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...and just like that we conclude the first quarter of the term! In this first quarter the Region Team had utilizing their summer vacation to proactively plan for Division-Leadership throughout the Academic Term. Many worked tirelessly to appoint and encourage student/member leadership initiatives in the selection of their Division Leadership Teams (DLT). As the DLTs were established, the Region Team continued to lead, delegate, and strategize within the Divisions they serve. The emphasis of a quarter one was establishing “team dynamic” on the various levels. The District Officers continued to receive training to better prepare for the remainder of the term and support their transition from Summer Vacation to Academic School Year.

MELISSA CABANA SERVICE PROJECTS CHAIR As the first quarter has passed, my time in this position has been a new and exciting experience. The work I have been doing is all new, and I am still learning along the way. I have gotten the chance to get to know many new people and work with the ten wonderful Lieutenant Governors on the Service Projects Committee. In fact, a new Lieutenant Governor was just welcomed to the committee about a week ago! The projects we have been working on and that I have planned for this term are very exciting and has allowed me to see a different side to the District. Although most of my work and collaboration happens on a computer or via phone, I have been enjoying the experience so far.

CHUOFAN YU DISTRICT GOVERNOR Quarter 1 of the term was about getting adjusted to the new position. I have been communicating with Kiwanians and Key Club members from other districts to learn as much as I can about the organization. In addition to learning, it has been an honor to develop new ideas with many of the District Board members on how to improve the Key Club district. These new ideas will work to combat the consistent membership decline that we have been seeing, in addition to helping with Kiwanis Family relations and finding other service initiatives. The term is still very young, and there are so much more to look forward to. I literally can’t wait!

HANAH SHIH DISTRICT NEWS EDITOR This quarter has definitely been a learning experience for me. I struggled a lot at first since I was so unfamiliar with all of the different responsibilities of the position I hold. However, through communication with Immediate Past District News Editor Jenny Chen and my mentor Mr. Roberson, I was able to complete all my tasks efficiently and well. Since being appointed this position, I found myself becoming more confident with my abilities, especially communication. I am able to receive timely submissions from the District Board and have been sending monthly reminders to ensure this. I hope to continue to retain the amount of the submissions I receive and grow stronger bonds with the rest of CNH as the term progresses!

DEVON AKIYAMA DIVISION 7 NORTH The first quarter of the term went very well. The connections and relationships created among the Division 7 North Members lay a very solid foundation for the upcoming year. The introduction of Honey Points as a new reward system for clubs has inspired everyone to work harder and creates friendly competition between schools in the name of service. Additionally, an energetic and hardworking Division Leadership Team serves as a great support system to the division. As ideas for service projects, fundraising, and club rush begin to form, I am confident that the division will continue to succeed!

ANTONIO QUESADA DIVISION 27 NORTH The first quarter has passed by so quick! It's crazy to think that we are done with the first quarter already. It has been a very busy quarter for me. I have spent a lot of time planning for the large division events for D27N! I also have spent a lot of time providing community service to the officers I serve. It has been stressful. However, there is certain happiness in serving! I genuinely enjoy the amazing relationships and connections I have made so far. This first quarter for the division has been doing pretty well! We have done amazing in hours, reaching a bit more than 4,000 hours for the quarter! I have began to make connections with the presidents by conducting monthly president meetings and calls. I hope to keep up the work for Division 27 North!

EMILY CHAU DIVISION 7 SOUTH Division 7 South has had a successful first quarter in terms of service and attendance. As a division we have served over 4942.25 hours at community park cleanups, runs, festivals, and so much more. We frequently volunteer at the Kiwanis Family House - where we clean kitchens, weed, stock the food pantry - and many clubs plan their own service projects there. Valley and Florin Key Club recently hosted a sandwich making service project where they made over 200 sandwiches for the homeless. Valley Key Club has also been active in planning other service projects with the division, such as making dog toys and cleaning up Elk Grove Regional Park. In terms of attendance, the division has been attending Kiwanis meetings and Kiwanis DCMs. At the June Kiwanis DCM we had 15 members from Monterey Trail, Florin, Franklin, Cosumnes Oaks, and Valley attend with members from Division 7 North and Sac State Circle K. At the DCM members learned about the Kiwanis Family House’s little library, a project that was started to increase literacy in communities by making books more accessible. We were inspired to have a service project where we donate books to the little library in conjunction with a Kiwanis Family House Cleanup.

NICOLE NGUYEN DIVISION 27 SOUTH Just like that, the first quarter of the term has come to an end. So far, Quarter 1 consisted mainly of planning events for the rest of the term, getting the DLT settled, building relationships with club officers, and me reaching out personally to the members I serve, along with Kiwanians. I have already had the honor of witnessing some of the Key Clubbers I serve blossom and step out of their shells. Through the ups and downs, I am extremely grateful to have made very special friends throughout the CNH District, who I can turn to whenever and wherever. In addition, I am excited to see what the rest of the term has in store, and what we can accomplish.





Division 44 North has been quite active during the summer time! With participating in a new division service project to focusing on fundraising for Key Club’s preferred charities, the majority of the clubs got quite a handful. As we move along the term, the division is also especially prepping for the new school year. Most of the clubs already had club meetings to pre-plan for the whole year; I’m planning to host area meetings for officers to get together and trained before the school year starts! Overall, I’m proud to say the division is thriving compared to the assumed inactivity during the summer time, and I can’t wait for us to go all out when school officially starts.

Regarding the first term quarter, I felt that everything was boding well. Every DCM I held since the beginning of the term had a successful turnout as well as the feeling that the service events provided were both enjoyable and worthwhile. In addition, I was able to meet some of the clubs under the division from the division council meetings and can say that I am more than happy to be working alongside them to improve and grow the division from the foundation the past district board members, club officers, and club members have built. I have had a bit of issues with officers regarding monthly task completion, but other than that, communication and relationships with club officers is great. Hopefully, I have been serving my division well and I aspire to be doing even better in the next quarter alongside my DLT, which joined me on this journey a little bit later than expected. Overall, the quarter flew right by and I cannot be any more joyful for the quarter to come and the many more memories that are to be made!


OFFICER TRAINING CONFERENCES DIVISION 7 I am happy to say the joint OTC between Division 7 North and South was an outstanding success. Many of the presenters at the training conferences displayed enthusiastic and detailed workshops to everyone who came. The large number of attendees also proved to be a very engaged audience who listened to the presentations, bringing vital information back to their home clubs. Finally, the boba fundraiser during the event helped to cool down members on a hot summer day and also raised money for PTP. At Officer Training Conference, members got to learn about the many roles in Key Club on the club, division, and district level. We had workshops for presidents, vice presidents, secretaries, treasurers, bulletin editors, as well as workshops about membership retention, recognition, fundraising, and service project planning. Besides learning about their roles, members also met people from other clubs in Division 7 North, our sister division. Officer Training Conference is one of the few events with have with other divisions so it was nice seeing the members meet each other. We would like to thank Laguna - Elk Grove Kiwanis for being chaperones for our event, actively participating in ice breakers, and donating to the divisions. Officer Training Conference was an amazing event, and we owe it all to our amazing division as no one achieves anything alone. Lt. Governor Devon and I would like to thank all the officers and members for attending the event, the presenters for having the courage to present in front of the division, and advisers for helping us behind the scenes and on the day of the event. It has been an honor to serve alongside these amazing individuals. -





Officer Training Conference was a roller coaster planning, but it was definitely worth it! I am really grateful for all of the officers that were able to come, along with members and a Faculty Advisor. Throughout the day, I was able to talk to the Key Clubbers I serve, and they told me how they had a great time and learned a lot. Although not all of the officers I serve were able to attend, they contacted me of why they were unable to, and the officers that were able to attend, took the initiative to take notes to bring back to the board that they serve alongside. Many new ideas were shared, and I am very excited to work with all the officers this term! -


Officer Training Conference was a great success! We had 76 attendees from Division 27 North attend, with a total of 96 from both Division 27 North and South. We had some last minute changes for rooms due to Audio and Visuals. However, we endured through and continued on to hold the event. Nicole and I had both D27 Spirit Coordinators run icebreakers, and it was really fun to watch leaders grow! The workshops I attended or ran all had unique icebreakers or ways of presenting to get the audience engaged. I am glad so many members enjoyed. We sent out a Feedback Survey, and we get a lot of high ratings. I also appreciate all the Kiwanians and advisors that attended the event! At the end of everything, we had a successful Quickly Fundraisers, gaining over $40. D27N LTG ANTONIO QUESADA



As of last month, we have concluded our Officer Training Conference or most commonly known as OTC with Division 44 North which was a wonderful experience for me to conduct alongside Lieutenant Governor May Lin. I had only attended it previously as President and was amazed at all the hard work and effort that was put into it. I was very pleased to meet the clubs and members who attended, be it from D44S or D44N. I felt I could’ve done more, such as preparation with talking, but was pleased with the outcome nonetheless. No amount of words could justify how much this event meant to me and hopefully had the same amount of meaning to those who participated in it. -


Officer Training Conference was really fun and it was nice seeing everybody from both divisions, Division 44 North and South, come together and bond through a bunch of icebreakers both spirit team members helped with. We received feedback of how useful the information was to the members from the presentations and majority of the people learned something they’ve never heard before. We had a ton of support from our Kiwanis chaperones as well, and we’re so grateful that they helped provide us all food! Overall, this OTC experience was the best one for me personally because we had enough space and seating to sit everyone; hint hint, we also raised around $150 for the pediatric trauma program through our boba fundraiser ;) -


AN ICONIC EXPERIENCE This year, International Convention was held in Baltimore, Maryland. We were fortunate enough to have four members from our region attend; Region Advisor Mr. Mercado, District Governor Chuofan Yu, D7S LTG Emily Chau, D27N LTG Antonio Quesada, and D27S LTG Nicole Nguyen.

CHUOFAN YU Key Club International Convention is an experience that one will cherish forever. Interacting with only the CNH district my entire three years in Key Club, I never knew what Key Club is like outside of California, Nevada, and Hawai’i. This past ICON allowed me to bond with so many other Key Clubbers from around the world. It is very interesting to see the different cultures of each Key Club district and what they do for service projects and charities. Participating in the House of Delegates and the process of voting for the incoming International Board was an invaluable experience as well. For the first time in Key Club history, the Key Club pledge has been changed by the Key Clubbers (yet to be approved by the Kiwanis Youth Programs board). It was absolutely stunning to witness such a historical moment.

EMILY CHAU International Convention was an amazing experience for both the convention and district tour. At the convention we attended workshops - that were presented by past district governors - to learn how to become a better leader, LTG, and Key Clubber. International Convention was also a great opportunity to meet people from other districts in Key Club, such as Carolinas, Rocky Mountain, and Florida districts. We learned how each district differs from California-Nevada-Hawaii and how we are similar. As delegates we voted on amendments to the Key Club bylaws that changed the language of the articles, made Key Club more inclusive, and made it easier to charter clubs, during House of Delegates.

ANTONIO QUESADA International Convention is the farthest I have been away from home. However, it's the closest I have been to this amazing ohana! I will never forget all the memories that we created. I genuinely became closer to a lot of the district board, and I am shy that doesn't really happen! From walks in Baltimore to get expensive food to late nights watching Spiderman Far From Home, I enjoyed every moment. House of Delegates as well was an interesting experience, voting for Key Club Bylaws that would affect the Districts of key Club International. Also, we voted on the International Board for the 2019-2020 term! It was nice to have a say in who was leading this organization on a global level. Overall, I think I learned about Key Club on the international level! Without this experience, I felt as I would have missed out a lot of information. I want to thank Stockton and Lodi Kiwanis Clubs for sponsoring my trip to Baltimore! I could have not had this unforgettable experience to share with the division I serve.

NICOLE NGUYEN There are no words to explain how grateful I am for taking the opportunity of going to International Convention 2019. I could not have done this at all, without the kind Kiwanians and sponsorship from the Kiwanis Club of Tracy. Throughout ICON, I was able to witness new Amendments being made, attend Caucus, House of Delegates, celebrate retirement and installation, meet other Key Clubbers from all over the world, explore the beautiful city of Baltimore, and bond with the friends that were able to attend. In addition, I was able to attend the District Tour, where I was able to see stunning attractions of Washington DC and spend a lot of time with my friends. I do hope to attend ICON again next year in San Francisco, along with the Division 27 South Lieutenant Governor for the 2020-2021 term, and make many more memories!


UPDATES REGION ADVISOR This term, I hope to build a stronger relationship with each of the Kiwanis Clubs in the Region. I hope to attend as many Kiwanis DCMs as I am able to share the exciting growth, leadership, and community services of our Key Club Student Leadership Programs! I hope to accomplish this with our Region News Letters! In our newsletter, our goal is to share the happenings and highlights of the six divisions in our region and updates from our three district officers.

DISTRICT NEWS EDITOR Over the course of the past month, I have created and published the second issue of the District Newsletter, "The Bee Times." I have also worked closely with DTE Sydney on coordinating advertisements for the newsletter on the CNH Instagram and have successfully posted one promotional graphic for the July issue of the District Newsletter. I have also just finished designing the banners for the CNH Cyberkey and they will be updated shortly. Right now, I am currently working on the August edition of the "The Bee Times" and that will be posted on August 1st. Make sure to stay tuned! I am also working on creating more banners for the CNH Cyberkey so that it can be changed every month for the newsletter.

DISTRICT GOVERNOR Ongoing Project Update: ● Summer Board Training Conference Planning ○ Guest Invitations ○ Agenda, Schedule, and Housing List ○ Board Meeting ○ Training Materials ● Manuals ○ President’s Manual ○ Vice President’s Manual ● District Executive Newsletter ● International Trustee Directives ● ICON 2020 Preparation Proposals ● Committee Chair Core Calls ● And some more!

SERVICE PROJECTS CHAIR The Service Projects Committee has been continuing their work on creating resources for the District to use and coming up with more ideas. We have also been updating the Spotlight on Service Program by creating new service guides and recognizing clubs for their service! A new service initiative for the entire District is also in the works called “SERVEtember.” The Lieutenant Governors and myself have been working on this project this past month and will continue to do so next month as well. I mostly have been planning out the rest of the term and completing tasks in advance. We have currently been discussing the plans for the District Convention Service Project and Service Expo as well!

DIVISION 7 NORTH Current Month: Many schools are planning service events over the summer as a way to keep members and the clubs active. The presidents are coming up with creative ways to attract members during club rush such as showing off spirit sticks and other merchandise. Honey points are helping to push clubs to keep their members and social media sites active during the summer. Club Highlight: Hey Bees! The first month of summer for River City Key Club was focused on improvements we could make for the upcoming school year and how we can improve and promote member activity during the summer months. Although this month was a bit slow, we did hold a very important event for our club this month: The Ice Cream Social! This year was the first year we've held this event and it's the first year River City Key Club has held and organized a region wide event. We hope to make this an annual event and improve this event for the future. We had charged a small entrance fee, all of which will be put towards PTP. At this month's board meeting we have began to prepare for another fundraiser, which we hope to partner with Kiwanis for, in the upcoming months called Paint Night. We are also planning to help at the Davis Moonlight Run and the Junior Olympics. Our board has also been preparing for Fall Rally North and we are teaching our new board members their roles and jobs for when the school year starts. Club of the month: John F. Kennedy DIVISION 44 SOUTH ●

Current Month: ○ Officers continue to neglect monthly duties, only some turning in their given tasks. I have made urgent calls to each President to allow them to talk to the officers regarding the essential need of monthly tasks. It seems this has somewhat worked as clubs who had previously not turned in much, turned in some things. ○ As of the month of July, there is a grand total of 14 clubs, Foothill folded and is no longer part of Division 44 South. Club Highlight: ○ On June 28th, Center High School’s Key Club came together to help clean up the new class mural in front of the school. The mural was painted recently at the end of the previous school year but unfortunately received bike marks on it. Center used several brushes, cleaner, and some magic erasers to help clean up the skid marks. While they were cleaning up, they had Center High and Key Club alumnus supervise for them. The whole event was very fun because even though they were cleaning the whole time, they had music and each other to make it entertaining. Club of the Month: ○ Mesa Verde Key Club was Club of the Month because every member is passionate about serving the community and also very dedicated in making every event fun and enjoyable, for themselves and for those around them. No matter how significant the task is, they pay close attention to every small detail and proceed with the best intentions. They are a small club consisting of 100 members, but their commitment to the events they volunteer at are exceptional.


Current Month ○ This month we volunteered at the 2nd Annual Summer Fun in the Sun event! They helped paint kids faces, manage booths, help with food, and etc. We have also volunteered at The Cambodian Experience for the beginning of July. I have been conducting Division 27 North Core Calls, so far I have done calls with a few officers and will continue for the month. We have chosen our T-Shirt Design for the 2019-2020 term, which was voted on. I have been working on Division Monthly Update Videos, so I have uploaded one for June and July should be uploaded soon! Multiple schools like Cesar Chavez have been holding multiple fundraisers for Fall Rally and the Pediatric Trauma Program. For example, Middle College just had a table top service event on July 12th and a Wingstop fundraiser right after. The July Bowling DCM also is on July 20th, which happened at Pacific Avenue Bowl from 2-5! Club Highlight ○ This June, Cesar Chavez has took part in numerous Key Club service events. Our club has attended a group volunteer for the Stockton Emergency Food Bank, the 3rd annual #TeamFrankie Lupus Awareness Color Walk, Festa Italiana, the San Joaquin County Fair, our consistent Bread of Life event, the 4th annual Phillipine Independence Day Celebration in downtown Stockton, the Cambodian Experience: Our Journey to America 2019, the Lodi Obon Festival, and Freedom Festival 2019! A few of our members have also attended the animal shelter orientation this month as they prepare to train and volunteer for the Stockton Animal Services. Most of our officers and some members from our club have attended the Officer Training Conference and the joint June DCM with D27S. From Cesar Chavez, our BEAR-y outstanding Caitlyn Truong was recognized for June's Member of the Month at the DCM! Fundraise-wise, Cesar Chavez has set up two fundraisers for FRN at T4 and Blaze Pizza. Our club is BEE-ming with dedication to serving our community! Club of the Month ○ Club of the month is Lincoln High School! They have achieved over 1000 hours for one month. They have been all as a board volunteering as TAs for Elementary/Middle Schools. They also all have been attending our division events and service. They continue to show their great initiative, with early submissions and submitting everything. Lincoln has a lot of plans and continues to be proactive even with setbacks!

DIVISION 27 SOUTH For the month of July, we just had our July DCM on the 13th at Zanussi Park in Tracy, where we made origami crafts for children hospitals and had Pie-TP! In addition to the donations made from Pie-TP, 20% of the proceeds made from our T4 fundraiser are also going to PTP. As the T4 fundraiser was held on the same day as the DCM, this made it more convenient for members to be able to attend it. One of the clubs that I serve, Weston Ranch, are making club merchandise, which consists of items such as popsockets, reusable straws, a multi-use pouch, drawstring bag, and notebooks! Pre-orders can be made with the following link: The Club of the Month goes to Mountain House! Mountain House consistently has attendees to Division events, and more. In addition, this month they gave members the opportunity to serve through two community service events. DIVISION 44 NORTH Current Month ● We just finished our July DCM Social, which included field games, eating icecream, and pieing the LTGs with whipcream! This was a succesful fundraiser and I was so glad to see the members I serve having fun while getting updated about the division at the same time. Club Highlight ● Oakmont: Several of us volunteered at the ReNew Boutique, a part of Acres of Hope. It is a non-profit boutique entirely run by volunteers. All of the profits made from the ReNew Boutique goes towards aiding homeless women and children. We helped organized clothing racks, sorted donations, cleaned the store, and set up displays. Club of the Month ● Woodcreek in the past month has served over 100 hours. The members and officers collaborated to attend events such as OTC, Kiwanis Sign Waving, and ReNew Boutique. Officers did an outstanding job at reaching out to multiple service organization and in turn we partnered with 4 new organizations. Members, additionally, went out of their time in summer to volunteer at the events for more than 4 hours that the officers had set up. They have more than 150+ hours projected for next month and hope to keep up their great work. ■

UPCOMING EVENTS DIVISION 7 NORTH There are many exciting upcoming events/plans within the division to have a strong finish to the summer. Firstly, we are working on submissions to create a unique design towards our 2019-2020 Division T-Shirt. Secondly, we are in the process of planning an end-of-summer fundraiser that will encourage member support. Finally, plans to increase member recruitment during club rush are being discussed between the club presidents.

DIVISION 27 SOUTH For August, Region 16 will be having Colorsplash! It is an extremely fun social event, and I am excited for Koifish to be attending. Although we are the furthest division from the Colorsplash location, I am highly encouraging members to go because so many memories can be made at such an event. Also in August, I am planning for the August DCM to be held the same day as an ice-skating fundraiser I am planning for on the 17th. Details are still being worked out with the ice-skating location.

DIVISION 7 SOUTH Upcoming events we have are Region 16 Color Splash, At Region 16 Color Splash we have icebreakers and games to get to know members from other divisions; after we throw color packets at each other. Another event we have is Sheldon Key Club’s Chipotle fundraiser, which is one of the many fundraisers that our division has had this term. So far we have had a Rockin Jump, boba, Chipotle, and Panda Express fundraiser. The funds raised from these events help clubs pay for DCON and club events.

DIVISION 44 NORTH We’re definitely planning to establish area meetings and hold them in 3 locations in order to make sure all the presidents from the division can receive the same opportunity. We’re also hoping to repeat a game night DCM from last year for our August DCM!

DIVISION 27 NORTH Our July Slip into Service Serve-A-Thon is on July 27th from 11:00 A.M. to 3:00 P.M. This will be a fun time to do service, icebreakers, cheers, and water activities. We have Stocktoncon and Stockon Buddhist Church on the first weekend of August! We will be having an interclub with Benjamin Holt and Lincoln on July 28th, and Lodi and Tokay will be having theirs on July 26th. From 25th-26th, it will also be a Summit Event for youth empowerment, which we will have volunteers for.


Division 44 South is currently planning for the August Division Council Meeting. Club Visitations are being briefly discussed to club officers.
















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