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“Silicon Mountain The Business Technology & Innovation Hub of the Caribbean" Mandeville Manchester, Jamaica

Blackslate Media Group (BMG) was incorporated on the 26th October 2004 and is the primary holding company for a diverse group of media and internet brands operating in the Caribbean. BMG operating through the Businessuite News Centre (BNC) is the primary source of content for the Businessuite brand across a growing number of strategic media platforms. The company is also a provider of business news and features through its syndication services enabling third party media operators and publishers to complement their own editorial with high quality content. BMG and The Businessuite News Centre (“BNC”) strives to be the leader within the Caribbean Business news and features market segment, with content designed around our key customer target groups including but not limited to SME decision makers, Investors, Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Consultants, CEO’s and Other Senior Executives around the Caribbean. BMG ultimate parent company is the Blackslate Holdings Group Limited.


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