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REGION UPDATE: New year, New team! With the new Key Club term upon us, it is hard for us to say goodbye to our exceptional Key Club Members and Leaders from the 2018-2019 term. At the same time, we cannot be anything but proud and supportive to all our graduated seniors who are moving on to take on college and the world! I will especially miss the Region Leadership Team as they definitely made my first year as Region Advisor an easy transition and definitely a memorable experience. I wish all a wonderful summer vacation and good luck to all your future endeavors! With that said, I am please to welcome and work with the 2019-2020 Region Leadership Team! During the conclusion of last term, all six Lieutenant Governors of Region 16 have been successfully elected. At the Key Club District Convention, the District-Delegates voted and elected our 2019-2020 Key Club District Governor Chuofan Yu from our very own Region 16, Division 27 North. During Sunday morning the 2018-2019 Key Club board was retired and our new 2019-2020 District Board was installed including our six LTGs and DGov.Upon the installment of the District Board, Governor Chuofan had been working with his Executive Team to appoint the remaining Chair Positions on District Board. Fast-forward to Spring Board Training Conference, two more individuals from Region 16 were selected and installed to join the District Team as our District News Editor and District Service Projects Chair. This year, I am pleased to share that the Region Leadership Team has grown and our 2019-2020 team has a total of nine student leaders serving on the CNH District Board and it's committees! WOW! Read more about our exceptional leaders in this FIRST issue of our Region 16 Subscription!

ICON-ic SUPER STAR SPONSORS In the upcoming month of July, Key Club International will be hosting its annual International Convention (ICON) on July 3-6, 2019 in Baltimore, Maryland. This is excellent opportunity for our SLP leaders to develop an international understanding of Key Club and see first hand how our global reach has positively impacted the world. This convention is not just another opportunity for leadership growth, but an experience for students to travel and tour, create memories, build friendships and be representatives and the voice of our incredible District of California-Nevada-Hawaii (CNH) Key Club.

This year, we are incredibly proud and fortunate to have our CNH Key Club District Governor Chuofan Yu (Region 16, Division 27 North) attending ICON as part of the Key Club International Committee. In addition, joining his attendance to International Convention are: Immediate-Past Division 7 South Distinguished-Lt. Governor Diego Andrades Division 7 South Lt. Governor Emily Chau Division 27 North Lt. Governor Antonio Quesada Division 27 South Nicole Nguyen Region 16 Advisor Bruce Mercado

This opportunity would not been possible without sponsorship support from Kiwanis Clubs of Region 16. I would like to especially acknowledge the following Kiwanis Clubs and Donors for assisting to ensure the dedicated individuals above are able to attend and experience International Convention in Baltimore. Kiwanis Club of Laguna-Elk Grove Kiwanis Club of Lodi Kiwanis Club of Stockton Kiwanis Club of Tracy Kiwanis Club of Rocklin Kiwanis Club of Sacramento-Suburban Kiwanis Club of Roseville Kiwanis Club of Lincon Kiwanis Club of Carmichael Rae Whitby-Brummer Kristen Ireron

We thank you for your sponsorship and support. You are all ICON-ic SUPER STARS!



LETTER OF INTRO MR. MERCADO REGION ADVISOR Greetings! For those that do not know me I am Bruce Mercado Region 16 Key Club, Kiwanis Advisor. This is my second year as Region Advisor and my role is to mentor the Lieutenant Governors and District Board Members in the CNH Key Club Region 16 area. Geographically we span from Mountain House up to Grass Valley. We have a total of 73 Key Clubs in Region 16 and together, with the Region Team, provide and encourage leadership; community service, fellowship, and inclusiveness to all members. When I am not volunteering, I am kept busy with my professional endeavors! I am a licensed and practicing Realtor, Country Club Assistant-Events Coordinator, and Co-Teacher pursuing my Masters in Education, and a dual-credential in Multiple Subject and as a Mild/Moderate Setting Education Specialist. In my free time you can find me volunteering in the community with fellow Kiwanis from The Kiwanis Club of Stockton, stuffing my face with food, or taking the occasional power-nap when I can! I thank you for all your continued support, especially this past year. As a past Key Clubber (and even today), Kiwanis have always inspired me to be the best version of myself. I am indebted to you all for allowing me to continue to grow and lead as the Mentor and Region Advisor I am today.

CHUOFAN YU DISTRICT GOVERNOR My name is Chuofan Yu, and I proudly serve CNH Key Club as their District Governor for the 2019-2020 term. I have been in Key Club and the Kiwanis family for three years now, and these three years have changed me so much for the better. Through Key Club, I learned the pleasure and the meaning of service; I understood the essence of leadership; and I found the courage that enables me to build connections across the nation. Coming from a small school of 250 students and a rural area infested with crime and poverty, I am extremely grateful and fortunate to have Key Club as my second family and my true community. The amount of positivity, inclusiveness, support, and leadership present in CNH Key Club is beyond imagination, and I’m proud to be a member of such an amazing organization. As the last term of the decide unfolds, the CNH district board and I have high goals and aspirations. As a district, our goals are: 41,500 dues paid members, $260,000 raised for the Pediatric Trauma Program, and 1.1 million service hours. To accomplish these goals, all of district board are going above and beyond in new ideas and programs. The Executive Team has been actively creating lines of communication between the officers/members and the District Board, including new ways of promoting the Google reflectors. Other committees and Leadership Team members are introducing exciting innovations into the district as well, including a monthly What’s Poppin video series, a transition to Discord as the district’s method of voice communication, a reintroduction of the CNH Cyberkey with up-to-date information, a videobased education program developed by the Membership Development & Education committee, and so much more. We strive to create new excitements and anticipations for the members to experience as well as promoting the core values of servant leadership. In addition, a Strategic Planning Committee will be formed to devise potential solutions for imminent issues that the district currently faces and to seek improvement in the rate of the district’s overall growth. Many new foundations will be set this term, and I’m both excited and confident to see all of them come into reality. The best ways to contact me are email, call, and text. I personally respond to texts very quickly and emails relatively timely as well. I will not be able to pick up calls as much due to long school hours, but pre-scheduled calls are completely fine with me. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions, comments, or concerns!

MELISSA CABANA SERVICE PROJECTS CHAIR The word “service” has taken on a new meaning for me in these past few years. Every day I serve my community, I serve the people around me, and in this organization, I serve even more. My name is Melissa Cabana, and I serve the Cali-NevHa District as Service Projects Chair. It as an honor to hold this position with the opportunity to work with an aspiring group of people in order to enact change. This is my fourth and last year in Key Club as I am currently 17 years old and a senior at Middle College High School in Stockton, California. As a high school student, I take college courses in which I will receive my AA Degree by the time I graduate in 2020. A little bit more about me, in addition to Key Club, I am involved in student government and MESA. I occupy the time I have other than studying with my writing, music, and mostly community service. Key Club has introduced me to my love and passion for serving not only my community, but the world. I take on this position as Service Projects Chair to spread the same message I have so gratefully received. We have an unforgettable year ahead of us, and I have much planned for the Service Projects Committee. I aspire to improve upon what has been set forth in the previous years in regards to service related projects within the Cali-Nev-Ha District and input even more with the goal of further encouraging service all over the district in order to increase the amount of service hours. This year, the Service Projects Committee will continue the Spotlight on Service Program using adequate promotion and new informational materials with the goal of increasing submissions. We will launch a service campaign for all of the district to participate in and provide a platform that allows all clubs to come together and share their service projects, events, and ideas. The committee will promote the Governor’s Project to further educate members about Kiwanis Family House. It is also a goal to improve the service database to provide more accurate resources to be utilized. I have set out for many of these goals, but this is simply only the beginning for what is to be accomplished. With all the information that I have introduced, I am open to any questions, comments, or concerns, as well as any input or ideas about my goals for the year. Do not hesitate to contact me through means of email or text, in which I am both readily available to communicate on.

HANAH SHIH DISTRICT NEWS EDITOR My name is Hanah Shih and I serve as the District News Editor for CNH Key Club in the 2019-2020 term. This upcoming year will be my fourth year with this organization and I’m so excited for this term. I am from Division 7 South located in the heart of California, Sacramento! Through Key Club, I have formed so many connections with members and officers in the district through our shared interest for service for our homes, schools, and communities. The endless amount of possibilities, inclusiveness, and support present within CNH Key club is beyond imagination and I am so incredibly grateful and honored to be part of such an impactful organization. As we embark on a new term, my goals and aspirations include 100% on time submissions and to create an impactful newsletter that updates and educates members on the status of our district. To achieve this goal, I will effectively communicate with all members of the district board, utilizing google reflector groups to give reminders on deadlines and submissions. I also want to increase the viewership of the district newsletter, as it is relatively low compared to the amount of members in the district. To increase the amount of readers, I will effectively create promotional graphics that would be posted on social media. Additionally, I would also like to email the district newsletter to Lieutenant Governors for them to promote it to their respective divisions. The best way to contact me are through email and text. I personally respond to texts very quickly and emails in a timely manner as well. Due to my busy schedule, it is rather more difficult for me to answer calls, but pre-scheduled calls are completely fine. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, comments, or concerns!

DEVON AKIYAMA DIVISION 7 NORTH My name is Devon Akiyama, and I am a junior at West Campus High School in Sacramento, California. I joined Key Club my freshman year and have since spent numerous hours serving in my home, school, and community. In the past year I have worked in many different board positions throughout the club, such as Club Vice President and Division 7 North’s General Executive Assistant. These experiences have given me a greater appreciation for the mission and members of our organization, and I am thoroughly excited to begin serving alongside you. As Lieutenant Governor, I hope to inspire and motivate our members on how we can S.E.R.V.E. Key Club. This can be accomplished through Starting a new generation of Key Clubbers, Energizing the spirit of our division, Recognizing our members with awards and prizes, Volunteering in our community, and engaging with the different club, division, and Kiwanis levels of the organization. Introducing incentives can encourage greater involvement in Key Club and can also expand our members’ experiences. Tools like icebreakers at Division Council Meetings, along with effective use of social media like Facebook Messenger, can be used to communicate with members and can help to unify the division. Additionally, Google forms can be used to survey Key Clubbers for their ideas and feedback. During my term as Lieutenant Governor, I hope to be accessible to everyone in Division 7 North. Please do not hesitate to send me an email at or text/call me at (916) 291-0777. I look forward to working with you soon as we continue our service together in our home, school, and community.

EMILY CHAU DIVISION 7 SOUTH My name’s Emily Chau from Franklin High School, and I’m excited to serve you Lieutenant Governor for the 2019-2020 term. I’ve been in Key Club for the past 3 years and previously served Franklin Key Club as their president and Project and Spirit Coordinator. Besides Key Club, I also am a part of my school’s theater company, varsity tennis team, ASB, and Chemistry Club. Outside of school, I play the piano and violin. This term I hope for Division 7 South to reach new heights in terms of membership and service. I want to emphasize the importance of members in Key Club because without members we would not be able to be the largest student led organization in the world and we would not be able to effectively serve the community. I hope to make the 2019-2020 Key Club term unforgettable for all members and hope to inspire them to become leaders. I plan to increase member participation in division events, creating a positive and fun Key Club environment. If I could ever be of service to you, please do not hesitate to contact at (916) 208 – 4494 or email me at

ANTONIO QUESADA DIVISION 27 NORTH Hello, my name is Antonio Quesada, and I will be proudly serving as Division 27 North’s Lieutenant Governor for the 2019-2020 term. I am a junior at Middle College High School. Some facts about me are that I extremely enjoy playing music, volunteering, and doing extracurriculars at my school. I genuinely enjoy doing service for my community with other key clubbers. I particularly enjoy causes towards children and bettering their future because I love to work with kids! I have been in Key Club for two years now, and it’s still managed to leave an amazing impact on my life. It continues to mold my high school life to what it is now, leaving positive and unforgettable memories. At the beginning of my sophomore year, I knew I wanted to do something more for my division; I wanted to inspire another Key Clubber or make their experience just as great as mine. Some goals that I have for my term include funds raised, service hours, officer and member education, and focus schools. First, my goal for the Pediatric Trauma Program is over $5,000. I will do my best to achieve this by promoting more fundraisers to our schools, our Awake-a-Thon, and ice rink fundraisers. Also, I hope to achieve around $3,000 for Fall Rally North. Then, service hours I hope to achieve consistent service through a new initiative called the Stockton Project. This aims to provide a lot more consistent service for our volunteers. Member and officer education are very important; this is one of the weaknesses of our division. I hope to be able to teach our officers more about Key Club, including acronyms, procedures, contests, and events. I will be having monthly president meetings to achieve this goal. I will work on personally contacting or working with officers on their personal goals to better their home club. I would like to work with the smaller schools that may need some help and aid them in developing beautifully. The best way I can be contacted is through email or by phone. Feel free to text or call for a quick response. If I do not pick up, then leave your name and phone number. Again, feel free to contact me about any questions you may have. I look forward to building strong bonds between all of us and bettering the division I serve to the best of my ability.

NICOLE NGUYEN DIVISION 27 SOUTH My name is Nicole Nguyen and I am extremely excited to serve Division 27 South as Lieutenant Governor for the 2019-2020 term. I am currently a junior and will become a senior this coming fall. I joined Key Club my sophomore year of highschool, and this ohana is the sole factor that has changed my life. Through Key Club, I have gained so many new leadership skills, a continuously growing passion for service, amazing friends, unforgettable memories, and so much more. Prior to Key Club, I used to be an extremely shy kid that did not want to make friends or try new things. However, getting involved in this organization has truly gotten me out of my comfort zones, changed me for the better, and shaped me into the servant leader that I am today. Throughout the term, I will strive to increase funds raised and community service, using my goals as an outline and aiming for even more. As a member of the District Board and serving as a Lieutenant Governor, I will be the liaison between the District and the division that I serve. In addition, I would like to further increase bonds within the division, by providing opportunities for members and officers to bond and form relationships. I aspire to inspire the division that I serve to develop their own passion for service and to make unforgettable memories during our term filled with success, growth, fun, and no regrets! For any questions or concerns, I will try my best to reply as soon as possible on all platforms. However, I will respond quickest through email or text. Please do not hesitate to contact me any time!

MAY LIN DIVISION 44 NORTH My name is May Lin, and I’m beyond excited to serve Division 44 North as Lieutenant Governor during the 2019-20 term. I am honored for this opportunity, and I look forward to serving the division with the best of my ability. I am currently a junior attending Granite Bay High School. Some of my interests outside of Key Club include water polo, piano, reading, and hanging out with friends. I also enjoy spending time with my family and especially my two dogs! In the beginning, I have never heard of Key Club until I entered my freshman year. However, I only continued to attend Key Club meetings and stay active within the club by the pursuit of service hours and college applications. Yet, throughout my Key Club years, I realized the valuable connections I had with the members and the impact we all contributed together through this empowering organization. Recognizing that I had the resources and opportunity to make a change in the community, my new passion for service blossomed from within. Since joining Key Club, I’ve obtained many leadership skills through having the honor to serve, in now, up to four leadership positions. However, I’m most grateful for Key Club i helping me find my identity. I’ve grown more mature as a person since joining because it showed me there’s more in the world than --your college applications-- pleasing your own desires, but also having to fulfill the moral responsibility of helping others. Throughout my enlightened journey so far, I’ve met thousands of people and gained life-long memories and friendships. I will be forever grateful as this organization changed my life for the better. My want to do more for our divisions, for our partnered charities, for Key club, and for the world, grows. As Lt. Governor, my primary goal is to build stronger connections within the division because teamwork is essential as it proves to be a stepping stone for the other goals planned. To do this, I hope to plan and host more division social and service events, as well as to improve region connections, fundraise more as a division and provide more opportunities for the members to interact with each other. Through the empowerment of relationships, I believe my statistical goals can be achieved as well. With all these things in mind, I look forward to inspiring and serving Division 44 North and cannot wait to grow even more throughout my term with my amazing support system. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please let me know.

KAREN ALEJO DIVISION 44 SOUTH Hello! My name is Karen Alejo and I am more than honored to serve as the Lieutenant Governor for Division 44 South for the 2019-20 term. I am currently a junior at Mesa Verde High School. I have been a part of Key Club for 3 years which have been by far the most memorable, both the work I have put in for my home club as well as the enjoyment I gained from attending community service events. I have served as the 2017-18 Secretary and the 2018-19 President for my home club, which gives me background knowledge as to what is to come for my term this year and the tasks that are to be completed.

DISTRICT POSITIONS EXPLAINED CHUOFAN YU, DISTRICT GOVERNOR The District Governor of CNH Key Club has many responsibilities including providing educational/promotional resources to Lieutenant Governors and officers, organizing LTG trainings, facilitating the growth and success of each district committee and division, serving as the liaison between Kiwanis and Key Club, and etc.

MELISSA CABANA, SERVICE PROJECTS CHAIR As Service Projects Chair, I lead a committee that works on the CNH District’s Spotlight on Service Program, launches service campaigns, plans the DCON Service Project and Service Expo, and provides resources for service ideas. Our primary goal is to encourage clubs to participate in more service and utilize our resources to hold more service projects.

HANAH SHIH, DISTRICT NEWS EDITOR As the District News Editor, I am responsible for creating a monthly newsletter that highlights what we, as a district have accomplished. In every newsletter, I include district and international updates, informational infographics to educate and assist members on their duties, and articles and visuals from individual divisions. Every month, I am also responsible for tracking all the articles, visuals, and newsletter submissions from every division and division recognition to include within the newsletter.

TERM GOALS REGION ADVISOR This term, I hope to build a stronger relationship with each of the Kiwanis Clubs in the Region. I hope to attend as many Kiwanis DCMs as I am able to share the exciting growth, leadership, and community services of our Key Club Student Leadership Programs! I hope to accomplish this with our Region News Letters! In our newsletter, our goal is to share the happenings and highlights of the six divisions in our region and updates from our three district officers.

DISTRICT NEWS EDITOR ● 100% on time submissions for my newsletter ● Increase the viewership of the newsletter to 2000 people per issue ● Create a more engaging and interesting newsletter that members would find enjoyment and information out of it ● Become a distinguished leadership team member ● Establish a closer relationship with editors from the division and club level in order to help them with their submissions

DISTRICT GOVERNOR District Goals ○ 41,500 dues paid members ○ $260,000 fundraised for PT ○ 1.1 million service hours ● Personal Position Goals ○ Direct line of communication with members/officers ○ Service Projects Database ○ Strategic Planning Committee ○ More social media promotion campaigns ● District Innovations ○ Monthly What’s Poppin video series ○ District-wide pen pal system ○ Transition to Discord as main way of communication ○ Transform CNH Cyberkey ○ Rewrite CNH Policy Manual and clarify election processes ○ Increase the amount of distinguished clubs and officers ○ Establish foundation for projects with Kiwanis Family House ○ Transition into visual education instead of PowerPoints ○ New Spotlight on Service Program and increase SOSP submissions ●

● ● ● ● ●

SERVICE PROJECTS CHAIR Increase Spotlight on Service Program submissions Input Kiwanis Family House into Spotlight on Service Program Launch SERVEtember campaign Improve service idea database DCON Service Expo



My Goals over the term are to S.E.R.V.E. the division. S Start Anew: With many of our current members graduating out as seniors, I hope to bring in a new generation of active Key Clubbers by focusing on member recruitment and member retention. E Energy and Enthusiasm: I hope to lead by example and bring renewed levels of spirit and energy to Division 7 North and remind all the other divisions that Key Club started right here in Sacramento. R Recognition: I will use my experience as General Executive Assistant to reward excellence among members, officers, advisors, as well as clubs with awards like pizza parties and more. V Volunteer: I will continue my commitment to volunteering by making sure that improvements are made to better serve in our home, school, and community. E Engaging: My goal is to answer emails and other messages promptly to enable efficient two-way communication.

This term I hope to achieve 24,000 service hours and $18,000 funds raised for service. I hope to achieve these goals by encouraging member to attend service events as well as for clubs to host their own service projects. I’ve implemented a new service projects form where officers can advertise service events to the division, so more members can volunteer.

DIVISION 27 NORTH Service Hours: 8500 service hours PTP Funds: $5500 MNT Funds: $1000 Members: 865 dues paid members

DIVISION 27 SOUTH I plan to heavily emphasize educating the officers and members that I serve, being a resource they can always contact. I also am planning DLT bondings, Presidents bondings, and club visitations throughout the term to build and maintain strong relationships. Some of my goals for the 2019-2020 term are as follows: ● ● ● ● ● ●

$1,500 raised for PTP 3,100 service hours increase members' knowledge on Key Club further the growing connections between the clubs communication to inactive clubs that are at risk of suspension

TERM GOALS DIVISION 44 NORTH PTP: $2000 Children’s Miracle Network + Unicef + March of Dimes : $200 each Volunteer Hours: 7000 DCM Attendance : 100% at multiple events

DIVISION 44 SOUTH My goals for this year are to raise a sufficient amount of money for PTP as well as increase DCM attendance since we are quite a small division with a smaller quantity of members compared to other schools or divisions. I have always dreamt of being part of something impacting and with this position, I believe I can make that happen. In addition, Key Club has given me an abundant amount of opportunities and another one of my goals is to give it all back through my service and dedication towards the members/clubs in the division.


DIVISION UPDATES D7N: Previous Division Update: May 12: 2pm-6pm was the May DCM Member of the Month: Maykayla Isidro Officer of the Month: Paris Medina Faculty Advisor: Andrea Horgan Kiwanis Advisor: Cecilia Osladil Current Division Update June 15: 2pm-5pm is the June DCM/OTC Member Recognition is currently being decided

D7S: During the month of April, we held our first DCM which was joint with a sandwich making service project where we made sandwiches for the homeless with our local Kiwanis: Kiwanis Club of Laguna-Elk Grove. We made over 100 bagged lunches that included a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, chips, water, and a handmade card. Members enjoyed our first DCM because they interacted with members outside their home club and with Kiwanians. This month we held our first DLT meeting where the EAs and task coordinators were trained about their duties and how to best serve the division. Our task coordinators are responsible for maintaining communication and transparency with the DLT and division, creating a new division website where members, officers, and advisers can see our division accomplishments. We also discussed how to meet our term goals with each member of the DLT encouraging their home club to participate in division events such as Kiwanis DCMs, service projects, and interclubs. Our club of the month is Valley Key Club. This club never hesitates to reach out to the division to ask questions about submissions, volunteering events, or division events. They always assure that they are turning in their submissions correctly and on time; in fact they were one of two schools who turned in their MRF by the Early Submission Deadline. They had a successful end of the year banquet where they said goodbye to their seniors, but they already have a great start to their term.

D27N: Previous Month Last month, Division 27 North had their DCM at Stockton Early College Academy. At the DCM, we made cards for hospitalized children, participated in the KoiBear Olympics, and announced the new appointed Division Leadership Team. We had service events like the Cinco De Mayo Parada, Animal Shelter, Mental Health Awareness Fair, and Podesto Ranch Book Fair. We ended off the school year with our final meetings as well as celebrating MNT week through fundraising and promotion. Current Month ○ This month, Division 27 North has Officer Training Conference at San Joaquin Delta College on June 22nd from 11:00am-3:00pm. We will be going over the responsibilities and duties of officer in a fun day filled with workshops, icebreakers, ○


○ and a DCM! We are currently at about 1.2 thousand hours! Club of the Month ○ Middle College High School - On April 14th, Middle College High School Key Club aided in the set up, as well as clean up, of Earth Day at Victory Park. During Earth Day, there had been a stage with a band, speakers talking about the Earth and nature, and multiple craft stations. In the beginning our volunteers brought out tables and chairs in order to help the vendors with setting up their booths.They also helped in bringing out what these vendors wanted to advertise during the event. Afterwards, they broke down the event by helping vendors bring back tables and put away their displays.

D27S: Previous Month In the month of May, Divisions 27 South and North had a joint DCM, the KoiBear Olympics at SECA High School in Stockton. There, I gave updates about the Division and District level to the members I serve. We also played fun competitive games, where the members were mingled around and split into 2-4 groups to maximize opportunities to meet with those around them. In addition to the KoiBear Olympics, we raised awareness about Maternal Neonatal Tetanus by participating in the Elemonate challenge. The 2019-2020 Division Leadership Team was also announced, as the following: Executive Assistants: Colin Kang, Chloe Kim, Kirsten De Jesus Newsletter Editor: Lemya Mohamed Member Recognition: Zoie Welch Tech and Media Coord: Britney Moulic Fundraising Task Coord: Isabella Trelles Photokoipher: Sveytha Kamaraj Spirit Coords: Leslie Nguyen, Joshua Ng, Marga Aragon Current Month The recognition form is currently opened to being filled out by club officers and members. Also for this month is Officer Training Conference, which will be held at San Joaquin Delta College Club of the Month A form is in the process of being filled out by club officers and members, therefore a club of the month has not been selected for the month of May yet. However, for the month of April, the club of the month was awarded to Pacific Law Academy.

DIVISION UPDATES D44N: Previous Month Division 44 North was suppose to have a May DCM but due to last minute weather change, the meeting was cancelled. However, a video was published to inform everyone what would have been presented at the DCM. The new division leadership team was installed a month back. We had a DLT meeting and it was very exciting for everyone to get to know each other as well as stabilizing their goals/plans for the division up front. Many new systems were implemented like a division database for officers, service project searcher, Division Calendar, Ninja Stars spirit system, etc. to help unify the division and achieve our long term goals! Current Month Division 44 North’s and Division 44 South’s annual joint Officer Training Conference is coming up a week. Karen and I have both worked together in planning the event and getting presenters so it can run as smoothly as possible on OTC day. Boba will be sold there for $5 in order to raise funds for the Pediatric Trauma Program! D44N has also established a division wide service event area called ReNew Boutique. If clubs are ever low on service projects or Key Clubbers just want to get more hours, they can apply to volunteer at this thrift shop whenever they want and can show up the following day to volunteer!

Club Highlight / Club of the Month Roseville (Club of the Month) + Lei Making For the past four to six weeks, Roseville Key Club has sustained the tradition of making decorative graduation leis for Roseville graduates. Utilizing orange and black ribbon, upwards of 15 members helped to carefully thread leis, form ribbon flowers, sew these ribbons onto the leis, and finally attach a "2019 Graduate" pin onto each lei. Lei making happened every Friday and members would often take home leis to work on them independently. The members worked tirelessly in order to eventually produce 60+ leis by graduation - every aspect of each handmade. Five Roseville Key Club members volunteered in the selling of the actual leis. Formulating unique jingles, dances and the additional byproduct of losing their voices, the Roseville Key Club members were able to sell out all 60+ leis. Many parents were surprised to find that the leis were handmade, often remarking positively on the intricacy of the leis as well as the intent of helping support Pediatric Trauma Program with received proceeds. All in all, members thoroughly enjoyed learning new skills in order to make leis - such as sewing. Often music was a backdrop to lei making events, and many laughs were had while making them. Those who sold leis felt immediate gratification at each lei sold due to the immense amount of time and dedication delineated for each lei.

D44S: Previous Month: ○

The submissions from the President’s have been delivered in a timely manner although the secretaries are currently lacking. I have contacted the presidents to remind the rest of the officers with the missing information to send it as soon on possible. Unfortunately, the DCM for the month of May was canceled due to weather complications.


Current Month: ○ Officers continue to neglect monthly duties, only some turning in their given tasks. I intend to make an urgent call to each President to allow them to talk to the officers regarding the essential need of monthly tasks. ○ As of the month of June, there is grand total of 15 clubs, Center being the newest edition to 44 South. Club Highlights/ Club of the Month: ○ Folsom - Spring Food Fair ■ Folsom Key Club sold spring rolls and egg rolls in their schools bi-annual food fair in order to raise money for their 2019-2020 PTP ○ Rio Americano - Kid’s Chuck E Cheese Event ■ Rio Americano Key Club held an event pertaining to the joys of toddlers. They assisted in the purchase of the children's tickets, free of cost, indulging the children with pizza and more fun than their joyous hearts could have imagined. ■ fund goal. Folsom’s goal regarding charity donation, which was established this year, was to donate $1,000 to the Pediatric Trauma Program.


SBTC AT A GLANCE MR. MERCADO REGION ADVISOR Special Thank You: To all the Kiwanis, Faculty Advisors, Parents, Chaperones, and Mentors who continue to support our Key Clubs and Key Club Youth. Your guidance continues to allow our servant leaders to grow personally and professionally, especially in the areas of Leadership, Fellowship, Spirit, and Service.

KAREN ALEJO DIVISION 44 SOUTH Regarding SBTC, I felt it was quite enjoyable. Even though I could not attend on Saturday due to some conflicts with school, I had an enjoyable time for the day that remained. I learned quite a lot from the presentations and found them very useful. In addition, I loved the positive atmosphere everyone emitted and the amiability everyone had with each other. I can’t wait for the next Training Conference.

CHUOFAN YU DISTRICT GOVERNOR Spring Board Training Conference 2019 was a unique experience for me, as I put together the schedule, the curriculum, and a large majority of the other logistics. I was anxious to see the results of the event, and needless to say, I was extremely nervous throughout the whole event. Even as an executive officer, I felt like I learned a lot at SBTC, not from the presentations, but from the experience. From observing the District Board, I learned more about how to plan an effective training conference, what topics to include, when should I include breaks and ice breakers, and etc. In addition to my learning experience, I also felt a special closeness to the district board as I get to know more about them more on a personal level. I was excited to appoint and meet the Leadership Team for the first time in person. Although I’ve been through SBTC before as Lieutenant Governor, it was definitely a much more substantial and meaningful event as part of the team hosting the event.



SERVICE PROJECTS CHAIR Spring Board Training Conference 2019 was my first ever training conference which was an informational and fun experience. At times I found it nerve-racking, whether it was leading my first committee meeting or providing updates at the board meeting, it was all a new experience for me. I had no idea what to expect going into the weekend, but I was able to meet so many amazing people and prepare myself for the upcoming term. Overall, it was a huge learning experience where I had very little time to prepare and was simply learning along the way the entire time. It was also very exciting to meet the rest of the Service Projects Committee along with the entire District Board, and I honestly can’t wait for Summer Board Training Conference

Spring Board Training Conference 2019 was my first ever training conference and was truly a memorable experience as I got to spend a whole weekend creating new bonds with Lieutenant Governors from all over CNH. During SBTC, I also was officially installed as the District News Editor for the 2019-2020 and received my polo and a cool gold tie, which was very exciting! It was also the first time I presented to Lieutenant Governors, which was nerve-wracking, but also incredibly fun. It was fulfilling to see that Lt. Governors were paying attention to what I had to say and listened attentively to make sure they received all the information they needed. Overall, this was a weekend well spent and I can’t wait for Summer Board.

DEVON AKIYAMA DIVISION 7 NORTH Spring Board Training Conference was an engaging experience that helped to open my eyes into the role of LTG as well as the committee that I serve. I learned more about the specifics of forms such as the MRF and how I can contribute to the Governor’s project of the Kiwanis Family House. Finally, I created new connections with other Lieutenant Governors with whom I will be working throughout the year.

MAY LIN DIVISION 44 NORTH Especially during DCON where LTGs were all over the place, going to SBTC was a great experience where you could actually see the whole district board and who you’ll be working with throughout the term. The presentations and round robin workshops were extremely informative and straight to the point. Thank god Kristie Poon taught me how to vouch! But in all seriousness, after going to SBTC, I genuinely felt more confident to continue my term as I gained a lot of insightful information and resources for my division. I also loved bonding with other UnforgettaBEES and rooming with my roommates, knowing that they’ll have my back for the rest of the year and that I’ll have theirs!



As much as I was tired during Spring Board, I really felt as if I learned so much and grew as a leader! This was a nice experience to continue to get out of my shell more often. I enjoyed the important topics they addressed that I was wondering about for my term. However, just creating bonds with the other Lt. Governors was a great moment for me! I enjoy the Member Recognition Committee I was assigned to, and I look forward to making more memories at these important and memorable training conferences.

EMILY CHAU DIVISION 7 SOUTH I had a great time at Spring Board Training. I learned a lot about leadership, Key Club, and our district. Besides training, I got to meet many Key Clubbers and Kiwins. At Spring Board we got to meet our committees and our committee chairs, such as Queenie Lam the Member Recognition Committee Chair.

Spring Board Training Conference was definitely an experience! From completely missing the whole first day of training because I was at a graduation, to arriving at the airport 3 hours before our flight back home, I will always remember SBTC. When I arrived on the second day, the feeling in my heart is indescribable; not only did I receive warm hugs from both Region 16 and the amazing friends I have made on District Board, but I felt so welcomed. I arrived during the Round Robin presentations, which I went around in a group to learn about different aspects that we would be getting trained on more in depth later on. I brought with me, two loaves of banana bread, and I was super grateful that they were enjoyed and eaten up really fast. One of the things I was nervous for about SBTC was that I was presenting all about membership and club fair with DGOV Chuofan; I was shaking a bit and my face felt hot, but with the encouragement of my friends, I felt comfortable presenting and am extremely grateful that I had the opportunity to provide examples on ways to run a successful club fair. Although there were complaints about the training center being too cramped, I really enjoyed it because being with all of District Board makes me really happy! SBTC was also the first time I saw KIWINS, and it was really interesting to see that they too, were having a training the same time as us.















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Region 16 Newsletter Issue: 1  

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