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for all the World’s Best. Born from a family with over 70 years in the Automotive Industry. The Stewart’s Automotive Group has brought together the ultimate names in the Automotive, Industrial, Paints, Tyres, Accessories and Auto Rental Industries.

Car rental

Stewart’s Auto Sales 49-51 South Camp Road, Kingston 4, Jamaica Tel: 928-5041-7

Stewart Motors, BMW Importer 5 Orchard Road, Kingston 5, Jamaica Tel: 906-4BMW (269)

Stewart Industrial 22 Bell Road, Kingston 11, Jamaica Tel: 923-5031

Automotive Art Kingston 968-0397 Portmore 704-5749 Montego Bay 979-7676

Budget Rent-a-Car 53 South Camp Road, Kingston 4, Jamaica Tel: 759-1793, 759-1353

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Most Powerful Women in Jamaican Business for 2013 Businessuite Magazine Special Edition November 2013

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SheLeads!! Challenges Women Face As Leaders Dr. Anita Davis-DeFoe




Trends and developments



Enterprise 4 Women A Global Marketplace! Yvonne Witter




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Are Women Really Harder To Work With?

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Help I’m An Entrepreneur and Consistency is King Auto



The new BMW 5 Series: Sedan, Touring and Gran Turismo Technology



Is the Future Of Mobile And Online Largely In Social Media?

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SheLeads!! Challenges Women Face As Leaders Dr. Anita Davis-DeFoe

Globally, while as women we have made some strides as leaders, moreover we still face tremendous challenges. Typically, when people think of a leader, the organizational CEO, what immediately still comes to mind is “he” not “she.” Even with mounting research from respected universities and think tanks that suggest women by nature are equipped to be better leaders than men (if you don’t believe me Google this for yourself), and interesting enough, the number crunchers report that company profits are higher when a woman is at the helm, females continue to encounter a slippery slope as they work to journey from the backroom to the 6


“ it is often a challenge for a woman to define her own authentic leadership style as far too many of us think to be effective we must behave like a man.”

In the United States, ( reports that only 4.2% of Fortune 500 company CEOs are women, and 4.5% of Fortune 1000 companies are led by women. If we scanned the corporate- landscapes across the Caribbean, Africa and Europe would the percentages be much higher? Worldwide, the gender diversity lens, I believe, is obstructed with dust, causing it appears the lack of large numbers of women in the corporate suite to be of no grave concern. Few seem to recognize the sacrifices and the stressors that the vast majority of women leaders have faced to

Businessuite Magazine Special Edition November 2013

Editorial earn a leadership position, or the array of resiliency strategies employed just not to give up during the arduous process. As women we remain challenged by a range of paradoxes: • A Pay Paradox – women historically choose to enter into “pink collar” jobs like teaching and social work that pay a low wage, despite this, women when performing the same job as a man, make 77% what men earn no matter what the currency might be, • An Ambiguity Paradox – women are faced with exhibiting professionalism while maintaining femininity, if she is overly efficient and no nonsense, she is accused of emulating male behaviors, often to the point that her sexual persuasion is questioned; while if she is viewed as being timid, her pathway to the position is questioned as are her qualifications to do the job. Too many women mistakenly think that to be an impactful leader they must behave like a man, • A Promotion Paradox – women are often challenged to ask for what they want, negotiate for what they require, appreciate their range of skills and overall worth. This makes moving upward into the corporate suite difficult because these talented women get overlooked and they commonly do not advocate for themselves. Negotiating is a skill that requires practice, and this too often is an needed growth area for women, • A Networking Paradox – women innately seek and strive to build relationships, yet we do not always effectively use our networks to support our ca-

reer pathway progression. Also, many of us do not have mentors to coach us and help us navigate through corporate mind fields. This lack of mentors sadly can be linked to a deficiency of intergenerational support between women commonly due to feelings of competition, ego, and the “All About Me” agenda that some woman have, and • A Start-Up Paradox – women as entrepreneurs face a much tougher time finding start-up dollars than men, so for those women choosing to demonstrate their leadership by creating a company, they face multiple challenges getting started even when they have conceptualized an innovative idea or service. Too often, the venture capitalist mindset is not to fund because the woman will marry, have children and swiftly abandon the corporate ship. • Goldenmedia Montserrat CEO Nerissa Golden, shared her insights on how women can lead more intentionally, “For women that are more accustomed to being implementers ensuring that the job gets done, the challenge is to step back and think strategically about how to bring the entire team along with you. It may mean seeing others falter, and rather than taking over, guiding them to success.” Yvonne P Witter, International Entrepreneurship Consultant says, “Women, too often are plagued by internal doubts about their competencies as a leader, their ability to effective fulfill roles as leaders based upon the dominating organizational culture where they must serve. This

Businessuite Magazine Special Edition November 2013

is not due to a lack of proficiency but quite frequently how the woman has been socialized, the attitudes and beliefs she has developed relative to herself as a leader. Also, it is often a challenge for a woman to define her own authentic leadership style as far too many of us think to be effective we must behave like a man.” As a woman leader working to elevate your effectiveness, I offer these strategies: 1. Embrace and Learn to Lead Self First, and Always Let Your Core Values Be Your Guide, 2. Trust Your Ability and Right to Be A Leader , Being A Leader Is Not About Being Liked, It Is About Being Respected and Viewed As A Results Achiever, 3. Define Your Authentic Leadership Style, Be You, Be A Servant Leader Of Your Own Design, 4. Continuously Seek to Learn Best Practices and Emerging Leadership Tools, 5. Find An Appropriate Mentor, A Woman or Man That Can Be Your Sounding Board and Confidante, 6. Create or Join A Supportive Mastermind Group, and 7. Know How to Effectively Lead Teams As Organizational Outcomes Are Linked to Levels of Team Proficiency. Dr. Anita Davis-DeFoe is an international organization, human and leadership development solutionist, the author of Follow Her Lead: Leadership Lessons For Women As They Journey From the Backroom to the Boardroom, and she is a John Maxwell Certified Mastermind Leadership Facilitator, Speaker and Teacher.


Do you need a dynamic speaker for your next leadership or organization development event, then you certainly want to engage John Maxwell certified Mastermind Group Facilitator, Teacher and Speaker, Dr. Anita Davis-DeFoe. For Booking Contact: The A-List Agency Coretta Doctor-Allison 301-803-9409 8

Businessuite Magazine Special Edition November 2013

women + business

Trends and developments Enterprise 4 Women A Global Marketplace! Yvonne Witter

“Exciting times lay ahead for all those female entrepreneurs, who see no barriers to trade, and focus on emerging markets,

Whilst operating as an enterprise educator in the Further Education sector, I noticed that women seemed less confident and assured about their desire to operate a business. Often at the heart of their dream was a desire to create a greater balance in their life as a mother and or carer. Some women, once tasted the freedom of self employment, became quite drawn to success and an even greater yearning to create multiple income streams or to expand an existing business.

So it is that I meet people at various stages in the life of their business. Once a woman starts off with me as their business advisor, they tend to find me again when they decide to diversify or start a new venture or are thinking about business expansion. Women and entrepreneurship is exciting because women are yet to make significant progress with the self employment sector. Given that around 50% of the population are women the 5% of women in

Businessuite Magazine Special Edition November 2013


women + business business in the UK for example, indicates that there is much more to be done. When we view global entrepreneurship we see a rather different picture; a ‘vision of women entrepreneurs contributing to employment creation, poverty reduction and sustainable development’.

aspirations;’ a free space for women to connect with each other across continents, and artificial and physical borders, to promote goods and services and showcase their achievements.

I often feel ahead of my time because we are now entering a period in which global trade will be so much more accessible to many, no longer the preserve of only those with great means for travel and international communications and sophisticated knowledge of import / export regulations. We have google translator and social media to take care of communications. People are bypassing the highly regulated borders and finding new ways in which to deliver or access goods and services.

Notice how women in other parts of the world are also actually ‘reducing poverty’. So, business creation is not only about taxation, wealth creation, and self employment, in some contexts in many parts of the world it is about alleviating hunger and starvation. That is why I am keen to develop and sustain an international portfolio which introduces me to opportunities to share skills, knowledge and experience in a wider global context. It was with that goal in mind that in 2009 I created www.enterprise4women. A company I know and sometimes com a place online ‘for women work with is a UK and Nigeria with enterprising ideas and based business consultancy.


They have run training in Dubai for business leaders in Nigeria as the UK immigration proved too challenging for many course participants to obtain a visa for a couple of weeks, so the hotel where we stayed in Dubai and the traders that we purchased from and the Emirates Airline, benefited financially. I certainly enjoyed being flown out to Dubai to deliver Leadership training to senior executives!! So, you see, exciting times lay ahead for all those female entrepreneurs, who see no barriers to trade, and focus on emerging markets, and equip themselves with the skills, knowledge and experience to access more customers and greater awareness of what is possible. email comments to: witter. www.

Businessuite Magazine Special Edition November 2013

women + business


Are Women Really Harder To Work With? work this myth has sprouted from a bigger issue, and this goes beyond gender, this is a human condition that makes it difficult for people to work together in general,” notes organization and workforce development professional Dr. Anita Davis-DeFoe. “If an individual is suffering from But is this a myth or reality? It seems a little bit of personal insecurities, emotional or professional both for various reasons. wounds, the absence of emotional intelligence and personal effectiveness characteristics, these “Certainly, women can work together, but in my challenges make it difficult for them to work well Women. You can’t work with them. You can’t work for them. No, this isn’t a male complaint, but gripes coming from other women who say working with female counterparts in the corporate world can be challenging and, in some cases, unpleasant.

Businessuite Magazine Special Edition November 2013


women + business with others. This can apply to both men and women. However, since women are viewed as nurturers and relationship builders, when they do not work well together, this is shocking to others and serves to fuel this myth.” But how much of a myth is it when there are actual data to back up the complaints about women in the workplace? A report by the Workplace Bullying Institute cited in The New York Times found that 40 percent of workplace bullying comes from women and 70 percent of the time she has a female target. “This, too, fosters perceptions about conflict amongst women,” notes DavisDeFoe.

“Most of the vicious attacks, passive-aggressive behavior, and unkind remarks I’ve been subjected to in my life have been initiated by women,” said Karel Murray, co-author of Conquering the Witch Within in a press statement. “Women in business, with constant conflicting impulses, can be their own worst enemies. ” Women bosses have a lot going against them, including their own absence in a lot of places.

“Women as bosses are still rare when you look at the numbers, while growing; the numbers are still dismal across industries, as men are still viewed as the natural choice for a leadership role,” remarks Dr. Davis-DeFoe. “Socialization has caused both women and men to have misconceptions about leadership and managerial effectiveness 12

traits. When a woman demonstrates competencies that are celebrated in a male counterpart, she is criticized or labeled masculine.”

tend to overcompensate by being tougher.

Climbing the corporate ladder to the top is difficult in general but magnified for women. The Glass Branding and marketing specialist Hammer recently asked “Hard Theresa O’Neal, of Bee Season Questions: Why won’t we work Consulting, also says women for women?” And it discovered bosses fear appearing vulnerable. various answers. “As women in the workforce, we are sometimes concerned about “A gender schema is an displaying our vulnerabilities for unconscious cultural assumption fear that we may not be seen as we hold about men and women. capable as our male counterparts. One schema is that women are If subordinates fail, we are also first assumed incompetent and seen as failing. Unfortunately, we therefore not leaders, whereas are not allowed to pass the buck for men it’s the opposite – that or ‘dumb out’ like some (not all!) they are first assumed competent of our male counterparts do,” she until proven otherwise,” Dr. adds. That insecurity can breed Birute Regine, a developmental actions and behavior that make psychologist and author of Iron women seem like bad bosses, Butterflies: Women Transforming adds Davis-DeFoe. Themselves and the World, told Black female bosses on the the site. other hand are often perceived as better bosses. Researchers Stress management expert Debbie from Duke’s and Northwestern’s Mandel told Glass Hammer there business schools found that is another her reason why women while employees the “disliked prefer to work for men. “Women aggressive woman” notion, it tend to compete – especially with doesn’t apply when the women other women,” she said. Because are black, reports TheJaneDough. of the competition, women tend com. “When most people think to be aggressive when they see a of ‘race,’ they think of a black position they want. male. When most people think of ‘women,’ they think a white Women compete in the workplace female. Because black women for many reasons. Because of the essentially fly under both of continuing gender wage gap, those radars, they’re examined women compete harder against differently with the notion that one another for the higher-paying they’re practically impervious to positions. negative evaluations,” writes the site. But when black women are “And while it should inspire us to working for other black women, continue to work towards a truly the similar complaints about level playing (and paying) field, it women bosses crop up again. instead has done something quite different,” reports Molly Cain in One is that black female bosses Forbes.

Businessuite Magazine Special Edition November 2013

women + business time management) to work she ” “While we oftentimes do look at will be comfortable completing the man next to us and say, ‘Hey, not competing with other Stop judging: “It has long been I want to make what he makes,’ women,” notes Davis-DeFoe. said that women dress for other more often, we look at the woman women. That is because women next to us and think, ‘She’s such a And sometimes tempered tend to notice how other women suck-up, she doesn’t deserve the toughness is a good thing. “I are being perceived in a group,” salary/bonus/promotion/etc.’” have had my fair share of tough explains Dr. Davis-DeFoe. “As a female bosses, but on a positive woman in a place of business, Another reason for the note, I think it was my bosses’ the best bet is to get to know the competition between women is true desire to make me a better women you work with before the lack of top jobs available for executive,” says O’Neal. “I had one assuming anything.” women executives. “There are female boss who felt that I should only 15 female CEO’s in Fortune mirror her excellence and she was Stop living up to the myth: Flip 500 companies today, that’s only way tougher on me, her female the script instead. “I embrace the three percent…and we now make staffer than her male staffers. At misconceptions and use them up 46.8% of workforce today,” times she would severely chastise to my advantage. If they expect notes Cain in Forbes. or reprimand us, in an effort to me to be unapproachable and Women in the corporate world protect us from our own naivety.” catty, I find a way to compliment also fear missing a beat, so them immediately. If they expect compete harder. “Because So how can women change the me to be emotional, sometimes of historical and present way working women are viewed? I become more human, which mistreatment of women in the invites others to be more human workforce, I do believe that we Stop gossiping: “From childhood, as well,” O’Neal shares. may be more scrutinized than our most females are taught to male counterparts, but yet again, ‘play nice,’”,” says Davis-DeFoe. Stop making it personal: “Just as it has to do with a competitive, ”Anything else is considered ill- little boys can have a fist fight at troubled economic climate and mannered. Because women know one moment and be best buddies continuing cries for workforce that they’re supposed to appear the next, men tend to shake off equality,” explains O’Neal. “If a nice, their behaviors toward one negative personal comments woman becomes pregnant or another go underground. When more quickly than women,” says has a disproportionate amount they’re feeling competitive they Davis-DeFoe. “When a manager of responsibility associated will often backbite or gossip tells a woman that she’s doing with caring for a child or a loved about a co-worker, subtly trying something wrong, it can be one, she may be seen as less to undermine the competitor’s difficult for her to remember that productive and as a possible drain position.” it’s just business and has nothing on corporate resources.” to do with how the manager feels But women can change the Stop sabotaging relationships: about her.” way they are perceived. “While “When unsophisticated thinking we all should be pursuing meets desperation, all hell breaks Have you worked for women continuous growth, if a woman loose,” notes O’Neal. “That’s why bosses? What was your is a transformational leader and it is important for women to experience? brings her spiritual intelligence constantly keep the big picture (servanthood consciousness) in mind. Opportunities abound - See more at: mental intelligence (vision); for the resourceful thinker who the-mean-girl-syndrome-are-women-reallyharder-to-work-with/2/#sthash.WtaZ2aOB.dpuf emotional intelligence (passion); maintains her decorum and leaves and physical intelligence (focused childish games in the schoolyard. Businessuite Magazine Special Edition November 2013


women + entrepreneur


Help I’m An Entrepreneur and Consistency is King This is quite an awkward topic to start out with for me as I am probably the most inconsistent person I know. Well, I feel that way because routines bore me. For the average entrepreneur, routines are not the reason we all jumped into this ship. We wanted adventure, to live daringly, work our own hours and spend our own hard earned cash.

on adrenaline and your energy is high. No one can defy your positivity and you feel success in your bones even when others don’t. But it becomes a bit more difficult to stay motivated and open your store on time when the numbers you thought would be flocking through your door or keeping your phone line busy have not appeared.

keep you going for six months.

What do you do? This is when it gets easy to decide to open a little later today at 8:30, then 9am the next, before long you are taking Mondays and Tuesdays off. What you missed by doing that is the woman who always had it in the back of the head to bring those three pairs of pants by to get them hemmed or the man who wants to get a suit made for his daughter’s wedding because he can never find anything in the stores to fit his height. You missed them, because they day you started believing it was okay to be late or not open at all was the day they were ready to take you up on your offer.

For example, you own a tailoring business on a not so busy street. You’ve been doing the work to tell everyone about your business, you put up a Facebook page, started to Instagram your work, and you even have ads running on the radio. One week, one month, two months, three It is easier when your business months, only a few walk-ins has just launched to keep those and you’ve long depleted your hours as you are still running reserves you thought would Yes, there are days when an Truth is; whether your business requires you to flip the sign at eight every morning or that you be available whenever a client needs help even if it’s at midnight you need to be consistent about it.


Businessuite Magazine Special Edition November 2013

women + entrepreneur

“Remember consistency is king and it will eventually lead to the succes you have been working towards”

emergency comes up or you are unavailable in your store and closing is unavoidable. However, these days provide you with the opportunity to show that you are serious about your business.

4. Keep in front of you a picture of where you want your business to go. Remind yourself that if you were a client, you would be disappointed if the service was not available when you needed it most.

Remember consistency is king and it will eventually lead to the success you have been working towards.

Nerissa Golden is the owner of goldenmedia, a public relations and marketing firm. She is the author of The Making of a Caribbeanpreneuer: Strategies for Overcoming Fear and Building Wealth. Follow her on twitter @trulygolden and get more great tips on

People need to build their faith in you and the service you are offering. It is not automatic because you’ve got a nice jingle or well-dressed window. You need to give them a daily picture of your being consistent and serious about your business. When I see you as consistent, then I can begin to believe that you can be depended on to do good work for me. 1. Open for Business at the time you have established as your opening hours. If you must be late or need to go out, leave a clearly visible sign in your window and on your door that states you have left for a short while but will return at the stated time.

2. Get support. On those days when you need a break from the four walls to run errands or just to find your mojo, have a friend or family member who you have made familiar with your business sit in for you. Being a business owner can be a very lonely journey, don’t be afraid to ask for help. 3. Not taking calls? Put a message on your answering service with clear details of when you will be available to return calls or provide the service they need.

Businessuite Magazine Special Edition November 2013


Top 50 Women

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Picking 50 Out of thousands Is A Daunting Task To Say The Least. BUSINESSUITE Magazine’s 2nd annual ranking of Jamaica’s leading businesswomen first published last year provides an opportunity to get a unique insight into the professional lives, career and activity of some of the most interesting and inspiring women in Jamaica today. This was not however our first attempt to recognize Jamaica’s leading businesswomen. Back in March of 2006 we published a cover story entitled “ Women of Power, who is really in Charge?” where we profiled a number of business women making significant strides and contribution in the growth of the Jamaican economy.

We deliberately did not make a big deal about it publicly simply because we knew that the first list would not be at the level we would have liked. So we put it out there and used social media to get the word out and waited for the social and political backlash. To our surprise the first list was well received. No major backlash. We received emails suggesting individual who should have been on the list and questions as to why others were on the list. But the overall reaction was good so felt that we were on to a good start, a work in progress.

So what or who is a woman of power? Well she is ambiBut picking the 50 Most Powerful Women in Jamaican tious, a risk-taker, driven, determined, creative, a conBusiness for 2013 as with last year was no easy task, yet fident leader; she is unafraid to allow her passions to we felt that we needed to make a start and over time order her steps, or her gifts and talents to become her continue to perfect the list. We leaned heavily on the own personal calling card. Across Jamaica, there are internet and company websites for the information we powerful women in all sectors, so picking the 50 most required. To provide a cultural insight and get an on the powerful is a daunting task to say the least. ground perspective we tapped into some well placed sources who reviewed the list independently and helped How we pick the Power 50 us to refine it even further. As would be expected we The list is compiled by BUSINESSUITE Magazine based uncovered a lot more than fifty, but we decided not to on an established format created by FORTUNE Magazine, who consider four criteria: go beyond this number. 1. The size and importance of the woman’s business in the Jamaican economy, The idea behind this ranking was born out of the Jamaica 50 celebrations and we wanted to recognise a group that 2. The health and direction of the business, 3. The arc of the woman’s career, has really been the backbone and in many instance the 4. Societal and cultural influence. unsung heroes of our business, economy and country. 16

Businessuite Magazine Special Edition November 2013

Top 50 Women

#7, Page 43

Note however that Businessuite was not privy to financial statements from some of the companies mentioned, and as such, this was not factored into our listing and placements. Applying the criteria listed above, BUSINESSUITE Magazine’s list of the 50 Most Powerful Women in Jamaican Business for 2013 includes, career professionals who have honed their skills and talent working their way up the corporate ladder such as Kelly Tomblin President and CEO of the Jamaica Public Service Company (JPS), Sylvia Chrominska Chairperson of the Boards of the Bank of Nova Scotia Jamaica Limited and Scotia Group Jamaica Limited, Jacqueline Sharp President and CEO ScotiaBank Group Jamaica, Michele English, President and Chief Operating Officer, Columbus Communications, Maureen Hayden-Cater President, First Global Bank Ltd And The New President Of The Jamaica Bankers Association, (JBA), Marlene StreetForrest, General Manager, Jamaica Stock Exchange Limited (JSE), Lisa Simone Bell Managing Director of the National Export-Import Bank

of Jamaica Limited (EXIM Bank), Sharon Donaldson ACCA, MBA (Finance), LLB (Hons) Attorney at Law Managing Director, General Accident Insurance Company Limited and a Director of Musson (Jamaica) Limited, Megan Deane, Chief Executive Officer, Creditinfo Jamaica Limited, Ethlyn NortonCoke, Tax specialist and attorney, Minna Israel, Former CEO, RBC Bank, Chorvel Jonson, President & CEO; Director Proven Wealth Limited, Winsome Callum Head of Corporate Communications Jamaica Public Service Limited, Marguerite Cremin, Head of Corporate Relations, Central America and the Caribbean, Diageo, Nicola Madden-Greig, Group Director of Marketing & Sales, The Courtleigh Hotel Group, Andrea Sweeney, M.B.A, CPA, Director, Chief Operating Officer & Company Secretary Jamaica Livestock Association There are also those women who were either born or have married into, inherited tremendous wealth, power and influence such as Peggy Florence Blades, Principal Shareholder, the Musson Group, Melanie Subratie; Vice Chairman and a Principal Shareholder of The Mus-

Businessuite Magazine Special Edition November 2013

#11, Page 40 son Group of Companies, Diana Stewart, Managing Director, Stewart’s Automotive Group, Valerie Facey, Founder and Director of The Mill Press, Michele Rollins, Chairman, Rose Hall Development, Mrs. Marjory Kennedy, Director Jamaica Freight & Shipping Co. Ltd and Vice President The Jamaica Exporters’ Association, Angella Whitter, Chairman and CEO, The Whitter Group, Dr. Eileen Chin, Managing Director, Lasco Manufacturing Limited and director of number other companies in the Lasco Group, Donna Duncan-Scott, Group Executive Director of Culture & Leadership Development, Jamaica Money Market Brokers (JMMB), Paula Kerr-Jarrett Attorney-at-law, philanthropist and Politician. Some of these women have taken the entrepreneurial plunge and either on their own started their own business or in partnership with their husbands embarked on this perilous journey together. These include Lorna Myers – Co Founder and Chairman, Restaurants of Jamaica Limited, Rita Humphries-Lewin, Founder and Chairman, The Barita Group, Thalia Lyn, Founder and CEO, Island Grill, Lois Sherwood, 17

Top 50 Women Managing Director, Restaurant Associates Ltd, M. Audrey Stewart – Hinchcliffe C.D., Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Manpower & Maintenance Services Limited, Hyacinth Bennett – Founder and Chairman Hydel Group Of schools, Florence Darby Managing Director Telstar Cable Company Limited, Jennifer Messado, Attorney-at-Law. Senior Partner Jennifer Messado & Co, Shirley Carby, Managing Director, Carlong Publishers Ltd, Michelle Chong, CEO Honey Bun (1982) Limited, Doreen Frankson C.D., BSc., Professional Certification, Business Executive. Cofounder and Managing Director of Edgechem Jamaica Ltd, Jennifer Samuda, Founder and Principal, Jencare Skin Farm, Deborah Cumming, Chairman and Man-

aging Director, Century 21 HeaveHo Properties, Valerie Levy CIPS, CRB, CRS, GRI, RECS President, Valerie Levy and Associates, Gloria Palomino, Managing Director, Diesel Equipment and Services, Ambassador Audrey P. Marks, B.A., M.B.A Founder and Managing Director, Paymaster Jamaica Limited, Dena Davis, Managing Director, Solid Life and General Insurance Brokers Ltd, M. Georgia Gibson-Henlin Attorneyat-law, Sharon Burke, CEO and President, Solid Agency and Yanique Page Founder & Managing Director Future Services International Limited (FSIL), Director Women’s Business Owners.

national attention and influence policy these include Evelyn Smith, President of the Jamaica Hotel and Tourist Association, Dr. Rosalea Hamilton, Former President, The MSME Alliance and Founder/ CEO of Jamaica’s Institute of Law and Economics at the University of Technology, Dr. Meredith Derby, President Small Business Association of Jamaica (SBAJ) and Sandra Glasgow, Former CEO, Private Sector Organization of Jamaica.

We invite you to debate and discuss the names and placement of individuals on the 2013 list and send us your feedback and comments. As indicated it’s a work in progress that can only get betThere are those who by virtue of ter over time with your input and the organisation and association contribution. BM that they lead are able to command

If You’re Not Using Carib Cement... What are you using?

A member of the TCL GROUP


Businessuite Magazine Special Edition November 2013

Top 50 Women


Most Powerful Women in Jamaican Business for 2013

Businessuite Magazine Special Edition November 2013


Top 50 Women

50. Yaneek Page

Founder & Managing Director Future Services International Limited (FSIL), Director Women’s Business Owners.

Yaneek single handedly pioneered litigant funding and enterprise risk management training in Jamaica. The 32 year old is the founder and managing director of Future Services International Limited (FSIL), a company which has the distinction of being the first in Jamaica to offer comprehensive litigant support services, including the funding of civil lawsuits. Named as one of the most inspiring women of 2008 by the Jamaica Observer newspaper, Yaneek was the 2003 recipient of the Sir Arthur Lewis Institute of Social and Economic Studies (SALISES) Scholarship. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in management studies and a Master of Science degree in social policy. In 2004, she created history at the Sir Arthur Lewis Institute of Social and Economic Studies by graduating at the top of her class and copping all the awards for that year, including the Most Outstanding Research Paper, the Most Outstanding Social Policy Student, and the Overall

Most Outstanding Student and Award of Degree in Distinction. A certified business resilience manager with expertise in enterprise risk management and disaster recovery management, Yaneek is also a qualified real estate saleswoman and has been certified by the Jamaica Stock Exchange in Jamaican Securities. She has worked at the University of the West Indies, the Planning Institute of Jamaica and GraceKennedy Limited. FSIL has continued on a path of innovation by offering enterprise-wide risk solutions and training, allowing corporate clients to learn key lessons from cases where companies operating in Jamaica have lost tens of millions of dollars due to unmanaged risk exposure. In August 2011, Yaneek represented Jamaica in the USA Department of State’s prestigious International Visitor Leadership Programme (IVLP), focusing on small business development.BM

49. Sandra Glasgow

CEO, Private Sector Organization of Jamaica

Sandra Glasgow is the former CEO, of the Private Sector Organization of Jamaica and a current member of the Board of Directors of the National Commercial Bank Jamaica Limited, the National Export-Import Bank of Jamaica (Ex-IM) and the Planning Institute of Jamaica.

for Corporate Governance (CACG), a Trainer of Trainers in Corporate Governance Board Leadership by the International Finance Corporation (IFC) and a Trainer of Trainers in Business Ethics by the Inter-American Investment Corporation and the US Department of Commerce. BM

She has been certified as a Director by the Commonwealth Association


Businessuite Magazine Special Edition November 2013

Top 50 Women

48. Sharon Burke,

CEO and President, Solid Agency

Burke made her foray into the local entertainment business as a promoter during the 1990s, and is especially famous for the Fully Loaded series of parties. Burke, now one of the most powerful women in the music business, is involved in many different aspects of the industry including event production and artiste management association with Jamaican artistes such as Orville “Shaggy” Burrell, Rodney “Bounty Killer” Price, “Wayne Marshall” (Wayne Mitchell), “Tami Chyn” (Tammar Chin), “Ding Dong” (Kemar Ottey) and singing/dancing sensation, Kareem “QQ” Dawkins.

Known throughout the region and indeed the world of entertainment, Burke has been a force in the industry since her initial entry at the tender age of 19, starting with Tommy Cowan and later working with Ronnie Burke of Reggae Sunsplash. After working with and learning from these two industry veterans, Burke ventured out on her own and as the saying goes: the rest is history. She opened up a booking agency with Papa San going on to work with Wyclef, Alicia Keys, Luther Vandross before he died, Eve and a lot of the big artists and promoters in the business worldwide.BM

47. Paula Kerr-Jarrett

Attorney-at-law, philanthropist and Politician

Daughter of long-time Jamaica Labor Party (JLP) treasurer Christopher Bovell, Paula Kerr-Jarrett, Attorney-atLaw and philanthropist is not your typical Jamaican politician representing the JLP in the Eastern Hanover constituency, where she has desires to wrest the seat from veteran politician DK Duncan. Raised in a family seeped in politics Kerr-Jarrett revealed in an interview that her great-grandmother, Marion Louise Reece Bovell, was the first woman in Jamaica to run in 1944 as an independent candidate in the general election. Born into a family of wealth, power and influence, she went onto marry into a similar family, the Kerr-Jarretts, known for their long history of involvement in development and industry in west-

Businessuite Magazine Special Edition November 2013

ern Jamaica. Paula is married to wellknown Montego Bay businessman and treasurer for the JLP Area Council Four, Mark Kerr-Jarrett. She started her early education at Immaculate Preparatory School, and then attended Westonbirt Girls’ School in Gloucester, England at age 13, later reading for law and politics at the University of London (SOAS). She continued her LLM degree at the University of London (UCL/LSE) and qualified as an Attorney-at-Law. In 1990, she returned to Jamaica and to Montego Bay where her new family runs the well-known Barnett Estates. Kerr-Jarrett spends much of her time contributing to numerous projects, including religious, charitable and educational causes over the past 20 years.BM


Top 50 Women

46. M. Georgia Gibson-Henlin Attorney-at-law,

Called to the Jamaican Bar in 1993, Georgia, who is also a member of the Ontario Bar since 2002 and a Notary Public for Ontario, has practiced in all the courts in Jamaica with her current focus being: Supreme Court, Court of Appeal and the Privy Council. Her practice focuses on Information Technology, Telecommunications, Competition Law, Commercial and complex legal issues and has wide ranging experience in other areas of the law including Intellectual Property, Family, Estate Planning, Real Estate, Commercial, Finance and Taxation. In 2002, she was awarded a Master of Laws Degree in Innovation Law and Policy from the University of Toronto where she specialized in the Law of ECommerce and Information Technology, Legal Issues in Cyberspace, Telecommunications Economics, Wireless Communications (Spread Spectrum), Internet Law and Governance, Entertainment Law, Freedom of Expression and the Press, Intellectual Property in the Digital Era and Intellectual Property in Cyberspace. She has in the past acted for the telecommunications regulatory authority The Office of Utilities Regulation particularly as it relates to its functions under the Telecommunications Act 2000. She has worked with one of the major Mobile Telecommunications providers particularly as it relates to Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Short Messaging Services (SMS), numbering issues


and competition law issues, the use and misuse of confidential information. She has responded to Office of Utilities Regulations Consultative documents on Universal Service and Dominance in Mobile Call Termination; provided advice on and published papers on competition in communications. She is referenced in the BICSI 1st edition Wireless Design Manual, has authored the 2nd Chapter of the Wireless Design Reference Manual and has coauthored the 2nd Chapter of the 3rd Edition. She has authored a chapter on Legal Issues relating to the Electronic Security Design Professional Manual in the BICSI organization published in January 2009. Henlin Gibson Henlin is a leading litigation law firm specializing in complex commercial and civil disputes before regional and international Tribunals, High Courts, Courts of Appeal and the Privy Council, as wellas representing industry leaders in a broad range of fields including banking, telecommunications, technology and insurance. The firm stands out with its offering of services in the area of information and communications technologies. This distinction comes from specialized training in that field including the practice leader’s Masters from the University of Toronto, and certification as a Computer Hacking and Forensic Investigator and Certified Computer Forensic Examiner. .BM

Businessuite Magazine Special Edition November 2013

Top 50 Women

45. Andrea Sweeney,

M.B.A, CPA, Director, Chief Operating Officer & Company Secretary Jamaica Livestock Association

Andrea Sweeney is the Chief Operating Officer of The Jamaica Livestock Association, a position she has held since her return to Jamaica in 2002. The Jamaica Livestock Association (JLA) is one of the primary representative bodies for the livestock farmers of Jamaica. Under her stewardship, JLA has maintained its position as the main provider of agricultural support and services to the independent farmers of Jamaica. Since its establishment in 1942, the JLA has maintained its position as the main

provider of agricultural support and services to the independent farmers of Jamaica. Their wide product range includes animal feed, animal health care products, day old chicks, agriculture chemicals, herbicides, pesticides, hardware items, farm and garden supplies. The JLA provides support and consultation services in the form of technical field officers who are equipped with agricultural expertise, a pharmacist for consultation on animal health products and veterinarians who advise on animal health care issues. BM

44. Nicola Madden-Greig, Group Director of Marketing & Sales, The Courtleigh Hotel Group Nicola Madden-Greig is the Group Director of Marketing and Sales at The Courtleigh Hotel & Suites; The Knutsford Court Hotel, Kingston; and The Holiday Inn Sunspree Resort, Montego Bay. In addition, she is also the Jamaica Hotel & Tourist Association First Vice President and Area Chairman – Kingston. Nicola is also a Member of the Joint JHTA/JTB Marketing Sub-committee, a Board Member of the Tourism Product Development Company and Chairperson of the Tourism Product Development Company Finance Subcommittee.

Businessuite Magazine Special Edition November 2013

She holds an Executive Masters in Business Administration from the Mona School of Business and a Bachelor’s Degree in Hospitality Management from the Florida International University, Miami, Florida. BM


Top 50 Women

43. Marguerite Cremin, Head of Corporate Relations, Central America & the Caribbean Diageo Marguerite joined Red Stripe in Octo- across spirits, beer and wine. These ber 2009 with experience in marketing, brands include Johnnie Walker, Crown sponsorship and public relations locally Royal, J&B, Windsor, Buchanan’s and and overseas. Marguerite was Head of Bushmills whiskies, Smirnoff, Ciroc Corporate Relations between 2009 – and Ketel One vodkas, Baileys, Captain June, 2013 and was recently promoted Morgan, Tanqueray and Guinness. to Head of Corporate Relations, Central America and the Caribbean. Prior to Many of the company’s brands have her appointment, she worked for mo- been around for generations, while bile phone giant, Vodafone, in Ireland some have been developed more recentwith responsibility for Marketing and ly to meet new consumer tastes and exSponsorship. Her move to Jamaica saw periences. Commanding a great range her helping to establish Digicel as one of brands and geographic spread allows of the region’s most visible brands. She people to celebrate with their products has also managed JMMB’s Marketing, at every occasion no matter where they Sponsorship and Product Develop- are in the world. ment. Marguerite holds a Bachelor of Business Studies from Trinity College, Trading in approximately 180 countries, Dublin and an Advanced Management Diageo employs over 25,000 talented Diploma from University College Dub- people around the world. With offices in 80 countries, and manufacturing falin. She is a Board Member of the D&G cilities across the globe including Great Foundation and is also a Director of the Britain, Ireland, United States, Canada, Spain, Italy, Africa, Latin America, AusJamaica Chamber of Commerce. tralia, India and the Caribbean. Diageo Diageo is the world’s leading premium prides itself for being at the forefront of drinks business with an outstanding industry efforts to promote responsible collection of beverage alcohol brands drinking. BM

42. Winsome Callum

Head of Corporate Communications Jamaica Public Service (JPS) Ltd.

Winsome has responsibility for JPS’ Communications & PR portfolio, which includes media relations, employee communication, customer education, corporate social responsibility and advertising. She joined JPS in 1997, and has taken on additional responsibilities over the years, to include community relations, sponsorship and corporate outreach. With more than 20 years of experience, Callum is one of Jamaica’s most prominent communications professionals. Prior to joining JPS, she held senior positions at the National Housing Trust 24

and the Institute of Jamaica and has also worked with the Jamaica Information Service. A Commonwealth Scholar, she has an Executive Masters in Business Administration from the University of New Orleans, a Master of Arts Degree from the University of Hull, and a Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of the West Indies. She is a Justice of the Peace, a member of the International Association of Business Communicators, and a former Executive Member of the Public Relations Society of Jamaica. BM

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Top 50 Women

41. Chorvelle Johnson

President & CEO; Director Proven Wealth Limited

A seasoned sales and service strategist with over fifteen years in the finance industry, Chorvelle Johnson came to the table with a wealth of experience as sheassumed the position of President & CEO of PROVEN Wealth Limited. She previously served as Vice President – Business Development at First Global Financial Services Limited and Regional Vice President, Sales and Service at Scotia DBG. An avid proponent of customer-centric service, she holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Professional Management from Nova Southeastern University and a Diploma in Teacher Education from

the University of Technology. Proven Wealth Limited (“PWL�) is a licensed securities dealer with the Financial Services Commission, which has regulatory control over the securities industry in Jamaica under the Securities Act. The PWL team is experienced and has managed billions of dollars of investments, delivered consistent returns and expert advice over the last twenty years in the financial services sector. Their knowhow spans asset management, corporate finance, financial advisory services, merchant banking, stock brokerage, pension fund management and unit trust management.BM

40. Minna Israel,

Former CEO, RBC Bank

A career banker with over 30 years of experience, Israel spent years as the number two leader behind William Clarke at Scotiabank Jamaica, before spending three very successful years as Managing Director of Scotiabank Bahamas. She returned to Jamaica in 2008 to head up the operations of then RBTT Bank Jamaica, with a mission to narrow the gap between RBTT and the top players in the local market.

She subsequently resigned from RBTT to join the Mona School of Business (MSB), University of the West Indies (UWI), as Distinguished Business Fellow, effective March 1, 2012. Among the specific activities in which Israel will be engaged is working on developing the executive management development component of the programme targeted at the business community in the northern Caribbean.BM

39. Dena Davis,

Managing Director, Solid Life and General Insurance Brokers Ltd

The brainchild of managing director Dena Davis and chairman Dr. Warren Blake, Solid Life and General Insurance Brokers Limited has over the years become a force to reckon with - a small but potent outfit offering a range of products and services tailored to fit client needs. Dena has received extensive professional insurance training in the USA, Canada and Jamaica and has studied the different distribution systems of insurance and their effects on client services. With over 20 years experience in all classes of Businessuite Magazine Special Edition November 2013

insurance, she pioneered the establishment of Solid Life and General Insurance Brokers and is unquestionably the driving force in its continued growth and development. Solid Life sprang roots during a dicey period for the local insurance and financial sectors. Just about when the insurance sector took a nose-dive in the financial burnouts of the mid-1990s, Davis, who had worked her way up from sales representative to branch manager at two major firms, was busy planning her entry as a broker. BM 25

Top 50 Women

38. Ambassador Audrey P. Marks, B.A., M.B.A Founder & Managing Director, Paymaster Jamaica Ltd

Ambassador Audrey Patrice Marks served as Jamaica’s tenth and first female Ambassador to the United States and Permanent Representative to the Organization of American States (OAS) from March 2010. Ambassador Marks started and operated six previous businesses, including a venture capital company with investments in a range of enterprises including manufacturing, travel and entertainment. Prior to her entrepreneurial endeavors, Ambassador Marks spent twelve years in management capacities at Air Jamaica Ltd. and Cable & Wireless Ltd., respectively. Ambassador Marks’ last major business venture is Paymaster (Jamaica) Limited, a multi- transaction company which she conceptualized and started in 1997, that operates from 150 locations locally and is the first multitransaction agency in the Caribbean. Prior to her appointment as Ambassador, Ms. Marks chaired several private and public sector boards, including the Tourism Product Development Com-

pany Ltd. and the Central Wastewater Treatment Company Limited (CWTC). She also served as Deputy Chairman of the Urban Development Corporation (UDC), Director of the Board of Royal Bank of Trinidad & Tobago, Securities Jamaica Limited, Jamaica Trade and Invest Ltd., National Health Fund and the University of the West Indies (Mona School of Business). She is the first female President of the American Chamber of Commerce of Jamaica (AMCHAM). Ambassador Marks holds both Bachelor and Masters’ degrees in Business Administration from the University of the West Indies, Mona, Jamaica, and Nova South Eastern University (School of Business & Entrepreneurship), Florida, USA, respectively; and is the recipient of numerous awards and citations from her peers and various organizations. These include: Ernst & Young Nominee for the “Caribbean Entrepreneur of the Year 2000;” the Jamaica Observer Business Leader of the Year Award nominee for 2000; the Florida International University Business Leader of the Year Awards for 2003 and 2010. BM

37. Ethlyn Norton-Coke

Tax specialist and Attorney

Norton-Coke, a former director at Deloitte & Touche, influence spans many sectors including accountancy, law, taxation, tertiary education and healthcare. She is widely regarded as the foremost expert on taxation matters and the go to person within corporate Jamaica where it is said that there is no match in corporate Jamaica. It is for this reason that she is highly sought after to sit on various boards or to provide council and advice.


A Certified Public Accountant and an Attorney-at-Law, Norton- Coke is also an active member of the taxation committee of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Jamaica and the Jamaica Bar Association.

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Top 50 Women

36. Gloria Palomino

Managing Director, Diesel Equipment and Services

This successful entrepreneur not only fixed diesel engines, earning a worldwide reputation for the 53-year old Diesel Equipment and Service Company she launched single-handedly, she also used her positive, keen approach to restore hope and mend lives. Indeed, her business became one of the most successful training grounds for scores of Jamaican men, many of whom now have their own businesses. Palomino is well-known for her advocacy and work in community development. In 1976, she received a Badge of Honor for Meritorious Service to the

Police, and in 1998, the Order of Distinction from the government. She is a founding member, patron and a trustee for Woman Inc., which was established to create shelters and support for abused women, as well as Chairman of the Greening of Jamaica Foundation and the Holywell Conservation Trust. As Advisor and Board Member for the Trench Town Development Association, Palomino recently completed a reading/home work centre in the community. BM

35. Valerie Levy

CIPS, CRB, CRS, GRI, RECS President, Valerie Levy & Associates.

One of the most recognizable real estate brokers in Jamaica, Valerie Levy has been a licensed Real Estate Broker in Florida since 1977 where she distinguished herself and qualified each year as a member of the Midtown Realty Multi-Million Dollar Sales Club. A graduate of the Realtors Institute, she is a Certified International Property Specialist and a Certified Residential Specialist. Valerie was President of the Realtors Association of Jamaica from 1990 to 1993 and has served on the Real Estate Board, has been a lecturer at the Uni-

versity of Technology for the past ten years and is still lecturing in the Salesman Real Estate Course at the University of Technology. She is chairman of the Educational Committee of the Realtors Association and an International Section Member of the National Association of Realtors - Washington D.C The company, Valerie Levy and Associates Limited, was incorporated in 1984 with offices currently located at Suite 23, Mid Spring Plaza, 134 Constant Spring Road, Kingston 8.BM

“We have moved away from traditional advertising to compelling conversations and experiences between Brands and consumers.

Contact us at: 1-876-631-5418 (P & F) I 1-876-280-9192 (M) I CLICK is owned and operated by AMK Communications Limited

Businessuite Magazine Special Edition November 2013


Top 50 Women

34. Deborah Cumming,

Chairman and Managing Director, Century 21 Heave-Ho Properties

Widely regarded as one of the best brokers in the industry, Cumming founded Heave-Ho Properties in 1990 later adding the Century 21 franchise after recognizing the need for a customerservice oriented real estate company to serve clients wishing to buy, rent or sell properties. In 1998, she acquired the local franchise of CENTURY 21 Real Estate Corporation, which has operations in over 50 countries. In 1990, while working in Ocho Rios on Jamaica’s North Coast, Deborah Cumming recognized the need for a reputable real estate company to offer firstclass customer service to clients who wanted to buy, sell or rent quality properties in the Jamaica. She quickly moved to actualize her vision and founded the real estate company, HEAVE-HO Properties. Since its inception, Deborah has been combining her industry insights

with first-world customer service to make her one of the top brokers in the Jamaican real-estate industry. The firm was renamed CENTURY 21 HEAVE-HO Properties after the acquisition of the franchise of CENTURY 21, and it quickly soared to the top tier of CENTURY 21 franchises in the Caribbean. She has won CENTURY 21’s prestigious individual Centurion Award on four occasions, and her company and team of sales associates also won the Centurion Company award, ranking it second among 13 Caribbean countries. Deborah Cumming is passionate about standards in the real estate industry and continues to be involved in policymaking, serving as Vice-President of the Realtors’ Association of Jamaica. BM

33. Jennifer Samuda

Founder and Principal, Jencare Skin Farm

Combining her entrepreneurial and cosmetic formulation skills, Jennifer started and grew Jencare Skin Farm from a modest backroom operation in the early 1980s into the modern production facility and beauty parlors that it is today. The Spa now operates in a luxurious state-of the art facility in

Kingston. The expansion has continued into the international markets, namely Florida, New York and Trinidad to facilitate the migrating as well as global clients. BM

360 Signature Events is a Caribbean company specialising in the planning and execution of Corporate and Marketing Events including, Exhibitions, Conventions, Conferences, seminars, Sporting and Hospitality Events, Road Shows, Brand Promotion, Product launches, Incentives and Special Event. 28

Businessuite Magazine Special Edition November 2013

Top 50 Women

32. Megan Deane

Chief Executive Officer, Creditinfo Jamaica Limited

A seasoned professional with more than twenty years’ experience in management at senior levels in the public and private sectors, Megan joined Creditinfo Jamaica in December 2011 as the company’s Chief Executive Officer with the mandate to drive the strategic direction of the company to meet or exceed the various targets set in collaboration with the Board of Directors and the other senior management. She is a Fulbright Fellow in Finance to Boston University and a Canadian Commonwealth scholar to the University of Ottawa with a Master’s in Business Administration plus an undergraduate honors degree in Management from the University of the West Indies. A specialist in strategic planning and risk management, Megan is a Management Consultant whose medium term assignments included that of CEO of Nuttall Memorial Hospital with the specific mandate for development of a Re-development Plan to include turnaround management, strategic planning and financial restructuring; Deputy Managing Director of the EXIM Bank with responsibilities as Chief Strategy Officer for strategic planning, program implementation management and as Chief Compliance Officer for operations.

She has also operated as Director of Investments and Privatizations with the National Investment Bank of Jamaica where she was responsible for structuring and raising US$30 million in funding for the Soapberry Wastewater Plant. Creditinfo has developed, through its multiple subsidiaries, numerous products and services from official and customer information sources to facilitate best practice decision-making in credit risk management and has been the preferred partner of local Credit Bureaus. Creditinfo has been shortlisted and awarded in several tenders supported by World Bank, IFC, Millennium Challenge Corporation and other international organisations. The most recent ones are in Tanzania (central bank), Sudan (central bank) and Cape Verde (Chamber of Commerce). The company’s strength is the establishing of credit bureaus in emerging credit markets and hosting, managing and providing credit and credit related data to customers throughout Europe, either directly or through our partner agreements. Creditinfo employs around 250 people in countries around the world. BM

31. Dr. Meredith Derby

President Small Business Association of Jamaica (SBAJ)

Meredith is the current President of the powerful SME lobby group, The Small Businesses Association of Jamaica (SBAJ) and a Director on the Executive Committee of the Private Sector Organization of Jamaica as the representative of the Entrepreneurial and Small Business Sector. The SBAJ is a private non-profit business organization registered in 1974 to Businessuite Magazine Special Edition November 2013

foster the growth and development of businesses and professional groups and to represent the entire small and micro business sector. The SBAJ represents businesses employing One to Fifty (150) employees and has a income turn over not exceeding five million US dollars per annum ($US5M). The business should not be a part of a conglomerate. BM


Top 50 Women

30. Doreen Frankson,

C.D., BSc., Professional Certification, Business Executive. Co-founder and Managing Director of Edgechem Jamaica Ltd.

tion. Educated at the prestigious Ryerson Polytechnic Institute and Harvard Business School, she has received numerous Honors and Awards over the years including: Nominated for Observer Business Leader of the Year 2000; Nominated as the Caribbean Entrepreneur of Year by Ernst & Young 2001; and Kiwanis Club of New Kingston Award in Celebration of Women 2003. In 2006, she received the national honor, Order of Distinction in the Rank of Commander (C.D.)

In addition to co-founding Edgechem Jamaica, Doreen was also the Cofounder/General Manager, Steinhol Chemicals. She is also a Past President of the Jamaica Manufacturers Associa-

EdgeChem was founded in 1990 as a wholly Jamaican-owned company with the aim to put science to work by constant research into improving its products while maintaining cost efficient and quality proven products. Acting on its commitment to respond to the needs of its ever growing cus-

tomer base, EdgeChem, in 1996, entered into a technical partnership with Akzo Nobel - the largest paint firm in the world. This allowed EdgeChem’s to successfully penetrate the high-end auto-refinishers market, while Akzo Nobel’s products were marketed under its own brand - Sikkens. EdgeChem, based on customer feedback, then developed its own local brand of automotive refinishers - AUTOMEL & AUTOMEL SUPER. The company’s ability to adapt and provide client-based painting solutions has pushed EdgeChem to become one of the Caribbean’s leading paint companies. But in the face of constant change, innovation and discovery, its core values have remained constant - a commitment to quality, client-focused solutions, health and safety, and the best value for money. In 1998, EdgeChem expanded its distribution network into the Caribbean exporting to Barbados, Antigua, Trinidad, Belize, St. Lucia and Dominica.BM

29. Dr. Rosalea Hamilton,

Former President, The MSME Alliance and founder/CEO of Jamaica’s Institute of Law and Economics at the University of Technology.

Dr. Hamilton is a trade policy specialist and founder/CEO of Jamaica’s Institute of Law and Economics at the University of Technology, a teaching and research institute. She is also the Scotiabank Chair, Entrepreneurship and Development at the University of Technology. She holds a PhD in Economics from 30

the New School for Social Research, New York and a LLB from the University of London. Dr. Hamilton is the author of several articles on trade and development. She is also a consultant who has worked with several international organizations, including UNDP on the Implications for Suriname’s Economy of WTO, FTAA, CSME, and ACP-EU Trade Agreements. She has also worked as an Adjunct Assistant Professor at the Nova Southeastern University, Florida (MBA Program and Adjunct Professor at the Northern Caribbean University, Mandeville. Dr.

Hamilton was also Chief Adviser to the Prime Minister of Jamaica. A passionate small business advocate, Professor Rosalea Hamilton is the immediate past president of the MSME Alliance, which is a network of business organizations representing more than 300,000 Micro, Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (MSMEs) in Jamaica. Committed to creating strategic alliances and meaningful partnerships that can empower MSMEs, the Alliance engages in lobbying activities to improve the representation of MSMEs in Jamaica and the Caribbean. BM

Businessuite Magazine Special Edition November 2013

Top 50 Women

28. Evelyn Smith

President of the Jamaica Hotel and Tourist Association (JHTA)

A past student of St. Andrew High School in Kingston, Evelyn is a graduate of the prestigious Wellesley College in Massachusetts, where she majored in French and Spanish and also studied at the University of Aix-Marseille in Aixen-Provence, France. She holds a MBA with honors from Nova Southeastern University.

Evelyn Smith is the President of the powerful Jamaica Hotel and Tourist Association, as well as Chairperson of the Negril Chapter of the JHTA. She has been an active and dedicated member of the association for many years and a JHTA Council member since 2002.

Her career in the hotel industry began over twenty years ago in Boston at the five-star Four Seasons Hotel and at the Sheraton Hotel and Towers. On her return to Jamaica, she was appointed the opening Sales Manager for Superclubs Grand Lido Negril where she worked for several years. After leaving Grand Lido Negril, she worked as the Resident Manager of Point Village, after which she assumed the position of Director of Marketing, reporting to the Board

of Directors prior to being appointed General Manger in 2005. A dedicated hospitality marketing consultant, she now offers marketing and management services through her firm, Evelyn Smith and Associates. She serves on the Board of the Rhodes Hall High School in Hanover. The powerful Jamaica Hotel & Tourist Association is the umbrella organization, which represents Jamaican hotels, other visitor accommodations, as well as most suppliers of goods and services to the tourism industry. Since 1961, the Jamaica Hotel & Tourist Association has continued to promote the development of Jamaica’s Tourism Industry, through representation of its members in all forums, both regionally and internationally. BM

27. Sharon Donaldson

ACCA, MBA (Finance), LLB (Hons) Attorney at Law Managing Director, General Accident Insurance Company Limited and a Director of Musson (Jamaica) Limited

Sharon has been credited with driving the company’s growth in the 5 years represented by the historical financial information, and for overseeing its prudent underwriting and risk management strategy inclusive of establishing the company’s strong relationships with international reinsurers. She first joined the company over 20

years ago as the Financial Controller in 1989 before becoming Managing Director in 2001. She was also appointed a Director of Musson (Jamaica) Limited. She also represents the local general insurance industry in discussions with the FSC and chairs the Finance and Accounting Committee of the Jamaica Association of General Insurance Companies (JAGIC), the local industry association. As a past president of the Jamaica Netball Association, she also encourages the sport, which is popular among the local business houses. During her presidency, she actively promoted the Tri Nation Test Series between Jamaica, a Caribbean team and one of the three top ranking netball nations.

Businessuite Magazine Special Edition November 2013

Donaldson holds an LLB from the University of London, England, and a M.B.A from the University of Wales. She is a Chartered Accountant, a fellow member of the Institute of Chartered Accounts of Jamaica and an attorney at law. General Accident Insurance Company Limited mission is to be a general insurance company which provides an innovative range of products, excellent service for customers, fair remuneration to its staff and a fair return to shareholders. It is a medium size insurance company with a well trained staff complement of approximately 70. BM


Top 50 Women

26. Michelle Chong,

CEO Honey Bun (1982) Limited

Michelle together with her husband, Chairman of the Company, Herbert Chong, is the Founder of the Company where as Chief Executive Officer she is responsible for day-to-day operations. A graduate of York University Toronto, Canada, where she gained a Bachelor of Arts degree, and later furthering her technical education over the years gaining certification as a______ (HACCP) Consultant, and pursuing food studies at the American Institute of Baking, and business studies via an international scholarship granted by the Swedish International Development Agency SIDA. Michelle has been the absolute driving force behind the company’s success. A self proclaimed workaholic, acknowledged as a shining example that hard, honest work pays off. Michelle has spent endless hours developing and advancing staff and has ensured that a Christian spirit is maintained within the organization and that positive family values are always promoted through

the company’s marketing activities. What started out as a small retail bakery in Spanish Court, New Kingston in 1982, is now a 30 year old household brand! During these thirty years, the Jamaican economy has experienced several changes creating challenges for the private sector and the manufacturing industry in particular. These various challenges have formed the core of Honey Bun’s success as they have developed the ability to charter challenges into opportunity. With a vision always focused on continuous improvements and benchmarking to the highest standards, 30 years later this vision still holds true, and is the foundation, which has characterized the company’s operation. This has enabled Honey Bun to develop into an immensely valued, recognized, and loved Jamaican brand, known for freshly baked, premium quality products and business innovation.BM

25. Shirley Carby

Managing Director, Carlong Publishers Ltd

Carby had previously managed Longman Jamaica for 14 years.

Shirley Carby is the Co-founder and Managing Director of Carlong Publishers (Caribbean) Limited, which she operates with her husband. Incorporated in 1990 as the successor company to Longman Jamaica Ltd which was acquired by Jamaican entrepreneurs Carl and Shirley Carby, from British publishers, Longman Group Ltd (now Pearson Education Ltd), Shirley 32

Operating from two locations in Jamaica’s capital city, Kingston, Executive Chairman, Carl Carby, directs Carlong’s Sales, Distribution and Accounting operations from the Warehouse location at 33 Second Street, Newport West, while Managing Director, Shirley Carby, directs the Publishing, Marketing and Human Resource Management operations from offices at 17 Ruthven Road, New Kingston. In addition to developing its own publications under the Carlong imprint, Carlong also provides exclusive marketing and distribution services in Jamaica for textbooks and supplementary

readers published under the Longman, Ladybird and Penguin imprints of the Pearson Education Group - EMA Division. Carlong has produced many publications that have distinguished themselves by their curriculum relevance, sound pedagogy, and creative presentation, which has resulted in many texts being recommended and adopted for use in Jamaican primary and secondary schools by Jamaica’s Ministry of Education, Youth and Culture, and by Ministries of Education for schools in other Caribbean Islands. Through their holding company, Jabulani Holdings Ltd, the Carby’s in 2009 acquired Sangster’s Book Stores Ltd. BM

Businessuite Magazine Special Edition November 2013

Top 50 Women

24. Jennifer Messado,

Attorney-at-Law. Senior Partner Jennifer Messado & Co

This highly regarded real estate attorney, who calls many of Jamaica’s corporate bigwigs her clients, has one of the most revered track records in the field. As head of the law firm bearing her name Jennifer Messado, admitted to the bar in 1974, is the firm’s managing partner, described as having special expertise and experience in working with all aspects of real estate development projects. Possessing a natural flair for marketing Messado can instantly provide an entire network of strategic marketing and public relations opportunities for all the projects that she is involved with, which is mutually beneficial to all concerned. Jennifer has served on the Boards of Runaway Bay Development Limited, Sonado Limited, Zap Limited, Precept Limited, Foreign Options Limited, Foreign Investments Limited and Caribbean Outlets Limited. She is a Distinguished Past President of the Kiwanis Club of New Kingston, the first all female Kiwanis Club in Jamaica, a Past President of the Jamaica Association

for Children with Learning Disabilities, and a member of the Saint Andrew Old Girls Association. Jennifer Messado & Co. (JMCO) is one of the pre-eminent law firms in the area of real estate development and conveyance in Jamaica. Founded in 1983 by Jennifer Messado, the firm has since grown to a team of three legal professionals offering over 30 years of experience. A full-service real estate law firm, JMCO specializes in all aspects of Conveyance in relation to the acquisition and disposal of freehold and leasehold estates in land; real estate development, including property development, sales, acquisitions, leases and the sourcing of mortgage and bridge financing in commercial and residential development markets. The firm has a mutually beneficial working relationship with all players in the real estate market, including top realtors, bankers, attorneys, valuators, and surveyors amongst others.BM

23. Florence Darby

Managing Director Telstar Cable Company Limited

As head of one of the most successful cable companies in the island, Darby is also an accomplished attorney-at-law. As an attorney, she served as a Prosecutor/Clerk of Courts in the Half-Way Tree Resident Magistrate’s Court and Country Coordinator for the development of a New Regional Administration of Justice project. She also completed a study of The Citizens Security and Justice Programme - Jamaica Constabulary Force/Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions - File Management Study for the Planning Institute of Jamaica and the Inter-American DevelBusinessuite Magazine Special Edition November 2013

opment Bank. She later joined the firm Darby, Darby and Associates. A multifaceted individual who has always believed in living life to the fullest reflected in her various endeavors. Prior to becoming an attorney, she worked in the field of public relations and insurance sales but she is most proud of her contribution to public service. She presently serves on the boards of Ardenne High Preparatory and extension schools. She has served as a teacher of Spanish at Tivoli Gardens Comprehensive High School, has worked as a 33

Top 50 Women

23. Florence Darby (cont’d) volunteer secretary of Executive National Youth Council of the Church of God in Jamaica, coordinating and implementing successful youth programmes, camps, seminars, youth projects, fund-raising events, and represented Jamaica through the Jamaica Information Service on various boards and committees. Darby is an accomplished singer who has performed as a solo artiste as well as extensively with the University Singers. She has also recorded two solo albums, the proceeds from one of which she donated to her church. In addition to her native English, she is also fluent in Spanish with a working knowledge of French. She is an expert cook, trained pastry maker, specializing in wedding cakes, as well as a devoted wife, mother and grandmother of two.

It is one of the original STV Companies and was founded by the late David Darby. It is currently Jamaica’s second largest STV Company. In addition to the provision of cable television, Telstar Cable offers a High Speed Internet and International Telephone service called Powerlink. The Powerlink Internet service is provided either via a “Wireless Link” from our transmitters to a receiver located at your home, or a “Wired Link” through our coaxial cable TV network. The Company has twenty one transmission zones in the Kingston Metropolitan Area including: Mona, Hope Pastures, Washington Gardens, Patrick City, Beverley Hills, Swallowfield, Riverton City, Duhaney Park, New Haven, Vineyard Town, Cross Roads, and Meadowbrook Estate. BM

Telstar is a licensed Subscription Television (STV) Company located in the Kingston Metropolitan Area (KMA) of Jamaica with wide and diverse audiences for its services.

22. Lisa Simone Bell,

Managing Director of the National Export-Import Bank of Jamaica Limited (EXIM Bank),

Lisa Simone Bell has been Managing Director of the National Export-Import Bank of Jamaica Limited (EXIM Bank), since May 3, 2010, joining the Bank with over twenty years experience in providing financial, analytical, project and general management expertise in both the private and public sectors. She has held key managerial positions in the financial services sector and within the public sector inclusive of a wealth of knowledge of credit and financial services especially as it relates to SMEs and the Export Sector. Lisa Bell left the Jamaican Trade and Invest (JAMPRO) at the position of Deputy President to lead the EXIM bank, after contributing over eight years to the 34

national investment and export agency. Prior to that, she served as Deputy General Manager and General Manager for Alpha Financial Services Limited and Victoria Mutual Investments Limited respectively. She also worked overseas with both Anderson Consulting and the City of Miami Department of Management & Budget after completing her formal education. Upon her return to Jamaica, she served as Corporate Credit Manager for Citizens Bank Jamaica Limited. Bell holds a Master of Business of Administration with a specialization in Finance, and also a Bachelors of Business Administration from the University of Miami, Florida, USA.BM

Businessuite Magazine Special Edition November 2013

Top 50 Women

21. Hyacinth Bennett,

Founder and Chairman Hydel Group Of schools

Hyacinth Bennett a distinguished educator and successful author is the founder and President of the Hydel Group of Schools in St Catherine, Jamaica. A graduate of Bethlehem Teachers’ College and the University of the West Indies, Mona, where she achieved a B.A degree and also a M.Sc. in Government she started her teaching career in 1968 and for twenty years she taught at Wolmer’s Preparatory School where she was the Principal for 12 years. The recipients of several awards, among them are the Governor General’s Award for Outstanding Service to Education and the development of Wolmer’s Preparatory School;

Bethlehem Teachers’ College Centenary Gold Medal for outstanding contribution in the field of education, and the Rotary Club of St Andrew North, Vocational Award for excellence in Education. She served as Public Relations Officer for the Kingston & St. Andrew Parent Support Group Against Drugs and is an active member of the St. Elizabeth Education Committee. Hyacinth has authored eighteen books at the primary levels, grades 1 to 6. A sports enthusiast her hobbies include reading, traveling, meditation, listening to music and meeting people. BM

20. Donna Duncan-Scott,

Group Executive Director of Culture & Leadership Development, Jamaica Money Market Brokers (JMMB)

Donna, is described as a true visionary and possibility thinker, guided by the philosophy that: “We were born to manifest the glory of God. It is not just in some of us; it is in every one of us.” She is committed to sharing this fundamental truth in all aspects of her life. In 1998, following the passing of her mother Joan Duncan, Donna took on the mantle of Managing Director of JMMB, maintaining the company’s premier position as industry leader, and together with the team, established the largest brokerage house in the Caribbean. She demitted the office of Managing Director in 2005 to give more focus to raising her two daughters. Her brother Keith Duncan took over the mantle of leadership from her. She then assumed the position of Group Executive Director with responsibilities for Culture and Leadership Development and currently leads the design Businessuite Magazine Special Edition November 2013

and development of programmes and practices to deepen JMMB’s unique culture of being in the world of team members and clients and having their best interest at heart. In addition, her team has overall responsibility for the welfare and development of JMMB team members – understanding their strengths, goals, dreams and providing the relevant support to realise their full potential. Donna has a B.Sc. in Engineering, as well an MBA from the Richard Ivey School of Business at the University of Western Ontario in Canada. She holds the distinguished Certified Financial Analyst accreditation. The brainchild of the late Joan Duncan, JMMB Ltd. opened for business in November 1992 as the first Money Market Broker in Jamaica. The vision was to 35

Top 50 Women

20. Donna Duncan-Scott, (Cont’d) provide great investment opportunities to Jamaicans from all walks of life and companies of all sizes so they could benefit from great returns on safe investments. As Possibility Thinkers, Joan Duncan and co-founder Dr. Noel Lyon, created a company based on love that was committed to serving its clients, team members and shareholders. Since then, the Company has become one of Jamaica’s largest, most successful financial institutions, with two subsidiaries in Jamaica –JMMB Securities Ltd. and JMMB Insurance Brokers Ltd. JMMB, inclusive of its subsidiaries, has over 320 team members, nine branches and nine Electronic Transaction Machines (ETMs), most offering dual currency options islandwide to ensure convenient access to a wide client base. Today, it is Jamaica’s third largest financial insitution.BM

19. Audrey Stewart – Hinchcliffe

C.D., Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Manpower & Maintenance Services Limited

Audrey is the Founder and major shareholder of Manpower & Maintenance Services Limited established in 1990. An International Health Management Specialist with a proven record of achievement in Business Administration and Consultancy Services, she is experienced in negotiating and administering a variety of Service Contracts for companies in Jamaica, the USA and as advisor to Caribbean Governments on healthcare privatization of Facilities Maintenance Services. She is the chief contracts negotiator for the group of companies which includes: Manpower and Maintenance Services Limited, Caribbean Health Management Consultants Limited, Manpower and Maintenance Services Placement Agency and the Institute for Workforce Educa-

tion and Development (IWED). Hinchcliffe is a Registered Nurse and holds a B. A., Community Health; M. Sc., Health Administration; Certificates in Health Economics and Project Management. In 1992, this former hospital administrator from Lorrimers, Trelawny founded Manpower and Maintenance, which today provides sanitation, maintenance and landscaping services to some of Jamaica’s largest companies and public institutions. Hinchcliffe is a former President of the Jamaica Employers’ Federation. In 2011, she was invited by US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton to join the US Department of State’s new International Council on Women’s Business Leadership (ICWBL) for a two-year term. BM

18. Marlene Street Forrest,B.Sc. (Hons), MBA, General Manager, Jamaica Stock Exchange Limited (JSE)

Marlene Street Forrest is the General Manager of the Jamaica Stock Exchange (JSE) and Director of both its subsidiaries where her mandate is to continue the process of developing the JSE Group and particularly the Exchange, in an atmosphere of transparency and fairness while utilizing appropriate technology in providing the greatest possible efficiencies to the market. Street Forrest has a wealth of experience having worked in senior management 36

positions at varying private and public sector organizations here in Jamaica and overseas. It is under her stewardship that the JSE became demutualized and the Caribbean Exchange Network, the US Denominated Market and the Junior Market were launched. She also spearheaded the Registrar Division of the Jamaica Central Depository (JCSD) when she served as General Manager for this subsidiary of the JSE. Today, Mrs. Street-Forrest is a highly

Businessuite Magazine Special Edition November 2013

Top 50 Women demanded speaker, having given presentation at many local, regional and international conferences and seminars for the securities markets and financial services industry. A graduate of Titchfield High School in Portland, Mrs. Street Forrest then attended the University of the West Indies, Mona, where she read for the Bachelors Degree in Management Studies and later gained her Masters in Business Administration at the Barry University in Florida.

The Jamaica Stock Exchange Group, comprises of the Jamaica Stock Exchange Limited (JSE), Jamaica Central Securities Depository Limited (JCSD) and JCSD Trustee Services Limited (JCSDTS). The JSE is a publicly listed company, having listed variable preference shares in June 2008. Its wholly-own subsidaries Jamaica Central Securities Depository, along with its subsidiary JCSD Trustees Limited, complete thecompanies referred to as the JSE Group. Governed by a Board of Directors, The

Jamaica Stock Exchange was incorporated as a private limited company in August 1968. For the 2012 financial year the Jamaica Stock Exchange reported positive results with Profit after Tax of $128.7 Million compared to $33.9 Million in 2011. The main market index reflected a 3% contraction while the junior market index posted a contraction of 13%. Within the region, both the main index of Trinidad & Tobago’s and Barbados increased by 5.15 % and 1.10% respectively.BM

17. Dr. Eileen Chin,

Managing Director, Lasco Manufacturing Limited and Director of number other companies in the Lasco Group.

Wife of the visionary entrepreneur, business tycoon and Executive Chairman, Founder of the LASCO Group of companies, Hon Lascelles Chin, Dr. Eileen A. Chin, M.D serves as Managing Director at LASCO Manufacturing Limited and served as its Chief Executive Officer. Eileen also serves as a Director of Lasco Financial Services Limited and a NonExecutive Director of Lasco Distribu-

tors Limited. Prior to this, she taught at the Giron School of Medicine in Havana Cuba from 1993 to 1998 where she specialized in histology. She has furthered her knowledge and skills development with Lean Six compliance and advanced negotiation skills training. Dr. Chin holds a Medical Degree from Havana University’s School of Medicine and an MBA in Global Management. BM

16. Angella Whitter, Chairman and CEO, The Whitter Group. Not much is known and can be found publicly about Angella Whitter, who recently inherited and assumed full control of the Whitter Group following the recent death of her husband founder, visionary, real estate tycoon Joseph Whitter.

and entertainment space and the Ironshore Golf and Country Club in Rose Hall, Montego Bay. The Country Club is an 18-hole parkland style, par-72 course which has garnered the reputation of being one of the most interesting courses in Jamaica.

The Whitters are developers of the almost three-decade old Ironshore community in St James, which spans 1,300 acres and now features residential, commercial and light-industrial developments. Its properties include Whitter Shopping Village which officially opened in December 2010 with 240,000 square feet of retail shopping, dining

Proving that they are also socially responsible, The Whitter Group recently handed over a cheque for $601,000 to the Cornwall Regional Hospital’s Hemodialysis Unit. At the handing over, CEO Angella Whitter noted that “My Company has a passion for the hospital and for giving back.”BM

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Top 50 Women

15. Marjory Kennedy, Director Jamaica Freight & Shipping Co. Ltd and Vice President The Jamaica Exporters’ Association. What does this have to do with Marjory? Need to explain Marjory Kennedy has been a part of the world of international trade for many years. She left the airline industry in 1973 when she married Francis ‘Paco’ Kennedy current head of the powerful Jamaica Chamber of Commerce, son of Luis Frederick Kennedy (one of the principal founders of GraceKennedy Limited) who, like her grandfather ‘Mass Charlie,’ was a founder of the SAJ in 1939. Her husband ‘Paco’ has served as President of the SAJ from 1987 to 1988 and then again in 1992. Marjory began working in the family business after the birth of her second child, when she served as Secretary to her father (Ernest) at City Retreading Ltd, a manufacturing company then located at Elletson Road. It wasn’t until after her husband retired from a competing business in shipping that her brother, Charles, invited her to join the team at Jamaica Freight and Shipping. Brother to powerful Charles H. Johnston Managing Director and Executive Chairman of both Jamaica Fruit and Shipping as well as Jamaica Freight and Shipping, he is also chairman of Jamaica Producers Group and sits on the board of several major companies.

sions and activities of the association and was elected to the board in 2002, and then Vice- President. She was elected President of the JEA in 2006 and has set about modernizing the operations of the organisation and seeking opportunities for Jamaica’s export sector. But even while lobbying for a more business-friendly environment, Mrs. Kennedy and the JEA are being proactive is seeking new sources of investment financing for members and in providing training and technical assistance that can make the export sector more efficient and competitive. The Jamaica Exporters Association (JEA) is a non-government members association which was established in 1966 to promote and support the growth and development of the export sector. Jamaica Freight & Shipping is a full service shipping agency, representing major container lines, tramp vessels and NVOCCs. Jamaica Freight & Shipping also provides port agency services, as well as stevedoring services, equipment rental services, charter broking services, P&I Club representation and dry-docking services and through its various subsidiary and associated companies.BM

As the company’s representative to Jamaica Exporters’ Association (JEA) meetings, Marjory found herself getting more and more involved in discus-


Businessuite Magazine Special Edition November 2013

Top 50 Women

14. Michele Rollins,

Chairman, Rose Hall Development

Not much is readily available in the public domain on Michelle Rollins who is the widow of John W. Rollins Sr., who made his money in pest control, truck leasing, outdoor advertising, and other businesses in Delaware USA and elsewhere. After the passing of her husband over twenty years ago, Michele went on to run Rollins Jamaica Ltd, the holding company for the Rose Hall vacation resort in St James. According to Forbes magazine, Michele M. Rollins, age 64, was a Director since 2007. Ms. Rollins has served as Chairman of Rollins Jamaica, Ltd., the holding company of Rose Hall, Ltd. (“Rose Hall”), since 2000. Rose Hall owns a variety of hotel, retail, and housing developments and golf courses in Jamaica.

Ms. Rollins previously served as Associate Counsel and Corporate Secretary of Sun Company and as an attorney with the Department of the Interior, the Federal Energy Office, the Environmental Protection Agency, the Department of Justice, and the SEC. Wilmington Trust Corporation announced that Michele M. Rollins, a Director in its Class of 2013, resigned on May 17, 2010 in order to run for the United States House of Representatives. In 2010, Rollins reported her family fortune to be between US$92 million and US$350 million dollars. While most of that money is held in trust for the children of John Rollins, Michele Rollin’s personal 2009 income still ranged from US$1.6 million to US$13.3 million.BM

13. Valerie Facey,

Founder and director of The Mill Press.

Married to the late Hon Maurice Facey, Valerie has dedicated herself to the preservation of historic landmarks and other aspects of Jamaica’s cultural heritage. She has been intimately involved in the restoration of historic edifices such as Devon House in St Andrew, the St Andrew Parish Church, Bellevue Great House in St Ann and Sans Souci Hotel, also in St Ann. The Mill, which she founded with her husband, has promoted fine books on Jamaica’s heritage in art, history and biography.

education and other philanthropic endeavors, notably, the Jamaica Association for the Deaf, of which she is an executive board member. Pan Jamaican Investment Trust, Pan Jam, formed in 1964 by her late husband The Hon. Maurice Facey, and now run by their son ??Stephen Facey is today comprised of a diversified portfolio of investments, including wholly-owned businesses and investor partnerships in insurance, manufacturing, real estate, among others. BM

Facey’s charitable work is also noteworthy. She has worked tirelessly on behalf of the Cecil Boswell Facey Foundation, on projects involving early childhood

Businessuite Magazine Special Edition November 2013


Top 50 Women

12. Lois Sherwood,

Managing Director, Restaurant Associates Ltd

Lois Lake Sherwood is an accomplished Entrepreneur and Business Executive educated at St. Andrew High School where she Studied French and Art in Haiti for 2 years at the Instituto Allende San Miguel De Allende Mexico. She is listed as having previously owned the first antique shop known as “Mahogany House” on Hope Road and with her late husband owned and operated Grace Furniture on Orange Street, Kingston. Lois is an accomplished and successful visual artist whose works have been displayed and sold at various Art Galleries. In addition to been Managing Director of Restaurant Associates Ltd, operators

11. Thalia Lyn,

Founder and CEO, Island Grill

Thalia Lyn is the founder and visionary entrepreneur behind the Island Grill chain of quick service restaurants, which has earned her innumerable awards, including Business Leader of the year (twice) from the Florida International University Class of 2002 and Class of 2007. She was a finalist, Ernst & Young, Caribbean Entrepreneur of the Year 2001 and Observer Business Leader in 1999. Among the many awards earned by her company are Gleaner’s Best Fast Food (3 times) and Observer’s Award Recognizing Entrepreneurship and Professional Achievement Award for Excellence. Thalia is Chairman of the NCB Foundation, and a Director of Mustard Seed Communities, St. Patrick’s Foundation, United Way and the RC Archbishop’s Advisory Council. Mrs. Lyn holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Manhattanville College, Purchase, New York, U.S.A. She has also taught at the Immaculate Conception High School for a number of years and managed the Dealer Ser40

and franchise holders for Burger King and Popeye’s restaurants in Jamaica, she is also listed as been Managing Director of Sherbourne Ltd., Chairman, Island Homes Ltd and holds Directorship on the boards of Aerocon Construction Ltd., Pulse Investments Ltd., Caribbean Resources Ltd., and Pragma Development Ltd. Burger King is currently the second largest fast-food franchise in Jamaica, with over 20 outlets in Jamaica, and one, the Half-Way-Tree outlet, having been named the top selling Burger King in the world for several years on end. BM

vices Dept. for one of the largest Mutual Fund companies in Canada whilst licensed as a stockbroker. Mrs. Lyn is also a Director of National Commercial Bank, Jamaica Trade & Invest (JAMPRO), Jamaica Macaroni Factory, Port Royal Patties, among others. In 2004, she was appointed Honorary Consul General of the Kingdom of Thailand and in 2005 awarded the Most Noble Order of the Crown of Thailand, Commander 3rd Class. Launched in the 1990s with a single restaurant and cuisine based on the internationally famous Jamaican jerk and a livery of bright Caribbean colours, Island Grill now has a turnover estimated at more than half a billion dollars. Lyn rebranded and developed what was once Chicken Supreme into one of the most dominant and recognizable restaurant chains in the local fast food market. There are presently over 15 Island Grill restaurants across Jamaica with additional restaurants to be opened.. BM

Businessuite Magazine Special Edition November 2013

Top 50 Women

10. Rita Humphries-Lewin,

Founder and Chairman, The Barita Group

Rita Humphries-Lewin has been at the forefront of Jamaica’s stock broking industry for over thirty-five years. One of the first women in this hemisphere to become a stockbroker, Mrs. Lewin went on to become the first female Chairman of a Stock Exchange in the Caribbean leading the Jamaica Stock Exchange in this capacity in 1984 and again in 1995 to 2000. Under her tenure, she spearheaded the establishment of the Jamaica Central Securities Depository in 1998 and the development of electronic trading on the Jamaica Stock Exchange in January of 2000. Mrs. Lewin has also served as the Chairman of The Development Bank of Jamaica participating in the development and implementation of Jamaica’s “Highway 2000” project and the “Harmony Cove” project in Trelawny. Founded in 1977 by Rita HumphriesLewin, Barita Investments Limited has

the distinction of being the oldest stock broking company in Jamaica. Over the past 31 years, the company has built a sound reputation for excellence in the areas of Equities Trading, Fixed Income Securities, Foreign Currency Trading, Asset Management and Investment Research. The company is licensed by the Financial Services Commission, is a member of the Jamaica Stock Exchange, and a Primary Dealer and Cambio Dealer for the Bank of Jamaica. The Barita Group is made up of Barita Investments Limited and Barita Unit Trusts Management Company Limited and continues to experience growth in demand for its products and services. Along with head offices in New Kingston, and branches located in Mandeville and Montego Bay, the company remains committed to serving its customers island wide, with a dedicated team of over seventy (70) professionals. BM

9. Lorna Myers,

Co Founder and Chairman, Restaurants of Jamaica Limited

Lorna Myers last year became the first woman to be inducted into The Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica’s (PSOJ) Hall of Fame, becoming the 20th inductee taking her place in the Hall of Fame among the finest and most celebrated businessmen in Jamaica. Each year, since 1992, The PSOJ pays tribute to a private sector leader who has made innovative and sustained contributions to the development of the private sector over a minimum of 25 years, has demonstrated in-depth knowledge of the industry in which his/her company operates and demonstrates an unswerving commitment to the advancement of this industry and Businessuite Magazine Special Edition November 2013

to national development. Lorna and her Tony Myers founded the privately held Restaurants of Jamaica in 1975 when the family opened the first KFC restaurant at 170 Old Hope Road, Kingston 6, on licence from Hueblein International. From the outset, Myers had limited experience in the restaurant business and formal training, however she diligently applied herself, working long hours in every aspect of KFC’s operations. It was her work ethic and hands on approach that got the new business venture off the ground.


Top 50 Women

9. Lorna Myers –(Cont’d)

This bold entrepreneur knew from the onset, just how she wanted the organisation to develop, being an extremely disciplined and organized person, who always set herself very high standards in all aspects of her life. She recognized that the company must have the ability to deliver products and service at a consistently high standard, in keeping with the stringent demands of the international KFC franchise. After his untimely passing in 1990, she became Chairman and CEO of the company working alongside her son, Mark, and later her daughters Michelle and Tina. She continued to lead Restaurants of Jamaica through rapid expansion, maintaining leadership in the industry and achieving great suc-

cess for the company persevering through challenging economic times and many other obstacles,. She is responsible for the expansion of arguably Jamaica’s most popular fast food brand in Jamaica, KFC - doubling the number of KFC outlets and adding Pizza Hut to the company’s portfolio. Restaurants of Jamaica has grown to become the franchisee for both KFC and Pizza Hut – licensed to do so by YUM!, the current international franchisor. With well over 34 KFC restaurants operating in Jamaica and growing and at least five (5) Pizza Hut restaurants also in operation in four of those parishes. Restaurants of Jamaica, currently employs over 1300 persons islandwide.BM

Mrs Hayden-Cater is a graduate of the University of the West Indies, Mona, and holds a Master of Science degree in Economics, specializing in Quantitative Economics and Econometrics, and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics and Mathematics.

8. Maureen HaydenCater President, First Global Bank Ltd And The New President Of The Jamaica Bankers Association, (JBA)

Maureen Hayden-Cater was appointed to the position of President, First Global Bank Ltd on August 1, 2010 and was this year elected the new President of the powerful lobby group, the Jamaica Bankers Association, (JBA) succeeding former Scotiabank boss Bruce Bowen.


She came to First Global with several years of diverse banking experience, gained during her twenty-two-year tenure at Citibank NA Jamaica. She has served in a number of executive positions, which include Global Transaction Services & Commercial Bank Head, Risk Management Head, and Head of International Trade Finance. She also served as Corporate Bank Head and Country Risk Manager in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, for four years. Mrs Hayden-Cater is married with two daughters. She speaks Spanish, enjoys reading, exercising, community service and is an active member of her church. First Global Bank Limited (FGB) is a commercial bank operating in Jamaica, originating in 1970 as The First National Bank of Chicago (Jamaica) Limited. That organization later changed ownership and was renamed First Jamaica National Bank Limited. That institution was acquired on March 26, 1993, as a joint venture between Trafal-

gar Development Bank with 51% of the shareholdings and Grace Kennedy & Co. Ltd. (since renamed GraceKennedy Limited) having 49% of the shareholdings. It was then renamed Trafalgar Commercial Bank Limited (TCB). GraceKennedy Ltd. thereafter acquired Trafalgar Development Bank’s shares on November 3, 2000, making TCB a wholly-owned subsidiary of GraceKennedy. Trafalgar Commercial Bank was thereafter renamed First Global Bank Limited on January 1, 2002, offering local and international clients, one of the widest array of banking products and services available under one roof. Over the years, FGB has developed the reputation of redefining the banking experience through its commitment to providing cutting-edge financial solutions with the high standard of customer service delivery that the institution is known for. Today, FGB enjoys the distinction of being a very profitable subsidiary within the GraceKennedy group of companies. First Global Bank has six branches island wide. Branches are located in New Kingston, Manor Park, Montego Bay, Mandeville, Liguanea and Duke & Harbour Streets. BM

Businessuite Magazine Special Edition November 2013

Top 50 Women of one of the wards. The foundation for the Stewart’s Automotive Group was laid in 1938 by Lionel Arthur Stewart, father of Richard Stewart her husband. Stewart’s Automotive is a family operated business in the true sense of “family operated.” Stewart’s Auto Sales Ltd., founded in 1938 by Lionel Arthur Stewart, started operating as Stewart’s Auto Supplies and Repairs, evolving to Stewart’s Auto Sales between 1952-57.

7. Diana


Managing Director,

Stewart’s Automotive Group

Managing Director and driving force behind the Stewart’s Automotive Group, Diana is widely regarded as an astute businesswoman who along with her husband Richard were jointly nominated as Outstanding Business Leaders of the Year in 2008. In addition to her substantive roles and responsibility within the Automotive Group, Diana is a dedicated philanthropist. As head of the American Chamber of Commerce of Jamaica, she was behind the building of a new and interactive police station and clinic in the community of Grants Pen, resulting in what was a volatile community now being a relatively peaceful model community of tolerance. She has also served as a Director of the Board of Supervision, focusing on care for the elderly and disenfranchised, and had a stint as a committee member of the National Chest Hospital and was able to engineer the much-needed reroofing

All the directors are members of the tightly knit Stewart family, working full time and all having specific responsibilities for the day to day running of the company. Richard Stewart is Chairman; Diana is Managing Director; Duncan Stewart, son, is General Manager of Stewart Motors (BMW Importers) and Director of Stewart’s Auto Sales; Jacqueline Lechler, daughter, is General Manager of Finance and Administration and a director of Stewart’s Auto Sales Limited. Stewart’s Auto Sales has been the Suzuki dealer in Jamaica since 1982 and has established this marque as a dominant force in the market. They made the Suzuki Swift into a household name and for several years the Grand Vitara has been the market leader in SUV sales and the best seller among all vehicles sold in Jamaica. Stewart’s maintains one of the largest car inventories in Jamaica with new shipments arriving monthly from Japan, storing them in the company’s duty free bonded warehouse, allowing prompt deliveries. The Company, and its affiliates, Stewart’s Auto Paints Limited and Stewart Motors (Importers of BMW) employ over 220 staff. Staff loyalty results in a very low turnover with most resignations due to migration.

Businessuite Magazine Special Edition November 2013

On 12th March, 2010 the Stewart family acquired the assets of the Issa Transport Group, acquiring the following companies: Motor Sales & Service Ltd. Dealers for Mitsubishi Motors – now operating as Stewart’s Auto Sales Ltd. Motor Bike Sales & Service Dealers for Honda Motorcycles - now operating as Stewart’s Auto Sales Ltd. Euro Star Motors, dealers for Mercedes-Benz motorcars – now operating as Silver Star Motors Ltd. Jamaica Industrial Equipment – now operating as Stewart Industrial and Budget Rent-A-Car Limited With this acquisition, marques and products represented by the Stewart’s Automotive Group include Suzuki, Mitsubishi Motors, BMW, Mini, Mercedes-Benz, Honda Motorcycles, Budget Rent-A-Car, Automotive Art, Glasurit Automotive Paints, Dunlop and Michelin tires, Llumar window film, Meguiars car care products, Valvoline lubricants, Draper tools, Denso spark plugs, Dunlop, Michelin and Autoguard tires, etc. Stewart Industrial specializes in construction, mining and material and passenger handling equipment under world renowned names of Komatsu, JCB, Bobcat, Bomag, Clark forklifts, Freightliner, Mercedes-Benz Commercial, Mitsubishi Fuso. Power generation with JCB and MTU GENERATORS, ac Delco batteries, Power Hawk Rescue tools, Detroit Diesel engines and parts, Allison Transmissions, Cummins Engines, Fleetguard filters and BeachTech beach maintenance equipment. This acquisition broadens Stewarts spectrum of products giving it the ability to interact in many more areas of Jamaican commerce.BM 43

Top 50 Women joining Flow, Michele worked with a Canadian communications company in several capacities including Director of Human Resources, General Manager and finally Vice President, responsible for managing the company’s Atlantic Canadian Division. Michele led the rebuild of the company’s network and successfully deployed digital cable and broadband Internet in its markets. Armed with an MBA, Memorial University of Newfoundland and a Bachelor of Commerce, Memorial University of Newfoundland, her professional career has shown a steady and progressive movement up the corporate ladder. Positions held include. • President, Vice President, Operations Flow • President and Chief Operating Officer Columbus Communications Inc. • Vice President and General Manager, Persona Communications Inc. and a Member of the Senior Management Team, Persona Communications Inc. • President and Chief Executive Officer, Newfoundland Ocean Industries Association • President and Chief Executive Officer, Columbus Business Solutions • President and Chief Operating Officer, Columbus Business Solutions • Michele is a Board Member of the American International School of Kingston

6. Michele English, President and Chief Operating Officer,

Columbus Communications

Michele is President and Chief Operating Officer of Flow in Jamaica, where she has played an integral role in managing Columbus’ aggressive US$250 million capital investment program; a program that has virtually transformed the telecommunications industry in Jamaica. She took on this role in August of 2008, having been a part of the Flow team since 2006 as General Manager. Prior to


Today, Flow Jamaica offers a robust digital TV product that includes video on demand, the largest offering of HD channels, digital video recorders and digital music services. In addition, Flow offers residential broadband internet packages ranging from a low of 12 Mbps up to a blazing 100 Mbps. In partnership with its sister company, Columbus Business Solutions, Jamaica businesses now have access to a broad range of corporate data services including telephony, data storage, disaster recovery, IP services, hosting and business continuity services. Flow is the leading cable television provider in Jamaica and has grown its customer base to over 180‚000 video, internet and voice subscribers. At the same time, Flow has become a major employer in the country, boasting a team of some 570 telecom professionals.BM

Businessuite Magazine Special Edition November 2013

Top 50 Women Jacqueline (Jackie) Sharp, was promoted from Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Administrative Officer, to the powerful position of President & Chief Executive Officer of the Company effective September 1 becoming the first woman in the company’s history to hold this position. She was also appointed a director of Scotia Group Jamaica and of The Bank of Nova Scotia Jamaica Limited.

5. Jacqueline Sharp

President and CEO ScotiaBank Group Jamaica.

Jackie Sharp joined Scotiabank in December 1997 and over the past 15 years has held progressively senior roles in the areas of Treasury, Finance, Private Banking and Insurance. From 2003 to 2009 she was General Manager of Scotia Jamaica Life Insurance Company (SJLIC) and in September 2009 was appointed Chief Financial Officer of the Group. In April 2011, she assumed additional responsibilities as Chief Administrative Officer, and in April 2013 was appointed Executive Vice President, CFO and CAO. Scotiabank has been in Jamaica since

1889 and is the premier financial institution in the country with just over 2,000 employees and 39 branches islandwide. Scotiabank is a subsidiary of Scotiabank Group which offers a diverse range of products and services including personal, commercial and small business banking; wealth management; insurance and mortgages. The Group is an award winning institution, having been named on numerous occasions as the Bank of the Year and Best Bank in Jamaica by international financial publications - the Banker, Latin Finance, Euromoney, and Global Finance magazines. The Scotiabank Group has $382 billion in assets as of April 30, 2013 Speaking of Jacqueline Sharp’s appointment Ms. Chrominska noted, “We are very pleased to have Jackie Sharp assume the position of President & CEO. As CFO and CAO Jackie has provided strong support to all of the Group’s business lines, an, together with her experience leading the Private Banking Unit and SJLIC, is well suited to assume the Chief Executive Officer role.”BM

Congratulations To The

0 5

Most Powerful Women in Jamaican Business for 2013

Businessuite Magazine Special Edition November 2013


Top 50 Women Appointed Chairperson of the Boards of the Bank of Nova Scotia Jamaica Limited and Scotia Group Jamaica Limited, on March 1, 2013 where she has served as a Director of these Boards since August 27, 2009, Sylvia Chrominska became the first woman in the company’s history to hold this position. Sylvia joined Scotiabank in 1979 as a Credit Analyst in Corporate Credit and held progressively more senior positions over the next decade until being appointed Senior Vice President, Corporate Credit, with responsibility for Eastern Canada, Eastern United States, Europe and Japan.

4. Sylvia

Chrominska Chairperson of the Boards of the Bank of Nova Scotia Jamaica Limited and Scotia Group Jamaica Limited


Sylvia’s many personal and professional accomplishments have been recognized by a number of organizations. In 2005, she received the YWCA Woman of Distinction Award for Corporate Leadership for her work in helping to advance the careers of women. Sylvia was named to the Top 100 List of Canada’s Most Powerful Women by the Women’s Executive Network for four consecutive years, and was named to its Hall of Fame in 2007.

In 1994, she transferred to Human Resources, where she was appointed Executive Vice President in 1995. In 2004, her mandate was expanded to include Public, Corporate and Government Affairs, and was made Group Head in 2008. She retired from the position of Group Head, Global Human Resources and Communications on May 1, 2013.

She was among the first recipients of The International Alliance for Women (TIAW) World of Difference 100 Award in 2008, recognizing her contributions to the economic empowerment of women. In 2010, Sylvia was the inaugural recipient of the Catalyst Canada Honors in the category of Human Resources/Diversity Leader for her contribution in advancing women within and beyond the workplace. She was also the recipient of the Ivey Distinguished Service Award for outstanding contributions to the Richard Ivey School of Business.

Sylvia’s community activities include: Serving on the Dean’s Advisory Board at the Richard Ivey School of Business and the Junior Achievement of Central Ontario’s Board of Governors, Chairing the Capital Campaign for Women’s College Hospital, Participating as a member of the International Women’s Forum, Women’s Executive Network, the Global Human Resources Roundtable, and the Institute of Corporate Directors, Membership as an Honorary Fellow, Advisory Council for Dalhousie University Corporate Residency MBA · Directorship of the Boards of Emera Inc; Dofasco, Inc., Sheena’s Place; Goodwill Industries of Toronto; the Rehabilitation Institute of Toronto Foundation; the Canadian Club and the Stratford Shakespeare Festival Board of Governors

Most recently, in 2012, Sylvia was honored by Women Against MS for her support in the fight to end multiple sclerosis, as well as her broader philanthropic contributions. She was recognized as one of Canada’s Top 25 Women of Influence for 2012 by Women of Influence Inc., and by Evanta as a Top 10 Breakaway Leader, an award that celebrates leaders who are changing the face of HR. Sylvia graduated from the University of Western Ontario in 1975 with an Honors Degree in Business Administration. She has completed the Western Executive Program at the University of Western Ontario, as well as the Human Resources Executive Program at the University of Michigan Business School and the International Banking Summer School. BM

Businessuite Magazine Special Edition November 2013

Top 50 Women Melanie Subratie is the Vice Chairman and a principal shareholder of Musson (Jamaica) Limited, and is Vice Chairman of its subsidiaries including General Accident Insurance Company Jamaica Ltd, and T. Geddes Grant Ltd. She is on the Executive Board at Seprod Ltd, and an Executive Board member at Facey Commodity Co. Ltd. Melanie Subratie is the Deputy Chairman of General Accident Insurance Company Jamaica Ltd, and Chairman of the Investment and Loan Committee of the Board. She also serves on the board of Falmouth Heritage Renewal. With a B.Sc. (Hons) from the London School of Economics, She began her career in the United Kingdom in the Financial Services Division of Deloitte &Touche and also worked for startup political newswire service DeHavilland prior to returning to Jamaica in 2002 and joining the Musson Board. at that time with responsibility for Business Development, and specifically Managing Director of Productive Business Solutions Ltd. She is married to Michael Subratie who is a Director of Musson (Jamaica Ltd) and Managing Director of T. Geddes Grant (Distributors) Ltd., taking the reins of the company in 2008. Within the Musson Group, he is also responsible for Musson Manufacturing, such as Cosmetics International, The Ketchup Plant, Musson Food Factory, and Acme Spices. The Musson Group is a diversified conglomerate operating most specifically as a distributor, logistics partner, manufacturer, sales and marketing company for many global brands, and some of its own branded products in 33 countries worldwide. Musson (Jamaica) Ltd. is the successor to SP Musson Son and Company Limited which was established in 1820 and has been trading in the Caribbean since that date. It was one of the original 6 companies that went on to form Barbados Shipping and Trading Limited. The Jamaican arm was bought out by senior management, led by Desmond Blades, and resulted in the setting up of Musson (Jamaica) Ltd itself in 1963.

3. Melanie Subratie Vice Chairman and a Principal Shareholder of The Musson Group of Companies.

Businessuite Magazine Special Edition November 2013

For most of its life, Musson has been a central player in the business of food distribution within Jamaica. From this base, the group has grown, by acquisition, and organic growth into a diversified conglomerate with interests in manufacturing, insurance, food distribution, pharmaceutical distribution, telecom distribution, real estate brokerage, among other areas. Today, the Musson Group (Musson Jamaica Limited, together with its subsidiaries and associate companies) operates in Miami, Jamaica, across the Caribbean, Central America and the Pacific, as well as in Europe.BM


Top 50 Women Peggy Blades is the longest serving Director of Musson (Jamaica) Ltd, and is now believed to be the principal shareholder of the privately held conglomerate Musson Group following the death of her husband The Honorable Desmond Blades, OJ founder and visionary behind the powerful Musson Group of companies, and as such provided long standing support for him and the entire group during her tenure on the Board. She has served on the boards of all subsidiary companies, and was specifically responsible for Musson properties. She was responsible for the renovation of Richmond Park Great House.

2. Peggy Florence Blades,

She currently is Chairman of the Woman’s Club Home, and has served as its Past President. She serves on the Board of the Commonwealth Society of Jamaica, and has served as a Past President.BM

Principal Shareholder, the Musson Group.

As head of Jamaica’s monopoly power company, JPSCEO Tomblin has more than twenty years of diverse leadership experience in the regulated utility and independent energy sectors in the United States of America(USA). She leads the Jamaican integrated utility of 580,000 customers, 1400 employees, 650 MW of generation, 1200 km of transmission lines and 17,000 km of distribution lines. She is the first woman in the company’s history to hold this position. She was most recently regional vice president of GDF SUEZ Energy Resources, with responsibility for leading the company’s market, competitive and regulatory strategy in the five markets of Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, Delaware and Washington, DC.

1. Kelly


President and CEO of the Jamaica Public Service Company (JPS).


Prior to that, she was vice president of corporate strategy, development and services at International Power, where she led corporate strategy, administrative affairs, business development, asset management and operations support groups. She has also worked in senior positions in a number of other utility companies in the USA, including Monmouth County Bayshore Outfall

Authority, First Energy, and GPU International. Tomblin holds a Master of Business Administration from New York University, a Law degree from West Virginia University and an Undergraduate degree in public relations from West Virginia University. JPS is owned 40 per cent by Marubeni Corporation, 40 per cent by Korea EastWest Power and 19.9 per cent by the Government of Jamaica. The other 0.1 per cent is held by individuals. “The appointment of Ms Tomblin is in keeping with our commitment to strengthen JPS, so that the organization can play an even more pivotal role as a partner in Jamaica’s development. She brings to the organisation extensive industry knowledge, strong business strategy and operations experience, as well as customer service expertise, which I am confident will be to the benefit of all our stakeholders.” JPS chairman, Hisatsugu Hirai. BM

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The 2014 BMW 5 Series: Signature Ingredients At The Premium End Of The Executive Segment. The new BMW 5 Series: Sedan, Touring and Gran Turismo Dynamic ability, comfort, efficiency, aesthetic allure and a profusion of innovations designed to enhance driving pleasure – Indeed, consistently rising sales figures have sealed its position as the global leader in its class. Over one million units of the BMW 5 Series Sedan, BMW 5 Series Touring and BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo – whose luxurious character has earned it a unique status in the segment – have been sold worldwide since the launch of the current generation. And now another new chapter in this impressive success story is poised to begin. Precise modifications to the cars’ design, new engine variants and innovative additions to the range of available equipment as well as BMW ConnectedDrive technology all raise the appeal of the BMW 5 Series model family a notch higher still. Design: precise modifications bring out its sporting character. Additional contour lines for the surround of the BMW kidney grille and newly structured lower air intakes reinforce the sporting appearance of the new BMW 5 Series Sedan and new BMW 5 Series Touring. On both variants, the accentuated width of the rear end is underlined by an extra crease in the apron, as well as slim, sharply contoured and therefore even more striking rear lights. The new BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo boasts a modified front Businessuite Magazine Special Edition November 2013

apron exuding presence and solidity. Its redesigned rear end creates a longer and lower-to-the-ground impression. A threedimensional surface design for the area around the licence plate holder and a chrome strip in the rear apron add further depth to its dynamic character. Xenon headlights are fitted as standard on all models, while Adaptive LED Headlights take their place on the options list for the first time alongside LED fog lamps. Elsewhere, the side indicator lights are integrated into the exterior mirrors. Also new in the BMW 5 Series are the BMW Luxury Line and BMW Modern Line packages containing exclusive design and equipment features. And an M Sport package tailored to each model variant can also be specified. New details lend further refinement to the premium impression of the new BMW 5 Series’ interior as well as another layer to its functionality. The Control Display of the standard-fitted iDrive operating system is now bordered in the Sedan and Touring by chrome trim. Added to which, the storage compartments and cup holders in the centre console of these models have increased in capacity. A revised rear section increases the boot capacity of the new BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo by 60 litres to 500 litres. New exterior paint colours, light-alloy wheels, upholstery colours and interior trim elements for all the BMW 5 Series models enhance their appeal and increase the scope for individualization. The Only thing left now is to get a test drive and experience why the 2014 BMW 5 Series is “Functionality and premium allure taken to a new level.”BM


Techno Logic

Technology In Business: Is the Future Of Mobile And Online Largely In Social Media? By: Gale Peart

More and more social media are being used as important tools. Here at Caribbean Fortress it serves as a “listen command centre” as is the case with the National Australia Bank (NAB) that believes the future of mobile and online is largely in social media and has seen more than 350 per cent growth in its social media community during 2012. NAB, along with the world’s largest brands (Salesforce, Dec. 2012), “connects” and “talks” with markets and help to systemize and tweak business processes and customer experience.

conversion rates can be improved with sponsors, for example, analyzing social media insights (demographics, high traffic periods, etc) to customize mobile application messages and to embark on two way-communication directly with their targeted audience. Liking (Facebook) pages and following (Tweeter) handles, powered by Wi-Fi connectivity, can be done immediately as opposed to the time taken to sign in from a desktop and or laptop at home or at the office or ‘eyeballing’ the number of persons who “got” a message disseminated solely via traditional media.

For marketing offerings, “dots are connected” with cutting edge technology that facilitates ‘real time’, online and offline brand reputation management and consultations. This includes video blogs and the planning of business and cultural events.

It is important to note however that technologies will never replace expertise. They work ”hand in hand”. Superior technology, whether free or a paid version, or having access to it (them) does not translate to making a person (entity) successful but there is no denying it surely helps. As technology evolves the value proposition for all is excellent. Don’t be left behind. Get connected today. GP

Technology enables teams to be ‘plugged-in’ to the needs of valued customers, keep abreast with global trends, bridge the culture and business divide and allow entities to ‘hedge’ future service needs. This is an added reason for having a dongle handy especially when “on the go” just in case there is a non-Wi-Fi location, to facilitate Skype meetings with customers, in near and far flung places.

Gale Peart is the Founder and C.E.O of Caribbean Fortress Ltd, a Jamaican-based event planning company, supported by social media, which specializes in business and culture.

These days all echelons of a society, locally and globally, own on average two (2) cell-phone devices with loyalty floated between Android, Apple (iPhone) and Research In Motion (Blackberry), the latter less so. The time taken for video production (from idea to online publishing) has reduced substantially. The power of recording and editing video clips such as movie-making and video blogs (Vine, Instagram and YouTube) has shifted to a more leveled playing field - to the common man armed with smart-phone devices and mobile applications (apps). We are constantly trying new apps to be more efficient and effective. The latest for Caribbean Fortress is Event Mobi that makes event planning and execution, a breeze. Such technology does not discriminate as they are now a way of life irrespective of age. Consider iPads. The coolest reality check is to observe a young child maneuvering an iPad with respect to adults. Chances are a child is more likely to discover shortcuts and new offerings than their parent(s). To them a device without touch screen support is often deemed to be “broken”. Ah, technology. Love it! With aforementioned innovations, social media-sales 50

Businessuite Magazine Special Edition November 2013

Businessuite Magazine Special Edition November 2013



Businessuite Magazine Special Edition November 2013

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