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Gold standards for mining in Nicaragua

Assertive efforts able to increase value in production and within surrounding communities take Calibre Mining into a leading gold producer in Nicaragua

Produced by Jassen Pintado Interviewee Petri Salopera, Vice-President of Sustainability at Calibre Mining


Calibre Mining Corp.


alibre Mining is a Canadian company with corporate headquarters in Vancouver, British Columbia, operating in Nicaragua. The

company trades in the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX: CXB). The company’s executive leadership

Salopera earned a Master’s Degree in Development Studies, Latin American Studies and Social Studies from the University of Helsinki (Finland), besides taking part in postgraduate studies in Community Relations at the University of Queensland (Australia). Salopera’s experience has taken

is formed by an outstanding group

him to executive positions in mining

of individuals with decades worth

companies such as BHP and Newmont-

of experience not only in mining but

Goldcorp (both in Chile), Rio Tinto

also in public companies. The group’s

(Peru) and Newcrest (Ecuador).

successful precedents include the

Besides mining, Salopera has also

sale of seven mining companies in

been involved in academics and

transactions amounting to more than

NGOs in Europe and Latin America,

$5 billion.

focusing on environmental, community,

“We are focused on generating sustainable value for the long term



sustainability and media matters, besides government relations.

for shareholders, the communities we

“Mining and its potential for positive,

operate in and every party of interest,”

sustainable change generation is one of

said Petri Salopera, Vice-President of

the subjects that I’m most passionate

Sustainability at Calibre Mining.

about,” commented the executive.

Calibre Mining Corp.


- Petri Salopera, Vice-President of Sustainability at Calibre Mining

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Solutions designed for the client’s needs, with advice throughout the process

Tajo Mina el Limón. Cliente: Calibre Mining

With more than 15 years of experience and vast experience in the manufacture and commercialization of explosives, Explotec is synonymous with applied chemical engineering.

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Calibre Mining Corp.


“Estamos enfocados en generar valor sostenible a largo plazo para todas las partes interesadas” - Petri Salopera, Vice-President of Sustainability at Calibre Mining


Calibre’s production in Nicaragua currently generates 36% of the country’s exports in gold. And in 2020 only, Calibre’s expenditures paid nearly $200 million in the country among operational expenses, employee salaries and benefits, capital expenses as well as in direct investments contributing to wellbeing and education in communities where the company operates in, while creating more than 3,000 positions for direct and indirect

labor, and counting with 98% of Nicaraguan nationals on its staff. Not bad for a company that arrived in the country in 2009 whose main operations were mining exploration, near the country’s Caribbean coast, mainly. “Nicaragua has a mining tradition; we’ve always stated that the country has well established, clear laws regulating the mining industry,” Salopera declared. KEY ACQUISITIONS

In 2019, Calibre acquired assets

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Calibre Mining Corp.

in Nicaragua from B2Gold. This

Exploration with the purpose of

transaction included La Libertad

increasing investments in different

(in Chontales) and El Limón mines;

mining projects within Nicaragua.

currently, both locations are goldproducing sites. Also, the company owns the Pavón and Eastern Borosi


Calibre Mining’s operational model is run under the “Hub and Spoke” scheme:

(EBP) projects, which imply a significant extracting minerals from different sites to contribution to the companies’ be carried into processing plants which operations in Nicaragua. Calibre also acquired several

sum a processing capacity of 2.7 million tons per year, which allows to ramp up

exploration concessions, and in

production rapidly and with low costs,

March 2020 the company signed

delivering long-term value

an agreement along with Rio Tinto

for shareholders.

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Calibre Mining Corp.

This combination allows reinvestment for exploration in emerging areas. OPTIMIZED PROCESSES

Calibre Mining uses up to 97% of recycled water in production processes through tailings dams, which are built with waterproof materials to avoid residuals being in contact with the ground or groundwaters.


“Mining and its potential for positive, sustainable change generation is one of the subjects that I’m most passionate about”

Tailings storage facilities include piezometers to measure residuals in tailings and embankments. “As a company, we are focused

- Petri Salopera, Vicepresidente de

on a sustainable performance with

Sostenibilidad en

disciplined growth,” the executive

Calibre Mining


In 2020, Calibre mining invested $58.6 million in purchases. The company is conveniently supported by Bertling Logistics, Canchanya Ingenieros, Casa Pellas, Empremar,

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Calibre Mining Corp.


Calibre Mining directs ef fo r ts towa rd sustainable operations and contr ibutes towa rd operating in sustainable communities

Explotec, Grupo Santa Fe, Kal Tire, NIMAC and Puma Energy, among other companies. Every Calibre Mining supplier,

Purchases Task Force. The Directive Committee for Local Content was established in 2020 and is in charge of supervision, revision,

either big or small, is aligned with the

approval and support of strategies

company’s standards about ethics and

based in each site.

care for the environment. Calibre also has supplier development programs


During 2020, the entire staff at

either for key suppliers countrywide

Calibre Mining was subject to safety

or local suppliers in each site, with the

training sessions focused in each

latter group being managed by the Local different area, pointing out possible


September 2021

Calibre Mining Corp.


The staf f at Cal ib re Mining is subject to r igo rous training sessions fo r safet y and r isk exposure

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Calibre Mining Corp.

dangers and risk exposure, besides

“This brought a positive impact in

spreading safety regulations for

our staff and we have been allowed

each aspect.

to operate without having to halt

Nine other specialized technical safety trainings were added,

our operations again since,” Salopera added.

accomplishing goals beyond the basic requirements. ADAPTING TO CONDITIONS DURING THE COVID-19 EMERGENCY

Consequences deriving from de COVID-19 pandemic also affected the mining industry, and Calibre Mining


Caring for the environment and company efforts in surrounding communities are an important part of Calibre Mining’s success. Since 2020, the company has

adapted to the new conditions after

held multiple meetings with different

a temporary halt to activity during

groups such as native communities,

April 2020.

among others, which are aware of the

Top priority for operations under

company’s responsible operations

these new conditions has been the

firsthand. All of these interactions take

safety and wellbeing of company

place under the best global practices

employees; for this purpose, Calibre

carried out by Calibre and under

Mining developed and implemented 17

the company’s Native Communities

new biosecurity protocols.

Standards, besides being in contact

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Contact and follow us:

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Whatever your goals – reducing costs, improving uptime or fulfilling sustainability commitments – Kal Tire’s Mining Tire Group has proven solutions. With productivity expertise, tire management innovation and highly trained people executing to standard, at Kal Tire, we believe you can expect more.

Calibre Mining Corp.


“The country has well established, clear laws regulating the mining industry” - Petri Salopera, Vice-President of Sustainability at Calibre Mining

with the Regional Governments of the

sustainable gold mining industry based

North and South Caribbean Coast.

on a deep understanding of gold’s role

The company operates under

in society, today and in coming years.

Nicaraguan regulations, besides

“The goal is delivering value for

carrying out practices aligned with the

our groups of interest in a responsible

UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

way through innovative management

(SDG), publishing its first Sustainable

focused on participation,” declared

Development Report. It’s also worth

the executive.

mentioning that in August 2020, the company joined the World Gold Council (WGC). As members of this


• In the Pavón Mine (located in

organization, we share a unified vision

Rancho Grande, Matagalpa), Calibre

of our responsibility in securing a

Mining partnered with the CEN

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Calibre Mining Corp.


Ca l i b re M i n i n g’s p ro d u ct i o n co nt r i b u te s to m o re t h a n 3 0 % of N i ca ra g u a’s g o l d ex p o r t s

environmental organization (Center for Understanding with Nature) to join

hurricanes Eta and Iota in 2020, Calibre

environmental, social and economic

Mining created a humanitarian aid fund

goals within this site.

along with local authorities and NGOs,

• In the El Limón Mine, the

helping vulnerable communities in

company co-financed a campaign

the Rosita, Siuna, Bonanza, Rancho

from the Ministry of Health, benefitting

Grande, El Tuma-La Dalia, El Cua and

5,055 residents from El Limón and

San José de Bocay communities.

surroundings, reducing risk of infections


• After damages caused by

• In Rancho Grande, the company

from diseases such as dengue fever

built a new educational center for

and Zika virus.

the Yahosca Arriba community,


Calibre Mining Corp.

The company i s a l so i nvo lved i n othe r ex p l o ration projects, some of them along strategic par tners

with improved infrastructure -including

WGC, with the duty of complying

solar panels-, benefitting more

with the Responsible Gold Mining

than 40 students.

Principles (RGMP) from this entity. The


Toward the end of 2021, gold

company is already directing efforts to align with these regulations, as well

production from Calibre Mining is

as with the International Council on

projected to reach between 170,000

Mining and Metals Principles, besides

and 180,000 oz.

its commitment to comply with efforts

Previously, with the purpose of creating a mid-level gold mining company, in 2020 Calibre joined the

aligned to the UN’s SDGs. It’s projected that the company will be taking three years to totally comply

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Calibre Mining Corp.



The Mining specialists with safety, care for the environment and quality. Canchanya Ingenieros S.R.L. Peruvian company, established in 1993, specializing in the execution of works and comprehensive managementof underground and open-pit mining operations. Telephone Nicaragua: +505 7516 1796 Telephone Peru: +511 995723074

with RGMP, current efforts to fulfill this goal include identifying areas of

Fuels and lubricants that offer integrated solutions to ensure smooth, efficient and safe operations.

improvement as well as those that are already aligned with such standards. Other purposes for Calibre Mining include reducing greenhouse gas emissions within the mid-term. “We keep our goal of interacting in an open, respectful way to continue contributing in a positive, constructive manner to improve people’s living conditions,” finalized Petri Salopera, Vice-President of Sustainability at Calibre Mining.

Calibre Mining Corp.




im Nicaragua


EMPLOYEES: 3,614 employees (as of August, 20211)

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