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Step inside the scenes and immerse yourself in this interactive and experiential journey at the Museum of Broadway.

“Show-stopping! A must-see stop on any theater-lover’s visit to Manhattan!” - USA Tod Ay

ore The Museum of Broadway is proud to support Broadway Cares / equity Fights AIdS Scan the QR code to visit the Museum of Broadway website. 145 West 45th Street TH e MUS e UM o FB roA d WAy.C o M @museumofbroadway

Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS presents

Featuring Lorna Courtney

Gavin Creel

Jordan Fisher

J. Harrison Ghee

Andrea McArdle

Ben Platt

with Special Guest

Katie Rose Clarke

Opening Number

Directed, Choreographed & Written by Thayne Jasperson

Produced by Trisha Doss, Ken McGee, Tom Viola, Danny Whitman

Production Manager Jason Kooistra

Senior Production Manager Nathan Hurlin

Production Stage Manager

Jennifer Rogers

Music Supervision & Arrangements by Will Van Dyke

Directed by Kristin Newhouse

For more than 35 years, Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS has been the philanthropic heart of Broadway, helping provide meals and medication, health care and hope to those facing hardship and personal crises.

Equity Fights AIDS was founded in October 1987 by the Council of Actors’ Equity Association. Broadway Cares was founded in February 1988 by members of The Producers’ Group. In May 1992, the two merged to become Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS.

Today, Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS is the major supporter of the social service programs at the Entertainment Community Fund (formerly The Actors Fund) and awards annual grants to more than 450 AIDS and family service organizations in all 50 states, Puerto Rico and Washington, D.C. At times of crisis, Broadway Cares also awards one-time humanitarian grants to provide emergency aid across the US and around the world. 1,067,000 2,775,250 1,067,000 2,775,250

Cares/Equity Fights AIDS Contributions * unaudited 771,780 1,184,119 676,404 707,916 1,400,549 1,342,200 1,711,819 3,039,841 3,033,566 3,238,765 2,689,679 3,115,969 4,437,338 4,469,798 4,518,364 5,152,546 5,737,298 4,492,489 5,824,988 5,305,700 6,218,796 6,190,056 6,091,777 6,780,596 6,452,808 7,836,709 7,787,258 8,628,199 7,019,015 7,226,330 8,790,599 9,553,500 1,405,780 2,838,119 2,434,404 2,498,916 3,410,549 3,589,700 4,182,819 5,739,841 5,988,902 6,068,265 5,421,679 6,138,469 7,797,838 7,986,298 8,035,864 8,824,046 10,039,298 7,892,489 9,984,988 9,320,200 10,843,796 10,490,056 10,694,777 11,956,096 12,055,358 13,373,709 13,685,258 14,814,199 18,244,015 15,003,830 17,041,599 17,196,000 634,000 1,654,000 1,758,000 1,791,000 2,010,000 2,247,500 2,471,000 2,700,000 2,955,336 2,829,500 2,732,000 3,022,500 3,360,500 3,516,500 3,517,500 3,671,500 4,302,000 3,400,000 4,160,000 4,014,500 4,625,000 4,300,000 4,603,000 5,175,500 5,602,550 5,537,000 5,898,000 6,186,000 11,225,000 7,777,500 8,251,000 7,642,500 5/92-12/92 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009

AIDS 1987-1992 Broadway Cares $ $ $ $ Broadway
2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022
$ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ Grant-making Total 136,345,636 $ 152,493,768 $ 288,839,404 $ Total Entertainment Community Fund National & International
1987-1992 Equity Fights
2010 2011 2012 2013

Dear Friends,

Our extended theater community is matchless in both its resilience and ingenuity. In the face of opportunity or challenge, I continue to be inspired by the compassion and unstoppable drive to care for each other.

This year’s Spring Fundraising Competition is the perfect example of this boundless kindness and creativity. Across the 21 Broadway, three Off-Broadway and 17 national touring productions that joined in the fundraising, shows stepped up with innovative approaches that invigorated their fundraising.

From auctions for stage-used props and photos with stars to bracelets and buttons handmade backstage by casts and crew members, audiences were constantly surprised and delighted by unique ways to make a difference. These efforts are rooted in the tradition of fervently signing Playbills and posters and holding Red Buckets in support of those in need.

This generosity from theater companies and you - the benevolent audiences - is already being put to vital use. Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS has shared $4.4 million so far this year with the Entertainment Community Fund (formerly The Actors Fund). Thanks to you, the Fund will continue helping people onstage, backstage and throughout the entertainment industry by providing a safety net of support when colleagues are facing health challenges or personal crises.

Plus, Broadway Cares already has awarded a record $2.83 million this year to 146 food pantries, congregate meal and meal delivery programs across the country. Just last month, an additional $985,000 was awarded to 44 nationally recognized LGBTQ+ health clinics and HIV/AIDS advocacy organizations. This summer, our National Grants Program will provide support to another 250 vital programs across the country.

Our industry’s limitless ability to reinvent and create doesn’t stop at fundraising efforts. When we decided to shift our celebration of in-theater fundraising to once a year at the fall’s Red Bucket Follies, we reimagined the traditional Easter Bonnet Competition into today’s event. And for this intimate gathering exclusively for our donors, a bevy of inimitable talent came together with spirit and enthusiasm to create Hats Off to You

We hope you feel the legacy and history of the Easter Bonnet Competition reflected in today’s performances. While the location and structure of the show may have changed, the heart of the event remains that as one of appreciation.

We look forward to celebrating with you and the wider community this December at Red Bucket Follies at the New Amsterdam Theatre. In the meantime, we extend our endless gratitude for your support in the form of today’s dream performances.

Hats off to you, and on with the show!


Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS’ annual celebration of spectacular spring fundraising spans more than three decades.

The legacy began in 1986 with “The Queen of Hearts,” an informal show initiated by wardrobe supervisors Gayle Patton and Irene Bunis. It took place backstage at the Palace Theatre during the original La Cage aux Folles. Cast members from La Cage were judged on poise, personality and talent by the rest of the company, who voted by putting dollar bills in a jar for each contestant. The effort raised $1,200 for the National AIDS Fund.

The event inspired so much fun and fundraising that the following year Patton suggested an “Easter Bonnet Competition.” Other Broadway companies were invited to participate. Fundraising ideas flourished, bonnets became more elaborate, stars joined in as presenters and performers. By 1990 – when it was shared onstage at the Majestic Theatre – the Easter Bonnet Competition had become a beloved beacon for AIDS fundraising across the Broadway community.

Produced by Suzanne Ishee and a host of dedicated coordinators and volunteers for its first eight years, the Easter Bonnet returned to the Palace Theatre in 1995 under the banner of Broadway Cares/ Equity Fights AIDS. In 1998, the show moved to the New Amsterdam Theatre and in 2007, it followed The Lion King to the Minskoff Theatre.

This year, the Easter Bonnet Competition has transformed into this evening's event, Hats Off to You. We’re thrilled to continue this legacy of spring fundraising while honoring you - the dedicated donors who have made so much lifesaving grant-making possible. We look forward to celebrating all of this year’s in-theater fundraising with you and the broader community at December’s Red Bucket Follies, the annual variety show spectacular once again set for the New Amsterdam Theatre.


1987 $18,000 1988 $51,000 1989 $137,000 1990 $226,000 1991 $279,000 1992 $500,000 1993 $848,000 1994 $1,001,000 1995 $1,127,000 1996 $1,304,000 1997 $1,474,000 1998 $1,793,000 1999 $2,096,000 2000 $2,129,000 2001 $2,275,000 2002 $1,826,000 2003 $2,150,000 2004 $3,435,000 2005 $2,849,000 2006 $3,187,000 2007 $3,345,000 2008 $3,734,000 2009 $3,408,000 2010 $3,265,700 2011 $3,706,085 2012 $3,677,855 2013 $4,250,542 2014 $4,532,129 2015
* Total:
* in-theater fundraising only, no Easter Bonnet Competition performance 2023 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019


All Those Hatttsss

Directed, Choreographed & Written by Thayne Jasperson

Music & Lyrics by Benny Andersson & Bjorn Ulvaeus, Leonard Bernstein, Don Black & Christopher Hampton, John Kander & Fred Ebb, Trevor Nunn, Stephen Sondheim, Andrew Lloyd Webber

Adapted Lyrics by Thayne Jasperson

Music Direction & Arrangement by Will Van Dyke

Stage Managers: Freddy Krepps & David Sugarman

Costumes by Jeffrey Wallach

Bonnet Design by Billy Hipkins

Featuring Adam Jacobs, Oyoyo Joi, Michael Maliakel

Performers: Gracie Anderson, Lauren Boyd, Joshua Burrage, Sky Flaherty, Haley Hilton, Thayne Jasperson, Libby Lloyd, Meg Ricks, Omari Simmons, Brayden Singley, Alex Ware

“Wait for It” ..................................................................................... Jordan Fisher

Music & Lyrics by Lin-Manuel Miranda from Hamilton

“Out Tonight” ............................................................................... Lorna Courtney

Music & Lyrics by Jonathan Larson from Rent

“Ya Got Trouble” Gavin Creel

Music & Lyrics by Meredith Willson from The Music Man

“If He Walked Into My Life Today” Andrea McArdle

Music & Lyrics by Jerry Herman from Mame

Music Direction by Steve Marzullo

A TOURtastrophe!

Directed & Choreographed by Thayne Jasperson

Music: “Play Ball” by Edward Shearmur

Arrangement by Thayne Jasperson

Stage Managers: Deanna Crawford & AJ Martin

Costumes by Jeffrey Wallach

Performers: Gracie Anderson, Jake Corcoran, Haley Hilton, Thayne Jasperson, Kennedy Kandi, Tanner Richins, Megan Ricks, Kianna Rodriguez, Faith Shover, Omari Simmons, Danny Venini, Alex Ware

“Being Alive” Ben Platt

Music & Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim from Company

At the Monday performance only

“Run and Tell That” ..................................................................... J. Harrison Ghee

Music by Marc Shaiman; Lyrics by Scott Wittman & Marc Shaiman from Hairspray

At the Tuesday performance only

“Help is on the Way” Katie Rose Clarke

Music & Lyrics by David Friedman

Music Direction & Arrangement by Will Van Dyke

*Performers subject to change

$10 covers the cost of one HIV test

$50 provides 20 fresh meals at a soup kitchen

$100 helps provide home care for someone struggling in their fight with a life-threatening illness

$250 covers antiretroviral medications for someone who’s lost their job and health insurance

$500 pays overdue rent and keeps a parent with AIDS and their children from becoming homeless

To learn more about Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS’ National Grants Program and the more than 450 AIDS and family service organizations we help fund in all 50 states, Puerto Rico and Washington, D.C., please visit broadwaycares.org/nationalgrants.

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More of life brought to life.

Entertainment Community Fund

An Evolution of Support for the HIV/AIDS Initiative

When Keith McNutt attended a performance of Rent in the mid-1990s, he didn’t expect the stories told onstage to mirror his experiences as a case worker for the HIV/AIDS Initiative.

“I remember hearing the lyrics, ‘Will I lose my dignity, will someone care?’” McNutt said recently. “The words are repeated and repeated, and the pain and terror grows, and it reaches a crescendo of agony. It perfectly described what I was living every day with our clients.”

Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS has been supporting the life-affirming work of the HIV/AIDS Initiative at the Entertainment Community Fund (formerly The Actors Fund) since the program’s inception in 1988. Before the merger of the two organizations, Equity Fights AIDS provided the initial funding for the initiative and Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS continues to provide the majority of its annual budget. Last year, Broadway Cares provided $1 million to the HIV/AIDS Initiative.

In those earliest days of the HIV/AIDS epidemic, case management at the Fund ranged from building support systems and “buddy” teams when clients were healthy to writing wills, finalizing funeral arrangements and being by their bedsides for their final days.

Thanks to the generosity of Broadway Cares donors and supporters, this commitment of compassion has never wavered — even as accessibility to HIV medication transitioned the disease from a death sentence to a manageable condition.

“The care we’re providing changed because now we aren’t primarily going to funerals,” said Kent Curtis, who has been leading the HIV/AIDS Initiative since 2007. “Now, our work has evolved into more long-term case management for clients of all ages.”

In 1996, Broadway Cares expanded its support of the Fund beyond the HIV/AIDS Initiative to provide initial funding to launch the Phyllis Newman Women’s Health Initiative. In 2023 alone, Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS awarded the Entertainment Community Fund $7.64 million, supporting The Friedman Health Center for the Performing Arts, the HIV/AIDS Initiative, the Phyllis Newman Women’s Health Initiative, Senior Services, Addiction and Recovery Services, Artists Health Insurance Resource Center, The Dancers’ Resource, The Stage Managers’ Project and a safety net of other lifesaving services.

Since that first funding in 1988, Broadway Cares’ donors and supporters have helped ensure more than $140 million have sustained and helped expand the programs of the Fund. Broadway Cares remains the single largest financial supporter of the Entertainment Community Fund.

“I don’t know that there’s ever been a partnership in the history of medicine or social work that has stepped in so completely as Broadway Cares has with the Fund,” McNutt said. “We were able to create services that could meet the needs of our community. And that remarkable work truly saves people’s lives in the darkest moments.”

Total awarded to the Entertainment Community Fund by Broadway
Fights AIDS in 2023: $7,642,500
HIV/AIDS Initiative $1,000,000 WGA and SAG-AFTRA Strikes Emergency Assistance Phyllis Newman Women’s Health Initiative Senior Services Safety Net for All Campaign An additional $90,000 supported special event sponsorships and memorial donations The Stage Managers' Project The Paul Libin Center Looking Ahead Safe Workplace Initiative Broadway Flu Shot Program The Dancers' Resource The Career Center The Friedman Health Center for the Performing Arts $2,000,000 $1,000,000 Artists Health Insurance Resource Center Addiction and Recovery Services $750,000 $500,000 $250,000 $250,000 $50,000 $52,500 $300,000 $200,000 $100,000 $100,000


would like to thank the members of the following unions for their continued participation and support of the audience appeals made once again in Broadway theaters.

With the added support of our friends Off-Broadway and in national touring shows across the country, these appeals are the backbone and muscle of Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS’ annual fundraising efforts.

These appeals could not be done without the generous collective efforts of

ACTORS’ EQUITY ASSOCIATION - actors and stage managers


ATPAM - company managers, house managers and press agents


IATSE Local 1 - stagehands, carpenters, electricians and props

IATSE Local 306 - ushers, ticket takers and doormen

IATSE Local 751 - treasurers and ticket sellers




and, of course, all of our friends at THE BROADWAY LEAGUE for making these efforts welcome in their theaters as a part of their productions.

For 35 years we have said, “WHAT


This proves it. Our sincere thanks to all.


An army of 226 tireless volunteers and Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS staffers enhanced the Spring Fundraising Competition fundraising efforts this season. They held Red Buckets and sold autographed memorabilia in the lobbies of Broadway and Off-Broadway theaters alongside company members of participating shows. Over the course of six weeks of audience appeals, volunteers filled 3,220 shifts at 984 appeals. Our sincere thanks to these unsung heroes, Broadway Cares’ famous bucket brigade.

Zach Aaronson

Amy Abrams

Harley Abrevaya

Chris Adamek

Gilberto Alvarado

Cathy Atria

David Baez

Adam Balaban

Lauren Balaban

Kari Bassett

Cole Batzler

Gary Belis

Joni Bessler

Linda Pritz Boynton

Julia Cameron

John Carrion

Ken Cerniglia

Girlie Chang

Emily Chen

Maisa Chiang

Barbara Chin

David Cady Class

Francois Conradie

Kenneth Cooke

Jenn Coss

Megan Craig

Jaisah Cruz

Keith Degi

Catherine DeLuce

Rachel Donner

Matt D’Silva

Beth Dunn

Doug Eichman

Phoebe Ellman

Alyssa Erb

Adam Feren

Rachel Fontenot

Maureen Fox

Cairo Galarza

Rafael Galarza

Beth Gilchrist

Eun Gonzalez

Sam Gonzalez

Stefanie Gorman

Rebecca Grady

Jonathan Green

Jim Haag

Michael Hartman

Jeremiah Hernandez

Katie Hickling

Brandy Hill

DeAnna Hill

Nicholas Hipple

Kirsten Hungate

Haley Huxley

Ericka Iachello

Ilana Kameros

Bonnie Kavett

Randall Kellogg

Samantha Kennedy

David Kernahan

Armelle Kessler

Louise Kim

Lauren Kinney

Nicole LaFountaine

Adam Lagosz

John Lagucki

Jen Lai

Catherine Langevin-Falcon

Celeste Lannen

Giovanni Lavaia

Aster Leach

Sandra Leach

Christine Lemme

Ari Machida

Shira Margulies

Eric Martin

Molly McEvoy

DeAngelo Miller

Nathan Moberg

Tyler Mullen

Kana Muse

Lori Nelson

Duke Norsworthy

Maggie Oberrender

Mandy Padilla

Stephen Paine

Stephanie Peguillan

Fabio Perla

Jacob Persily

Amanda Peters

Joe Petrowski

Maria Porto

Lindsay Pounder

Nick Reit

Lanae Rhodes

Janet Robusto

Gianni Rodriguez

Sally Rosenberg

Amy Rosenthal

Paul Rossi

Melissa Rounsaville

Katie Samuels

Stacey Shick Samuels

Patty Schaupp

Hannah Seewald

Doug Shapiro

Sadie Shapiro

David Shmerler

Jeff Siebert

Christy Johnson Simeon

Claire Letourneau Stitzer

Esi Sogah

Austin Sora

Jennifer Stalians

Andrew Stern

Hollis Stern

Zach Stevenson

Steve Symonds

Ron Szabo

Marivic Tagala

Katie Thrasher

Michelle Tidmore

Michelle Treistman

Benjamin Vigil

Katherine Waters

Michael Westwood

Bartley Whitman

Alicia Wyckoff

Leanna Yip

and volunteer groups from AMEX Pride+, City National Bank, PepsiCo EQUAL, Wagner College Campus Life and Withum


Stage Managers Lisa Buxbaum, Kate Wellhofer

Hard Rock Cafe Technical Director Viktoras Vaituzis

Hard Rock Cafe Head Electrician Chris Comishock

Press Representatives Boneau/Bryan-Brown

Volunteer Coordination

R. Keith Bullock, James Cella, Trisha Doss

Event Artwork & Playbill Design Jenny Garcia

Script David Beach, James Cella, Tom Viola

Hair & Makeup Justen Brosnen

Voice of God David Masenheimer


Keyboards ........................................................................................................ Will Van Dyke

Guitar ............................................................................................................ Matt Deitchman

Bass ................................................................................................................... Yuka Tadano

Drums .............................................................................................................. Dena Tauriello

Instruments provided by Boulevard Carroll



Araca Group

B&J Fabrics

Ellen Bradford

Broadway Cares Office Volunteers

Creative Goods

Ernest Winzer Cleaners

Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

Pearl Studios

Platypus Merchandise

Sound Associates - Steve Harris, Joe Maloney

TDF Costume Collection

Nicole Rabinowitz


We wish to express our gratitude to the performers’ unions – Actors’ Equity Association, American Guild of Musical Artists, American Guild of Variety Artists and SAG-AFTRA – through Theatre Authority Inc. for their cooperation in permitting the artists to appear in this program.



Glenn Shaevitz,


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Congratulations Tom and everyone at Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS! Brian S. Snyder The Granny B&P Foundation

Hats Off to Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS for all you do!

Thank you to all the performers and everyone behind the scenes who made this an exciting evening!

Hollis Stern

National Grants

National Food Grants

Food Grants Change Lives Along National Tour Routes

On a February afternoon, 11 floors above the hustle and bustle of Times Square, 18 dedicated Broadway actors and stage managers gathered as part of Broadway Cares’ food grants committee. Six weeks of dedicated Red Bucket Fall Fundraising culminated in this moment - the opportunity to distribute lifesaving aid in the form of meals, meal deliveries and congregate meal programs to countless people facing hunger and isolation across the country.

“The entire process was truly eye-opening for me,” said Edmond O’Neal, a stage manager and first-time food grants committee member. “It can be all too easy when you are in the middle of appeals seasons or the Broadway Flea Market & Grand Auction to lose sight of the ‘why.’”

O’Neal helped award a record $2.83 million in grants to 146 food service and meal delivery programs across the country. Reaching often underserved and under-funded programs and organizations large and small - across 38 states, Puerto Rico and Washington, D.C. - these grants will offer relief and a helping hand to communities and individuals seeking warm, healthy meals and food programs.

Broadway Cares’ National Grants Program will award additional grants this spring to nationally recognized

AIDS service organizations, health clinics and advocacy organizations and to theater and entertainment industry social service agencies. This summer, grants will be awarded to social service organizations whose work includes direct services, emergency financial assistance, harm reduction programs and quality of life services.

In 2023, Broadway Cares provided $9.1 million through its national grants program across all three grant rounds.

O’Neal is currently on the road stage managing the California tour of A Strange Loop after completing a year-long stint as assistant stage manager at the Tony Award-winning hit Hadestown. At the food grants committee table, he shared his wonder at the breadth and reach of these food grants. He wasn’t fully aware of the extensive impact he was making in the very communities he was working in while on tour with Ain’t Too Proud: The Life and Times of The Temptations

“It was really nice to see that the communities that we are raising money with are also the very same communities that are receiving the support and assistance,” O’Neal said. “It felt great to be able to see exactly the impact all of our work as a theatrical community has on those around the country that need the additional support and assistance.”

Aliveness Project in Minneapolis

In June 2022, the Ain’t Too Proud tour performed at Minneapolis’ storied Orpheum Theatre. Just three miles away, the Aliveness Project, an organization that supports people living with and at the greatest risk of HIV, serves healthy, warm meals through its congregate meal program. Congregate programs allow clients to enjoy a meal with each other, removing the solitude and stigma that can accompany an HIV diagnosis.

“Just knowing that I can rely on the Aliveness kitchen when I need it for meals is a big stress reliever for me,” said Dan, a client of the Aliveness Project.

Resource Center of Dallas

Later that summer, Ain’t Too Proud performed at Dallas’ Music Hall. The Resource Center of Dallas has been providing myriad services to the LGBTQ+ and HIV/AIDS communities in Dallas-Fort Worth for four decades. Those services include its food pantry and hot meals program, which is planned specifically to address the caloric needs of individuals impacted by HIV/AIDS.

“The food pantry is an excellent resource,” said Helen, a client of Resource Center of Dallas. “I love that I can pick what I want to eat, and eat what I need for my survival and health. The Resource Center saved my life, because when I was lost and didn’t know where to turn, they were here for me.”

Jewish Family Service of Colorado in Denver

Toward the end of O’Neil’s time on tour, the company had a two-week run at Colorado’s Denver Center. Jewish Family Service of Colorado is doing critical work in improving the lives of Denver residents through a full suite of services, including disability care, employment training and mental health counseling. Also among those offerings is the Weinberg Food Pantry, which assists individuals and families facing hunger and food insecurity.

“JFS is like building a foundation on a house — my foundation for a new life,” said David, a client of Jewish Family Service of Colorado.



& Juliet

Fundraising coordinators: Danielle Ranno, Jess Morton, Suzi Bonnot

Special thanks to the cast and crew of & Juliet and the front-of-house staff at the Sondheim Theatre for all your help and dedication


Fundraising coordinators: Monica Cuoco, Ana Garcia, Bernadette Schoenborn, Alexis Shorter, Terry Witter

Special thanks to Tom Schumacher and Anne Quart for keeping our home at the New Amsterdam Theatre a safe and welcome space; Myriah Bash, Drew Hollenbeck and Alex Reyes, the best of the best managers, for their support; Michael Maliakel, Sonya Balsara, Dennis Stowe, Don Darryl Rivera, Brad Weinstock, Milo Alosi and Zach Bencal for your heartfelt curtain speeches; Christel Murdock, Ron Tagert, our amazing wardrobe department and Milo Alosi for rolling a thousand aprons; the incredible crew and orchestra at the New Am; and our fantastic front-of-house staff for all the extra work on our Playbill inserts, adding our QR code to the back and also collecting following performances. It takes a village.


Fundraising coordinators: The company of Appropriate

Back to the Future: The Musical

Fundraising coordinators: Jereme Kyle Lewis, Brandon Allmon-Jackson

Special thanks to Jonalyn Saxer and Jelani Remy

A Beautiful Noise, The Neil Diamond Musical

Fundraising coordinator: Alexander Allen

Special thanks to Amber Ardolino, Julie DeVore, Colyn W. Fiendel, Jess LeProtto, Bonnie Panson, Bri Sudia and the cast and crew of A Beautiful Noise

The Book of Mormon

Fundraising coordinators: Mike Zaleski, Sara Cox Bradley, Glynn David Turner

Special thanks to Anne Garefino, David Turner, Adam Miller, Cody Jamison Strand, John Eric Parker, Mike Composto and Phil Wilson


Fundraising coordinators: Ryan Lowe, Marian DeWitt

Days of Wine and Roses

Fundraising coordinator: Jen Ash

Special thanks to Judith Schoenfeld, Eric Nolan Mattingly, the cast and crew of Days of Wine and Roses, Drew Mizer Hilton and John Ryan, along with the house crew and front-of-house staff at Studio 54


Fundraising coordinators: The Hadestown stage managers

Special thanks to the entire company of Hadestown and staff of the Walter Kerr Theatre


Fundraising coordinators: The company of Hamilton

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

Fundraising coordinators: Christopher Flores, Vanessa Coakley, Madison DeCoske, Andrea Saraffian, Rolt Smith, Michelle Tuite, Haley Wilson

Kimberly Akimbo

Fundraising coordinators: Arabella Powell, Kate Wellhofer

The Lion King

Fundraising coordinators: Theron Alexander, Beth Bornstein, Larry Cook, Lindiwe Dlamini, Bongi Duma, Rose James, S’bu Ngema

Special thanks to the entire company on and off stage, especially those that were integral to the appeal, gave backstage tours and held Red Buckets, the Minskoff Theatre house staff, Minskoff crew and The Lion King management team

Merrily We Roll Along

Fundraising coordinator: Imani Champion

Special thanks to the entire Merrily company


Fundraising coordinator: Sheryl Polancos

Moulin Rouge! The Musical

Fundraising coordinators: Davin De Santis, Jason Pacella, Kyle Largent, Julie Baldauff

Special thanks to David Harris and André Ward for giving our appeal speech each night, as well as the entire company on and off stage at the Hirschfeld Theatre

The Notebook

Fundraising coordinators: The company of The Notebook

The Outsiders

Fundraising coordinators: Beverly Jenkins and the company of The Outsiders

Special thanks to Heidi Giovine, our fantastic house manager


Fundraising coordinators: Christine Daly, Sarah Helgesen, Brian Lynn

Special thanks to the entire cast, crew and band of Six; to our generous Lena Horne Theatre

Local One crew (with an extra special shout-out for Michael Attianese and Joe DePaulo); to house manager Elizabeth Levy and the fantastic front-of-house staff at the Lena Horne; and to Joey Odom, the Six merchandise manager


Fundraising coordinators: Michael Domue, Matt Lacey, Willie Porter

Sweeney Todd

Fundraising coordinators: Johnny Milani, Aaron Elgart, Nic Steffes, Jillian Oliver, Shana Ferguson

Special thanks to Kristy Dale Sanders, Jessie Fried, Ryan Sweeney, Kelley Ho, Joy Magyawe

Water for Elephants

Fundraising coordinator: Kate Wallace

Special thanks to David Barrette, the cast, crew, front-of-house staff, management and producers of Water for Elephants

The Who’s Tommy

Fundraising coordinators: The company of The Who’s Tommy

Special thanks to the Nederlander Theatre crew and staff


Fundraising coordinator: Stephen Milosevich

Special thanks to Mary Kate Morrissey, Alexandra Socha, Jake Pederson and everyone at the Gershwin Theatre for your never-ending support


Little Shop of Horrors

Fundraising coordinators: Sara Sahin, Angela F. Kiessel, Julia Perez, Weston Chandler Long

Special thanks to Joshua Garcia, Andrew Lewis and Jane Sycks

The Play That Goes Wrong

Fundraising coordinators: Dora Jane Trenbeath, Anne McPherson


Fundraising coordinators: Hannah Woodward, Kathleen Rose Gallardo, Mason Huse

Special thanks to Stagelight Communications and Stuart Billmeier

National Tours


Fundraising coordinators: Andrew Bacigalupo, Kolten Bell, Brandon Burks, Anand Nagraj, J. Andrew Speas

Special thanks to the touring company of Disney’s Aladdin, Disney Theatrical Group, DTG press department, Aladdin stage management team, Aaron Choi, Adi Roy, James Caleb Grice and the generous audiences of Anchorage, San Diego and Seattle


Fundraising coordinators: Michael Biren, Stephanie Halbedel

Special thanks to Abe Goldfarb, Lexie Sharp, Jesse Sharp, Megan McGinnis, Leslie Allen, Alan Knight, Joel Herbst, Jess Johnson and Brian Gray


Fundraising coordinators: Christopher DeAngelis, Jay Carey

Special thanks to our speech givers: James Earl Jones II, Judy McLane, Tyler Hardwick and Matt Bittner; merch models: Kathryn Allison. Marina Kondo, Tyler Hardwick and Elysia Jordan; collections: Elysia Jordan, Beth Stanford Laird, Javier Ignacio, Malashia Carter, Melissa Sparks and Matthew Brooks; and our company and stage managers along with the entire cast and crew for all their help


Fundraising coordinator: Patricia Grabb

Special thanks to Nick Silverio; Kristin Stewart; Kyle Lamar Mitchell; Caroline Bowman; Lauren Nicole Chapman; Katie Mariko Murray; Leigh-Ann Esty; Kristen Smith Davis; Dan Plehal; Renée Reid; Gretel Scarlett; Kate Bailey; Tyler Jimenez; Jack Brewer; Sarah Dearstyne; Zach Hess; Savannah Lumar; Emma Origenes; Erin Choi; Annie Piper Braverman; Avelyn Lena Choi; Norah Ann Nunes; Paige Grant; Brae Singleton; Cathy Hwang; Candace Hemphill; Meredith Scott; Katherine Kraus; Suzanne Storey; Angela Hooper; Rudy Guerrero; Elaine Jarzabski; Ian Loftis; Todd Higgins; Rachel Winograd; Aaron Heeter; Sue McLaughlin; front-of-house staffs at PPAC, the Academy of Music, the Stranahan Theatre and the Times Union CPA; the entire cast, crew, management and musicians of the Frozen tour and to all at Disney Theatricals

Funny Girl

Fundraising coordinators: Hannah Shankman, Jovon E. Shuck, Mariah Young, Rachael Wilkin

Girl from the North Country

Fundraising coordinators: Katie Girardot, Reh Heine, Justin Myhre


Fundraising coordinators: The touring company of Hadestown

Jagged Little Pill

Fundraising coordinators: Veronica Aglow, Brad Harder

Special thanks to Melissa Richter, Hollace Jeffords, Jenn Gallo and the company of Jagged Little Pill; thank you also to the Dr. Phillips Center in Orlando

Les Misérables

Fundraising coordinators: Nick Cartell, Claire Farrokh, Ashley Dawn Mortensen

Special thanks to Matt Crowle, Kelsey Denae and Andrew Marks Maughan

The Lion King - Rafiki

Fundraising coordinators: Michelle Scalpone, Peter Hargrave, Jose Solivan

Special thanks to Shelly Cohen, Karen Parlato, Joshua Pilote, Bari James Bellard, Darian Sanders, Samantha Lauren Barriento, Thembe Cele, Nick Cordileone, John E. Brady, Martina Sykes and Forest VanDyke

Mamma Mia

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Moulin Rouge! The Musical

Fundraising coordinators: Melissa Hunter McCann, Michael Hannah, Kate McDoniel, Alexander Montoya, Matt Schreiber and the Moulin Rouge tour swings

Special thanks as a big bohemian “thank you” to the Moulin Rouge tour producers and sound, wardrobe and company management teams. Also, collecting on tour would not be possible without the support of our local backstage and front-of-house crews in Charlotte, NC, East Lansing, MI, and Greensboro, NC.

Mrs. Doubtfire

Fundraising coordinators: Kelsey Tippins, Kyle Dannahey

Special thanks to Rob McClure, Joey Stone, Anna K. Rains, and the company of Mrs. Doubtfire

Six - Boleyn

Fundraising coordinators: Sara Gammage, Amber Johnson, William Collins, Michael Camp, Stephanie Smith, Gerianne Pérez

Tina: The Tina Turner Musical

Fundraising coordinators: Antonio Beverly, Andrew Eckert, Amanda M. Stuart

Special thanks to Lily Archambault, Antonio Beverly, Ben Bogen, Karen Burthwright, Andrew Eckert, Ari Groover, Lia Jennings, Toni Ostini, Deon Releford Lee, Jared Pereida, Shari Washington Rhone, Amanda M. Stuart, Stacy N. Taylor and the entire touring company

Wicked - Munchkinland

Fundraising coordinators: Marie Eife, Joe Heaton, Derek Schiesel, Justin Wirick

Special thanks to the generous audiences of Detroit, Oklahoma City and Austin; the entire cast, crew, musicians and management of Wicked - Munchkinland; a huge thank you to Kyle McArthur and a very special thank you to our producers, David Stone and Marc Platt

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The following are members as of March 15, 2024. Names in bold indicate donors who increased their gift by 25 percent or more over the previous year. Contributions are not related to event ticket or merchandise purchases. We thank these annual donors who provide essential support for those affected by HIV/AIDS and other life-threatening illnesses across the country.

For more information about the benefits of the Visionary Circle, Angels Circle or NextGen Network, visit broadwaycares.org/angels or contact Sarah Cardillo at cardillo@broadwaycares.org.

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The Zarley Family Foundation

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Marianne McGrath Mills

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Nathan Noh◆

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The Oliver Fund: in loving memory of Babe and Sonny Scott

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The PATH Fund/Rockers on Broadway

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David Vansuch

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Phillip Bettencourt

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The Broadway Cruise in Honor of Amelia Freeman

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BOOM ~ Broadway Official

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Doris Bova

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celebrating LaMaMa’s 62nd Anniversary

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James Rado

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Alvin Ailey

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George Zuber & Anthony Snyder Charitable Fund at Our Fund Inc.

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The Human Fund/ Mr. Denivaldo G. Dasilva & Ms. Sabrina


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Max Kellogg◆

Samantha S. Kennedy

Mitchell & Julie Kertzman

Richard Kind

Jerianne S. Kladder

Virginia Klunder

F. Gary Knapp

Kathrin Knauf

David & Jennifer Knickel

Ann-Marie & John Knight

David J Knight

Chris & Kelly Koenig

Anne Kolar

Brian Koll, MD & David Altarac, MD

Konigsberg Family Fund

Dr. Ram Koppaka

Sarah Korda

Alix Korey & Randy Hansen

Sue Kroll

David & Helen Kultgen

Robert J. Kunikoff

Richard & Dawn Kurth

Michael Kuzma

Phil Laduca

Craig & Sherri Landauer

Deborah & Rocco Landesman

Stephen & Kristina Lang

Mark Lanspa

Bishop Alexis Larue

Jay Laudato &

Thomas Watson

Cyndi Lauper

Lisa K. Lawler

Brian Lawlor

Winston Bernard Layne*

Ginna Le Vine

Victoria McNeil Le Vine

Aster Leach & Family

Sandy & Michael Leahy

Michael & Jenna Lebowich

Mark Lee

Stephanie Lee/ Group Sales Box Office

Hal & Jill Leibowitz

Justin Lehmann

Telly Leung & James Babcock

Abbe Levin

Phyllis Levinthal in memory of Ruth & Sheldon Levinthal

Bjorn Liencres

Daniel Limerick

Jeff Lindsay

Mark D. Lingenfelter

Rosalind Lippel*

Stuart Lippner in memory of Roberta Romano

Kris Lockley

Ann & Bruce Loeb

David & Angelica Longo

John T Love & Jeni Love

Donna & Larry Ludwig

Daniel Lundberg

Steven F. Lutz

Kelly McCormick & Jonathan Blake

Jonna Mackin*

J. Patrick Mahoney

& C. Martin Hicks

Tony Maida & Tony Volpe

Scott Mallalieu &

Nat Fuchs

Robin & Stewart Mann

Barbara Brooke Manning

Jesse Manocherian

Judith Manocherian

Barbara & Jeffrey Marcus

Charles & Diane Marino

Thomas Marino

Barbara Marshall

Knox Martin*

Amanda Martocchio

John & Michelle Matteson*

Scott & Harriet Mauro

Gail Mautner and Mario Shaunette

Heather McAdam

Kevin B. McGowan

Lori McNamara

David Mednikov◆

Meltsner Strategies

Kim Memeger

Janis & Alan Menken

Neil Meron

Michael Halebian & Co. Inc.

Michael J. Zamkow & Sue E. Berman

Charitable Foundation

Nancy Milasnovich Sympson

Cassandra M. Milbury in honor of E. Van Milbury

Gail Miller in celebration of Sophia Smith

Richard Miller & Roberto Konishi

David Miner

Lisa Mitchell

Dr. James J. Mohr

Kathleen Moloney

Mary Ann Moore

Elizabeth Morton in memory of Elizabeth Wilson

Adele Mouzon & Mark Perry

Scott & Holley Mosley

Sandy Mulligan

Murray Family Foundation

Ruth Nerken

Maury Newburger

Barbara Newman

Paula Wagner & Rick Nicita

No Guarantees

Albert Nocciolino

Sandy & Ellen Nusbaum

David O’Brien

Janice Oresman

Jim Ornstein

Joseph J. Palermo & Justin W. Sherwood

Gabrielle & Michael Palitz

Michael Palm & Cameron Adams

Todd Palmer

Philip Paroian

Trish Parsons

The Paul & Emily Singer Family Foundation

Ralph L. Pellecchio & James C. Wernz, M.D.

Jeff Perlis

Timothy & Suzanne Peterson

Theresa & Pete Piliero

Charles Potts & Barron Segar

Arabella S. Powell in memory of Darius Barnes

Melody A. Powell in honor of John Michael Schott

Belinda Presser

Stephen R. Prest

Paige Price & Nevin Steinberg

Sarah Prinsloo & Dean Rosow

Frances Pu


Christopher Ranous

Eileen & James Rath

Rosalind Reed*

Dr. Eric Reiner*

Norman & Sandy Reisman in loving memory of Artie Gaffin

Teresa Reyes & Martin Monas*

Michelle & Dyson Richards

Michael Risinger

Rita & Jeffrey Adler

Family Foundation

Ms. Janet Robusto

Jonathan Rock & Patrick DelaCruz

Rodger Hess Productions

Lispet N. Roland

Pamella Roland

David Romero & David Greiss

Rosalind Productions

Rick Rosemarin

Kim & Ralph Rosenberg in honor of Sally Rosenberg

Mica Ross

Karen M. Roth*

Randolph & Diane Rowe

Phil & Dawn Rudolph

Michael Ruppal & Jim Roth

Ron Rydarowicz & Bill Figner

S & B Fisher Family Foundation

TJ Saad

Wynn J. Salisch

Rina L. Saltzman

Calvin Sanchez in memory of Nick Cordero

Aaron Sanko: The Cruxory Group

Eddie Sarfaty & Court Stroud

Kat Saunders

Nina F. Sax, MD

Susan & Stephen Scherr in honor of Ellen Greenwald

Valeria & William


Carolyn Schiff & Noah Millman

Steven J. Schimmel

Joe & Barbara Schmidt

Michael Schober & Don Harrison

Allison Schultz

Jeanne Schultz

Laurie & Owen Schwartz

Lisa Dawn & Joe Schwarz

Paul & Kate Seavey

Katie & Jim Sebastian

Richard Seer & Doug Wallingford

Debra & Michael Segal

Heidi Seizinger

Scott S. Semester

Seniel Ostrow Foundation, Sara, Samantha Widzer and Family

Jeannette Sessing

Lee Seymour◆

David Maurice Sharp

Desta & Roland Shaw

Eric Shearin

Erika Sheehan

Dr. E.C. Sheeley

Irene Shen*

David Shmerler

Bennett & Mary Shuldman

Richard Siegmeister

Eliana Silbert

Silva Theatrical Group

Harrison Simmons Epstein

Nancy L. Simon

Ed Simonelli & Hernando Cortez Jr*

Charles & Pat Haynes Sislen

Cathy & Bob Smith

Clark Smith

Michael Smith

Peggy & Stan Smith in honor of Steve Friedman

Matthew Smyth & Christina Engelbrecht

James K. Sokol

Talya Sokoll◆

Geula Solomon

Nicholas & Barrie Somers

Jeff Soref & Paul Lombardi

Gregory Sparapani

Jai Srinivasan

Irwin Srob

The Stanton Family

Walter Stearns

Sandra Stern

Ruth Stevens & David Olson

Robert Stewart in loving honor of his mother and best friend Betty Stewart

Eric Stine

David Strassler

Meryl Streep & Don Gummer

Stuart S. Applebaum Giving Foundation in memory of Mr. Vincent Virda

Jill Stute

Veena Sud

Rachel Sussman

Stephen L. Sweet

Ronald J. Szabo

Christopher Taggart & Tim Roberts

John Taylor

Hal Tepfer & Stacie Simon

Stephen Thayer & Howard Terry

James & Eileen Thomas

Neal Thomas

Teresa Throenle-Somaini

Natalie Tierney

Aaron Tievsky

Henry Tisch◆

Keith S. Tobin, M.D.

Lila & George Todd

David Umbach

Robert M. Unger & Pamela Singer

William and Jo Vanderbeek

Verna Vanis

Greg Vargas & Daniel Crisafulli

Dr. Anthony F. Verdi & Mr. Mark A. Mainville

Marcie Vort

Suzyn Waldman

Lucy R. Waletzky, MD

Allen Walker

Bethe Ward

Timothy Warmath & Edward Comber*

Dawn & Jim Watson

Marcia Weber & James Flaws

Arthur E. Webster, Esq.

Sandra Wegman

Marjorie Weinman

Ira M. Weitzman

Linda Wellendorf

John Weltman & Cliff Atkins in honor of David Kuehn & Tedi Marsh

Lucille Werlinich

Sheri West


Carol & Tom Wheeler

Nancy A. Wheeler

Steven Kaplan & Court Whisman

Gina White in honor of James Davis

Kat White

Danny Whitman & Robert Bartley in memory of Francine Whitman and Robert J. Bartley

Lois Whitman

Cliff & Carrie Woolley

Channing Wickham

Miles Wilkin in memory of Stuart Thompson

Mo & Cheryl Willems

Lisa Williamson

Skye Wilson

Alison Wintman in honor of Sherri Goldberg

Jacqueline Wladis

Peter Wright

Supriya Wronkiewicz

Joshua Yankovic

Lori A. Yaspan

Stuart Yothers

Llewellyn Young & Terence Law*

Jean M. Zajac

Sonni Zambino in memory of Panchali & Scott

David Ziff & Alan Bell

Christian Zimmermann* in loving memory of my beloved husband

Richard M. Kielar

Jennifer Zonis

Alan Zucker

Zufall Family Foundation*

Anonymous (37)


Anonymous in honor of Quinto Ott


* indicates members of the DRA Angels Circle

** indicates members of the Broadway Cares and DRA Angels Circle

◆ indicates members of the Broadway Cares Angels Circle and NextGen Network

NextGen Network


($500 - $999)

Tom Blushi

Sam Brahms

Lilly Claar

Ben Fisher

David Newman

Adriana Nocco

Aaron Sanko:

The Cruxory Group

Regina Stuzin


($250 - $499)

Jaclyn Bares

Elizabeth Bedley

Lisa Cecchini

Philip Cheng

Nathan Cusson

Matthew D’Arrigo

Sophie Glassman

Alex Hare

Ben Houghton

Michael Hull

Zachary Laks

Phil Makara

Sophia Maoli

Stephen Martyak

Stephanie McCabe

Noah Phillips

Alison Raisian

Francesca M. Romeo

Jelani Remy

Jake Romanoski

Ari Rubinstein

Elsie Sorenson

Laura Stabbert

Victoria Ungvarsky

Madison Wheeler

Hillary Young

Colleen Dewhurst Legacy Society

The Colleen Dewhurst Legacy Society is the planned giving program of Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS, honoring those who have included Broadway Cares in their estate plan or will.

The society is named for the late Colleen Dewhurst, the Tony Award-winning actor and past president of Actors’ Equity Association. She pioneered the formation of the Equity Fights AIDS Committee, which merged with Broadway Cares in 1992 to become the Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS of today.

Joining the Colleen Dewhurst Legacy Society ensures that the values that mean so much to you will extend far into the future. Please contact Nick Mayo, major gifts and planned giving officer, at mayo@broadwaycares.org for information on how to include Broadway Cares in your estate plan or will.

The following people have provided for an estate or other planned gift to Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS

Beverly Abercrombie

Lee R. Anisman, M.D.

H.D Auerbach & Andy Baker

Andrew D. Austin

Jordan Barbakoff & Philip Jeffery

Lil & Kenneth Bardon

Bradie Barr

Chad Beguelin & Thomas Sleeman

Georgette Bennett & Marc Tanenbaum

Elaine Berger

Phil & Mary Beuth

Judith Binus

Walter Bobbie & David Frye

Miranda H. Book &

Linda Dingler

George J. Boras

Ann Marie & Robert Borsdorf

Paul Boskind

John Bowab

Andrew Boyle

Katherine Brader

Roy Brayton & Mickey Sullivan

Anita Briggs

Marcie Brooks

Robert L. Bullock

John Joseph Burke

Kirsten Burkhart

Priscilla Calder-Spielholz

Robert Callely

Liz Caplan & Doug Maxwell

Christopher Cara

Andrew Caravella

Charles S. Carpenter

David Cartee

Dr. Oscar Chamudes

Emily Chen

Tiffini Chow & Graham Hill

Barbara Cohen-Stratyner

Doreen A. Cohn

James E. Conte

Frank Conway

Hernando Cortez

Larry Cosand

Thomas Cott

Gavin Creel

Katherine Crimmins

Jamie deRoy

Drew Desky & Dane Levin

Marion Duckworth Smith

Danny Duncan

Doug Eichman & Michael Yount

Alan Eisenberg & Claire Copley

Susanna Erdos

Robert Evers

Judith A. Fanelli

Leonard Feigenblatt

Kenneth Finkelstein

Elliot Fishman & Dale Abrams

William Fitzgerald

Douglas Fogel

Glendon French

Kenneth R. Fulton

Grant Gardner

Raymond Gast

Matthew Geltmaker

Thomas J. Gentile

Barry Glatt

John Glover

Kevin Goetz

Dane Grams

Leslie G. Gutierrez

John Halpin

David Hannan

Carrie Anne K. Harrell

William D. Hawkins

Joseph R. Heller, Ph.D. & Frank Ptak

Melody Henshaw

Donna Heppermann

Robert Hertzig

Geoffrey Hoefer & Thomas Wei

Eileen S. Hoffman

Blane Hopkins

Kathy Inch

Carol A. Ingram

Jeffrey L. Jackman

Stephanie Joel

Earl Johnson

Peter Kaczorowski

Henry Kaplan

Elissa Kartman

Milton Kean

David Kernahan

Robert W. Kilgore & Edward A. Richmond

Roger Kluge

Ron Kollen

Belinda J. Kotin

Robert J. Kunikoff

Adam Kurtzman

Jay Laudato & Thomas Watson

Sandra & Michael Leahy

Jay B. Lesiger & Tom Klebba

Phyllis J. Levinthal

Lou Liberatore

Richard Lin & Evan Zazula

Stuart Lippner

Bruce H. Lipstadt

Fred Lloyd

Steven F. Lutz

Mark & William Macatee

James S Marcus

Leslie Mayer

Richard McCune & Brian Carroll

Peter McKown & Kenneth Heng

David R. McShane

Robert Meier

Bill Melamed Jr.

Keith A. Miller

Terri Miller

Tollie Miller

Jerry Mitchell

Jane H. Molloy

Ira Mont

Debra Monk

Oscar E. Moore

William Morey

Michael Morris

Michael D.Mullen

Sandy Mulligan

Tony Napoli & Gary Newman

Judith Nelson

Nathan Noh

Karen E. Nothmann

James O’Neil Jr.

John Okuloski & Frank Duff

Gilbert Parker

Thompson Patton

Bobby Pearce

Lee Perlman & Linda Riefberg

Alan Petrucelli

Peter Pileski in memory of Bob Avian

David Pietenpol

Rory Pottruck

Bob Rhodehamel & Dana Snyder

Jana Rich

Michael Risinger

Robert Rizzo

Mark Robinson

Amy Rosenthal

Morleen & Jack Rouse

Marion J. Ross

Paul L. Ross

Stuart Ross

Paul Rossi

Kimberly Russell

Robert Russell

Ben Ryan

Wendy B. Samuel

Ruby Sato

Tina Scaran

Jo Schifter

Jack Schlegel

Susan L. Schulman

William P. Schwalbe & David Cheng

Thomas Schultheis

Bill Tomai & John Eric Sebesta

Brian Semple

Jeremy Sheppe

Jayne B. Sherman

Hannah R. Shipley

David Shmerler

Joann Skorupski

Margaret Small

Marion Duckworth Smith

Fath L. Solomon

Frank Spring

Peggy Stamper

Hollis Stern

John Strangi

Mayo Stuntz

Lynn & Bruce Surry

Alfred Szymanski

Cathy Tanelli & Jane Groveman

Kieran Turner

Scott Vandermyde

Dr. Anthony F. Verdi & Mr. Mark A. Mainville

Mark Viviano & Randy Triezenberg

Carol Waaser

Douglas J. Ward &

Earl Johnson

Arthur E. Webster

Peg & Gary Wendlandt

Terrence J. Witter & Artie de la Cruz

Jeff Woodman & Melvin Bernhardt

Kevin Woodworth

Matthew Woolf & Steven Filenbaum

Philip Wright

Carolyn Zaput

Doc Zorthian

We salute our many friends and colleagues who are no longer with us and left planned gifts.

Jack Abrahams

Louise Alexander

Walter Alford

Sam Altman

Florence Anglin

Frank Argiro

Rose Ascenzi

Marie Becker

Francine Beers

Harry Bennett

Melvin Bernhardt

Eva Block

Robert L. Borod

Lester Bowman

Monica Boyar

Roy Bradley

Aron Bromberg

Alice C. Brown

Frances S. Chaiken

Jerome S. Clark

Alvin Colt

Dolores Gray Crevolin

Patricia Croft

Alvin C. Davis

Merle Debusky

Gene Dickey

Elaine D. Dooman

Sophie Eisler

Michael Filerman

Murray Fishman

Aaron Frankel

Roger Franklin

Artie Gaffin

Dr. Vincent Gambino

Harry S. Gold

Joyce Golden

Robert D. Gonzales

Christopher Gorman

Andrew J. Greenhut

Charles Hamlen

Michael F. Hartig

Jerry Herman

Joan Houseman

Barry Allen Johnson

Kenneth Scott Kasman

Mary L. Laslo

Richard Alan Lerner

Linda Lipson

Paul R. Lipson

Howard L. Marcou

Reverend Richard Mietzelfeld

Edward Orgoglioso

Richard D. Overton

Gail Perlman

Warren Pincus

Christine Plath

Bernard B. Plotkin

Heinz Poll & Thomas Skelton

Katherine Schrier

Abraham Raskin

Marty Richards & Mary Lea

Johnson Richards

Gerald L. Ritholz & Ray Jarvis

Gordon T. Salter

David Semonin

Eileen R. Shields

Robert Sinacore

Eileen T. Stapleton

Milton J. Tatelman

David Paul Taylor

Gwen Verdon

Samuel J. Waddell Jr.

Marcella Weinberg

Julius Wittman

as of April 15, 2024

You can make a lifesaving difference by leaving a legacy of care and hope. To learn more please contact Major Gifts and Planned Giving Officer Nick Mayo at mayo@broadwaycares.org or 212.840.0770, ext. 262. Your Legacy Begins Today


Tom Viola

Executive Director

Lane Beauchamp

Director of Communications

Larry Cook

Director of Finance & Administration

Ken McGee

Producing Director

Danny Whitman Director of Development


James Cella

Michael Carmine Di Bianco

Trisha Doss

Nathan Hurlin

Jason Kooistra

Ellen M. Lavaia


Jennifer Buritica-Lopez

Josh Drake

Jenny Garcia

Dominic Grijalva

Melissa Magliula

Víctor Rodríguez

Desney Scoby

Danielle Stecki

Francesca Toscano


Jenna Adamek

Sarah Cardillo

Kendra Dolton

Cat Domiano

Maureen “Mo” Fenninger

Lori Feren

Brian Marshall

Taylor Mattes

Nick Mayo

Jack Noseworthy

Susan Slotoroff


Michelle Abesamis

Ngoc Ha Bui

R. Keith Bullock

Ed Garrison

Donald Huppert

Rose M. James

Michael McLean

Brian O’Donnell

Michael Paulsen

Madeline Reed


Bayne Alexander

Peter Borzotta

Jimmy Caldwell

Feliziano Flores


Denise Roberts Hurlin

Abigail Richards



Robert E. Wankel, President

Thomas Schumacher, Executive Vice President

Ira Mont, First Vice President

Schele Williams, Second Vice President

Tom Kirdahy, Third Vice President

Philip Birsh, Treasurer

Judith Rice, Secretary

Paul Libin, President Emeritus


Ted Arthur

Cornelius Baker

Joseph Benincasa

David Binder

Chris Boneau

Barry Brown

Lisa Dawn Cave

Sherry Cohen

Gavin Creel

Alan Cumming

Ariana DeBose

Maria Di Dia

Mandy Gonzalez

Amanda Green

Tom Harris

Richard Hester

Richard Jay-Alexander

Beverly Jenkins

Francis Jue

Adam Krauthamer

Nathan Lane

Peter Lawrence

Joe Machota

Kimberly Marable

Kevin McCollum

Jerry Mitchell

Brian Moreland

Javier Muñoz

John Eric Parker

Bernadette Peters

Billy Porter

Lauren Reid

Cody Renard Richard

Jordan Roth

Nick Scandalios

Mark Shacket

Kate Shindle

Charlotte St. Martin

David Stone

Alvin Vincent Jr.

Tom Viola (ex-officio)

Channing Wickham

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