inspection is up to date. • Items which must be inspected include:√ All protective devices √ Pressure vessels in which a defect may give rise to danger √ All parts of pipe work in which defects may give rise to danger √ Every dispense pressure system must display a cellar record card √ The responsible person on site must sign and retain their copy of the √ BBPA booklet “Instructions for the safe operation of gas pressure systems used in the dispensing of beers and lagers √ The user of the system must only use the system for its designed purpose The User, being sold a craft keg brand from a new brand owner should ensure that a technically qualified installer is used to “connect to” the primary system to install the brand and that the owner of the primary system has been informed of the use of the dispense line. Industry adherence to a Safe System of use Unauthorised modifications are not permitted under the Pressure System Safety Regulations 2000; The Consumer

Protection Health and Safety Pressure Equipment (Safety) Regulations 2016 (formerly the Pressure Equipment Regulations) and other legislation. Periodic Inspection includes an audit of equipment, ancillary to the primary gas system when undertaking the examination. A potential consequence, if there is no commitment to compliance, is that the User will be unable to demonstrate operating a safe system of use to Regulatory Authorities Thus: √ It is Mandatory that the system is operated in the correct manner. √ Any person interfering with the equipment can create a serious risk to staff on the premises √ The person in control of the equipment, the Licensee, has a statutory duty to ensure that

any amendments / additions are in accordance with the written instructions issued by the Provider of the System √ Users should not attempt to alter, modify or adjust the pressure within a pressure system, that renders the system unsafe. √ The employer of a person who installs a pressure system at work shall ensure that nothing about the way in which it is installed gives rise to danger or otherwise impairs the operation of any protective device or inspection facility. √ The employer of a person who modifies or repairs a pressure system at work shall ensure that nothing about the way in which it is modified or repaired gives rise to danger or otherwise impairs the operation of any protective device or inspection facility.


KEG DISPENSE Practical Responsibilities of the Brand Owner: The brand owner should be aware of a number of points relating to the dispense system they wish to use to dispense their keg beer. Python Installation Guidelines: • When planning an installation the throughput volumes of the accounts should be calculated to ensure the correct sized remote cooler is used. • Remote coolers must be placed in areas where they can be accessed easily for both repair and replacement. Cask Ales: As a general rule: • If the outlet has only up to 3 cask beer dispense points on the same bar/ python, the spare lines in a standard python can be utilised. • If the outlet has more than three cask beer dispense points on the same bar or python a separate cask ale python would be installed. Extra Cold Dispense: • “Coil and Foil” Python: Consists of either 10 or 12 product lines + 4 x 15mm recirculation lines with foil wrapping encapsulated with 19 mm foam insulation • The remote cooler must have a maximum of 8 coils with blanking plates for coils 9 & 10. • The coil lengths are 10m • Only Extra Cold / Super Chilled lines should pass through these coils.

• Primary Valve reducing bottle contents from 3000psi to 45psi • Primary output pressure set at a maximum of 45psi • Twin blow off valves protecting the system at 55psi Installation of Extra Gas Pumps to Drive the Beer: • A maximum of 3 Dispense Points per Gas Pump • Maximum number of secondary regulators is 15 off one primary ring main • Health & Safety: Venting Gas Pumps to atmosphere (outside and not into a corridor or adjoining room) Confined Spaces Legislation awareness? • Air Compressors are not part of the 5th Edition Pressure COP procedure but are subject to the Pressure Systems Safety Regulations • If gas pumps cannot be vented to atmosphere the Compressor should NOT have a gas back up fitted.

Requirements of the Primary Gas System: CO2 Primary gas • Primary valve reducing bottle contents from 800-900psi to 35psi • Primary output pressure set to a maximum of 35psi • Twin blow off valves protecting the system at 45psi

Cooling Solutions: The aim of any remote cooler & python system is to maintain the temperature of the drink once it has left the cooler coil in the cellar. The Equipment Provider Installs and Maintains the Primary Cooling System: Python and Coolers, understanding the cellar to bar logistics and product dispense temperatures.

Mixed Gas

Remote coolers are designed to run in


conjunction with Cellar Temperature Control (CTC) systems. Key Aspects of Remote Coolers: • Remote Coolers – can accommodate up to 10 lines • If multiple Coolers are in use they should share load equally • Remote Coolers should only be installed where Cellar Refrigeration is in use • The correct sizing of coolers is dependent on volume throughput • Remote cooler location needs to be carefully considered • Minimum Cooler Recirc Flow Rate: 4 litres/minute • Take account of the maximum ambient temperature Today’s keg market place is exciting and fast paced. Its growth relies upon access to the bar and, ultimately, the delivery of a quality product. The UK benefits from standing outside of legislation on two key aspects within the cellar, due to the safety and best practice record of the owners of the primary gas system. In order to retain these benefits and, in particular, the existing safety and quality record, all new users of the system need to play their part. Let us ensure continuing growth of keg beer and work together to maintain an efficient and safe dispense system.

It was taking me two and a half to three hours a week to clean the lines. Not only that, but before the new system was installed I was chucking away around 200 pints a month; I’m now saving about three quarters of that. By the time I’ve factored in the reduction in wasted beer and cider as well as energy and chemicals, I’m probably looking at a saving of around £8,000 - £9,000 a year from SmartDispense.

James Gray Noose & Monkey, Aberdeen

Contact your HEINEKEN sales manager today for more details on installing a SmartDispense system to make savings in your outlet HEINEKEN is a member of the Portman Group – promoting responsible drinking.

event news Casual Dining secures stellar Keynote line-up for 2018 New World Trading Company’s CEO Chris Hill, Yo!’s marketing director Luisa Fernandez, and Dishoom’s operations director Brian Trollip are the latest speakers now confirmed for Casual Dining 2018, which returns to the Business Design Centre in London on 21-22 February.


hey’ll be appearing at the event alongside other big names from the Casual Dining Group, Mitchells & Butlers, Jamie’s Italian, PizzaExpress, Pho, and Loungers. Plus, over 200 exhibitors (across three floors at the BDC) showcasing a host of new products, equipment and services. Chris Hill will be sharing his thoughts on the casual dining pub and bar sector in an exclusive interview, hosted by Peter Martin, VP of CGA, on the show’s opening day. He’ll be discussing his experiences in helping to grow New World Trading Company’s innovative portfolio, including their plans for further expansion, and how an important focus on staff development secured them a top ten ranking on ‘The Sunday Times 100 Best Companies’ to work for in 2017. Luisa Fernandez, who joined Yo! as its marketing director earlier this year (having previously spent over 15 years working in-house at British Airways), will be making her Casual Dining speaking debut the following day (22 February). Using her experience as head of the innovation lab at BA, she’ll examine how other industries are using their customer data to personalise customer experience and how, in turn, casual dining operators can make the ‘power of personalisation’ work for them. Another second day session highlight comes from Brian Trollip, who has been overseeing the day-to-day running of Dishoom’s operations


since 2010. Voted the ‘Coolest UK Restaurant’ in 2016 by Cool Brands, and a new entry on this year’s ‘The Sunday Times 100 Best Companies’ list, the Indian restaurant group now has six sites and employs over 700 people. Trollip will be talking about their journey so far – focusing on their continued commitment to building a first-class business that operates in a ‘big-hearted’ and generous way. From exclusive Keynotes and interviews, to research updates and panel discussions – each session at Casual Dining has been tailored specifically to address key business opportunities (and challenges) for casual dining operators. The initial Keynote programme will be available on the show’s website later this month. Speakers confirmed to date (in running order) include: Wednesday 21 February • Peter Backman, Peter Backman Foodservice: Preparing for the future – challenges facing the casual dining sector • James Spragg, chief operating officer, Casual Dining Group: Brand evolution • Simon Stenning, MCA: Casual dining and the levers of sales growth • Mark Smith, MD, Pho: The delivery challenge • Chris Hill, CEO, New World Trading Company: interviewed by Peter Martin, VP, CGA • Jon Knight, CEO, Jamie Oliver

Restaurant Group: Food for thought • Susan Chappell, divisional director, Exec co, Mitchells & Butlers: Operating a range of brands and formats – the challenge to stay ahead Thursday 22 February • Graeme Loudon, CGA: The impact of rising food price inflation on casual dining operators • Zoe Bowley, MD, PizzaExpress: Keeping PizzaExpress relevant after 53 years • Jamie Campbell, CGA: Segment & conquer – looking beyond demographics to understand your consumer • Brian Trollip, operations director, Dishoom: Building a big hearted and first-class business • Nick Collins, CEO, Loungers: Loungers – no jackets required • Luisa Fernandez, marketing director, Yo!: How well do you know your customers – what we can learn from other industries? Informative, inspiring, innovative, and collaborative are just some of the words these speakers have used to describe the show. For them, like the thousands of visitors that regularly attend, it’s where the industry meets to do business.

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TRADE EVENT CALENDAR Must see events & exhibitions

Whether you're looking to sample the latest products, achieve a new qualification or find some new suppliers to help improve your business, On-Trade Progress provides you with a selection of events that you simply cannot miss over the next few months.

The Source 7th – 8th February 2018, Westpoint Exhibition Centre, Exeter The Source is the South West’s biggest and best trade show for anyone with a serious interest in speciality foods, quality drinks, profitable catering and inspired hospitality. Give your business the impetus it needs going into the new season with this huge spread of comparative tastings, networking opportunities and inspirational experiences. Pub 18 6th – 7th February 2018, Olympia, London PUB17 will see more than 200 innovative suppliers across the two-day show,as well as host 20 free-to-attend talks and workshops. A feast of ideas and insight for pub owners and operators will be on offer to help enhance their business and keep updated with industry trends. Alongside this will be a wealth of networking opportunities for visitors, where like-minded individuals can discuss and share thoughts and ideas. Casual Dining Show 21st – 22nd February 2018, Business Design Centre, London Casual Dining gives you the unique opportunity to meet over 200 food, drink, equipment, table top, furniture, interior design, technology and services suppliers, taste and try products, discover the latest trends in this dynamic sector and be inspired with a free keynote programme of industry leaders. International Confex 28th February – 1st March 2018, Olympia, London International Confex is at the forefront of the event industry and is the UK's longest standing and leading. Confex is more than just an event, it is an ‘experience’. Visitors come for inspiration, ideas and an abundance of business opportunities, and they leave having had a fun yet productive day! Whether planning your next conference, exhibition, awards ceremony or meeting you will gain creative ideas to make your events more engaging and innovative.


Expowest Cornwall 6th – 8th March 2018, Royal Cornwall Showground, Wadebridge Expowest Cornwall is the region’s foremost hospitality and catering trade show - an absolute must for those eager to see, touch and taste the latest products, and to get a feel for the trends shaping the market. If you want to get straight to the heart of the Cornish business community then this is one show you cannot afford to miss. Hotel, Catering & Retail Show 13th – 14th March 2018, Bournemouth International Centre The Hotel, Catering & Retail Show is one of the UK’s longest running hospitality and food service events, with over 60 years’ history. It features new and innovative products & services, and hundreds of delicious food and drink product tastings. Showcasing trends and exciting innovations from industry leaders, the show offers the chance to network with current suppliers, your peers and key industry players. Northern Restaurant & Bar 20th – 21st March 2018, Manchester Central Convention Complex Northern Restaurant & Bar is the largest trade exhibition for the Northern Hospitality industry. There’s plenty to see at Northern Restaurant & Bar, such as: grape & grain, chef live, drinks live, spirit room, market kitchen arena and many more. London Wine Fair 2018 21st – 23rd May 2018, Kensington, Olympia, London The ultimate event for the London Wine Trade. Introducing the all-new London Wine Fair. Bigger, better and more inspiring than ever before. Featuring over 14,000 wines from 40 countries, innovative tastings, critical masterclasses and a host of brand new features for 2018, London Wine Fair is an unmissable destination for anyone in the industry. imbibe Live 2nd & 3rd July 2018, Olympia, London Whether you're interested in wine, spirits, beer, cider, soft drinks or the full spectrum of drinks, if you source, buy or serve drinks within the drinks industry, Imbibe Live is the must-attend show for you. This year's programme has been curated by leading industry figures and ambassadors across each drinks category, as well as Imbibe Magazine's award-winning team. The result is an unmissable event for anyone who wants to improve their drinks IQ, business acumen and service skills.


On-Trade Progress February 2018 Issue  

On-Trade Progress takes a detailed look at everything that is needed to run a pub, club or bar successfully including interior design, secur...

On-Trade Progress February 2018 Issue  

On-Trade Progress takes a detailed look at everything that is needed to run a pub, club or bar successfully including interior design, secur...