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Welcome Thank you for considering Burgmann Anglican School for your family.

We understand you want to provide an educational experience for your children to help them to reach beyond what they believe is possible. We know you also want them to experience an environment that is caring and nurturing; one that will support your values and work with you as your child grows and develops. Our four sub-schools across two large campuses provide a structure in which each student is encouraged to do his or her best. The innovative learning and teaching programs at the school are designed to meet the changing needs of students as they progress from Preschool to Year 12. Burgmann offers an imaginative yet rigorous education as well as a range of cocurricular activities. Learning happens best in a community. Ultimately, it is positive relationships which are imperative to our school; relationships between students, staff, parents, grandparents, members of parish, and friends. We believe that a strong partnership provides the best possible environment and quality of care for all students. We are privileged to play a pivotal role in shaping who your child becomes and how they live their life. The school’s motto of Grace, Commitment and Wisdom embodies the foundation of our school’s vision: •

Grace in God’s compassion to His people,

Commitment to Christian living and a better world, and

Wisdom to discern our place in God’s creation and act accordingly.

As an Anglican School in the Canberra and Goulburn Diocese, the school has a covenant with Gungahlin Anglican Church. The Grace Chapel is a shared facility between the school and the parish and you and your extended family are welcome join us in worship. I warmly invite you to visit Burgmann and hope to meet you on one of our regular tours so you can experience the school in action.

Leonie Harwood Principal


Burgmann Anglican College

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A Progressive School Providing a strong academic program supported by excellent learning and teaching with a focus on student wellbeing, modern infrastructure and plentiful greenspace.

Burgmann Anglican School is an independent Anglican, co-educational Preschool to Year 12 school, located in the northern suburbs of Canberra. The foundation stone for Burgmann Anglican School was laid at the Valley Campus in November 1998 and the school opened in 1999 with 28 students. Today we are a vibrant community of more than 1500 students over two campuses including an Early Learning Centre for children from six months to three years of age. Over the past two decades our vision has remained fixed on providing a strong academic program supported by excellent learning and teaching programs with a focus on student wellbeing, modern infrastructure and plentiful greenspace. Together, we continue to grow and shape a school that reflects Grace, Commitment and Wisdom and allows our community to flourish beyond the classroom.

Our Philosophy Burgmann Anglican School is committed to providing an educational environment that challenges and inspires each child to achieve their personal potential in intellectual, ethical, aesthetic, emotional, social and physical development. It aims to meet the individual and common needs of students through a balanced and creative curriculum to produce excellence within a Christian framework. At the centre of the school’s philosophy is the belief that children are unique individuals created by God with their own strengths, weaknesses, gifts and needs. The staff endeavour to build strong relationships with the children entrusted to their care. This creates a learning environment where children are encouraged to explore their gifts and are supported to address areas of development.


Burgmann Anglican College

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Set close to the northern border of Canberra and New South Wales, in fast growing Gungahlin, the local hills and landscape provide a unique learning environment for our students.


Burgmann Anglican College

Our School Across our four sub schools, we provide exceptional facilities and programmes to our 1,500 students as they experience their personal journey.

Located on two campuses at Valley and Forde, of 7 and 3 hectares respectively, in close proximity to waterways, ponds, the Mulangarri Grasslands and Mulligans Flat Nature Reserves, the space allows us to provide exceptional facilities and programs to our 1,500 students across four sub schools as they experience their personal journey. Modern, air conditioned, facilities have been designed with the learner in mind and combine contemporary building principles with the latest trends in flexible educational spaces incorporating a range of learning technologies. A broad range of co-curricular activities and subject choices are offered including all university pre-requisites and vocational options. These are enhanced by STEM Laboratories and elective areas with specialist facilities for Art, Design and Industrial Technology. A dedicated Music and Drama Centre, equipped with the latest in digital lighting technology, supports our excellent Performing Arts program. •

2 full size ovals

Large outdoor village green space

4 outdoor basketball courts and 4 netball courts

2 well-equipped Indoor Sports Centres

Outdoor amphitheatre performance space

50 seat cafe with fully operational commercial kitchen

6 Science laboratories

2 modern Visual Art studios

4 specialist computer and technology suites

2 Design and Technology workshops

2 Drama studios/theatrettes

High tech Music rooms and recording studios

Dedicated rehearsal and individual music tuition spaces

A counselling/student advisor centre

2 extensive Library/resource Behavioural

Dedicated Indonesian language centre

Onsite out of school hours care facilities

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The School Crest When designing the crest, we wanted to incorporate what the school has become, and what the school hopes to be. Each piece encapsulates the school’s ethos, philosophy and vision.

The Cross

The Shepherd’s Crook

The crest is dominated by the Cross. Christ is the centre of the school. lt has been built upon Him. It represents God’s grace to us, His gift of life and everything that holds, given freely through His Son.

The shepherd’s crook symbolises our connection to the Anglican Church and the Good Shepherd. Christ provided us with the best example of how to Iive and treat those around us. He is the perfect example as we, as a school, commit ourselves to develop the whole child - intellectually, physically, emotionally, aesthetically, ethically and socially. In turn we help our students to become people who will demonstrate commitment to ideals, to achievement and to others in their own lives.

The People The top left corner symbol is for community. The school has become a community where individuals are recognised for their own unique qualities and gifts. This community is committed to each person and the achievement of their full God-given potential.

The Key The key represents education. In 1944 Bishop Burgmann, after whom our school is named, stated that ‘knowledge alone is not enough. We must know what to do with it, and in what spirit it is to be used’. Therein lies wisdom.

The Southern Cross The Southern Cross places us within the world. As it does, it also implies our vision to become an outstanding educational institution that is recognised by people from around the country and the world.


Burgmann Anglican College

The Motto The symbols are summarised in the motto, Grace, Commitment, Wisdom. These words are both deeply religious and profoundly educational. Their meaning permeates every aspect of our humanity and our search for truth.




‘...each of us was given grace according to the measure of Christ’s gift.’

‘For God so loved the world that He gave his only Son, so that everyone who believes in Him may not perish but have eternal life.’

‘...turn your ear to wisdom and apply your hearts to understanding.’

Ephesians 4:7

John 3:16

Proverbs 2:2

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Begin their journey


Burgmann Anglican College

Junior School The Junior years at Burgmann Anglican School are unique and innovative.

Preschool to Year 2 Burgmann Anglican School offers Preschool to Year 2 on both the Valley and Forde Campuses, to give parents maximum choice as their child starts their school journey. Our goal is for your child to feel connected and cared for and to experience an excellent education no matter which campus they attend. Our caring discipline and academic strength are the foundations for building self-confidence and there is a strong focus on reading and writing. We value the transition from family to school and provide environments to offer choices that best suit each child’s needs and skill, and work in close partnerships with families. We believe in:

Providing rich, varied and engaging learning opportunities that are age appropriate.

Providing a comprehensive literacy program that includes guided reading, exposure to and analysis of quality literature and a balance between whole language and phonics approaches to reading, writing and spelling.

Providing a Mathematics program that incorporates active learning with concrete materials and develops strong foundational numeracy skills.

Differentiating our programs so that we are building on each child’s

strengths, needs and catering to their learning styles. •

Providing a comprehensive curriculum including active exploration of The Arts, Science, Technology and the world around us. We also provide specialist lessons in Physical Education, Music, Christian Living, Indonesian and Library/Information Communication Technology.

Teaching social skills and emotional intelligence explicitly through social skills programs from 4-year-old Preschool to Year 2 which explore resilience, inclusivity and restoration of relationships.

An Enrichment program providing remedial and extension programs for those requiring additional work.

A second language program.

Programs to support and cater for the social and emotional development needs of the whole child.

Year 3 to Year 5 When your child is ready for Year 3 all students attend the Valley Campus and remain there until the end of Year 5. The Junior School village green setting has been designed to encourage integrated learning, provide age appropriate outdoor play spaces and foster friendships as they grow. As your child moves through the Junior School, they will discover the connections between curriculum areas as they build upon the skills and learning accomplished as part of their journey from Preschool to Year 2.

These experiences enrich and immerse students in exciting and stimulating educational environments. Here, knowledge, skills and attitudes coalesce as the students embark on their quest to visualise the ‘big picture’. They enjoy an extensive curriculum: •

Music lessons which include singing, instrumental and theory lessons.

Physical Education and Sport.

Religious Education classes and Chapel Services each week teaching Christian values.

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Middle School Transitions are times where we need to adapt to a change in place, routine, people, or expectations. Middle School is the perfect time for students to safely explore options and begin the transition to independence.

The Middle School, Years 6 to 8, is the heart of our Forde campus with dedicated outdoor and sporting areas, learning spaces and specialist classrooms specifically focussed on this unique stage of their education. The program recognises the needs of early adolescents by providing students with a dynamic learning environment full of opportunities for self-discovery, self-reflection and selfdetermination. The curriculum moves children from a thematic teaching and learning experience in Junior School to research-based project learning and skill development. It provides a transition from their early years to the more rigorous study required in Senior School. During Middle School, students start to find their voice, form their own opinions, and make their own decisions. At Burgmann, we provide opportunities for them to do this in a safe and structured environment where their curiosity is valued, and their voice is both heard and challenged. Most importantly, we assist them to start taking the steps toward making their dreams for their futures a reality. Project learning focuses on immediacy of feedback, authenticity and direct application to the real world. Teachers and students use a custom-built


Burgmann Anglican College

framework for negotiating integrated curriculum projects which takes students on a journey of learning and self-discovery that has relevance, meaning and academic rigour. The core subjects of the Middle School program are Mathematics, Science, English, History, Health and Wellbeing and Christian Living. The Middle School elective program includes; French or Indonesian as a second language, Music, Information Technology, Textiles, Theatre and Performance, Design and Technology, and Visual Art. In addition to the core curriculum, your child will engage in the Middle School’s Leadership Program, to develop leadership skills and enhance

cooperative learning. Students also have opportunities to increase their self-confidence and optimism as they explore the concept of service. Underpinning our academic and pastoral programs are the Middle School core values of Genuine Relationships, Lifelong Learning, Challenge, Personal Bests and Living Beyond Ourselves. These values seek to be a catalyst for each student to: •

Engage in their learning

Discover their strengths and needs

Be empowered in decision making

Achieve success

Build confidence and self-esteem

Plan for the future

Be ready

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Be yourself


Burgmann Anglican College

Senior School The senior years are a comprehensive four-year program with each year building on the next.

For the last years of your child’s education, Year 9 to Year 12, they will enter the Senior School at Valley Campus. As a Senior School we respond to the changing needs of our students, taking into account their increasing maturity, as well as their greater need and ability to be independent and make life decisions for themselves. We continue to engage students in their own learning, building on their Middle School experiences, and encourage them to further develop as resilient individuals who value community and understand their roles of service within it. While it is important that we prepare students for their ACT Year 10 and Year 12 Certificates, this is done in a context that values reflection and spiritual growth; where success is measured by more than academic results.

The Senior School structure reflects a more traditional high school model in terms of its daily organisation, with students responsible for moving from one class to the next according to their individual timetable. After exploring many different areas of learning in Middle School, Senior School students have the opportunity to make informed decisions about their strengths and weaknesses to pursue areas of personal interest and talent through the elective program. The core subjects in Year 9 and 10 are Mathematics, Science, English, Humanities, Christian Living and Personal Development, Health and Physical Education. Elective subjects for Year 9 and 10 can be found on the school website in the Year 9 and 10 Academic Pathways

book and may include; Commerce, French, Music, Design and Technology, Indonesian, Numbers, Patterns and Problems, Drama, Information Technology, Visual and Digital Art, Fashion Design, and International Relations and Global Issues. Year 11 and 12 is an exciting and fulfilling time as your child nears the end of their secondary education. We offer a program of study with a wide range of subjects that is broadly academic in perspective. In this way, we aim to give our students the best possible platform for entry into tertiary study or the workforce. Details of the Year 11 and 12 program can be found in the Year 11 and 12 Academic Pathways book on the school website.

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Wellbeing The Christian life sits at the centre of Wellbeing Education and the Positive Education approach at Burgmann Anglican School.

The Burgmann Wellbeing Model guides and informs wellbeing practice at the school. It is the lens through which we operate and build on our Positive Education programs. As an early adopter of Positive Education, the school takes a proactive and strengths informed approach to wellbeing from the Early Learning years through to Year 12. In Junior School students learn about and identify signature character strengths before moving through the Grow Your Mind program to understand how different parts of their brains work. There is a strong focus on developing a growth mindset, strengthening resilience and building understanding of the positive behaviours that contribute to healthy community norms. As our students progress to Middle School, the approach further develops their understanding of character strengths through the layer of contextual wellbeing. The principles of positive psychology feature in student pastoral care and health programs. By the time your child arrives in the Senior years, the Pastoral Care curriculum, Multi-Purpose Time and explicit positive psychology interventions equip students to live what they have learned about wellbeing. The Wellbeing Team at Burgmann is supported by a team of Psychologists, Chaplains and external research specialists who work closely with teaching staff to provide a comprehensive, restorative, preparatory and hope filled program.

There is a strong focus on developing a growth mindset, strengthening resilience and building understanding of the positive behaviours.


Burgmann Anglican College

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Burgmann Anglican College

Friends of Burgmann We exist because our community, parents just like you, wanted a school like Burgmann Anglican School.

When your child leaves school it doesn’t mean they, or you, have to leave Burgmann. There are many ways to stay in touch from the occasional coffee catch up in the IceBurg Café, to regular worship at the Church, attending a reunion or coming back for the annual Musical or other special community events. Friends of Burgmann encompasses everyone in our community – parents and grandparents, staff and students, current and past. Many of our past students, parents, carers, and friends volunteer their time to help with different activities and events around the school. Some get involved by reading in the classroom or donating goods for the annual Anglicare appeal. Others make their contribution by participating in the Professional Connections Program. We encourage you to volunteer and stay connected so we can serve together and learn from each other.

By the time your child completes their education we hope they are on the path to discovery about who they are and the path they wish to follow in life.

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Early Learning to Year 12 www.burgmann.act.edu.au

Valley Campus 4 The Valley Avenue, Gungahlin 2912 Forde Campus Corner Francis Forde Boulevard and Hurrell Street, Forde 2914 T 02 6255 7700

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