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We warmly welcome you to our ever expanding Building Engineering magazine, Issue no.8 As usual, there are so many interesting and informative features in this edition. Eg: the ORIGINS OF THE PORTE-COCHERE. Don’t know what that is? Have a read. I enjoyed finding out.

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PPC Zimbabwe - The Sure Way to Make Cement


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Landscape Architecture 56

POKUGARA ESTATE (Shona for ‘A Place to Stay’) is the new housing estate situated at the corner of Whitwell and Teviotdale Road in the Borrowdale/ Mount Pleasant district. The Estate is in a prime location, with a racecourse, gym, church, and schools within the environ and multiple business office complexes right across the road. The future “Mall of Zimbabwe” is set to be constructed just behind this estate. We also give you an inside look at SAVANNA MANORS, situated in Kamfinsa, a cluster-housing development of 21 semi-detached houses, arranged around a central court forming the main communal space and parking. As we go into the rainy season, are you thinking about that muddy DRIVEWAY? Discover the many exciting options to spruce up your driveway and create a great first impression. From private homes to large industrial premises, these creative pavers can really enhance the look and feel of any environment. TUSILAGO KITCHENS show off their expertise to deliver the best service in kitchen fixtures and fittings, while ROYAL HOME FURNITURE invite you visit their regal showroom with upmarket furniture ‘fit for a king’. Their new glistening glass framed shop on Samora Machel Ave, makes it hard to miss. LIFE IN COLOUR invites us to paint a picture in our mind, and a quick “now-I-know” lesson on the various paints and their shelf names. Our D.I.Y. feature takes us through the uses and benefits of Picket Fences. Learn all you need to know on how to construct them to make attractive boundaries with ease and without breaking the bank. And so many more articles, contacts and resources. You can’t afford to think about building or engineering with a copy of this great magazine in your hands. Until next time, happy planning Laurie

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Marketing Tendai D. Satumba Arthur Mungule Shaw Bushu Design & Layout Wade Penny Tawanda Photography PictureHub Henry Oliver


Global Global Roofing Roofing Solutions Solutions Zimbabwe Zimbabwe (Pvt) (Pvt) LtdLtd (GRS) (GRS) is is Global Global Global Roofing Roofing Roofing Solutions Solutions Solutions Zimbabwe Zimbabwe Zimbabwe (Pvt) (Pvt) (Pvt) Ltd Ltd Ltd (GRS) (GRS) (GRS) is isis the the proud proud supplier supplier of the of the IBR686 IBR686 for(Pvt) for the(Pvt) the Pokugara Global Global Roofing Roofing Solutions Solutions Zimbabwe Zimbabwe LtdPokugara Ltd (GRS) (GRS) is is the the the proud proud proud supplier supplier supplier ofof the ofthe the IBR686 IBR686 IBR686 for for for the the the Pokugara Pokugara Pokugara Housing Project Project roof roof .the GRS .the GRS consists consists two of two leading leading theHousing the proud proud supplier supplier of of IBR686 IBR686 forof for the the Pokugara Pokugara Housing Housing Housing Project Project Project roof roof roof . GRS . GRS . GRS consists consists consists ofof two oftwo two leading leading leading South South African African roofing roofing manufacturing manufacturing Housing Housing Project Project roof roof . material GRS . material GRS consists consists of two of two leading leading South South South African African African roofing roofing roofing material material material manufacturing manufacturing manufacturing operations, operations, GRS GRS Brownbuilt Brownbuilt (established (established in 1964) in 1964) andand South South African African roofing roofing material material manufacturing manufacturing operations, operations, operations, GRS GRS GRS Brownbuilt Brownbuilt Brownbuilt (established (established (established inin 1964) in1964) 1964) and and and GRS GRS HHHH Robertson Robertson (established (established in 1958), in 1958), making making it one it one operations, operations, GRS GRS Brownbuilt Brownbuilt (established (established in 1964) in 1964) and and GRS GRS GRS HH HH HH Robertson Robertson Robertson (established (established (established inin1958), in1958), 1958), making making making it it one itone one of the of the largest largest metal metal roofing roofing manufacturers manufacturers in South in South GRS GRS HHHH Robertson Robertson (established (established in 1958), in 1958), making making it one it one ofof the ofthe the largest largest largest metal metal metal roofing roofing roofing manufacturers manufacturers manufacturers inin South inSouth South Africa Africa with with a branch a branch in Zimbabwe. in Zimbabwe. Both Both Brownbuilt Brownbuilt andand of the of the largest largest metal metal roofing roofing manufacturers manufacturers in South in South Africa Africa Africa with with with aa branch abranch branch inin Zimbabwe. inZimbabwe. Zimbabwe. Both Both Both Brownbuilt Brownbuilt Brownbuilt and and and HH HH Robertson Robertson are are household household names names for for the the Africa Africa with with a branch a branch in Zimbabwe. in Zimbabwe. Both Both Brownbuilt Brownbuilt andand HH HH HH Robertson Robertson Robertson are are are household household household names names names for for for the the the manufacture ofare commercial ofare commercial and and industrial industrial steel steel roof roof HHmanufacture HH Robertson Robertson household household names names for for the the manufacture manufacture manufacture ofof commercial ofcommercial commercial and and and industrial industrial industrial steel steel steel roof roof roof covering covering and and wall wall cladding. cladding. manufacture manufacture of commercial of commercial andand industrial industrial steel steel roof roof covering covering covering and and and wall wall wall cladding. cladding. cladding. covering covering andand wallwall cladding. cladding.

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onstruction is all about lines and designs. It is about engineering, techniques skills and management, an exact science learnt over generations. P r o p e r t y Development on the other hand is the product of dreams, vision, thoughts, imagination and purpose, all of an artistic ilk. Property Development is where an individual or group of individuals see the creation of a social benefit from an open unutilized space. Often to achieve this the developers have to deal with ignorance, inept authorities and archaic legislation to achieve that dream. Pokugara Estate (Shona for a place to stay) is an example of the art and science articulated above. It is a reality and it is a product of well-planned community expansion through the technique of construction within the vision of development, brought to you by West Property Company. The same Company that recently launched the unparralled Homelands 263 Estate on Garlands Ride Northwood. Live, work, play, is our theme.



Within the environs of the Estate there is a racecourse, gym, church, schools and multiple business office complexes right across the road. The thoughts of a visitor: “In all directions I look I am surrounded by plush neighborhoods. If I want to go shopping, I have the bulk of all the well established upmarket shopping complexes within a 5 km radius. I am looking forward to the Mall of Zimbabwe set to be constructed just behind this estate. It will be like having one of the largest malls in Africa in my backyard!” The narrative above can surely entice the mind of any prospective homeowner. If one talks about raising a family in a convenient prime environment, then welcome to the Pokugara Estate. We make that narrative a reality. Situated at the corner of Whitwell and Teviotdale Road in the Borrowdale/Mount Pleasant district, Pokugara Estate is a housing development that offers several varieties of up-market, contemporary designed homes in a serene environment close to all the essential amenities. These homes range from 150 m2 cluster homes to 600 m2 mansions all within a gated community. The Estate is only 9 km away from Harare’s Central Business District, making it an ideal place for hassle free commuting or driving to and from the business hub of the country.


The estate is fully serviced with tarred roads, storm water drainage, water and sewer reticulation, as well as walkways and perimeter wall under construction. The latter phases will have an area in the middle of the estate further enhanced to create a communal entertainment area complementing the estate. Pokugara will be managed by a Home Owners Association, sits on 20 hectares of prime location, and abuts a conservation area of 70 hectares placed between the Estate and “the” Retirement village on the Borrowdale road. This reiterates the idea of an integrated community with features that make any homeowners’ stay a dream Our designs are about light and space. A typical five bedroomed house is endowed with an open plan lounge and dining area within a cathedral styled roofline that makes it anything but typical with underground gas lines serving fireplaces and cooking amenities. The innovative design include, kitchen and two lounges, double lockup garage, covered patio and swimming pool. There are mouthwatering double story residences included in the Estate and show houses of these designs have been constructed


to demonstrate the quality of life on the Estate... For a tour to get the feel of our definition of comfort and luxury do not hesitate to come to the estate and see our recently finished and furnished showhouses which have various “to die for elements” like large glazed glass detail to ensure maximum natural light penetration and the motion sensor activated fireplaces. A masterpiece made with families in mind by West Properties, and the uniquely designed plans of the various homes by Masiyanise T.I, Arthur Mudondo and Gibraltar Construction has raised the bar in current development and construction for others to follow. Pokugara is the best place to start, grow and continually build a family. So if you are looking for a place to stay, land to call home, a family haven, we have built you a place, we have made you “Pokugara”.





he glass being used in Pokugara was 6.38mm laminated SOLARVUE neutral. The benefits of this glass are:

Safety: Laminated glass is made like a windscreen, if anyone walks or runs into the doors or windows, the glass will not break into shards of glass that cause fatal injuries. Security: Laminated glass also has the benefit of security as is difficult to break and enter the property as holds together even when broken with hammers etc, compared to plate glass where a single tap thieves can enter the property. Sound: laminated glass helps with sound proofing reducing the sound from outside by up to 33 decibels. Energy Efficient: Solarvue laminate helps reduce the outside temperature coming into the house through the glass by up to 50%. It also reduces the heat or cold leaving the house through the windows by the same amount, saving electricity on running air conditioning units or heaters depending on the season. UV: Solarvue reduces the light into the house by 40% and blocks the harmful UV radiation, which will damage your furniture, carpets and curtains.

automatic laminate cutter which cuts the sheets of glass into the pieces for further processing. Edgework: the glass is then polished with our Italian polishers which ensures there are no chips on the edge of the glass. The Solarvue glass used in pokugara absorbs and deflects a lot of heat , as the glass contracts and expands the fine polished edges ensure the glass does not thermally crack. The glass is then washed and cleaned with chemical to check for any scratches then packed for delivery. CNC Machine. Our latest addition is our Italian CNC machine which now can do cutout designs for Ballustrades, frameless showers and kitchen splash backs for inside the house. Tempered Glass: This glass is them tempered in our furnace to international safety standards. A tempered piece of glass is designed to be 5 times strong than the normal plate glass and if breaks, disintegrates into small pieces which will only case superficial cuts Delivery: City glass is investing in specialized transport to carry glass safely around the country and the region


- Clear - ClearFloat FloatGlass Glass - Tinted - TintedFloat Float&&Obsecure ObsecureGlass Glass - Tinted - TintedFloat Float&&Obsecure ObsecureGlass Glass - Performance - PerformanceSafety SafetyGlass Glass - Performance - PerformanceSafety SafetyGlass Glass - Toughened - ToughenedSafety SafetyGlass Glass - Toughened - ToughenedSafety SafetyGlass Glass - Bullet - BulletResistant ResistantGlass Glass - Bullet - BulletResistant ResistantGlass Glass - Mirrors - Mirrors - Mirrors - Mirrors

The choice of glass by the architect, owner and shop fitter is ideal for the Zimbabwe climate. City Glass Factory City glass has a state of the art factory in Graniteside, to produce the glass for Pokugara, each piece of glass has its sizes entered and then they are all optimized on an Austrian optimization program to reduce waste. The program is direct down loaded into the fully PAGE 16

Address: Address:Stand Stand16792 16792Bessemer BessemerRoad, Road,Graniteside, Graniteside,Harare Harare Address: Address: Stand Stand 16792 16792 Bessemer Bessemer Road, Road, Graniteside, Graniteside, Harare Harare Tel: Tel: (0242) (0242)748510 748510/ 753455 / 753455/ 774374 / 774374 Tel: Tel: (0242) (0242) 748510 748510/ 753455 / 753455/ 774374 / 774374 Fax: Fax: (0242) (0242)748510 748510 Fax: Fax: (0242) (0242) 748510 748510 Website: Website: Website: Website:

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iningg m m m m i i w w S S ll a a u u s s U U A As s Shop Shop nono 21A21A Ballantyne Ballantyne Park Park Shopping Shopping Centre Centre Harare Harare Zimbabwe Zimbabwe Box Box Address: Address: P.O. P.O. Box Box GD843 GD843 Greendale, Greendale, Harare Harare


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Manufacturers Manufacturers of Distinctive of Distinctive Decorative Decorative Coatings Coatings







very cooking session should be a joy, whether you are making a meal for one or hosting an entire community. After a warm hearty meal nothing gives more peace of mind than a clean Kitchen with a look that makes you look forward to getting lost in whipping up your next favorite recipe. Many kitchen users’ worst nightmares is what gives us the zeal and tenacity to penetrate the market, smoothen out their concerns and deep clean any incompetence’s to come up with a spotless job on every single. We infuse functionality and aesthetics to deliver the best service in kitchen fixtures and fittings by using various elements like hard wood cupboards, rare polished stone countertops all complemented with a skilled team.



All our products and services are client specific and tailored to suit their taste, concerns and budget. Our sales process is an immaculate and well detailed one, with 4 phases and 3 key aspects for each phase. It starts off with the design process which involves a site meeting then our team goes through a designing process using computer aided design tools then finally presents the various proposed options using 3D cartoon imagery. The second phase involves signing an agreement to commence work, then we move to the site to make a more detailed assessment site survey before going through a project management process. We then move into a very immaculate and cutting edge process of producing every bit of product with on-point precision at our workshop. Then “ice-the-cake” with delivery, installation of the units and finally handing over the project to the clients. To ensure the longevity and maintain the luster in our products and the bright smile on our clients’ faces we offer after sales services in the form of product servicing and maintenance. To get a better feel of our attention to detail and prowess when it comes to service delivery we recently unveiled our new show room at our offices in Hatfield close to the Harare CBD, and in the same space we have our workshop where clients’ products are tailored to perfection.

We walk the talk and its evident even in our participation in multiple housing projects including a housing scheme mushrooming out of Fairview park in the Mount Hampden area. Our expertise in leadership within our own entity


and market is backed by awards that we have received with an international acclaim like the 16th International star for quality in leadership handed to us at the QIC 100 Paris Convention Awards.




Life In Colour

dd color to your world” is a common tagline given by paint companies and salesmen in the pursuit of selling the various stocked brands they may have at hand. The surreal ambience created by the right color scheme usually draws any individual and immerses them in an unfolding array of visual indulgence. It takes a gifted eye and a wrist ready to bring forth an amazing spectacle to the world through the paint brush to achieve this. However, It is imperative to note that to achieve a certain level of mastery knowledge is key,


so let us help you dive into our small pool of paint knowledge and paint a picture in your mind on what each paint does. The Primer is among one of the key paints for any paint job. Supplied in two forms, water-based or oilbased, it is a complementary product that helps in the longevity and enhancement of your paint color in your painting project. In any situation, it is recommended to use a similar combination of primer with the actual paint (e.g oil based primer with oil based paint) to ensure consistency and an amazing texture. Upon application of the primer you will need to choose the right paint. Usually paint is labeled as interior or exterior on its container. As a suggestion, it may be wise to use water-based paint on the interior of your home, but exterior paint is best left to oilbased varieties.

As a means of catharsis for any paint choice headaches you may have, let us indulge you in a quick “now-I-know” lesson on the various paints and their shelf names. Latex, is a common term used to describe waterbased paint. Acrylic Latex is one form of latex paint. It is known to be a paint that works well on an already painted surface. However, it performs poorly in rooms that have high moisture levels like poorly ventilated bathrooms which results in the paint either washing off or peeling off. As a case in point there is actually no latex in the paint. Enamel , most of the times oil-based paint is denoted as “enamel” due to its hardness and durability. They are usually grouped into gloss and semi-gloss finish and are mostly used around windows, doors, and trim. Under the various types of enamel paint there is acrylic enamel which is revered for its durability and thus named as such. Unfortunately, if bought from

unreliable distributors, over time the paint may show signs of discoloring. Also, always remember that a brighter shine may reveal more imperfections for any paint job. There are also specialty paints which are regular paints that may be added additives to make them perform a certain function. Each paint type can have additives included in it. Additives range from antimold and anti-mildew properties to fire retardants which do come in handy depending on the structure or object being painted. Some also have anticondensation additives, making them popular in locations like the kitchen. All in all paint has always proved to turn any structure, or even derelict building into a masterpiece and has greatly enhanced the way we see color and how it plays a pivotal part in making a bold statement, subconsciously influencing clientele or generally just making anything less boring. PAGE 27

WE WE WEGUARD GUARD GUARDYOUR YOUR YOUR FORTRESS FORTRESS FORTRESSJEALOUSLY JEALOUSLY JEALOUSLY 20 Telford Road, Graniteside, 2020 Telford Telford Road, Road, Graniteside, Graniteside, Harare, Zimbabwe Harare, Harare, Zimbabwe Zimbabwe Office: +263 (4) 751395-9 ext 1122 Office: Office: +263 (4)(4) 751395-9 751395-9 ext 1122 1122 Mobile: +263+263 772 772963/ 0771ext 423082 Mobile: Mobile: +263 +263 772772 772963/ 772963/ 0771 0771 423082 423082 E-mail: E-mail: E-mail:



imeless is always the best word to use for any structure or possession befitting royalty. A place meant for nobility or otherwise known as the “blue bloods” who quite frankly prefer the luxuries of life signified by the sparkling silverware, to the tables meant for high teas and round tables meant for family banquets. In this instance, Royal Home Furniture made a move to revamp its timeless structure to cater for its ever dynamic noble clientele. Located along one of the busiest roads in Harare,


Specialists Specialists in: in:

Steel Steel Fabrication Fabrication & & Erection Erection 3 Dhlela Way, Graniteside, P.O.Box 7118, Harare 3 Dhlela Way, Graniteside, P.O.Box 7118, Harare Tel: 753513/5/6 | Fax: 753199 | Cell: 0772 699 669 Tel: 753513/5/6 | Fax: 753199 | Cell: 0772 699 669 Email: Email:



Samora Machel Avenue, Royal Home furniture has become a new spectacle for the eye as you pass through Seventh street along Samora Machel, with a welcoming branded name written right across the front of the building which makes it hard to miss. With its glistening glass framed shop front that brings in enough natural light to bring out the lustre and glimmer in the vast product range they offer. A haven of bedroom furniture, dining area furniture, offices, outdoor facilities and structures, chairs, special lighting, and saloons and a plethora of other interior and exterior components that help embellish any home or corporate premises, Royal Home Furniture continually breaks the barriers on what it means to have a regal touch in any setting. PAGE 30

ELECTrICAL ELECTrICAL SPECIALISTS SPECIALISTS ININALL ALL ASPECTS ASPECTS installations installations. Repairs . Repairs. and . andmany manymore more

Address Address 27 27 Zimre Zimre way way Mandara Mandara Call Call 0778160582 0778160582 0773545632 0773545632


for domestic and the construction industry adding value and class to your surroundings and give you years of Call usthe or visit us - our sales personnel are waiting to your requirements. forsatisfaction. for domestic for domestic domestic and and the and construction the construction construction industry industry industry adding adding adding value value value and and class and class class to discuss your to to your your surroundings surroundings surroundings andand give and give you give you you years years years of satisfaction. of of satisfaction. satisfaction. CallCall us Call or us us or visit or visit us visit -usour us - our -sales our sales sales personnel personnel personnel areare waiting are waiting waiting to discuss to to discuss discuss your your your requirements. requirements. requirements.





ub-Sahara Africa is known for its diverse weather pattern which ranges from the scorching heat of the sun to the lit up fireplace nights during winter and splashes in bucket loads of rainfall during its rainy season. A summation of these conditions proves its ability to fully utilize the various elements of nature but more importantly the aspect of unpredictability when it comes to how to engage with these elements. Due to these variances at times we are left at the mercy of our environment. Kindly plunge yourself into thought for a bit and imagine having to drag your vehicle out of a puddle of mud on a rainy morning before leaving for work, or having a client arrive at your business premises only to be welcomed by a tyre trail and patches of grass leading to your offices. It may make you erk a bit in thought upon the idea of subjecting your PAGE 34

colleagues and prospective clients to some of these conditions. As most may feel it is a secondary consideration to have a driveway when taking care of any premises, It may not be the same for a client or any other individual’s first impression. It definitely paints a picture of how seriously you take yourself and the level of consciousness you have when it comes to your immediate surroundings. As a way of helping you spruce up your first impression, we will provide a short guide on the various avenues you can take to building the perfect pathway to any building. The first option are pavers, commonly made of natural stone, molded blocks or concrete bricks. Aesthetically pleasing to the eye these products form a very good layout and can easily be altered using various colors and layout designs. Do not however be fooled, It does not compromise on functionality, if done by experts it can prove to stand the test of time and give you a mileage good enough to appreciate it as an investment. It also requires minimal maintenance making it a worthy option.

Cobblestone also stands out as a unique timeless option, which if utilized proves to be a great household alternative. It is pleasing to the eye, unique in nature and can be played around with to have a smooth, rough, or even polished look. For the heavy duty industries there is also the tar and chip driveways which are well known for being easy on the pocket, durable if done right and great alternatives for large premises’. It is however relevant to note that there is need for a skilled job done to avoid poor workmanship which usually becomes more evident during the rainy season resulting in recessive cracks and pothole formation in parts where there is a high volume of back and forth movement. The age old concrete driveway is also a marvelous contender for the easiest and “penny-wise” option for any building owner. Mostly suitable for homes or areas without regular movement of heavy duty vehicles, it does stand out as a complete, stress free package for any setting where there are alternating droves of people and light vehicles. Some say, these offer a vast array of options in colors and flexibility. Gravel and Crushed stone driveways are one of the easiest ways to make a driveway. With minimal skill required to place the stones it proves to be a quick, easy and cheap choice for any entity or individual. Some people have even highlighted their sentiments of this easy alternative as a natural security alarm system as the crackling sound has proved ideal when there is any movement on the surface. The only downside for this option is the gradual dispersion of the stones and subsequent clearing out. To avoid this from happening however, you can place small barricades on the edges of the driveway to contain the stones within the intended space. All in all, driveways help in adorning any space and play a pivotal role in certain circumstances like the rainy season. With an inexhaustible range of driveway concepts and products They are an aspect that really enhances the look and feel of any environment and prove to be the best complementary tool for any structure or establishment. PAGE 35





n most typical residential developments the living spaces face central communal areas or the road. This blurs the distinction between private and public spaces and results in a loss of privacy for the residents. In this design, we have sought to properly define the public and private spaces and make a clear separation between them. This cluster housing residential development consists of 21 units of semi-detached houses arranged around a central court forming the main public communal space and parking. The design comprises of 2 bedroom units, 3 bedroom Units and 4 bedroom Units. The living areas face the external perimeter where they have their own private garden. Internally, the living and dining area forms one main space with the open concept kitchen adjoining it. The master bedroom and bathroom faces the rear garden as well so as to maintain privacy.




WINTER SPECIALS ON ALL INSTALLATION LESS 10% for the months of May - September

14 Whites Way, Msasa, Harare. 14(042) Whites Way, Harare. 486 395,Msasa, (042) 446 336 (042) 486 395, (042) 446 336

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For your all your Security Solutions, call us for free assessment & quotation on CALL US: +263 8644 053 561/ +263 77 3 262 400/0772 854639/077 4 699 599 Email: Website:












Picket Fence

n Africa, we are big on brick walls, concrete wall panels and steel barricades as barriers between the outside world and our homes. In most situations these seem to be the best solution s most communities are very sensitive about protecting their belongings and managing their privacy. We do admit it can bring some form of solace and privacy. However, picket fences also come in handy in some scenarios. A common use apart from a house boundary is separating the rest of the home from a garden, which is usually situated in the backyard for most households. Dogs, cats, chickens, and some other pets all can be potential threats to a well-manicured rose garden, heavily invested in vegetable garden or diverse flower nursery. Picket fences help stop that. Today you will learn to make your own barricade and make boundaries where need be with ease and avoid breaking bank.


Things You Will Need • Tape measure • Posts (picket support structures) • 2-by-4-inch timber • Pickets or 1-inch lumber to make them • Table saw • Posthole digger (or anything you can use to make a hole for post in the ground) • Concrete or gravel • String • Circular saw, or normal saw • 3-inch screws (preferably weatherproof) • 1 1/2-inch weatherproof screws • Gate hinges • Gate latch

STEP 1 Mark the corners of the fence from one end to the other and measure out the perimeter with a tape measure to calculate the materials you may need. Buy sufficient posts to space them 8 feet apart and enough wood to make pickets with 2- to 4-inch spacing between them. If you don’t buy pre-made pickets, rip and shape them with a table saw (or use just a regular handsaw) STEP 2 Dig postholes for the corner posts, using a posthole digger. They should be deep enough to sink one-third of the post underground. For example, to make a 4-foot fence, buy 6-foot posts and dig holes 2 feet deep. STEP 3 Set the posts in concrete or gravel. If you backfill with gravel, add a 6-inch layer of concrete at the top. Build the concrete about 2 or 3 inches above ground level to help water drain away from the posts. Let the concrete set overnight. STEP 4 Stretch a string between each pair of corner posts and use it to mark the positions of the line posts, keeping an 8-foot separation between posts; the exception is the gate posts, which should be about 36 inches apart. Dig the holes for the line posts and set the posts in the same way you set the corner posts. Wait until the next day before proceeding. STEP 5 Measure the distance between each pair of posts with a tape measure and, using a saw, cut two rails to that length from 2-by-4-inch wood. STEP 6 Set the bottom rail between the posts so that both ends are the same distance from the ground and attach it by driving 3-inch weatherproof screws through both edges into the posts. Set the top rail so that its ends are equidistant from the bottom rail.

Using this method, the rails follow the contours of the ground and aren’t necessarily horizontal. STEP7 Align a picket with one of the posts so the edge is even with that of the post and screw it to the rails with 1 1/2-inch weatherproof screws. Set the next picket in place at the spacing of your choice, from 2 to 4 inches, with its peak the same distance from the upper edge of the top rail as the first. Plumb the picket with a level and screw it to the rails. STEP 8 Continue setting pickets until the section between the posts is complete. Cut the last picket as needed with a saw so that you can align its edge with the post. Install rails and pickets in all the sections in the same way. STEP 9 Cut two rails to the width of the gate opening, minus one-half inch, and set them parallel on a flat surface at the same spacing as the fence rails. Screw pickets to them to make a gate, then reinforce the gate by adding a brace that extends from the corner of the top rail to the diagonal corner of the bottom rail. Screw the pickets to the brace. STEP 10 Hang the gate by screwing gate hinges to the front and supporting the gate on blocks while you screw the hinges to the gate post. Install a latch on the other side of the gate. Tips • You can make a more lightweight fence by using 2-by-2 or even 1-by-4-inch wood for the rails. • Paint your picket fence a light color to protect the wood from ultraviolet radiation and make the fence last longer. If you don’t plan to paint the fence, make it from weather-resistant wood species like redwood or cedar. • 1 FOOT= 0.3084 METRES


Quality at Low Low Prices

$35.00 $33.00 $31.00 $10.00 $10.00

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$1.00 $1.30 $1.80

Home-Style Bricks PAGE 44




The French ‘le refuge’

orte-Cochere is a French term which symbolizes a coach gate or protruding car port from the entrance of a building dating back to the 18th and 19th century. This structure was often used for houses of some of the wealthy families in those days and spread throughout Europe as a common feature for some of the Chateau’s (Mansions) built during those times. They were seen as a symbol of wealth and status during the renaissance period. PAGE 46

Initially these structures would have carriages majestically wheel in to pick up or drop off individuals on its way to the courtyard with the intention of protecting the individuals in the carriage and showing off the grandeur of the carriages. They would usually be a considerable walking distance from the household. With time, they however became more common and evolved into a protrusion from a household used to protect individuals who would arrive at a residence from various weather elements like rain and provide an easy cover to the entry way for the guests upon arrival. Nowadays, Porte-cochere’s have transcended

into amazing features for not only households but Company Premises and luxury hotels. Often they are adorned with a water feature, flowers and occasionally some branding for those at business premises’. In some instances they have actually been integrated into small structures. Commonly known local places with port-cocheres

include the Meikles Hotel in the heart of Harare and Celebration Centre. It does go without a doubt that it has become more of a necessity and less of a form of showing your status positioning and with its wide adoption across the globe, it is bound to resurface in making waves on the architecture frontier. PAGE 47

Manufacturers of Manufacturers of

High High Quality Quality Reinforced Reinforced Bar Bar to to BS4449 Standards BS4449 Standards

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ith each day a new view of the sun rises from the east and sets in the west with its warm light beams resembling hopes of a brighter future. Spreading from the sunshine city to the other four corners of the house of stone, the daily hustle and bustle of trade commences with little notice placed on the immediate surroundings within the major trade routes. In a gusty air of negativity clogging our minds due to the ensuing economic pressures, we would like to offer a bit more clarity to the positives that have been placed at our feet (in a figurative and literal sense) in the past few months. In any economy, trade is the backbone of its prosperity, and it cannot be made possible without the movement of goods and people providing PAGE 50

services. In an environment with poor infrastructure, services take time to be delivered, costs of goods are increased due to use of alternative longer delivery routes, communication is prolonged due to inefficiencies, and growth is impeded due to inability to access essential growth stimulating areas. In particular trade routes in the form of road networks play a pivotal role in ensuring the thriving of any community. This has been noted and made a case in point as a key consideration for the rise of Zimbabwe from its economical knees to an upright more confidence oriented environment. Lately we have witnessed the dualisation of the Mutare road, refurbishment and enhancement of the Harare Drive, Harare-Gweru Road dualisation, Shamva- Bindura road and West road (a key route in Harare) among a plethora of other major highway and in-roads. It however does not stop there as the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure development has expressed its plans of intensifying its construction of roads in the Bulawayo-Victoria Falls route, Joshua Nkomo Express Highway and Harare-Nyamapanda route. Local organizations have been on the forefront of playing key roles in these various projects. The likes of Bitumen World have been largely present and noticeable in most projects with their hard to miss

branding and exceptional work from the Bindura Road and West Road rehabilitation projects to the rehabilitation of Harare Drive between Borrowdale and Drew Rd’s including the construction and landscaping of the Green Circle at Gaydon & Harare Rd. Bitumen World has also set a standard in terms of delivery, professionalism and ability to deliver their services in already operational routes without compromising traffic movement which serves

as a benchmark for the other organizations in the same program of revamping our roads. Their contribution and that of all the other participants has been monumental and a breath of fresh air for most motorists and organizations. The glaring potential our nation has is, by each day, being made more clear with each square kilometer of tar laid as we construct a path to a brighter future as a nation. PAGE 51



“ISO 41001:2018 specifies the requirements for a facility management (FM) system when an organization: a) needs to demonstrate effective and efficient delivery of FM that supports the objectives of the demand organization; b) aims to consistently meet the needs of interested parties and applicable requirements; c) aims to be sustainable in a globally-competitive environment.



ublished in April 2018 was an international standard meant to revolutionize any industry when it comes to management of their facilities. A product of the ISO/ TC 267 ISO/TC 267 Facility management team, this standard comes at a time where contracting companies for facility management are on the rise and even scammers who use online presence to swindle money from other organizations by giving a false impression of their asset base. To paint a picture of the extent to which an organization applying for certification will be assessed as qualifying, here is an extract below of the requirements

The requirements specified in ISO 41001:2018 are non-sector specific and intended to be applicable to all organizations, or parts thereof, whether public or private sector, and regardless of the type, size and nature of the organization or geographical location.� The global facility management marketplace for outsourced services alone is forecasted to be worth USD$1 trillion by 2025. In an ever increasingly complex business world, enhancement of the workplace and optimization of workspaces has become a priority. The infrastructure industry is no exception, with the rise in new construction techniques and principles, maintaining standards in building, fabricating, fitting, and even planning environments proves to be a necessity for a client to ensure the smooth operation of a production This standard gives the right impression to any organization looking for a prospective partnership if the other company is ISO certified with this standard. PAGE 55



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