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COVER STORY Portable Truck Scales B-TEK Scales, LLC has enjoyed increased success over the past few years targeting many different industries with our Centurion and Hybrid Portables. Learn more about applications, specifications and available options for our portable scales on page 4.


NEW 4 x 4 Floor Scale Includes NTEP BWS Indicator

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B-TEK’s DD 1050 and 1050i are ideal for any application. The options are endless.

• Touch screen weighing

• User friendly interface

• Use with existing network

• Designed for the office or harsh weather conditions Call Your B-TEK Sales Rep or visit to learn more!


Call your B-TEK Sales Representative at 800.266.8900


B-TEK would like to introduce our new Northeast Regional Manager, Dave Owens. Dave comes to us with many years of sales experience specifically focused in the manufacturing sector. In his spare time, Dave has been a volunteer baseball, basketball and football coach and he has been a volunteer firefighter for 24 years. Dave enjoys walking, jogging, weight training and spending time with his wife and two kids. He can often be found cheering his boys on at their sporting events. We are excited to have Dave as part of our team!

B-T EK TERRITORY MAP B-TEK is constantly growing and making sure that we are better serving our customers at the same time. A few territories have been re-aligned in the past couple of years to help us better cover some higher growth areas. Please see the below map to determine your local B-TEK Representative. As always, feel free to call our Canton, OH Headquarters for anything you need

Brett Kaufman National Sales Mngr / OEM & National Account Mngr Cell: 330.495.9401 Office: 330.458.3393

Eric Wolfe Western Regional Manager Cell: 330.605.8277

Dave Owens Northeast Regional Manager Cell: 484.225.9607

Erik Hansen Midwest Regional Manager Cell: 563.468.1203

Steve Myers Southeast Regional Manager Cell: 330.324.9711

Tony McMenomy Mid-South Regional Manager Cell: 281.705.1992

This Could Be You Mid-East Regional Manager See page 7 for details.


PORTABLE TRUCK SCALES B-TEK first introduced a portable truck scale in the late 90’s. Since then, a lot has changed in our offering and the amount of portable applications that seem to surface each year. It wasn’t long ago when portable truck scales were only used at sites where there was emergency service needed or there was a catastrophic breakdown on an existing truck scale. Fast forward to 2015, we now see a variety of applications where portable scales are preferred over permanent scales. First, one of the largest markets for portable truck scales is a clean-up or reclamation site. An application where the scale, and purchasing company, isn’t going to be there very long. These sites usually do not have sufficient soil to consider a permanent foundation and the economics involved with pouring a foundation are typically prohibited. For applications like this, the design of our portable scale, specifically the bulkhead, makes it very easy to take existing soil or gravel and press it up to the bulkhead for a seamless transition (or ramp) off of the scale.

Another typical application for our portable truck scale is a site that wants to begin weighing tomorrow but needs to wait for the foundation work to finish before they can have a permanent scale. With the B-TEK Temporary Portability Kit we encompass a truck scale within a lighter duty frame and bulkheads, which provides the same durability of a truck scale in a normal foundation, but with the ease of removal to transition that same scale onto a permanent foundation. That frame can then be reused multiple times to accommodate future B-TEK scales of the same model.


Next, we see many companies that want options for the location of their scale. Maybe it’s a startup company that isn’t fully able to gauge the logistics of truck traffic or the site layout. Or a company that wants to get up and running before they want to make a permanent decision regarding a truck scale foundation. These applications typically call for our Full Portability Frame along with our steel ramps. We have developed a design at B-TEK which allows for a 72’ x 11’ truck scale, a full portability frame and (2) 20’ steel ramps to all fit on one flatbed trailer. Basically everything needed to start weighing on one truck.

As you can see, we have tremendous experience with portable scale installations at B-TEK. Our portable scales are also available in both analog and digital technology, in both our Hybrid and Centurion models. We also offer our Duratron model in a portability frame for those customers who prefer a double ended shear beam load cell. Our portable scales are also available with almost every option that our standard models offer: sight rails, kiosks, catwalks, and deck runners- just to name a few.

For more information on B-TEK’s line of Portable Truck Scales, please call your local B-TEK Representative or 800.266.8900 today!



With Jason Paulus


The D410 can be set to auto print once a stable weight is met. This requires setting a setpoint (this is the weight value that the unit needs to be over to activate auto print.) After a few seconds, Setup menu will be displayed, choose Personalizations. • From Personalization menu choose Outputs. • From Outputs menu choose Input/Output. • From Input/Output menu choose Output. • Select Output 01 • The next menu will have 2 choices: • Status at rest: this can be set for either Normally Open or Normally closed • Operation: By default, this is configured for Disabled. Select this menu, then Select Setpoint. This configuration will give you a contact that either turns on (closes) or turns off (opens) at a user-configured weight. After changes have been made, press ESC repeatedly to back up one step at a time through the menus/ Display will show “Save changes”, press YES, indicator will re-boot. • Setpoint weight value is configured from the User Menu. From the normal weight display, press (on left side of display). User menu will be displayed • Select Data Management • Select Setpoint • Select Setpoint 01 • Enter in weight value on keypad, then press Enter (EN key) • Press Escape multiple times to return to normal weight display. • Note: No voltage is present at the Setpoint terminals. Then set up an input to print After several seconds, display will read: “Setup Menu” with three choices: 1 Scale: Digital, 2 Personalizations, 3 Terminal Test. • Enter the setup menu and select personalizations • Scroll to choice #2 “Outputs” with the down arrow key (#4 key). • Press “Select” (#5 key). • Display will now read: “Outputs” with three choices. • Scroll to choice #2 “Input/Output” with the down arrow key (#4 key).


• Press “Select” (#5 key). • Display will now read “Input/Output” with choices: “1 Input” and “2 Output”. • Press “Select” (#5 key) to choose “1 Input” • Display will now read: “Input” with choices: “1 Input 01” and “2 Input 02”. • Select Input 01: Disab.-Norm. open / Operation: print weight • ESC out saving changes Wiring Connect Output 1(pin4) and common (Pin3) of JI/O terminal block on rear of indicator. Polarity does not matter. Connect output 1 pin5 to pin 1(input1) of the JI/O terminal block is nearest the load cell connector (all the way to the right). See page 1-27 of Use and Maintenance Manual. Connect printer as normal. Adjustments If unit is printing to fast before weight becomes stable adjust your stability setting. The D410 will not print before the setpoint value is met. And will not print again till that weight values drops below that setpoint value.

End of Quarter 3 Brett Kaufman Through three quarters in 2015 we are showing positive growth YTD over 2014. We have been fortunate to see this growth throughout our entire product line, including both light and heavy capacity. The prospects for the U.S. economy look relatively positive but we still remain cautious with current commodity levels settling where they are and also entering an election year in 2016. We expect a strong Q4 based on budgets being liquidated before January 1 and we hope the same for all of you. As always, we appreciate your support and would like to hear any feedback as to how we can improve and make your business run better each day. Thank you again and let’s work together to finish the year strong!

Brett Kaufman National Sales Manager

B-T EK IS HIRING! Mid-East Regional Sales Manager B-TEK Scales, LLC is looking for a Regional Sales Manager for our Mid-East Territory. We are looking for a self-motivated person who will go above and beyond for the customer. The responsibilities for this position include servicing existing accounts, managing sales revenue and prospecting for future business.

Skills/Qualifications • Customer Service

• Territory Management

• Self-Confidence

• Client Relationships

• Meeting Sales Goals

• Prospecting Skills

• Product Knowledge

• Motivation for Sales

• Closing Skills

• Negotiation

• Presentation Skills

To apply contact Brett Kaufman at or call 800.266.8900.

Upcoming Trade Shows OAIMA Annual Meeting


The Ohio Aggregates & Industrial Minerals Association (OAIMA) is the trade association in Ohio that represents all of the state’s mining operations, except coal. These include mostly construction materials both natural and manmade.

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ATTENDING WITH DISTRIBUTOR November 12-13, 2015 Columbus, OH

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B-TEK Scales, LLC Indicator Quarter 3 2015  

Learn more about our Portable Truck Scales!

B-TEK Scales, LLC Indicator Quarter 3 2015  

Learn more about our Portable Truck Scales!