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January/February 2017

BVRLA News The bimonthly newsletter of the British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association

BVRLA predicts challenges in 2017 Following a successful year for the association, BVRLA Chief Executive Gerry Keaney has warned members that there are some major challenges facing the industry in 2017. Giving his outlook for next 12 months, Keaney said: “You don’t need a crystal ball to identify the big challenges facing our industry this year. First and foremost is Brexit and the political and economic uncertainty this brings, closely followed by

our growing air quality crisis. Our industry also has to get to grips with some very significant and deeply flawed changes to the tax and emissions regimes. “The vehicle and rental industry is resilient, innovative and totally client focused. Our members will continue to meet these and other challenges, turning many of them into opportunities to deliver yet more value to their customers.” u

Our predictions for the year ahead 1 The UK government will take a very pragmatic approach in retaining most EU regulations and directives. 2 We will see a low single digit percentage increase in the traditional fleet leasing market, but growth for vans will be much stronger, at around 10%, year-on-year.

4 The shift from diesel to petrol and electric powertrains will gather pace, with diesel’s share of the new lease car market falling towards 65%. 5 The BVRLA lease fleet’s average CO2 emissions will continue to outpace reductions in the wider new car market. 6 Regulators, including the CMA and the FCA, will continue their efforts to raise standards across the industry. 7 After years of discussion, 2017 will be the year firms start getting ready to implement new lease accounting rules.

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3 The blurring of boundaries between traditional rental and leasing services will continue. In the commercial vehicle sector we’ll see even more demand for flexible rental.

8 The fleet sector will see the introduction of a raft of innovative connected services, primarily in servicing, maintenance and repair. 9 Ahead of the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which comes into effect in 2018, there will be increased focus on how firms ensure compliance. 10 The public sector will make a real effort to tackle the grey fleet.

VED changes will see bills quadruple BVRLA members are likely to purchase fewer vehicles this year because of a 400% increase in first-year Vehicle Excise Duty bills. page 4 WLTP is the hot topic at February forums More than 100 people came to hear expert speakers explain the new emissions test for cars and vans. page 5 One year, many numbers 2016 saw sustained growth in the vehicle rental and leasing sector. Phil Garthside reveals the key figures. page 6 Committees set their agendas for 2017 The BVRLA committees are your voice – find out what they have planned for the year ahead. page 8 DVLA to release CPC and Tacho Card data From April, the Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency will make new types of driver data available. page 9 BVRLA provides CPD points for courses The BVRLA has launched a Continuing Professional Development scheme for members who attend its training courses. page 10

• Promoting responsible road transport since 1967 •

London Hilton, Park Lane 2 March 2017 The BVRLA returns to London’s West End for its Annual Dinner. It is the only evening to bring the whole industry together and we are celebrating 50 years of representing the industry. Last year more than 900 people representing over 100 companies enjoyed top-class food and entertainment at the London Hilton on Park Lane. Why not bring some of your clients or business partners to this must-attend

occasion, which is widely acclaimed as the friendliest, funniest and most looked-forward to event in the rental and leasing industry calendar? As well as providing an unrivalled opportunity to network amongst your peers, you can join with us recognising some of our industry’s most talented individuals and unsung heroes. Further details on the event will follow. Interested in finding out about our sponsorship packages for this event? Email

To book, please contact Fran Hampson on 01494 545703 or email

50th Anniversary


The BVRLA team

Chief Executive Gerry Keaney 01494 545716, Secretary to the Chief Executive Kate McLaren 01494 545709, Management Accountant Bharti Ladwa 01494 545708, Accounts Assistant Melanie Richardson 01494 545722, Director of Communications & External Relations Toby Poston 01494 545700, Research & Insight Manager Phil Garthside 01494 545717, Media Relations & Communications Manager Jamie Fretwell 01494 545710, Marketing & Communications Executive Tamsin Stuczynska 01494 545707, Director of Member Services Nora Leggett 01494 545713, Events Manager Fran Hampson 01494 545703, Learning & Development Professional Duncan McMillan 01494 545719, Member Services Executive Laura Birdsey 01494 545714, Director of Policy & Membership Jay Parmar 01494 545706, Membership Manager Greg Theaker 01494 545705, Compliance & Governance Executive Adam Holt 01494 545718, Compliance & Membership Co-ordinator Diane Alexander 01494 545720, CRM Data Manager Robert Burford 01494 545702, Senior Policy Advisor Patrick Cusworth 01494 545712, Legal & Policy Executive Amanda Brandon 01494 545701, Conciliation Service Manager Sallie Catchpole 01494 545715, Conciliation Service Officers Rick Connors 01494 545711, Stephen Dix 01494 545711,

The Hilton on Park Lane: where our 50th anniversary celebrations begin

Comment By Gerry Keaney, BVRLA Chief Executive

A thank you as we enter our golden jubilee The BVRLA was founded in December 1967, which means that 2017 marks our golden jubilee. To mark 50 years of representing the vehicle rental and leasing industry, your association has organised a range of celebratory events and activities. The first of these is our Annual Dinner, which takes place at the London Hilton on Park Lane in March. I hope to see you there as we celebrate half a century of achievement. If one looks at the BVRLA 50 years ago, there were just 12 members. Today there are more than 900 members, who own and operate millions of the cleanest and safest cars, vans and trucks on our roads. In doing so they pump billions of pounds into the UK automotive industry and economy each year.

We are immensely proud of our members and how they have dealt with a series of challenges in that time. There are likely to be more challenges in the future, as we predict that our industry will see more change in the next 10 years than in the previous 50. Just like its members, the BVRLA must adapt to rapidly changing business requirements. But we must also maintain focus on the basics that have stood us in good stead for five decades. Rest assured, the association will continue to help you manage your assets and your reputation by campaigning, lobbying, training, researching and setting ever higher professional standards. We look forward to many more years of working together.

The British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association River Lodge, Badminton Court Amersham, Buckinghamshire HP7 0DD Tel 01494 434747 Fax 01494 434499 Email Web Š Copyright BVRLA 2017. BVRLA News articles may be used copyright free by members provided that an acknowledgement is given.

Honorary Life President Freddie Aldous Chairman Simon Oliphant

Vice Chairman Matt Dyer Honorary Treasurer Brian Back

Sarah Philp 01494 545711,

BVRLA News | January/February 2017



VED changes will see bills quadruple for rental firms BVRLA members are likely to purchase fewer vehicles this year because of a 400% increase in their first-year Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) bills. With the average rental car disposed of after nine months, the industry will bear the brunt of the government’s decision to increase VED rates and end refunds of unused first-year tax. In a BVRLA-commissioned report into the anticipated impact of these changes, Oxford Economics found that the average VED paid on rental cars over nine months of ownership would rise from £36 under the old system to £170 from April 2017 – an increase of nearly 400%. The rental sector’s overall first-year VED bill would rise from £11m in 2016 to £55m in 2017. In order to offset these costs, BVRLA members are likely to operate their vehicles for longer and buy around 24,800 fewer cars this

year. As one in three cars purchased by rental companies in 2016 was either manufactured in the UK or contained a major UK-built element, this could mean 8,267 fewer UKbuilt vehicles would be purchased this year. The BVRLA has sent a copy of the report to the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Philip Hammond, with a letter signed by the managing directors of six rental companies. As part of its Spring 2017 Budget submission, the association has called on the government to reinstate the ability to claim a full refund of any unused tax when a car is sold within the first 12 months after registration. The BVRLA is encouraging members to assist with its lobbying efforts by contacting their local MP. u The report, The Economic Impact of Changes to Vehicle Excise Duty, is available via the BVRLA website:

Minister hails our sector The Minister of State for Transport recognised the importance of the BVRLA at the association’s recent Parliamentary Winter Reception. Speaking to representatives of the rental and leasing industry at the House of Commons, the Rt Hon John Hayes CBE MP told members that the government will work with the sector to tackle the big issues. Hayes, pictured above (centre) with BVRLA Chief Executive Gerry Keaney (left), said: “I know this organisation is important. It is important because you purchase an immense number of new vehicles – well over half of all new vehicles sold and registered each year. You show leadership and purchase low emission vehicles… and have a significant knock-on effect, stimulating and sparking innovation, and making a real difference in helping cut emissions.” u

Budget submission 2017: Approval for BVRLA details tax burden ADR service The BVRLA has used its Budget submission to HM Treasury to reiterate its concern at the growing tax burden upon company car drivers.

less, and encouraged the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Philip Hammond, to introduce this immediately, rather than wait until 2021, when the impact may not be as great.

The association said the 2% increase from this tax year, combined with the cancellation of the removal of the 3% diesel surcharge, amounts to a tax increase of over 15% per employee.

The BVRLA also set out its objections to the incoming changes to Vehicle Excise Duty (see above).

The BVRLA welcomed the reduction in company car tax payable on vehicles with emissions of 50g/km CO2 or


The Chancellor will unveil his Summer Budget on Wednesday 8 March. The BVRLA will follow announcements and produce a briefing on developments of interest to the fleet sector. u

Following an audit by the Chartered Trading Standards Institute, the BVRLA’s Conciliation Service has successfully maintained its approved status as an ADR body. This means that the service meets the terms of the Alternative Dispute Resolution for Consumer Disputes (Competent Authorities and Information) Regulations 2015 – giving assurance to both businesses and customers resolving their difficulties under its aegis. u

January/February 2017 | BVRLA News

WLTP: the hottest topic at February’s forums More than 100 people attended two separate BVRLA forums in February to hear expert speakers explain the WorldHarmonised Light-Duty Vehicles Test Procedure (WLTP). The WLTP, which will be introduced from September, is a multinational project to make it easier to compare fuel efficiency and emission standards across the world. It also aims to reduce discrepancies between real world driving and test conditions. It raises a number of concerns for BVRLA members. The process of quoting prices to customers may become more complicated as it will need to take into account the impact upon emissions of optional extras, such as roof racks. Leasing companies may also have to change their administration systems to accommodate the WLTP.

HM Treasury has confirmed to the BVRLA that it will not be using CO2 values from WLTP for tax purposes from September, but will look to agree a suitable moment to move the tax system to WLTP based on industry input. u The BVRLA has produced a fact sheet with further information on WLTP. It can be downloaded from the association’s website: Details of the BVRLA’s forums can also be found on the association’s website: To book places, contact Events Manager Fran Hampson. Contact Fran Hampson 01494 545703

Annual Dinner attracts Honda as key sponsor The BVRLA is pleased to announce that Honda UK is the manufacturer sponsor for this year’s BVRLA Annual Dinner, taking place on Thursday 2 March 2017 at the London Hilton on Park Lane. Honda UK joins Enterprise RentA-Car, Lombard, MS Automotive (London) Ltd and VRS in supporting the BVRLA Annual Dinner, which is a key networking date in the vehicle rental and leasing industry’s calendar. Honda will be showcasing

a range of its vehicles on the night, and Head of Cars Phil Webb will also be assisting with the presentation of the BVRLA’s awards. For those in the vehicle rental and leasing industry, the black-tie dinner is a fantastic networking event. u The Annual Dinner kicks off a year of celebratory events as 2017 marks the association’s 50th Anniversary. For details see the BVRLA’s event webpage:

BVRLA News | January/February 2017

Fleet Tech Congress: a date for your diary The BVRLA’s fourth Fleet Technology Congress will take place at the Williams F1 Conference Centre in Grove, Oxfordshire, on Wednesday 5 July. Speakers will discuss which technologies will help vehicle rental and leasing companies offer smarter, safer and more efficient road transport. Themes have yet to be confirmed, but delegates will be able to hear about the technological challenges and opportunities facing the sector. u To buy tickets or discuss sponsorship opportunities, contact Events Manager Fran Hampson. Contact Fran Hampson 01494 545703

Khan offers clean air cash Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has backed the BVRLA’s calls for a diesel scrappage scheme, because he believes it will help improve air quality in the capital. Under the Mayor’s proposed scheme, van drivers in London would be given £3,500 towards the cost of buying or leasing a cleaner model, and low-income households could receive a credit worth £2,000 to use on alternative transport, including car rental and car clubs, as well as public transport. Khan said he had delivered the proposals to relevant ministers, including Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond. u



BVRLA members 2016

One year, many numbers

We have scrutinised the figures and they show sustained growth in the vehicle rental and leasing sector over the past 12 months. Phil Garthside presents the key numbers Once again, the BVRLA and the industry it represents had another year of growth according to our latest annual membership and fleet size report.

Growth in the total member fleet continued, with a 5% rise to 4.71 million vehicles. The number of cars on fleet rose by 5.4%, LCVs by 3.9% and HGVs by 6.1%.

The association saw a net gain of 128 members across all sectors last year, with the greatest increase being in leasing brokers (+81 members). Membership of our corporate sector also increased, with both the leasing and fleet management sector and the commercial vehicle sector growing by 10% year on year.

The combined member fleet accounts for around one in every eight cars, one in every five vans and one in every five HGVs licensed to operate on UK roads. A large part of the fleet expansion came from the personal leasing sector, which grew by 13%.

Personal leasing now accounts for 1.6 million vehicles. The rental fleet consists of 430,862 vehicles, similar to the size reported in 2015, and the corporate leasing fleet grew by 2% to just over 2.6 million vehicles. u For further information on the BVRLA’s statistical services, contact Research & Insight Manager Phil Garthside. Contact Phil Garthside 01494 545717

Fleet size by vehicle type 2016


January/February 2017 | BVRLA News

Short-term rental fleet size 2016 Overall, short-term rental fleet sizes remained at the same level as in 2015.

Personal leasing fleet size 2016 The growth of personal leasing continued in 2016, albeit at not such a prolific rate as in 2015. The sector is dominated by cars, which represent 98% of vehicles. The primary source of vehicles is through captives offering Personal Contract Purchase arrangements.

Corporate leasing fleet size 2016 The corporate leasing sector saw a slight increase of 2% on 2015. Much of the sector’s growth can be attributed to LCVs and HGVs.

BVRLA News | January/February 2017



Committees set their agendas The BVRLA committees are your voice. Here is a snapshot of their agendas for 2017.

Leasing Broker Committee

The BVRLA’s Leasing Broker Committee continues to go from strength to strength. In May, at the next committee meeting, it will welcome a new chairman, Spencer Blake of Wessex Fleet Solutions, who takes over from Mike Potter of Fleetdrive Management. Spencer has some big shoes to fill, Mike having overseen the introduction of the compliance programme and the new Code of Conduct. The committee is focused on two main objectives this year: introducing a training programme for leasing brokers with the support of the funders, and improving communication through a regular newsletter for the sector. The much-loved Leasing Broker Karting Event, which raises money for Ben, the automotive industry charity, is moving to a new venue for this year’s 25 May race: Whilton Mill, Northamptonshire.

Leasing & Fleet Management Committee

Commercial Vehicle Committee

The Leasing & Fleet Management committee is also set to welcome a new chairman this year, when Ian Tilbrook of Volkswagen Financial Services takes over from David Hosking of Tusker in May. This year, the committee will focus on taxation and how to intercept any negative tax proposals at an early stage. The committee wants to work closely with policymakers to ensure they understand the vital role the sector plays in the economy. There will also be further work on connected vehicles and on ensuring a smooth transition to the Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicles Test Procedure (see page 5).

Rental Committee

The Rental Committee is focusing on standards this year through its compliance programme. It is planning to review data from this and from the Conciliation Service to determine what areas of best practice could be developed to enhance the customer experience of car rental.

Jon Lawes of Hitachi Capital Vehicle Solutions will chair his last meeting in March, with Peter Collins of MAN Financial Services set to take the seat from the middle of the year.

This committee also has compliance at the top of its agenda. One year into its compliance programme, and with a new Code of Conduct in place, it is eager to see what can be learned that will add value to the CV sector and its customers. This heavily legislated sector will also be taking the time to see what opportunities Brexit will present to remove or simplify burdensome legislation. Details of the work of the BVRLA’s committees can be found online at: To contribute to the work of the BVRLA’s committees, contact Legal & Policy Executive Amanda Brandon. Contact Amanda Brandon 01494 545701

The sector is also pushing the government to delay its planned changes to the Vehicle Excise Duty (road tax) regime, which, if implemented in April, will see the sector hit by a 400% tax rise (see page 4). At a time of economic uncertainty the committee believes these plans could have a damaging effect on the economy.


January/February 2017 | BVRLA News


Remember your VE103 LCV Fair Wear With Easter traditionally marking the start of the UK holiday season, the BVRLA is concerned that personal contract hire customers may not be aware that they need permission to take a leased vehicle abroad. Members are being urged to ensure that customers are informed about travelling abroad in a hire car, particularly the requirement for a VE103 Vehicle on Hire Certificate – the proof that permission has been granted by the vehicle owner to take the vehicle abroad. BVRLA Director of Member Services Nora Leggett said: “The total car

leasing fleet alone grew by 10% last year, with personal contract hire contributing 57% of this growth. That’s 1,627,517 customers who may be new to leasing and who may need additional support and advice during the life of a contract. It is not just a matter of having the correct documentation in place but also arranging appropriate breakdown and insurance cover to avoid potential upset and delay when taking the hire vehicle out of the UK.” u Members are advised that the final date to order VE103B forms in time for delivery before the Easter break is 29 March 2017. Order forms can be downloaded from the BVRLA website:

The VE103 in brief › It is a legal requirement for drivers to carry their vehicle’s registration documents when driving abroad unless they have a VE103 Vehicle on Hire certificate instead. › The VE103 provides the hirer with the vehicle owner’s permission as an authenticated extract of their V5C vehicle registration document.

› The VE103 also contains the name and address of the hirer. It enables the authorities to verify that the person driving the vehicle has permission to do so. › The BVRLA provides a bespoke VE103 service – the VE103B – that includes document management, scanning and retrieval to meet annual DVLA audit standards.

& Tear Guide to relaunch at CV Show 2017

The BVRLA will launch its updated Industry Fair Wear & Tear Standard for Drivers and Operators of Contract Hire, Rented and Leased Vehicles and Minibuses up to 17 Seats at this year’s CV Show. The standard, commonly known as The LCV Fair Wear & Tear Guide, will be unveiled to an audience of BVRLA members and operators at the Commercial Vehicle Show, which takes place at the Birmingham NEC from 25-27 April. The latest guide will give operators of light commercial vehicles an even clearer explanation of what constitutes acceptable wear and tear on a van or minibus when it is returned at the end of a lease. u For details of the BVRLA's Fair Wear & Tear Guides, contact the Member Services department. Contact Member Services 01494 545714

DVLA to release CPC and Tacho Card data The Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) will make Driver CPC and Tacho Card data available as part of the Access to Driver Data (ADD) real time service from April. The following data fields will be added:

BVRLA Associate Member Licence Check will be providing the newly available data when performing a driver check from April 2017 onwards.

operators wishing to take advantage of this enhanced service will need to have their drivers complete a new consent form.

Tacho Card Card Status, Unique ID Number, Issue From Date, Valid To Date.

Managing Director Richard Brown said: “The service will be updated to automatically capture this data, reducing admin time whilst speeding up and streamlining the process at the same time.”

Driver CPC Date of Issue (Valid From), LGV Expiry Date, PCV Expiry Date.

As with all DVLA data, drivers are required to provide consent for their employers to access it, so any

Members’ customers are being urged to carry out a ‘consent refresh’ for all drivers so that once the new data sets are available, the required permission will already be in place. Once complete, the new consent will be valid for three years. u

BVRLA News | January/February 2017

Further information can be found at:



FCA workshops BVRLA provides CPD points for own courses for brokers The BVRLA has launched its own Continuing Professional Development (CPD) scheme to provide members with evidence of their learning and development through the association. The CPD scheme has been designed to complement others that businesses may already have in place. Duncan McMillan, BVRLA Learning & Development Professional, said: “We work in an increasingly demanding sector, with need for better regulation, superior skills and exceptional knowledge. Members need to ensure they can prove staff are working to be professionally competent, not just during induction, but through

ongoing learning in the workplace. Our scheme is designed to help members evidence their activity.” Members will receive a CPD point for each hour of learning activity on a BVRLA course. In addition to being awarded for attending BVRLA courses, other events, accreditations and certificates will generate CPD points – as will reading BVRLA fact sheets and guides. The number of CPD points will be denoted by the BVRLA’s CPD logo (see example, left). u Further information can be found in the BVRLA’s CPD fact sheet:

Responding to a request from VWFS, the BVRLA organised a three-step programme.

Stage 3 will involve delegates understanding how they can apply what they’ve learnt to their day-to-day roles, in order to enhance the service they provide for customers.

Stage 1 saw Karen Morton of GTS, the BVRLA’s accredited training provider, deliver a one-day introduction to the industry.

If you’re interested in organising your own BVRLA training programme, please contact Learning & Development Professional Duncan McMillan.

Stage 2 saw 188 VWFS staff learn about the aims of the BVRLA, its Codes of Conduct and the services it provides to members.

Contact Duncan McMillan 01494 545719


Working in partnership with Andrew Smith from Consumer Credit Advisory Services (CCAS), the first half-day workshop was held at CCAS’s offices in Swindon on 31 January. The topic being explored was the Regulatory Business Plan – a key document for any firm operating with limited or full permissions from the FCA. This had been identified as a key area for improvement for leasing brokers by the BVRLA’s governance programme. Explaining why the Plan is needed, what information should be documented within it, and how it should be set up and monitored, Smith delivered a hugely informative session to those present. u

VWFS gets bespoke course in association’s services More than 180 employees from Volkswagen Financial Services (VWFS) have learnt about the BVRLA as part of their training.

The BVRLA has begun a series of workshops for Leasing Broker Members to explain the role of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

Another workshop on this topic will take place on 9 March at the Limes Country Lodge, Solihull. For details contact Learning & Development Professional Duncan McMillan. Contact Duncan McMillan 01494 545719


VWFS staff with BVRLA Director of Member Services Nora Leggett (standing)

January/February 2017 | BVRLA News


Audits identify problem areas


January marked the first full year of the BVRLA’s revised audit programme, and a few issues requiring attention to detail have been identified.

FCA Workshop for Leasing Brokers 9 March, Solihull Providing an update in knowledge and technical expertise, this one-day workshop is vital for leasing brokers. The main focus will be on enabling members to discuss Regulatory Business Plans and other compliance issues. (See the story on page 10.)

Among Rental Members, the most common faults were that websites needed clearer links to terms and conditions, complaints policies and data protection information. Complaints processes sometimes failed to include the Financial Ombudsman Service and/or the

BVRLA’s Conciliation Service. It was also found that terms and conditions often did not cover telematics, data protection or charges, and required greater clarity on the customer’s own responsibility. Problems discovered during audits of Leasing Broker Members included information notices being absent or in need of personalisation. Sometimes financial promotions and conflict of interest policies and registers were lacking. u

New Associate Members LHE Finance

LHE Finance has been funding hire companies for several years using wholesale funding from capital markets. It also arranges finance across the transport sector, with expertise in cars, LCVs, HGVs, buses, coaches and sweepers. Since 1989 it has funded over £3bn, and in 2016 it funded £118m to BVRLA members.

Northridge Finance

Northridge Finance, the trading name of NIIB Group, is the asset finance arm of Bank of Ireland (UK). Headquartered in Belfast, it has coverage across the UK and provides a suite of hire and credit products in both consumer and non-consumer markets via motor dealerships and contract hire providers.

New Members Commercial Vehicle

Professional Fleet Consultant Development Programme 15-16 March & 3-4 May, The Beeches, Bournville This four-day course from the Institute of Car Fleet Management (ICFM) provides insights into customer needs, enabling executives to sell fleet solutions more effectively. To book places or find out more about BVRLA training, contact Learning & Development Professional Duncan McMillan. Contact Duncan McMillan 01494 545719

BVRLA Events BVRLA Annual Dinner 2 March London Hilton on Park Lane

Raw Motors (Nottingham)

Asset Management & Risk Control Forum 20 April Shoosmiths LLP, Northampton

Central Vehicle Solutions (Birmingham)

Mental-Rental (Birmingham)

Chesterfield Car Consultants (Chesterfield)

CV Show 25-27 April Birmingham NEC

Westhampnett Motors (Chichester)

Great Coates Motors (Grimsby) Oldham Van Centre (Oldham)

Rental Ryans Rentals (Bristol)

Leasing & Fleet Management Santander Consumer (UK) (Redhill)

Leasing Broker Avail Vehicle Contracts (Ross on Wye)

Carvango (London)

Blossom Leasing (Gloucestershire)

Motorlet (Hitchin)

Bluestone Leasing (Wakefield)

RGW Vehicle Contracts (Sheffield)

CLVR (Gloucester)

BVRLA News | January/February 2017

BVRLA Broker 200 Kart Race 25 May Whilton Mill, Daventry Contact BVRLA Events Manager Fran Hampson: 01494 545703, Full details of all BVRLA events can be found online:


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BVRLA News, January/February 2017  

The newsletter of the British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association (BVRLA) for January/February 2017.

BVRLA News, January/February 2017  

The newsletter of the British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association (BVRLA) for January/February 2017.