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Support is a two-way street


ollaboration. It is a powerful word and is prominent in the mission and vision statements of Bryan Health. Collaboration also is the central theme for our 2013 Community Benefit Report and our Annual Report on Giving. Collaboration is at work through

your very gracious support. Gifts of both time and treasure eclipsed $4.7 million in 2013. And it is evident in our investment into our communities. Bryan’s quantifiable community benefit — more than $71 million in 2013 — is extraordinarily impactful. As a Nebraska owned and

governed nonprofit, Bryan Health is acutely aware and attentive to the region’s health needs and you have deemed us worthy of your philanthropic support. In 2014 and beyond, in order to move Forward, we must continue to work Together. Thank you for your support and we are honored to care

Our supporters

Bryan employee giving in CY 2013

Total number of donors .......................................... $1,1 12,791 Total number of gifts ............................................... $1 ,1 10,321 Average per donor .................................................... $ 1,305

Number of employee donors ................................ $1,1 11,773 Dollars committed .................................................... $1,457,000

Investing in a healthy future Total private support generated during Calendar Year 2013 to benefit Bryan Health: Gifts and pledges from individuals, corporations and foundations .......................... $2,330,044 Planned gifts .............................................................. $1,177,148 Subtotal ....................................................................... $3,507,192 In kind gifts ................................................................ $0 136,199 Volunteer support* .................................................. $1,147,317 Subtotal ....................................................................... $1,283,516 Total charitable support for Bryan Health in CY 2013 .................................................................. $4,790,708 * 823 volunteers served throughout Bryan Health and contributed 51,821 hours of service in CY 2013, valued at $1,147,317. The Institute of Philanthropy quantifies the value of each hour of service at $22.14.

How gifts were designated by donors Bryan Medical Center clinical and support departments Bryan College of Health Sciences College of Health Sciences scholarships Crete Area Medical Center Other

Gifts to be received at a future date Number of confirmed estate gifts in FY 2013 to benefit Bryan Health ................. $1,11 2,212 Cumulative confirmed estate gifts ....................... 49 Historical average estate gift to the Bryan Foundation .................................... $1, 160,000 Average amount of confirmed planned gifts received in CY 2013, with a disclosed amount, and to be received at a future date** ............................... $ ,135,200 ** Confirmed gifts without a disclosed amount are not factored in the amount listed. other

clinical & support $2,016,933 college COLLEGE of health OF HEALTH sciences SCIENCES $812,202 $849,183

$2,016,933 $1,849,183 $ , 488,833 $1 ,152,366 $ 0136,076


scholarships $488,833

crete area medical center $152,366

Bold type indicates amounts which exceeded totals from the previous year.



Bryan Health community benefits report

Community receives more than $71 million Health Professionals Education 2.9% Unreimbursed Cost of Medicaid and Other Public Programs 19.9%

Other Community Programs & Subsidized Services 2.5 % Cash & In-kind Contributions 0.7%

Cost of Charity Care 18.6% Unreimbursed Cost of Medicare 55.4%

Cost reported for the year ended May 31, 2013 $13,222,981

Cost of charity care Free or discounted health services provided to patients who cannot afford to pay and who meet all the criteria for financial assistance. Charity care does not include bad debt.


Unreimbursed cost of Medicaid and other public programs Represents the shortfall between the actual unpaid cost of providing care and payments received from the government.


Health professionals education Cost of providing accredited training and education programs for physicians, nurses and other health professionals through residency education and continuing medical education, plus financial support of the cost of the College of Health Sciences.


Other community programs and subsidized services Activities and programs carried out to improve community health and wellness; and health care services that are subsidized because they meet an identified need in the community.


Cash and in-kind contributions Cash and in-kind donations to other non-profit organizations for charitable purposes.


Unreimbursed cost of Medicare Represents the shortfall between the actual unpaid cost of providing care and payments received from the government.


Total cost of community benefits provided and the unpaid cost of Medicare



For 3 friends,

Friends Chrissy Frye (left), Rose Kotwas and B.A. Fisser benefited from HeartAware screenings.



HeartAware screenings lead to better lifestyle choices


t was free,” B.A. Fisser of Lincoln remembers. “So, we figured, why not give it a try?” In the spring of 2013, B.A. received a flier in her home mail, with intriguing information about the online Bryan Health HeartAware Screening which helps individuals assess and identify their potential risk for heart disease. Bringing the mailer to work, B.A. shared the information with her friend, Rose Kotwas, thinking it might be a good idea to check out this free resource. Having recently enrolled in a weight reduction program, the two women were curious to discover how their numbers measured up. Rose acted first, visiting the Bryan Health website to complete the HeartAware screening, answering a variety of questions regarding family history, blood pressure, cholesterol, stress and more. At the completion of the online screening, Rose received a report outlining the status of her health. “I couldn’t believe all of the red flags that popped up on the report!” says Rose. Determined to be proactive about her health, Rose made an appointment with Bryan Health early detection coordinator Bobbi Clinch, RN. Helping Rose understand the results of her screening and make sense of the numbers, Bobbi recommended two follow-up tests to add physical details to the picture of her heart health. Over the next few weeks, Rose saw her primary physician to have a carotid scan and calcium test done. Reports showed no blockage and no calcium. “That was very reassuring to hear!” says Rose. Soon after, B.A. completed her own online screening and scheduled time with Bobbi to discuss improvements for optimal health. She also scheduled a carotid test. “It was a healthy birthday present to myself!” B.A. says. A favorable test result gave her confidence to continue her journey toward weight loss and improving her blood pressure and cholesterol.

News of the HeartAware screening, benefits and findings soon spread to Chrissy Frye, another co-worker and friend within the same office. Plagued by job stress, Chrissy was concerned about her blood pressure. These symptoms prompted Bobbi to call Michael Pace, MD, Chrissy’s physician. Dr. Pace saw Chrissy the next day and after testing, he called Bryan Heart and for a cardiology consult. Chrissy had a heart procedure that same day. “I was nervous about the procedure,” says Chrissy. “But Bobbi was there for me, the entire time.” Fortunately, the results were negative. Nevertheless, Chrissy realized she needed to start managing the stressors in her life before they generated bigger issues. “As a result of the HeartAware screening program, we’re all making better choices,” says Rose. “We’re truly thankful for this program and the personalized care available through Bobbi Clinch.” B.A., Rose and Chrissy continue to improve their health through diet, exercise and friendly accountability, knowing the HeartAware screening is always just a click away. n To learn more about the HeartAware screening, visit Free screenings also are available for assessing risks for lung cancer (LungAware), vascular disease (VascularAware) and obstructive sleep disorder (SleepAware), as well as an online depression, anxiety and alcohol screening tool. Early detection coordinator Bobbi Clinch, RN, has more information at 402-481-8018.



Clinic with a Heart provides life-saving assistance “The clinic was truly a godsend,” says Michale Junker. “I’m glad that I was referred that day. The medical and dental experts saved my life. One more day could very well have been my last.” Founded to May 2003, Clinic with a Heart serves the uninsured and underinsured, providing free health care for medical, dental, vision, hearing, physical therapy, chiropractic, mental health and spiritual needs. Bryan Health is one of 11 designated mission teams. One of these regular clinics changed the course of Michale’s life in September 2013. “I originally went to a local urgent care in August because I was having trouble swallowing. I was referred to the emergency room where I was diagnosed with a salivary stone,” Michale explains. “I went home but several weeks later it got worse, so I headed to the Clinic with a Heart, hoping they could find out what was wrong.” A few of Michale’s friends were concerned that it may be linked to a dental problem. As a result, she was seen by the dental team at Clinic with a Heart. “While the dental team did find a decayed tooth, they also said they had never seen anything like my condition,” says Michale. “They referred me to the medical team at Clinic with a Heart, and those three doctors assessed my situation immediately!” The medical team called the Emergency Department at Bryan West Campus to let them know that Michale needed emergency surgery and was on her way to the hospital. With one abscess under her chin and another expanding down the left side of her neck and swelling behind the ear and into the top portion of her chest, swelling was beginning to restrict Michale’s breathing. The medical staff would need to work quickly. Shortly after Michale was admitted to the ER, her first surgery was completed. Another surgery was performed 24 hours later to remove teeth believed to be responsible for the infection, and drain plugs were used for draining fluid from the infected areas. Following a four-day stay at Bryan, Michale was released to recover at home, with a dose of antibiotics and a vitamin regimen. On her way to a complete recovery, Michale is thankful

Clinic with a Heart executive director Teresa Harms (left) and Bryan team leaders Judy Burke, RN, and Judy Zager, RN, are among those who serve our community with free health care for the uninsured and underinsured. for a second chance at life. “I was very lucky to find such intuitive doctors at the Clinic with a Heart, and that they got me to the Bryan team,” Michale says. “Please let all the volunteers and staff know how much I appreciate what they do.” n

For information about Bryan Health’s partnership with Clinic with a Heart, visit To learn how you can support the work of Bryan Health, please call the Bryan Foundation at 402-481-8605.




ryan partnered with these organizations by financially supporting them in Calendar Year 2013:

Nebraska-based nonprofit partner organizations: Association of Peri-operative Registered Nurses Better Business Bureau Inc. CEDARS CenterPointe Inc. Child Advocacy Center Child Guidance Center Christian Record Services Clinic with a Hearrt Cornhusker Council Boy Scouts of America Interchurch Ministries of Nebraska Junior Achievement of Lincoln Lancaster County Crusade Against Cancer Lincoln Children’s Museum Lincoln Children’s Zoo Lincoln East High School Post Prom Lincoln High School Post Prom Lincoln Lutheran High School Post Prom Lincoln Rotary Club #14 Lincoln Southeast High School Post Prom Lincoln YMCA Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital Martin Luther King Freedom Breakfast Matt Talbot Kitchen & Outreach Mental Health Association Nebraska Cancer Research Center Nebraska Chamber of Commerce & Industry Nebraska Nurses Association Nebraska Rural Health Association Nebraska Stroke Association Nebraska Trails Foundation Norris High School Post Prom Palmyra-Bennet-Douglas High School Post Prom Partnership for a Healthy Lincoln People’s Health Partnership Fund Pius X High School Post Prom

Remembering Our Children Southeast Nebraska Cancer Foundation Southwood Lutheran Church St. Monica’s Tabitha Foundation The Arc of Lincoln United Way of Lincoln & Lancaster County Voices for Children in Nebraska Voices of Hope Waverly High School Post Prom

National nonprofit partner organizations: Alzheimer’s Association American Cancer Society American Red Cross

Every year, Bryan partners with organizations throughout the community, such as the Lincoln Children’s Zoo and its October Boo at the Zoo.



Rural hospitals benefit from collaboration


ervice and collaboration are central to Bryan Health. It’s the dedication to these core beliefs that drives the partnership with many rural health care systems throughout the Midwest. With health care constantly changing, the need to collaborate and network is stronger than ever. Bryan Health regional services consultant Margaret Woeppel is familiar with the challenges in rural health care and the

resources these organizations need. “At Bryan Health, we’re often asked to help through the Heartland Health Alliance to educate health care professionals to develop new programs, create educational materials and more,” she says. “We’re honored to serve these communities through our partnership.”

Network enhances care For nearly 20 years, the Heartland Health Alliance (HHA) has assisted member hospitals to provide cost-

effective, high-quality health care through shared services and expertise. This network of 44 rural and urban Nebraska and Kansas hospitals is dedicated to enhancing the delivery of health care. As a charter member of the HHA, Bryan Health adheres to the goal of ensuring each hospital’s local control and autonomy, while providing support to help address changes in the health care environment. The HHA was the catalyst in 2012 for launching a program-specific partnership between Bryan Health and

Collaboration among specialists from Bryan and other Heartland Health Alliance member hospitals leads to better patient care. Some of the team members who helped establish a total joint replacement program at Seward Memorial Hospital are regional services consultant Margaret Woeppel (left), orthopedic program manager Brenda Lieske and nurse manager Patty Evans of Bryan Health, CEO Roger Reamer and nursing director Judy Bors of Seward Memorial Hospital, Dr. Douglas Tewes of Lincoln Orthopaedic Center, and operating room supervisor Bonnie Hentzen; Kelli Whitney, RN; Sara Theobald, RN; Paula Martin, RN; Jennifer Stone, ST; Beverly Hain, CST; Dawn Hain, CST; and (not pictured) Megan Burkey, RN, of the surgery department at Seward Memorial Hospital.



Seward Memorial Hospital. Having completed a recent addition to its facility, Seward Memorial Hospital added a second operating suite and desired to expand its services within the local community. These two variables sparked a conversation to explore the possibility of collaborating on a total joint replacement program.

Learning best practices Orthopedic surgeon Douglas Tewes, MD, of Lincoln has an established clinic at the Seward Memorial Specialty Clinic. By seeking his support of the initiative, the Seward Memorial leadership began the process of enhancing their orthopedic program. While certain members of the hospital team had experience in joint replacement surgery, it was important to learn more about the specific methods and expectations established by Dr. Tewes. Bryan orthopedic program manager Brenda Lieske, RN, helped coordinate program details, staff training, material creation and program protocols. “We believe in hands-on learning, in addition to replicating proven methodology,” says Brenda. “With Seward’s team, we wanted to give them ample training to ensure best evidence-based practices.” Seward Memorial director of nursing Judy Bors and operating room supervisor Bonnie Hentzen were intimately involved in the process, recognizing the value it would bring to their team and Seward area patients. “We selected a variety of individuals, including surgical techs, circulators, physical therapists and nurses from both pre- and

postoperative care to shadow experts at Bryan to expand our knowledge in providing exceptional care,” says Judy. Integral to the success of a total joint replacement program is the instrumentation for the surgery. By bringing the Seward team to an operating suite at Bryan, they were able to shadow the procedure and see first-hand how the instrumentation works and how their role influences patient outcomes. Bonnie notes that it was beneficial for their team to learn and observe Dr. Tewes’ approach to total knee replacement surgery at Bryan. For patients seeking a joint replacement, the education process starts approximately two weeks before surgery. This gives patients the opportunity to ask questions, prepare their home for temporary adjustments and mentally prepare for surgery and recovery.

Educating patients “Post-operative care is a critical piece of the education process. It is a lifestyle change for a little while,” says Bonnie. “We have to ensure that we properly educate patients and discuss realistic expectations for the journey toward recovery.” By partnering with Bryan Health, Seward Memorial also experienced extensive benefits from the vast amount of educational resources available for pre- and postoperative care. “It was helpful to adopt the materials from Bryan Health and then work with Dr. Tewes and our nursing

and communications teams to modify the material for our specific environment,” says Judy. “The sharing of resources has been one of the most unique benefits of this partnership.” To introduce the the new program to the community, Seward Memorial Hospital created a communications campaign involving local advertising, physician outreach and a presentation from Dr. Tewes that was attended by more than 50 potential patients and family members. “We were very pleased with the reception of the program by the local community,” says Judy. “This allows smaller hospitals like ours to better serve their community members, as patients can experience surgery and recovery close to family and friends.” Bryan Health has worked with several other hospitals, such as Saunders Medical Center in Wahoo, where they helped establish a joint replacement program. Bryan has facilitated preceptor experiences with many HHA hospitals, such as scrub tech training with Butler County Health Care Center in David City, cath lab training with Mary Lanning Memorial Hospital in Hastings and obstetrics training with several HHA member hospitals. “We want to bring value to the patient through strategic relationships such as Heartland Health Alliance,” says Margaret. “It’s central to our belief of service as an organization.” n To learn how you can support programs such as this, please contact the Bryan Foundation by calling 402-481-8605.



Guests salute caregivers Our patients and their families made gifts to Bryan in honor of these physicians and employees, who went beyond expectations to provide exceptional service. Hernan Aguilos Frances Alcarde-Suyo Erica J. Alexander Toria Amerson Daniel Anderson Jordan Anderson Rachelle L. Archer Stacy Arkfeld Nicole Babst Mandy R. Backes Amanda J. Bade Jane M. Bailey-Pryce Deste D. Baptiste Molle Barker Alex Bartucci Melissa Bartels Sarah Barth Tandy N. Becher Courtney E. Beckman Jane Bedient Shari Best Kristi Beyer Josie Bloom Kelli Blum Kristie L. Boehm Gay Bogan Lindsey M. Booker Tyler L. Borchers Andrea Brandt Katee M. Brinkman Jenna Bristol Todd Brown Lisa M. Brumm Aliza M. Brusing Sydney Burns Dr. Reginald Burton Patricia Carlstedt Cortney Chapin Angela Clark Chrissie Ann Coleman Gwen Cook Dr. John Cordova Chelsey Corlett Mary Cramm Holli Creek Joshua Crosgrove Kelley Darr Pat Deisch Molly Delatour Wendy Dunn

Calli Earhart Marissa Ebel Sally A. Eppenbach Paige M. Fellers Jennifer Fleck Ashley Flink Talia R. Friesen Dr. Timothy M. Gardner Suzanne Gasper Chelsey B. Genrich Sani Glissman Shelby L. Goering Melinda Gonzalez Ashlee Gratz Susan Gripp Taryn Gronemeyer Janet J. Hall Cynthia L. Hamik Nichole L. Hanson Annie Hauptman Leslie D. Hayes Jane E. Heine Katie Hepburn Nguyet T. Ho Abigail Hoefer Twila Hoferer Julie Hoffman Mary Ellen Hook Lacey J. Huber Lisa Huettner Emily Hughes Sarah Jacobsen Jamie Jaixen Lacey Jarecke Windey Jensen Alyssa Johnson

Ashley M. Jurey Jackie Just Kristoffer Kaiser Kathy M. Kastl Amanda Kaser-Malousek Katheryn Kathe Lindsey Keeler Ruth Ann Kellner Timothy J. Kelly Katelin Keown Amy King Sandra Kirchner Sarah Kirchoff Kelli Klopfenstein Megan Knievel Cathleen Krauter Adelyn J. Kroeker Lauren Kroeker Christine Kunz Catherine Kurpgeweit Alyssa Laschanzky Dr. Sean Leach Carrie Lebsack Amelia Lemke Teresa Lesoing Lisa Lerdahl Nancy Leavitt Lauren Lewellen Heidi Little Deanna Lloyd Elizabeth Loper Brian Luedke Andrew Lundstrom Ashley L. Lundstrom Danielle Malchow Mary Malmkar

Janice Malone Morgan N. Mann Dr. Lisa Mansur Peggy Maresh Gail Marino Kathryn R. Masur Alicia McCune Archie C. Mickles Cynthia Mix Trinette Monzon Callie M. Moore Sarah Musil Jodi Nelson Dr. Jennifer Nickolite Lindsay Nielsen Randi Nielsen Karen Nissen Dr. Robert Oakes Betty Oaks Karen Oetken Dr. Stanley E. Okosun Beth Oldfield Jessica L. Palmer Amy Pandorf Julie A. Papendick David Paprocki Brittany M. Pengra Danielle N. Penkava DeAnna Pflanz Marcya Phillips Wendy Pieper Stephanie C. Powell Kelcy Praeuner Erin E. Pulec Erin Putney Emily Rademacker Nick Rainforth Norma Rath Jessica Reeb Seth Reher Paige A. Reikofski Jonathon Reimer Theresa Retzlaff Aylasha Reyes Virginia Roethemeyer Azusa Ronhovde Kalan Root Beth Roth Lisa Rothgeb Malynda Royuk

Tamra Ruoff Tabitha J. Russell Melanie Ruz-Nuglo Rosalie Saalfeld Darla C. Sammons Deanna Sand Sheryl Sanders Katie Sausman Vicki Schappert Nicole D. Schlautman Elizabeth Schroeder Scott Schroeder Serena Schweitzer Allison R. Selig Monika Serie Nicole Shaffer Kelly Shannon Diane Shriver Curtis Shumaker Dena R. Siedenberg Micaela Simon Teri Smith Jalayne Stauffer Barbara Suing Dyanna E. Swanigan Heather Talbott Kimberly Tallman Ashley J. Talsma Codi Thieman Dr. Richard B. Thompson Mary Thompson Dr. Daniel J. Tomes Susan Uland Silvia Umana Ruth Van Gerpen Heather Valenzuela Benjamin Van Horn Joseph Van Den Hoven Meesha A. Vollertsen Dee Vollman Jennifer Volz Cody N. Vrtiska Bandy Wahlstrom Emily Walker Dr. Ryan T. Whitney Christine S. Wilhelm Erin Willnerd Jeanine Worley Jacquelyn L. Wright Cassandra Zitek



Changing lives through Alta’s legacy


n anonymous gift given more than 65 years ago is the motivating factor for a new scholarship for Bryan School of Nursing students. Pictured in her white nursing cap for her graduation photo, sporting a wide, confident smile, Alta Wickless was the epitome of nursing. A compassionate individual with a vivid sense of humor, Alta was known for helping others build their clinical skills by digging deep into the archives of her experience, putting others at ease during the learning process. Born to hard-working, tenant farmers during the Great Depression, Alta Riley was the oldest of three. Tilling, growing and harvesting what they could, the Riley family lived off the land, bartering only for goods such as sugar and other staples. Like most during the Depression era, Alta was not in a favorable position to pursue higher education. But she didn’t let that stop her. Taking a job as a nanny, Alta scrimped and saved every penny she could, to fund her nursing dream. A year later, she was able to begin classes at Missouri Methodist School of Nursing in St. Joseph. However, with 12 months to go, she faced a difficult decision. “She was out of money,” explains her son, Jim Wickless. “She was going to drop out of school so she could work and save more

A new Bryan College of Health Sciences scholarship honors former instructor Alta Wickless. money for books and tuition.” Amazingly, just as she was about to withdraw from nursing school, Alta learned that someone had paid for her final year. “She didn’t know who had done such a generous thing,” Jim says. “And she didn’t find out until many years later.” Alta graduated in 1941 and began working at Missouri Methodist Hospital. Moving to Lincoln in 1947, she worked as a nurse at Bryan for 22 years, beginning on 2nd South before becoming the first head nurse of the intensive/coronary unit. In 1970, she joined the nursing faculty at Bryan School of Nursing.

Alta’s daughter, Joanie Lindsey, says teaching was an excellent fit for her mother. “Students lovingly called her Granny,” says Joanie. “She took everyone under her wing, bringing the curriculum to life by sharing her own personal experiences.” Alta passed away Nov. 8, 2012 at age 92. Her family wanted to honor her legacy and pass on the generosity that was so graciously shared with her. “We wanted to establish a scholarship to help individuals based solely on financial need,” says Joanie. “It’s very important to help those, like our mother, who might not otherwise be able to pursue a career in nursing.” Shortly before Alta’s passing, the family did learn the identity of the anonymous donor — one of Alta’s nursing instructors had paid for her tuition. “Through our mother’s life, that woman’s financial gift has impacted hundreds of people,” Jim says. “We hope this scholarship will carry forth that original act of generosity to impact hundreds more.” n To learn more about the Alta Wickless Memorial Scholarship and how your gift can support the Bryan College of Health Sciences, please call the Bryan Health Foundation at 402-481-8605.



William Jennings Bryan Society The William Jennings Bryan Society recognizes people who have invested in the future of Bryan through a planned gift.

Carl J. Ander Diane & Steve Andersen Marilyn M. Baker Vilis & Helen Berst Mary H. Brown Frances Buell Joseph & Margaret Carlson Dr. Carolyn Cody Edward L. Cooley James Cuddeford Ken & Shirley Dermann Dr. Alan & Karen Domina Duane Fjellin Gerald & Nancy Gondringer Jim & Margaret Griesen Ron & Colleen Groepper

Richard Hansen Dorothy & Francis Haskins Catherine & Gregory Hershberger Lloyd & Donna Hinkley Phylis Hollamon Diane & Larry Kathol Dr. Alexander & Jeanine Kingsley Nelis Lago Tom & Penha Lesoing Lynette & Bruce McKeag Dr. Bruce & Suzanne Miller Rev. Dr. Clarke & Sharon Mundhenke David Patrick Harold & Marilyn Pfeiffer Verla & Tom Plummer Bob & Karen Ravenscroft

Dr. Vonn & Debra Roberts Cheryl Rourke Sharri Rowley Kimberly A. Russel Robert Schiebinger Diane Snapp Jerry & Barbara Solomon Jim & Suanne Stange Mark Stephens David & Linda Sundberg David Thompson Virginia & Burnell Von Seggern Barbara & Rex Walker Patricia & Clinton Webb Herm & Helen Wiebers David & Shirley Wilcox

Cecil Albert Estate Bryan Medical Center Bryan Volunteers & Customer Care Aaron Buckstaff (DC) The Community Health Endowment of Lincoln Crete Area Health Care Foundation Davis Design E. J. Faulkner Estate

The Hawks Foundation Wayne & Nancy Hester Albert & Lois Hoesch Estate Phylis Hollamon Christine Janda (DC) The Kim Foundation Lincoln Hospital Association Elizabeth M. Miller Estate Robert E. & Mary J. Moore (DC)

Rogers Foundation Lee & Betty Schroeder (DC) Donald R. & Mary L. (DC) Swanson Mary G. & Duane T. Swanson (DC) John L. & Sophy H. Teeters (DC) Union Bank & Trust Company

Bryan Heart Bryan Medical Center West Auxiliary Dr. Carolyn Cody Frederick and Hallie Houtz Estate Dorothy & Francis Haskins HealthLincoln Inc. Lincoln Community Foundation Inc. Lincoln Radiology Group

Medtronic Charles & Esther Miller Estate Harold & Marilyn Pfeiffer Vance & Barbara Rogers (DC) Kimberly A. Russel & Dr. Dirk Brom Richard Saduikis Estate Sampson Construction Company John and Laura Slife (DC)

Diane Snapp Ken Snider Mary Swanson Trust US Bank Odeth Wall (DC)

Duane & Phyllis Acklie Robert Allington Estate Ameritas Charitable Foundation Jean Ames Trust Agnes Asmussen Estate Assurity Life Insurance Company Raymond Becker (DC) Bryan Medical Center Administration Bryan School of Nurse Anesthesia Bryan Women’s Board Dr. Reginald Burton & Dr. Jamie Snyder Wayne E. Carnicle Estate Carver Trust Fund City of Lincoln

Eleanor Dixon Estate DKJL Family Foundation J.E. Dunn Construction Company Alice G. Eberhard Estate Electronic Contracting Company Emergency Medical Services Dale Fadschild Estate Duane Fjellin Helene Fuld Trust Fun Tours Dr. Lewis Harris (DC) Independence Center Alumni Association Kinder Porter Scott Family Foundation

Lincoln Industries MDS Pharma Services Stuart Nichols (DC) Pathology Medical Services Mildred Rowley (DC) Sandhills Publishing Fern Swanson (DC) Swing Against Cancer Woods Charitable Fund

Founders Cumulative gifts of $250,000 or more "My place in history will depend on what I can do for the people and not what the people can do for me." – William Jennings Bryan

(DC) indicates deceased.

Leaders Cumulative gifts of $100,000$249,999 "Service is the measure of greatness." – William Jennings Bryan

(DC) indicates deceased.

Builders Cumulative gifts of $50,000$99,999 "He is greatest who does the most good." – William Jennings Bryan

(DC) indicates deceased.



Progressives Cumulative gifts of $25,000$49,999 "Only the active have the true relish of life." – William Jennings Bryan

Abel Foundation Craig & Devon Ames Carl & Jane (DC) Ander Bob & Ann Brown Bryan School of Nursing Alumni Association Commercial Investment Properties Edward & Doris (DC) Cooley

Joseph Cooper Estate Cornhusker Bank Lois Dargeloh Dialysis Center of Lincoln Donlan Foundation EducationQuest Foundation EPreward Inc. Richard & Kimberly Evnen Ken & Deb Foster Don Freeman Jan Garvin Genentech Russ & Jane Gronewold Viola Hronis (DC) Everett & Mary Jane Knoche (DC) Wilma Kuster (DC) Dr. Glen & Elba Lau Charles (DC) & Hermine Leffler

Bill & Judy Lewis Arthur & Gladys Marquardt (DC) Florence Mauroules Lynette & Bruce McKeag Daniel (DC) & Ruth McPherson NAI/FMA Realty Nebraska Emergency Medicine Nebraska Hospital Association Nebraska Trauma & Acute Care Surgery Pfizer Quest Diagnostics Bob & Karen Ravenscroft The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Ruth Schwartz (DC) Jerry & Barbara Solomon Donna Stone (DC)

James & Barb Stuart The Stuart Family Foundation Shirley Travis UNICO Group W. K. Kellogg Foundation Ron & Valery Wachter Robert Wade Trust Patricia & Clinton Webb Wells Fargo William (DC) & Mae Whitmer Ross & Judy Wilcox Doug & Lois Wilson Windstream John & Jeannie Woodrich

Cooper Foundation Jim Cuddeford Nick & Ann Cusick Roger & Gayle-Ann Douglas William & Betty Dresser Mike & Terri Dunlap DuTeau - Chevrolet Subaru Company Eells Trust T.A. Filipi Estate Neil (DC) & Gail Finsand FirsTier Bank Dean & Debbie Fisher Ted & Marlene (DC) Forke Harriet Fort (DC) Ruth Foster Estate Dr. Deepak Gangahar Dr. Benjamin Gelber General Mills Foundation Generals’ Club Dr. Charles & Carolyn Gregorius Jim & Margaret Griesen Guidepoint Global Richard Hansen Ron & Chris Harris Ron & Chris Harris Charitable Foundation Ruth Hartley (DC) Leonard Hartwig (DC) Larry & Sandy Harvey Dr. Bob & Helen Hayes Frank & Liz Hilsabeck Lloyd & Donna Hinkley George & Alice Holmstedt (DC) Craig Howlett Kathleen Howlett IMSCORP Don B. Johnson (DC) Mabel H. Johnston Estate Harold & Charlotte (DC) Kelley Kensington Quilters

Drs. Elizabeth & Steven Lau Rick & Anita Leggott Lincoln Association of Health Underwriters Lincoln General Hospital Foundation Lincoln Insurance Group Lincoln Telephone & Telegraph Lincoln Voiture 103 Marv & June Lyman Paul & Kay Maize Drs. Christopher & Erin Masada Jim & Georgianne Mastera Campbell McConnell Suzanne McMasters Dr. Clyde & Susan Meckel Wynn & Sheila Mehlhaff Dr. Andrew & Jaine Merliss Cheryl & Marty Miller Marilyn & David Moore Ken & Pat Morrison Angie & Dan Muhleisen Clarke & Sharon Mundhenke Tressie Murdock Estate National Park Service Nebraska Community Blood Bank Nebraska Heart Institute Robert & Mary Nefsky Lucille Nefsky Estate Jodi & Dan Nelson Jim & Ginger Nissen Novartis Consumer Health Olney Foundation, Inc. David & Ruth Patrick Elvin L. Platt Estate Purdue Lecture Program Group Mrs. E.B Reed (DC) Dr. John & Kay Reed Dr. Herb & Ginny Reese (DC) Region V Services Susan & Paul Rego

Dr. Vonn & Debra Roberts Karen Rock Sharri Rowley Runza National Rural Health Partners, Inc. Saint Elizabeth Regional Medical Center Steven D. Salisbury Trust Schneider (USA) Inc. Florence & Paul Schorr (DC) Schwisow Construction, Inc. June Smith SmithKline Beecham Southeast Nebraska Hematology & Oncology Consultants Jim & Suanne Stange State of Nebraska Stuart Foundation Sutter Place Interiors Swanson Russell Takeda Pharmaceuticals North America Thoratec TierOne Bank VHA Dr. Walt (DC) & Joann Weaver Helen Weber Weller Foundation Dr. Vernon & Janet Westberg Dr. Ryan & Marietta Whitney Herm & Helen Wiebers Dr. Eric & Kathleen Williams Lynn & Robyn Wilson Shirley & Carl Wohlfarth Dr. Larry Wood Woods Bros Realty Wyeth Ayerst Laboratories Verla & Gordon Youngquist

(DC) indicates deceased.

Defenders Cumulative gifts of $10,000$24,999 “There can be no settlement of great cause without discussion.” – William Jennings Bryan

Action For Students Alpha Phi Ameritias Financial Services Associated Anesthesiologists Viola Babcock Trust Bailey Lauerman Sam & Joyce Baird Oliver Baker Memorial Trust Dr. John Baldwin Nadyne Bauer Ellen & Pat Beans Bob & JoAnne Bettenhausen Bettenhausen Family Foundation Esther Beynon (DC) Ray & Betty Bloomquist Marshall & Jennie Borchert Dr. Brian & Monica Bossard Brester Construction, Inc. Bryan Medical Staff Osvalds & Daila Bumanis Burlington Northern Foundation Ruth Jones Cadwallader (DC) Dick & Kathy Campbell Jack (DC) & Mary Carey Alda Carlson Jack Carnie George & Elaine Carr Dr. Stephen Carveth Cline Williams Wright Johnson & Oldfather

(DC) indicates deceased.



Young parents support NICU at Bryan

A great experience

Tifini, TJ and Izabella Olson want other families to have fond memories of the neonatal intensive care unit at Bryan.




hen you’re expecting a baby, the NICU is the last thing on your mind.” Tifini and TJ Olson were ecstatic to learn they were going to be parents. After 14 months of hoping and waiting, the pregnancy test finally read positive! The new addition to their family was scheduled to arrive in September 2012. But three months before the due date, the timetable changed. “My water started to break,” Tifini explains. “But it was way too early for that to be happening.” After calling her doctor, Tifini and TJ rushed to the Labor and Delivery unit at Bryan. When the Olsons arrived, the medical team did everything possible to delay delivery; however, after 48 hours, tiny baby Izabella was delivered at the fragile age of 27 weeks. “Until that moment, I’d always assumed I’d carry my baby full-term,” says Tifini. “We hadn’t even thought about exploring the NICU, or learning more about care for premature infants.” But as the situation unfolded, the neonatial intensive care unit was their new home for the next 56 days. Tifini jumped into her role as a new mom very quickly, wanting to spend as much time as possible with her daughter. Staying at the hospital for 54 of the 56 days Izabella was in the NICU, Tifini is very thankful that hospitality rooms, showers and laundry areas were available in the Bryan Family Birthplace. “Even being able to wash my baby’s clothing provided me with a sense of normalcy,” Tifini says. Having a preemie brings a whole new language, along with a long list of doctors, nurses and therapists. While it may overwhelm mothers and fathers, the Olsons recommend taking notes and asking questions. “You all need to be on Team Baby,” explains Tifini. “You are your daughter’s advocate. When you have questions or concerns, the medical team at Bryan Health listens to you and makes you feel like you’re working toward a common goal.” Goals are very important to progress in the NICU. For Izabella Olson, charting milestones like weight gain, responsiveness and the ability to breathe on her own kept Tifini and TJ focused on the future.

“Because of every single person involved in the NICU, we were able to bring Izabella home four weeks ahead of schedule,” says Tifini. Being familiar with the Olsons’ experience with their daughter, the Bryan Health Foundation reached out to Tifini and TJ during the launch of the Sweet Baby Blues event, which will raise money to create a healing garden for the NICU. This private area will help families cope with the emotional roller coaster that often accompanies premature infant care, making it possible to relax, reflect and recharge on the same floor as their infant son or daughter. In addition to financially supporting Sweet Baby Blues, the Olsons also channel their experience to support other NICU families with Christmas gifts for babies and notes and gift cards for necessities. As residents of Murdock, a small community outside of Lincoln, the Olsons appreciated how little things, like groceries and gas cards, helped them during Izabella’s stay in the NICU, and they understand the difference such things can make for others. “When we were at Bryan, the doctors and nurses made us feel like Izabella was the only baby in their care,” Tifini says. “We want others to have a great experience at Bryan Health and are honored to help the NICU continue to grow.” n To learn more about how you can support the NICU and other women’s and children’s programs at Bryan, contact the Bryan Health Foundation at 402-481-8605.

Now an active toddler, Izabella is achieving milestones.



Music is newest therapy in


generous gift from retired music therapist Shirley Cole soon will have patients tapping their toes and singing their words — literally. Thanks to Shirley, Bryan Health Rehabilitation Services is adding music therapy to its inpatient therapy modalities. “We’re always looking for new approaches to assist patients with recovery from serious illness or injury,” director Linda Stones notes. “This gift allows us to make music therapy available to help patients develop and refine skills during the recovery process.” A clinical and evidence-based approach, music therapy addresses physical, emotional, cognitive and social needs. After assessing the needs of each patient, music therapists provide specific treatment that may involve creating, singing and moving to and/or listening to music. Through musical involvement in the therapeutic context, patients’ abilities are strengthened and transferred to other areas of their lives.

Real needs, real therapy The road to bringing the new program to Bryan began in the Motor City. Shirley graduated from Wayne State University in Detroit, Mich., where she began a career in music therapy that spanned more than 20 years. The many she helped in nursing homes included stroke patients, people with Alzheimer’s and conditions related to advanced age. “Everyone knows that music

organist, Shirley realized that there were very few music therapists practicing in this part of Nebraska. “We retired in Lincoln because we have family here. I had planned to make a gift to be used after our deaths, but the need for a music therapy program is now, so we wanted this to be able to help now,” she adds.

Meeting unique needs

Shirley Cole’s gift is bringing music therapy to Bryan. is entertaining, but it’s also therapeutic,” she says. “When it’s therapeutic, you have goals for the patient, such as physical or behavioral goals. “In my work with Alzheimer’s patients, we found many whose memories would come back for a short time during therapy, and when they heard music, they began to move — that response is just something that’s basic to human beings.” Shirley and her husband, Jack, grew up in Lincoln. They recently returned to their hometown from Michigan, and she worked at Tabitha and Homestead Rehabilitation Center. When she retired from music therapy and he from his career as a vocal music instructor and church

Linda points out that the rehabilitation program at Bryan is certified in adolescent and adult patient populations and has specialty programs in caring for patients following stroke, brain injuries and amputations. “We will be using this generous gift to provide music therapy to patients in the Inpatient rehabilitation unit at Bryan West Campus, and we’ll look for other areas where patients may benefit,” Linda says. “We tailor treatment plans to the unique needs of each patient. Some respond better to different modalities and approaches. Music therapy is another tool we can provide to help patients meet their treatment goals.” Nicole Jacobs — the first music therapist hired through the new program — has witnessed the transforming power of music therapy. “I’ve used music therapy to help lessen the effects of dementia, reduce pain, improve sleep patterns and bonding with premature infants, manage autism, and improve motor function with a variety of patients,” Nicole says. “I typically use the guitar, auto-harp or percussion instruments as they allow me to better interact with the patient.” Working hand-in-hand with



rehabilitation other medical professionals, music therapists focus on over arching goals developed by the entire health care team. For patients who have suffered a brain injury from an accident or stroke, music therapy can tap into different areas of the brain to help

the patient relearn speech patterns and improve his or her ability to communicate. It may also be helpful to those who find it difficult to express themselves in words. “I’ve helped patients regain the ability to speak through singing,”

Nicole Jacobs is the first music therapist in a new program in Bryan Rehabilitation Services.

Nicole says. “Our abilities to speak and sing originate in different areas. While one area of the brain may be damaged, affecting an individual’s ability to speak, we can retrain this person to ‘sing’ the words using fluctuating tonality, resulting in improved communication.” Music therapy also can make a significant impact when combined with physical therapy to help an individual regain or improve their ability to walk..

Making a difference “Some rhythms just make you want to get up and dance!” says Linda. “Through music, we gain access to a cadence, which can help a patient develop a more consistent ambulation pattern.” Recovery from a major illness or injury requires repetition and hard work. Adding music can raise a patient’s spirits, allowing them to have fun while healing. It also serves as a distraction, and has been proven to help reduce stress and anxiety associated with long recoveries. With intense training, standardized assessments and a focus on goal achievement, music therapy is much more than entertainment. “Making a difference in our patients’ lives is what’s important to us, and our vision at Bryan is to relentlessly pursue excellence,” says Linda. “Music therapy is a fantastic addition to help us in this pursuit!” n To learn how you can support Bryan Health, please contact the Bryan Foundation at 402-481-8605.



Honor Roll of donors for Calendar Year 2013 This list (Pages 14-24) recognizes gifts of $50 or greater in 2013. An asterisk (*) denotes Bryan Health employees as of Dec. 31, 2013. Bud & Kay Abbott Jenny* & Steve Abler Becki* & Ron Ackermann Action for Students Raymond & Henrietta Adam Priscilla* Adams Karen* Adamsheck Deloris & Jerry Adamson Kelsey* Addison Jean Ahlin Malik* Ahmic Hatem* Alali Frances* Alcarde-Suyo Susan* & Delbert Allen April* Allen Alpha Phi Gina* Alvarez Craig & Devon Ames Carl Ander Diane* Andersen Dawn* Andersen Mickey* Andersen Mickey* Anderson Morgan* Anderson Pam* Anderson Cheryl & Robert Anderson Nicole* Anderson Ericksen Dr. Albert*Ansah & Matilda Frimpong Dorthy* & Rob Applegate Jean Armstrong Tiffani* & J J Arndt Arlene Arnold Wendy* Arp Gloria* Arroyo Candy* Ashcraft Jennifer* & Todd Asmus Assurity Life Insurance Company Sharon Moore Aukerman Aaron* Aupperle Katie* & Jeff* Austin Brenda & Regan Avery Janice* & Stacy Ayres Sid & Ken Babcock Sally & Travis Bach Charles Bachinski Kelli* Backman Carrie Badberg Jamie* & Rustin Bader Teri* & Greg Baer Rick* Bagby Deb* & Brad Bailey Renae* Bailey Camille* Bailous Sam & Joyce Baird Barbara* Bakenhus Bob* & Mary Baker Collin* Baker Marilyn Baker Shelley* Baldassano

Lois* Baldwin Anissa* & Mike Ballard Caroline* Barber Charles* Bare Nancy* Bargen Larry* Barkdoll Amy* Barker Susan* Barnason Katie* & Jody Barnes Alicia* Barnes Angela* Barnett Jerome* & Chelsa* Barry Drs. Sean & Stephanie Barry Jerilyn* Barta Edythe & William Bartak Lowell Bartek Marjorie Bartels Christie* Bartelt Sarah* & Gary Barth Terry & Kris Bartholomew Bob & Barbara Bartle Christine* Bartoo Jane & Robert Basoco Brandella* & David Basurto Megan* & Joey Battiato Ann* Bauer Dr. Larry & Jan Bausch Kimberly* & Willis Bax Viron & Mildred Baxter Kristopher* Beahan Debora* Beam Ellen* & Pat Beans Jacalyn* Beau Benjamin* Becher Tandy* Becher Shannon*Becher-Kulwicki & David Kulwicki Deberah* Beck Linda* Becker Rhonda* Becker Courtney* Beckman Jane* Bedient Kama* Bedient Barb* Bedke Jeff* Bedke Vaughn & Teresa Beed Michele* Beekmann Stephanie* Behrens Nicole* Behring Lindsay* & Andrew Beil Edward* Beins Lisa* Belden Roberta Belkin Marsha* Belz Lacey* Belzer Lorri* Benamor Bruce* Benedetto Kathleen* Benes Craig* Benjamin Melinda* Bentjen Ann* & Eric Berg Stacey* Bergantzel Galen* & Megan Bernadt Melanie* Bernadt

Kathryn* Berndt Rebecca* Berner Charles* Berst Sheryl* Best Sharon* & Sam Bethune Deborah* Bevard Debra* & Jack Bewley Dr. Jawed* Bharwani The Big Heart Initiative LLC Tamra Bigger Connie* Binder Gary* Binder Timothy Binder Gregory* Bischof Alla* Bishko Draper & Joyce Bishop Mark* Bisset Darcy* & Jerod Blayney Betty* Bloomquist Ray* Bloomquist Gay & Larry Boardman Deb* & Ed Boehle Kristie* Boehm Gay* Bogan Sharese* Bogguess Julie* Bogle-Macke Tiffany* Bohm Patty* & Randy Bollinger Scott* Boltz Tracy* & Sam Boman Eileen* & Roger Bonin Linda* Bonjoc Samuel & Patricia Boon Karen* & Chris Border Deb* Border Mary* Bornman Lina* & Brett Bostwick Jena* Bouwens Phyllis Bovee Choc* Bowen, Jr Donna* Brabb Eileen* Bradbury Leora* Bradley Julie* Bratt Janelle* & Ryan Bray Roger* Breitbarth Paula* Brennan Ronald & Debbie Brester Kaylie* & Seth Brethouwer Barb* & Brad Brettmann Paula* Brettmann Katie* & Nick Breunig Kaley* Brewer Judy* & Jim Brichacek Vivian* Brinkmeyer BJ* Brittenham Bonnie* Bro Katelyn* Bro Margaret* Brock Dona & Robert Brockley Sandra & Robert Broeder Theresa* Brown Melissa* Brown Michael* Brown

Shonda* Brown Susan* Brown Bob & Ann Brown Ron Brown & Molvina Carter Erin* Brummett Susanne* Bruning Janelle & Doug Bruning Jonathan* Brunott Aliza* Brusing Bryan School of Nurse Anesthesia Bryan Volunteers and Customer Care Heather* Bryden Buda Psychiatry, PC Crystal* Buhl-Vetick Edgar* Bumanis Osvalds & Daila Bumanis Sara* & Clint Bunting Carol* & Bill Burbach Jeff* & Amy Burg Brooke* Burgess Jennie* Burianek Gloria* Burkey Monica* & Kevin Burklund Deb* & Leon Burow Kristin* & Jim Burress Julie* Burton Phyllis* & Earl Bush Sharon Buskirk Connie Bussinger Patricia* & Curtis Butler Austin* Byleen Judson & Karen Byleen Gail* Byrd Alan* & Judy Cable Eunice Cade Lori* Caldwell Kathleen* Calkins Pamela* Calkins Amie* Callahan Yvonne Calvert Diane Calvin Teather* & Curt Campbell Christine* & Richard Campbell Brandie* Campbell Linda Campbell Marilyn Campbell Jennifer* Cantwell Norman Carden Mary Carey Marcia* Carlson Joseph & Margaret Carlson Kay Carlson Lynn & Denise Carlson Marie Carlson George* & Elaine Carr Gayla* Carr Dawn* Carta Sarah* Carter Matthew* Carver Dr. Stephen & Beth Carveth Thomas Casteel Marilyn & Dennis Castle Debra & Dr. Christopher Caudill Patricia* Cave


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Teresa* Crowl James* Crowley Patty* Cruey Kirstin* Culhane Michael* Cullighan James* Cummings Julie* Cummings Maurice* Cunningham Katheryn & Michael Curtis Cindy* Dahl Patrick & Kelli Daly Katrina* Dannewitz Marcia & Douglas Dapper Lois Dargeloh Rebecca* Darrah By & Jan Darrington Carol* Darrough Robin* Davenport Lori* Davidsaver Valda Davidson Erica* Davis Lois* Davis Miranda* Davis Peggy* Davis Linda Davis Michael & Teri Davis Suzi Dearmont Kristi* Deffenbaugh Dr. Judith DeGraff Andy* Dejong Theresa* & Aaron* Delahoyde Molly* Delatour Luis* Delgado Micaela* Dell Sandra* Delp Jerilyn Delzell David* Dermann Carrie* Deschuiteneer Barbara* Dethlefs Shelley* Dettmer Kelly* & Ryan Dewing Marien Dicke Mary* & Francis Dickerson Arlene* Dickes Dianne Dickey Beth* Dickhaut Julie* Dickinson-Armstrong Holly* Didier Rod* Didier Mandi* Dierberger Vicki* Dierking Kim* Dierks Elizabeth* Dilley Mary Dilley Kris* Dittmer Julie* Dixon Mike* Dixon DKJL Family Foundation Alice Doane Geraldine Doe Sharon Doll Dr. & Mrs. John Y. Donaldson W.E. & Patty Doney Jacquelin* & Josh Donner Julie* & Myron Dorn Lisa* & Wesley Dorn Dawn* Dorsey

Heidi* Dostal Julie* Doster Carol* Dougherty Anita & Harlow Dover Angela* Dowding Brenda* Downey Patricia Downey Erin* Dragoo Mathew* Dragoo Linda* Dragoo Jeri Draper Sara* & Dave Draus Stephanie* Drawbaugh Suzanne* & Todd Drew Saban* Drnda Jenna* & Ron Dubas Teresa* Duff Anne* Duhs Robbie* Dumond Dianne* Dunkle Barbara Dunn Staci* Dunnigan Nghia* & Thuy Vu Duong Dr. David & Elaine Dyke Laurie* Eacker Calli* Earhart Lynelle* Earnest Lillian Easley Patricia* Ebert Lu Ann* Ebke Sandra* Echeverria Eugene & DeMaris Edwards Pam Edwards Stephanie* & Jeff Eells Eells Trust Alice Eggers Colleen* & Randy Eickmeier Adam* Eickmeier Jennifer* Eisenhauer Ronda* Eitzmann Travis* Ekeren Wendy & Douglas Elder Grace* Ellis Mark* Eltiste Debra* Enderle Jessie* Enfield Loretta* & Mike Engel Shannon* Engler Kristine* Erickson Summer* Erickson LeRoy Ernst Kari* & Mike Eskens Nicholas* & Jessica Espinosa Rosa* Espinoza John & Molly Esseks Courtney* Ethridge Sheryl* & Dennis Evans Patty* & Roger Evans Marilyne* Evans Karen* & Bob Everitt Joni Ewalt Lynette* Exum John* Fahrnbruch James & Jane Fahrnbruch Carolyn* Faines John & Jean Fallick Tammy* & Todd Fandrich

Laurie* Fast Sondra* Feeken Maureen* Feely Susan* Fehringer Heather* Ferdico Alyson* Ferguson Lora* Ferguson Susan Ferguson Carolyn* & David Fiala Janet* & George Finley Stacee* Finnell Vicki* Finney Dean & Debbie Fisher Lynda Fisher Jennifer* Fleming Ted Forke Sara* & Kevin Forsberg R. Armour & Susan Forse Pamela & Mark Forster Ken* & Deb Foster Jackie Foster Sherry* & Ken Fougeron Debbie* & Lane Foulk Esther Fox Steve* & Valerie Frager Leigh Anne* Frame Jean* Frazer Michelle* Frederick Sheryl* Freeman Mary Lynn* Frey Joy* Frey JoAnne Frey Barbara* Fricke Talia* Friesen Carol Friesen Matilda* Frimpong Stephanie* Frink Adrianne* Frohn William* Fromme Terri* Fry Katrina* & Larry Fultz Fun Tours Jean* & Eric Fung Mark* Furry Christine* Gabel Lynda* & Duane Gabriel Leia* Gadeken Jennifer* & Scott Gamet Connie* Ganz Angela* Garner Jan* Garner Jan* Garvin Suzanne* Gasper Robyn* Gasseling Michael* Gaver Leirion Gaylor Baird & Scott Baird Sarah* Geerdes Richard Gehle General Mills Foundation Briana* Genetti Penny* German Nancy* & John Gerrard Jill* Geschke Cindy Gherini Adam* & Whitney Gibson Nancy* Gibson Douglas & Margaret Gibson

20 Gwen* Gies Pam & Tom Gillaspie Sherry* Gilliam Frank Giovanni Yidenekachw* Gizaw Lois Gleaves Michelle* Glenn Barbara & Gary Godden Melinda* Gonzalez Melissa* Goodman James & Eleanora Goodrich Yuka* Goosic Corina* Goossen Jill* Gorton Judith* & Eugene Grabow Amy Graham Nancy* Grant Kimberly* Graves Joshua* & Jennifer Gray Charlene* & Brant Green Christina* Green Rachel* & Chad Greene Arlene* Greever Rita* Gregg Dr. Charles & Carolyn Gregorius Darrell Gressley Jim & Margaret Griesen Heidi* Griess Patricia* & Joe Grof Russ* & Jane Gronewold Kristina* & Duane Gropp Wanda* Grothen Diana* & Michael Grubb Christiana* Grubb Kathy* & Dr. Jeffrey Grubbe Elizabeth* Grummert Diane & Bob Grundman Harriet* & Harry Grupy Cristina* Guerrero Eulalia* Guevara Guidepoint Global Cordell* Gutknecht Danielle* Haas & Jared Anstine Don & Ruth Haase Sharon* & Eric Hadenfeldt Paul* & Rachelle Hadley Sharon* & Brian Hagelgantz Patricia* Haggard Bob & Bug* Hahn Krystle* Hajek Nancy* Hakel-Smith & David Smith Janet* Hall Kimberly* Haller Rhonda* & Kenneth Hallquist Dawn Halvorsen Istiglal* Hamad Cynthia* Hamik David* Hamilton R.J. & Nessa Hamilton Verlene Hancock Sara* & Bobby Hanes Jessica* & Craig Hanes Mike* Hanigan Becky* & James Hansbrough Mary* Hansen Joyce Hansen Richard Hansen

2013 ANNUAL REPORT ON GIVING Jacklin* Hanson Anne Hardenburger Donald & Sandra Hardinger Teresa* Hardy Dan & Linda Hardy Sharon* & Daniel Harms Linda* & John Harms Lora* Harms Dr. Nancy Harms & Gerhart Wehrbein Kent* Harner Marcia & John Harnly Leah* & Jason Harrington Angela* Harris Elia* Harris Jan* Harris Donna Harris Susan Harris Christina* Harrom Ramona & Richard Hart Susie Hart Ricque* & Jim Harth Kari* Hartley Carol* Harvey Harold* Harvey Larry & Sandy Harvey Cailee* & Chris Haskell Dorothy & Francis Haskins Timothy Hauck Linda* Haun Justin* Hauschild Bryanna* & Jarrett Hayes Dr. Bob & Helen Hayes Dolores Hays HDR Architecture, Inc. Healthcare Financial Management Association Kathleen* Hecker Sue* Heckman Rob* Heiden Bernie & Connie Heier Anne* Heimann Jane* Heine Leigh* & Mark Heithoff Janice* Hejl Sabrina* & Jeremy Hellbusch Gene & Ellen Heller Nicholas* & Marisa Hemmingsen Sally* Hempel Michael* & Jill Henle Sara* & John Hennessy Cari* & Troy Henning Jodi* Henning Jean & Larry Hennings Danielle* & Collin Henricksen Arlis & Michael Henry Chris & Nancy Henry Stephanie* & Derrick Hensel Beth & Neal Hentzen Angela* Herbert Vernon Hermann Kelly* Herrell Brenda* & Bart Herrick Catherine & Gregory Hershberger Joyce* & Don Herz Carmen* Hesser Wayne & Nancy Hester Jim & Marjorie Hewitt

Donna* & Larry Heyen Jill Hicks Debra* Hier Maurice* Higgins Christine* Hildreth Betty & Ross Hill Dr. Jon Hinrichs and Donna Woods Nguyet* Ho Hannah* Hoebelheinrich Margaret* Hoefler Rebecca* Hoesche Twila* Hoferer Patricia* Hofferber Heidi* & Eric Hoffman Sharon Hogan Joan* Hogancamp Robyn* Hoisington Gary* Hoke Kelli* Holechek Phylis Hollamon & Darrel Berg Jessica* Holland Noel* & Jason Holle Lillian* Hollingsed Sally Hollingsworth Patricia* & Jim Holloway Emily* & Eric Holmes Larry* Holmquist Mary Ellen* Hook Lesa* & Tom Hoppe Mary* Hoppe Joe & Marian Horky Virgil* & Susan Horne, Jr. Robert* Hosler Sue* & Paul Hottovy Donna* & Steven Houchin Jennie* Houser Deborah* Houston Andrew & Ellan Hove Jolene* Howell Sarah* Howell Janis* Howlett Linda & Dan Hoyt Dick & Ann Hudson Lisa* Huettner Colleen* Hughes Emily* Hughes Nancy* & Mike Hula Jill* & Tyler Hull Valerie* & Adam Hunt Rhonda* Hunt Tiffany* Hunt Jeffrey Hunter Dr. Rubab* Husain & Ahsan Nasam Cheryl* Husted David* Hutcheson Walter & Margery Hutchison Lynn* Hutt Michelle* Hynek-Thomas Hy-Vee Dawn* & Travis Isaacs Janee* Isom Jodi* Isom Barbara* Jackson Janice* Jackson Alan* Jackson David* & Lynn Jacobs Jennifer* & Brandon Jacoby

Susan* Jagoda Kevin & Kerri Jameson Kim* & Steven Janssen Tricia* & James Jara Karen* & Michael Jardine Jason* Jarecki Julie* & Terry Jarosz Brieanna* Jasnoch Gayle* Jasper Autumn* Jay Kelley* Jeffrey Alicia* & Jeremy Jennings Mary* & Walt Jensen Marcia* Jensen Pamela* Jensen Erma Jensen Annette* Jobman Marjorie & Ronald Joekel Gail* Johansen Stephanie* & Chanz Johnson Stephanie* Johnson & Cory Hinrichs Diane* & Craig Johnson Michelle* & Mike Johnson Molly* & Paul Johnson Linda* & Scott Johnson Christina* Johnson Cindy* Johnson Darlene* Johnson Lori* A. Johnson Lori* K. Johnson Michael* Johnson Molly* Johnson Alden & Shirley Johnson Chrystal Johnson Diantha & Robert Johnson Richard & Margaret Johnson Edna* & Larry Jones Kevin* & Michel Jones Gretchen* Jones Janice* Jones Lisa* Jones Pat Jones Paula & John Jones Philip* & Christa Joy The Juice Stop Jackie* Just Lawrence & Elizabeth Kagan Patty* Kahler Susan* Kaltenberger Ann* Kamino Dr. Paul & Jennifer Kampfe Ann* Kansier Robin* Kappler Saundra Karst Barb* Kastens Kathy* Kastl Chris* Kastrinos Katheryn* Kathe Diane* Kathol Linda* Kattes Roy* Kaup Mary* Keating Chad* Keckler Christine* & James Keim Harold Kelley Ruth Ann Kellner-Royse Kathleen* Kelly


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Ann* McManaman Pam* McMaster Barbara* McMeekin Darci* McMurray Michael* McMurtry Linda & Patrick McNair Lisa* McNeel Ruth McPherson Kristin* McQuistan Edwin* Meelhuysen Jack Mehaffey Patricia & Melvin Meierhenry Teresa* Meints Candace* Melcher Traci* & Matthew Mellor Kerri* & Jay Merkel Matt & Paula Metcalf Ksau* Metes Charlie* & Sherry Meyer Allison* Meyer Katie* Meyer Floyd Meyer Joy Meyer Kelsey Meyer Blake* & Avery Meyers Jennifer Mickelson Archie* Mickles Jennifer* & Nicholas Middlekauff Jeremy* & Susan Middleton Midlands Packaging Corp. David* & Lanae Miers Hayley* Milam Linda* & Steve Miles Shirley Milke Bob* & Bridgette Miller Elizabeth* & Jeffrey Miller Dr. Keith* & Kathryn Miller Kimberly* Miller Christine* Miller Jenna* Miller Judy* Miller Peggy* Miller Joyce Miller Ruth Miller Julie Miller-Phipps Lois & Lewis Million Gates & Daisy Minnick Christine* & Mike Mitchell Carolyn & Daryl Mitchell Larry Mitchell Terri Mitchell Randy* Mittan Carol* Miyoshi Peggy* & Kim Moeller Brenda* Moes Kurt* Moes Denise* & John Moeschen Molex Incorporated Jackie* Moline Vicky* Monday Glenn W. Mooberry Trust Fund Christi* & Brian Moock Marilyn* & David Moore Craig* Moore Julie* Morbach Larry* & Renee Morrison Julie* Morrison

22 Linda* Morrow Kristin* Morter Julie* Morton Sara* Morton Jessica* Moser Phyllis & Jon Mostrom Louise Mountford Angie & Dan Muhleisen Wendy* Muir Patrick* Mulligan Suzan* Mulligan Linda Mullin Mary Jean Mulvaney Kerri* & Chad* Muma Clarke & Sharon Mundhenke Dorie Mundorf Pamela Munk Shirley* & David Munsinger Dee* Murman Andrew* & Toni Murrell Amy* Myers Geraldine* Myers Courtney* Nail Laura* Nason Agnes* Natale Bruce Nattrass Karen* Neben Breanna* Nedved Brenda* & Mark Neemann Robert & Mary Nefsky Cynthia* & Michael Nehe Dr. James & Patricia Neid Lynne* & Spencer Nelson Jodi & Dan Nelson Patricia Nelson Beth* & Carl Nemec Elizabeth* Nespor-Hartig Norma Nichelson Sally & Douglas Nichols Linda* & Tom Nicholson Christina* & Kerman Nickel Julie* Nickels Joel* Nicolarsen Jean Niederhaus Nicole* & Brian Nielsen Allison* & David Nielsen Jill* Nielsen Randi* Nielsen Julie* Nienaber Pam* Nienaber Colleen* Nieveen Shari Nigro Jackie* & Brent Nisley Karen* & Douglas Nissen Beverly Noble Hillori Nolan Philip & Sharon Nore Norland International Charlene* Nottlemann Ranelle* Nunnenkamp Sharon & Thomas Nutt Betty* Oaks Cindy Oates Titiola* & John Obafunwa JoDiane* Obermeyer Shirley Obermeyer Adam* O’Brien

2013 ANNUAL REPORT ON GIVING Stephanie* Oelke Robin* & Gale Ogg Betty* Ohs Bridgett* & Eric Ojeda Michelle* & David Olberding Nichole* Olberding Rhonda* Olmsted Rebecca* & Greg Olson Sarah* & Kasey Olson Jody* Oltman Sherial* Oltman Amber* O’Malley Heidi* Oman Lil* & Mike O’Neill Mary* Opp Sadie* Oppegard Jami* Oppegard-Roeder Alissa* & Levi Orman Alvin* & Dianne Osler Amy* & Jay Ostermeyer Anabel* Ostiguin Sheryol* Otjen Janice* Ott Lori* & Bruce Overbeek Bill* & Rita Overton Deanna* Overton Andris* Ozols Patrick & Marguerite Packett Jayna* Palmer Sheri* & Mark Paneitz Yolanda* Papke Kathryn Paprocki Cortnie* Papstein Cathy* & Dan Parker Aaron* Parks Faye Parr Angela* Parrish Slava* Paul Stacie* Paul Kirk* Peacock Phillip & Kimberly Peacock Shannon* Pecka Roger* Pedersen Rachel* Pejsar Snelling Deborah* Pekarek Erin Pemberton Don* & Sylvia Percy Jayme* Perdew Betsy* Perez Christina* Perrier Scott* & Holly Persson Patty* & Michael Peters Misty* Petersen Rebecca* Petersen Jason* & Lisa Peterson Diana* Peterson Cathie & Tom Petsch Justin* & Lacey Pfeifer Harold & Marilyn Pfeiffer Tasha* Pfenning Pfizer Inc. John* Pfrimmer Kim Hue* Pham Jeri* & Ed Phillips Ann* Phillips Breanna* Phillips Marcia* Phillips

Charles* Philpot Physical Therapy Solutions Wendy* & Bob Pieper Aaron* Pierce Allison* Piippo Sue* Pilker Traci* Pleiss Vicki* & Jerry Podwinski Mary* Poe Marissa* & Michael Pofahl Denise* Pohlmann Carol & Gary Pohlmann Polzien* & Duane Polzien Ray & Sheryl Pont Stacey Popken Angela* Poppenhagen Jessica* Porter Rosemary* Porto Joel* Potter Candace* & Jon Powell Michelle & John Powell Shelley Seiler-Prasek* & Rick Prasek Bonnie* Pratt Mary* Premer Mary Ann* & Bruce Prenosil Tracy* Prenosil Jennifer* & Dale Preston Sara* & Michael Price Wayne & Janice Price Professional Choice Recovery Beverly* Puckett Laura* Pulec Vicki* & Jeff Pursley Push Pedal Pull Jawad* Qudus Vicki* Quillen Kathy* Quinn Heidi* & Jacob Rademacher Mark* Rademacker Ruth & Raleigh Radenslaben Barbara & Don Rafert Rose* Ralston Cara* Ramaekers Michael* & Dianne Randall Karl Randecker Diane Randolph Arlen* Rasmussen Judy & Wayne Rasmussen Marjorie Yvonne Rasmussen Michelle* & Michael Rathe Jill* & Clint Ratkovec Bob* & Karen Ravenscroft Susan & Father Fred Raybourn Jennifer* Rea Mary Lisa* Redding Debbie* Redetzke Alyssa* Rediger Julia* Reed Carol* Reed Dr. John & Kay Reed Kristin Reeder David* & Laura Reese Jenna* Regennitter Marilyn* Regueira Derik* Reikofski Matt* & Patricia Reimer Kim* & David Reinhardt

Travis* Reinke Kurtis & Anne Renner Shirley* & Alan Retzlaff Ron & Jan Reuter Mona* Reynolds Katherine & Bill Rhea June Ricards Jan* & William Rice Ellen* & Jon Richards Nancy* Richards Angela* & Cory Richmond Darcy* Richtarik Cindy* Ridder Carolyn* & Bernie Rieke Joni* Rikli Wendi* Ringsmuth Kathy* & Roger Ripley Steven* Ripple Genevieve Robb Adam & Melissa Roberts Dr. Vonn & Debra Roberts Mercedita* & Dan Robertson Shanon* Roblyer Penny* & Jeff Rodgers Kelli* Rodie Norma Roeder Tami* Roesler Fred & Carol Roeth Jane Rogers Janet & Robert Rogers Rogers Foundation Jody* Rohe Jennifer* Rollins Leota Rolls Holly* Root Bill & Judy Roper Sarah* Rosa Connie* Rose Norman Rosenberg Lowene Rosendahl Heather* Ross Sarah* Ross Beth* & Adrian Roth Brenda* Roth Brianne* Roth Jackie* Roth Lisa* Rothgeb Erin* Roubal Cheryl* Rourke Sharri Rowley Beth* Rozendal Staci Rudolph Dorothy* Ruhl Debra* Ruhrdanz Dot* Rung Kimberly* Russel & Dirk Brom, MD Maurice & Marcia Russell Steve & Claudia Russell Tamara* Russman Kris & Mary Rutford Larry & Shirley Saager Rosalie* Saalfeld Lynn* & Tony Saeger Ismet* Salkanovic Carole Salyer Sampson Construction Benno Sand & Marlys Gapstur Sand


YOUR SUPPORT OF US Deanna* Sand Joann* & Luke Sanders Sheryl* Sanders Patricia* Sandoval Michelle* Sarafian Christina* Saum Thomas* Schadl Tricia* Schadl Kimberly* Schafer Twila Schafer Marita* Schafers Ward Kristina* Schauer Andrew* Scheer Linda* Scheffert Bonnie* Scheidt Ariadne* Schemm & Robert Holbert Susan* Scheppke Heidi* & Kevin Schieuer Sandy* Schleppenbach Clarissa* & Brent Schluckebier Nancy* & Dale Schmidt Carol* Schmidt Dennis* Schmidt Kristin* Schmidt Alicia* & Craig Schmit Linda* Schneider Sally Schneider Carol Schoenleber Karla* Scholl Amy* & Daren Schriner Colleen* & Harlan Schriner Peggy* Schroder Morris* & Charlin Schroeder Scott* & Shelley Schroeder Cindy* & Trevis Schroeder Gary* Schroeder Amber* Schuler Jane* & Norm Schuller Andrea* Schultz Cathy* & Henry Schultz Kevin* Schultz Otto* Schultz Janelle* & Tim Schulz Robin* & Todd Schumacher Susan* Schumacher Ami* Schwab Kaytlin* Schwab Kelli* Schwaller Lavina & Loren Schwaninger Amy* & Rick Schwarz Mark* Schwede Sally* Schweitzer Lindsay* & Matt Scott Samantha* & Randy Scott Dr. Monte & Marlys Scott Aimee* Scudder Theresa* Sears Marlys Sears Heather* & Justin Seeba Sara* Seemann Alice & Mike Segers Elaine Selig Pamela* Sell Sherri* Selvage Cec* Sercl-Kelley Kathleen & Larry Seureau Helen Seymour

Grace Shackelford Steven* Shambaugh Jan* & Rob Shaner Julie* & Timothy Shaw Lori* Shaw Stacy* Shaw Don* & Pamela Sheets Nathan* Shelbourn Mary Jo Shemek Chris* Sheridan Sarah* Shimerda Vern & Phyllis Shires Dr. Mohammad* Shoiab Nancy* Shook Lisa* & Byron Shore Dorothy* Showers Diane* Shriver Laura* Shriver Curtis* Shumaker Zakaria* Siddiqui Virginia* & Glen Sieck Tracy* Sieck Mitch Siegel Dr. Aina Silenieks & Tyler Sutton Lisa* Sillman Mary* & Kevin Silvey Karen* Simms Dianne* Simpson Carolyn Simpson Barbara* & Richard Sittner Jane* Sivill Renee & Carl Sjulin Julie* Skrabal Sara* Skretta Kristin* & Dave Slama Cindy* & Larry Smack Catherine* Smetter Kate* & Duane Smid Alyssa* Smid Sally* & Roger Smith Dennis* & Sharon Smith Julie* Smith Debbie* Smith Jill* Smith June* Smith Kimberly* Smith Michael* Smith Sherri* Smith Kristine & Kenneth Smith Margie & Carson Smith Kristine* Smith-Hahne Kristi* Snider Ken Snider Mary Jean Sohl Dunton* Solomon Marilyn* & Duane Sorensen Timothy* Sorensen Janis Soule Karen* Spader Robin* & Randy Spangler Lisa* Spatz Brian* Speich Ruth Spencer Debra* Stanek Jim & Suanne Stange Wade & Heidi Stange Lillus* Stanosheck

Margaret Stanosheck Linda* Stansbury Frances* & Gary Statler Crystal* & Benjamin Stech Kelly* & Justin Steeby Jill* & Corey Steel Koyle* Steele Laura* Steele Joe & Christie Steele Diana & John Stevens Janice* Stevenson Stacy* & Shane Stewart Lineva* Stewart Janet* & Kevin Stiefel Megan & Jake Stitt Opal Stivrins Dr. Tim & Carol Stivrins Linda* Stoehr Kate* Stoklasa Mai Tram* Stone Melanie* Stoner Shawn* Stoner Linda* & Martin Stones Laura* Stout Donald & Tammy Straight Bonnie* Strain Kristine Strand Sheila Streeter Robyn* Stroeh Denise* & Scott Stromberg Bonnie* Struthers Rina* Strydom Virginia Stryker Stryker Sustainability Solutions Carol & Don Stulken Pamela* Stull Steven* & Tammi Sufficool Rose* & Doug Suggett Thomas* Suhr Timothy* Suhr Gina* & Kirk Sullivan Amy* Sullivan Michelle* Summers David & Linda Sundberg Roger* Svatos Shannon* Sveeggen Connie* Svik Ellen & Alvin Svoboda Danielle* & Alan Swanson Mary & Daryl Swanson Connie* Swenson Synergy Chiropractic Spine & Joint Center Heather* & Ben Talbott Kimberly* Tallman Siokhoon* Tan Borgeson Kristie* Tang Kweng Tang Beverly & Robert Taylor Connie & Donald Taylor Teetor Anesthesia Dolores Tejcka Amy* & Chad Termaat Jim Terrano & Deb Larson Peggy* Tewes Joan* Texel The Order of St. Luke the

Physician St. Matthew’s Chapter Theatre Art for Kids Lindsey* Thege Lynette* Thelen Elaine* & Bruce Thiel JoAnne Thiele Susan* Thiellen Stacy* & Terry Thoene Kandi* & Jeffrey Thomas Pam* & Greg Thompson Brian* Thompson Christie* Thompson Suzanne* Thompson Dr. Richard B. Thompson Paul Thoren Clara Thoren Rottmann Kristin* Throckmorton Katie* & Rob Tiedeman Jamie* Tiernan Mary Jo* Tietjen Christi* Tindall Dale Tinstman Barbara & William Tiwald Imekedong* Tkel Robert* & Cinthia Tobey Krystal* Todd Heidi* Topham Angie* Torres Terry* Torson Arlene* Trainor Henry Trauernicht Shirley* Travis Rebekah* & Conrad Trevino Anthony* & Cady Troester Marie Troncone Sharon* Trout Tina* Trueblood Marlene & Robert Trunkenbolz Joanne* Tsui Jan* & Dale Tubbs Tumor Registrars Association of Nebraska Lori* Turgeon Jerry* Turman Joyce* Turman Diane* Tvrdy Henry* Ueda Susan* Uland Jodi* Urban Brad Urbach Penni Urbach Arlene & Dr. Craig Urbauer Cheryl* Urwiller Lisa* & Mark Vail Ruth* & Richard Van Gerpen Nancy* Van Kirk Debora* Van Lent Patricia & Gary Vandewege Joan* Vanlear William & Jane Vasey Joyce* Veach Sharlotte* Veburg Jenifer* Vech Chris* Vejnovich Dennis* VerMaas Marilyn* & Warren Viehl Judith Vielbig

24 Sarah* Vieth Mrs. Dottie Vifquain McKayla* Vlasin Rosalyn Vogler Julie* Volkmer Rachael* Vonderfecht Ron & Valery Wachter Barbara* Wagner Craig* & Pamela Wagner Marilyn & Bob Wagner Matt* Wagner Travis* Wagoner Jane & Gary Wahlgren Pete & William Wakely Kenneth* Wakeman Karen* Walker Janice Walker Rose Wallman Sandra* Walter Craig Wanamaker Dr. Ruilin* Wang Eleanor Wanger Holly* Warner Donna Wasco Kayli* Watermeier Becky* Weber Jeffrey* Weber Lesa* Weber Marilyn* Weber

2013 ANNUAL REPORT ON GIVING Scott* Weber Arlyne Weichel Robert* & Kelli Weichel Michael* Welch Patrick* Wesseln Dorcas West Hilary* Westenburg Tara* Westerbuhr Shelly* Westfall Kaitlin* Westling Ty* & Roberta* Westover Karen* Westover Michele* & Thomas Wheeler Melinda* White Kay* White R. Gene & Donna White Janet* Wickersham Shelly* Wickham James & Mimi Wickless Herm & Helen Wiebers Matthew* Wiechman Harlan & Susan Wiederspan Sonja* & Scott Wieland James* Wiese Beth* Wieseler Kathryn* Wilcox Laura & Douglas Wilcox Candi* Wild Lynda* Wiles

Deb* & Luke Wilke Deborah* Wilkinson Vicky* Wilkinson Cody* & Stacy Williams Lisa* Williams Jean Williams Sharon & Richard Williams Sondra Williams Jerry & Dee Williamson Bobbie* Wilson Dwayne* & Caryll Wilson Sheri* Wilson Doug & Lois Wilson David* Wiltshire Patricia* Wing Iris Winkelhake Deborah Wipf Charlotte* & David Wisch Rosemary & Jay Wischmeier Amy* & Christopher Wise LaVonne Wise Karen* Witkowski Kathleen* Wittmus Margaret* Woeppel Jerome* Wohleb Shirley & Carl Wohlfarth Kathy* & Roger Wolf Roger* & Stacey Wolf Connie* Wolfe

Michelle* Wood John* & Jeannie Woodrich Rhonda* Woodside Doris* Woodward Karen* Woofter Edic Linnea* Working Terry Workman Lisa* Works Jeanine* & Lance Worley Lacy* & Patrick Wright Michelle* Wright Yvonne Wright Dixie* & Brian Wulf Crystal* Wynn Marcy* & Richard Wyrens Jodell* Yank Rose* & James Yankech Sara* & Alex Yarger Karmin* & Kevin Yeackley Mary Lou & Kenneth Yeager Donna* & Jim Yost Richard & Patricia Young Judith Ann Zabel Nancy & Stuart Zachry King C.J. Zajicek Stacy* Zapata Frances* Zessin Krista* Zielinski Zion Loyal

Todd Fisher Ron Frame Gordon Ganz Elaine Garrison Vivian Haun Bruce Herman Leland Holdt Barbara Houtz Robert James Pat Johnston Charlotte J. Kelley James Kelley Mary Knappert Wilma Kuster Roger T. Larson Donna Levy

Sandra A. McDermott Olinda M. Meyer John C. Novak LeRoy “Butch” Obermeyer Cayden Lane Olson William Orr Deborah A. Pages Margaret B. Pavelka Dorlene Pickerel Frances Pratt Donald F. Purvis Betty M. Rasmusson Gerald Roach Harold Ross Jean Scheer Kristin Schroeder Simpson

Roger Skala William Skov Dot Stanosheck Richard Tejcka June Tewes Wanda Thorn Walter “Dick” R. Tucker Berdine Urbach Dianne Y. Vogt Isaiah Wall Alta Wickless James Wickless Sandra Wright Adam Zetterman

Tiffani Arndt Ellen Beans Bryan College of Health Sciences Faculty and Staff Austin Byleen Christa G. Engel Carol A. Friesen

Angela Herbert Chiya Ma Ted & Rita Masada DeEtta Mayrose Charlie Meyer Wendy Muir Aaron Redling

Verle & Shirley Ritter Teresa Scanlon Linda R. Stones Marilyn Viehl Marcy A. Wyrens

Memorials This list recognizes gifts made in memory of the following people in 2013.

Wayne Bellinger JoAnn Bendinger John Bengtson Nancy Buckmaster Bill Clay Ardis Cox Wayne Cox Stella Dargeloh Ruth Engstrom Olivia T. Ernest Agnes Farmer

Honor This list recognizes gifts made in honor of the following people in 2013.

If you wish to have your name removed from the list of those receiving fundraising materials to support Bryan, contact the Bryan Foundation at 1600 S. 48th St., Lincoln, NE 68506. Please include your name and address with your response. We have made every attempt to ensure that your name appears correctly in this annual report. If your name is listed incorrectly, we sincerely apologize and request that you contact us by phone at 402-481-8605.

Bryan Health Community Benefits Report For Fiscal Year 2013  
Bryan Health Community Benefits Report For Fiscal Year 2013