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We Srengthen Nonprofits So They Can Strengthen Our Community Our mission is to build a better world by increasing the effectiveness of nonprofit leaders and the impact of the organizations they serve. We accomplish this by cultivating high-trust relationships, utilizing strengths-based practices, and investing in strengthening this community we call home.

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For over a decade, we’ve had the privilege of working alongside incredible nonprofits throughout Columbia, across Missouri, and around our country.

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We exist to help you, the amazing nonprofits of the Columbia community, continue to improve lives and strengthen our community. And we think that is a pretty great reason to get out of bed every morning.

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Impact COMO

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Not a week goes by where we aren’t in some way influenced or inspired by one of our local nonprofits. The men and women leading these efforts are courageous, tenacious, and passionate! They accomplish so much with so little. It is our heart at COMO Living to honor their generosity by doing what we do best — telling their stories. Inside this directory, you’ll read about the winners of our 2018 Impact COMO awards, learn about those agencies we’re proud to call our nonprofit partners, and have access to a list of all the charitable organizations in our area that we could locate. Take some time, flip through the pages, and be overwhelmed, as we are, by the philanthropic spirit of the community we call home.

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Impact COMO



Impact COMO

is pleased to introduce 2018’s most impactful:

Philanthropic Company Providence Bank

Honorable Mentions

Williams-Keepers, Visionworks Marketing Group, Veterans United Home Loans

Executive Director

Pam Ingram, Granny’s House

Honorable Mentions

Jane Williams, Gay Litteken, Larry McDaniel

Fundraising Event

Board Member

Terry Roberts, Welcome Home

Honorable Mentions

Teresa McGruder, John Glennon, John Corn

Staff Member

Michele Towns, Lutheran Family & Children’s Services

Honorable Mentions

Katherine Wilson, Karen Stout, Kerri Bloss


The Red Shoe Gala, Ronald McDonald House

Isaac Vandepopuliere, Cedar Creek Therapeutic Riding Center

Honorable Mentions

Honorable Mentions

Tigers on the Prowl, Masquerade Ball, Dancing with Missouri Stars

George Kennedy, Lauren Jackson, Candida Rogers

Impact COMO


Chris Sanders, Eric Morrison, and Shatenita Horton 6

Impact COMO

Providence Bank Most Philanthropic Company Providence Bank Over the past decade, philanthropy and corporate social responsibility have become a fundamental part of company culture. The companies who do the most good are those who are intentional and active in their efforts. At Providence Bank, philanthropy extends beyond numerical value. “It’s not just writing a check, but showing up and being there and being a part of it,” says Columbia Market President Eric Morrison. Providence Bank’s community initiatives stem from core company values, one of which is respect. The bank strives to respect its community and client base; giving back and staying involved are the ways in which the bank demonstrates this value. “Our efforts are more than things we have to do,” says Eric. “Like so many businesses in Columbia, we want to be part of initiatives that improve the quality of life for everyone. The legacy of corporate giving and service in

Columbia is a significant pride point for our city.” Eric has found that Providence Bank employees also share in this sense of pride. Knowing that their company has invested time and talent in their community is meaningful to them. Providence Bank began its efforts by searching for a way to make a meaningful impact in the community. As a lender, the bank has seen firsthand the needs of those in the community with low to midlevel income. As a result, the bank has focused its philanthropy on affordable housing initiatives. Along with the Columbia Community Land Trust and the City of Columbia, Providence Bank helped to execute the building of seven new single-family homes on Lynn Street. Due to this success, Providence Bank plans to continue work with the Columbia Community Land Trust in 2019 to build several more homes on Eighth Street.

Impact COMO



Impact COMO

Pam Ingram Most Impactful Executive Director Granny’s House When Pam Ingram founded Granny’s House, she envisioned a space where children from any background could come to experience God’s love firsthand. Pam spent the majority of her childhood living in public housing in Kansas City. After graduating from MU’s School of Journalism, she married her husband, Ellis, and the pair began a life together, which they dedicated to serving God. Pam co-founded a door-to-door outreach program, FreePrayer, which gave her insight into the struggles felt by members of Columbia’s public housing community. She felt as though many of the children that she interacted with were simply waiting for life to happen for them. Pam knew in her heart that she had to do something for those kids. Granny’s House is exactly like your grandmother’s house ­— a safe place where children can come to play, eat, do homework,

or simply be heard. Volunteers from churches across the Columbia area help Pam give these children opportunities that those surrounding them may not be able to give. The volunteers come from various walks of life, yet they all have one commonality, a heart that is dedicated to the children. “We see children’s lives change,” Pam says. The most rewarding part for Pam is when former Granny’s House kids come back to share their stories about what Granny’s House meant to them. Though her role as executive director may sometimes be challenging, Pam keeps herself grounded by staying in a place of God’s love. When she needs extra inspiration, she looks to the door of her office, which is covered in notes from children she has served. Her hope is that some of the happiest memories for these children have been at Granny’s House. “I absolutely love my job,” she says.

Impact COMO


Terri Gray, John States, and Sally Silvers 10

Impact COMO

Red Shoe Gala Most Impactful Fundraising Event Ronald McDonald House Whether you prefer cocktail parties or black-tie banquets, Columbia is home to a wide range of charitable events throughout the year. With so many great causes to support, it can be hard to measure which events bring the greatest impact to the Columbia area. The Red Shoe Gala is the premier fundraiser for the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Mid-Missouri. It serves to raise funds and bring awareness to the mission of the Ronald McDonald House, an international nonprofit dedicated to providing families the resources and care they need to support their children with injuries or illnesses. “The impact of this support helps touch so many lives throughout the year by providing the gift of togetherness for families of children needing medical care,” says Executive Director Terri Gray. Over the course of 16 years, the Red Shoe Gala has become a huge event in Columbia

and the surrounding area. The gala features both live and silent auctions, a cocktail hour, dinner, and entertainment. Through the years, Terri and her team have found that, “Our biggest challenge is finding a venue large enough so we can accommodate everyone who wants to attend. Last year, we sold out and had to put people on a waiting list.” The community has been an integral part of the gala’s success. In 2013, the committee was forced to cancel the gala due to a snowstorm. When offered the opportunity for reimbursement, the businesses and individuals who purchased tickets declined as a way of showing support for the Ronald McDonald House. In 2019, the Red Shoe Gala will be held on February 21 at The University Club at the Reynolds Alumni Center. The funds that are raised are all kept local and go to supporting the operations of Ronald McDonald House Charities of Mid-Missouri.

Impact COMO



Impact COMO

Terry Roberts Most Impactful Board Member Welcome Home Terry Roberts found himself facing two great challenges as a teenager. He became a father, and he was homeless. Later in life, after serving nine years in the United States Marine Corps, Terry knew he had a mission to help the veterans in his community overcome challenges he had experienced firsthand. “It’s not about me or volunteering to feel good about myself. It’s about the responsibility that I have to invest in and help fellow veterans in need,” says Terry. To do so, he began volunteering at Welcome Home, a local nonprofit providing a community that veterans can rely on to get back on their feet. Through his persistence and passion for this community, Terry now serves as president of the Welcome Home Board of Directors. Terry’s role on the board has given him the opportunity to expand his personal knowledge and experience in

leadership, and he’s used this knowledge to invest back into the veteran communities in Mid-Missouri. Providing transitional housing, emotional support, and job readiness training are just a few of the ways that the funds the board allocates serve veterans. To continue to provide these programs, Terry and the board have implemented an emphasis on strategic planning and organizational assessment. Terry believes that one of the biggest challenges facing Columbia’s veterans today is the lack of awareness of veteran communities in the area. As a result, one of his goals for Welcome Home is to continue to engage the community so that veterans who need assistance can find it at Welcome Home. When Terry is not serving on the board or working as a loan officer at Veterans United Home Loans, he can usually be found spending time with his wife and three children watching “The Voice.”

Impact COMO



Impact COMO

Michele Towns Most Impactful Staff Member Office Manager, Lutheran Family and Children’s Services A normal day on the job for Michele Towns is anything but routine. As office manager at Lutheran Family and Children’s Services, she spends time on everything that keeps the office running, from budgeting to reaching out to the community to getting help for clients. Her favorite task, however, is greeting clients. As the first face clients see when they walk in the door, Michele strives to welcome them in a way that she would want to be greeted. “Treating someone with kindness — I take pride and joy in this,” says Michele. Michele began working for LFCS as a volunteer and fell in love with the organization and its employees. When the office manager position became available, the staff encouraged her to apply, as she was already familiar with the agency. In the 12 years that she has been with LFCS, finding inspiration in her job has never been a problem. “I love to see the joy and happiness when

it all works out for a couple who has fertility issues and is struggling to conceive. It’s a beautiful thing to see them experience the blessing of adoption,” says Michele. Her job at LFCS has given Michele the chance to serve both clients and the community in a variety of ways. Her favorite accomplishment was the passing of a tax initiative, Putting Kids First, in 2012. Michele worked heavily on the campaign, which was dedicated to helping women in the Columbia area suffering from mental health issues like postpartum depression. Through her time at LFCS, Michele has found that one of her favorite parts of the job is the team of social workers she works alongside. Seeing the social workers interact with and go above and beyond for clients is one of Michele’s greatest sources of motivation. “The team inspires me to be better, they’ve just opened up my eyes and heart,” she says.

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Impact COMO

Isaac Vandepopuliere Most Impactful Volunteer Cedar Creek Therapeutic Riding Center Isaac Vandepopuliere is a 14-year-old student at High Road School of Boone County. He is also a volunteer at Cedar Creek Therapeutic Riding Center. “They help a wide range of people (5 and up) with emotional, mental, and physical disabilities,” says Isaac. The movement of the horses when riding has therapeutic benefits psychically, while riders often experience cognitive and emotional growth through the process of caring for the horses. Cedar Creek provides a variety of therapies to more than 200 riders per year, many of whom often participate in horse shows and events. Isaac enjoys attending shows and events with his favorite horse, Zippo. He and Zippo won first place in both barrel racing and a trail course at their last event. Isaac was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder at age 7. Shortly after his diagnosis, he began riding at Cedar Creek. That fall, he began participating in Cedar Creek’s annual

fundraiser, the Ride-A-Thon. During the Ride-A-Thon, Cedar Creek invites volunteers, riders, and members of the community to raise money and ride the trails. A normal day of fundraising for Isaac usually begins with a Facebook live video on his way to school. In his videos, Isaac shares his experiences at Cedar Creek and how riding affects his mood, confidence, and sense of independence. Each year since Issac began participating, he increased his fundraising efforts and goals. Last year he set his goal at $3,000 and ended up raising over $5,000. “It was a way to help the people who were helping me,” says Isaac. “It was fun.” Isaac is currently participating in this year’s fundraiser. Isaac was the only young adult nominated for an award during the selection process for Impact COMO. Yet, “Age doesn’t matter. It’s what you do that matters. You’re never too old to do something and you’re never too young to do something,” Isaac shares.

Impact COMO



The Montminy Art Gallery Exhibits Collections • Historic Homes • Book Talks

Located at 3801 Ponderosa St. in the historic Nifong Park, Columbia. boonehistory.org | (573) 443-8936 18

Impact COMO

boonehistory |

@BooneHistory |


COMO Living’s 2018 nonprofit partners are dedicated to the common good of Columbia. And of course, our community benefits from the wide range of services and activities provided by these vibrant, healthy agencies. Learn more about some of our area’s nonprofits in these next pages. Each has a unique story to tell and plays an important role in our interesting city.

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Girl Scouts is the BEST girl leadership experience in the world, period. Everything a Girl Scout does is designed to meet her where she is now and to grow along with her.


LIFE SKILLS Civic engagement, healthy living, global citizenship, communication skills

STEM Computer science, engineering, robotics, outdoor STEM, and more

OUTDOORS Adventure and skill building, including through camping experiences for all age levels, from the backyard to the backcountry

ENTREPRENEURSHIP The Girl Scout Cookie Program teaches goal setting, decision making, money management, business ethics, and people skills.

Impact COMO

Learn more at why.girlscouts.org.

Columbia Art League C

olumbia Art League was founded in 1959 by Betty Robins and a group of fellow artists who had been taking classes together at Christian College, now known as Columbia College. The founders’ goal was to promote the work of local artists while cultivating an appreciation for art in the Columbia community. The group first began meeting at Betty’s home, but as they expanded programming, CAL relocated a number of times before finally settling at its current location on Ninth Street. CAL is home to a community gallery and a studio classroom space. The classroom is an essential part of CAL’s education outreach, as both children and adults can take classes in a variety of mediums. “I’m a big advocate that everybody, no matter what line of work they’re in, no matter what they do, they need to have art in their world,” says Executive Director Holly Stitt. CAL puts on six gallery exhibitions throughout the year, where both members and non-members can show their art. Additionally, members of CAL may participate in the Community Exhibits Program, which provides artists the opportunity to showcase their art in local businesses. Art in the Park is another way in which CAL brings art into the community. The festival occurs annually, with 2018 marking its 60th anniversary. Over the years, Art in the Park has grown from a modest street fair into a thriving festival. As the festival grew, CAL added a variety of activities to the experience, including art installations, vendors, and performers. Outreach has always been a major part of CAL’s focus in the community. Whether working with veterans or underprivileged teens, CAL strives to engage anyone in the community who may be interested in art.

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The most important tool is love.

Every person in need requires different solutions & different tools on their way to a better future. At Love INC, we start with a conversation, then provide individual coaching & practical resources, personalized for their needs. That’s how we love our neighbors forward!

Love INC - loving Columbia forward, one person at a time. www.columbialoveinc.org 573-256-7662 22 Impact COMO

COMO Youth Works C OMO Youth Works, formerly known as Youth Empowerment Zone, was borne from the concern of city council representative Almeta Crayton. She noticed that the youth in her ward, though eager to work, often found themselves unemployed. COMO Youth Works has developed programs dedicated to giving youth in the Columbia area the educational tools they need to successfully gain employment. The nonprofit serves youth ages 14 to 24, often recruiting through high schools as well as by referral. While the programs place a heavy emphasis on employment and education, there is also a focus on entrepreneurship and empowerment. Job readiness is a major part of programming, so they offer opportunities to network and to participate in mock interviews. The organization additionally offers a network of more than 90 employers

throughout the Columbia area who maintain a dedication to giving students employment with upward mobility. The nonprofit understands that students need more than just educational resources. “We provide constant encouragement for them to keep progressing,” says Executive Director Loretta Schouten. “Life in poverty is hard. Crime happens outside their front door, and many times our youth lack an adult who will walk beside them and be a source of strength and encouragement on those days when life threatens to overwhelm and derail their plans.” COMO Youth Works services are not limited to the students enrolled in the programs. The nonprofit offers a child care center for the children of the students it serves that is capable of caring for children 18 months to 12 years of age.

Impact COMO


Every child deserves a family.. every family deserves support. In Missouri alone, there are over 15,000 foster children and nearly 3,000 kids ready to adopted.

Serving 13 counties in Mid-Missouri Offices in Jefferson City & Columbia

Current and prospective foster, adoptive, and kinship families visit MOFosterAdopt.com or call (573) 298-0258 today!

ACT provides opportunities to individuals with disabilities as participating members of the community .

actservices.org 24

Impact COMO

Coyote Hill Christian Children’s Home I n Harrisburg, just 30 minutes north of Columbia, sits Coyote Hill Christian Children’s Home. Coyote Hill has developed a nontraditional take on the foster home, where children live in blended families, with house parents raising their biological children alongside foster children. This environment gives Coyote Hill the ability to take on large groups of siblings without separating them, a practice which is uncommon in the traditional foster care system. Founded in 1992, Larry McDaniel built Coyote Hill as a safe space for foster children to grow and learn. Coyote Hill cares for children who may be suffering from an abusive or negligent home life. “Foster children experience everyday life in a functional family home. They see marriage working and see a couple deal with frustrations and conflict in a healthy way,” says Larry. “They see problems resolved without someone getting hurt, and they know parents will care for them no matter the circumstance.”

When a child arrives at Coyote Hill, they are placed with house parents in one of the five homes built to house residents on campus. House parents are trained as behavioral specialists to ensure that the children’s social, physical, and educational needs are met. They ensure that, in addition to attending school, the children receive any further academic support they may need, such as tutoring. The campus is also home to an education and resource center, located in the original foster home. Foster children usually stay with their house parents on Coyote Hill’s campus for an average of 1.5 years. When they do leave the campus, the children are often reunited with their families or adopted into forever homes. In 2017, Coyote Hill served 73 children. Coyote Hill is now focused on expanding programming. In doing so, the nonprofit is able to provide each resident with individualized care that sets them up for future success.

Impact COMO


The power of partnership

Three non-profits are working with the City of Columbia to build Missouri's first Agriculture Park.

The Cradle to Career Alliance is a local nonprofit organization driven by the belief that every child deserves equal opportunity to a high-quality education as the basis of a thriving community. We bring the community together to work on common goals that can put students and families on a path to life-long success. Visit cradletocareeralliance.org to find out more! 26

Impact COMO

Be a part of the Columbia community by investing in the Boys & Girls Club by purchasing a personalized brick to be placed in the courtyard at the Club to invest in Great Futures! $250 feeds 62 kids a day healthy meals at the Club $500 sponsors 1 kid after school

For more information visit tinyurl.com/BGCBrick or text “BRICK” to (573) 279.1151

Montminy Gallery C olumbia has had a rich tradition of art and culture for decades. If you have an interest in local art, there are a number of galleries owned and operated in the area. On the first Friday of each month, you can roam the galleries downtown while sipping wine, or you might spend an afternoon wandering through the historical busts at MU’s Museum of Art and Archeology. Or, you may be surprised to know, you can see a local exhibit at the Montminy Gallery inside the Boone County History and Culture Center. The Montminy Gallery is one of the oldest public galleries in Mid-Missouri, yet the gallery has remained undiscovered by many of Columbia’s residents. To help further develop the potential of the gallery, artist Kate Gray took on the role of gallery director and curator. “I am thrilled and honored to lead the development of a plan that will showcase the artistic talent in our community,” Kate says. When curating the shows for the gallery, Kate has a focus on finding pieces and artists who have both educational and historical elements to their work. The Montminy Gallery hosts four to five signature events per year. These events run for two months, and the artwork is available for purchase. Additionally, the gallery hosts smaller “pop-up” shows that feature art from local organizations and artisans in Columbia. During these events, the Montminy Gallery features a diverse range of artwork. The gallery’s exhibitions include everything from photography to watercolor to pottery. All of the pieces are created by local, regional, or state artists. The gallery is owned by the Boone County Historical Society, and is open to the public from 11 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Wednesdays through Saturdays and noon to 4:30 p.m. on Sundays.

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1 IN 5

Missouri children live in poverty

is made possible through the support of our sponsors. PRESENTING SPONSORS



PMS 377


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The Salvation Army T

he Salvation Army is popularly known as a chain of thrift stores, but the organization is much more than retail locations. The nonprofit was founded in 1865 in England by Methodist preacher William Booth. Booth created the Salvation Army as a way of spreading the message of God’s love after spending time preaching on Skid Row. Today, the Salvation Army has grown into an international organization with locations in 130 countries. The Salvation Army provides social services based on the needs of the communities in which they reside. Services range from disaster relief to addiction services and family support. Columbia has two locations: Harbor House, on Ann Street, and the Salvation Army Family Services building, on West Ash. Both locations feed, shelter, and clothe those in need. The Family Services building is the only family shelter center in Columbia. It has 56 beds and six units capable of housing families. Because the Salvation Army was founded with the mission of sharing the love of God, a church is also located inside the family services building. “People can come at any time for prayer,” says pastor and corps officer Lieutenant Carmon Camp. Columbia is also home to two stores where goods can be donated, dropped off, or picked up. While monetary donations are accepted throughout the year, the holiday season is vital in sustaining the Salvation Army’s budget. The Red Kettle Campaign is perhaps their most well-known effort. It’s a street campaign that lets members of the community donate money in red kettles scattered throughout their cities. The Red Kettle Campaign “generates the bulk of the budget to maintain programs throughout the year,” says Carmon. The campaign lasts a total of six weeks with 22 sites across the Columbia area running from 10 a.m. until 8 p.m. This year’s campaign began with Rock the Red Kettle, a kickoff party featuring music from Aaron Watson at The Blue Note. All proceeds from sponsors went to the Red Kettle goal, which was announced at the event. “Our purpose for the event was to get information out to people that we need volunteers,” says Carmon. In an average week, the Salvation Army works with 50 to 60 volunteers who work for around 238 hours. During the Red Kettle Campaign, the need for volunteers grows exponentially. While many bell ringers volunteer, others are given the opportunity to be paid for their time. This creates an additional source of income for those volunteers that may need extra relief. “People who have been less fortunate come back to volunteer or even give to the kettles because the Salvation Army was there in their time of need,” says Carmon.

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h p er Shin l e H e Girls on the Run EMPOWERS girls by building CONFIDENCE & CONNECTION. Support our girls by volunteering or by giving a gift to support programs! Learn MORE at www.heartofmissourigirlsontherun.org

Working to build a


If you share our vision, see how you can become a member at PedNet.org or by calling 573.999.9894




We promote inclusion for people with developmental disabilities by helping create a plan to thrive in the community, connect with others and achieve personal goals. Visit WWW.BCFR.ORG to: ・ Refer someone for services ・ Explore career opportunities ・ Read success stories of persons served ・ Learn how you can support BCFR

WWW.BCFR.ORG | 573-874-1995


Impact COMO

The Caring People T he Caring People was founded in 1997 by Springfield native JoDee Herschend. The organization was established with the intent of providing spiritual guidance to single mothers. Today, The Caring People has more than 30 locations across Missouri, with five of these chapters located in the Columbia area. The nonprofit hosts care meetings where single mothers and their children can meet, connect, and seek guidance. The Caring People is especially unique as it is “the only nonprofit organization that guarantees consistent meetings once a week throughout the entire year,” says Cheryl Harrison, regional co-chair. The meetings are based out of churches and cover a wide range of programing designed to empower mothers through the love of Christ. During their meetings, the care groups discuss everything from budgeting to Bible study. These groups are led by mentors, or “caring women,” who help to foster relationships among the group.

A meal is served at the beginning of each meeting, followed by a 45-minute group session specific to the mothers and their children. “We pray together,” says Ava Summers, Columbia’s regional co-chair. “Care group leaders need to have a plan, but the needs of the moms might take you someplace completely different. If there’s a mom who is in a really bad place and just needs us to listen, or pray with her, the evening may go somewhere different, and that’s okay.” The Caring People’s main focus for the future is to continue providing support for mothers and their children. Becoming well-known in the community is important to the organization so that any mother in need can find the resources she needs to care for herself and her children. To do so, The Caring People hopes to advance fundraising and increase their current volunteer pool and correspondingly double the number of care groups in the Columbia area.

Impact COMO



Impact COMO

Heather Brown

Harry S. Truman Memorial Veterans’ Hospital C olumbia has been a medical hub for the MidMissouri region for years. The area has many health care assets, yet the Harry S. Truman Memorial Veterans’ Hospital serves veterans with a unique level of comprehensive primary care. Each patient who comes to Truman VA receives customized inpatient or outpatient care based on their needs. The hospital was founded in 1972 from a push for more academic affiliated hospitals in the U.S. Today, Truman VA serves about 40,000 veterans from Missouri and Illinois. Due to the proximity of MU Health, Columbia was chosen as the location for the hospital. In addition to the Columbia campus, Truman VA has eight outpatient clinics to better serve patients throughout the state. About 900 students are trained at Truman VA each year. “There’s no way MU could produce that many doctors if there wasn’t an affiliate here. If we weren’t producing doctors, there’d be a significant

shortage,” says CEO David Isaacks. Truman VA has become a leader in the VA health care system, and a focus on individualized care has led to both patient and employee satisfaction. When a veteran arrives at the hospital, they are provided with a care team that oversees their mental, emotional, and physical well-being. Heather Brown experienced this level of care firsthand after being diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder. “You’re not going to find a friendlier hospital. There’s an honest to goodness warmth. People here genuinely care about their veterans’ health care. We really want them to know we care.” Upon her first visit to the hospital, Heather was blown away by the staff’s willingness to listen and the services that they provided. Heather was so inspired by the level of care that she now works for the hospital as an enrollment coordinator to help veterans like herself understand that it’s OK to ask for help.

Impact COMO


Because of our committee and the community, the Red Shoe Gala supporting Ronald McDonald House Charities® of Mid-Missouri was voted

MOST IMPACTFUL FUNDRAISER! Thank you for supporting the House.

____________________________ HIGH QUALITY . LOW COST . SPAY NEUTER CLINIC ____________________________ helping families keep their pets happy and healthy while reducing the unwanted pet population

low cost spay/neuter services low cost monthly vaccine clinics no income or residency restrictions Over 8900 surgeries completed since opening in April 2015! Executive Director 573-397-6443 Janeene Johnston 206 Austin Av. Columbia, MO 65203

www.SpayNeuterProjectMo.org 34

Impact COMO

“We Always Swing” Jazz Series “We Always Swing” Jazz Series is a nonprofit organization dedicated to presenting, preserving, and celebrating jazz. The Jazz Series was founded by Jon Poses out of his home in 1995 as a way of providing a platform for concerts and educational opportunities within the community. The Jazz Series strives to bring great musicians to Columbia through a series of concerts featuring national and international acts. Players have included Grammy winners and MacArthur Fellowship recipients. Concerts have been held everywhere from The Roof to Jesse Auditorium. On Sundays, the Jazz Series holds matinee and evening shows at Murry’s. The concert series season occurs from early fall until late spring. Educational programming is another major part of community outreach. The Jazz Series works closely with Columbia Public Schools to introduce jazz to students at a young age. An annual children’s concert is held at Hickman Auditorium, and different clinics have been developed for students from elementary ages on up. Additionally, the Von Freeman Memorial Lending Library is free and open to the public. The library houses about 7,000 titles spanning more than 100 years of jazz music and spanning multiple genres. Members of the community are encouraged to stop in anytime to listen to the library’s CDs and records. “People shouldn’t be afraid to try jazz just because something didn’t sound good to them — there’s probably something out there that does sound good to them,” says Assistant Director Josh Chittum. The library is located at the Jazz Series location on Tenth Street. As the Jazz Series approaches its 25th season, Josh’s focus for the future is to expand by getting more people in the community interested in jazz. “We don’t have to tell people jazz exists,” Josh says. “We just have to help facilitate and encourage them to explore it.”

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Columbia is already a great place to live, but with your help we can make it even better for everyone to call home!


See first hand that ALL people have the ability to give back to their community.


See how people of ALL abilities are more alike than they are different.


Make your own impact on the lives of people with disabilities as a volunteer or board member.


Your support helps provide quality services and makes independence and dignity a reality for ALL. CALL OR EMAIL US TODAY!


Serving people where they are mentally, physically, and spiritually through LFCS programs. » Adoption » Free Pregnancy Counseling » Free Case Management » Free One-On-One Nurturing Parent Education for Boone County Residents » Free Maternal Mental Health Counseling for Boone County Residents » Therapeutic Support Group

307 Locust Street, Columbia, MO 65201 | 573-815-9955 | lfcsmo.org 36

Impact COMO

Heart of Missouri United Way

A Guide to Columbia’s Nonprofits

Impact COMO


CAL is so much more than just a Gallery

Art saves lives and our Community Outreach programs prove it!

Shop our Gallery for unique gifts from local artists! Providing the community with a stimulating environment for experiencing the visual arts through exhibitions, education, appreciation, promotion, and creation of art. 38

Impact COMO

207 S 9th St • 573-443-8838 Tues - Fri - 11:30am -6:00pm Sat - 11:00am - 5:00pm

Nonprofit Directory Animals Armani’s Angels 80 S. Highway UU Columbia, Missouri 65203 (573) 819-1130 armanisangels.org

Boone County Animal Care 3800 Coats Ln. P.O. Box 30051 Columbia, Missouri 65203 (573) 489-2082 boonecountyanimalcare.com

Central Missouri Humane Society 616 Big Bear Blvd. Columbia, Missouri 65202 (573) 443-PETS cmhspets.org

No Kill Columbia — The Spay Neuter Project 206 Austin Ave. Columbia, Missouri 65203 (573) 397-6443 spayneuterprojectmo.org

Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) 2300 E. Nifong Blvd. Columbia, Missouri 65201 (573) 442-0418 www.ofa.org

Paws 4 A Cause 100 N. Broadview Ct. Columbia, Missouri 65201 (636) 290-3479 paws4acauseinc.wixsite.com

Second Chance P.O. Box 10186 Columbia, Missouri 65205 (660) 882-5050 columbia2ndchance.org

Unchained Melodies Inc. 8050 S. Highpoint Ln. Columbia, Missouri 65203 (573) 814-8073 unchainedmelodies.org

Arts and Culture

Arrow Rock Lyceum Theater 114 High St. P.O. Box 14 Arrow Rock, Missouri 65320 (660) 837-3311 lyceumtheatre.org

Blues in the Schools 201 W. Broadway Columbia, Missouri 65203 (573) 289-9819 missouribits.org

Columbia, Missouri 65201 (573) 443-8936 boonehistory.org

Citizen Jane Film Festival 1200 E. Broadway Columbia, Missouri 65215 (573) 441-5263 citizenjanefilm.org

Columbia Art League 207 S. Ninth St. Columbia, Missouri 65201 (573) 443-8838 columbiaartleague.org

Columbia Arts Fund 300 S. Providence Rd. P.O. Box 6015 Columbia, Missouri 65205 (573) 874-6386 comoarts.com

Columbia Civic Orchestra P.O. Box 7119 Columbia, Missouri 65205 (573) 825-4552 cco.missouri.org

Impact COMO is proudly sponsored by

Boone County History and Culture Center 3801 Ponderosa St.

Impact COMO


Nonprofit Directory Columbia Entertainment Company 1800 Nelwood Dr. Columbia, Missouri 65202 (573) 474-3699 cectheatre.org

Jabberwocky Studio 1308 Grand St. Columbia, Missouri 65203 (573) 239-9899 jabberwockystudios.org

KBIA 91.3 FM and MU Classical 90.5 FM University of Missouri 78 McReynolds Hall

Columbia, Missouri 65211 (573) 882-3431 kbia.org

KMOS-TV University of Central Missouri Wood 11 Warrensburg, Missouri 64093 (660) 543-4010 kmos.org

Missouri Contemporary Ballet 110 Orr St., Suite 102 Columbia, Missouri 65201 (573) 219-7134 missouricontemporaryballet.org

Missouri River Cultural Conservancy 2100 E. Broadway Columbia, Missouri 65201 (573) 657-1019 morivcc.org

Missouri Symphony Society 203 S. Ninth St. P.O. Box 841 Columbia, Missouri 65205 (573) 675-0600 themosy.org


Season 15, 2018-2019: The Evolution of the African American Spiritual Octoberfest! Winter Fantasy Kids@Heart Baroque Concerto The 9th Plowman National Chamber Music Competition Spring Night VOX NOVA

15 Years of LIVE Chamber Music Excellence

www.OdysseyMissouri.org 573.825.0079 info@OdysseyMissouri.org 40

Impact COMO

Nonprofit Directory financial support to the Museum of Art and Archaeology’s educational programs, publications, exhibitions, and acquisitions.

Museum of Art and Archeology’s Museum Associates, Inc. Mizzou North 115 Business Loop 70 W. Columbia, Missouri 65201 (573) 882-3591 maamuseumassociates.org Museum Associates is a not-forprofit corporation founded for the purpose of helping to provide

Resident Arts 1023 E. Walnut St. #3 Columbia, Missouri 65201 (573) 303-7195 residentarts.org

Odyssey Chamber Music Series 1112 E. Broadway Columbia, Missouri 65201 (573) 825-0079 odysseymissouri.org

Ragtag Film Society 10 Hitt St. (services), 5 S. Ninth St. (mail) Columbia, Missouri 65201 (573) 442-8783 ragtagcinema.org

Roots N Blues Foundation 201 W. Broadway, Suite 3C Columbia, Missouri 65203 (573) 442-5862 missouribits.org

The Columbia Community Band 1514 Highland Ave. Fulton, Missouri 65251 (573) 578-3669 ccbonline.org

Your support allows us to spread the joy of contemporary ballet to audiences of all ages, backgrounds and abilities. Ticket sales cover only a fraction of our expenses, while individual and corporate contributions allow us to present bold, edgy performances and enhance our community outreach programs. To make a tax-deductible donation, visit MISSOURICONTEMPORARYBALLET.ORG/SUPPORT/DONATE-NOW

MISSION: Now in our 13th season, Missouri Contemporary Ballet brings accessible, edgy, world-class dance to midMissouri. As the area’s only professional dance company, we inspire audiences through performances that are as fun and bold as they are athletic and technically challenging. A dynamic pillar of the arts in our community, MCB strives to increase the appreciation of contemporary ballet through innovative, high-quality performances and educational outreach programs.

ARTISTIC & EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR: Karen Mareck Grundy BOARD OF DIRECTORS: Craig Rooney, President, Nema Velia, Vice President, Mary Wilkerson, Secretary, Tina Marso, Treasurer, Noor Azizan-Gardner, Meghan Buchert, Mark Grundy, Jennifer Highbarger, Jordan Mazur, Megan Moore, Sarah Sandkuhl, Kristen Stout & Nathan Todd


2019 EVENTS April 5 & 6, 2019 ‘CARMINA BURANA’ Missouri Theatre A collaboration with the Columbia Chorale, presented by the University Concert Series

May 16, 2019 ‘DANCING WITH MISSOURI STARS’ Holiday Inn Expo Center

June 1 & 2, 2019 ‘ALICE’S ADVENTURES IN WONDERLAND’ Jesse Hall Presented by the University Concert Series


Impact COMO


THIS COMMUNITY WINS BY LIVING UNITED. The Heart of Missouri United Way is focused on improving lives and building stronger communities. We do this by addressing the 4 impact areas that contribute to poverty in our community: EDUCATION | HEALTH | FINANCIAL STABILITY | BASIC NEEDS SERVICES With the help of our local partner agencies and generous donors, we can improve lives.   Want to help? Dial 2-1-1 or visit 211helps.org

GIVE. ADVOCATE. VOLUNTEER. uwheartmo.org | 573-443-4523 Heart of Missouri United Way

Nonprofit Directory The Missouri Review

We Always Swing Jazz Series

University of Missouri 357 McReynolds Hall Columbia, Missouri 65211 (573) 884-9678 missourireview.com

21 N. Tenth St. Columbia, Missouri 65201 (573) 449-3009 | wealwaysswing.org

TRYPS 1200 E. Broadway P.O. Box 2131 Columbia, Missouri 65215 (573) 449-4536 | trypskids.com

Unbound Book Festival 608 Westmount Ave. Columbia, Missouri 65203 (573) 239-3734 unboundbookfestival.com

Wontara! P.O. Box 10242 Columbia, Missouri 65205 (573) 864-1146 wontanara.squarespace.com


Assistance League of Mid-Missouri 1729 W. Broadway #1A Columbia, Missouri 65203 (573) 445-3848 | almm.org

Boone County Family Resources 1209 E. Walnut St. Columbia, Missouri 65201 (573) 874-1995 bcfr.org Boone County Family Resources serves persons of all ages and income levels with a diagnosed developmental disability who reside in Boone County.

If your company wants access to a pool of qualified candidates, consider adding disability to your diversity policy. Businesses employing individuals with disabilities report: • reduced turnover • increased morale • increased productivity of other employees People with disabilities are one of America’s largest minority groups and represent some of the highest retention rates of any labor pool. Let us help your company create a great hiring program for individuals with different abilities today.

Visit AbilitiesForBusiness.com for more information.

Impact COMO


DOing the Most GOOD

to to to to


To REBUILD broken homes and broken lives. In Columbia, we operate a Corps (food pantry, community and worship center), homeless shelter, Harbor House and two thrift stores. Our work is funded through kettle donations, corporate contributions, and the sale of goods donated to our Salvation Army Family Stores.

$0.86 OF EVERY DOLLAR returns to our programs. WAYS YOU CAN HELP: Financial Support Item Donations Get Involved 1108 W. ASH • COLUMBIA, MO 65203 (573)442-3229

Nonprofit Directory Central Missouri Honor Flight 625 Cherry St. Columbia, Missouri 65201 (573) 256-1930 centralmissourihonorflight.com

Centro Latino de Salud, Educaciรณn, y Cultura 609 N. Garth Ave. Columbia, Missouri 65203 (573) 449-9442 centrolatino.missouri.org

Columbia Parks and Recreation

Greenbelt Land Trust of Mid-Missouri

1 S. Seventh St. Columbia, Missouri 65201 (573) 874-7465 como.gov/parksandrec

P.O. Box 144 Columbia, Missouri 65205 (816) 769-9047 greenbeltmissouri.org

Community Foundation of Central Missouri

Heart of Missouri United Way

1 S. Seventh St. P.O. Box 6015 Columbia, Missouri 65205 (573) 817-5027 | cfcmfoundation.org

Columbia Access Television 20 N. Second St., Suite A Columbia, Missouri 65203 (573) 442-4447 columbiaaccess.tv

Columbia Audubon Society 3607 Bray Ave. Columbia, Missouri 65203 (573) 445-9834 columbia-audubon.org

Columbia Center for Urban Agriculture P.O. Box 1742 Columbia, Missouri 65205 (573) 514-4174 columbiaurbanag.org

105 E. Ash St., Suite 300 Columbia, MO 65203 (573) 443-4523 uwheartmo.org

KOPN 89.5 FM Community Garden Coalition P.O. Box 7051 Columbia, Missouri 65205 (573) 875-5995 info@comogardens.org

915 E. Broadway Columbia, Missouri 65201 (573) 874-1139 kopn.org

Meals on Wheels of Columbia Daniel Boone Regional Library Foundation 100 W. Broadway Columbia, Missouri 65203 (573) 443-3161 | dbrl.org

800 Hospital Dr. Columbia, Missouri 65201 (573) 886-7554 mealsonwheelscolumbia.org

Mid-Missouri Quilts of Valor Family Impact Center 105 E. Ash St. Columbia, Missouri 65203 (573) 882-2428 | mufamilyimpact.org

Columbia Neighborhood Watch

Friends of Rock Bridge Memorial State Park

503 E. Nifong Blvd. Columbia, Missouri 65201 (573) 874-7426 columbianeighborhoodwatch.org

412 1/2 W. Walnut St. Columbia, Missouri 65203 (573) 424-9438 friendsofrockbridgemsp.org

705D Vandiver Dr. Columbia, Missouri 65202 (573) 268-1497 midmoquiltsofvalor.org

Missouri River Relief 914 N. College Ave., Suite 5 Columbia, Missouri 65201 (573) 443-0292 riverrelief.org

Impact COMO


Nonprofit Directory PedNet Coalition 201 W. Broadway, Building 3, Suite B P.O. Box 7124 Columbia, Missouri 65203 (573) 999-9894 | pednet.org


City Garden School 123 S. Ninth St. Columbia, Missouri 65201 (573) 326-9268 citygardencolumbia.org

Cody’s Gift Special Olympics Missouri 305 Special Olympics Dr. Jefferson City, Missouri 65101 (573) 635-1660 | somo.org Through sports training, leadership, and health education, people with intellectual disabilities achieve respect and acceptance. #ChooseToInclude today and visit the Training for Life campus in Jefferson City.

The State Historical Society of Missouri 1020 Lowry St. Columbia, Missouri 65201 (573) 882-1187 | shsmo.org



Impact COMO

3206 Ballard Mill Columbia, Missouri 65203 (573) 690-9599 codysgift.org

Columbia African American Association Memorial Scholarship Fund 3913 Snowy Owl Dr. P.O Box 1632 Columbia, Missouri 65205 (573) 289-6536 columbiaafricanamericanassociation.com

Columbia Montessori School 3 Anderson Ave. Columbia, Missouri 65203 (573) 449-5418 columbiamontessori.org

Cradle to Career Alliance 105 E. Ash, Suite 300 Columbia, Missouri 65203 (573) 999-4358 cradletocareerallliance.org

EnCircle Technologies 1405 Hathman Pl. Columbia, Missouri 65201 (573) 397-1866 | encircletech.org

Grade A Plus 407 E. Broadway P.O. Box 30843 Columbia, Missouri 65205 (573) 268-4372 gradeaplusinc.com

Jumpstart University of Missouri 201G Student Success Center Columbia, Missouri 65211 (573) 882-8942 | jstart.org

La Petite Ecole 1111 S. Fairview Rd. Columbia, Missouri 65203 (573) 999-9237 petiteecole.org

Columbia Public Schools Foundation

Literacy Action Corps of Columbia

P.O. Box 1234 Columbia, Missouri 65205 (573) 445-2275 cpsf.org

1112 E. Broadway P.O. Box 7105 Columbia, Missouri 65205 (573) 442-4280 literacyactioncorps.org

Nonprofit Directory Mary Lee Johnston Community Learning Center 1509 Hinkson Ave. Columbia, Missouri 65201 (573) 449-5600 | mljclc.org

The Language Tree 2311 E. Walnut St., Suite A Columbia, Missouri 65201 (573) 424-2517 languagetreeimmersion.com

Minority Men’s Network Educational Foundation P.O. Box 1839 Columbia, Missouri 65205 (573) 864-5019 minoritymensnetwork.org

Vitae Foundation

Children’s Miracle Network Hospital One Hospital Dr., DC 066.00 Columbia, Missouri 65212 (573) 882-5686 muhealth.org/conditionstreatments/pediatrics/childrensmiracle-network

Family Health Center of Boone County 1001 W. Worley Columbia, Missouri 65203 (573) 214-2314 fhcmo.org

505 E. Ash St. Columbia, Missouri 65201 (573) 449-5981 | norastewart.com

1731 Southridge Dr., Suite D Jefferson City, Missouri 65109 573-634-4316 | vitaefoundation.org Vitae Foundation is a national nonprofit educational organization focused on creating a culture of life by using digital media campaigns to reach women facing unintended pregnancies. Vitae has become a resource and standard bearer for pro-life messaging both nationally and internationally.

Southern Boone Learning Center


800 Hospital Dr. Columbia, Missouri 65201 (573) 814-6000 columbiamo.va.gov

MU Family Impact Center 105 E. Ash St., Suite 200 Columbia, Missouri 65203 (573) 882-2428 | mufamilyimpact.org

Nora Stewart Early Learning Center

803 S. Henry Clay Blvd. P.O. Box 541 Ashland, Missouri 65010 (573) 239-1105 | sblearninggarden.org

American Cancer Society 2409 Hyde Park Rd. Jefferson City, Missouri 65109 (573) 635-4839 | cancer.org

Theological Education Initiative

Boone Hospital Foundation

601 Business Loop 70 W., Suite 131 Columbia, Missouri 65203 (573) 356-4980 | teimissouri.org

1600 E. Broadway Columbia, Missouri 65201 (573) 815-2801 boone.org/foundation

Global First Responder 809 E. Happy Hollow Rd. Columbia, Missouri 65203 (816) 547-3729 gogfr.org

Harry S. Truman Memorial Veterans’ Hospital

KidSight 404 Portland St. Columbia, Missouri 65201 (855) 454-3744 kid-sight.org

Impact COMO



Impact COMO

Nonprofit Directory King’s Daughters & Sons Dental Aid Program

Human Services

Catholic Charities — Refugee & Immigration

P.O. Box 30832 Columbia, Missouri 65205 (573) 999-5835 iokds.org/branches/missouri/

2818 Melody Ln. Columbia, Missouri 65203 (573) 823-6431 | acalltoserve.org

2201 W. Main St. P.O. Box 104626 Jefferson City, Missouri 65110 (573) 635-7719 cccnmo.org

Life Network of Central Missouri 802 N. Providence Rd., Suite 2 Columbia, Missouri 65203 (573) 874-3561 mylifeclinic.org

Midwest Special Needs Trust P.O. Box 7629 Columbia, Missouri 65205 (573) 256-5055 midwestspecialneedstrust.org

A Call to Serve

ACT (Alternative Community Training) 2200 Burlington St. Columbia, Missouri 65202 (573) 474-9446 | actservices.org

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention Greater Mid-Missouri Chapter 602 Market St. Fulton, Missouri 65251 (573) 228-0307 afsp.org/midmissouri

Planned Parenthood Great Plains 711 N. Providence Rd. Columbia, Missouri 65203 (913) 345-4697 ppgreatplains.org

The Bluffs 3105 Bluff Creek Dr. Columbia, Missouri 65201 (573) 442-6060 thebluffscolumbia.org

Transgender Health Network (T-Net) transgenderhealthnetwork.org

Cedar Creek Therapeutic Riding Center 4895 E. Highway 163 Columbia, Missouri 65201 (573) 875-8556 cedarcreek.missouri.org

Central Missouri Community Action 807B N. Providence Rd. Columbia, Missouri 65203 (573) 443-8706 showmeaction.org

American Red Cross Central and Northern Missouri Chapter

Central Missouri Stop Human Trafficking Coalition

1511 S. Providence Rd. Columbia, Missouri 65203 (800) RED-CROSS | redcross.org From blazes to floods, the Red Cross is committed to building resilient communities through preparedness education, disaster relief, emergency military communications, and collection and delivery of blood to local hospitals.

601 Business Loop 70 W., Suite 134F Columbia, Missouri 65203 (866) 590-5959 stophumantraffickingmo.com

CHA Low-Income Services, Inc Columbia Housing Authority 201 Switzler St. Columbia, Missouri 65203 (573) 443-2556 columbiaha.com

Impact COMO


Imagine a

Safer Community

free from domestic and sexual violence, where healthy relationships thrive.

1-800-548-2480 truenorthofcolumbia.org

Many thanks to our

BOARD OF DIRECTORS for their dedication.


Lee Russell, President

Columbia Board of Realtors, Retired

Mary Jo Henry, Vice President Drewing Automotive

Jon Class, Treasurer Williams-Keepers, LLC

Karen Hayes, Secretary Hayes House Interiors


Linda Bennett

University of Missouri, Retired

Kathi Betz

L.C. Betz Associates

Kate Boatright

Fresh Ideas Food Service

It's our mission to provide safety, shelter, education and transitional support for those who have been affected by domestic and sexual violence and to empower all to create a safer community.

Tina Dalrymple

Every dollar you give makes a real difference in the lives of those we serve. Any donation, no matter the size, can make a impact in our community.

Boyce & Bynum Pathology Laboratory


Impact COMO

Columbia College

Shatenita Horton Providence Bank

Jack McManus City of Columbia

Kelly Poor

Wendy Wiederhold LSG Insurance Partners

Laura Crouch, President Emeritus Crouch & Associates, LLC

Nonprofit Directory Love INC of Columbia

City of Refuge 7 E. Sexton Columbia, Missouri 65203 (573) 454-1552 cityofrefugecolumbia.org City of Refuge exists to help refugees in Mid-Missouri recover and regain control of their lives. Their vision is to help them become productive, successful, contributing members of our community.

Columbia Center for Women’s Ministries 1900 N. Providence Rd., Suite 210 Columbia, Missouri 65202 (573) 256-1799 columbiacwm.org

Columbia Senior Activity Center

CMSE and CMSE Giving Gardens

1516 Business Loop 70 W. Columbia, Missouri 65202 573-256-7662 columbialoveinc.org

4040 S. Bearfield Rd. Columbia, Missouri 65201 (573) 442-6935 cmsegivinggardens.com For 50 years now, CMSE has been fostering growth by providing meaningful work opportunities to people with disabilities from all around the Columbia community. This continuous dedication to growth has inspired them to create Giving Gardens, a retail nursery that features the most colorful perennials, annuals, herbs, vegetables, and hanging baskets.

Mid-Missouri Legal Services

Habitat for Humanity

National Federation of the Blind of Columbia

1201 W. Broadway Columbia, Missouri 65203 (573) 442-0116 mmls.org

Mobility Worldwide (PET) 1908 Heriford Rd. Columbia, Missouri 65202 (573) 886-7877 giftofmobility.org

MU Adult Day Connection 137 Clark Hall Columbia, Missouri 65211 (573) 882-6027 adultdayconnection.com

1121 Business Loop 70 E. Columbia, Missouri 65201 (573) 874-2050 columbiaseniorcenter.com

1906 Monroe St. Columbia, Missouri 65201 (573) 499-1202 showmehabitat.org

COMO Youth Works

Job Point

Room at the Inn

1002 Fay St. Columbia, Missouri 65201 (573) 256-1896 comoyouthworks.org

400 Wilkes Blvd. Columbia, Missouri 65201 (573) 474-8560 jobpointmo.com

2601 W. Broadway P.O. Box 272 Columbia, Missouri 65205 (573) 355-7151 roomattheinncomo.org

3910 Tropical Ln. Columbia, Missouri 65202 (573) 874-1774

Impact COMO



Join us by volunteering or donating today at www.bigsofcentralmo.org


POTENTIAL (573) 874-3677 | bigsofcentralmo.org

State of Missouri Youth Opportunity Program Tax Credits Available

Nonprofit Directory Seniors Matter

True North of Columbia, Inc.

1 S. Seventh St. P.O. Box 6015 Columbia, Missouri 65205 (573) 817-5027

1316 Parkade Blvd. P.O. Box 1367 Columbia, Missouri 65205 (573) 875-0503 truenorthofcolumbia.org

Services for Independent Living 1401 Hathman Pl. Columbia, Missouri 65201 (573) 874-1646 silcolumbia.org

The Caring People 409 Vandiver W., Building 3, Suite 223 Columbia, Missouri 65202 (877) 227-3525 thecaringpeople.org

The Center Project 515 Hickman Ave. Columbia, Missouri 65201 (573) 449-1188 thecenterproject.org

The Food Bank for Central and Northeast MO 2101 Vandiver Dr. Columbia, Missouri 65202 (573) 447-1020 sharefoodbringhope.org

The Salvation Army 1108 W. Ash St. Columbia, Missouri 65203 (573) 442-3229 rocktheredkettlecomo.org

Voluntary Action Center 403A Vandiver Dr. Columbia, Missouri 65202 (573) 874-2273 vacmo.org

Welcome Home

Boys Scouts of America Great Rivers Council 1203 Fay St. Columbia, Missouri 65201 (573) 449-2561 | bsa-grc.org

Boys & Girls Clubs of Columbia 1200 N. Seventh St. Columbia, Missouri 65201 (573) 874-1697 | bgc-columbia.org

Camp Hickory Hill 2800 Royal Oak Ct. Columbia, Missouri 65203 (573) 356-4069 | camphickoryhill.com

2120 Business Loop 70 E. Columbia, Missouri 65201 (573) 443-8001 welcomeveterans.org

Woodhaven 1405 Hathman Pl. Columbia, Missouri 65201 (573) 875-6181 woodhaventeam.org

Youth and Children Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Missouri 4250 E. Broadway, Suite 1067 Columbia, MO 65201 573-874-3677 bigsofcentralmo.org

Central Missouri Foster Care and Adoption Association 2401 Bernadette Dr., Suite 201 Columbia, Missouri 65203 (573) 298-0258 mofosteradopt.com Central Missouri Foster Care and Adoption Association is a nonprofit agency that educates, supports, and advocates for foster and adoptive children, youth and families in central Missouri by offering services and partnering with community and governmental agencies to develop healthy and self-sufficient individuals and families.

Impact COMO


Nonprofit Directory

Children’s Grove 511 E. Walnut St., Suite 736 Columbia, Missouri 65201 (573) 489-1586 childrensgrove.org Children’s Grove is an all-volunteer organization whose mission is to promote a culture of kindness and to support the mental and emotional well-being of youth and young adults in Boone County. Children’s Grove relies on volunteers’ innovative ideas for using the arts, education, and the natural environment to achieve its mission.

Council for Drug Free Youth P.O. Box 212 Jefferson City, Missouri 65101 (573) 636-2411 jccdfy.org

Coyote Hill Christian Children’s Home 9501 W. Coyote Hill Rd. Harrisburg, Missouri 65256 (573) 874-0179 coyotehill.org


Impact COMO

Day Dreams Foundation

Granny’s House

200 E. Walnut St. #4 Columbia, Missouri 65203 (573) 214-2600 daydreamsfoundation.org

110 E. Worley St. Columbia, Missouri 65203 (573) 442-5683 Grannyshouse.org

First Chance for Children

Great Circle

1010 Fay St. Columbia, Missouri 65201 (573) 777-1815 firstchanceforchildren.org

Fun City Youth Academy 1809 Vandiver Dr., Suite 110 Columbia, Missouri 65202 (573) 256-1436 fcya.org

4304 S. Bearfield Rd. Columbia, Missouri 65201 (844) 424-3577 greatcircle.org

Heart of Missouri CASA 105 East Ash St., Suite 102 Columbia, Missouri 65203 (573) 442-4670 homcasa.org

Heart of Missouri Girls on the Run

Girl Scouts of the Missouri Heartland 230 Metro Dr. Jefferson City, MO 65109 877-312-476 girlscoutsmoheartland.org Girl Scouts is a place designed specifically for girls where they’re inspired to seek out new challenges and take the lead, a place where every girl can reach her full potential and accomplish amazing things.

3512 Interstate 70 Dr. SE Columbia, Missouri 65201 (573) 246-0884 heartofmissourigirlsontherun.org

Humanity for Children 2101 W. Broadway #103-131 Columbia, Missouri 65203 (866) 406-2006 humanityforchildren.org

Lutheran Family & Children’s Services 307 Locust St. Columbia, Missouri 65201 (573) 815-9955 Lfcsmo.org

Nonprofit Directory Missouri 4-H

Rainbow House

Stronger Together Foundation

1110 S. College Ave. Columbia, Missouri 65201 (573) 882-9359 4h.missouri.edu

1611 Towne Dr. Columbia, Missouri 65202 (573) 474-6600 rainbowhousecolumbia.org

P.O. Box 60 Columbia, Missouri 65205 (636) 544-1249 strongertogetherfoundation.org

Moving Ahead Afterschool & Summer Program

Ronald McDonald House Charities of Mid-Missouri

UCP Child Development Center

3501 Lansing Ave. Columbia, Missouri 65201 (573) 443-7666 rmhcmidmo.org

3804 Santiago Dr. Columbia, Missouri 65203 (573) 443-7677 ucpheartlandcomo.wordpress.com

SEED Success

University YMCA

P.O. Box 30134 Columbia, Missouri 65205 (573) 864-5385 seedsuccessnow.org

2500 MU Student Center Columbia, Missouri 65211 (573) 882-1550 universityymcacomo.org

201 Switzler St. Columbia, Missouri 65203 (573) 443-2556 columbiaha.com/services/movingahead-afterschool-program

Playing 4 Hope P.O. Box 1972 Columbia, Missouri 65205 (314) 807-6054 playing4hope.net

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