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How Waste Management Has Witnessed A Healthy Growth Rate


Impact Of COVID On Knowledge Process Offshoring (KPO) Industry In India

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Improving Digital Commerce Conversions Through Intelligent Test Vadeesh Budramane Automation Founder & CEO ALGOSHACK

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Anil Hinge - MD

RASS PROJECT CONSULTANTs PVT LTD A Forerunner in Design Engineering, Project Management Consultancy & Turnkey Project Services


nfrastructure is the backbone of any country. Developing planned infrastructure requires �me, resources and skills. Such huge infrastructure for na�ons growth requires perfect planning and huge amount of �me, cost for its development. It also requires perfect collabora�on among various teams and agencies with perfect coordina�on. This is very difficult task and needs to be addressed efficiently for successful comple�on of project. Hence, it is very important need of any project to have a centralized agency for proper planning and designing and also a team of Project Management personnels who control the project at all aspects. Project Designing and Planning is the art of conver�ng one’s idea and dream on paper and Project management is the art of direc�ng and coordina�ng human and material resources throughout the life of a project by using modern management techniques to achieve pre-determined objec�ves of scope, cost, �me, quality, safety and sa�sfac�on.

RASS Project Consultants is a perfect combina�on of Design and Project Management Consultancy to address the project difficul�es at all fronts right from planning to execu�on. They also brings specialized skills, exper�se and knowledge to assist companies in making the best possible project decisions. RASS plays a mul�faceted part of project and provides the services from incep�on to comple�on of projects. RASS has its presence in various sectors – Automobile/ Auto-Component, Pharma, Chemical, Food, Heavy Engineering, Tex�le, Packaging, Residen�al, Commercial, Ins�tu�onal, Hospitality projects across PAN India.

Along with cost-effec�ve and quality management, the company also offers health & safety management, risk management, change management, value engineering, etc.

“While conduc�ng our research before founding RASS, we found that the mul�na�onal companies are more methodical and paper-oriented. To counter this, we trained our people in a way that they can tackle any problem most efficiently and genuinely. We observed that quick resolu�on of the problems is most appreciable thing from the client. And hence, we trained our team precisely to understand the problems and provide on spot solu�ons along with documentaASTOUNDING GENESIS �on without further delay. Our mo�o is to work as a true partner with our A�er achieving a great start with Project customers,” states Mr. Anil. management consultancy, upon the requirements of our pres�gious clients, also achieved great success in design engi- DYNAMIC LEADER neering and Turnkey Projects. In last few years, RASS has successfully delivered With a Bachelor's degree in Civil services to huge number of projects in all Engineering from Pune University, Mr. Anil sectors. Hinge has vast experience of more than 24 years in the field of Residen�al, “Based on our quality services, we are Commercial, Ins�tu�onal, and Industrial proud to share that RASS is receiving Construc�on including Infrastructure repeat and repeat orders from more than Development. Based on the core values of 90% of our associated clients. We also transparency and integrity, Mr. Anil has have great experience to deliver our successfully managed mul�ple Industrial services to mul�-na�onal clients in majori- as well as Infrastructure projects as Landty. RASS enables its clients to achieve a marks during his career. compe��ve advantage through the effec�ve u�liza�on of project management planning and cost control techniques. Regardless of project size or complexity, we harness end - to - end solu�ons and tailor them to meet our client’s need,” states Mr. Anil.

He is an upright team leader and an extraordinary mo�vator. Mr. Anil has developed his own prac�cal techniques for successful comple�on of challenging projects with effec�ve cost control, excellent work quality, and perfect �me management. He has always been a successful personality to bring valuable technical exper�se to the team and enriching his subordinates. Another company Director, Ms. Shaila is taking care of all the administra�ve, purchase, accoun�ng and support func�ons of the company. She has always been a pillar and support in company’s growth. Ms. Shaila ensures smooth opera�on of company and has passionate driving and outstanding people management skills. She is also an expert Yoga Teacher. Under the leadership of Ms. Shaila, the company is taking ini�a�ve in various CSR ac�vi�es, employee sports events and family get-togethers. Ms. Shaila has a strong belief that the Team Members are the main assets of RASS Project Consultants and their families are good supporter to them. “Given the company’s collabora�ve hands on approach and strong team of engineers and project managers, the company succeeded over every segment that it sets foot in.”, says Ms. Shaila

A COLLABORATIVE APPROACH RASS takes a collabora�ve approach when dealing with the demand of their services. Every member of RASS family considers their involvement in to the project seriously and hence ensures cost-effec�ve and quality delivery with full commitment. RASS services are coordinated for a project which includes each vendor, contractor, and consultant for seamless func�oning.

SHAILA Hinge - Director

DRIVING THE SUCCESS Understanding the project and ge�ng involved in it on the ground level are the key driving factors for the company’s. Since it is an Indian firm and work experience across India, RASS knows Indian market scenario much be�er, and hence, it can evaluate the budget precisely. Keeping track of development and controlling the cost throughout the project becomes easy. “RASS team takes site safety measures very seriously. Site workers coming from different parts of India have different understanding about the importance of safety. RASS team always mo�vate workers to follow the safety norms by understanding their approach. Accordingly, RASS awards monthly prize to good follower of safety norms resul�ng all workers willingly follow the safety rules.” Says Mr. Anil. Mr. Anil and Ms. Shaila has led the organiza�on to become one of the leading Project Consultancy firm in the country. Under their leadership, RASS Project Consultants was awarded as ‘Project Consultant of the Year' by Business Excellence & Research Group in Singapore in 2016. Jury members have selected RASS for this award from various Consultant Companies across Asian Countries.

ROAD AHEAD “Since India is developing country, there is a vast scope in government infrastructural development. A�er achieving great success in Private sector, we are focusing major forthcoming infrastructural projects through-out India. With a clearly etched out plan for future, RASS is definitely moving in the right direc�on to achieve target”. asserts Mr. Anil.

RASS SERVICES RASS offers following services: Design Engineering Services: • • • • • • • • •

Architectural Design Structural Design Electrical Design Mechanical Design Fire Figh�ng Design HVAC Design Landscape Design Interior Design Infrastructure Design

Project Management Consultancy Services: • • • • • • • • • • •

Constructability Review Value Engineering Time Management Cost Management Quality Management Safety Management. Risk Management Change Management Project Documenta�on Construc�on Close out Commercial Close out

Turnkey Projects and Interior Fit-outs

PRESTIGIOUS CLIENTELE Since its incep�on, RASS has served numerous organiza�ons. Its significant clients are:

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Cummins Pvt Ltd Decathlon Sports India Pvt. Ltd Reliance Retail Ltd Konkan Railway Corpora�on Ltd United Phosphorous Ltd Global Highstreet and Phoenix Mall Mother Dairy Fruits & Vegetable Pvt. Ltd. Temple Packaging Pvt. Ltd. General Motors Pvt. Ltd. Volkswagen India Dominos India Forbes Marshall Pvt. Ltd Mahindra and Mahindra Kirloskar Oil Engines Limited Watson Pharma Pvt. Ltd. SEW Eurodrive India Pvt. Ltd. Givaudan India Pvt. Ltd. Yanfeng Automo�ve Interiors India YAPP INDIA Automo�ve System Pvt. Ltd. INA Bearing Pvt. Ltd. Joyville Housing






Anil Hinge

“A Forerunner in Design Engineering, Project Management Consultancy Services & Turnkey Projects”



Sanjay Mishra Joint Director

“A Compressive Risk Management Organization Exclusively for Medical Fraternity”


Amay Bawne

“Crea�ng a Digital Presence through Cloud-based School Management So�ware”

Managing Director www.appso�


Neeraj Kumar Srivastava MD

“Augmen�ng Food Produc�on With Stark Difference To Address Ever-Increasing Global Need”


BRIGHT EDUCATIONAL SERVICES “Educa�on Make Proper Humanity ”


“An environment of holis�c and inclusive learning.”


“We feature the best wri�ng talents”



“Professional, Fast & Cost Effec�ve”

Abhishek Ranvir


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CEO & Founder

EASY-TO-USE IT SOLUTIONS FOR FORESTRY Finland - Headquarters Our address : Kiillekuja 1 FI-50130 Mikkeli

Sales : +358 10 400 6280

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“Technology stands still for no one. From fire to electricity to digital, the sparks of innovation continue to fly ” Emerging technologies are characterized by radical novelty rela�vely fast growth, integra�on, prominent impact, and ambiguity. In other words, emerging technology can be defined as "a radically novel and rela�vely fast-growing technology characterized by a certain degree of coherence persis�ng over �me and with the poten�al to exert a considerable impact on the socio-economic domains which is observed in terms of the composi�on of actors, ins�tu�ons, and pa�erns of interac�ons among those, along with the associated knowledge produc�on processes. Its most prominent impact, however, lies in the future and so in the emergence phase is s�ll somewhat uncertain and ambiguous.

AI AND BIG DATA ARE A BLESSING IN STRUCTURING DIGITAL INDIA. Ar�ficial Intelligence is already been used widely as voice-based personal assistants, Facial recogni�on security systems, Media Streaming Services, Naviga�on services, and many more. AI is progressing rapidly with the inven�on of self-driven cars. It is going to play a huge role in shaping our future. Big data and Ar�ficial Intelligence are the keys to digitaliza�on. It helps us transform business opera�ons, reduce the �me spent on execu�ng the day to day ac�vi�es, making quick and accurate decisions, and having assisted to reduce errors. It is also becoming a key requirement for organiza�ons to be innova�ve and maintain a compe��ve edge.


COMPUTING FOR THE FUTURE Rather than owning their own compu�ng infrastructure or data centers, companies can rent access to anything from applica�ons to storage from a cloud service provider. Cloud compu�ng services cover a vast range of op�ons now, from the basics of storage, networking, and processing power through to natural language processing and ar�ficial intelligence as well as standard office applica�ons. Pre�y much any service that doesn't require you to be physically close to the computer hardware that you are using can now be delivered via the cloud.

AUTONOMOUS VEHICLES An autonomous vehicle, or a driverless vehicle, is one that is able to operate itself and perform necessary func�ons without any human interven�on, through the ability to sense its surroundings. The study only indicates the changing percep�on of mobility as consumers believe autonomous cars will take on a larger role in their daily lives, going beyond the act of driving to also have autonomy in running errands and comple�ng chores. Seven out of 10 consumers believe autonomous cars drive be�er than humans or will surpass human abili�es by 2029, according to a worldwide consumer survey commissioned by ANSYS.

Though it is s�ll in a nascent stage, the technology is already revolu�onizing a number of industries. Most notably, self-driving cars are already being deployed in mineral explora�on, where they are being used to haul materials at the mines and to ports, without endangering any human lives.

BREAKING FREE OF BITCOIN When people think of blockchain, they think of cryptocurrencies. And while the two are closely connected, the applica�ons of blockchain go far beyond just facilita�ng crypto transac�ons. One of the most popular uses of technology is its applica�on in supply chain management. With blockchain, businesses can simplify and track supply chains that are becoming increasingly complex, and geographically widespread. Digi�zing different components of the supply chain helps businesses track their opera�ons in real-�me, and eliminate any kinks in the process.

About the author : Devesh Chawla - Founder and CEO, Chatur Ideas Devesh is an ingenious strategist, a mentor, an effec�ve leader, out of box thinker, investor and to sum it all, an all-rounder! A highly sought-a�er speaker and yet a very good listener. He is known and highly regarded for his brisk planning and execu�on. He is deeply commi�ed to add value to the start-up ecosystem and revolu�onize entrepreneurship pictures in India. ‘Chatur Ideas’ is his hear�elt and sincere effort to create a ONE-STOP solu�on for start-ups and entrepreneurs. Devesh Chawla is the Founder and CEO of Chatur Ideas. Chatur Ideas is a startup enabling pla�orm with over 950 startups and 1500+ investors where startups get funding, mentoring, and 360-degree execu�on support. A�er acquiring Nurture Talent Academy (India’s first Ins�tute for Entrepreneurs present across 125+ ci�es and trained more than 34,000 entrepreneurs), Chatur Ideas is training young entrepreneurs across Ins�tutes and providing them access to its vast ecosystem so as to enrich the entrepreneurship culture right from founda�on level. Founder and CEO, Devesh Chawla is a mentor and investor himself and has worked with hundreds of startups including Catapooolt, Strike, Orbit Marketplace, Gamooz, Maax Market, Market Pulse, Hubilo, Sociorac and many more. He also runs entrepreneurship programs across colleges and startups along with joint cer�fica�on courses with IIT-B, Spinta Global Accelerator, USA, etc. He has been covered by various media, newspapers, TV Channels in India & globally.


APEX Insurance Consultants A Compressive Risk Management Organization Exclusively for Medical Fraternity


he outbreak of Novel Coronavirus put a tremendous emphasis on the healthcare sector. The drama�c increase in healthcare safety is the direct result of such outbreaks. The situa�on is tense and people need more than relying on doctors for their safety. In such �mes, ins�tu�ons like Apex Insurance Consultants have ac�vely engaged in bridging the major gap and providing required safety. Apex is India’s first and only risk management company for the medical fraternity. From recordkeeping reliability to stepwise advice of any crisis to the handling of any emergency, Apex manages everything professionally. It is so that medical professionals can concentrate on the pa�ents’ well-being as well as spend more �me growing happily. The organiza�on’s exper�se and service guarantee medical prac��oners to build a more pa�ent-friendly approach.

AN INNOVATIVE COMPANY Founded in the year 2000 by Mr. Sanjay Mishra – Founder & Managing Director, and by Mr. Vijay Arora – Founder & CEO, with a shoestring budget but with an innova�ve idea. Today, it is one of the leading Risk Management companies for doctors and hospitals not only in India but also in the world.

Apex is a one-stop des�na�on thanks to its innova�on a�tude, for any crisis or problem. From instant advice, emergency handling, difficult situa�ons, to a Police complaint, Civil or criminal cases, or even providing compensa�on, the company is doing everything for doctors and hospitals. With reasonable pricing, the company opens the door for an established one to a beginner in the medical profession. Apex has mastered the art of offering everything under one roof with affordable pricing. “Innova�on is basically the art of making the lives of medical professionals comfortable and a science to tackle any complexi�es of their personal & professional lives very easily and accurately. Insurance companies provide insurance, agents or brokers sell insurance, lawyers fight a case, liaison guys do the liaison, but there isn't any pla�orm like APEX which is master of everything. We are responsible to bring priceless confidence and smile on the faces of our 1 million members across the na�on,” asserts Mr. Sanjay.

OUT OF THE BOX APPROACH Mr. Sanjay and Mr. Vijay understood the wide communica�on gap that existed between the doctors and the pa�ents. India has the poorest ra�o of Doctors in comparison to the pa�ents.

Sanjay Mishra - Joint Director 14



It is mandatory and important to have a good rela�onship between doctors/hospitals and pa�ents. A safe doctor will treat a pa�ent more effec�vely and confidently. A�er having a sound understanding of the facts, the duo began the opera�on and today, Apex has its presence all over the globe. “We are the most powerful and dedicated team with a mission to give its members the best of all the services. Our courageous mission to put the lesser privileged people on the road to success is adding new jobs and revenues to local and na�onal economies. Our trained forces are completely focussed and are solu�on-oriented. The leaders of Apex are responsible for building the strongest pla�orm for Risk management for the medical world,” states Mr. Sanjay.

STALWART LEADERSHIP Since the incep�on, Mr. Sanjay is carrying out a revolu�on in India and has been a success in addressing more than 20 thousand crises in medical fraternity across the na�on. Under his leadership, Apex has brought several useful a�ributes beyond just its responsibly for legal issues.


“A proper and expert risk management defense resolves the crisis from becoming bigger and dangerous. And we have proven this �me and again. We are recognized as a FORCE for Doctor’s security and Growth. Our role as a Risk Manager is not only to provide a �me-bound solu�on of medical professionals crisis but to also take care of the fact that during and a�er the crisis their message is heard and understood,” proclaims Mr. Sanjay.

Apex is hovering around only one concept: providing legal assistance in professional and personal problems. The company has set a goal in insuring and serving the doctors for their needs. With its new survey, the firm is looking forward to combining other general insurance products and hence, expand its umbrella protec�on to almost everyone and hence, expand its footprint into all segments.

| September 2020 |




HOW WASTE MANAGEMENT HAS WITNESSED A HEALTHY GROWTH RATE? Waste management has witnessed a healthy growth rate in the last few years owing to a greater spread of awareness in high popula�on density and increased industrial ac�vity, which is genera�ng high amount of waste, both hazardous and non-hazardous. Even though the concept of circular economy is new, it has been gaining prominence. The waste management sector in India offers a huge poten�al, as only 30% of the recyclable waste is being recycled currently. According to the Global E-Waste Monitor (2017), India generates about 2 million tonnes of electronic waste every year and ranks fi�h among e-waste producing countries, a�er US, China, Japan and Germany. More than 95% of e-waste generated is treated and disposed by the informal sector. Electronic waste consists of metals, plas�c, cathode-ray-tubes (CRTs), printed circuit boards and cables. Valuable metals such as copper, silver, gold and pla�num could be recovered from e-waste if they are processed in scien�fic and eco-friendly manner. The presence of toxic substances such as lithium, mercury, nickel, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), cadmium, lead and many more can be hazardous if e-waste is dismantled using tradi�onal crude techniques. These hazardous components can have severe impact on human health and the environment. With the advent of the E-Waste Management Rules in 2016, it was advocated that the e-waste generated is channelized to authorized recyclers and dismantlers. The main objec�ve behind this was to formalize the e-waste recycling sector and employ proper recycling methods to managing e-waste. Hulladek Recycling Pvt Ltd is Eastern India’s ini�a�ve to do their bit to make the world a greener place through establishing proper, organized e-waste management systems across the country. They have been licensed by the Central Pollu�on Control Board to provide end-to-end solu�ons for e-waste disposal. Embedded in the evergreen mantra of reduce, reuse and recycle, Hulladek strives to manage the electronic and electrical waste of the country. They also work towards building a strong community of responsible, aware and driven ci�zen. Headquartered in Kolkata, West Bengal and has also expanded its branches to different ci�es in East India such as Jamshedpur, Kohima, Dimapur, Agartala, Shillong, Bhubaneshwar and Guwaha�.


In their efforts to bring about change, we take upon several roles and responsibili�es. The organiza�on provides collec�on of electronic waste from your doorstep. Since their incorpora�on in 2015, they have successfully collected and channelized 1300 tonnes of electronic waste from corporates, educa�onal ins�tu�ons, hospitals, hotels and households. They have well-integrated logis�cs prac�ce which helps facilitate country-wide pickups. Moreover, they also provide recycling and disposal on behalf of producers’ organiza�on by fulfilling their environmental and social responsibili�es. The major challenge faced by organiza�ons such as these is the lack of awareness. To create awareness among the masses, they organize several campaigns for students, professionals and home-makers about the hazards of electronic waste and the importance of recycling. They have conducted over 300 awareness programs all over East India reaching about 100,000,00 people. They envision a greener world, where every member of the consump�on chain, be it the producer, the middle man, or consumer, are conscien�ous and mo�vated enough to extract the maximum value from the resources they use, before choosing effec�ve, efficient and eco-friendly recycling and disposal prac�ces to discard their used items. They

Mr. Nandan Mall Founder & CEO


APPSOFT INFOSYSTEM Creating a Digital Presence through Cloud-based School Management Software


igital presence has become all the more important in this digital era where more than half of the global popula�on research online. If the business can’t be easily found online, customers will go elsewhere. This is why it becomes quite essen�al for businesses to have a digital presence. Think of this as a yellow page ad where business gets 7/8ths of the space right next to the top compe�tors. However, the difference is, digital space has no restric�ons. Business can curate its content and has the power to drive internet traffic. But before that – the business must be found. In the digital era, along with endless digital possibili�es comes the cybersecurity issues and risks but an efficient pla�orm is need of the hour. Appso� Infosystem is among such fine organiza�ons that develop innova�ve and unique systems that are not only affordable but also user friendly. The company primarily deals with the educa�onal sector and the corporate segment at its nascent stage. Established in 2012, the company emerged as one of the top firms in the country and etched its name in the ‘20 Most Promising Start-Ups’ – Silicon India for 2018.

A SPECIALIST IN THE DIGITAL DOMAIN Appso� Infosystem specializes in providing cost-effec�ve solu�ons to clients in the most user-friendly and innova�ve interface. Be it web design, digital applica�on, or any customiza�on the company understands the need of the customer and map the process accordingly. With more than 17 years of professional experience in business process mapping, industry exposure, working with educa�on leaders, and leading Ins�tutes across cultures, the team has a plethora of experiences. U�lizing the vast experience, the organiza�on delivers gra�fying user-friendly and focused websites, which has the poten�al to convert leads into clients. Also, the customers get a handy secure mobile applica�on that is available on all the pla�orms. Hence, Appso� Infosystem surpasses the clients’ expecta�ons as it provides clients with an enterprise applica�on that reduces drudgery as it builds customized applica�ons as per clients’ requirements and provides cloud-based services and on-�me support with its skilled team.

Amey Bawne - Managing Director 18




“Your business needs are always growing arc and so are the changing trends of the market. At Appso� Infosystem, we decrypt the otherwise labyrinthine product development process. Our statement is proudly backed by our esteemed happy customer base. Be a part of our exuberant team and see yourself thumping success,” asserts Mr. Amey.

ASTOUNDING GENESIS The year 2012 marked a turning point for an immensely proficient mind – Mr. Amey Bawne when he decided to come with a clear vision. With determined willpower and a never say die a�tude, his passionate soul kick-started the opera�ons of the company. Down the line, the company evolved with the vision to prevent infringement on data security and privacy needs to be turned into a great asset and create an investment for sustainable growth opportunity. Appso� Infosystem then started its opera�ons in 2014, a dream envisioned by Mr. Amey Bawne – Co-Founder & an expert in Cyber Informa�on Security. Over the period, Appso� Infosystem’s team has slowly and steadily built the products and solu�ons and is on a growth phase to introduce various other solu�ons in due course.

AN INSIGNIA OF EXCELLENCE Building safe and secure administering so�ware for the intui�ve, taking up hands-on ac�vi�es for the students, providing user-friendly solu�ons for the clients are some

| September 2020 |



of the spaces that the company operates. An Ini�a�ve from Technology Security professionals with inputs from various Academicians and Educa�onists aims to deliver quality solu�ons, indulge in con�nuous innova�on to launch cost-effec�ve and user-friendly solu�ons to create value for all stakeholders. Mr. Amey states, “Conduc�ng over 500 workshops across various parts of the country, interviewing various security professionals, parents, teachers, and students we have understood that: • Organiza�ons are challenged by an explosion of data and demands of digital consumers • The increasing volume, variety, and velocity of informa�on is overwhelming the tradi�onal IT systems • Today's always-on customers are demanding personalized, real-�me services through the channel of their choice • We need to provide Secure, any�me access environment to all the stakeholders” Currently, Appso� Infosystem is working closely with the Home Ministry, Maharashtra Police, and various na�onal and interna�onal organiza�ons on Informa�on security awareness campaigns.


Impact of COVID on Knowledge Process Offshoring (KPO) Industry in India


he worldwide outbreak of the COVID virus has pushed everyone to their limits without doubt and the KPO industry is no different. Due to the lockdown imposed in March 2020, all the KPO and LPO companies in India had to shut the offices in a haste, and move to a remote working environment overnight. While working remotely is a phenomenon very familiar to the companies in this sector, the scale at which it had to be implemented – i.e. the complete workforce working remotely, was previously unknown and was the first challenge that the companies had to deal with. Then came the challenges like communica�on and ensuring proper coordina�on between the teams, which were promptly solved by leveraging the technology offered by pla�orms like Zoom, Gotomee�ng, Google Meet etc. KPO predominantly being a services sector, did feel a pinch of the worldwide economic slowdown – many companies across the globe, who were the clients of Indian KPO companies, minimized their spending on the work that was being offshored to India – consequently, the business was impacted, albeit in a lesser magnitude compared to other sectors such as Retail, Avia�on, Hospitality and even IT, and there was no news of mass layoffs from any of the companies opera�ng in the industry. But the impact of COVID was not restricted only to business, for companies in KPO space, people are perhaps the most valuable assets – and past months have definitely impacted employees in a profound manner. On the upside, the employees have a comfort of job security– a big mo�va�on in these uncertain �mes. Also, the “work from home” is appreciated by many given the safety it provides, and the zero travel �me has given employees a couple of extra hours to do the things they like. However, a bulk of the workforce in KPO companies comprises of youngsters. For them, the COVID situa�on has definitely brought a plethora of problems – a bulk of the workforce in KPO sectors lives in unfurnished flats or as Paying guests. With a work from home situa�on being imposed on them – many are struggling with the thinning lines between work and personal lives. Many do not have the necessary infrastructure to set up a “home office” in their place, and are struggling to maintain the right posture while working long hours in front of a computer – hardly an ideal situa�on. For working mothers, the problems seem to have increased many folds – they now have to juggle between the online classes of their children and their office work. Further, with the physical interac�on being limited in their respec�ve environments, many employees reported having psychological issues and higher stress levels.


Conclusion – With about four months deep in the pandemic, the Indian KPO sector has fared well under the pressure so far. They did feel the pinch, and had to struggle to cope under the situa�on, however, the worst may not be over yet – as we move deeper in the pandemic, more clients across the globe will look forward to cut costs, and this will in turn put cost pressures on the Indian KPO companies. Unfortunately, being a services dominated sector, the cost cu�ng op�ons for a KPO are limited – they can hardly control an inventory size to cut costs, and are most likely to respond to the situa�on by cu�ng the personnel costs leading to salary cuts and job losses. Companies that have been prudent planners and have cash reserves will sail through well, but some smaller players will perhaps feel the most pinch in �mes to come. Some larger companies may see this pandemic as an opportunity to acquire smaller players, and we may see some consolida�on in the KPO space.

About the Author – Manoj Poonia serves as Vice President, Effectual Services, one of the leading IP consul�ng companies in India, and has an overall experience of 14 years working in the IP offshoring industry. During his s�nt, he has consulted a number of Fortune 100 companies, and AmLaw 100 Law firms in offshoring their work to India. By training he is a Chemical Engineer from IIT Bombay and a Lawyer from Delhi University.


NOVUS Augmenting Food Production With Stark Difference To Address Ever-Increasing Global Need


he current world popula�on of 7.6 billion is projected to increase by more than 2.2 billion and reach 9.8 billion by 2050. The popula�on increase is remarkable in developing countries, especially in Africa and Asia. The popula�on of India is expected to top the list in 2028, surpassing that of China. Along with popula�on growth, the demand for food is also expected to increase. As per FAO (the Food and Agriculture Organiza�on of the United Na�ons) es�mates, food producers will have to increase overall food produc�on by 70% to feed the world popula�on in 2050.Only 10% of this 70% increase is expected to include land expansion, while the remaining 90% should come from higher crop yields and alternate food sources. Novus is a global leader in science-driven health and nutri�on solu�ons for animal agriculture customers worldwide. The company is making a clear difference in sustainably mee�ng this growing global need for nutri�on and health. It has a comprehensive por�olio that provides a holis�c approach to gut health, performance, and feed solu�ons for poultry, swine, aquaculture and ca�le, backed by decades of research.

Novus is recognized as a global leader in helping producers extract more benefits from feed ingredients, leading to op�mized produc�on and a reduc�on in overall produc�on costs.

AN INSIGNIA OF EXCELLENCE Novus products offer superior value to its customers, beyond what is expected of tradi�onal feed addi�ves. The company offers solu�ons and services that help customers to effec�vely manage food produc�on challenges. The solu�ons are tailored to suit the customer’s challenge. By incorpora�ng feed ingredient solu�ons from Novus into animal diets, customers can extract improved parameters and addi�onal value from their opera�ons, such as: • Reduced feed costs: Novus is a global leader in protease and phytase enzyme solu�ons with its CIBENZA® brand family.

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• Op�mized animal health and performance through mineral management: MINTREX® chelated trace minerals are the first globally available bis-chelates and have been recognized by interna�onal bodies like the EU (European Union) and AAFCO (Associa�on of American Food Control Officials). • Feed and food safety: Novus follows a comprehensive approach with product solu�ons like SANTOQUIN® feed preserva�ve, FORMYCINE® preserva�ve pre-mix, and SOLIS® an�-caking agent to maintain feed safety and quality. • Reduced an�bio�c usage by op�mized gut health and immunity: Novus has a dedicated team of in-house technical experts and renowned third party global consultants that provide producers with technical know-how that is coupled with products like ACTIVATE® nutri�onal feed acid, NEXT ENHANCE® 150 feed addi�ve (essen�al oils), and AVIMATRIX® feed supplement (specialty acids). • Customer service: Offering professional, knowledgeable, local and friendly service and support. Novus has a dedicated team of qualified technical professionals. • Industry service: Addressing industry challenges globally through collabora�on. • Superior quality: Providing quality products to the market, verified by science, and proven in produc�on.

STELLAR LEADERSHIP With over two and half decades of exper�se, Mr. Neeraj Kumar Srivastava – Managing Director of Novus-South Central Asia, is a dynamic business leader. He has garnered unique exper�se over the years through the turnaround of various businesses, grooming and developing talented teams, and great networking with customers and suppliers in the industry worldwide. He is deputy chairman of the apex industry body – CLFMA and Zonal President of PFI. “In South Asia, we are more focused on crea�ng a win-win situa�on for our customers and Novus by providing products and solu�ons with demonstrable value to our customers and becoming a solu�on provider to them instead of doing a transac�onal business. This approach requires a coordinated effort from all departments of the company spearheaded by sales, marke�ng, and technical services team,” proclaims Mr. Neeraj.

NEW HORIZONS “Our revenue growth has been in the double digits in South Asia; that is more than twice the growth rate of market and with this annual growth rate we are marching towards doubling our top line in the next five years,” states Mr. Neeraj. Novus is a market leader in product pla�orms of methionine, minerals, eubio�cs, enzymes, and feed quality. Understanding that animal health begins within, the company’s latest goal is to become the industry’s go-to source for gut health solu�ons.

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COMMERCE CONVERSIONS THROUGH INTELLIGENT TEST AUTOMATION “Put yourselves in the customer’s shoes” is popular in the selling world. This holds true for the Digital Commerce space as well. Digital commerce is also about leveraging technology to sell and deliver products and services online. Making online buying seamless is important to every e-commerce business as any loopholes can result in consumer dropouts which ul�mately results in revenue loss. Conversion is an important aspect in the digital commerce space. It is about 2% on an average for digital commerce. Companies measure conversion on various goals/parameters – they could range from a sale to e-mail signups, users adding product/s to the shopping cart or making a wishlist.

ATTRIBUTES THAT IMPACT CONVERSION 1. Page Load Time: The average amount of �me it takes for a page to show up on your screen. Reasons such as inefficient code, server loca�on, server performance, redirects from one URL to another, broken images can cause delay in page load. Conversion increases by 2% if the website load �me improves by a second. 2. Bounce rate: Percentage of visitors who enter the site and then leave rather than con�nuing to view other pages within the same site. Bounce rates higher than 40% is a big cause of concern to any online portal. Some of the common reasons for high bounce are visitors seeing something unexpected and unrelated to what they came for, making visitors dig for what they came for with content that’s not skimmable, pages that are difficult to navigate and mobile unresponsive pages causing visitors to leave. 24

3. Session drop: The number of sessions that are abandoned due to certain reasons/hurdles in the checkout flow. 95% of shoppers abandon their online shopping when they come across an unstable site or a site with insufficient, vague or inaccurate informa�on. 4. Clicks/Tap on a par�cular banner/ menu: This includes the ease of access, visual flair of menu and banners for convenient clicking. Companies must ensure that the menu and banners are updated regularly, displaying the correct informa�on and have no broken links. 5. Average clicks to buy a product: This measures the number of steps a user needs to follow to buy any product. Too many steps can lead to confusion and ul�mately cart abandonment. The ideal user journey is that it takes 4-6 clicks to complete purchases. 6. Drop-in ATC%: Percentage of visitors that add items to the shopping cart. Drop-in ATC% ra�o could be due to page load issues, high pricing & shipping rates, sta�c pricing strategy, targe�ng wrong customer group, payment decision or inconvenient return policy.

BRINGING IMPROVEMENT THROUGH INTELLIGENT TEST AUTOMATION With an Intelligent Test Automa�on in place, companies can put into place a robust, comprehensive process that tests the above discussed a�ributes in order to flag off issues and help rec�fy them in real-�me. The various components that you need to consider for Intelligent Test Automa�on are Test Coverage, Test Accuracy, Speed of Tes�ng and 24/7 monitoring to ensure that conversion is superior. Test coverage: Amount of tes�ng performed by a set of test cases. An important indicator of quality and effec�veness, test coverage needs to be comprehensive and a 100% to provide consumers a quality online experience, right from start to finish. Test Accuracy: Test accuracy ensures tes�ng with precision. It also ensures that consistency is maintained that converts visitors into sa�sfied users who finally become poten�al buyers. Speed of tes�ng: Tes�ng uncovers errors and issues that need to be rec�fied before the applica�on is used by the user. Speed of tes�ng is cri�cal to ensure that the applica�on/portal is up to the mark at all �mes. Ability to monitor 24/7: Monitor the applica�on round the clock and catch any real-�me page loading issues, products that went out-of-stock, and other product discovery and checkout issues.

THE BIG TAKEAWAY While applica�on tes�ng is seen as a cost, this definitely is an integral part of ensuring a smooth func�oning website. When error rates are kept low and a quality applica�on is presented to the consumer, it offers a great experience and this converts into loyalty and repeatability. With Intelligent Test Automa�on, you can test various aspects of your website to ensure a 360-degree coverage.

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