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Designer ; Bryan Frederick Photographer ; Bryan Frederick & Gisselle Jones Illustration ;Bryan Frederick Interiors ; Mrs.Susan Lashley Mrs. Barbara Clarke Sponsors DESIGNER DECOR Gadal Modeling Agency BBM Barbados

odemo has been creating high quality furniture since 1986. With it leading mastercraftsmen in the field of furniture construction and design, Modemo has captured many prestigious awards. In 2008 we captured the ISO 9000 certificate for the firm managment and the ISO 9001 certificate for design. Modemo has always been based on some basic principles. Cost effective, elegance, luxurious, durability and practicality. Words that arent usually used in the same sentence. However Modemo has been able to incorporate these variables into all our designs and have undoubtably created excptional furnture throughout 20 years of production. This year we have choose the underlying theme of limitless possibilities. Our 2009 designer series continues into the same vain of lifestyle furniture with a remarkable twist of tangerine orange. I now invite you to immerse yourself into the world of Modemo, once more.


The era of vitorian reborn. Elegant, and over embellished. This facade is usually seen on a lot of barbadian and west Indian furniture. Victory salutes the craftsmen of old and their creativity.

Argyle it!

The classic is undefeated. The designer series sings praises to the never ending trend of the classy, classic tradition and clean cut elegance of the argyle.


Tribute, to the success of the company, through out its years of international customer service. Designer-Joan Pablo


this lounge chair has become the celebrity of the 2009

chair, simple in design has built to take up minimum room with 100% comfortability. design with the principle of “less is more�. It is elegant and practical and comes in a varience include, Mahogany, Oak Pine and can also be leather bond and includes chair cover upon request. (



this lamp comes in three sizes with countless finishes. Light is an elegant addition to every home. The lamp is housed in a wooden structure, with finishes of vinly, cloth pattern and frosted glass. The model is designed so that in the event of water damage it turns off to avoid electric shock. (

“It isn’t just a piece of fabric!...”

Every seat and chair cover is manufactured and dyed in Barbados using 100% Bajan Sea island cotton.

The fabric used by modemo has been engineered specifically for everyday usage. Our polymer and cotton blends allow the colour to stay while stain’s go easily.


“It’s this simple” 1. Cut out swatches

and desired pattern>

2. Place is envelope

with address and stamp included in catalogue>

3.Place in box> 2 weeks later!!

Combination (combine) -to mix or join together. The ability of choice has always made everything in life much more worth while. This is why we offer the ability for every individual to be “an individual�. Our vast colour pallette along with our wonderful pattern choices and ideal fabric selection, let you get the most out of us. Mix and match as many as you like! (

“The choice is yours, the combinations are limitless�

“It’s all about how its packaged”

Over the years at Modemo we have found the secret to getting the customer to purchase our products. The secret, “PACKAGING�. For the 2009 Designers Series we have chosen to introduce the commemorator special edition package, designed by our lead designer Felipe Franz. The package is not only complimentary to the innovation found at MODEMO furnishings, it is also very practical and versatile to meet all you necessary applications.

“Nature, the inspiration for past, present & future� From it inception we at MODEMO have always been interested in capturing that simple yet beautiful natural look and feel from nature ito out furniture. The colour and complexity has this year influsence the sit, light and store line. The use of the embelishment applied to the furniture ha all been inspired directly from nature. So as you enjoy our furnitue solutions or this year think beautiful garden.

“Modemo furniture has been engineered to the best standards possible� Due care is taken into the design and specification used in the manufacture of MODEMO products. Every detail is revised to ensure 100% satisfaction in weight distribution, and strength capability. The design and manufacture of the product under goes the most severe of requirement tests to ensure the best product and maximum customer satisfaction.

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MODEMO2009 Designer Series


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