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Bwatt = Be what �you want in fashion and in life� The making of Bwattmagazine issue 3 has been an amazing ride. And as you are going to see in the following pages, we have really opened our wings and been around the world and more than ever we feel like a worldwide magazine. I was not kidding when I a few months ago suddenly got the idea that we should have our main office in Space. We would have the perfect view down on the world, being able to spot Creative people from multiple cultures in a split of a second. That is actually the core of Bwatt magazine and what we aim for. We trive to find and to feature interesting people that just have to live a creative life, tell their story and inspired you to go out and create ourself ... So i truly welcome you and enjoy the next 80 pages of creativity ...



I will never forget the first time I walked into Church, it was bare raw walls, and even though it was more of a 5,000 sq construction site than a store at that time, with Rodney and David flying busy around, I could feel it, I could sense that they were doing something great and special here. I got to follow it evolve, step by step, it is almost 4 years ago now, and they have been evolving day by day ever since. At the Church Botique, Rodney Burns and David Malvaney have created an atmosphere that when you enter, you forget time and space, everything is art, and everywhere beauty captures the eye. They have created this place with an aesthetic and authenticity rarely seen. Every piece of clothing, art, jewelry or interior has a voice and speaks loud, which makes you love and wish to own every single thing to bring home some Church style. It is without a doubt, to me, the most unique, fashionable, inspiring and beautiful store in Los Angeles, no wonder they draw costumers such as, Lenny Kravitz, Gwen Stefani, P. Diddy, Cassie, Steven Tyler, Halle Berry, etc, many of whom Rodney Burns, with his amazing sense of fashion has styled himself. In their own words: »CHURCH is a creative collaboration by Rodney Burns and David Malvaney, housing exclusive high-end, avant-garde fashion, accessories and jewelry collections from international designers around the globe. The environment showcases meticulously curated art, sculpture, antiquities and designs from emerging and established artists and designers, with the likes of a permanent installation wall by Retna. CHURCH is a communal space bringing together the community and like-minded, forward-thinking creative individuals with style.« Next time you are in Los Angeles, make sure to pay a visit, or go to their online store www. to fall in love with the stunning selection, hand-picked with love, by the two admirable gentlemen themselves, Rodney and David ...

Dress: Pierre Balmain • Insectorum: Adventa • Earrings: Zarah Voigt • Spiked stillettos: Jeffrey Campbell

Knit top: Missoni • Bikini Bottom: Missoni • Earrings: Zarah Voigt • Spiked Stillettos: Jeffrey Campbell


If you don’t already know about this Danish Girl, it’s about time you get to know her. She has conquered China with her catchy pop music and is about to move her success to the US. Veronica is a creative and hard working artist with a fierce approach to her music career and to following her dreams. With her base in Shanghai, and the record label EMI Gold Typhoon PUSH, in her back, she is right now working on the release of her second album »Dream chaser«. Her very first US Single »About a Girl« is written by RedOne (who also works with Lady Gaga, JLO, Nicki Minaj etc). It will be released this spring, and in it she is singing about a playful desire to take over the world while having a blast partying ... I wouldn’t be surprised if she actually will! Read her full interview in the Bwatt Magazine App

Photo: Anja Poulsen • Stylist: Line Givskov • Make-up: Vivi Pilgaard, • Hair: Lone Paulsen,

White tank top ISABEL MARANT Chained collar necklace BJØRG Black boned collar necklace BJØRG Black 3 stud necklace MARIA BLACK Long twig earring BJØRG Mini gold star earring JENNIFER MEYER Black spiked ring BJØRG

J ewe

e l Lery

Silver spike earring WENDY NICHOLS Gold pyramid stud earring ANITA KO De-con gold ring MARIA BLACK Leather t-shirt MUUBAA Leggings MONKI

Long twig earring BJĂ˜RG Gold star earring JENNIFER MEYER

Long twig earring BJĂ˜RG Gold star earring JENNIFER MEYER Thin silver ring Line&Jo Gold and raw crystal ring STEADYROCKS De-con gold ring MARIA BLACK Silver ring VINTAGE Sterling silver ring PAMELA LOVE Black wool-felt hat EMILIO PUCCI High waist sheer pants MONKI

Photo: Anja Poulsen Make-up: Vivi Pilgaard, Model: Sofia Retouch: Greenlemon

We do retouching Green Lemmon is a retouch company based in Copenhagen, working exclusively with post production of images within fashion, advertising and 3D

The Passenger A conversation between the main characters of the novel (and documentary) ‘Traveling with Mr. T’. by Troels Faldorf. ”Let’s get this over with!” the familiar and distinctive voice yells. ”Why not?”, I respond . While my mind continues without a sound, “What was the premiss for this interview?”. I remember an email from the editor in chief asking, “Could you please look into these questions?” Elaborate on your thoughts regarding the creative process of your writing. What inspires you? - and from where does the words emerge? Furthermore - I am interested in the primordial force you seem to contain. He interrupts my stream of consciousness,“I don’t think we’re allowed to smoke cigarettes in there...”. He points through the large window of the cafe, filled with mirrors and lights. The dark breeze continues, I nod silently and agree with a vague smile. ”Let’s just go to Bobi Bar?”, one of us suggests. I pedals forward, whilst the winter night and my thoughts wobble more than the bike. “How to do this interview?” Propulsion. He hums a strain of a beaten tune from the back of my bike and sings through a mouthful of smoke, “I’am the passenger”. We both know this Iggy Pop-melody, so I continue,“....and I ride and I ride, I ride through the city’s backsides”. I sense a smile behind me, and decide to begin the interview, cautiously. Knowing one wrong question could destroy everything and end this subtle form of communication. I know him better than anybody else. He has a bad temper, and always visits me without calling beforehand and just shows up and disappears, whenever he feels like it. “Why do you think that it is absolutely necessary to write?”, I yell through the wind backwards. He struggles with the headwind and a box of matches, before responding in a calm voice, “It’s not something I think! It’s not a choice. I do not choose the words - they choose me”. A car brakes as I run a red light, and I know how his mind works. I myself often wake up in the middle of the night with a brain filled with words and phrases, that won’t shut up before my hand has immortalized them on a piece of paper. “Okay I understand, but from where does the inspiration emerge?” He laughs and continues, “I don’t know, maybe from somewhere between Moscow’s depressive face and Mumbai’s color-filled madness, I didn’t ask for it. It’s kind of a curse, you know?” And I know. Always a head crowded with interfering words! We arrive at our destination, and I’m out of breath. Bobi Bar is in the middle of this blue Copenhagen-night. The windows are lit brighter than the sky and he disappears quickly inside the brown and comfortable sentiment. I lock my bike with frozen fingers. “Did I answer all the questions? No, not really, and then again - perhaps....” “I am a passenger”, I whisper out loud to the winter-night and the back of Mr. T, already inside. I’m dreading and looking forward to begin the interview with my worst enemy and alter ego. Photo: Daniel Schriver,

Michael Walker

Photo: Michael Falgren, Stylist: Toye Adedipe Make-up: Simon Rihana using MAC Model: Michael Walker, Photogenics LA

Gold necklace: Stylist own

Top: American Apparel

T-shirt: Vintage Powder blue motor cycle coat: Zara White Trouser with zipper detailing. Ashton Michael

Silver suit: Ashton Michael Belt: Gucci Shoes: Toms

Coat: Llyod Klein

Jeanne Photo: Daniel Stjerne – Stylist: TJ Gustave Model: Jeanne Bouchard – IMG New York Make-up: Glenn Marziali – Artist by Timothy Priano NYC Hair: Alejandra – Factory Downtown





Photo: Lasse Bak Mejlvang,


Necklaces MARIA BLACK • Kimono TOPSHOP • Sports Bra NIKE • Bikini bottom DKNY • Sneakers VINTAGE

Bathing suit ASHLEY PAIGE Sneakers VINTAGE


Necklaces MARIA BLACK Bathing suit ASHLEY PAIGE Vintage Japanese Kimono BSEEN


Photo: Anja Poulsen Stylist: Line Givskov Hair & Make-Up: Simon Rihana Model: Veronica Jacques

Sweatband AMERICAN APPERAL Burgundy cropped top WEEKDAY Shorts MONKI Sneakers VINTAGE


105,5 mm

So Asger, you are now post another well-received and successful show at Copenhagen Fashion Week, tell us how you are right now, and what you right now are working on? I’m relived and happy. It’s a very stressful time working towards a runway show. The aftermath is somehow an empty feeling and you really just want to hide away before starting a new collection. Many words have been said to describe the unique world of your designs, if you should select 4 words to describe your clothing line what would they be? Masculine, sex, fun and masculine When did you fall in love with the world of fashion/design? When and how did you discover yourself as a designer? My hand knitting mom and grand mom showed me the way in puberty. It wasn’t till later I realized that I wanted to become a fashion designer. It wasn’t my dream or anything like that. It sort of just happened after my bachelor degree. Why design & clothing? What makes you choose this art form to express your creativity? And what is your favourite part of the design process? Expressing your personality through attitude always came first. Clothing came afterwards and was sort of an extension of the personality. Character and attitude is something you either have or you don’t. It can’t be bought through the right clothes. I don’t have one favourite part in the design process. I prefer the

entire development from library research, fabric research and sketching to pattern cutting and toiling. Tell us a bit about what inspires you? From who or what do you draw inspiration? My attempt is to be open minded to all sort of inspiration, but for some reason it often comes down to military history mingled with my own youth and how I grew up and the kind of ‘sub cultures’ I was involved within. In the line of your career as a designer, what has been the most rewarding and the most challenging part of that journey? My time in London made me the designer I am to day. There were a lot of ups and downs, but I’m a pretty positive human being so I’ll focus on the good stuff. Getting picked to have my own shows during London Fashion Week was huge for me at the time. Winning the Menswear category at Premium during Berlin Fashion Week this season was great. Recently I’m excited to see ‘real’ people in the street wearing my clothes. What are your goals and aspirations for AJL and for yourself in the future? I have many dreams. Being happy and healthy must come first then everything else usually falls into place What has been the best advice that has ever been given to you? When my girlfriend Chloe taught my the power of manifesting.

Tell us a bit about where you are right now and what you are working on? Right now I am preparing a Swedish film that I am very excited about and looking forward to do! And I’m also preparing a selftape for an American production. But first of all I am figuring out what to have for dinner. When and how did you find out you wanted to become an Actor?, was it a childhood dream of yours? The dream came the moment I was in it. I was cast as Hamlet when I was 15 years old for a school production, and on the first night I felt that - this is it. My real interest at that time was becoming a rock star, but Hamlet told me to crash my guitar and go start talking instead. I listened to him, and applied to drama school the next day. Both of my parents are actors, my grand mother as well, I grew up with theater – but I had no such plans before Hamlet told me to be or to be. Why acting?, what makes you choose and work with this form of art and this profession? That is something I ask my self every day. And everyday something in me wants to do it. I love story telling. To write, to work with dramaturgy, to act or to produce –is in a way the same thing for me. I want to tell something essential about being human beings. I have chosen acting as the craft to perfect – but in the end of the day – storytelling is my passion. In the line of your career what has been the most rewarding and the most challenging part of your career? I worked at the same theatre for six years and did many plays every year. To face so many different parts, working with so many directors and playing all kinds of genres was a challenging and I learned a lot.

What has been the most favorable, meaningful role you have had so far? When I am working on a part, and invest all my time in it, it becomes the most meaningful part. But I must say playing the Norwegian Viking king called Olav The Secret, three summers in a raw, was really fantastic. I was also co- writing it with the director – and we did so much research, and was so into that guy that I felt like becoming him on stage. And of course playing Tormund Giantsbane in Game Of Thrones is a blast! It feels like R.R Martin has written the part to me! Anything or anyone you aspire to work with in the future? Anyone with a great story or a love for story telling! From Who or What do you draw insiration within your field of work? To prepare, to shoot, to play. You don’t get inspired to work; you work and inspiration come as a natural consequence. But of course I take with me all that I can from life, books, films and TV series. Where else do you possibly draw inspiration? What inspires you in life, that you bring back to your work as an Actor? It could be a song, or a conversation with a friend. Everything. I don’t look for inspiration. Inspiration look for me! What is the best ever advise that has been given to you? Oh that’s many, I love getting advise and I love to give them too. My mother and father has given me many, but a painter friend of mine called Odd Nerdrum told me two things. He said; be the Hero in your own life, and he told me to go to Hollywood!

Mathieu Bitton

Mathieu Bitton is a true artist, a renaissance man of our time. To start naming and framing the words to describe every bit of work and medium that he creates within is almost irrelevant. Like an artist works in a broad spectrum of mediums on a canvas, Mathieu does the same with photography, filming, producing, art directing and designing, but even mentioning these, doesn’t truly paint the picture well enough. When you come across his work, it is plain and simply movingly beautifully »Mathieu Bitton«. Tell us a bit about where you are right now, and what you are working on? I am in L.  A. Currently recovering from the opening of my first photo exhibition called Travelouge, which is comprised of 22 photos from my travels over the past several years. It was a huge success. It was held at the John Lautner designed Sheats Goldstein mansion in the hills of Beverly Hills. I am also beginning work on the next album in the series of Lenny Kravitz deluxe editions, Are You Gonna Go my Way which turns 20 this year. As well as photo shoots like the one I did in the middle of the night with Katie Waissel last night. There is a sense of music in everything you do, Tell us about your passion for music? This is something that started very early in life for me, from my parents vinyl records in my childhood living room, from Cat Stevens to Billy Holiday and Serge Gainsbourg to Screamin’ Jay Hawkins. I started collecting vinyl from the time I was 7 or 8 and it became a life long obsession that turned into work. I very often use my record collection for complications and box sets or even books. Music made me feel like I belonged to the greatest race/color-blind club in the world. Live concerts like my first Prince show at the Zenith in Paris in 1986 changed my life forever. So capturing iconic images of performers is very deeply rooted in my case. What made you pick up the camera professionally? I always loved photography. I just somehow didn’t think I was good enough to be a professional photographer because I knew so many great ones, I didn’t think there was a point in trying. But then I would shoot things here and there. One day my friend Jean Baptiste Mondino gave me a compliment on a photo and that changed my thinking. He said I should keep doing it. About a year later I was in New York with Lenny Kravitz for

his run of Fillmore shows for which I and designed merchandise and posters. I hooked up a couple friends to shoot the show and on the first night I had some big photographer friends shooting the show, and then I had a lightbulb moment of »why don’t I do it myself.« So I asked Lenny if I could shoot a show and the rest is history. Here we are four years later. What inspired you to start working this close and intense with Lenny Kravitz? We have known each other 25 years or so. I was always a fan of his work. It was just all about things coming into place. I saw an opportunity to use my talents and skills for him in a way he didn’t have before. There was no big plan, rather a day to day working relationship that turned into a film. You travelled with Lenny Kratitz for 4 years, what did those years mean to you? It’s been an incredible ride. When I look at my TRAVELOGUE show I realize this has been the best professional time of my life and I’ve had amazing personal moments too. Experiences I will tell my grandchildren. The hard thing is being away from my children so much but I’m home now! What have been the most rewarding and the most challenging part of your career? Everything is a challenge because I always try to outdo myself and make each job better than the previous one. Of course getting a Grammy nomination was quite rewarding. As well as getting the high honor of the medal of Chevalier Dans L’Ordre des Arts & Lettres (knight in the order of arts and letters) from the French Republic. But I must say the highest reward is to see people’s reactions to my work or the daily messages I get from strangers saying my work has helped them in some way. The most challenging has been to actually treat my career as equal to the artists I work with. Things like doing a website for myself or a book or exhibitions. Much harder than doing stuff for others. What is the best advice that has ever been given to you? It came from Quincy Jones who once old me »remember it’s called the music BUSINESS! You are telling me about all these great music projects but where is the business? How are you ensuring your future?« That changed my life. I realized I needed to be more focused and creating »passive income.« Like photography where you can get usage fees for work you’ve already done. All the while working on new things.

When did you start dancing Ballet? was it a childhood dream come true to become a dancer? I was 16, almost 17 years old when I danced for the first time. I wanted to spend time with this girl that I liked and the only way was going with her to the ballet. I enjoyed ballet more and more, realizing that it was something that I wanted to do for the rest of my life. PS. I never got the girl. Why Ballet? what makes you choose and work with this form of art? I sang in the church when I was a child and participated in school plays, but dancing was the one thing that I liked the most and the thing that challenged me the most, because it is really precise and difficult. I found a new way to express myself through the dance. I might sound a bit masochistic but I like the fact that it requires lots of hard work, discipline and blood sweat and tears.

funny how no matter where we go and how different our cultures are the dance and the music is always a common language. What are your aspirations for the future? certain roles, plays or countries to succeed in? I want to keep dancing as much as possible and try all kinds of choreographies. I want to keep on developing myself as a dancer and keep on improving. One day I want to go back to Brazil and dance. That is very important for me. Who or what inspires you within the world of Ballet? The Russians! They strive more for perfection and that shows in every move. I’m a big fan of the Russian techniques and the whole ballet history. Most of the big ballets (repertoires) where created in Russia and this heritage is reflected in their approach to the dance.

Ballet h s i n a D l the Roya t a r e c n Da Eliabe,

In the line of your career (including school time) as a Ballet Dancer what has been the most rewarding and the most challenging part of that journey? Coming from Brazil to Denmark that was very challenging for me, especially because I never lived outside Brazil and could not speak Danish or English. The only thing I could do was to dance but I knew where I was going and that is the most rewarding part. Besides that, The Royal Danish Ballet was the first company that I jointed. I went from dancing in a simple school in Brazil in small dark locations to this big beautiful theatre in Copenhagen. I went from dancing in a small unknown troupe to dancing with around 90 professional dancers and to being a part of the Royal Danish Ballet, a company that has so much history and good reputation in the ballet world. What is your favourite part of your profession as a Ballet dancer? I really enjoy the work process sometimes even more than the actual results. How you built up and create a performance. To have a piece of music and built up a whole world around it impresses me a lot. I love the opportunities that we have, to travel in tours where we dance in different countries and to get to see other cultures. It’s

Where else do you possibly draw inspiration? What inspires you in life? that you bring back to the world of dance? Sometimes we find inspiration in situations or people that we least expected. I had a tough period in my carrier as a dancer, where I felt that I got stuck and could not find the meaning in the dance. It was on the edge to an identity crisis since dance is what I do, I’m a dancer! My daughter was the one, who reopened my eyes. Seeing this little creature dance in the kitchen or the living room so full of pure happiness and joy made me realize, what I loved about dancing to begin with. I’m always inspired when I get to work with people who are determined, who gets in to the studio and do the work in a good, fun and professional atmosphere. There are people who just make the process flow and that transmits to you. What is the best ever advise that has been given to you? My first teacher told me something that I brought with me to life. She advised me to learn everything within the ballet - everything! Who choreographed, who composed, and who danced, what style, at what company and so on. To learn the history behind ballet. For me this knowledge brings more substance to the dance.

Photo: Daniel Stjerne, • Eliabe D’Abadia • Make-Up: May Naes • Styling: Oliver Fussing

Dit a Velvet and white fox coat vintage Yves Saint Laurent 3 Corset by Mr. Pearl 3 Diamond and Platinum Drop Earrings by Neil Lane 3 Leather gloves by Gaspar

Bra and Panty set by Von Follies by Dita Von Teese 3 Fishnet gloves by Gaspar 3 Diamond and Pearl tassel earrings by Neil Lane 3 Vintage Green Silk Jacket available at The Loved One 3 Silver Swarovski Crystal heels by Christian Louboutin 3 Diamond, pearl, and platinum tassel earrings by Neil Lane

Lace body suit by Mimi Holliday 3 Bra and Panty set by Von Follies by Dita Von Teese 3 Vintage black Crystal and Gold belt available at Swellegant Vintage 3 Patent leather thigh high boots by Christian Louboutin 3 Jewellery: Diamond Bracelet by Geraldine Valluet 3 Ruby, Diamond and Platinum rings by Neil Lane 3 Diamond and Platinum Bracelets by Martin Katz 3 Diamond Ring by Neil Lane


Interview by Line Givskov he absolutely fierce and fabulous images of her speak for themselves. Dita von Teese is famous for her glamour, her style and beauty, which to most hold a sense of intriguing mystique. But after almost one hour with her, during this inspiring and personal interview, I must admit, that this look that she is most famous for is actually the very least interesting thing about her. What Dita Von Teese, with her beauty and style, has mastered, is to embody all of the intriguing, creative and beautiful things she authentically is. Dita Von Teese is an artist, with a non-compromising creativity that is rarely seen. She doesn’t do or design anything that her heart is not fully in, and when it is, she digs her hands in deep, and true authentic beauty arises. She is a rare talent, honest, open and smart. Her heart is big. So of course, so are her Creations. Meet, the fierce, Dita Von Teese. Our cover shoot was in Los Angeles with our Editor in Chief, international photographer Anya Poulsen, tell us about your day of shooting, and the creation of these stunning images? It was a very memorable shoot for me, I had to be on a flight to Paris that afternoon, Anya was so much fun and fast, and I felt like we had a very good chemistry and energy between us. I was truly surprised at how much we were able to get done. I really liked Anya from the moment I met her, and really enjoyed the day with her. It was a high energy shoot, and I was very motivated by her way of working. The name B Watt is a part of our saying: “Be what you want in fashion and life” – what do these words mean to you? I think that for me, my original idea about bringing back striptease, which I now have been working on for 20years, is a real testament of being yourself and to keep following a dream and believing in an idea even if other people don’t, and how eventually that can become something great. Its amazing to me to watch the way my career has unfolded and to see Burlesque expand on such a huge scale, a global scale, and it feels petty good to have had a hand in it. Self-styled Fashion Icon, and with good reason you are admired and inspire many women across the world. Who or what are you inspired by? And Why? I get pretty inspired by my fan base which is mostly women, of all ages, shapes and ethnicities. I am really inspired by the fact that predominantly it is women who come to the striptease shows, it doesn’t even make sense, but that’s really what’s happening. One of the reasons I will continue doing everything myself is that it is an important message to send to them, like hey, I did my own hair and makeup to go on the red carpet of the Cannes Film Festival, standing next to any famous actress who has spend all day in hair and make-up with the “Glam Squad”. I am doing it myself, so you can do it to! I want to remind people that Its not magic, it just takes patience and practice, and I am really inspired by the letters that I get from girls who say that they are grateful to me for being a different alternative to a role model. I am releasing taboos by showing them a different way. I couldn’t do that until I discovered glamour and discov-

ered that I could be my own brand of beauty instead of suffering under the fact that I didn’t look like the girl on the cover of Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. What made you choose the art form of Burlesque Dancing? It is kind of something that just happened very naturally, and I feel that the reason why I have this big Burlesque career is because I wasn’t afraid of doing something that was considered risqué, a taboo. I wouldn’t be who I am today if I hadn’t wandered into a Strip Club at 19 years old and thought to myself that this might be a big adventure to work in a strip club. If I hadn’t done that, and felt that I could change peoples minds about striptease and what it was to be a stripper I wouldn’t have the career that I have now. A lot of people looked down on me for walking into that Strip Club, but the fact is that if I didn’t have that experience I wouldn’t be able to do what I do today. So its also about not listening to what other people say, and just believing in what you are doing in that moment. You do it with integrity and honesty and authenticity with your own fascination for it and not really pay attention to what people think. If I did pay attention to what other people think I would still be blond, I would not be wearing read lipstick and I would not be wearing cat eye eyeliner. If I had listened to what men in my life had said early on, or photographers said to me early on, I wouldn’t be who I am! What role of importance do you believe Burlesque has in our day and age, and in the future? I had a moment about 10 years ago, where I really thought that while its great to re-create these shows of the past, what is going to really let Burlesque see a new light, evolve and live on is if the people that are making Burlesque Shows don’t only make replicas. That is one of the things I am truly trying to emphasis, even though my style is very retro, and it’s something that I have been doing for 20 years. What I am trying to do that is new for me, my personal evolution, is bringing new interesting technology and making my shows more lavish than anything that was ever seen in Burlesque before. I am actually doing something that nobody has ever done before in the history of Burlesque. If you look back at the Shows that existed in the 1930/40/50ies it is nothing like what I m doing, and what a lot of other people too are doing on stage, so it is important to not just be replicating shows of the past, but also to be utilizing something modern. It is admirable and shows the true artist in you that you create and produce your own Shows down to each detail. Tell us about that creative process? Well, one of best my friends, her name is Catherine Dlish, she is a performer, she has made most of my costumes for stage and we have worked together for the past 15 years on shows. Once there is an idea, we sit together and talk a lot about it at first, because moving forward with actually creating a show is a huge undertaking. Not only financially but also time wise, you know some of the shows take between 6months and 3years to produce. Sometimes I get stuck on something like the music or a prop, or how it should end. I don’t have a team of people that are story-boarding things out and styling things and advising me. It’s really like me and my friend or other

Corset by Mr.Pearl Diamond and Platinum Drop Earrings by Neil Lane Red perforated leather gloves by Gaspar Diamond and Platinum deco bracelets by Neil Lane Diamond and Platinum ring by Neil Lane Nude fishnets by Wolford

people that I might ask to come in and help, like a prop maker, or lighting guy or music guy, so I am really hands on with the whole creation of the show. Its actually something I have been really trying help people understand more because, I hear people talking, I hear people whisper sometimes; what does she do anyway? Like sometimes people think I just dress up in outfits, and go on the red carpet. But even when I do step out on the red carpet I do my own hair and makeup, and styling, so I am basically doing the same work as I would hire four or five people to do. Tell us about your designs. Well, I have been collecting vintage for a long time, and my dress collection is based on things in my wardrobe that I think would work on lots of different body shapes and other women than just me. So my clothing line is basically just me going into my vintage archive, saying I think this dress would work and re-creating it in different fabrics and different sizes, with an update here and there. I desire to create things that are classic and timeless and that people can’t really tell is Vintage. I am not trying to make “Mad Men” style clothing I am trying to make dresses from the 1940ies and 50ies that could have been bought at Dior, Luis Vuitton or Prada. The one thing that I love about vintage is that a lot of those things are still great; they are still beautiful all these years later. My lingerie is something really important to me because I feel like my whole career was built on my love of lingerie. I used to work in a lingerie store, and its something really close to me. Lingerie is symbolic of the womanhood and a very private and very personal luxury but which can also be used for seduction if you choose… So my lingerie line, called Von Follies, is also based on updating and modernising things from my vintage archives and from books. And of course my desire of what kind of lingerie I would like to be wearing. I design things that have to do with my world of creating beauty and glamour. I would really love to do vintage jewellery and costume jewellery too. I have a house filled with flea market finds, so even house wear and to help people create an atmosphere would be something I might take on in the future, because obviously I am pretty good at it! For me it’s about sharing with people what I know and what I have learned along the way. Where did you find the confidence and courage to stay true to yourself? I always try to look for new ways to be a better person, what can I do to feel like I did something good for myself, like eating well, exercising, new things to take on that makes me feel better. I am big on reading books and getting help when I need help, like speaking to a therapist if I need some advice. If I feel like people don’t like me or like what I am doing, or if I read something that isn’t positive about me, I try to transform that into a good energy and doing something about it. I have experienced a lot of heartbreak in my life and I am going to transform that into something good, like get up and do something good for myself today. It’s about keeping positive. Just like everybody else, I am not always confident, I have all the same self doubt, I just try to love myself and accept things that I don’t like about myself and I think its something important for all women to know that we all have those feelings. Everybody has something about them that they wish they could change, everybody I know anyways, and it’s about learning to love those things too. What advice and message is it that you would love to leave? And what IS the art of the Teese? Like we were just talking about I would say that its the art of transformations, and the little things you can do to make yourself feel better, whether it’s a tube of lipstick or lighting a candle. It is not about seducing men, it is about feeling better about yourself. My new Beauty Book is about eccentric glamour and eccentric beauty. It’s about unique features and how beautiful they are to look at. You should always embrace the things that make you different than other people. I love people who are truly self made and self created and who don’t sit around for someone to give it to them. Dita Von Teese just opened up her show Strip Strip Hooray in Los Angeles, and she is working on bringing the Show to Paris and London too. Photo : Anja Poulsen Makeup : Kathy Jueng Hair : Danilo Styling : Jessicandkelly Studio : Smashbox Studios Culver LA

Photo: Henrik Hviid, (Mikey Harling from »The Caezars«)

Samurai earrings ZARAH VOIGT Hand costumized vintage jacket BSEEN


PHOTO: Anja Poulsen, STYLIST: Line Giskov MODEL: Serena, Photogenics LA MAKE-UP: Simon Rihana using MAC RETOUCH:

Pom Pom Body MOONSPOON SALOON Short tights AMERICAN APPAREL Hand costumized vintage suede boots BSEEN

Cropped knit with fringes MOONSPOON SALOON Black bathing suit ANNE SOFIE MADSEN Hand costumized vintage suede boots BSEEN

Gold necklace ZARAH VOIGT Black bathing suit ANNE SOFIE MADSEN Leather net pant MOONSPOON SALOON Turquoise wedges BIANCO

Glam earrings ZARAH VOIGT Pony leather jacket MOONSPOON SALOON

15. November, 2012, Vega, Copenhagen, Denmark. »Tonight we’re gonna learn some dirty words Gossip as a band is brilliant, bright and and dance our asses off.« solid. The music is timeless and it is by no doubt a magical trio between the members in This was the very first words that came out of Gossip who lift each other up and blossom muthe beautiful enchanting Beth Ditto as Gossip sically together. The room was buzzing with took stage at Vega in Copenhagen. And from high potent energy. From start to finish, you the very first beat of a drum, and note from were hooked. her voice, the crowd was lifted. I can only speak for myself, but it took a few days be- Beth Ditto is an angel, a diva, a darling in fore I landed back on the ground from the disguise. She is authentic and she is honest. higher highs … She is art and she is fashion. She is without a doubt an ICON of our time … Beth Ditto truly has a stage presence that can fill every inch of room. She is gifted So if you haven’t listened yet, go discover with a voice that holds the power of spiritu- Gossip, and allow yourself to be lifted to al gospel, sexy rock n’ roll, soulful pop and higher highs. much more. It all simmers from the very centre of her being, with a hard edge of origi- Heavy Cross is a timeless hit, and their 2012 nality. On stage she is charismatic, charm- album A Joyful Noise is exactly what the tiing, dazzling, passionate and raw. She simply tle promises it to be….. enjoy. delivers each song with a sense of rebirth into another celebration. Line Givskov

G o s s i p


PHOTO: Anja Poulsen, STYLIST: Toye Adedipe MODEL: Kylie, Photogenics LA MAKE-UP: Simon Rihana RETOUCH:

White over coat Llyod Klein couture Double stitched leather bra Ashton Michael Bottoms spanx Suede strap Heels Gucci

Silver suit Ghilaga by Emillie Pink shoes with spike detailing Stylist own

Neon Tweed coat Antonio Berardi White silk jumpsuit Armani

Mesh Gown with cut-out detailing Nicolas Felizola

Double stitched leather bra Ashton Michael Bottoms spanx

Assymetrical coat/Ivan Grundahl Hat/Båndsalonen

Photo: Daniel Stjerne see full story in App Thanks to Båndsalonen, Herrenes Magasin v / David K og Ivan Grundahl

Leatherjacket/ Iiil7 Knit/Hope Shirt/Cheap Monday Pants/Cavaliere Chain/Beadhouse Gloves/Anne Sofie Madsen



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Photo : Lizette Mikkelsen • Hair & Make-Up : Line Bille • Stylists : Rebecca Wedell-Wedellsborg & Christoffer Sakurai • Retouch : Wetouch • Thanks : Kathrine & Christina for lending out your horse

Fur Jacket :Ole Yde Skirt : Freya Dalsjo Boots : InWear Bracelet : Georg Jensen

Top : Freya Dalsjo Long Skirt :Ole Yde Belt : Stylists own

ROCK 'N' ROLL PEOPLE photo:Nicky De Silva,

Rock'n'roll people is a clothing brand, founded by

matter of attitude and approach to life, it has nothing to do with

Copenhagen born Nikolai Nalu. The driving force behind Ni-


kolai comes from a life long passion for music, fashion, design

Sase: Speaking 2013, I would say Rihanna is Rock n Roll,

and art. Shortly after the brand was conceived, Nikolai partne-

Kanye West too, he is also good inspiration.

red with singer & model Saseline, whose focus includes stylistic design, particularly for the female line.

From where or from whom do you draw inspiration? Nik: I look everywhere, at anything. My radar is constantly

Tell where you are and what you are working on right now?

tuned in. In the last year I have been very into the universe of

Right now we are in Copenhagen, we just got back from

the “Watch The Throne” album by Kanye West & Jay Z. The

Shanghai, designing the new styles that will be out ultimo

thing is, I take out ideas from anything, and use the inspiration

march/primo April. And then we are working on the magazine

in my sketches.

part of the brand, which is online, next to the shop.

Sase: Its a mixture of what I see on the streets, what I would put on myself, the runways, high fashion and Hollywood. In-

When and how did the idea of RNRP come about?

spiration luckily comes from everywhere. Open your eyes and

Nik: Well back in 2006 I started the online magazine “The

get inspired.

Rock N Roll Magazine”, and for a while I have considered a spinoff from that. In the mean time I had been doing furniture

What has been the greatest challenge in establishing RNRP?

and jewelry, so I just got to a point where I wanted to do my

Nik: Greatest challenge is definitely the production, materials,

own stuff again, so I left the other projects to pursue this. I

economy etc. That is one of the reasons why Saseline and I

missed being creative, so it felt good to start drawing clothing.

flew out to spend some quality time with the production in

Saseline was the first person I called to talk to regarding style


and design, because I really digg her style.

Sase: Getting into this business is a challenge in its self. There are so many brands, so much cool stuff, and so many seasons.

So what is your role Nikolai and yours Saseline?

If you fear it, you won't get anywhere! So we have no choice

Nik: Saseline mostly make sure that I don´t get too drunk, and

than to get up and just do it! It’s scary as hell, and people will

then yells at me if she feels that I am not organized! Haha..

judge you, like it or not. When you express your creative side,

But actually I run the business on a daily basis, I am on it 24-7!

you will always be judged! That is just the name of the game!

Sase: He can't live without me! Haha … No, I am happy he asked me to try and do this with him. Suddenly I became more

What is the Dream and Vision with RNRP for the future?

involved as I knew production in China who could help us. I

Nik: I don’t see many limits to our brand in the long perspec-

have a big network and PR is a part of what I do, so I feel we

tive. The name is so open that we can do a lot of different

have a good way of working together. Best of all, it doesn't feel

things under the same umbrella. Art, music management, mu-

like we are trying, it just happens. We have good chemistry

sic production etc. This spring we are branding out to New

and same taste.

York, and in the summer we have sunglasses and a bag collection coming out, but our focus will probably always be clo-

True Rock n Roll People, who are they to you?


Nik: Good question! Lars Ulrich (Drummer in Metallica) has

Sase: Cliché to say this, but this is really how I see it in all

always been a hero of mine, he is definitely Rock N Roll; Jay

perspectives in my life: 'The sky is the limit!´ So Lets try take it

Z, John Varvatos, there are so many. Being Rock N Roll is a

to the moon.













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se Tea

von Dita

azine. mag att



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