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Docebo Docebo’s success in developing pioneering AI-powered learning solutions has rewritten the rules of the learning technology game. Learning was previously lumped in with compliance as a box-ticking exercise by business leaders, but that is no longer the case. The digitalisation revolution has transformed the way we learn. Whereas older, more established industry incumbents focused their energies on traditional areas of business, Docebo instead focused on innovation and seizing the opportunities that digital transformation presented to develop a suite of industry-first learning solutions. Today, the learning technologies that Docebo pioneered set the industry standard. For users, they represent a more compelling solution. “Gone are the days of wanting to sit in front of a screen in order to take training. Click, click, click through a presentation of 100+ slides. Everybody knows that nobody wants to learn in that way. Learning has evolved in a much more interactive social approach, and consumers, particularly younger generations, require different learning styles,” explained Alessio.

Alessio Artuffo President & CRO, Docebo

In a world that is growing ever more complex by the day, business leaders are increasingly turning to enterprise learning as a means of staying ahead of the curve and achieving the productivity gains needed to move the needle. The enterprise learning space is thriving. For industry-leading players like Docebo, the rewards that come with building a reputation for excellence in this multi-billion-dollar sector are lucrative indeed. Not that revenue is the foremost driver of success in this industry—rather, as Docebo’s President and CRO Alessio Artuffo explains, adding value to organisations by sharing knowledge, reskilling, developing, and empowering people is the mission that drives Alessio and his team to excel:


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“At Docebo, our forte is helping a company not only train its employees but also empower its partners and customers, which we refer to as external audiences. If you ask 10 people on the street about what we do, you would probably hear from 70 to 80 percent of them that Docebo is a learning management system—or LMS. It’s this technology combined with newer products that allow our customers to train both internal and external audiences and tackle any learning challenge. It’s all about distributing knowledge, distributing value and tracking that knowledge, and understanding what impact that knowledge has on the individuals who are being trained. That’s the primary job of Docebo.”

“Any corporation, whether it is a progressive software company or a bank or an insurance company or a non-profit, may have a workforce made up of multiple audiences. You’re going to have Baby Boomers. You’re going to have the very new generation that lives inside Instagram and consumes content in the form of Tik Tok videos. Docebo’s beauty is that you can dress it in the manner that you prefer for your different audiences, whether these audiences are employees or segments of employees, or employees and customers, or employees and customers and partners. The flexibility of the system through our configuration engine allows you to have either a very simplistic interface or a highly engaging social interface, a la Facebook or other systems that we would be more familiar with from a user interface experience standpoint. For example, the ability to use playlists, which is a concept that systems like Netflix made popular in the consumer generation.”

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Learning Software Feature Since Docebo was first founded in 2005 by present-day CEO, Claudio Erba, the company has rapidly gone on to capture an ever-growing slice of the industry’s market share. With more than 2,600 clients on its book and rising, Docebo has consistently posted year-on-year growth rates of 60% over the past decade, during which the company has built a global footprint stretching from Toronto to Milan, where it was first founded, as well as the US, London, Paris, Munich, Dubai, and Athens. Bearing in mind that enterprise learning is not yet a ubiquitous feature on the business landscape, the potential for further growth for Docebo, and indeed the wider sector is vast. As Alessio notes, “The addressable market is so large that there is space for many!” However, while there remain many potential new clients to partner with, Docebo has already succeeded in forging strong relationships with a number of the world’s most prestigious A-list brands.

“We track more than 65 industries where our products are utilised. And it’s such a diverse set of experiences, you know, from providing Docebo to some of the best and most famous sports associations in the world to some of the most incredible non-profit organisations, the best manufacturers you can think of in consumer electronics, beauty, and retail. Docebo has been selected by some of the best companies out there. If I think of being associated with brands like Walmart, being associated with brands like L’Oreal, being associated on the technology side with Amazon AWS, it’s incredible. These are all brands that when they select their provider, they’re very thorough. They evaluate not only software capabilities, they carefully evaluate company capabilities, the ability to scale technology, and beyond. Working with these firms has challenged us but I would say it also reflects the value that we’re able to bring to the market.”

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Business Enquirer Magazine · Issue 103


Learning Software Feature This might come as a surprise at first glance, considering the resources that are available to such companies. Amazon AWS, which is valued at over US$20 Billion, offers its own standalone academy for customers worldwide to access AWS Training and Certifications, including digital training, classroom training, and AWS Certifications, leveraging Docebo technology. The world-renowned L’Oreal, which has a global portfolio of hair and beauty products, has its own training academy for aspiring hair and beauty technicians, while companies like Microsoft and Oracle generate hundreds of millions of dollars through their own training and education programs. Why would these companies rely on learning technologies from smaller external providers such as Docebo? The answer is simple: as learning specialists, regardless of the enormous resources larger clients might possess, Docebo can optimise its operations by adding value and improving revenue growth. “We’re seeing the best brands in the world focus on learning as part of their core go-to-market strategy. Those who used to see learning in the past as compliance—you know, like, ‘Go in and do your privacy courses’—know that this is not the world we live in anymore. We’re in a world in which we unlock productivity and people’s potential. We unlock revenue effectiveness. We ensure that customers better their customers via learning,” said Alessio.


When we talk to corporations, we’ve found the bigger they are, the bigger the issues they have in this area. They have an infinite number of systems that they want to integrate with learning. We saw the industry was not doing this well at scale, and so we created a technology called Docebo Connect, a tool that allows customers to bridge the gap between data and action by connecting external systems to the Docebo Learning Suite.” So, the question is what’s next for Docebo? In light of the company’s meteoric success, Alessio is planning to continue growing the company responsibly and organically, with a view to ensuring Docebo’s long-term business sustainability. Alessio concluded: “We want to continue to grow the business. We want to continue to expand globally. We’re going to offer more products further afield in new markets. Currently, we have five products in the market, most of which are relatively new, and we’re working hard to improve them every day. And yes, we are looking to enter new regions to expand our footprint and become more specialised at the industry level. We view the world in three to five-year chunks, and over this time we’ll be approaching the market and continue to invest in accelerated growth responsibly.”

We’re seeing the best brands in the world focus on learning as part of their core go-to market strategy.

He continued: “In order to do this, organisations need to invest heavily in their learning readiness. So from a digitalisation standpoint, one key factor is enabling the integration of the learning ecosystem as part of every firm’s capability. The problem with that is when you buy, say, an LMS or other enterprise-grade technology, your number one challenge is how do you make the data available in the context of the broader systems of the company? How do you analyse the data through AI? How do you make your learning experience talk with your HR suite of products? How do you leverage content that you may have available elsewhere in the company as part of your learning experience?


Issue 103 · Business Enquirer Magazine

Issue 103 · Business Enquirer Magazine


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