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Letter from the CEO

Dear Readers, In light of Egypt’s recent political development and anticipated economic stability, BTC strongly believes in an incredibly bright future for our beloved country. For this reason, it is with great pleasure we offer you our magazine’s latest issue, showing our most recent expansion initiatives. This year, BTC has exerted exceptionally significant new investments in the Egyptian watch industry. Not only did we open multiple new concept boutiques in Egypt’s hottest shopping destinations, but also launched very highly reputable brands to the Egyptian market for the first time. Nonetheless, BTC promises to continue to meet your highest expectations in pursuit to maximize our customer satisfaction to its fullest potential. With our current brand portfolio, we proudly offer you a greatly diverse and unique set of the latest watches and jewelry. Our products range from the high-end premium brands to the everyday life fashionable and trendy brands. As market leader, it is BTC’s responsibility to meet every customer taste and need, and so it will continue to do. In this new issue of BTC News, we bring you the latest in the world of watches and jewelry. You will also have the chance to review our latest brand collections, reviews and all upcoming news. With this, we are delighted to welcome you to the world of BTC.

Ayman Nassif 3

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BTC Happenings

“When Elegance meets History” Rado at the Baron Palace On the 5th of December “The Swiss Egyptian Business Association anniversary” was celebrated with a big event at The Baron Palace. Rado’s booth at the entrance was placed perfectly for everyone to have a look on the latest collection. At the background of the booth was the fascinating Baron Palace; people were impressed by Rado watches and the ambiance of the event. The guests were from la crème of the society; including the main speakers and guests of honors; the Swiss Ambassador Mr. Markus Leitner, The Minister of Health Dr. Adel Adawy and the Minister of Social Solidarity Dr. Ghada Waly. Guests were entertained by the great Les Petites Chats band and El Leila El Kebira (The Grand Night) the famous Egyptian Musical in a night to remember.

Guest at Rado Booth

Rado Booth

Mr. Magdy Yacoub BTC Chairman, Mr. Ayman Nassif and Sara Sarwat



The Swiss Ambassador with Mr. Ayman Nassif and Sara Sarwat

From the right Mrs. Manar Nasr Executive director of SEBA, the Swiss Ambassador and Mrs. Madiha the commercial aTache

Mrs. Manar Abd El Aziz , Mr. Amr Helmy & Kenzy Helmy

Actor Ezzat Abo Auf & Guests


BTC Happenings

BTC Introduced Tissot in a glorious fundraising event of “Tahya Masr” BTC presented Tissot’s wide array of watches in a glorious fundraising event for “Tahya Masr” foundation. BTC had a chance to display Tissot’s latest collection in an impressive booth which was met with a huge line up of top notch society members. The exposure was accommodated with branding across the ballroom which hosted nearly a thousand of elite attendees. The list of the niche invitees incorporated the former first lady, Mrs. Gihan El Sadat, Miss Egypt 2014, and a great congregation of Egyptian superstars and public figures in fabulous presence.

Sherry Shalaby & Layla Shokry

Mrs. Gihan El Sadat & Miss Egypt 2014

Fashion Show

Dina Hamed & Miriam George



Guests at TISSOT Booth

Actress Nelly, Mrs Nagwa Mawaheb & Sara Sarwat

Miss Egypt 2014 & Guests


BTC Happenings

hamilton Rocked the cinemas once again in Egypt with fully booked theatres displaying

“Interstellar movie”

The event received enormous number of BTC clients and VIPs exceeding 600 persons. Guests were impressed with Hamilton’s endorsement which was smartly aligned with the movie’s story board. Everyone engaged and focused on Hamilton along with the event’s setting.




BTC Happenings

BTC REOpened ITs latest concept store “swatch” in citystars

Link will open the First Branded Jewelry boutique

BTC proudly reopened its latest concept store “Swatch” at the prominent shopping mall “Citystars.” The store presents the latest collections of Swatch watches in an array of styles and colors. The display of the spacious store allows visitors and shoppers a unique shopping experince when hunting for their favourite watch piece.

Lusso is the first branded Jewelry boutique in Egypt. Derived from its Italian name, “Luxury”, LUSSO is every lady’s little heaven for jewelry from all the world’s favorite brands including Calvin Klein, Gucci, Emporio Armani, Tommy Hilfiger, Michael Kors, DKNY and much more… Open in Egypt’s prominent shopping mall “Citystars”, LUSSO Boutique offers bedazzling jewelry and accessory pieces in the latest fashion from all over the world. Don’t miss it! Soon in Citystars




Jaeger-LeCoultre Duomètre Unique Travel Time An original world-time display system Celebrated Its Fourth Year As Major Partner Of The Abu Dhabi Film Festival Following the successful collaboration with the Shanghai and Venice Film Festivals. Jaeger-LeCoultre further supports the creative ingenuity of filmmakers with its four-year partnership with the 8th Abu Dhabi Film Festival. From October 23rd to November 1st 2014, Jaeger-LeCoultre was actively involved in all the highlights of the Abu Dhabi Film Festival, one of the largest and most influential international film festivals in the Middle East. To celebrate this four-year partnership, Jaeger-LeCoultre was honored to welcome Carmen Chaplin, Friend of the Brand, as guest of honour during the Abu Dhabi Film Festival. Belonging to a long lineage of artists, Carmen Chaplin, Charlie Chaplin’s granddaughter, followed her grandfather’s path and also became an actress, director and writer.

Sencha De Groot, Friend of the Brand Wonho Chung, Lea Sfeir and guest

The Abu Dhabi Film Festival was also an occasion for JaegerLeCoultre to showcase the Hybris Artistica collection. To stay in a range of refinement, Jaeger-LeCoultre also presented the eleventh piece of the Hybris Mechanica collection, the Master Ultra Minute Repeater Flying Tourbillon, and the Rendez-Vous Ivy Minute Repeater, the first minute repeater to make it entry in a feminine collection. Adorned with a sunburst guilloché ivy motif, this timepiece cultivates the power of the imagination and a legendary aura in order to give time its rightful place. Warmer, richer, sweeter, inherently feminine – the melody played by the Rendez-Vous Ivy Minute Repeater stirs the heartstrings and the ear in unison. The iconic Reverso was also part of the celebration, as JaegerLeCoultre, loyal supporter of the Arab community.

Jaeger-LeCoultre International Friend of the Brand, Carmen Chaplin and Brand Director Marc de Panafieu and the Jaeger-LeCoultre cocktail reception ahead of the opening ceremony of ADFF



UAE Director of Frpm A to B on the red carpet at Abu Dhabi Film Festival

The Grande Maison in the Vallée de Joux undeniably owes its incredible destiny to the inventive spirit of its founder, Antoine LeCoultre. Since 1833, every watch bearing the Jaeger-LeCoultre signature is crafted with the same passion, guided by a constant quest for technical enhancement. Each masterpiece, heir to over 180 years of expertise, benefits from state-of-the-art research. A fresh interpretation of the revolutionary Dual-Wing movement, the Duomètre Unique Travel Time watch in pink gold reflects the technical breakthroughs achieved by the Manufacture in the field of worldtime watches and offers original solutions for travellers with a love of Fine Watchmaking. The Duomètre Unique Travel Time is the first world-time watch enabling to-theminute adjustment of the second time zone. This enables travellers to accurately set the second time zone on all continents and countries regardless of the time difference. In keeping with the technical and aesthetic spirit of the creations by the Duomètre line signed Jaeger-LeCoultre, the Duomètre Unique Travel Time watch reveals the various facets of horological excellence by the Manufacture in the Vallée de Joux. It asserts itself as an absolute reference in terms of mechanical watchmaking and of the intrinsic elegance with which all creations from the Grande Maison have been imbued since 1833. Past, present and future converge in perfect harmony in this exceptional creation.

For this movement, the Dual-Wing system is divided into two distinct mechanisms: the first is devoted to displaying the local time, and the second to showing that in a second time zone. The two mechanisms share the same regulating organ but each has its own independent source of energy, thereby avoiding the losses due to interaction between the mechanisms. The operation of the dual time-zone display does not in any way influence the running of the watch, a fact that considerably enhances the precision of the watch. Each mechanism has a 50-hour power reserve and, governed by a wish to achieve ideal userfriendliness, the same crown serves to wound both barrels. The timekeeping barrel is wound by a counter-clockwise rotation, and the travel-time barrel by a clockwise rotation. Given the complexity of the functions, the finely grained dial provides impeccable clarity. Two magnificent symmetrically arranged subdials lend a perfectly balanced touch to this horological creation: the first subdial at 2 o’clock sets the stage for the hour and minute hand; while the second at 10 o’clock hosts the jumping hour and minutes of the travel time. The globe at 6 o’clock displays a world map surrounded by the time-zone indications and the day/night ring. The globe is synchronised with the travel time. The single crown is used to adjust the local time in position 2 and the travel time in position 1, and, as well as to wind the mainsprings when in position 0. Once both time zones are synchronised, the traveller can simply use the push-pieces at 8 and 10 o’clock to adjust the jumping hours in the left subdial according to the destination.

Caroline Coussa and Sara Sarwat


Imperial Blue Radiating light, as if suspended in time by a flying tourbillon, this Grande Sonnerie Westminster Carillon bears witness to the ultimate mastery of the watchmaker’s art.

While Grande Sonnerie wristwatches today are the exclusive domain of some half-dozen prestigious manufactures, the invention of this function dates back, paradoxically, to the origins of watchmaking. In around 1300, a century before most dials and hands made their appearance, the first monumental clocks were designed to «sound» the time, so they could be heard from a distance or at night. Over time, the bells on these mechanisms were made increasingly smaller, until they fitted into table-top clocks, then pocket watches.

Energy management was undoubtedly the most difficult aspect of crafting this masterpiece. The sounding of the passing hours, as well as the hours, quarter-hours and minutes on demand, is powered by the same barrel. This barrel is wound either partially by activating the repeater slide on the case middle at 9 o’clock or fully by rotating the crown counterclockwise. When rotated clockwise, the crown winds a second barrel that is dedicated to the movement, with a 50-hour power reserve. Furthermore, an ingenious system controls the level of energy available, thereby always guaranteeing a fully operating Sonnerie. 18


Ulysse Nardin, Six-Time Principal Sponsor of the Monaco Yacht Show, Introduces the Marine Diver – Monaco Limited Edition. In the 19th century, to protect its marine chronometers from the corrosive effect of the salty sea air and to overcome the technical challenges of a floor in constant motion, Ulysse Nardin decided to invest in time. The treasures of audacity and ingenuity it deployed have endured over the centuries. Today, Ulysse Nardin Manufacture not only pays homage to this spirit of innovation and independence that prevailed over its creation, but celebrates it with pride, perpetuating the legend. The official sponsor of the Monaco Yacht Show for six consecutive years, Ulysse Nardin further emphasizes its passion for the marine world with the Marine Diver – Monaco Limited Edition. Everything about this timepiece evokes the marine world in which the Le Locle watchmaker is steeped, starting with Ulysse Nardin’s anchor emblem, proudly displayed at 2 o’clock. The dial, in blue is decorated with a sailing boat-like motif. A wave pattern can be seen on the bezel. The solid case-back reveals an engraving of a boat surrounded by the inscriptions: “Conquer the ocean” and “Monaco”. This embellishes a new case designed for extreme conditions, extended by the lugs with their taut, sleek lines. In terms of performance, the Marine Diver – Monaco Limited Edition requires an exceptional water resistance to 300 meters, made possible thanks to the screw-locked crown and case-back.

The world of fine watchmaking is like a complex maze full of centers of ingenuity, traditional workshops and daring laboratories, interconnected by the long corridors of history. A world populated by passionate, groundbreaking and erudite individuals, both traditional craftspeople and guardians of the vitality of this ancestral art. Within this world, there lies a unique place, the heart of horological excellence, known only by the chosen few. This place is so enchanting that it seems as if natural laws have been suspended, know-how has made way for learning, and apprenticeship has become the handingdown of secrets. Here, in this annex to eternity, the Imperial Blue was born. Showcasing a transparent mainplate on which floats a flying tourbillon, adorned with a blue-tinged sapphire bridge that leaves no room for doubt as to its noble origins, this luminous yet mysterious watch holds within it a Sonnerie Westminster Carillon. The quintessential watch complication, it rings out on four notes for every passing hour and also sounds the hours, quarter hours and minutes on demand. It is an object of immense rarity.

Ulysse Nardin occupies an illustrious place in the history of Sonnerie watches. In 1893, at the Chicago World’s Fair, it was the only watchmaker to win a gold medal for its minute-repeater chronograph. A century later, Ulysse Nardin was also one of the first to revive the tradition of Jaquemart watches, with the San Marco in 1989, followed by the Genghis Khan. Now, once again, the watchmaker has retained its place in the pantheon of fine watchmaking with its Imperial Blue. Not content with the huge number of technical challenges overcome by the miniaturization of this Sonnerie mechanism, which combines a minute-repeater with the sounding of the passing hours, the Ulysse Nardin Manufacture has added a date indicator at 12 o’clock, which can be quickly adjusted using a pusher at 2 o’clock.

Marine Diver - Monaco Limited Edition

Powered by the self-winding caliber UN-26 and with a power reserve of 42 hours, the Marine Diver - Monaco Limited Edition displays, in addition to its time functions, the date in an aperture at 6 o’clock and the power reserve in a counter at 12 o’clock. Limited to 100 pieces, engraved and numerated, available with a rubber strap in blue and red, it is both a highly reliable diving instrument and a fine sports watch that can be worn on every occasion.

Thus, every hour, a delightful sparkling melody “Sol” rises from the watch case. However, if desired, an on-off pusher at 11 o’clock on the back of the case ensures that the mechanical masterpiece stays silent. Perhaps this allows more attention to be paid to the minute-repeater, which on the Imperial Blue features a captivating Westminster chime played on four notes. Once activated and released, the repeater slide instantly sets the hammers dancing and the gongs singing. It is an enchanting symphony, punctuated by the flying tourbillon at 6 o’clock, as if suspended in time, levitating on its sapphire plate. The delicate openwork hour and minute hands are adjusted using the crown, which also features a safety system that stops the sounding of the passing hours while the time is being corrected. In the colors of white-gold and blue-tinged sapphire, bathed in light, the Imperial Blue is a watch for the connoisseur. Just 20 numbered pieces will be produced, each bearing witness to the ultimate mastery of the watchmaker’s art.

Glitz and glamour at the 14th Fraser Yachts Captains’ Dinner and Awards This year the 14th Fraser Yachts Captains’ Dinner took place at the brand new Monaco Yacht Club and welcomed well over 300 guests. Ulysse Nardin, Six-Time Principal Sponsor of the Monaco Yacht Show, took part to the event. The 2014 winning Captain was named as Grahame Shorrocks, from motor yacht Imagine, one of the most stunning vessels in the Fraser Yachts charter fleet. Grahame was welcomed on stage to a round of rapturous applause to collect his prizes. Susanne Hurni from Ulysse Nardin awarded the main prize of a Marine Chronometer Manufacture. After the Awards the buffet was opened and guests enjoyed culinary delights from all around the world while admiring the beautiful views from the terraces of the new Yacht Club. Then the music went up, the lights went down and guests piled onto the dance floor. 19

Récital 15

Supports Artists for Peace and Justice in Hollywood The Swiss watchmaker BOVET 1822 once again supported Artists for Peace and Justice (APJ) by sponsoring the Hollywood Domino pre-Oscar event at the historic Sunset Tower Hotel. Owner of Bovet, Mr. Pascal Raffy, was joined that evening by APJ founder and Academy Award winning director, Paul Haggis and stars supporting the cause including Jon Hamm, Kevin Jonas, Maria Bello, Vanessa Hudgens, Kate Beckinsale, Adrian Brody, Jimmy Jean-Louis, Rumer Willis and Omar Epps.

Collection Dimier Jumping Hour, Retrograde Minute and Seconds Carriage Calibre Virtuoso II Spécialité Horlogère Dimier 1738 Virtuoso II, the new movement manufactured by DIMIER 1738, presented jointly this year with the Récital 12, here underlines its versatility by revealing the first f many personas in conjunction with the Récital 15. While unusual and original, the display mode of this timepiece is familiar to collectors of watchmaking since it is the same as that which has underpinned the success of the Tourbillon Amadeo® Virtuoso since its launch in January 2013. In keeping with the collection’s identity, indications are displayed on the horizontal axis of the timepiece. As we lift our sleeve, the dial reveals hours, minutes and seconds in chronological order. First, the jumping hour, in a separate aperture at 3 o’clock. Also off-centered at 3 o’clock, the retrograde minute which sweeps the left segment of the dial. While making the designers’ task more complex, its long, angular course allows its dial to be clearly graduated despite the reduced size of the latter. For a precise, instantaneous jump, two star-wheels in series regulate the fineness and rapidity of the action. Visible in the centre of the hour and minute circle, they also contribute to perfect synchronization of the jump of the hour disc with the retrograde minute hand. It is precisely this difficulty that makes the simultaneous display of a jumping hour and a retrograde minute so rare in the world of horology.

Pascal Raffy, Kate Beckinsale, Paul Haggis & Kevin Jonas

Having helped raise over $1.7 million in 2013 Bovet hopes to aid in raising even more vital funds this year to continue to support the Academy for Peace and Justice in Haiti, which was created for children affected by the earthquake of 2010. This was the 3rd year in a row Bovet has been the main sponsor of this event and it marked the first part of Bovet’s standing commitment announced this past December for a minimum of 5 years for $5 million of continued support for the charity.

David Belle, Kevin Jonas, Jon Hamm, Pascal Raffy & Paul Haggis

BOVET craftsmen employed all their expertise and experience to accurately convey the intent of the Italian designers and create a dial of spellbinding technical complexity. The finished article, comprising 35 components on five levels, meets all design criteria to the letter (design, volumes, legibility and sportiness). After a night full of passion from all of those who came to support APJ’s mission toward education there was a total of over half a million dollars raised for a truly sweet ending to a beautiful night.

In efforts to further support APJ and with Mr. Raffy’s commitment to providing full and focused support to the cause chosen by BOVET, a handcrafted unique timepiece was offered as the grand prize for the Hollywood Domino Tournament that was held at the culmination of the evening’s event. As additional grace the winner was offered the choice between two timepieces; first was a ladies timepiece, the Miss Audrey which was only released this January 2014 and is the first in the US and the second a Cambiano chronograph designed with Pininfarina which ultimately was given to the winner. The BOVET CAMBIANO self-winding Chronograph which is a 45mm stainless steel timepiece part of the collection designed with the Italian car design House Pininfarina. The superbly proportioned AMADEO® convertible case allows the timepiece to be used as a wristwatch, miniature clock, pocket watch or sports counter. The steel case-band and case-back have a circular satin finish, while the bezel, support, bow and crown are in ball-milled steel with black DLC coating.

Lastly, at 9 o’clock, a small-seconds hand runs continuously across the 360° of its graduated ring. A ring, since its openwork centre reveals the same intriguing coaxial mechanical ballet as that described by the gear-trains of the Récital 12, so intriguing that one is tempted to turn the timepiece over to see more. On the back of the timepiece, the sapphire case-back confirms that this is indeed the in-house specialties caliber, since it presents the characteristic features of the Récital 12 movement, albeit cased-up here the other way round. The view of the barrel, the

visible sprung-balance and the five-day chronometric powerreserve indicator confirm the ability of this caliber to adapt to the inspiration of Pascal Raffy and his teams. The sheer density of technical virtuosity and tradition contained in the Récital 15 within such a small volume is astonishing. However, the triple seconds-hand, present on the rear of the timepiece, reveals to us its most cherished secret. The object of an international patent, this seconds-hand runs on the reverse of the movement on the same axis as the secondshand of the other face. A remarkable feature would not exist if the direction of rotation of the hands was not also reversed. Named “seconds cage” because its kinematics looks like those of a tourbillon, this coaxial reverse seconds-hand reveals once again the ingenuity of its designers and the extent of the expertise of watchmakers at the Manufacture DIMIER 1738. The time and care devoted to every detail of the design, from the manufacture to the decoration of the “seconds cage” allowed watchmakers to achieve a level of efficiency on par with that of a traditional gear-train. All 2014 collections give pride of place to the artisans of the Manufacture de Haute Hologerie Artisanale, DIMIER 1738. Here, dial-makers demonstrate a passion for perfection which is rarely encountered. Two slender white or black lacquered rings share the indication of hours, minutes and seconds.

Pascal Raffy & Jon Hamm














PIAGET CONTINUES ITS SUPPORT OF THE AMERICAN BALLET THEATRE Meta Golding Shines In Piaget At «The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1» Premiere Rising star, Meta Golding, dazzled fans and photographers at the Los Angeles premiere of «The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1,» as she stepped onto the red carpet in a dramatic red dress accented with Piaget diamonds. Ms. Golding chose a pair of Piaget Couture Précieuse earrings crafted in white gold, onyx and set with 137 brilliant-cut diamonds along with a Piaget Rose cutout ring in white gold set with 154 brilliant-cut diamonds. A fan of the brand, Ms. Golding recently celebrated the opening of Piaget’s new Rodeo Drive boutique where she also perfected her look in Piaget Rose jewelry. Piaget has a longstanding commitment to supporting cinema and the arts. On Saturday, February 21st, Piaget will continue its lead sponsorship of the Film Independent Spirit Awards for the eighth consecutive year.

Olivia Munn, Sutton Stracke and Misty Copeland wear Piaget on the red carpet Piaget continued its partnership with the American Ballet Theatre(ABT) through its support of the esteemed dance company’s annual Fall Gala at the David H. Koch Theatre at Lincoln Center. The event, titled Scarlett, White & Blue,attracted New York’s best and brightest including upand-coming starlet, Olivia Munn, who dazzled in a black feathered ballerina-inspired dress paired with Piaget Rose earrings and matching ring. Sutton Stracke, co-chair of the event, opted for Piaget’s Limelight Garden Party “bird cage” inspiration necklace while ABT ballerina and first African American soloist, Misty Copeland, chose Piaget’s Limelight Couture Précieuse high jewelry cuff watch and dangling Piaget Rose earrings. Other noteworthy attendees includedAlec and Hilaria Baldwin, Chris Noth, Deborah Ann Woll, Gina Torres, Taye Diggs, Lauren Hutton, Jean Shafiroff, Caryn Zucker and DJ and model Hannah Bronfman. Guests joined Larry Boland, president of Piaget North America, for a preview of the upcoming season’s ballet, followed by an elegant Scarlett-themed dinner in tribute to choreographer Liam Scarlett. Afterwards, guests enjoyed Piaget signature macarons and candy gems with entertainment by Ms. Bronfman. Earlier this fall, Piaget and ABT celebrated the Theatre’s 75th Anniversary with the annual ABT “Stars Under the Stars” event in Los Angeles as well as the new ‘Extremely Piaget’ collection at the New York and Rodeo Drive flagships.

Piaget Rose ring in 18K white gold set with one brilliant-cut diamond (approx. 0.1 ct) and 153 brilliant-cut diamonds (approx. 1.02 cts).

Piaget Rose earrings in 18K white gold set with 178 brilliant-cut diamonds (approx. 2.8ct)

Piaget Couture Précieuseearrings in 18K white gold set with 137 brilliant-cut diamonds (approx. 3.78 cts) and onyx. 24


Piaget Rose earrings in 18K white gold and 206 diamonds (approx. 2.87 cts) 25

Cat’s Eye Day & Night

Traveller Large Date, Moon Phases & GMT The Traveller Large Date, Moon Phases & GMT model has been conceived by Swiss watchmaker GirardPerregaux as the latest in a long line of watch creations specifically designed by the brand over the years with the international traveling public in mind. This high-performing timepiece is constructed especially to accompany the planet’s globe-trotting citizens on the road to adventure. With its evocative name, its contemporary-sized 44 mm case available in steel, in pink gold or in a limited edition dedicated to John Harrison to mark the 300th anniversary of the Longitude Act, its role as an invitation to travel is clearly displayed for all to see.

Long-distance travel Conceived to meet the needs of long-distance travelers, the Traveller Large Date, Moon Phases & GMT watch aspires to be accepted into the lives of those who have chosen it, just like any other much-loved possession performing an essential function, which explains why this new timepiece in the Traveller Collection is made to both to sit easily on the wrist and to catch the eye of watch connoisseurs in the kind of location where this model is most likely to be worn. An obvious choice for airport lounges, very much at home in the lobbies of grand international hotels and an invaluable companion for journeys across the planet, this watch is destined to be synchronized to local time wherever it is, since it is a timepiece that is perfectly attuned to its era. Urban by vocation and totally at ease in its home environment, all it needs is a simple invitation to go on a trip or attend a meeting – little matter if it’s in a neighboring country or on the other side of the world – and all its huge potential and ability to adapt soon make themselves felt.

The Girard-Perregaux Manufacture presents this seductive new version of its iconic Cat›s Eye collection, widely acclaimed for its magnificent aesthetic and mechanical features. At the heart of this watch with its dazzling mother-of-pearl dial decorated with delicate guilloché work, a Girard-Perregaux Manufacture movement poetically marks out each hour of day and night as a precious moment.

The beauty of this «Day & Night» model stylishly combines the curves of the Cat›s Eye case with beautifully keeping a steady rhythm for the constant ballet of the hours around the dial. Its emblematic oval case – the signature feature of the collection – is crafted out of pink gold, while its bezel sparkles with 62 brilliantcut diamonds. Its lugs, curved delicately inwards, harmoniously extend the proportions of the case, providing the wrist with a perfect fit to ensure maximum comfort for the wearer. Its crown, carefully chiseled into the form of a flower, emphasizes even further this model›s ultra-feminine elegance. Its guilloché mother-of-pearl dial is an open invitation to dream. Like the sun, its rays shine outward from the day and night indicator. So as to intensify the brilliance of the dial, the hours are indicated by teardrop-shaped hour markers set with diamonds. Time is measured out by delicate leaf-shaped hands for the hours and minutes, and by a baton-type hand for the seconds. 28


Their path is protected by a slightly domed sapphire crystal. To follow the constant dance of the hours through day and night, the Manufacture employs an intricately-crafted disc in 22-carat pink gold. The product of extraordinarily skilled craftsmanship, this disc features two alternating polished and satin-finished sections, giving extra volume and realism to the sun and the moon surrounded by stars. The mechanical, self-winding movement GP03300-0090, exclusive to this collection, is made up of 218 different components. its remarkable finishes and its gold oscillating weight, engraved with repeated images of the GP logo, may be admired through its sapphire crystal case-back. The Cat›s Eye Day & Night watch is available with a black or gray alligator leather strap with pink gold folding clasp, or with a pink gold bracelet.

The art of detail So as to ensure that the Traveller Large Date, Moon Phases & GMT offers the wearer maximum comfort, every last detail has been attended to, from the curve of its case band to the perfect alignment of its screwed-down crown. Thanks to its ideal dimensions, generous 44 mm diameter and a slim bezel combined with a deep flange, the case offers exceptional legibility. The date is handsomely displayed on the dial in an impressive aperture located at 12 o’clock. The information relating to the second time-zone are indicated in the counter situated between 4 and 5 o’clock, while the details concerning the moon phases are observed through the aperture opened into the permanent seconds counter. Since every detail counts in a model such as this, the precise pattern outlined on the dial, inspired by the Earth’s interlocking meridians and parallels, gives the model an outstanding feeling of volume. In addition to acting as a subliminal invitation to travel, these lines, merging into the dial’s narrow indexes, help to draw the eye to the aperture in which the moon appears. The precision of its displays and its ultra-detailed graphic treatment combine to make this watch truly unique. Its stylish design gives this understated and atypical watch an air of unmistakable strength, while seducing even the most rational among us through the poetic attraction of our planet’s natural satellite, the Moon. 29


First Mall Four Seasons Hotel: 0607 74 37 02

Corum And Rebecca’s Time Admiral’s Cup AC-One 45 Squelette Mechanical Exploration With its new Admiral’s Cup AC-One 45 Squelette, Corum offers a full immersion into the heart of its intricate horological workings. The airy architecture of a finely open worked mechanism, together with the transparency of remarkably modern date disk and the lightness of the titanium clothing the case with its iconic lines, all contribute to earning this new model a place of its own within the world of Fine Watchmaking. Right from its launch in 1960, the Admiral’s Cup asserted itself as a frontrunner in the field of design with its powerful style emphatically defined by a twelve-sided bezel unlike any other. It was the kind of model destined to find its way through the decades with the tranquil assurance of those that have their finger firmly on the pulse of time and are able to anticipate trends. Ever since, it has consistently surprised observers by its ability to show up in consistently avantgarde compositions. The new Admiral’s Cup AC-One 45 Squelette is no exception. At the heart of its grade 5 titanium case beats a high-precision (28,800 vph) mechanism: automatic Caliber CO 9000. For the first time, this movement with its 42-hour power reserve appears in an entirely open worked architecture that draws all eyes to explore the heart of its intricate gear trains with their resolutely contemporary finish. Its power of attraction is further heightened by the absence of a dial, while a highly original transparent date disk bearing fully visible numerals lends an even more modern touch to the overall effect. While their base is applied on an anthracite-colored dial, the Superluminova-enhanced hour-markers are extended to the point where they appear to be levitating around the rim of the date disk. This play on contrasts and depth effects is accentuated by the galvanic-treated inner bezel ring, duly framed by the Admiral’s Cup iconic nautical pennants. The generously sized 45 mm grade 5 titanium case with its layered construction is topped by its famous twelve-sided bezel, while black PVD inlays are strategically placed between the various elements to create an even more powerful effect. While the titanium features alternating polished surfaces and satin-brushed side plates, the sapphire crystal bears the metalized Corum logo. The equally transparent caseback offers its own perspective on the CO 9000 movement, and particularly on the finely open worked, Corum-personalized oscillating weight. Alongside its remarkable style, the case also boasts impressive water resistance to 300 meters. An extremely elegant black crocodile strap fitted with a grade 5 titanium folding clasp sets the perfect finishing touch to this new Admiral’s Cup AC-One 45 Squelette. 32


Courm and Rebecca de Alba joined their creativity to design a limited edition of 30 pieces of the Admiral’s Cup Legend 38 in order to support the work of the Rebecca de Alba Foundation. Rebecca de Alba Foundation was founded in 2008, due to the sensitivity of its founder Rebecca de Alba to support the most vulnerable groups in our country, especially children and youth suffering from cancer. It ensures that children have the human necessary resources, material and financial support to have access to quality comprehensive medical care. Rebecca de Alba Foundation tries to improve quality of life of the population through the development of prevention campaigns and early detection, they inform and encourage changes in their habits of life. The Admiral’s Cup Legend 38 is dressed in a precious mother-of-pearl dial. It is adorned with nine hourmarkers se with diamonds totaling approximately 0.10 carats, along with the number 30 and 60 appearing as appliques at 6 and 12 o’clock respectively. This limited edition has mechanical movement with automatic winding-caliber C0082-equipped with a power reserve of 42 hours and offering the hours, minutes and date. The three small stars positioned at the 3 o’clock of the dial is the symbol of the foundation logo. Captivating and with a great charisma, Rebecca appears to be the perfect partner for Corum as they both share the same philosophy. Beyond the beauty and elegance of Rebecca de Alba, Corum identifies with her philanthropic and professional values.

A percentage of each sale of this limited edition will be offered to the foundation causes.

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Bulgari Watches & Jewelry available at: BTC Duty Free Cairo International Airport Terminal 3 - Travel Hall

Announces Two Spectacular New References as Fitting Additions to The HMS1 Line The Royal Collection from Arnold & Son consciously references the magnificent timepieces made by John Arnold in his fledgling years as a watchmaker for King George III and members of the monarch’s court. The timepieces were distinguished by their elaborate decoration, intricate workmanship and ingenious mechanical sophistication. To complement the collection, Arnold & Son is proud to unveil two beautiful new models that sit firmly within the inimitable English watchmaking tradition. Both of the new timepieces feature gorgeous, silvery-white guilloché dials in two distinct patterns. These combine with the indices, starkly three-dimensional hands, and recessed subdial to create a spectacular illusion of depth that is in sharp contrast to the ultra-slim case. Housed inside the case is an in-house A&S1001 nickel silver movement, just 2.7 mm in height and decorated with Côtes de Genève rayonnantes – a particularly apt choice of ornamentation because the iridescent reflections mirror those of the dial. The rhodium treated calibre is meticulously fashioned, featuring Haute Horlogerie finishing and manually chamfered bridges with polished edges as well as blued screws and fine circular graining. Secured by a brown or black alligator strap, the two new HMS1 references are available in 18-carat rose gold and 18-carat white gold, and are also available with a diamond-set bezel. All timepieces in the HMS1 line feature a classically styled 40 mm case in white gold, rose gold or stainless steel, with a seethrough back cover and water-resistance to 30 metres. The hand-wound movements have double barrels that generate a power reserve of over 90 hours with more constant force and hence greater accuracy throughout the watch’s run time. The line is available in a range of dial colours and with various finishes, depending on the model.

Exclusive Arnold & Son mechanical movement A&S1001, hand-wound, silverywhite guilloché dial, 18-carat rose gold or 18-carat white gold case, diameter 40 mm



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Grande Seconde Quantième Ivory Enamel Time In Evolution Jaquet Droz has written a new chapter in the story of the Grande Seconde by incorporating a silicon balance spring in the escapement of its movement and rethinking its aesthetic aspect. The Grande Seconde Quantième, launched in 2011 and inspired by one of the brand›s legendary models, reveals a new face and movement this year, reenergizing the conventions upheld by Jaquet Droz and reaffirming its excellence as a watchmaker.

For the first time, major changes have been made to the movement with the addition of a silicon balance spring and inversed horns on the pallets fork. Silicon is a highly flexible material that only a small number of watchmaking brands have mastered how to use. It can withstand shock and variations in temperature and pressure, and its properties allow it to remain unaffected by magnetic fields, maintaining perfect stability over time. As with all its movements, Jaquet Droz plays with a range of fine finishing techniques: the plates are circular-grained above and below, the wheels are chamfered, shaped and circulargrained, the steel parts are chamfered and softened, and there are patterns of straight lines and hand-polished angles. All these features compose a unique aesthetic signature, visible through the watch›s transparent case-back. For the launch of the new Grande Seconde Quantième Ivory Enamel, the movement is further embellished with fanned Côtes de Genève decoration, which reinforces the brand›s identity. Such modernity, however, is executed with state of the art perfection. The enlarged bridges 40


and the finishes that bring together tones of gray and black give this model a more contemporary feel, all the while integrating perfectly with the brand›s decorative signature. In tandem with these significant changes, the Grande Seconde Quantième Ivory Enamel›s dial, available in two versions - red or white gold with a diameter of 39 or 43 millimeters - has also undergone an aesthetic evolution. It has been double enameled using the historic Grand Feu enamel technique, peculiar to Jaquet Droz. This gives a lower subdial of increased depth that accentuates the beautiful balance between the two subdials as they describe a figure eight, the brand›s lucky number. By focusing on changes of a technical and aesthetic nature, Jaquet Droz has again expressed its watchmaking philosophy - the prioritizing of evolution over revolution, while in no way compromising its values of high standards and excellence in terms of both mechanics and ornament. 41

In 1784, the groundbreaking Pierre Jaquet Droz established Geneva’s first ever watchmaking factory.

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Grande Seconde Quantième Ivory Enamel , ref. J007033200 Ivory Grand Feu enamel, double level. -18carat red gold case. Self-winding mechanical movement, silicon balance. Power reserve of 68 hours. Pointer-type date display at 6 o’clock. Diameter 43 mm. W W W.JAQUET-DROZ.COM

The Tissot T-Touch Expert Solar

Tissot T-Race Moto GP Automatic Chronograph Limited Edition In Touch With Its Time

The Tissot T-Race Moto GP Automatic Chronograph Limited Edition is a model filled with richness and sophistication that arose from a fruitful partnership between one of the world’s fastest sports and a Timekeeper of ultimate precision with 160 years of experience living up to its Swissness. That combination is not one to take lightly. The outcome is the Tissot T-Race Moto GP Automatic Chronograph, from which their passion for sports is evident, looking at its burning red colour. The red stripes on the black bracelet attest to their dynamism. All the details of this watch combined definitely puts this model up among the favourites for Style Champion 2014.

Details Count The Tissot T-Race Moto GP Automatic Chronograph Limited Edition already distinguishes itself from its competitors. The small details only further widen the gap as it leaves all the others behind. The composition of the dial gives it the aspect of a chequered flag that marks the start of the race with starting grids on the indices of the counters and around the minute track. The Tissot T-Race Moto GP Automatic Chronograph Limited Edition 2014 is definitely ready to go. With only 3’333 pieces, they will be gone in a flash. It comes in a helmet box that is just as sophisticated as the watch.

Features: • Swiss made • Automatic movement • 316L stainless steel case with black PVD coating and see-through caseback • Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal • Water resistance up to a pressure of 10 bar (100 m / 330 ft) • Silicone strap with folding clasp and push-buttons • Limited edition of 3333 pieces • MotoGP presentation box with movement winder 44


Tissot’s pioneering spirit is what led to the creation of tactile watches in 1999. Today, it is the first to present a touch-screen watchpowered by solar energy, confirming its position as leader in tactile technology in watchmaking.The rays of light on the dial not only allow the Super-LumiNova® indices and hands to glow in the dark but to recharge the watch. It is a very powerful watchin every aspect, offering essential functions for everyday use such as a perpetual calendar with indication of day and week number to keep track of busy schedules, two alarms; one for the week, the other for the weekend, two time zones for holiday trips, weather forecastwith relative pressure, altimeter with difference meter, chronograph lap and split with logbook, compass, timer, azimuth, regatta function and backlight. With these you will be geared up for anything that comes your way.

Straight To The Design In touch with the technologyit bears, the Tissot T-Touch Expert Solar’sdesign is truly modern and dynamic with strong lines, whether straight or angular. The push buttons are given an ergonomic aspect, while the milling provides the strap with further modernity and a better grip to the bezel on which it also features. You will still find the iconic features of the classic T-Touch Expert such as the lugs, shaped in a triangular shape, which detach from the case and are unique to that collection.

Features • Swiss made • Solar quartz movement with accumulator charge indicator • Tactile scratch-resistant sapphire crystal with antireflective coating • Antimagnetic titanium case with black PVD coating • Water resistance up to a pressure of 10 bar (100 m / 330 ft) • Rubber ortitanium strap with folding clasp and push-buttons, leather or leather and fabricbracelet with butterfly clasp and push-buttons 45

TISSOT THE Official Timekeeper of the FIBA Basketball World Cup

Tissot T-Touch Solar Tony Parker Limited Edition Boost of Energy It seems like Tony Parker’s energy just goes through the roof once he begins to shine. It is exactly the same for his new Tissot T-Touch Solar Tony Parker Limited Edition 2014 watch, illustrated by the rays of light in different shades of grey featured on the dial beside Tony Parker’s jersey number nine in evidence. It is boosted with energy as the sun shines through the dial. It allows to offer the essential functions ofbarometer, altimeter with difference meter, chronograph lap and split, compass, two time zones, two alarms, timer, azimuth and regatta function along with the backlight, which are all available at a touch, for longer. Even the Super-LumiNova® indices and hands glow brighter in the dark thanks to the sun. The functions this limited edition bears are essential tools to face any situation that may occur in a day.

In style The FIBA Basketball World Cup Spain 2014, ended in euphoria. The USA Team dominated against Serbia during their final step towards victory. As the Official Timekeeper Tissot showed the final score of 129 – 92 and the USA earned the Title of World Champions. Mr. François Thiébaud, President of Tissot, awarded the Most Valuable Player of the tournament to USA guard Kyrie Irving, who impressed everyone with his performance during the Final. His prize was a specially engraved Tissot T-Touch Expert Solar watch, the first tactile watch powered by solar energy. The All-Star Five team, which also included his USA team-mate Kenneth Faried, Serbia guard Milos Teodosic, France forward Nicolas Batum, and Spain center, Pau Gasol, received a Tissot Luxury with a specially engraved caseback.



Its style is perfectly adapted to Tony Parker with a true modern, dynamic and sporty design, which, at the same time is in touch with the technology it bears. It has strong lines, whether straight or angular. The push buttons are given an ergonomic aspect adding to that sporty look, while the milling provides the strap with further modernity and a better grip of the bezel on which it also features. Tissot couldn’t have created a better match for Tony Parker. This very special edition is limited at 4’999 pieces and comes with an engraved caseback with Tony Parker’s signature.

Features: • Swiss made • Solar quartz movement with accumulator charge indicator • Tactile scratch-resistant sapphire crystal with antireflective coating • Antimagnetic titanium case with black PVD coating • Water resistance up to a pressure of 10 bar (100 m / 330 ft) • Leather strap with folding clasp 47

Tissot Moto GP Collection 2015 Premier

Le Locle, 09 November 2015. Last night, on the eve of the last race of the 2014 Moto GP season in Valencia, Spain, Tissot held an event to present the 2015 Moto GP Collectionthat will be available from January 2015, in presence of Mr. Carmelo Ezpeleta, CEO of Dorna Sports as well as its Moto GP ambassadors. François Thiébaud, President of Tissot, was proud to present Mr. Carmelo Ezpeleta, CEO of Dorna Sports with next year’s Official Moto GP Collection, which comprises two Tissot T-Race Moto GP Limited Edition 2015 watches; one mechanical piece limited to 3333 pieces, the other powered by a quartz movement, produced in a series of 8,888 pieces. This year’s collection is as cutting-edge as ever and has been given a fresh look. A sharp new case design adds an angular edge while new pushers, shaped like bike foot rests, nod to Tissot’s sporting heritage. Back suspension rods that are illustrated in the bracelet’s attachment to the case will keep the adrenaline pumping. The familiar features that make these the ultimate sports watches remain,of course, and are better than ever. The famous brake disk illustration is still a sleek and elegant feature just like the black bezel and magnifying glass over the date display. Welcome embellishment, in the form of the dynamic GT stripes, will inspire wearers to go faster and be the best they can be, a message that is reinforced by Tissot’s Moto GP ambassadors. 48


Nicky Hayden, Stefan Bradl and Thomas Lüthi also received theirpersonalised limited edition watches that each reflect a part of their personalities and strengths. These limited edition pieces come in a stylish helmet box worthy of a true collector’s item. Mr. François Thiébaud, President of Tissot said “Tissot is proud of its strong association with Moto GP. The innovative and dynamic nature of the sport matches Tissot’s spirit perfectly. We both strive to enhance technology to provide better performances time after time.The latest exclusive timepiece dedicated to MotoGP, not only celebrates this alliance through the motorbike features such as the break-disc bezel, but also a precision that matches that of our timekeeping. As the sport evolves and timing gets tougher, we keep up-to-date with all the latest technologies to provide the utmost accuracy as does everyone involved in Moto GP races.” Mr. Carmelo Ezpeleta, CEO of Dorna Sports, commented, «Tissot is one of our most trusted and long term partners of the Moto GP World Championship and once again they have produced an exclusive range of watches which perfectly match the precision and cutting edge nature of Grand Prix racing. We are delighted to see the new models and we are sure that our fans throughout the world will be quick to embrace next year’s Official Moto GP watch collection.»

Tissot Chemin des Tourelles Skeleton

No place like home The Tissot Chemin des Tourelles Skeleton takes its name from the place in which it was created. Chemin des Tourelles is the street on which the Tissot factory was built in 1907 and where the company still remains today. This watch takes pride in its origins and reflects more than 160 years ofexpertise. The art of watchmaking is clearly visible through its dial thanks to its skeletonised movement.

Heritage The beauty lies in the revelation of its works, with furtherrich details demonstrating itslegacy. The simple and fine hands may seem like a modern touch at first, when in fact, the blue tint, also seen on the Arabic indices, is a result of an ancient method used to protect steel from corrosion. This shows a certain tradition, while at the same time, adding eye catching details to the piece. Remaining on the vintage side, the counter at nine o’clockbrings an original feature to the Tissot Chemin des Tourelles Skeleton. Tissot will be sure to please watch enthusiasts with this piece.

Features • Swiss made • Hand-wound mechanical movement exclusive to Tissot • Scratch-resistant, domed sapphire crystal with double antireflective coating • 316L stainless steel case • Water-resistant up to a pressure of 5 bar (50 m / 165ft) • Black alligator pattern leather strap with folding buckle



Says Goodbye To Summer Flings And Makes Way For Cool-Weather Trends! Sun-dripped adventures that speckle the summer months fade away as Swatch celebrates the FallWinter Collection – an assortment of models that remind us to let color rule our world all year round. Glitzy styles flirt with starlight and daredevil patterns stand out from the norm in this brand new collection. A World In Colors kicks it off with funky color blocks and vibrant hues that play with shapes. The Classic theme is next to strut its stuff with dapper designs and a dash of retro. Winter takes over when sparkles come out to play with Let it Shine, born to be the center of attention with head-turning metallic glam. High-Lands Mix shouts from the top of its plaid-striped lungs that wild designs never go out of fashion.

With the suave characteristics of a rugged gentleman from a previous era, these Classic models let you get in touch with your inner grown-up – the one with the classic sense of style and attractive confidence. Prepared for an adventure any time of day, BRUSHED EARTH (YCS4053), SPECIAL UNIT (YWB402) and THE CAPT (YGM7000) stand out with their smooth, dark and vintage attributes and aim to please with their high-flying take on adulthood without losing sight of any bit of youthfulness. BACK TO THE ROOTS (YVS414), a chronograph with a robust side, has a sporty personality that’s highlighted with a dash of elegance. A retro look with polished flair is just what you need to succeed.

WINTER COLLECTION   LET IT SHINE: Glitz, glam and pizzazz are center-stage as dazzling designs beckon for a second glance. These models light up the city with an element of brilliance that’s fit for a queen. LIGHTS ON (SFM128), a disco ball diva of the most elegant nature, combines impeccable style with a vivid sparkle ready for a night out on the town. HIGH-LANDS MIX: Patterns take their inspiration from the allure of optical illusions. High-Lands Mix takes a stand against the ordinary and proves that a walk on the wild side needs a good accessory. Cozy patterns give cool a new name with headturning style that boldly proclaims winter has arrived. SUMMER SOCKS (SUON110) and COLOR-KILT (SUON109) look warm to the touch and heat up the scene with a realistic printed pattern. MCPATTERN (SUOB114), a palette of plaid, is anything but uniform and stands out with its Scottish roots. Strap it on your wrist and you can almost hear the bagpipes (you can decide for yourself if you want to try the haggis)… RUBY SILVER (LK342), set with appealing printed precious gems, makes it possible to look like royalty but party at the pub. This lively piece was designed for those of us who’d rather enjoy the downtown scene of our favorite city than the stuffy old throne room of a castle. And whoever said diamonds are a girl’s best friend obviously meant rubies…

FALL COLLECTION: A WORLD IN COLORS Inspired by a rainbow’s extended playlist of light and color, these playful wristwatches are soaked in vibrancy and are known to work hard but play harder. Tangy is the name of the game for sweet-and-sour models COLOR MY LACQUERED (SUOS101), DIP IN COLOR (SUOP103) and COLOR PALETTE (SUOJ101). Nostalgic for summer but looking forward to cooler days, these watches say that flamboyant fun will own the season. Geometric beats on daring dials have their own personality with swish straps that are ready to surprise with a delightful and oh-so-welcome pairing of hues. Fragmented light – composed and decomposed – is interpreted through a kaleidoscope point of view. COLOR EXPLOSION (SUOV101), CHROMOGRAPH (SUSW404) and CHROMATIC WATER (SUUB401) are abstract, bold and trendy with a sense of sophistication. 52


Fancy with just the right amount of fun, ROSE EXPLOSION (SUOW110) knows how to enhance any outfit with a bang. While this one isn’t known for its smell, it sure does look sweeter than a watch by any other name. Never-ending flower power adorns your wrist with ROMANTIC BUZZ (SUBB126A/B), alive with eye-catching style and bursts of color. Springtime spirit is bound to bloom from the floral design and polka-dot print even on the coldest winter day.



Swatch presents the perfect holiday season gift for those that can’t resist a peek inside the parcel So now it’s time to unpack childhood confessions – the pulling back of giftwrap trying desperately not to tear it, or secretly hoping aunty chose the bargain paper with its appealing see-through quality. The Swatch Seasons Special, HOLIDAY TWIST (SUOZ709S), is an open invitation to countdown to the celebrations without any fear of the loaded seasonal accusation, “If you are not good….” Each one of the 14,999 pieces making up this numbered and limited edition reveals a secret symbol or color of holiday fun every day, through an Xmas tree shaped window on the dial. Peeking looks to be trending this season.

Swatch Prepares To Wear The Summer With Hot Styles Inspired By Beachside Lifestyles Longer days mean it’s time to take off and play, and Swatch knows just the trick with a brand new SpringSummer Collection 2015 – a bevy of eye-catching watches that scream for ice cream, sailboats and sun-soaked days at the beach. The season starts off with a delicate and feminine Spring Breeze that brushes against the skin with a pastel touch. Gran Turismo revs its engine and shows off the bolder side of the season with dark and daring looks. My Pet & Me captures the sweetness of our animals in a stylish way while Red White & Blue salutes our seas and the sporty sailors who conquer them. Rainy days can come and go but there’s no stopping fun In The Playroom where memories are made and nostalgia is the real name of the game. Surfing The Wave is all about the California lifestyle and long days spent in saltwater, and Mediterranean Dolce Vita celebrates life, sustenance and fine dining in another salty section of our Earth.

The Spring-Summer Collection 2015 is on deck HOLIDAY TWIST is geared up for party-time, glamorously mirroring the fashion world’s current claim that gold is the new black. The dial is a glittery golden snowball, while the strap hosts more traditional small white snowballs falling against a romantic sparkly sky. Do you want to build a snowman? There is even a reminder to do just that as one of the symbols looking periodically through the Xmas tree window is one of these charming chaps - all dressed in pink to add his own twist. As he melts away after his 24-hour appearance, stars, bells, parcels and other iconic images of the season are waiting in the wings to do their spontaneous shifts in the spotlight. Maybe these symbols will even double as conversation ice-breakers on and around the dance-floor?

SPRING BREEZE A little luxury and a dash of dazzle, Spring Breeze is as lavish as it is delicate and it’s simply oh-so-classy. ANISETTE (LL116A/B) and BLUE POSH (SUBK157A/B) take the shape of spring with circles and squares that give texture to a breath of fresh air. Glammed-up but down-to-earth, TRI-LOOPER (YLS1033) and DOUBLE ME (YSG139) are in touch with their feminine sides, skinny dipping with barely there leather straps.

Confirming that a sneaky look inside is no longer a no-no, HOLIDAY TWIST comes in a special packaging scattered with cut-out Xmas trees to reveal a rich red, green and gold landscape beneath. Extra potential for being good is provided by a golden, three-dimensional Xmas tree on the box lid, which can be used to decorate the top of the real thing. What better example of “upcycling”? Probably trending just behind “peeking” according to the Swatch festive forecasts.


So how many sleeps are left until the big day? That depends where on the planet you are celebrating, but if in doubt, ask a passing pink snowman!



Grab the keys! Come on, let’s ride with Gran Turismo – a lean, mean, stylish suave machine. With hard-to-miss dials, GOLDEN FRIEND (SUOB716) and SILVER FRIEND (SUOB717) are all about a classic look with a metallic twist. These stylish pieces don’t need a stoplight to tell them when it’s time to go. Shifted into gear and ready to burn rubber, BLAKE BRAKE (SUOB117) and RED BRAKE (SUOR104) have a need for speed and aren’t shy about showing it. DOPPIOGIRO (YWS409) is bold and brooding with a dark tan and handsome features that counter DESTINATION MADRID (YVS419G), a sleek alternative with powerful lines and a mighty engine that could, can and will – just take a look under the hood. 55



Roll over! Sit! Stay! Snuggle! My Pet & Me commands attention with big brown puppy dog eyes and faces that are cute enough to squeeze! The loves of our lives get Swatch-ified with colors and designs that even humans would play fetch for. British style and a bold bowtie make ANDY BABY (SUOB115) more than adorable – this French Bulldog is a preppy purebred whose bark is as sweet as his bite. Caricatures of our favorite zoo animals come out to play with TIERGARTEN (GW168) with our exotic friends recreating the wild animal kingdom in the cutest way possible. Elephants, koalas and hippos, oh yes! WILD TOTEM (SUOZ191), designed by Finnish artist Tarik Arnautovic, expresses the hip and hipster sides of our animal pals, stacked on top of one another in appealing colors and shapes that give away their personalities at first glance.

Surf’s up, dudes and dudettes! Surfing The Wave is ready to hit the beach and get this party started! WOODKID (SUOP703) and BLUE PINE (SUOK706) have sights set on the horizon and their all-natural look leaves nothing to the imagination – they’re making a splash and they don’t care who knows it! O-TINI (SUUK103), MIN-TINI (SUUK104) and BERRY-TINI (SUUK106) are ready for wet and wild action with jewel tones that complement the hues of the big blue. FLORIDA BREEZE (LP139G) and MIAMI PEACH (GP144) are all about sunbathing and sipping fruity cocktails. Perky pink flamingos can’t turn down those sandy parties that go on until the break of dawn.

MEDITERRANEAN DOLCE VITA Color, flavor and energy – what would life be without the joys of travel, palettes of tastes that entice the tongue and wonderful company around the table? TOMATELLA (SUOS102), ONIONE (SUOP105), VITAMINE BOOST (SUOK115) and SARDINA (SUON111) bring nourishment alive in a trendy, tasty way. Together they complete a menu, and individually they tantalize the taste buds and serve as a vibrant sight for sore eyes – a truly sensory experience.


RED WHITE & BLUE Captains, first mates and salty dogs, weather-worn and whimsical, set their sights on a luxurious destination. Ahoy, RED WHITE & BLUE! All hands are on deck as trendy MARINIERE (GW169) and PORTICCIOLO (GN239) set sail, dressed as upper-echelon seafarers with striped centers and moving parts. LA CLASSE (SFM131) speaks for itself, with a bicolor strap that is all about sophistication and sass on the ship. MARINETTE (LK344G) and SAILING LADY (SUBW111A/B) are ready to enjoy life on the shoreline; inspired by beachside cabanas these chic statement-makers don’t need shade to stay cool. Just off the crow’s nest, flags fly free in the wind. Sweden, the US, Canada, Thailand, Great Britain and Greece are just some of the coastal countries that are represented on FLAGTIME (SUOW111), a worldly wristwatch conquering the seas and collecting souvenirs and vagabond dreams along the way. 56


Monopoly, Scrabble, Mikado and Operation mean fun no matter where in the world you go or what language you speak. Get your game face on and let’s play! In The Playroom has got it all. MONEY HONEY (SUOG107) pays the bills, but only in make-belief utopia. LOVE GAME (SUOW116) adds up to seven but in an adult world, not even Double or Triple Word Score can express its true value. Tense and tactical, fun and fair, STICK IT (SUOM101) sticks it to the man with a retro look that strays from the norm. Shocking DANGEROUS LIES (SUOJ103) is bound to create a buzz with a feisty attitude and obvious look – watch out for this one!


Flik Flak Winter Tales Collection Once upon a time there were two cool watches for kids wishing to learn to tell the time. The Flik Flak Winter Tales Collection 2014/5 promises happy endings as the gift of time-keeping plays lead role in magical wintery fairytales. Contemporary snow princes and princesses receiving one of these watches unwrap an enchanted key to learning. Swiss precision and durability rule in this kingdom - the snowflakes here are a very different story to those that melt on outstretched tongues.

White Dreams for her ZFTNP001 White Dreams for him ZFTNP002

Flik Flak Latest Collections

Celebrity dogs and cats, aircraft and pirates are set to rule the world of Swiss made Flik Flak kids’ watches. Pongo and Perdita represent the 101-strong cast of dazzling Dalmatians, artistocat Marie preens with glee and Hello Kitty dazzles with wannabe diamonds.

Disney Planes 2ZFLNPO07



Disney Jake and the Never Land PiratesZFLNPO06

Hello Kitty 40th Anniversary ZFLNPO14

Disney Aristocats Marie ZFLNP013

Disney 101 Dalmatians ZFLNP012

Rado DiaMaster RHW1 Limited Edition

The Rado Esenza Ceramic Touch Fibonacci Diamonds Limited Edition Touching perfection

Modern materials and a masterful movement for ultimate lightness The ability to reinvent, constant innovation and pushing the boundaries to effect real change. If this is Rado, then the Rado DiaMaster RHW1 Limited Edition is the epitome of the brand. The show-stopping stand out piece in a collection of pareddown design watches, the Rado DiaMaster RHW1 mixes the Rado business of high-tech materials with the pleasure of adding something new in the world of watchmaking - this time an unusual movement for a high-tech ceramic watch. The case material was chosen for being twice as light as standard ceramic. Si3N4 TiN is a form of high-tech ceramic composite that Rado has researched and developed in its latest quest for innovation. Made by heating the mixed powders at 1800°C in an over pressure atmosphere of nitrogen, it is known for its superior wear resistance. The ‘old bronze’ colour gives the watch case a rugged, lived-in appearance. This is a watch that seems to have a story or two to tell about where it has been. The choice

of leather for the strap adds to the windswept and mysterious appeal of this undeniably cool and manly timepiece. Hard as nails, light as a feather, the materials may give this DiaMaster its look, but it is the movement that gives the watch its soul. Rado innovations are usually seen in the materials used for the outside of our watches – this DiaMaster also has a Rado innovation on the inside. Lightness and comfort are two qualities that are always taken into consideration at the design stage of a new Rado watch. As the Si3N4 TiN that is used for the RHW1 is half the weight of high-tech ceramic Rado usually uses, it was important to develop a movement that was equally light, but that suited the personality of the watch. The first stage was to remove the oscillating weight, so this had to be a hand-winding mechanical watch. Next the plates and the bridge, which are traditionally made in brass were replaced by lightweight aluminium. Aluminium is known for its low density and, therefore, for its lightness as well as its durability. In order to make the aluminium parts even more durable, they have been anodised to increase their hardness. Anodisation changes the structure of the metal near the surface of the aluminium and also makes it easier to colour. In the case of the RHW1 the plates and bridge are black. Aluminium movements were used in pocket watches in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries because of their lightness. It was this past trend and focus on lightness that inspired Rado to use such a movement – the RHW1, which is exclusive to Rado – for the first time in an extremely light and high-tech wristwatch. As ever, the Rado designers have given this limited edition a modern twist to create a watch that oozes 21st century style. Rado: typically unconventional ideas lead to outstanding design.



At Baselworld 2013 Rado presented a world first in watchmaking with the Rado Esenza Ceramic Touch. Now the Esenza Ceramic Touch returns and it is more glamorous than ever before. The gleaming black high-tech ceramic case is a sleek and subtle background with its gently curved, sensuous oval shape. Smooth, strokable and scratch-resistant it is the perfect material to showcase the 534 individual diamonds that adorn the dial of this innovative model. The glittering gems, set in a Fibonacci spiral, call to mind the organic patterns seen in nature in flowers, and underline the kaleidoscopic beauty of this ladies model. This mesmerizing mathematical marvel also alludes to the technology behind this outstanding piece of functional jewellery. The technology behind the touch: Controlled by the gentle touch and sweep of a finger along the side of the case – left for hours and right for minutes – time can be made to fly by or can be turned back in a single stroke. The monobloc construction of the case, the production of which is carried out under high pressure using a sophisticated injection process, ensures the success of the ceramic touch technology. Limited to 300 individually numbered pieces, and using a perfect combination of ceramic and diamonds, the Rado Esenza Ceramic Touch Fibonacci Diamonds Limited Edition is yet another beautiful breakthrough from Rado. 61

Rado and Andy Murray 77 magic Rado minutes in the London Hour Passion store with Britain’s tennis superstar

Tennis superstar Andy Murray took 77 minutes out of his busy training schedule to meet fans at the Hour Passion store on Oxford Street in central London. As Andy’s official watch partner, Rado provided a specially branded cab to take Britain’s most famous sportsman from the famous Queen’s Club in West London to the Hour Passion store in the heart of the West End. Arriving on the green carpet, Andy was greeted by Rado CEO Matthias Breschan in the store, which had been decorated with eye-catching visuals of the Rado HyperChrome Court Collection – including the HyperChrome Court Chronograph with green details, which Andy wears. In a nod to Andy’s amazing achievement at Wimbledon last year, when he became the first British man for 77 years to win the singles title, he spent 77 minutes in store, meeting as many fans as he could and having pictures taken with them which could be instantly shared across social media. The 195 lucky fans also took away a printed memory of the event in an envelope branded with the event’s hashtag #greatshotandy. As they waited for their chance to meet Andy, fans feasted on strawberries and cream and were able to watch their sporting hero in action in the Rado ‘Your Life, Your Game’ television commercial which was shown on big screens in store. Speaking during the event, Rado CEO Matthias Breschan said: “We all know what a huge sporting star Andy is and we’re very proud to have been able to bring him to the Hour Passion store to meet some of his many fans. It’s great to see how much he means to people here . 62


Andy was in town for a press conference to promote the Aegon Championships at the famous Queen’s Club in London. Rado is the official timekeeper of the tournament and took the opportunity to bring Andy closer to his fans during a rare trip to London.

Rado DiaMaster Ceramic Automatic Skeleton Limited Edition Make no bones about it: this is a new Rado special

A skeleton in the collection is normally something you’d want to hide, but the Rado DiaMaster Skeleton Limited Edition is far too exciting to be locked away out of sight. Brand new for 2014 Rado has produced three striking limited editions for the mechanical watch enthusiast who also needs the comfort and scratch-resistance of high-tech ceramic. Rado’s groundbreaking monobloc high-tech ceramic case features on all three models – each of which is limited to 499 individually numbered pieces. Polished black high-tech ceramic is a stylish Rado staple since we first started working with ceramic in 1986. Smooth, shiny and incorporating the minimalistic DiaMaster case, this is a masterclass in Rado style. The five link ceramic bracelet uses both shiny and matt links to add texture, depth and complexity to the equation. Plamsa has been one of Rado’s buzzwords for the DiaMaster collection and this breakthrough material features on 20 models in the whole DiaMaster collection including two of the new Skeletons. Each individual ceramic piece used to create the full plasma DiaMaster Skeleton – the monobloc case, the crown and each tiny bracelet link - starts life as white high-tech ceramic. The pieces are fully finished to be either matt or polished. The pieces are then placed in the plasma oven where they reach up to 900°C during the plasma process, and where the warm grey metallic colour emerges from the inside out. Technically complex in construction yet minimalistic in design, the plasma version with black leather strap adds an element of futuristic vintage to the collection. Whichever way you look at it the Rado DiaMaster Skeleton Limited Edition will show you what it’s made of, with sapphire crystal front and back giving a clear view of the movement that beats at the very heart of this watch. Make no bones about it; Rado has created a unique ceramic limited edition that is sure to make a big impression. And for those who like to have a story behind their watch, this latest Rado speaks volumes. 63



Jazzmaster Auto Chrono

Getting into the swing of sophisticated watchmaking The new Hamilton Jazzmaster Auto Chrono uses the latest innovations in watchmaking to improvise on the proven melody represented by its original version. Driven by the recently developed H-21 movement, this high-performance automatic chronograph can rely on 60 hours of power reserve. Modernity is king in the confidently contemporary shaping of the case and the dial design. In its entirety, the Hamilton Jazzmaster Auto Chrono is a picture of sophistication that masters usability and reliability.

Detail shapes design Special shaping of the antireflective sapphire crystal enables maximum dial visibility, subtly guiding the eye to the three counters. These are grouped on the left to allow the date display at 4 o’clock optimal exposure. Tapered pushers elegantly mirror the lugs’ form and the requited love of detail also finds expression in ‘Clous de Paris’ dial decoration. Styling choices enable the Hamilton Jazzmaster Auto Chrono to harmonize with the rhythms of diverse lifestyles. A new five-row stainless steel bracelet for instance merges seamlessly into the contemporary case. While rose gold-colored indexes bring warm tones to a version with a silver dial and crocodile-pattern brown leather strap. The five-strong family is equipped to satisfy different wearer types, united by their zero-tolerance attitude with regard to timekeeping accuracy and material quality. Hamilton was founded in 1892 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA. Hamilton watches combine the American spirit with the unrivalled precision of the latest Swiss movements and technologies. Known for its innovative design, Hamilton has a strong foothold in Hollywood, with products appearing in 400 films. The brand also boasts a strong aviation heritage. Hamilton is a member of the Swatch group, the largest watch manufacturer and distributor in the world with 160 production sites in Switzerland.




“IT’S LIKE DRAWING IN THE SKY” Leading aerobatic pilot, Nicolas Ivanoff, appreciates the “creativity” involved in taking skill and technology to their limits

Nicolas Ivanoff’s aerobatic career seems ironic when he puts it into the context of his childhood ambitions: “As a kid I dreamt of getting into motor racing but my mother didn’t want me to because she thought it was too dangerous!” He discovered aerobatics almost by accident, after spending several years making a living as a private pilot. But then came the fateful day at the beginning of the 1990s when he flew a CAP 10 aerobatic plane for the first time. “It was a revelation”, recalls Ivanoff, who originally comes from Corsica. “I was angry at myself for not getting in to this the sport sooner”. Nicolas’s expertise can be found not only in the sky but also in the design and development of Hamilton timepieces, providing the brand with a great deal of insight on integrating real, relevant aviation functionality into the Khaki collection. He joined the design team to create pilot watches like the Khaki X-Wind that provides a drift angle calculator and the Khaki Pilot with its typical pilot look made of big dial and easy-to-read luminous numbers and indices. Or more recently the Takeoff, a pilot watch, which simultaneously acts as a wrist-, cockpit- and table watch. This dynamic timepiece is detachable and can be placed in the dashboard of a helicopter or airplane cockpit.

member of the French Aerobatics Team. Every year since then, he has consistently finished in the top 10 in various aerobatic competitions, be it European or World Championships. Considered as a French leading pilot, the Quick Corsican, as he’s called, joined the Hamilton team as the brand ambassador in 2005, since then he’s flying the world in his Hamilton branded aircraft. Performing every season at international official competitions, but also giving strong emotions to the audience of various Air Shows worldwide like Oshkosh, Wisconsin (US), Tannkosh, the Free Flight Shows in France and the Red Bull Air Races around the world. Smoke on: loops, snap rolls, verticals up, etc. turn himself upside down while leaving a white smoky mark in the sky and the public on the ground impressed and dreamy…

True to its cockpit instrument inspiration, the contemporary pilots’ watch has a bi-directional turning flange, driven by the bezel, which has the capacity to record a countdown. The Hamilton H-31 movement in the Khaki Takeoff Auto Chrono Limited Edition has 60 hours of power reserve for extended operation airborne or otherwise. 

Nicolas Ivanoff’s Portrait Nicolas Ivanoffis a French pilot and instructor, born in Ajaccio (Corsica) on July 4th 1967. He started Aerobatics at the beginning of the 1990s and by 1997 he was already a 68



Brings Music Into Its Watches With Three Unique Music Special Editions

The second Music Special Edition is from the maestro collection and consists of a 39.5mm stainless steel case that houses a bespoke RW4200 mechanical automatic movement with a 38 hour power reserve. An aperture in the dial highlighted with rose gold plating offers a view on the cogs and intricacies of RAYMOND WEIL’s Swiss made timepiece. A fine intricate design that recalls the rosette of a guitar beautifully wraps around the inner dial. A rose gold plated plectrum points at the 6 o’clock position and seems ready to strike the string motif that circles the dial on which rose gold indexes rest in a fret-like fashion. Musician Miloš Karadaglić;, awardwinning classical guitarist and exclusive Deutsche Grammophon recording artist, is widely regarded as the leading talent in classical Spanish guitar. He performs all over the world and plays with the Royal Scottish Orchestra, the London Philharmonic and the Hong Kong Philharmonic orchestras. Miloš is a patron of the Mayor of London’s Fund for Young Musicians – one of RAYMOND WEIL’s partner charities. This Guitar Music Special Edition timepiece was designed to raise awareness and much needed funds for his preferred charity, Mladost Orphanage in Montenegro: whose aim is to provide a safe place for its residents to benefit from social support, high quality education and professional non-parental care.

Freelancer Electro Music Special Edition Watch The third Music Special Edition is a bespoke freelancer timepiece created in partnership with English artist Labrinth: exclusive watch offers a 42mm stainless steel case that features a satin finished rose gold PVD plated steel bezel and crown. The case houses a RW4200 automatic mechanism with a 38-hour power reserve. It offers a crystal case-back featuring Labrinth’s signature. The inner dial features Labrinth’s very own three-dimensional labyrinth pattern on a silver background. A music equalizer motif spreads around the dial, gently stroked by the regular beat of the hands. Being a freelancer, the Electro Music Special Edition aims at independence and free spirit. Labrinth is an English singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and record producer based in London. Since the beginning of his career in 2009, he has had several singles reaching the first positions of the charts and has collaborated with internationallyacclaimed artists such as Emeli Sandé, Gary Barlow and Ed Sheeran. The Electro Music Special Edition was designed to support KORI:, a charity very dear to Labrinth. Launched in 2002 the charity supports and educates children from the Borough of Harrigey, London. Swiss family-owned and family-operated watch Company RAYMOND WEIL is delighted to present its Music Special Editions and thus further enrich the Brand’s music box with timepieces that feature musical elements. RAYMOND WEIL worked in close collaboration with three talented artists to give birth to these exclusive Music Special Edition timepieces.

Freelancer Cello Music Special Edition Watch The first Music Special Edition timepiece is a 45mm freelancer equipped with a mechanical movement with chronograph, day and date complications and a 46 hour power reserve. Its titanium case hosts a grey dial with indexes and sits on a genuine leather strap. This freelancer presents an exhibition case-back featuring the signature of the artists who have collaborated with RAYMOND WEIL on the creation of this Cello Music Special Edition timepiece – cello duet 2Cellos. This Cello Music Special 72


Edition timepiece offers exclusive design features: 4 strings of a cello wrapped around the dial are caressed by a red bow-shaped chronograph hand. The day and date indicators are shaped like the bridge on which rest the strings of the instrument. A scrolllike decoration wraps around the seconds sub dial. 2Cellos is a virtuoso Croatian cello duo composed of Luka Šulic and Stjepan Hauser: first attracted attention when they posted a cover of Michael Jackson’s Smooth Criminal to YouTube. The video went viral and they were invited to perform on major TV shows and were consequently contacted by Elton John who offered them to tour the world with him. This Cello Music Special Edition freelancer will benefit 2Cellos’ very own charity that aims at providing easy access to musical instruments and at developing the practice of music. Maestro Guitar Music Special Edition Watch

Thanks to his relationships with key established music players, Elie Bernheim RAYMOND WEIL CEO - piano and cello player himself - has succeeded in creating exclusive limited edition timepieces full of musical elements, presented in exclusive highend boxes. Two timepieces of each Special Edition will be sold at selected auctions over the course of 2014 to raise funds to support the aims and objectives of the charities chosen by the artists themselves. 100% of the proceeds generated at auction will be donated to these charities: Mladost, KORI and 2Cellos’ charity. Emotions, precision, performance: these are the values common to music and watchmaking that RAYMOND WEIL wishes to share with its clients by inviting them to follow the beat of the Brand’s musical universe and continue to spread the Brand’s musical notes all over the world. 73

Pharrell Williams Receives The Raymond Weil International Artist Award

MAESTRO – RAYMOND WEIL LIMITED EDITION TRIBUTE TO A LIFE’S WORK Raymond Weil was a great man whose vision led to the creation of a Company which, over the course of almost four decades, has gained international renown – the Company remains to this day one of the last few independent family-run watchmakers – and is the legacy left by an exceptional man to his family. Elie Bernheim, grandson of the founder, today heads the RAYMOND WEIL family business, and with the maestro collection is offering a truly unique limited edition timepiece, paying fitting tribute to a life’s work. In April 2014, Elie Bernheim took over the reins from his father Olivier at the head of the RAYMOND WEIL family business. Here watch-making is more than a family affair, as it was at the end of the 70’s that the late Raymond Weil, eponymous founder of the watch Brand, had the audacity and courage required to launch his own business.

Pharrell Williams and Craig Leach, RAYMOND WEIL’s UK Brand Director

RAYMOND WEIL, luxury Swiss watchmaker presented international superstar Pharrell Williams with the RAYMOND WEIL International artist Award at the annual Nordoff Robbins O2 Silver Clef event, held at The Hilton Hotel, Park Lane. Pharrell was on-hand to receive in person the award from RAYMOND WEIL’s UK Brand Director Craig Leach at the starstudded event that was attended by some of the biggest names in the music business: Jimmy Page, Sir Tom Jones, Black Sabbath, Chas & Dave, Paloma Faith, Giorgio Morodor, Laura Mvula, Gaby Roslin and Gareth Malone. Having just reached Number One with his critically acclaimed new album, ‘G I R L’, Pharrell Williams has sold over 5 million copies of the single ‘Happy’ which was the first taken from the album; it also featured on the ‘Despicable Me’ soundtrack and was nominated for an Oscar this year. He has recently collaborated with Daft Punk on the massive Number one ‘Get Lucky’ and with Robin Thicke on the biggest selling single of 2013, ‘Blurred Lines’. The multi Grammy Award winner, with a career that has spanned over two decades, built global support throughout the nineties and naughties, producing chart toppers Britney Spears’ ‘I’m A Slave For You’ and Nelly’s ‘Hot In Here’. Pharrell then featured in Snoop Dogg’s ‘Drop It Like It’s Hot’ which was named Billboard’s ‘Song of the Decade’ in 2009 just a few of his vast collaborations and achievements. Elie Bernheim, CEO – RAYMOND WEIL says: “We are delighted to have presented Pharrell Williams with the RAYMOND WEIL 74


International Award this afternoon at the Nordoff Robbins O2 Silver Clef luncheon. Pharrell has had the most incredible year within the music industry with releases “Happy” and “Girl”, which have enjoyed huge success across the worldwide charts. His appearance and successes at The BRIT Awards and The Academy Awards mark a truly memorable year for him. We have had the privilege of awarding the industry’s most decorated artists over the past 11 years of working with Nordoff Robbins and are thrilled that Pharrell Williams is the latest recipient of the Nordoff Robbins O2 Silver Clef RAYMOND WEIL International Artist Award for 2014.” The O2 Silver Clef Awards have collaborated with artists from all areas of the music industry since 1976, to raise funds for Nordoff Robbins’ music therapy work. This year, the O2 Silver Clefs will continue to shine as the pinnacle event in the Nordoff Robbins fundraising calendar and a highlight of the year for the music industry, with some of the biggest names coming together for this special event.

It is this same independent and valiant spirit which drives Elie Bernheim today, both in terms of his way of understanding the market and his involvement in creating and designing the models which form the RAYMOND WEIL collections – continuing the tradition of high-quality, ever-reliable and sophisticated Swiss watch-making. A timepiece in tribute to a life’s work is the quiet testament the Company wished to pay its founder. A subtle reference to Raymond Weil’s favorite complication, an automatic winding mechanical heart, equipped with a 42-hour power reserve, sits inside this COSC-certified chronometer. Each timepiece is engraved with a unique number on its movement and comes with a certificate issued by the COSC official organization. The 45mm 18K rose gold case shelters a dial featuring Raymond Weil’s handwritten signature. The chronograph pushbuttons sit on both sides of the crown and allow for the chronometer to start, stop, restart and reset. It is an expertly conducted harmony of decoration which comes to life under the baton of the music-loving watchmaker, granting this timepiece all of its pedigree. The distinctive sign of high-quality watch movements, a “côtes de Genève” decoration embellishes the skeleton oscillating weight adorned with the RAYMOND WEIL monogram. Presented in a prestigious box made of olive tree wood and bearing Raymond Weil’s signature, the timepiece expresses all of its personality, flattered by an impressive showcase of craftsmanship. With this 100-piece numbered limited edition tribute timepiece, RAYMOND WEIL is not only highlighting its attachment to watchmaking values but above all to family values, which will continue through high-quality creations, flying the flag for renowned Swiss watch-making expertise.

Music charity Nordoff Robbins uses music to transform the lives of people of all ages all over the UK. Supported heavily by the music industry, where they are the charity of choice at the BRITs and the MITs, to date, the O2 Silver Clef Awards, now in its 39th year, has raised over £8 million for Nordoff Robbins since 1976. Previous reciprocates of the RAYMOND WEIL International Artist Award have included: Vampire Weekend, Michael Bublé, Swedish House Mafia, Kelis, Meatloaf, John Legend, Foo Fighters, Bob Geldof, Bon Jovi and Kylie Minogue to name a few. 75


The fine regulation is placed at the dial side of the movement, a patented feature. Via the see-through case-back owners of Frederique Constant Heart Beat Manufacture watches can see the finely decorated movement. Our independent spirit is of major importance for our prestige watchmaking vision. Since the first delivery of our iconic “Manufacture Heart Beat” movement, in 2004, we have developed 15 inhouse handcrafted calibers, including our last 2014 creation: the Heart Beat Manufacture FC-942 Silicium, improved in terms of reliability, durability and pure technical excellence. For the past two years, the R&D Department at Frederique Constant has been designing, developing and improving the 143 components contained in the all-new Heart Beat Manufacture.

Since 2004, Frederique Constant is delivering timepieces with manufacture movements that are in-house developed, in-house manufactured and in-house assembled. Following the success of the launch of the first Heart Beat Manufacture Calibre in 2004, Frederique Constant has presented every year an additional version to its Heart Beat Manufacture range. Some features remained constant, such as the signature aperture, perfectly centred at the 6 o’clock position. Each year, however, new design features have been added; the Heart Beat is constantly being revised, updated and technically advanced. Heart Beat Manufacture timepieces feature the iconic Heart Beat dial aperture at 6 O’clock.

Now, our company is delighted to introduce its implementation of the newest, most technologically superior materials available in the world today. To celebrate its anniversary, Frederique Constant Genève is proud to reveal two new Jubilee models within the Manufacture collection: the new Heart Beat Manufacture Silicium edited at 188 pieces in 18K Rose gold and at 18 pieces in Platinum, and the new Slimline Tourbillon Manufacture edited for the occasion with a dark green finishing at 10 pieces in 18K rose gold and 10 pieces in stainless steel.

Live your passion 78



Ladies Automatic “World Heart Federation” Collection Continuing the Fight Against Heart Disease in Children We are delighted to announce that once again, we have joined forces with globally renowned actress and model, Ms Inès Sastre, and that together we are fighting the scourge of heart disease, particularly in women and children, through our support to the World Heart Federation (WHF). Inès is once again Frédérique Constant’s Female Charity Ambassador, a role she so graciously and effectively filled in 2013.

This was the second consecutive year that Frédérique Constant is honored to support the WHF’s “Hearts of Children” campaign. Our support takes the form of a US $75,000 donation to the WHF, in addition to the design and creation of a new Ladies Automatic “World Heart Federation” collection of watches.

Four new watches, each uniquely beautiful Rose gold, diamonds and mother of pearl catch the eye. These are the central features of the four new models in the 2014 Ladies Automatic “World Heart Federation” collection. Two of the watches in this new collection are powered by the accurate and reliable FC-303 calibre movement, and the two others by the FC-310, both featuring 26 jewels, automatic winding and a 38 hours of power reserve. The rose gold plated rotor is decorated with the World Heart Federation logo and beautiful sunray bridges, as well as the delicately engraved “Hearts of Children.” The bezel of each model is set with 48 sparkling diamonds, totaling 0.74 carat. Even more diamonds are used as indexes, set on a vanilla dial with a guilloché World Heart Federation logo at its centre, and surrounded by a delicate mother of pearl on the outer ring. The case diameter is 34 mm, and with a depth of just 9.9 mm, this watch will sit comfortably on the most feminine of wrists. Each model offers hours, minutes and seconds 80


functions. In addition, on the FC-303 models, the date is also displayed at 6 o’clock. All have a sapphire crystal see-through case back, and are water resistant to 60 meters. Finally, each watch comes with a dazzling metal bracelet – either rose gold plated or bi-colored stainless steel and rose gold plated - with butterfly folding buckle, and all models presented in a unique design, WHF heart-shaped gift box. Two of the new models, the FC-310WHF2PD2B3 and the FC-310WHF2PD4B3, also feature Frederique Constant’s signature Double Heart Beat opening at the 12 o’clock position.

The battle against heart disease rages on Women and children are the two most vulnerable sectors of society when it comes to cardiovascular diseases (CVD) such as heart attacks and strokes. Heart diseases, which actually takes hold during childhood and manifests itself in adulthood, is the number one killer in the world, robbing families, both rich and poor, of something they can never get back... Precious time together. Incredibly, CVD kills one person every two seconds. Frédérique Constant looks ahead with hope and determination. We are always excited about joining forces again with Inès Sastre and the World Heart Foundation, to raise awareness of CVD and to educate the most vulnerable members of our society on how they can help prevent heart disease. 81

The adventure of travel starts here!

B V L G A R I . B U R B E R R Y . G U C C I . T I S S O T . H A M I LT O N . R A D O . R AY M O N D W E I L . C A LV I N K L E I N

S W AT C H . T O M M Y H I L F I G E R . F O S S I L . B O S S . M I C H A E L K O R S . E M P O R I O A R M A N I . L acoste Available at all departure terminals of Cairo, Hurghada and Sharm El Sheikh airports, BTC retail outlets offer passengers a wide variety of the latest watch brands. Make sure you pick your travel companion from BTC

Britian Collection Exploration and travel are at the heart of the Burberry story. With the invention of gabardine by Thomas Burberry in 1879, pioneering balloonists and aviators looked to the company to help combat the challenges of air travel. In 1919, outfits were made for the British pilots of the first ever non-stop transatlantic flight. Introducing a specialist series of travel designs with GMT, second time zone function inspired by Burberry’s exploration and travel heritage‌




Burberry – The Britain The Britain is the embodiment of our rich, British heritage and all our inspirations. It’s a very personal project that we have been working on for a long time, the Britain is this powerful balance of modernity and tradition, mixing strong attitude and innovative design with craftsmanship and timeless quality. Burberry - Core Collection

“The Britain represents all that Burberry stands for today as a brand built on design, innovation and function. The design is in the detail – all influences from the iconic Burberry trench coat, from the D-rings and trench coloured dials, to these strong bolts that hold the case and protect the movement from the elements. It all comes from this iconic timeless piece of our heritage which is the foundation of the brand.” Christopher Bailey, Burberry Chief Creative Officer




Silver Hearts From Gucci Jewelry TIMEPIECES & JEWELRY PRESENTS NEW STYLES IN THE HORSEBIT WATCH COLLECTION For Valentine ’s Day, Gucci Timepieces & Jewelry is pleased to introduce two elegant red variants as part of the Horsebit watch collection. One features a charming small bangle while the larger version is worked into a bolder interpretation of the Horsebit icon.

Both styles incorporate the signature Gucci horsebit motif, which was first developed in the 1950’s by the House founder, Guccio Gucci. Taking his inspiration from the equestrian pastimes of Florentine high society, a unique and lasting design was born. Today, the horsebit is embodied in a series of accessories that show off the motif’s sensual forms. The small version displays a rounded bangle bracelet in polished stainless steel, embellished with Gucci’s iconic horsebit clasps. This emblem encircles the bezel and is integrated into the bracelet design, resulting in a graceful, jewelry-style timepiece. The femininity of this watch, which comes in a 28mm size, is 90


enhanced by a dark-red dial offset with a series of elegant Roman numerals at 12 and 6 o’clock. The Gucci logo at 3 o’clock adds a finishing touch. The bolder variant of the Horsebit timepiece is seen in a larger, round watch (34mm), which comes in the same darkred colorway, blending stainless steel with leather. The dial is encircled by the streamlined forms of the horsebit motif, also employed as a decorative accent on the clasp. A sun-brushed dial in a chic dark-red shade offers a creative mix of Roman numerals and plain indexes, together with the Gucci stamp at 3 o’clock. A dark-red calf leather strap completes the look.

The Trademark collection from Gucci Jewelry marries tradition and modernity by offering a contemporary interpretation of charm-based jewelry. The collection for Valentine’s Day, entirely in sterling silver, includes a matching bracelet and necklace adorned with delightful heart pendants. Each piece is engraved with the unmistakable ‘Gucci Made in Italy’ trademark, reflecting Gucci’s commitment to both beauty and quality. In addition, the necklace is adjustable to 50 or 55cm. The appeal of this range lies in its versatile aesthetic: Trademark can be worn in a different way, every day, making it a charming addition to any woman’s jewelry collection.


Calvin Klein refine Sophisticated. Structured. Calvin Klein refine. The pure and elegant lines of Calvin Klein refine are inspired by the timeless shapes of urban architecture.It features a polished stainless steel case, paired with either a black leather strap with a pin buckle closure or a polished steel bracelet with a push-button closure. The face features superluminova hands and a clean black or silver dial with a “ck Calvin Klein” icon at 12 o’clock.

Calvin Klein amaze Bold. Dynamic. Calvin Klein amaze. The sophisticated chain link construction of Calvin Klein amaze blurs the lines between watch and jewelry, making it perfect for any day-to-night look. This elegant timepiece is designed with a polished stainless steel case and chain and either a black or silver dial. Each watch features a discrete jewelry-style buckle closure and a clean “Calvin Klein” icon at 12 o’clock. Available in sizes small, medium and large.

Calvin Klein impeccable Calvin Klein astonish Sleek lines. Sensual design. Calvin Klein astonish. Cast in polished stainless steel, Calvin Klein astonish showcases a modern and refreshing take on the bangle watch. This feminine timepiece is offered in either all polished stainless steel or stainless steel accented with PVD black or PVD pink gold, paired with a coordinating dial and push-button closure. Each watch is completed with a discrete “ck Calvin Klein” icon at 12 o’clock. Available in sizes small and medium.



Sleek. Refined. Calvin Klein impeccable. Polished stainless steel links interwoven with a soft leather strap lend Calvin Klein impeccable a sophisticated and sexy vibe. Multi-layered construction ensures that each link of the watch moves with the wearer, making it suitable for everyday wear. Available with either a black, white or beige leather strap, the face features a clean dial with a “Calvin Klein” icon at 12 o’clock.


Calvin Klein embrace Soft. Elegant. Calvin Klein embrace. A sensual wave-inspired timepiece that curves to create organic lines and a feminine volume. Calvin Klein embrace features a unique bangle design that appears to encircle the wearer in an endless loop. The watch is available in either polished stainless steel with a silver or black dial, or in PVD pink gold with a silver dial. Each style is available in sizes small and medium and is equipped with a push-button closure and a minimal “Calvin Klein” icon at 12 o’clock.

Calvin Klein lovely Graphic. Striking. Calvin Klein lovely. Polished stainless steel and matte PVD gold overlap to create a jewelry set with perfectly harmonizing contrasts. Calvin Klein lovely includes a pendant necklace with an adjustable chain, earrings and a ring – offered in sizes 5 to 9 – as well as a closed bangle that features a spring closure for easy removal and is available in sizes extra small, small and medium. Each piece in the set is also offered in all polished and matte stainless steel.

Calvin Klein embrace Soft. Elegant. Calvin Klein embrace. A sensual wave-inspired jewelry set that curves to create organic lines and a feminine volume. Calvin Klein embrace features a specially designed spiral shape and includes a necklace and earrings, as well as a closed bangle – available in sizes extra small, small and medium – and a ring, offered in sizes 5 to 9, both of which appear to encircle the wearer in an endless loop.





Lastly, there’s the warmth and glamour of rose watches with lushly colored dials. The most striking hues are deep red and dark amethyst, found in styles ranging from the high-impact, mixed metal Darci to the pretty, petite, rose gold-tone Mini Blair.

Introduces The Holiday Watch Collection Michael Kors is pleased to introduce the Holiday women’s watch collection. The designer’s offerings for the season highlight rich colors, gleaming elegance and chic silhouettes, perfect to give and to get. Drama and delicacy combine in the newest version of the Channing, featuring a deep and luminous midnight shimmer dial. The distinctive, menswear-inspired watch has a clean, modern design with bold Roman numerals and hints of navy sparkle on the luxe, lustrous dial. Sparkle is a timeless holiday tradition that Michael Kors celebrates with the brand new Catlin, a glamorous timepiece with a bold round dial encircled by a pavé-detailed bezel. The sleek, feminine Kerry watch also shines bright for the holidays with pavé-embellished dial, bezel and bracelet: utter opulence.

SPRING WATCH COLLECTION Michael Kors is pleased to introduce the Spring watch collection, featuring a brand new watch, the Channing, in versions for both women and men. The Channing comes in five unique styles, three women’s and two men’s. The women’s watches feature semiprecious stones on their dials, and include a two-tone watch with a lapis face, a rose gold-tone watch with a tiger’s eye face and a gold-tone watch with a turquoise face. The men’s versions come in silver-tone and gold-tone with contrasting dials. In addition, updated takes on the Runway Twist, Bradshaw and a new top-tier watch with a double-length gold-tone bracelet will be part of the new collection.




The Holiday Jewelry Collection Michael Kors is pleased to introduce the Holiday jewelry collection. The new season features an assortment of delicate, timeless pieces in gold- and silver-tone styles. The collection contains three capsules, each designed to appeal to a different side of the modern woman’s multifaceted sensibility. The Statement group pieces are chic and on-trend—ideal for the most fashion-forward. The Maritime group features a standout gold-tone necklace, bracelet and ring in an iconic link design that is perfect for the woman who loves looking glamorous, whether dressing up for cocktail parties or stepping out for the day. The Turnlock group features a silver-tone bracelet, in both wide and slim versions, in a heritage Michael Kors design that is understated and refined, appealing to the woman with classic taste.



Introducing The Latest Emporio Armani Watch Collection Emporio Armani presents the fw 2014/2015 collection. With its bold design, Attention to detail and elegant ease, it expresses a sense of modernity. Marching in synch with both the menswear and women’s’ wear fall lines. The men collect ion is characterized by mineral shades of grey and amethyst and by strongly utilitarian forms. The tone is urban and proudly masculine, as highlighted by camouflage details and trims, which wink at the military world. The women collect ion is a fresh interpretation of art deco’s clean lines, with braided straps adding a crafty allure.

Available in teal, plum or grey, these sophisticated update s set the tone for the season. Finally, Emporio Armani’s cat walk style is all about the layering, with the sleek oversized bangle watch matched by a slim bracelet printed with the Emporio Armani logo. The combination of color s and materials creates a dynamic aesthetic.




The Emporio Armani jewelry collection for f/w 14 marries subtlety and sparkle with an unmistakably Armani flair. The result is elegant and streamlined as it is eclectic. The choice runs the gamut from geometric shapes - earrings as well as necklaces - adorned with the iconic EA eagle, to dazzling, rounded pieces finished with smoky topaz Swarovski crystals. Pure lines mingle with organic elements and textures, creating a sense of surprise, while the subdued color palette frames everything within an air of joyous understatement. These are jewels that add a dash of magic to any look, seamlessly moving from day to night. For men, the collection nods at the military world: camouflage patterns are printed onto stainless steel on cufflinks, necklaces’ pendants, rings and bracelets. The mix of metal and leather conveys a sleek idea of masculinity, reinforced by the clean, pragmatic design.



- AR1809 - AR1813

Emporio Armani Latest Jewelry Collection

BOSS Watches Menswear Collection Fall / Winter DRIVER’S WRITS

It’s impossible to overstate the beauty of the joints - for example, the wrist, which is often decorated with a watch. The wrist above all represents mobility which, once mastered, embodies the essence of virility. Rather like a car, you might say. So imagine a wrist set off by a watch that reflects the design elements of a car… The epitome of virility, for once in a distinguished incarnation. This year, BOSS Watches has accomplished this feat, in the shape of a DRIVER with an even sportier character. The silver dial evokes the dials on the sports car and the holes in the strap bring to mind peccary gloves. Still waiting for inspiration? You have two options. Street hero, à la Ryan Gosling. No time or inclination to chat. It’s all about the emotion and the look in the eye. And a little help from the DRIVER, which helps establish your style. Gentleman - think Sean Connery at the wheel of his English classic. And if you don’t have the car, the DRIVER will give you the missing vintage touch… In either case, the new DRIVER from BOSS Watches will instil confidence and enhance the most virile of wrists with its incomparable style. 108


MOVADO GROUP MEETS HUGO BOSS The starting point for BOSS Watches was in 2004 with an encounter between two companies, German fashion and lifestyle Group, HUGO BOSS and the American MOVADO Group, specialized in the watch business. Already partner to some of the world’s greatest fashion brands, the MOVADO Group is world renowned for its watchmaking expertise. The HUGO BOSS Group is one of the world market leaders in the premium fashion and luxury segment of the apparel market. With its brand world, HUGO BOSS targets different, clearly differentiated consumer groups. The brands cover an extensive product range consisting of classic-modern business wear, elegant evening wear and sportswear, shoes and leather accessories, as well as licensed fragrances, eyewear, watches, children’s fashion and home textiles. The partnership between the MOVADO Group and the HUGO BOSS Group evolved naturally. Passion, creativity, and a concern for fine workmanship and quality are key values which HUGO BOSS shares with MOVADO. The brand’s respect for shapes and inherent elegance are vividly conveyed through the designs of understated, classic timepieces. In 2006, the first BOSS Watches collection hit the market. Featuring refined design that perfectly reflected the brand’s spirit, the collection of timepieces was an immediate success. Building on this success, the BOSS Orange Watches collection was launched in 2007. Sportswear-oriented, these timepieces have a more relaxed allure and feature the line’s iconic orange. This more youthful range appeals to a whole new audience and consolidates the cooperation between the two companies.



DKNY shirt


Glamorous, Feminine


Calvin Klein ring at LUSSO Boutique BALMAIN watch at BTC


Calvin Klein

The Best

Gentlemen’s Gems DKNY







Armani Jeans Messenger All Over AJ Bag Black


TISSOT watch at BTC


Lacoste Eau de Lacoste L.12.12 Noir Eau De Toilette

Frederique Constant watch at BTC

burberry Brit


MICHAEL KORS ring at LUSSO Boutique


Hugo Boss Belt GUCCI Belt






Arnold & Son watch at BTC EXCLUSIVE

Tommy Hilfiger Ridley Black Leather Messenger Bag in Black



Pit Crew

Scuderia Ferrari Latest Collection

The popular Pit Crew watch family captures all the thrills of race day with its case design inspired by the air intakes on a racing car, its rubber “tire”-capped crown and its chequered flag patterned stamp-textured dial with reflector ring, applied indexes and Racing Shield logo rendered in iconic Scuderia Ferrari colors. This season, Pit Crew adds exciting new 3-hand strap and bracelet models powered by precise quartz engines to its bright fan favorite offerings. Matching their red, black or white TR90/steel-core cases, the new bracelet models with deploymentclasps feature bold colored links made of silicone-wrapped TR90, a high tech thermoplastic composite prized for its light weight and rich color. One of the two new graphic black silicone strap styles features bold red, yellow or white stylized stripes suggested by an aerial view of the Abu-Dhabi Ferrari World theme park, with matching colored logo detail. The other new strap is branded by a colored Racing Shield logo on the upper half, mimicking the position of the shield on the sides of the racing cars, and a contrasting Scuderia Ferrari logo on the bottom half. All the straps feature a Racing Shield button/keeper and stainless steel classic tongue buckle with etched Racing Shield. Water resistant to 50 meters/5 ATM. 2-year limited international warranty.

Lap Time

Formula Italia Inspired by the interior materials and colors of revered 60’s Ferrari racing cars, the new Scuderia Ferrari Formula Italialimited edition collection of strap timepieces captures the simplicity and function of their time-honored Italian craftsmanship. Sporting a clean, classic feel, the slightly domed, easy-to-read dials with date display are detailed by a printed Racing Shield logo, minute track and Arabic numerals that replicate the font found on the dashboard gauges of the Testarossa. Chronograph subdials, one with a gradient red-orange-yellow accent, resemble that car’s rev and speed gauges. They are positioned at 3 and 9 o’clock, typical of chronographs from the era. Formula Italia reprises two other distinctive characteristics of 1960’s watch design. Rendered in brushed solid or black ion-plated stainless steel with a custom case-back design, the case –43 mm wide for the 3-hand, and 45 mm for the chronograph – has a classic tonneau-shaped silhouette with fluidly extended lugs, its contours inspired by the iconic 156 F1. Its bombémineral crystal, domed like the glass covering the car’s gauges, is designed to minimize light reflection for enhanced dial readability. The edges of the crown and round polished bezel and the roller on the strap buckle all sport a knurled texture reminiscent of the grips on an auto mechanic’s hand tools. Designed and made in Italy, the heritage-inspired Formula Italia watch collection comprises three chronographs and two 3-hand models powered by precise quartz engines. Presented in a special box, each of these elegant time-keepers is being issued in an exclusive limited edition for fall 2014. Water resistant to 50 meters/5 ATM.



A bold automotive influence drives the Lap Time family, designed for Ferrari’s dedicated race fans. Taking their inspiration from the air intakes on Scuderia Ferrari race cars, the matte finish cases with screw-in backs are constructed of stainless steel wrapped in TR90, a high-tech thermoplastic polymer. An integrated silicone strap secured by a Race Shield-shaped button/keeper and brushed metal tongue buckle with etched Racing Shield unites refined comfort with masculine detailing. This season, Lap Time adds striking new 3-hand models with 44 mm black TR90 cases topped by a round brushed solid, black ion-plated or rose gold ion-plated stainless steel bezel with a contrasting red Scuderia Ferrari logo. The matching metal crown is finished with a Prancing Horse logo. The intricate multi-level dials of these new models sport signature red brake caliper detail and a date display. Creating a truly signature look, the watch crystal with printed Racing Shield logo at its “hub” is protected by a metal grille with spokes inspired by the wheels of the FXX car, while the perforated textural detail on the all-black or black/ red silicone strap suggests the look and feel of a vented race car seat. The Lap Time line is equipped by a range of quartzpowered engines: a 3-hand with date, a fully functioning analog chronograph, and a high-performance ana/digi movement with analog hour, minute and central seconds hands plus a digital display for chronograph, alarm, day/date, and second time-zone functions. Water resistant to 50 meters/5 ATM. 2-year limited international warranty.


Produced under license of Ferrari Brand Spa. FERRARI, the PRANCING HORSE device, all associated logos and distinctive designs are property of Ferrari Spa.

Iconic Lady

Balmain Maestria Lady Round: unanimously popular The Maestria Lady Round is unanimously praised by women, irrespective of age, social class, taste or character, since it appears to have universally appreciated qualities: modern while being traditional and refined, simple, but at the same time sophisticated, discreet, yet glittering, gentle and still full of energy. And that›s not all. Other strengths contribute to this acclaim: its round shape, its pure lines, the perfection of its finish and its pleasing detail. And also its versatility: thirteen models for a range that is guaranteed to bring luck. Whether its face is made up in black, white mother-of-pearl or silvered arabesque motifs, it retains the same sparkling smile . It remains equally appealing whether its body is covered in diamonds (66 on the case, 12 on the dial), steel, pink PVD or yellow PVD. Whether its arms are satin or steel, it embodies elegance in all its styles. As for its arabesque motifs, having danced in the centre of dials, flitted across cases and twisted across the straps of other Balmain creations, for the first time they make their appearance here at six o›clock. As if a stage had been deliberately prepared for them. All that remains is to applaud!

Balmain Maestria Round Automatic pair watches: an eternal declaration of love With these pair watches, the Balmain woman no longer has the prerogative on beautiful watches, meaning the Saint-Imier brand is contributing in a small way to restoring equality, as it already did with the Elysées Round Automatic collection, among others. And celebrating great love stories. Operating with an automatic ETA movement, the six Balmain Maestria Round Automatic pair watches offer extremely refined black or silvered dials, featuring a date window. They are available with a two-tone case and steel strap, or a black leather strap. These models do not feature arabesque motifs and their size is specially adapted to the Asian market (29mm for the ladies› version, 39mm for the men›s model). The Balmain Maestria Round Automatic family also has 13 additional members, specifically designed for women this time. All exude elegance and return to the arabesque motifs, the firm›s core identify, and are also available with a white mother-of-pearl dial, set off by 12 diamonds. An identical model for him and her… 120


‘On The Open Road” Latest Collection Fossil is continuing its 30 years journey with the spirit of freedom and authentic adventure. We explore the infinite possibilities of life on the open road. Whether what lies ahead is a trip around the world or just your daily commute, today’s creative class needs paired-down, well-designed essentials that fit both their life and their style. When the clean lines of the mid-century meet the modern looks of today, the result is key items that represent the best of what west and for: bags that pair portability with streamlined design, traditional watches created in fresh hues and materials and timeless clothes and accessories that accompany you wherever you’re traveling. So keep classic and carry on, it’s fall!




Fossil Latest Jewelry Collection Holiday Jewelry Collection The holidays are on the horizon, and Fossil is continuing its journey on the open road. Whether home for the season or off on a winter getaway, we’ve curated a stellar selection of gifts sure to make the season bright. Classic styles in an essential neutral palette, vibrant stocking stuffers or gifts that are truly out of this world—they’re all packable presents sure to assure your destination will be a celebration! This holiday, Fossil hits the highway with suitcases full of neutral necessities. Fresh shades assure our bags and accessories are must-haves for her, with cool colorblocking and patchwork piecing giving her greatest gifts an eye-catching edge. Retro pilot-inspired gifts including earth-toned leathers inspired by military fatigues and watches that recall an airplane’s cockpit make his bags and watches best-bet presents with both form and function.




Egypt Women01_AM4578 460x300.indd 1

22.07.14 15:42

Black and Gold Series From the world popular big case series G-SHOCK introduces the new gold collection. The GA110GD-9A and GA200GD-9A comes with yellow and rose gold face, band and LCD that is sure to stand out on anyone’s wrist. Yellow, rose gold and black resin bands with yellow and rose gold faces. Shock Resistant 200M Water Resistant Magnetic Resistant




Casio Releases Infiniti Red Bull Racing Partnership EDIFICE Watches

Finished with Striking Gold-colored Features Casio Computer Co., Ltd. announced today the release of new limited edition of EDIFICE watches to celebrate Casio’s partnership with Infiniti Red Bull Racing. The EDIFICE line of metal watches captures the essence of “Speed and Intelligence.” With its youthful image and energy, Infiniti Red Bull Racing strives to make its cars the fastest in the world by leveraging outstanding technology development capabilities. The team pursues intelligent racing strategies aimed at getting winning results. Casio believes that this approach is a perfect match for its EDIFICE brand concept, and has supported the Red Bull Racing Team as an official partner since 2009. The Infiniti Red Bull Racing team has won the World Constructor’s Championship four years in a row since the 2011 Formula OneTM season.

Casio is now releasing the Championship Gold series of five new EDIFICE watches. Casio designed the new watches using five base models, including its EQB-500, which can connect to smart phones via Bluetooth®*1 SMART technology and make it easy to set home city time and world time, and the ERA-300D featuring Casio’s popular Neon Illuminator, which employs a built-in black light LED that makes the watch’s specially coated lettering and hands glow. *1 The Bluetooth® word mark and logos are registered trademarks owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks by Casio Computer Co., Ltd. is under license. For this new series, Casio boldly finished the watch hands and indicators in a striking gold color to celebrate the outstanding accomplishment of the Infiniti Red Bull Racing Team, and featured the team’s colors of blue, yellow and red in various places, including the inset dials and second hands. Moreover, the Infiniti Red Bull Racing logo is prominently displayed on the watchface and the packaging. With an exclusive collector’s card included in each package, the products exude premium quality worthy of their limited edition status. Hiroshi Nakamura, Senior Executive Managing Officer and a member of the Board of Directors at Casio, had this to say: “Based on our popular and newly produced models, we have designed this lineup to capture the image of Infiniti Red Bull Racing. Among the new models, the EQB-500RB in particular makes it easy to set times to international time zones, so it is an excellent watch for people who travel around the world like the team members of Infiniti Red Bull Racing. Christian Horner, Team Principal, Infiniti Red Bull Racing, said: “We are delighted to partner with such a strong brand such as Casio. It was evident from day one that they shared our passion for precision engineering and like us, they are single minded in their pursuit for excellence. The new EQB range is another step forwards in this relationship. From a personal point of view, the use of digital technology presented in this range of watches is excellent; having a watch that synchronizes perfectly to the world time via a smart phone will be of great help for the members of the Infiniti Red Bull Racing Team as we travel around the world.” 130



Casio Releases G-SHOCK Watches Built for Low-Temperature Resistance Featuring Camouflage Wristbands

Casio Computer Co., Ltd., announced the release of the GLS8900CM lineup of new models in its G-SHOCK G-LIDE lineup of shock-resistant watches designed especially for extreme sports. The G-LIDE lineup of G-SHOCK watches are specially made for extreme sports, including models equipped with a tide graph function tailored for surfing and body board enthusiasts for Summer G-Lide series, and models built for the lowtemperature resistance faced by skiers and snowboarders for Winter G-Lide series. These highly useful features have earned an excellent reputation among users, particularly top athletes. With the release of the new GLS-8900CM lineup, Casio is offering G-LIDE models featuring popular camouflage watchbands and a dynamic design that stands out against any fashion—even colorful ski/snowboard wear. In terms of functionality, these new models are built to withstand temperatures as low as minus 20 degrees Celsius, making them a great fit for skiing or snowboarding. They are also equipped with a dual stopwatch that allows the user to time two competitors at once, featuring precision of 1/100th of a second and a capacity of 1,000 hours. In addition, Casio designed each model with a large watch face and high-luminance LED light so that users can immediately check the time, even when outdoors doing sports. 132



Introduces New Watch & Jewelry Collection








Time Holiday Collection New York City illuminates during the holiday season, and DKNY Time knows just how to showcase this radiance. For Holiday, the‘Graphic Black’ collection shines spotlight on New York’s most recognizable hue – Black – with new 34mm styles featuring vibrant colors that pop like lights reflecting in the city night. From the runway to the city streets, black is DKNY’s color; for holiday, energetic tones give these watches an after-hours edge. Inspired by city’s marquee signs at nighttime, multi-colored dials reflect differently at every angle to create a unique eye-catching feature. With contrast stitching on the black strap and a solid black stainless steel bracelet, ‘Graphic Black’ is the embodiment of downtown style for the young, city woman. It’s all how you wear it. Make it yours.



Holiday 14 NY2264

Holiday 14 NY2265

The Lacoste Poloshirt In A Watch Collection

The Lacoste.12.12

In 1927 René Lacoste heralded the birth of contemporary sportswear with his design for the original L.12.12 Polo shirt, one of the world’s most iconic menswear garments. Almost a century later Lacoste watches reignite the essential, authentic brand spirit with the “LACOSTE.12.12” timepieces. The watches are offering a different color to suit every mood, occasion and personality - classical and pure, masculine and powerful or relaxed and natural. The result is timeless, simple, wearable elegance for men at work and at play - the promise of another true classic.



Six confident colors make up the “LACOSTE.12.12” watch design palette - grey, red, blue, white, green and black. The light, airy piqué fabric that serves as the Polo’s unique signature is faithfully echoed by an attractive petit pique mesh effect running around the case sides and along the strap. The legendary green Lacoste crocodile adorns each dial, ready to take a bite out of 3 o’clock. Simplicity and sophistication seem to be made for each other when it comes to Lacoste’s wearable icons.


The Italian Fashion Designer Also Known As «The Architect Of Fashion» Is Now Introducing The Latest Watch Collection!

A great watch can truly take you places - in this case, the fore-front of fashion-s A-list. Known as the architect of fashion, Gianfranco Ferre has been awarded Best Italian designer 6 times in his career, with his watches exuding an understated sophistication and elegance that can only be found in true designer pieces. Now, his effortless styling comes to you in these fantastic, Swiss made watches from the GF Ferre collection, sure to compliment any outfit, and any mood.





“The Architect Of Fashion”





Color continues to be as natural to Nautica as the sun and the sea. This year, splashes of color are the highlight of Nautica Watches’ latest sport watch—the NSR 200. The sporty multifunction features a 44mm stainless steel case with navy or black top ring. The NSR 200 is available in a signature white and navy version with bold pops of red that captures the essence of the Nautica brand. Also available in royal or navy blue with pops of white, or black with pops of either orange or yellow, the NSR 200 proves that color is for all seasons. ABOUT NAUTICA Founded in 1983, Nautica® is a leading global lifestyle brand ranging from men’s, women’s and children’s apparel and accessories to a complete home collection. Nautica® products are refi ned casual classics inspired and energized by the water that are always crisp, clean and distinct. Today Nautica® is available in more than 75 countries with 256 Nautica® branded stores worldwide. In 2003, the Company was acquired by VF Corporation, a global leader in branded lifestyle apparel with more than 30 brands, including Wrangler®, The North Face®, Lee®, Vans®, Nautica®, 7 For All Mankind®, Eagle Creek®, Eastpak®, Ella Moss®, JanSport®, lucy®, Kipling®, Majestic®, Napapijri®, Red Kap®, Reef®, Riders®, Splendid®, Smartwool® and Timberland®. 150



Adventures in Time Keeping

Inspired by the Timberland’s New England roots, the winter leather timepiece collection is rugged yet refined, and outdoor-ready. Timberland blends its rugged heritage with more modern, tailored and sophisticated elements to create a range of styles that are ready for anything the day brings. With earthy color palettes that are ontrend and versatile, this collection adds both form and function to all of your adventures and has you ready for anything. Keep time comfortably with performance features and styling that effortlessly transition from any weather, adventure or occasion to the next. The collection combines natural fabrics along with soft and durable materials, allowing you to take on any adventure – whether that’s in the city or a trail – in true Timberland fashion.


news TBL_015_BTC_210x280mm_091214.indd 1

12/9/2014 2:51:15 PM

Rocks The Swiss World This holiday season, Diesel introduces the first Swiss-made offering that abandons the rulebook with pleasure and rocks the Swiss watch world: a limited edition showcasing a distinctive outlook through a high quality product. Handcrafting techniques and refined manufactory once again meet the iconic Diesel DNA, bringing it to the next level: Diesel’s Swiss watch delivers revolutionary design and hardware execution with bold intricacy and depth. Elegance takes a backseat to an unabashed style statement so larger-than-life, it scares luxury stiff. Featuring independently assembled case lugs, a multifaceted bezel, an aggressive pusher framework and RONDA startech Swiss quartz chronograph movement, this timeframe boasts exaggeration across every square centimeter. Traditionally reserved for mechanical movements, this timeframe’s exhibition case back delivers a dash of ironic detail by showcasing the quartz battery, providing a one-of-a-kind aesthetic: an unconventional touch, rocking the world of Swiss horlogerie! Diesel Swiss will be available in select Diesel retailers and wholesale locations worldwide. Only 555 will be produced.

Diesel Swiss, for the truly brave.



Mr. Daddy 2.0 This Fall, Diesel Timeframes boldly elevates its most revered collection to a new level of signature style. Introducing Mr. Daddy 2.0, an advanced versionof the iconic Daddy series. Featuring an intricacy-redefining multi-layer dial, four time zones and a fresh case update, Mr. Daddy 2.0 delivers cutting-edge design elements so far ahead of the curve, there’s no point in trying to catch up. Inspired by tactical gear and gauge read-outs, this groundbreaking style is fully equipped with aggressive lug shapes, unique hardware and a highly complex dial with more dimensions and graphics than ever before. Mr. Daddy 2.0 is available in sleek leather straps and sculpted stainless steel bracelets. Mr. Daddy 2.0 delivers the most innovative, most rebellious fashion statement of the season. Are you brave enough?



ISN’T YOUR TYPICAL CAMOUFLAGE Diesel timeframes wants to introduce camouflage in a way that makes you stand out from

THE CROWD - NOT BLEND IN! Camouflage is a timeless ‘Diesel icon’: it is intrinsic to Diesel and is a part of the foundations of the brand today. Military mood meets street-style, a view of the past and a route to the future for Diesel capturing the youthful spirit of the brand. NOT SO CAMO blends a pixelated digital camouflage pattern with a unique reflective material treatment, creating an effect that can be enjoyed into the late night hours. This unique camouflage Pattern is perfectly complemented with a black-plated case and electric green dial accents. 156


Titoni… Shaping Masterpieces

Titoni proudly presents the Impetus VII as its addition to the refined collection. This sleek timepiece with aesthetic details sets new standards in the already exceptional line. The extremely flat watch case houses a classic white dial with carefully crafted indexes set with sparkling stones and two polished roman figures at 6 and 12 o’clock. The automatic mechanical movement precisely defines the pace for the fine hour- minute- and second hands as well as the date indication at 3 o’clock. Its elegant interior is enclosed with scratch-resistant and anti-reflective flat sapphire crystal glass gracefully held by a round stainless steel two-tone watchcase with ayellow PVD coated bezel. A perfectly matching two-tone bracelet with double fold over buckle with pushers completes this balanced timepiece.

Discover the adventurer in you SEASCOPER

The Impetus VII is a worthy new successor in the long tradition of the sleek Impetus line and reflects Titoni’s true passion for the fine art of watchmaking. A heritage the Swiss family business has embraced for generations. 158


We take exquisite care of each and every process: design, fabrication, assembly of the mechanism, transportation and customer service. We combine tradition and modernity with the awareness that the importance lies in the details. This way of working allows us to bear the Swiss Made seal of quality, a symbol of the excellence that only products made in Switzerland carry. Candino conducts quality controls at all levels of the manufacturing process. Further, a fast and efficient after-sales service reinforces this warranty and contributes to our good reputation among outlets.

CLASSIC Collection The purest elegance shaped into timeless pieces that stand the test of time. A perfectly coordinated symphony that reaches the sublime with precision.

ELEGANCE Collection Sophisticated and contemporary, the elegance of forms incarnate in dazzling authentic Swiss watches. Each detail that makes up the elegance range denotes style and quality.



Latest Watch Collection Festina was founded in 1902 in Switzerland. In 1984 Miguel Rodriguez, a Spanish Industrialist, bought the brand and since then Festina is the leading brand of the Festina Group. With an unquestionable prestige and all over the world Festina transcends fashion and sets trends for others to follow. Synonym with elegance, functionality, style and sporting spirit, Festina is the watch for those looking for convenience, reliability, outstanding quality for a good price. Festina, since the beginning, has been closely linked to sports and sporting events such as cycling because the challenge in sport is also universal. With a character that is market globally and widely Festina transmits values that echo in every part of the planet.


Watches that combine color with a large case. These watches are bound to seduce.



CERAMIC: THE STUFF BEAUTY IS MADE OF Urban, cosmopolitan spirit for a woman who chooses ceramics to dress her time.


The world of cycling is the driving force behind a collection that competes with itself every year.


2 Cer_079_Linkwatches_210x280mm_271113.indd 1

11/26/2013 11:19:11 AM

BTC Owned Retail Network BTC Exclusive



Cairo BTC EX, City Stars Mall

Cairo, City Stars Mall, Shop # 1210


BTC EX, Semiramis Intercontinental Hotel

Cairo, Semiramis Intercontinental Hotel lobby


Giza, First Mall, Four Seasons Hotel, Shop # 102


Giza BTC EX, First Mall




Cairo Link, City Stars Mall 1

Cairo, City Stars Mall, Shop # 358B


Link, City Stars Mall 2

Cairo, City Stars Mall, Shop # 113


Link, Golf City Mall

Cairo, El Obour City, Shop # 26B


Link, Korba

Cairo, Heliopolis


Link, Sun City Mall

Cairo, Sun City Mall, Heliopolis, Shop # D48


Link, Festival City

Cairo, Festival City, New Cairo. Shop # 2-014 B


Link, Dandy Mall

Giza, Dandy Mall, Shop # 83 A


Link, Mall of Arabia

Giza, 6 October, Shop # SGO 462


Alexandria, City Center Mall, Shop # 11







Link, City Center Mall

Cairo BTC, El Akkad

Cairo, Nasr City


BTC, Tiba

Cairo, Nasr City


BTC, City Stars Mall

Cairo, City Stars Mall, Shop # 250


BTC, Kasr El Nile

Cairo, Down Town


BTC, Korba

Cairo, Heliopolis


BTC, Shobra

Cairo, Shobra


BTC, El Obour

Cairo, Heliopolis


BTC, Golf City Mall

Cairo, El Obour City, Shop # 26


BTC, Sun City Mall

Cairo, Sun City Mall, Heliopolis, Shop # B2 A


BTC, Festival City

Cairo, Festival City, New Cairo. Shop # 2-014 A


TISSOT Boutique

Cairo, City Stars Mall, Shop # 248


SWATCH Boutique

Cairo, City Stars Mall, Shop # 1220


Giza BTC, Dandy Mall

Giza, Dandy Mall, Shop # 132


BTC, Mall of Arabia

Giza, 6 October, Shop # SGO 461


BTC, Down Town

Alexandria, Down Town

+20 34877985

BTC, City Center Mall

Alexandria, City Center Mall, Shop # 33


SWATCH Boutique

Alexandria, Sanstefano Mall, Shop # 5G





Cairo BTC DFS, Cairo Airport T1

Cairo, Heliopolis


BTC DFS, Cairo Airport T3

Cairo, Heliopolis


BTC DFS, Hurghada Airport

Hurghada, Red Sea


BTC DFS, El Sheikh Airport

Sharm El Sheikh, Red Sea






Btc watches news magazine 5th issue  
Btc watches news magazine 5th issue  

Btc watches news magazine 5th issue