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Volume 4 Issue 2

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TA B L E O F CONTENTS Volume 4 Issue 2 TABLE OF CONTENTS ................................................. 2 ANNOUNCEMENTS ................................................. 3 CUSTOM SOLUTIONS ................................................. 4 TECHNICAL CORNER ................................................. 6 TRADE SHOW REVIEW 7 .................................................

5 Intere est ted d in Scale Renta als? Go to the B-TEK site and click the Dealer Lounge Link. Once you have entered, click on the Rentals link for more information or feel free to contact Abe Schaffer about rentals direct at 330.458.3374 or email You can search for rentals by location or availability. If you do not have an account yet please follow the instructions to assist you in setting up your NEW account. Features of this site include online ordering, real-time inventory, order history and tracking info. There are over 200 knowledge base articles and manuals to reference. We want to help you find answers quickly.


C O V ER R STORY B-TEK now offers custom scales AND software for a truly custom solution. B-TEK’s new line of fully programmable DD Series Terminals gives developers total control of development within a widely supported and easy to learn framework called Microsoft. NET. Don’t have any programmers? Not a problem. B-TEK also has programmers in-house with years of experience of programming as well as field experience to develop a custom solution for your company. Contact Steve Myers at 330.324.9711 or to learn more about the line or schedule a fast start training session to begin programming today! B-TEK has also just finished the expansion of the manufacturing facility. The increased footage and equipment will allow us to produce an even higher quality scale with less wait. See for yourself why B-TEK is changing the game with their approach to fully customizable solutions.

DD 10 010 Availab ble in August t The DD 1010 was designed for 24/7 robust industrial applications with such features in mind: • 5.7” color touch screen display LED back-lit. • DD 1010 Terminal body is available in an ABS housing with a stainless steel front or an IP68 stainless steel body with a stainless steel front. • Available in either column, bench or wall mounted styles. • Built in Ethernet, USB, Serial & I/O ports allow the user to connect to other PC’s / Servers (RF or hard wired), control gates and lights, photo eyes, video camera, etc. • Variety of off-the-shelf applications from B-TEK, or custom programs, can be written in standard Microsoft C# (.NET Compact Framework).

Sc che edule le Your Persona aliize ed DD Serie es 1 on 1 Trainin ng Today Get up to speed quickly on how to program our DD Series of Terminals by our Certified Microsoft Solution Developers. Some of what you learn includes: • Working with the built-in framework • Debugging and connecting to the device • Database functionality • Writing your first DD Series application Contact Steve Myers at 330.324.9711 or for more information about the DD Series of Terminals.

Pro oduct Spotllig ght t WorldW Wo WEIG GH BW WS In ndiicat tor r Weight Indicator for Indoor Use

Main Features: • Durable, stainless steel structure. • Maximum external resolution of 30,000 divisions. • 7-key keypad and large high contrast white backlight LCD display.

Siight Rails s MSHA Type sight rail can be supplied with or field added to any style B-TEK truck scale. Sight rail design, height, double or single rails and paint colors can be modified to meet customer requirements.

• NTEP Approved: 12-091. • Swivel bracket for desk or wall mounting. • 6-digit, 7-segment LCD display, 2” digit height. • Power to drive up to four 350Ω load cells. • Check-weigh function and annunciator lights. • Bidirectional RS-232C serial data port. • Simple parameter setup and intuitive menu structure. • AC adapter and built-in rechargeable lead acid battery. Functions: • Weight readout • Set tare weight • Set totals • Weight check


CUSTOM STWE Put our expertise to work for your business • 1 on 1 training • Custom solution development • Microsoft Certified Programmers • MCSD.NET Certified • MCAD.NET Certified • Java Certified • Over 20 years of scale system development B-TEK’s line of DD Series Terminals combine computer programming power and flexibility together with a scale. The DD Series Terminals are based on the Microsoft.NET framework. This means that you will have increased programmability, availability and support of developers, and a comprehensive network of supporting documentation to increase your system’s capabilities.

SALT RESERVE In March 2013, two stand alone B-TEK DD 2050 unattended terminals were installed at a salt reserve. Due to the multi-directional traffic of the operation, the customer chose to go with two terminals to handle all inbound and outbound weight measurements. B-TEK’s Scale Soft Truck Management software was used to remotely display the live scale weight, give remote users the ability to add/delete truck and employee Id’s, and print customizable reports based on scale data collected by the DD 2050 terminal.


Key in employee ID via numeric key pad

FARMING This customer farms several different fields and wanted a way to know how much grain was produced by each farm. All of the farm and field data is entered into the DD 1050 before they pull onto the scale. This data can be downloaded to a flash drive by inserting one into the DD 1050’s external USB port and pressing the correct button on the terminal’s touch screen. This file then can be exported into an Excel spreadsheet allowing the customer to sort transactions by field, farm, grain type, inbound or outbound categories. An additional part of this project is to add a field for moisture content of the grain and calculate shrinkage.

information for a trailer that is to be filled. The operator simply enters the required Trailer ID and the Target Weight on the DD 1050 interface. With the assistance of I/O modules, the DD 1050 is able to capture a blow down weight, and also signal the PLC system when a truck is on the scale, when the truck is ready to fill, and when the fill is complete. At the end of the fill cycle, a scale ticket is printed.

Main fill screen

AUTOMOBILE COMPANY The automobile company project was for their test track. They wanted a large display that would show four scale weights and a sum. In addition they want to be able to change from Kg/Lb and zero all scales with a single button. The scale is used to check weight distribution on their vehicles. In addition to the DD 1050 we installed four B-TEK 36” X 36” floor scales that were a custom height so they could be installed in their existing scale pits.

Showing stored weighments.

INDUSTRIAL GASES CO. The purpose of the B-TEK DD 1050 Automatic Truck Filling System is to allow the operator to quickly enter the required

Showing 4 scale weights and the sum.

CUSTOM SCES B-TEK is proud to be known for its ability to manufacturer custom scales. From the non-standard sizes to retrofitted components, B-TEK’s commitment to quality and service will deliver a product that fits within our customers’ current configuration.

FLOOR SCALE This custom floor scale is designed to sit on a stand about five feet off the ground. On top of the scale is a bulk seed box. The box will unload into a hopper. The operator will set a box on top of the scale and make a note of the weight. Then, the operator will open the slide gate on the bottom of the box and use the elevator to run some of the product being weighed up into a machine.

GRAIN DUMP SCALE The truck scale is a dual platform Digital Centurion. One is a 24’ x 11’ platform and the other is a 36’ x 11’ platform, both with concrete decks. This design saves on space by not having to have a separate grain dump and scale site. The scale itself is less expensive than a regular full-size truck scale.

CUSTOR SOTIO With the ability to customize scales and software, B-TEK gives your business an advantage over the competition. From inception to installation, B-TEK has professionals to help you deliver solutions to your customers.

Custom Data Collection Box


LIVESTOCK SCALE A livestock scale with an overall size of 10’ x 10’ x 7’ with a 20,000 pound capacity was manufactured to weigh cattle. The scale was created with two hinged acesses doors for easy entry and exit. The size of the scale was important so that it could fit three or four cows on the scale to be weighed at the same time.

B-TEK fabricated a custom bench scale solution for a pet store’s warehouse. The 100lb. capacity scale with roller ball top is centered between 2 identical roller ball platforms that allow merchandise to be transferred from one roller conveyor belt, weighed and transferred to an adjacent belt. A second bench scale mounted on an individual table appears at the end of the line to allow completed boxes to be weighed.

DD Series of Terminals

Custom Grain Dump Scale


With Jason Paulus

Memory Reccovery Prrocedu ure for D410 0 Indiccator (Error Excep 4.11 in task MA.M)

Ever get this strange error message on D410! “Excep 4.11 in task MA.M” What do I do? Don’t panic this is normal and is an easy fix. The indicator is losing free memory. This could be caused by a number of things, from files not clearing, print errors, the indicator could have made a mistake and placed a file in the wrong location in its memory. Below is the Memory Recovery Procedure and can be used on the D410, D450 and even the D800. The buttons used differ depending on model, but the menus are near the same. The simple way to look at this procedure is to look at it as disk defragmenting your D410.

1. Press “MENU” softkey. It is to the left of the display, lowest key, it is dark blue with an arrow in it, looks like this The User Menu will now appear. 2. Use the number 4 key is highlighted. 3. Press the number 5

to scroll down in the User Menu until “7 Memory status: Free memory xx%” key to select it.

4. Message will be displayed “ Memory recovery Procedure? You will have a choice of NO being this key: (left side of display). Or YES being this key: (right side of display). Press to choose YES. 5. Display will return to the User Menu. Press

to return to the normal weighing screen.

This process should clear up more then 70% of the free memory. If not a RcD code Reset Procedure will need to be preformed.


Trade Show Review with

Ashley Moore The week of May 20-23 B-TEK exhibited at the WasteExpo in New Orleans, Louisiana. This is North America’s largest annual solid waste and recycling trade event. The Ernest N. Morial Convention Center was packed with over 550 exhibiting companies showcasing the latest equipment and technology in the solid waste and recycling industry. More than 12,000 industry professionals were there to network and connect with colleagues from around the world. Dozens of conference sessions and training workshops were available to keep everyone update on the most important issues facing the solid waste, recycling and organics industry.

Upcoming Trade Shows Farm m Sciience e Review w


The Molly Caren Agricultural Center is home to the Farm Science Review and attracts upwards of 140,000 visitors from all over the US and Canada. There are up to 4,000 product lines from 600 commercial exhibitors to visit, and learn the latest in agricultural production.

The Ohio Aggregates & Industrial Minerals Association (OAIMA) is the trade association in Ohio that represents all of the state’s mining operations, except coal. These include mostly construction materials both natural and man made.

ATTENDING WITH DEALER September 17-19, 2013 Molly Caren Agricultural Center London, OH

ATTENDING WITH DEALER November 2013 Columbus, OH



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