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environment for a vacation

An “all inclusive” for all tastes, close to the most important attractions of natural beauty Costa Rica has to offer Produced by Jassen Pintado Interviewee Eidel Ramos, General Manager of Fiesta Resort & Club Vacacional

Fiesta Resort All Inclusive


osta Rica’s forests,

Five Star hotel by the Costa Rican

beaches and other natural Tourism Institute (ICT); it’s also ranked areas are outstanding

in the Elite Level, the highest category

attractions able to

for Sustainable Tourism Certification.

bring swarms of tourists, a reason

In 2020, it found its way into the top 5

why this Central American country

TripAdvisor Traveler’s Choice “Best of

boasts a highly competitive hotel

the Best” list in the Central America’s

industry. Among a wide range of

Family Hotels category. For the last 15

accommodation offers, Fiesta Resort

years, it has been nominated as the

& Club Vacacional stands out. The

“Best all-inclusive hotel” in Mexico and

property has been managed by

Central America, and in 2021 Fiesta

the Enjoy Group since 2018, a

Resort received new nominations

company specialized in the hotel

to the “Best family hotel” and “Best

and restaurant sector.

resort in Costa Rica” categories at the

In more than thirty years, Fiesta

World Travel Awards. In addition to

Resort has been an excellent host in

these accolades and certifications, the

the “all inclusive” mode for the family,

hotel earned the Escudo Puntarenas

couple, corporate and social event

Saludable (Healthy Puntarenas

segments, as well as for trips with

Emblem), a local certification from

friends. Guests are distributed in three

the Puntarenas Chamber of Tourism,

main areas: Premium, Family Suite and and the ICT “Safe Travels” seal, the Vacation Club area. Fiesta Resort is recognized as a


July 2021

awarded in 2020 for its excellent security protocols.


“ My professional career took the path of the hospitality industry and

I felt happy and completely fulfilled when I had this opportunity”

- Eidel Ramos, General Manager of Fiesta Resort & Club Vacacional

A PUSH FORWARD FROM THE ENJOY GROUP The Enjoy Group is a leading Costa Rican company standing out for the development and management of hotels and other properties focused on restaurants and tourism in Costa Rica and Central America. The company, led by its founder and president Rubén A. Pacheco Lutz and Javier Pacheco Albónico,

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Fiesta Resort All Inclusive


July 2021


Fiesta Resort All Inclusive

executive president, keeps excellence

in Mexico). Since September 2019,

standards in every property the group

Ramos has been in charge of the

operates, and obviously Fiesta Resort

Fiesta Resort operation in Costa Rica;

is no exception. The Enjoy Group

he’s also a member of the Board of

undertakes an ambitious investment

Directors of the Puntarenas Chamber

project to refurbish hotel facilities

of Tourism.

to keep them in tune with the guests’ taste.

Ramos’ training as a hotel manager led him to obtain a Master’s degree

“In addition to the many investments in Tourism Management from the made in the last two years, we will

University of Matanzas (Cuba) and

soon be working on approved projects

Hotel Management Certification from

that will be highly appreciated by our

Cornell University (USA); previously, he

visitors,” said Eidel Ramos, General

had studied Computer Engineering.

Manager of Fiesta Resort.

“Due to life circumstances, my professional career took the path of

EXPERIENCED LEADERSHIP IN SEVERAL MARKETS Eidel Ramos is an experienced hotel manager who has worked for almost two decades in renowned

the hospitality industry and I felt happy and completely fulfilled when I had this opportunity,” said the executive.

Hotels International, in destinations


such as Jardines del Rey (Cuba),

stretch of beach in the central part of

Puerto Vallarta and Los Cabos (both

the country, on the Pacific coast, in

chains in the sector, such as Meliá

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Fiesta Resort All Inclusive

the Gulf of Nicoya, approximately an

The hotel itself offers a dreamlike

hour and a half drive from the capital

setting decorated by vegetation with a

San José. The area provides extensive

captivating aesthetic and species from

contact with nature and offers

the local flora and fauna.

excursions to attractive destinations


Aquatic entertainment is spread

such as the Tortuga Island, Carara,

out in three large swimming pools

Manuel Antonio and Monteverde

and a small one set in a relaxing

natural parks, as well as the Central

atmosphere. Fiesta Resort also


offers tennis courts, a gym and other

July 2021


F ive s w i m m i ng poo l s fo r dif ferent pu r poses ... from fun to relaxation

sports activities, also on the beach.

For those interested in wellness,

Youngsters will find educational and

Heliconia Spa offers a unique

fun activities in spaces such as Kids

environment to provide body

Club and Teen Zone.

treatments in palapas equipped for

Fiesta Resort offers special areas to hold different kinds of social events,

this purpose. The amazing sunsets over the

including four halls, conditioned to

Pacific Ocean at Fiesta Resort are just

host corporate meetings, seminars,

the prelude to nights with astounding

and other celebrations.

artistic shows.

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Fiesta Resort All Inclusive


Refreshing drinks can be enjoyed in

Fiesta Resort offers multiple options

different environments; noteworthy are

in terms of food and refreshing drinks.

the El Malecón and El Pargo wet bars,

Macarela, Macondo and the Fuego

which are aligned with the concept of

grill offer a variety of dishes from Latin

offering a unique environment and a

American cuisine and fine meat cuts to very appealing variety, since El Mástil,


be enjoyed in the unique setting of the

the Fruit Bar and Sunset offer a wide

hotel’s beautiful surroundings. Fiesta

array of national, international and top-

Resort also offers the Calypso and El

class mixology spirits in very pleasant

Pelícano Snack Bar buffets.


July 2021


LOYALTY IS REWARDED AT THE CLUB VACACIONAL FIESTA RESORT The Enjoy Group created the Club Vacacional Fiesta Resort program with

the year, which are classified as the Diamond, Platinum, Gold and Silver tiers. “This program was created to offer

frequent customers in mind, so that

options to our most loyal clients,

they can enjoy Fiesta Resort with their

whose frequent visits had to be

whole family.

rewarded with privileges, including an

Among the perks this program offers, clients are allowed to choose

option of guaranteed benefits for their vacations,” added Ramos.

between four possible seasons of

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Fiesta Resort All Inclusive


and operation areas have extensive

The main purpose of adopting

technological support, which is subject

cutting-edge technology at Fiesta

to continuous improvement processes

Resort is to further improve and ease

in the supply of air conditioning,

customer experience, from getting

electricity, lighting in rooms and

to know the hotel and book online to

common areas, among other aspects.

intelligent processes supported by

“Innovation is part of our company’s

QR code to obtain information on

DNA of and we are always in search

specific services.

for and implementing improvements,”

The administrative, backoffice

said the executive.

F iesta Reso r t of fer s a va r iet y of menus and set tings fo r enjoyment of the Costa Rican gastronomy


July 2021



Family” with the necessary help in that

It is known that one of the most

time, not only in economic matters,

affected industries during the COVID-19 pandemic was undoubtedly

but also regarding their health. Fiesta Resort was the first hotel in

the hospitality industry. Fiesta Resort

its kind to resume operations, once

and all the hotels in Costa Rica

restrictions were eased, and it has

reached “zero occupancy” levels. The

remained as the leader in occupancy

company made efforts to affect its

rates nationwide. The “Fun with

employees as little as possible and,

Caution” program was implemented,

on the contrary, to provide the “Fiesta

which includes processes and

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Fiesta Resort All Inclusive

“Innovation is part of our company’s DNA and we are always in search for and implementing improvements” - Eidel Ramos, General Manager of Fiesta Resort & Club Vacacional

procedures designed to create a

and they are considered as hosts.

safe environment for visitors, hotel

This workforce is made up of 550

employees and suppliers.

employees, of which approximately

In addition, the “Health Heroes” campaign was created to reward healthcare professionals in Costa Rica,

half are women, thus promoting gender equality. Another noteworthy aspect of the

offering so far more than 100 free

Fiesta Resort staff is its permanence.

stays at the Fiesta Resort.

Considering the high turnover rates in

“We are confident to say that our

the industry, 75% of hotel employees

guests can safely enjoy their stay,”

have worked at Fiesta for more than

said Ramos.

two uninterrupted years and 30% of them have been more than ten years

THE FIESTA FAMILY The staff that operates Fiesta Resort is called the Fiesta Family,


July 2021

with the company, which is one of the most important employment sources in the area.


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Fiesta Resort All Inclusive

- Lic. Delmy Romero, Gerente General de Santos Industria



CONTACT: +506 2664-9400

The hotel of fer s educational and enter tainment spaces and activities fo r children and teenagers


July 2021


THE “HUMAN” PROGRAM “HUMAN” is an acronym formed by the Spanish words - and conceptsHuella, Unión, Movimiento, Altruismo and Nobleza (respectively, Footprint, Union, Movement, Altruism and Nobility) that represents the efforts made by Fiesta Resort in terms of sustainability and social responsibility. All the activities and initiatives adopted by the company contributing to its community are organized, integrated and carried out under the “HUMAN” program, including donations, activities for children, beach cleaning events, community work, tree planting campaigns, training and health campaigns, among other actions. “We feel represented in each contribution made, or in any of the many activities we carry out for the common good,” concluded Eidel Ramos, General Manager of Fiesta Resort All Inclusive.

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