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Give your child a head start Burgmann Early Learning Centre

Give your child a head start The Burgmann Anglican School Early Learning Centre will give your child a head start to their educational journey.

Located in the grounds of the Valley Campus, our Early Learning Centre (ELC) is purpose built to embrace guided child-centred learning.

the space. High glass windows and courtyards provide views and different perspectives of the Mulanggari Grassland Nature Reserve and school oval.

The gardens are an important component of the ELC and offer children endless opportunities to participate in a wide range of engaging activities.

The ELC includes four studios, designed for flexible learning, along with a large art studio and a gathering space with quiet reading, reflection and rest areas. A kitchen and dining area open out through large glass doors to the front garden, ideal for those final morning goodbyes. The outdoor space includes areas for running, climbing, water and sand play, and incorporates a well-planned nature area for exploration.

Children have access to a fully enclosed secure play area and may also participate in supervised access to the outside grounds, gardens and Valley campus facilities.

Burgmann sees all children as capable learners. The ELC has been created to allow opportunities for children to co-construct and collaborate as they explore and make sense of their world. We believe each person is a unique individual created by God with their own special gifts, strengths and needs. We support families who are looking for a place where their children will be cared for and educated in an environment built upon Christian values.

In keeping with the Burgmann model, wellbeing of students and staff is an important component of the ELC and this is reflected in the design which includes a dedicated area for staff to plan, prepare and enjoy some quiet restorative time. Natural light fills


For parents’ peace of mind, the centre is securely accessed via a keypad, using an entry code which allows access to the reception area. The Centre has been designed with Reggio Emilia principles in mind. Rooms are arranged to encourage social interaction and stimulation. Both indoors and outdoors, children can explore, manipulate, discover, experiment and express themselves in many ways.

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We support families who are looking for a place where their children will be cared for and educated in an environment built upon Christian values.

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It is a community that partners with parents to provide the best educational start for your child.


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Your child’s learning journey The learning journey at Burgmann Anglican School in the Early Years is carefully curated for the specific needs and development of children from 6 months through to Year 2.

The ELC is the first stage of that journey. It is a community that partners with parents to provide the best educational start for your child. It is part of the wider Burgmann Anglican School community - the Junior and Senior Schools are our neighbours on the Valley campus and the Middle School is located at Forde campus. As a centre for child and family wellbeing, we are keen to walk alongside you and your child as they develop the skills and emotional capacity to thrive in a more formal school environment. We recognise the important role of parents and carers and offer programs for children, parents and the extended community as part of the School’s overall wellbeing program.

Early Learning Centre 6 months to 3 Year Old Program

Preschool 4 years old (year before Kindergarten)

Junior School Kindergarten to Year 2 Year 3 to Year 5

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Personalised learning Children may start at our ELC from 6 months of age. They are able to explore the world guided by a Reggio Emilia inspired approach with personalised learning programs.

Based on each child’s interests, these programs help enhance learning outcomes and ensure your child enjoys a curriculum that is inclusive and encourages their participation through inquiry and active play. Children are grouped in studios based on their age and date of birth, in line with ACT school entry. Children remain together in that studio for the whole year, transitioning to their new studio together, at the beginning of each year. Visits for play and orientation will occur prior to commencement. Focused on positive community relationships, the ELC program has a specific emphasis on play based learning within a safe and supportive learning environment in line with the Early Years Learning Framework and the National Quality Standard. We value children as competent and capable and this is reflected in the way our educators interact with children to investigate and explore. The ELC is a place of joy and wonder. It is a place where we believe respectful relationships are at the heart of good teaching and learning.

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We value children as competent and capable and this is reflected in the way our educators interact with children to investigate and explore.

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Burgmann ELC Our centre is licensed for 90 children each day and rooms are set up to allow children to develop naturally with their peers.

The ELC is open from 7.30am – 6.00pm Monday to Friday, 49 weeks of the year. Our centre is licensed for 90 children each day and rooms are set up to allow children to develop naturally with their peers. Each room is led by an Early Childhood Teacher (ECT) with supporting educators qualified with either a Diploma or Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care. We have a strong relationship with the Mulligans Flat Nature Reserve and our five rooms are uniquely named after animals native to the area.


We close for three weeks over Christmas/New Year. Families will be given ample warning regarding closure dates enabling you to make alternative arrangements. We have a minimum attendance requirement that supports each child to build attachments and connections with staff and other children in their room. To provide continuity and to engage children in a quality program, we recommend children attend the ELC for a minimum of two days (preferably consecutive). Children in the Bettong program (6 to 24 months) are welcome to attend full or part days.

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To assist in reducing the number of changes or transitions children encounter each week, we encourage parents to enrol children solely at the ELC. In our experience, splitting your child’s week by attending alternate facilities may impede their ability to develop strong partnerships. Attending one setting gives your child predictability with routines, people and environments, enabling them to build strong identity and self-confidence.

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Give your child predictability with routines, people and environments, enabling them to build strong identity and self-confidence.

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Centre operations Public Holidays Burgmann Anglican School ELC is closed on all ACT and national public holidays. Normal fees apply where a public holiday closure falls on your child’s usual day of attendance. These fees are eligible for CCS.

Parent Partnerships Our Centre philosophy centres around strong partnerships with families. We encourage regular communication between family members and the staff.

Health and Safety We believe that being healthy and feeling safe are integral to wellbeing. Our aim is to provide an environment where children feel connected and secure. All adults in the ELC are required to hold a current Working with Vulnerable People (WwVP) card. We support government objectives of full immunisation of all children. Upon enrolment, each child’s immunisation status will be recorded. Children who are not immunised may be subject to exclusion periods. Children who are not immunised may not be eligible for Child Care Subsidy.


Illnesses and Medical Information Please inform us if your child is unwell or will be absent, so that we can share this information with other families if necessary. Please call the ELC reception on 02 6210 3100, leaving a message, or email ELC@burgmann.act.edu.au. We advise families via the parent portal of any current notifiable illnesses at the ELC. There may be some cases where we email or make phone calls if we have concerns for your child, staff and other children. Families will be asked to collect their child if children become unwell during the day and require closer supervision and care. There are times where the health of other children and staff need to be considered and, in some circumstances, the ELC Director may be included when determining when a previously unwell child returns to the ELC. When a child requires medication during their attendance at the ELC, an Administration of Medication form must be completed by parents. Please inform your child’s room leader, who will assist with this process.

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Allergy Aware Zone We monitor children with allergies closely. Discussions regarding health management are held at enrolment and alternative meals are prepared when required. Please keep us informed of your child’s needs. If your child has an allergy, dietary requirement or diagnosed medical condition, you are required to provide a medical action plan completed by your child’s doctor. All children with action plans are required to have a Risk Minimisation and Communication Plan completed. This is done in consultation with families and the ELC Director. We ask that no food from home be brought into the centre.

Animals Family pets are not to be brought into the centre without prior consultation with the ELC Director.

Rest Time All children need some down time during their day. After lunch in the ELC all rooms plan sleep, rest or quiet time. Babies sleep as they need to and sleep requirements are discussed openly with families.

Meals We are committed to providing nutritionally balanced meals and aim to provide approximately 50% of your child’s daily dietary requirements. Our centre offers delicious and nutritious meals for morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea prepared by our in-house chef. Our menu follows a four-week seasonal rotation menu plan. Our menu is displayed for parents on both the ELC page of the Burgmann Portal and the digital display inside front reception. Recipes are available upon request. The daily menu is displayed in the dining area for children and families to view. We employ a qualified chef who is experienced in preparing nutritious meals. All meals are prepared using fresh, quality ingredients. ELC staff are trained

in Safe Food Handling procedures. This enables mealtime procedures to meet regulations and requirements. Staff model and encourage developmentally and socially appropriate ways to eat. Young children are often still developing the understanding and association of feeling full. Staff closely monitor mealtimes and encourage all children to eat. If staff are concerned, they will raise this issue with families. Children help with the set up and clean up routines. Staff continually remind children to drink water and refill bottles when needed. Mealtimes are social and enjoyable gatherings where adults and children sit together. We aim to emulate family experiences and prepare children for life. Mealtimes begin by encouraging children to be thankful for what they are about to eat.

Sun Smart Policy Sun protection measures will be in place in line with the Cancer Council recommendations (when the outside UV level is 3 or higher). When participating in outside play, children will wear a bucket hat to ensure their ears and neck are covered. Sunscreen should be applied at home each morning or upon arrival. Sunscreen will be reapplied at the centre as necessary. Clothing should be Sun Smart with sleeves to ensure shoulders are protected from the sun. Dressing your child in clothing that is comfortable, weather appropriate and practical for play, mess and dirt allows them to have the best possible experience each and every day.

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Fees and Enrolments Fee Schedule Burgmann Anglican School ELC aims to provide exceptional service in both staffing and resourcing. Our fees for the coming year are set at the beginning of Term 4 in the preceding year to give parents plenty of time for planning. We reserve the right to make changes throughout the year if required. The 2022 daily rate is $154.00. Fees include nappies. A wholesome lunch, plus morning and afternoon tea is provided for each child. Scheduled fees are the amount charged before the Child Care Subsidy (CCS) is applied. To determine eligibility, please contact the Family Assistance Office or Centrelink Online via myGov. For more information about CCS, please visit www.humanservices.gov.au An Enrolment Bond of $300 applies and is refundable for eligible withdrawals in accordance with enrolment terms. Direct debit through Debit Success (bank account or credit card) is the only payment method available for ELC fees. Continuity of enrolment may be jeopardised when fortnightly fee payments are not maintained.

Enrolments To join the Early Learning Centre or the school, please visit www.burgmann.act.edu.au/enrolment and complete the online Registration Form. A non-refundable fee of $175 is payable. Following receipt of the Registration Form and Fee, your child’s name will be placed on the waiting list for the entry points selected. Your child must be born before they can go on the waiting list. It is important to note that enrolment at the ELC is not a direct pathway into Burgmann Anglican School. Children in the 3 year old program who are also registered for the School may receive priority entry to the school. Enrolment offers for the School are made based on the date a child was registered on our waiting list and the intake year selected. It is important at the time of enrolment to complete forms openly and honestly. Full disclosure of your child’s needs is expected as this assists us to be prepared once they are offered a place.


Enrol now www.burgmann.act.edu.au/enrolment

Enrolment at the ELC is not a direct pathway into Burgmann Anglican School.

What to bring to ELC All children will need to bring the following items and we ask that everything is clearly labelled: Cot sheet and blanket for sleep/rest Drink bottle Change of clothes (at least 2 sets) - don’t forget socks Babies: Bottle, formula, dummies We ask that where possible children do not bring personal items (toys etc). Security toys or other items are welcome, although we cannot be held responsible for lost or damaged items.


Valley Campus 4 The Valley Avenue, Gungahlin 2912 Forde Campus Corner Francis Forde Boulevard and Hurrell Street, Forde 2914 T 02 6255 7700 www.burgmann.act.edu.au