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bronze “I Choose Me” Affirm your own greatness through self-love

Bronze Beauty Brands you need to know

GoodGirlPR CEO Nickie Robinson believes women can have it all

JULY 2015


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Hello Bronze Beauties! I hope you are enjoying your summer so far. While having fun with family and friends, please be sure to also take time for self. Sometimes it’s so easy to get caught up in taking care of others’ needs that you froget to take care of your own. We women need to make sure that we nurture ourselves as well. Taking care of you doesn’t have to be a big production (although it could be if you want it to), or a huge interruption to your schedule. If you just take time out for the little things, like reading that book you just couldn’t get to before, or watching that movie you’ve always wanted to see, or treating yourself to something that is just for you, you will begin to notice that a little goes a long way. Enjoy your summer, this issue, and I look forward to seeing you again soon!

Shawn Shawn Chavis

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6 Jules Nobles

The up and coming actress who turned her passion into a career.

14 Mychea

The fictional author talks about her passion for writing.

15 Deno Sandz

The fictional author talks about how he became interested in writing horror novels.


12 Beauty Brands You

Need to Know

Cosmetic brands launched by Bronzed Goddesses that deserve just as much buzz.

13 The White Party

Outfit idea for your next all white affair


8 I Choose Me

Licensed Mentl Health Counselor Vladimire Calixte shares an excerpt from her book Naked & Transparent.

Nickie Robinson:

Our cover star talks about managing her career and motherhood.




ules Nobles

Written by Snigdaa Sethuram

One of the many up and coming actresses of our era, a woman who ventured into an unexplored aspect of her talent with full faith, a woman who has found great success with nowhere to go but up, is Jules Nobles. Born and raised in Mississippi, her family had encouraged her throughout childhood to focus on science; specifically on a medical career. My parents placed emphasis on substantial arenas of my career path and deemed nursing as such,” said Nobles. Despite having completed her education in nursing from the Mississippi University for Women, Nobles was taken with the stage, developing her love from years of competing in beauty pageants. After serving as an understudy for a stage play in 2009, Nobles realized that her passion was for acting.

“The moment we did the closing bow, I knew,” said Nobles. Immediately afterwards, she set out on her journey to becoming the successful actress she is today. She moved four hours away from home, settling for a short while in Atlanta--not too stressful a move, according to Nobles. “Emotionally and mentally, Atlanta was a breeze!” Nobles says in regards to her initial move from Mississippi to Atlanta. In her mind, Atlanta still felt like home. There she was met with the opportunity to hold her own online talk show entitled, “Lights, Camera, Action LIVE.” Production started in 2010, set to launch in mid-2011, but Nobles already had many new opportunities to further her acting pursuits. Proceeding humble beginnings, Nobles landed her first full role with

an indie film; a challenging role depicting a late night radio DJ and student, Natalie Fox, who hid a secret from the world. Nobles overcame her differences with the character and acknowledged the role as a “very great fit,” and definitely a great start to her career. Nobles came into the habit of getting to know each of her characters intimately, embodying the character in every thought, word, and deed, and reading into the writers’ “hidden intricacies.” After accomplishing all she could in Atlanta, she knew her calling lay in the Great Apple. That huge decision was the experience that “cut the umbilical cord for real.” Though the move may have proved much more isolating than the prior, Nobles was featured in various movies; she was the supporting lead actress in a comedy film, “Uncommon Law,” and had a leading role in a drama release, “A Family on Edge.” Nobles has played the role of Adele in a play, “Storyville Blues,” and starred in the TV pilot “The 4th Quarter.” If that were not enough, she had the honor of acting as an extra in “Fit,” a movie starring Anne Hathaway and Robert DeNiro. Looking up to Diahann Carroll as a role model and standard for which to be compared, Nobles honored her efforts in transcending racial boundaries, adopting “her poise and articulation,” and her “representation of regal femininity.” Nobles is now working on a film titled “Greed,” by 480 films, yet still has time to be involved in momentous events such as hosting her PR company’s annual party in Atlanta, or hosting Jersey City Fashion Week. Nobles is well on her way to landing her dream role, a biopic of Cleopatra or another inspiration in her life. To keep up to date with Nobles’ groundbreaking news, follow her social media for event hostings, film and TV appearances, and mentoring ventures she is planned to seek. http://www.julesnobles.com/




“I Choose Me” Excerpt from Naked and Transparent: Six Vital Tools for Knowing Yourself and Attracting Healthy Relationships by Vladimire Calixte, LMHC, CRC

As you move through life, there is only one common denominator: you. You have to spend the rest of your life with you. That’s why a nurturing, encouraging, loving, and kind relationship with yourself is extremely important. When you truly understand yourself, you cannot help feeling a powerful, unconditional love for yourself. Moreover, when you truly love and know yourself — and the powerful feeling of loving yourself can manifest only when you have come to know yourself — then you can love and understand others. Nothing is more powerful and liberating than becoming in tune with who you are.

Self-­awareness allows you to gain greater insight into yourself as an individual and the relationships you form. You become consistently and consciously willing to attend to your relationships with yourself and with others. When you choose to love yourself, you’re affirming your own greatness. You are saying: “I am lovable. I deserve happiness. I deserve success.” If you choose to love yourself, it will be mirrored back to you. You can begin by simply saying, “I love myself.” Say it all the time, especially when you feel least like


saying it, and when you feel it’s not true or you don’t deserve to feel love for yourself. By saying it in those moments, you open up to its possibility. We decide to love ourselves; it’s a choice. The decision to love yourself is an extremely profound choice with miraculous and powerful ramifications. We all desire to be loved and accepted. In doing my own heart work as well as engaging in therapy with my clients, I have come to learn that self-­love is the true foundation of lasting joy and fulfillment. Cotinued on next page>>

Choosing yourself is also about protecting your “you.” You may ask, “How do I protect my ‘me’?” Just as you can safeguard your home by getting an alarm, you have to safeguard your “you.” For instance, not everyone whom you are allowing into your life is good for your “you.” Spend more time with supportive people — people who see the best in you! Spend time each day with people who make you feel good about yourself. It will be hard to keep your self-­love up if the most important influences in your life drag it down on a daily basis. The practice of “choosing me” says that you are truly valuing who you are at your core. “I choose me” can be a difficult concept to grasp, let alone to put into practice. The phrase can conjure up immediate negative reactions, as it appears to be about selfishness. I choose me is quite the contrary. Choosing me is about self-­love, self-­acceptance, and honoring who you really are, which is the greatest gift we can bring to any relationship. Here’s what “choosing me” looks like: •When we know ourselves, we no longer need to pretend. •We seek and maintain our truth. •We can be the best of who we are — not perfect, but perfectly imperfect. Besides, the quest for perfection will lead to the death of the real you. •I choose me says: “I am unique, and I deserve love.” •I choose me is self-­compassionate. •I choose me means you make time to be alone to think about life. •I choose me means you accept responsibility for your actions. It’s easy to blame our failures or setbacks on other people. We can blame our parents, our spouses, our children, or our co-­workers. However, the sooner we realize and accept that we have control of our destinies, the sooner we can take control of changing our lives for the better. We all have experienced discouragement by external forces. Nevertheless, we have to take responsibility for the roles we play. •I choose me means you are always armed with a positive energy field (PEF). Your PEF is your protective barricade. By putting on your PEF, you are not allowing negativity to toxify your spirit. To reiterate, we have home security systems, car alarms, and computer virus/spyware. Additionally, we take vitamins and eat the right foods to bolster our immune systems. We put on masks and hazardous material suits to protect ourselves from toxins. We wear sunscreens for protection. However, we are lax about protecting our spirits, inner selves, our places of solace. My question to you is: What are you doing to arm and protect your “you”? What are you doing to safeguard your spirit? Thus, the importance of your positive energy field and not allowing yourself to be toxified.




Nickie Robinson: Still a

Good Girl Written by Erin Napolean 10  |  BRONZEMAGONLINE.COM JULY 2015

Bronze Magazine’s cover star Nicke Robinson is a woman who most would say has it all. With multiple roles as a full time mother, owner of her own public relations firm GoodGirlPR, and a DJ by night, she’s actually the type of woman who can be referred to as a “momprenuer.” Robinson was raised in Los Angeles, California where she went on to acquire her Bachelor’s Degree at New York University and juris doctorate at the University of Denver. Four years ago when we first interviewed Nickie, we learned that it all started for her when she launched her own PR firm to help brand her DJ career. She had always wanted to be a DJ because of her passion for music. Now four years later, we learn that Nickie decided not to practice law after law school, yet has dedicated her career focus towards building the brand of her public relations firm and has expanded her career into compliance consulting for large financial institutions, which has been a life changing event. Now that she has had to transition her lifestyle towards motherhood, Nickie explains that her work has become more efficient because she now practices time management. When asked what her most favorite and least favorite thing is about motherhood she responded, “ My daughter is such a joy and she makes me smile everyday. My favorite thing about motherhood is learning over and over again. Everyday I learn something new or something that I forgot.” Her least favorite thing is disciplining her daughter because she feels like she is being mean, but in the long run she knows it will make her daughter a better person. Nickie explains that she is still a firm believer that women can have it all, but with an additional help and support system. In terms of being a parent, she says additional help is necessary such as in having a housekeeper, caretaker, and a supportive spouse or life partner. In terms of being a mompreneur and maintaining her business, she has hired an assistant as well as a few interns to help carry out tasks. Although she lives a very challenging lifestyle, one piece of advice Nickie would recommend for moms who are looking to become business owners is, you cannot do it all so find people or vendors to delegate time consuming tasks to so that you can focus on efforts which generate income.” Nicke Robinson plans to enjoy her hard work, success, and family. She has announced that she will be relaunching the DJ Nickee website in August with new mixes and appearances. She has also accumulated more clients for GoodGirPR, and interesting video content for social media. Nicke has also started an initiative called #STATEOFHIPHOP and will be going on tour to various colleges starting in the fall of 2015. website: www.goodgirlpr.com facebook:www.facebook.com/goodgirlpr twitter: @GoodGirlpr instagram: goodgirlpr tumblr: http://goodgirlpr.tumblr.com/ BRONZEMAGONLINE.COM JULY 2015



Beauty Brands You Need to Know


From the department stores to online, and down to the drugstores, there are endless cosmetic brands flooding the shelves. But what seems like an overwhelming task of choosing the right brand to suit your needs, there happens to be an abundance of cosmetic brands launched by Bronzed Goddesses that deserve just as much buzz. 1.GINGER+LIZ COLOUR COLLECTION. A nail collection inspired by arts, entertainment, and travel provides you with a healthy vegan manicure experience. Offering bold pigments, metallic’s, and an updated twist on classic nudes, this will freshen up your nail collection while doing good for your nails. http://www.gingerandliz.com


2.LAMIK BEAUTY. An eco chic friendly line that delivers makeup, skincare, and lashes to help women of all races and ages reveal their beauty. Creating a range where every skin tone and color can benefit has given this brand something to buzz about. http://www. lamik-beauty.com


3.MISCHO BEAUTY. Five free toxins? A brand discovered by a woman that wanted a healthy manicure while pregnant. She wanted it free of the 5 toxins that caused unwanted side effects. As a result of being a licensed cosmetologist and persistent, a chip free long lasting nail formula was created. http://www.mischobeauty.com 4.THE LIP BAR. The one place women of color can come and experience luxurious lip colors that are sure to compliment the deepest of skin tones. Intense pigmented lip collections are sure to give every woman the confidence to be bold and beautiful. https://www. thelipbar.com 5.B.L.A.C. MINERALS. A line created especially for the woman of color who wanted makeup with great ingredients, amazing quality, and non irritating ingredients. Creating a shade for the light brown to the richest brown, this provides women of color with more options. http://www.blacminerals.com We love our major brands that receive all the press and large window displays, but there are many brands that don’t receive the hype that will allow us to reveal our inner beauty just as well! by Rosalyn Robinson




The White Party

Hervé Léger embellished bodycon dress

MARINA GALANTI Handbag Sole Society stretch armor bracelet

Kiara - GLD Gold Leather Mia Limited Edition

Bvlgari Embellished Sunglasses





Fiction Authors y

by Farren washington Washington D.C. native Mychea realized she wanted to be a writer at 11 years old. The fiction author, playwright and CEO of Lyrehc Publications (www.lyrehcpublications.com) has written 7 novels plus an e-book to date, and produces stage plays based off of her novels in Washington, DC. Her very first novel, Coveted, took two years to write and was inspired by a bad dating experience. “I was stood up for a date and was angry. Back then I used to write poetry and so I began writing and writing and before you knew it I had a chapter and it turned into a book,” recalls Mychea. She admits that Coveted is the only novel she’s produced that has taken this much time, while the times it has taken to write her other books have varied. “It all boils down to the content, the research how excited I am about the story, etc.,” says Mychea. An avid writer, Mychea says she eats, sleeps, and writes. “I may sleep for about two hours, if that. I write non-stop around the clock until my eyes start seeing double. I order take-out and eat as I write. Once I’m too exhausted to formulate a sentence, I set my alarm for about two hours to rejuvenate myself and then I’m back at it all over again.” Her one quirk about her writing is that she loves to intertwine the characters’ lives in one way or another because it keeps the story exciting. When asked where she gets ideas from for her books she says, “My ideas come from the dark corners of my mind. My mind creates these stories and I am obligated to share them with the world.” Mychea believes that drama, murder, suspense, and high energy makes for a good story. Mychea describes herself as introverted (sociable when necessary), no nonsense, a go getter, aggressive, confrontational, and goofy. In her spare time she is an artist who loves to paint and draw. She also loves to play spades, and has a unique talent for planning events, but her favorite hobby of all time is reading. “Nothing beats a great book!” she exclaims. Grateful to her family for their love and support of her writing, Mychea considers her cousin Barbara Wright a strong role model in her life. “She has always been successful and I used to want to be like her when I grew up,” she confesses. Mychea also admits to being influenced by bestselling authors Mary B. Morrison, James Patterson, Judith McNaught and Dean Koontz, whose books have helped shaped her as a writer. Mychea’s audience consists of anyone from 18 years and older who loves a world of fantasy, a story that provides a momentary escape from the stresses of life. She hears from her readers constantly. “They say that they love my books and where do I come up with these ideas,” she says. “I thank each and every one of them for reading my novels and enjoying my twisted storylines. They make everything possible and I love getting to meet them when I do book tours. Best part of the business to me.” Mychea offers the following advice to her readers and other writers on getting published: “Always write and always have a sample of your writing readily available. You never know when it will be your moment to shine and you want to make sure that you are ready!” Her current book projects include He Loves Me, He Loves You Not 4 scheduled to make its debut in August and He Loves Me, He Loves You Not 5 to make its debut this winter. Mychea’s words to live by are, “Anything is possible.” No wonder she sees nothing but “success” for her future. 14  |  BRONZEMAGONLINE.COM JULY 2015

you need to Know

deno sandz by tiarsha harrison Deno Sandz is a prolific author of supernatural and horror story novels. A father of six, Sandz was born in Alabama and raised in Chicago. While In Chicago, he started working in the educational field for Diverse Learners, which is where he also began writing. He has now been a writer for 10 years. His very first novel was Miss Mary Weather: A Southern Nightmare. “Publishing my first novel had the same feeling as having my first child, both born from me, healthy and waiting to embrace the world,” says Sandz. When asked how he became interested in writing horror novels, Sandz responds, “My love for writing fiction was somehow inherited from the southern stories, myths, and superstitions I listened to from my grandmother and mother. This intrigued me to want to bring life to the fiction world of literature, as well as to other multi-genre forms.” Sandz also enjoys writing short stories with dramatic plots, poems about reality, comedic and emotional movie screenplays, articles on society, human nature, religion, human interest, and opinionative ideas. Deno says his love for writing started at an early age. “I remember my father taking me to the library as my extracurricular activity when our black and white television refused to get a channel,” he recalls. “My father would always say, “Read, write, and comprehend; and the pen is mightier than the sword.” Besides Sandz’s father, his mother inspired him to be a writer as well. According to Sandz, his gift for writing was directly passed on to him from her. In addition to his parents, Sandz has also been inspired by literature greats such as Langston Hughes, Mya Angelou, Stephen King, and even the classical Greek philosopher Socrates.

In the world of fiction writing, there are no boundaries. Besides Miss Mary Weather, other pieces have been written by Sandz including Pen of Iniquity, I AM, Blood Plantation, Cry Heaven Cry Hell, Shaw, The House of Shangri-La, 7even Dreams, and Whorehouse on Penguin Creek. Besides the many named, Sandz has other unpublished novels as well in the works. Sandz’ stories cover many aspects of society. Sandz’ short stories transcends the heart, soul and mind of his readers. His poetry/prose convokes emotions and reasoning and the comedy and drama screenplays are phenomenally written. How does he prepare himself for writing one of his novels? “I walk and think, I see and remember, I hear and retain, and then I imagine, visualize, and create (the VIC). Before I know it, two books, a poem, and a short story are in the works.” His advice to writers just starting out? “Be diligent, courageous, humble and supportive, unwavering, and believe in your talent. This industry/field holds no punches. Be ready to take them and keep it moving.” Sandz’s work can be found at www.amazon.com/author/denosandz and his writings can be found denosandz.wordpress.com. Keep a look out for creativity from Sandz in the future and an upcoming horror novel story in 2015.




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