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Brown Industrial Construction is a Brown Industries company based out of Baton Rouge, Louisiana with a high standard of performance. By understanding our client’s needs we have nurtured a collaborative approach, forming strong partnerships between our sister companies and our customers. These relationships create innovative concepts that set new industry benchmarks.



We provide solutions that create new possibilities for success.

Clearing & Grubbing Excavation & Embankment Sub-Surface Drainage Soil Stabilization Material Placement Material Screening Concrete Foundations Pile / Deep Foundations Area Paving Civil Demolition Environmental Services


Our culture of proactive safety & service makes our employees the best at what they do.



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Commit to Health & Safety

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We value people over profit. Everything we do flows from meaningful relationships.

Our team’s health & safety is paramount. We actively pursue a zero incident culture by protecting one other.


Deliver More Than Expected


We value people and it is our privilege to exceed our clients’ expectations.


Nothing is Impossible

Fuel Positivity


Champion Growth We celebrate our process and are energized by the journey from good to great.

Embrace & Drive Change We welcome change as an opportunity to develop and refine us.


We are a force for good. We choose to be positive in our interactions, because positive thinking attracts positive results.


Keep Nothing Hidden Relationships are built on transparency and trust. We desire honest feedback to help us achieve our goals.

We live in a culture where solutions and possibilities are limitless.


People Matter

Maximize Time Time is a non renewable resource. We pursue efficiency as we execute solutions.


Create A Lasting Impact We are intentionally leaving a legacy for the next generations to proudly inherit.

Construction and demolition efforts to support the Norco HCU Expansion. Work included, survey and design, mass excavation, material placement, and concrete foundation demolition and construction.

     

Excavation Civil Demolition Sub-Surface Drainage Survey and Design Material Placement Concrete Foundations

 Norco, LA

Constructed rail sub-base and concrete foundations for rail tank car unloading associated with Emulsions Rail Expansion. Relocated fire water and drainage infrastructure to serve rail facilities.

    

Excavation Sub-Surface Drainage Soil Stabilization Material Placement Concrete Foundations

 Plaquemine, LA

Stabilized major facility outfall in an effort to reduce erosion and minimize debris accumulation in product recovery stream. Cleared and grubbed the outfall and placed riprap along the project area.

 Clearing & Grubbing  Excavation  Material Placement

 Baton Rouge, LA

Construction of rail sub-ballast and sub-surface drainage improvements for PVC Rail expansion. Hydro-excavation methods were utilized to facilitate sub-surface drainage installation.

 Excavation  Sub-Surface Drainage  Material Placement

 Plaquemine, LA

Site development for Maurepas Pipeline project. Construction services included survey and design, clearing and grubbing, excavation and embankment, drainage infrastructure installation, material placement, pad and road construction.

     

Clearing Design Build Excavation Embankment Sub-Surface Drainage Material Placement

 Convent, LA  St. James, LA

ZGC Site development for Zen-Noh Grain Terminal expansion. Construction included clearing and grubbing, material placement, batture access, and crane pads as well as all associated drainage infrastructure for the site. Slope paving along the Mississippi River Levee was also included to provide long term infrastructure stability.

     

Excavation Embankment Drainage Infrastructure Material Placement Concrete Foundations Area Paving

 Convent, LA

Work included demolition of existing timber pile bridge and concrete deck. Reconstruction of bridge using driven concrete piles, construction of pile caps, construction of concrete deck, and concrete bridge rail.

   

Demolition Embankment Pile Driving Structural Concrete

 Zachary, LA

Grassroots construction of approximately 40 acre laydown area for LNG facility. Site work included excavation and embankment, drainage infrastructure installation and material placement. Brown Industrial Construction utilized their sister company, Brown Engineers and Consultants, to provide a turnkey solution completed within a 45 day time frame.

    

Design Build Excavation Embankment Drainage Infrastructure Material Placement

 Lake Charles, LA

Performed demolition of existing civil infrastructure within the plant. This allowed Brown to then construct slope paving for tank area containment and install drainage infrastructure for the main plant outfall.

   

Drainage Infrastructure Concrete Foundations Slope Paving Civil Demolition

 Geismar, LA

Effluent pond clean-out that removed approximately 10,000 cubic yards of material. Utilized CFB Ash, a product available from our sister company Mid-South Ash Products, to stabilize excavated material and facilitate disposal as a solid waste.

 Material Processing  Excavation

 Norco, LA

Site Construction for loading infrastructure expansion at Louis Dryfus facility in the Port of BR. Construction activities utilized Calcium Sulfate, a material available from our sister company Louisiana Recycled Aggregates, to construct a laydown yard and batture access across the Mississippi River Levee.

   

Excavation Embankment Sub-Surface Drainage Material Placement

 Port Allen, LA

Construction of retention pond for plantwide drainage capacity expansion. Services included excavation, rock trenching, HDPE fused piping installation & levee construction for the 4 acre pond.

 Excavation  Embankment  Sub-Surface Drainage

 Geismar, LA

Grassroots site development for a laydown facility associated with the Phase 1 expansion. Our crews performed soil stabilization, material placement, and drainage infrastructure installation.

   

Excavation Embankment Sub-Surface Drainage Material Placement

 Geismar, LA

Site development for Millennium Galvanizing grassroots plant construction. Design-build services included cross section development, sub-base stabilization utilizing lime treatment, base installation, and drainage infrastructure construction.

 Design Build  Soil Stabilization  Material Placement

 Convent, LA

Material placement utilizing Calcium Sulfate for approximately 7 acre parking lot on the south side of Nicholson Drive near Tiger Stadium.

ď ˜ Material Placement

ď Baton Rouge, LA

Concrete crushing and material screening of debris pile. These services allowed Westlake to recycle material for construction onsite and avoid costly disposal fees.

 Concrete Crushing  Material Screening

 Geismar, LA

Material screening of rubble pile which contained concrete and contaminated soil. Upon completion of operation, material was able to be separated and recycled throughout the site avoiding disposal costs.

ď ˜ Material Screening

ď Geismar, LA

Material processing of approximately 20,000 cubic yards of dredged material associated with pump station improvements within the city of New Orleans. Dredged material was combined with CFB ash in a pug mill which produced stabilized material capable of being disposed of as a solid waste, providing a substantial cost savings to the project.

ď ˜ Material Processing

ď New Orleans, LA


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