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NEWSLETTER A Newsletter for Parents, Students and Friends of our School

June 2018



Headteacher’s Message Dear Parents and Students, The month of June is always the busiest month of the academic year with many fun events taking place and June 2018 has been no exception. The month began with the Summer Fair - always a popular event with children, staff and parents. It was great to see so many parents in attendance having a great time while raising money for our chosen charity, Hogar Betania. The following week the school was very quiet and empty with our Middle School children off site for five days in Almería. After an emotional goodbye for some of the parents, Y5 to Y7 set off for a week of educational and outdoor activities (see full article for further details). They had a wonderful time and we have seen a noticeable change in some of the students after a week of being independent, responsible citizens. As soon as they returned, the Middle School children started rehearsals for the annual production. This year, they chose Shakespeare’s ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ to showcase their talent. With only two weeks to prepare, the children worked hard not only practising their lines and perfecting the songs but making their own costumes too. Their hard work was worth it though as they put on a show that captivated all that attended. Well done, Middle School children and staff, a great show! In other news, we all set off to Marbella Football Club once again for our annual Sports Day. It was a fantastic morning of talent, skill, speed and good sportsmanship. It was great to see the children supporting each other and focusing on enjoying the event rather than just winning. Congratulations to the Normans, this year’s Sports Day Champions. Rather






Consultations, we ended the academic year slightly differently this time introducing Student Presentations. With minimum guidance from the teachers, the children were asked to present a summary of their achievements and accomplishments to their peers and parents. As a school, we feel that by developing the children’s public speaking and presenting skills at an early age will undoubtedly put them in good stead for the future. Although some of the children said they found the experience a little nerve racking, they enjoyed the opportunity to reflect on the year. The parents I spoke to felt it was an extremely valuable opportunity for the children and felt very proud so see their child have the confidence to stand up in front of their peers and a group of parents to talk about themselves. Unfortunately, not as many parents came as we had hoped so if you have any suggestions how we could adapt the timings to enable more parents to attend, please let me know. It has been another great year at BISM. The assessment results have been the best they have ever been and the children have taken significant strides in becoming positive global citizens by embracing the values of the BSF Charter even more. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the children for their positive, enthusiastic attitudes and for making BISM the special place that it is. I would also like to thank the staff for their hard work, creativity and boundless energy. Last, but not least I would like to thank our wonderful parents for their support throughout the year. Wishing you all a safe and relaxing summer. Best wishes, Sian Kirkham Headmistress


Pre-Nursery Do You Like Ice Cream? That is the question that we answered in Pre-Nursery. As part of our learning about all things relating to summer, we discussed some of our favourite things to see and do. Thomas said that “I go to the sea with my Mummy!” and Luca said that “I go on my jet ski with Daddy!”. We also discussed the hot weather and ways to keep cool. Eating ice cream is definitely the most popular way to keep cool in Pre-Nursery! After all of this talking, we decided to make our own ice lollies to help keep us cool in school. With a choice of healthy fruit juice, the children chose which flavour they would like to use to make their ice lolly. They carefully poured them into the moulds and discussed how they need to go in the freezer to freeze before we could eat them. All of the children’s patience was rewarded the next day when they were able to enjoy their lollies. They described the taste and temperature, Ariana said “It’s cold!” and Nastia said “mmm, yummy!” I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very happy summer holiday, go and enjoy a nice ice cream! Mrs Rutherford Pre-Nursery Teacher




Nursery Magnificent Maths! We have been blown away by the Maths learning the children have been engaged in! They have loved data handling and have been keen to show off their marvelous Maths skills! The children decided on all the things they wanted to find out about their friends (favourite colours, favourite flavour ice cream, favourite sport, favourite animals.) The teachers then made little charts for the children that they proceeded to fill in! WOW! We were so impressed with the children’s independence skills! They very happily, went around the classroom with their charts, asked their friends their ´favourites.´ Once all the data had been collected, the children then added up the totals for each category. And if that wasn’t amazing in itself, the fantastic children in Nursery Class then wrote the totals and told us which was the most popular choice and which had the least amount of votes! Well done Nursery Class, your determined and independent attitude is incredible! Miss Nixon Nursery Teacher


Reception Measuring Fun

The children of Reception loved learning about measure in many ways in June. They enjoyed discussions on tall buildings like their favourite, the Burj Khalifa and large animals, including the biggest, the blue whale. They enjoyed learning about time and seeing how many times they could run around the playground in one minute. They fine tuned their reading of analogue clocks and especially how to read “o´clock”. They also enjoyed drawing around each other´s shadows and comparing which items were heavier when using balancing scales. In the water tray they used the language of capacity, such as “empty”, “half full” and “empty”. Mr Holden Reception Teacher




Special Event

Foundation Stage Speech Day 2018

There was barely a dry eye in the house as the children of the Foundation Stage performed for the last time of this school year and the Reception class graduated into the Primary School. The morning opened with the children singing a favourite from the past year, Baby Shark. They then went on to sing Cantando los Numeros, Donkey Riding and finished with I can do it myself. Intermingled with the songs, the teachers awarded certificates to children from all three classes in a variety of different categories, celebrating their wonderful achievements and whilst reflecting on the school year. The event culminated in the Reception class donning their graduation gowns and mortarboards and graduating in front of their proud families and teachers. These children can now look forward to new challenges in Year 1 and the Primary School after, of course, a well deserved summer break! Foundation Stage Team


Year 1 Maths Lesson This month in Mathematics the children embarked on a week long project which included many elements of maths, such as, positional vocabulary, money, and shape. The task was to create their very own theme parks, ensuring that all elements were drawn to scale on their maps. Each ride, gift shop, toilet and restaurant cost a different amount to enter within the theme park. The children calculated how much it would cost different families in the class to have a day out at their theme park. This varied, dependent on how many times a person went on a ride, or even went to the toilet. This was a fantastic way of the children using their imaginations and creativity to explore UK money, adding amounts together and some were even working out change! Miss Lawrence Year One Teacher




Year 2

Performing Poetry During the final month of the academic year, the Year Two class have been reading a range of different poetry with rhythm, rhyme, patterns and alliteration. To get them into the spirit of poetry we performed a poem called, “In the Land of the Flibbertigibets!�. It had all the features mentioned previously and thus made it quite difficult to read, great examples of tongue twisters! The children were in small groups using their bodies and voices to perform to the rest of the class. After their performances, the children were very highly motivated to write their own poems with rhymes and alliterations to tongue twist the readers. On another note, I would like to congratulate all members of the class for having a fantastic year in Year Two and I wish them all the very best for Year Three! Thank you to you parents for all of your wonderful support all year. Have a great summer! Mr Thomas Year Two Teacher


Year 3

Coding Skills Never a class to miss an opportunity for learning, Year Three managed to combine their IT and Literacy skills to create some brilliant pieces of writing. During IT the class have been studying a unit on coding, during which they created their own online game called ‘Pop All Three.’ Slowly, the children built up the game, from static bubbles on a screen to moving bubbles with obstacles and a points system. The children learnt how coding is simply writing a set of instructions which is exactly what they were learning to do during their Literacy lessons! The children then wrote a set of instructions explaining how to create an online game. They created catchy titles and used rhetorical questions in the introduction to draw the reader in. To make their instructions clear they used numbered steps, and short sentences. Well done on combining two learning opportunities at once, it paid off as your writing was fantastic! Miss Allen Year Three Teacher

Maths Investigation

Year Three have been studying hard all year to extend their mathematical knowledge and it all came to great use during a unit of work on investigations. The children had to apply their amazing mathematical knowledge to solve a range of different investigations, many of which they had to work in a systematically way to find the answer. No problem for those maths geniuses… As soon as they were presented with the problem they underlined the important information, a vital step in order to understand what they had to investigate. Armed with the information, they used objects to support their learning, in this investigation (Bean Bag throw) the class used plastic cups and counters. The investigation did require the children to work systematically and after much practise, the children knew drawing a table to record their results was the best thing to do. They then worked meticulously to find each and every possibility from the smallest to the biggest. Awesome work Year Three, well done!! Miss Allen Year Three Teacher




Year 4 Music Museum

Year Four Presentations

On Thursday 7th June, Year 4 visited the Interactive Music Museum in Malaga along with our beloved Music teacher, Miss Conlan! The children began their tour of the museum with a workshop about different percussion instruments, how to control the pitch and volume and how to work together as an orchestra. This was followed by a drumming competition on the djembe drums! After the workshop, the children were given a guided tour of the museum and all of the different instruments. The museum has a number of different rooms; the black and white rooms contain showcases and information which cannot be touched. However, the red rooms are an interactive experience! The children can try all the different instruments in these rooms and experiment for themselves. At the end of the tour, each child was given a special badge which allows them free entry into the museum until 16 years of age! I’m sure this will come in useful with such a musically gifted and talented class! Miss Marseglia Year Four Teacher

This term, the class have ended the year with an evaluation of their time in Year 4. Each child considered what their favourite moments have been in Year 4, including events such Book Week, Inter House competitions, school trips, WOW days and the Lower School Production. They then went on to think about some of their best achievements and what progress they have made in Year 4. Some children focussed on new things they have learnt in Maths, other valued their sporting achievements or personal achievements, such as making new friends or being voted as school councillor. Finally, the children thought about what they consider to be their main targets in Year 5, such as improving their handwriting, becoming more confident with division or becoming a faster swimmer. They also considered how Year 5 will be different from Year 4 and what they are looking forward to in particular. A lot of children are excited for a long school trip! They put all these thoughts and evaluations into a Google Slide and considered the style and layout to make them look professional and serious. We are sure the parents will enjoy these presentations in the final week of term and we look forward to seeing you then! Miss Marseglia Year Four Teacher


Year 5

Pitching Entrepreneurial Ideas Year 5 have been learning how to make a good sales pitch! The brief: to design a phonics or counting game to help Nursery children with learning to read, count and develop their fine motor skills. After the initial brainstorming of potential products, the children had to conduct some market research by carrying out a survey with the children in Nursery. They asked various types of questions, keeping in mind the need for simplicity when asking questions to that age group. Miss Nixon was also quizzed so they could get a different perspective. The children then used the results of their market research to improve the product’s design. Using the feedback, the children then began to write a pitch. They learnt how modal verbs can be used for impact and persuasion, how rhetorical questions can influence our thinking and how our expression and intonation can draw in the listener’s attention. The children created a short presentation using Google Slides and then made their pitch to the rest of the class (in the guise of dragons from Dragon’s Den). They asked questions to the inventors to help clarify any ambiguous points. All the children learnt the importance of communicating clearly and effectively. Well done, Year 5! Mr Anthony Middle School English Teacher




Year 6

Stone Age Sixes

You wake up and you have been transported back to prehistoric times, what do you do first? Find clothing, create a shelter, start a fire, hunt for food? Year 6 have been trying to put themselves in the shoes of our ancestors and prioritise the needs and subsequent actions. One does have to wonder how well the modern man or woman would cope in such circumstances. To help the children appreciate how difficult it was we had some practice with a bow and arrow, a tool that was hugely significant at the time of its development. From the results most of us would have gone hungry! Mr Herron Middle School Humanities Teacher


Year 7

Summer Music Festival

The Year 7 children have been busy in Maths planning for a Summer Music Festival. During this project children find out about some of the things involved in organising a festival as well as: • develop problem-solving and thinking skills; • make decisions and choices; • strengthen their ability to work collaboratively as a team; • use a range of mathematical and literacy skills; • and having fun, of course! The children have been allocated a site for this music festival of just under 0.5km². In the first lesson they had to plan the layout of the site. They needed to provide dedicated areas for camping, food, drinks and entertainment. All these areas had to be calculated out so that there is enough space for the 3000 revellers to enjoy themselves. The children also had to calculate the total cost including hiring the stage and security, running water and electricity, the main stage costing and how much the fenced perimeter would set them back. There were a lot of additional things the children learned that goes on behind the scenes when you visit a music festival, or even a feria, which they are more used to. There were some great ideas for entertainment and I can see that there are some potential entrepreneurs in the making. It is a great experience for the children to see how much preparation goes into planning a festival like that and that none of it would be possible without maths! Now that all the hard work is done, it’s time to sit back and enjoy the show! Mr Kuhn Middle School Maths Teacher




Middle School Production

A Midsummer Night’s Dream Beautiful language, difficult themes, some of the most enduring tales, all created by William Shakespeare. Some find Shakespeare hard to access and his play, ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ is one with many plot twists, mistaken identity and numerous characters. The Middle School students showed their intelligence and displayed their resilience in bringing their production of this tale to life. Not only that but they did so in just seven days, not beginning work on the show until their assessments and residential were complete. Much of the original language was retained for authenticity and the children worked hard to create an understanding of that which they were trying to portray. The level of participation and engagement were fantastic. Injuries to characters, changing travel plans and absences all featured in the run up. Just like the course of true love, preparations did not run smoothly but thanks to the professionalism of the cast two outstanding performances were delivered. It was such a group effort that to single out individuals would be unfair. A number of children though, did step up to the challenge and take on major roles as well as solo musical pieces. Once again showcasing the talent and tenacity of our students. The only problem is how they are going to top this next year; I’m looking forward to it already. Wishing you many wonderful midsummer night’s and days. Mr Herron Middle School Leader


Middle School Residential Is This The Way To Almeria?

The significance of, and opportunities afforded by, a residential trip cannot be understated. Our middle school residential to Almeria was no different. For some of the children this was their first time away from home and as the week progressed they were showing signs of developing independence by, for example, being able to manage their own belongings better. We had a jam packed schedule which gave the children time to bond and problem solve as well as take in some of the history and sights of a significant coastal port further east down the Spanish coast. The children really impressed in terms of their ability to make the most of the opportunities given to them and proved to be great ambassadors for the school. They asked good questions, they got involved in all of the activities, they played team games as well as inventing their own, they looked out for each other and made memories they will keep for a long time to come. At the end of the year, when preparing to make their pupil presentations to their peers and parents, the trip featured heavily. Each child wanted to discuss a number of things they had taken part in or accomplished such as being able to kayak or paddle board. As parents and guardians of these maturing children you should, as we are, be very proud. Mr Herron Middle School Leader




Special Event

Lower and Middle School Speech Day 2018 This time split into Lower School and Middle School, the children, staff and parents enjoyed coming together for the last yet most prestigious event of the year - Speech Day 2018. Through songs, speeches and videos we were reminded of some of the highlights of this fantastic year while recognising those children who went above and beyond. Year Six also said goodbye to Primary School as they graduated into Secondary School. Well done to all for another great year at BISM!


Music Well we have made it to the end of the year and what a year it has been! We have seen so many concerts and festivals. The children have learnt so many fantastic songs and have learnt such a wide range of instruments. We have been amazed at the progress of the children through the year! Some highlights for us include….. The Talent shows, Performing in the Old Town with the Lower and Middle School Choirs Year 4´s fabulous electricity performance Year 1´s fantastic Samba Year 2´s wonderful recorder playing Year 3´s Led Zeplin Year 5´s christmas composition about Mr Kuhn Year 6´s The Cup song Year 7´s Walking in the Air on glockenspiels Fantastic performances from the Lower and Middle school Rock Band Foundation Years’ beautiful singing Thank you to all the children for making it a truly unforgettable year in the music department. Miss Conlan Lower School Music Teacher Miss Stone Middle School Music Teacher





Trip To Picasso Museum Málaga

Spanish Non-Native 4/5 and 6/7 groups have decided to finish the school year with a cultural visit to the Picasso Museum of Málaga. On Monday, June 25, the two Spanish groups ventured to explore more deeply the world of artist Pablo Picasso. We spent the previous two weeks learning everything about him: who he was, what he painted or what his life was like. After having researched the most interesting facts about this great Spanish artist, children have found it really interesting to see his work in practice. They have seen his real artworks, which have helped them receive a full apprenticeship about him. The visit to the museum was formed by a guided tour and a practical workshop. They saw the most important works of Picasso and they learnt one of his artistic techniques: El Ensamblaje (“Assembly”). To complete the visit and make it more interactive, children were able to create their own artistic works following Picasso’s Assembly technique. They were shown some examples of this art and children put their artistic skills into practice. They expressed themselves following their imagination and created their work of Ensamblaje. The result that teachers observed was surprising. Each child had his own thoughts and manifested them to create his work. Some also imitated the typical style of Picasso “Cubism”. It was exciting to see the children so focused on the activity, and enjoying it so much. In general, it was an intense day full of emotions. It was a different day that, in addition to being a source of fun for children, turned out to be a dynamic and different way of learning. We will definitely repeat a similar trip to a museum next year! Spanish Department



Amazing Athletes

June has traditionally been the month for Athletics at BISM and this year was no different as an elite group of Athletes from BISM kicked off the month in style in an athletics competition at St Anthony´s College, Mijas. 20 children from Year 2, 3 and 4 competed in groups of 5 across 6 events. These included the shuttle race, lateral jumps, standing long jump, javelin, overhead throw and relay race. When the results came in, the children were biting their nails, but they were amazed to find out that the A team came first and the B team came second! The members of the A team included a Year Two child, who was younger than the other children at the meet, which was a real achievement. Well done Cesar! The winning team included; Adriana Zwemmer, (Y4) Jude Brockie (Y4), Cesar Arzo Binstock (Y2), Anastasia Marincheva (Y4) and Artemii Elistratov (Y4). Well done to everyone who competed. St Anthony´s college commented on how well behaved the children were. They were a credit to the school, and made me very proud. The fun didn´t end there though. Sports day was held on 25th June and proved to be another nail biter, with the scores between the houses being extremely close. The children competed in a range of throwing, jumping and running races, followed by relay races. There were some fantastic individual performances that need a special mention. In the discus; Lucas Hollingshead (Y7) threw 15m, Solaeman Al Mobaress (Y5, 11.01m), Michael Mamaladze (Y6, 13.6m), Artemii Elistratov (Y4, 14m),

David Yesman (Y3, 10.3m), Cesar Arzo Binstock (Y2, 9.8m), Ian Alvarez Fotheringham (Y1, 6.5m). In the shot putt the longest throws were; Lucas Hollingshead (Y7, 15.8m), Sergio Perez Mendoza Solod (Y6, 12m), Charlie O`Brien at (Y5, 10.60m), Adriana Zwemmer (Y4, 7.30m), Chloe Montella (Y3, 7.3m), Cesar Arzo Binstock (Y2, 8.40m), Ian Alvarez Fotheringham (Y1, 8m). The furthest long jump scores were Richard Mamaladze (Y7, 4m), Celia O´Hayon Santiago (Y6, 3.40m), Peter Pomfrett (Y5, 3.90m), Kiril G (Y4, 3.5m) Mark Chebotarev (Y3, 3m), Cesar Arzo Binstock (Y2,3m), Matthew Zwemmer (Y1, 3m). The fastest hurdle times were: Lucas Hollingshead (Y7, 5.9s), Michael Mamaladze (Y6, 6.46s), Peter Pomfrett (Y5, 6.24s), Kiril Gurskiy (Y4, 6.73s), Mark Chebotarev (Y3, 7.51s), Cesar Arzo Binstock (Y2, 5.27s), Ian Alvarez Fotheringham (Y1, 5.86s). When the scores rolled in it was so close, with the Romans in 4th position, Saxons in 3rd, the Vikings in second position and the winners by 1 point were the Normans! A huge well done to all the children who competed. Over the year the children have worked so hard and it was great to see their hard work pay off! Miss Bruce PE Teacher











The focus of this month’s PSHE learning has been around independence. It seemed to be a fitting charter value to end the year on, when we have been preparing all of the pupils in school to move on, whether it be to their new class, a new school and for some, a new country. In school, the pupils took part in Transition Morning, where they got to meet their new teacher and to visit their new classroom. This was a great opportunity for the children to show how mature and independent they have become over the course of the year. Next year, we will continue to promote the key charter values in school, as we believe it is these values that will support our pupils in becoming well rounded adults. Please continue to encourage such high levels of behaviour from your children wherever you may be these holidays. Here are some questions for thought over the summer breakWhat are you capable of achieving? Are there limits to human creativity? With no laws or rules to influence your behavior, how do you think you would behave? Have a wonderful break, Mrs Rutherford PSHE Coordinator





Tech-Obsessed? As we come to the end of term we look forward to the summer holidays and the opportunity to spend time with our families and friends. The wonderful climate and unstructured days fill us with thoughts of the possibilities ahead. The summer holidays though, can be difficult for parents and children alike. It is tempting to turn to tech. It is a good time though to set some goals, try something new, develop a skill or nurture a talent. This month’s parent and student conversation starter discuss the time we spend on our devices:

As always, if there are any issues regarding e-safety please do bring them to myself or your child’s class teacher. I am really looking forward to hearing from the students about the amazing things they discovered over the holidays. Mr Herron Middle School Leader


Special Event

Doughnuts For Daddies The children in FS wowed their Daddies with their speaking, singing and the gifts and cards they had made ahead of the British Father´s Day in mid June. So impressed were the Dad´s in attendance that most of them seemed to let their children eat their yummy doughnuts. Next year we might have to rename the event because this is not the first time the children seem to have eaten more than their Dads! The event ended with a dance to the song “Daddy Cool” in the school hall and judging by the dancing moves on display, these Daddies really are cool, just like their children! Mr Holden Reception Teacher




Special Event

Foundation Stage Splash Day

The annual FS Splash Day got off to a fantastic start on the morning of Wednesday 20th June. The children thoroughly enjoyed cooling down in the giant paddling pools, partaking in water based athletic events and of course chasing each other and their teachers around the playground with water pumps. They were showing off their fantastic aiming skills! The fun and enjoyment of the event was evident through the children’s laughter and beaming smiles, with some commenting that they wanted everyday to be ‘Spash Day’. It did not fail to amuse the children and made sure they had a fantastic last week with their peers and teachers. They certainly had a ‘splashing’ time! Mrs Rutherford Pre-Nursery Teacher


Special Event

Summer Fair 2018 Our annual BSM Summer Fair went off with a bang on Friday 1st of June raising money for our chosen charity Hogar Betania, a foster home in La Linea. Laura Oldfield from Kids Parties Spain entertained us with her vocal talents and ensured all the children showed off their dancing skills. Even some of the teachers were brave enough to join in - we were particularly impressed with Mr Kuhn´s groovy dance moves! One of the highlights of this years summer fair was the bouncy castle which is always a huge hit, it´s so much fun to see the children tirelessly jumping up and down with joy on a summer afternoon. Ceramics by Messy Monsters joined us once again and gave our little ones the chance to prove their artistic talents by painting some beautiful ceramics- princesses, unicorns and ponies being the most popular ceramics to paint! Mrs Rutherford´s tattoo stall was also extremely popular and had children queuing up to get one of her fantastic tattoos. All in all a fantastic time was had by everyone raising a massive €1300.97 for Hogar Betania who have been thrilled with our help, support and generosity over the past year. Plenty of food, drinks, entertainment and good friends raising money for a worthy cause made a fabulous mix for our last fair of the year. A massive thank you to all who participated and made it such an enjoyable day! Emma Watkins Head Of Administration




Student Council

Trip To Hogar Betania

Student Council members made their last trip of the year to Hogar Betania this month. We started off by heading to a Marbella stationary shop, Ofiplus, where they kindly gave us a discount for charity, to buy the many craft items Hogar Betania had asked for. These items will help them support learning and creativity in their classroom/library. The children did a fantastic job helping to pick items and we quickly got them all onto the bus before heading to La Linea. Once we got there it was fantastic to see the improvements that have been made since we saw the campus at the beginning of the year. It was heartwarming to think that all BISM’s fundraising throughout the year has had such a positive impact on this place. Miss Lawrence Student Council Coordinator


Talking Point

How Can I Help My Child Reach Their Full Potential? Since the English National Curriculum changes in 2014 British schools both at home and abroad have had to work hard to enable their students to meet the new standards. At BISM we are certainly making headway as each year our Maths and Reading levels are very pleasing. However, although on the rise, Writing continues to be difficult for some of our children to reach to close the gap. As part of our commitment to improve Writing this year, last August the teachers received training on how to improve Writing in the Primary school. Although it was reassuring to hear that all British schools around the world are facing the same challenges and what we are doing will eventually have an impact, we still questioned are we all doing all we can to enable our students to meet their full potential in Writing? One of the most effective ways for children to become better Writers is to read. Books not only offer children a way to unwind through stories but exposes them to new language, different sentence structures and new ways of writing. It is no coincidence that our students who love reading and spend their free time with a book are exceeding in Writing.

Reading just half an hour a day can make a huge difference to you child’s English level. If your child does not show an interest in reading at home, what small changes could you make to encourage reading? Does your child ever see you reading? Is it time put the mobile devices down and pick up a book? Are you as present as you could be in your child’s life and education? Maybe the whole family needs to limit screen time to allow more time for enriching activities, such as reading. Parental involvement and encouragement can have huge benefits on children, parents, educators and the school. If you would like to read more about this, please follow the link below:







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BISM Newsletter - June 2018  
BISM Newsletter - June 2018