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THe British Polo Day ABu Dhabi presented by



Welcome to the third British Polo Day Abu Dhabi, presented by Land Rover. We are honoured to be invited to once again return to the Ghantoot Racing and Polo Club. It was founded in 1997 as a private, royal venue based on the vision of the late president, HH Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan and today is run under the patronage of his son, HH Sheikh Falah Bin Zayed Al Nahyan. It is one of the most prestigious polo clubs in the world and has played host to HRH Prince Charles among other dignitaries. Polo, of course, is by no means new to the Middle East. Polo began in Persia as early as the 5th century BC, however, the modern game as we know it was rediscovered in India in the 19th Century by the British Army. Jaeger-LeCoultre, responding to the need for Officers to have a watch suitable for polo developed the Reverso watch and we are delighted that they are continuing this tradition and association by being the Official Timekeeper tonight. Continuing on the military theme, members of the Cavalry & Guards regiments of the British Army will start proceedings with a game of camel polo. We are pleased to also be raising money for Help For Heroes & WAHA under the patronage of HH Sheikha Shamsa bint Hamdan Al Nahyan in an auction this evening and we hope you will give generously. The main highlight of the evening will be the British Exiles team taking on the Ghantoot team. As ever, we’re indebted to all the sponsors for making this event possible. In particular, Land Rover, GAM, Hackett, Jaeger-LeCoultre, InterContinental Park Lane, InterContinental Abu Dhabi, Johnstons Of Elgin, Ettinger, Charles Russell, Nespresso, Gulf Ventures, Amouage, INSEAD, Blue Marlin, Roxtons, Fever Tree, Taittinger and of course Gaucho, who have prepared a delicious dinner tonight. Gaucho is no stranger to polo and it is great to be bringing a flavour of Argentina with a British twist here in Abu Dhabi. We hope you have a great night The Committee of British Polo Day Abu Dhabi





Timetable 5:00 pm - Welcome Drinks 5:30 pm - Cavalry vs Guards Camel Polo 6:30pm - Ghantoot vs The British Exiles 7:30pm - Prize giving 7:45pm - Dinner 8:30pm - Auction 9:30pm - Blue Marlin

Carriages at Midnight



P.O. Box 248 Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates

  5  March  2013           Dear  Friends  

Telephone: +971 6101100 Facsimile: +971 6101518

British Polo  Day     I  am  delighted  to  see  British  Polo  Day  being  celebrated  again  in  the  UAE.    Polo  and  Equestrian  are  part  of  the  DNA  of  the   UAE  and  this  event  is  yet  another  example  of  British  and  Emirati  heritage  and  sport  coming  together  so  wonderfully  -­‐  with   the  unique  combination  of  skill  and  grace  that  Polo  demands.         Both  the  UK  and  UAE  share  a  love  for  sports.    In  the  UK  most  Britons  take  part  by  playing  in  local  clubs  and  competitions  or   by  being  part  of  the  massive  spectator  following  across  the  wide  spectrum  of  sport  from  Ascot  to  Wimbledon  and  Lords  to   Wembley.    And  UK  sportsmen  and  women  are  regular  visitors  to  the  UAE  for  world  class  events  such  as  the  Rugby  Sevens,   the  Dubai  World  Cup,  the  Abu  Dhabi  Grand  Prix  and  the  World  Tennis  Championships.         Last  summer’s  London  Olympic  and  Paralympic  Games  was  a  great  example  of  that  passion  with  both  Team  GB  and  the   UAE  National  Team  doing  their  countries  proud.      The  Games  also  allowed  the  world  to  take  a  fresh  and  deeper  look  at  my   country  -­‐  Great  Britain  -­‐  and  indulge  in  all  it  has  to  offer  from  cultural  heritage  and  innovation  to  business  and  shopping.     The  British  Polo  Day  series  of  events  have  grown  over  the  years  to  become  one  of  the  leading  polo  events  of  today.    The   event  is  celebrated  in  more  than  10  different  countries  and  as  UK  Ambassador  to  the  UAE  I  am  proud  that  the  UAE  is  one   of  them  and  the  only  such  country  in  the  Middle  East.    Royal  families  in  the  UAE  have  played  a  pivotal  role  in  the   development  of  the  horse-­‐racing  industry  here  and  in  the  UK  and  the  bonds  with  the  UK  royal  family  in  this  regard  are   unrivalled  and  deeply  respected.         The  relationship  between  the  UK  and  UAE  has  never  been  stronger.    At  any  one  time  there  are  around  120,000  Britons   living  or  visiting  the  UAE  -­‐  enjoying  the  warmth  and  spirit  that  has  come  to  define  the  Emirates,  and  the  words  ‘second   home’  to  describe  London  by  Emiratis  are  often  heard  and  extremely  welcome.    It  is  due  to  a  unique  shared  history  that   this  relationship  has  grown  so  strong  and  resilient  over  the  years.         I  would  like  to  thank  all  our  UAE  and  British  friends  who  have  made  this  British  Polo  Day  in  the  UAE  happen,  and  to  pass   my  best  wishes  to  all  who  are  competing  in  this  prestigious  event.  I  hope  it  is  yet  another  opportunity  to  make  new   contacts,  strengthen  existing  bonds  and  refresh  relations  to  take  forward  an  even  closer  relationship  in  the  future.             With  best  wishes    

Dominic  Jermey   Her  Majesty’s  Ambassador  to  the  UAE    


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GHANTOOT RACING & POLO CLUB We welcome you to this sport and cultural center, the brainchild of our leader President His Highness, Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan. The Ghantoot Racing & Polo Club is yet another gift of His Highness’s visionary gifts to the nation. Since I was appointed as the Chairman of the Club in 1997, my intentions have been expressed to promote the UAE throughout the world via the sport of Polo. We seize this opportunity to extend our thanks and gratitude to all those who helped Ghantoot Racing & Polo Club to be what it is today, a venue alive with activity. We appreciate the efforts of all those who helped us to achieve this success during the season and we are also thankful for our sponsors for their kind and generous support. With this tremendous success behind us, let us now look forward for a brighter future for the game. HH Sheikh Falah Bin Zayed Al Nahyan Chairman, Ghantoot Racing & Polo Club





Join the british polo day around the world As British Cavalry Officers travelled the four corners of the earth, they learnt to play and love polo, spreading the game from Argentina to Australia. Polo is thriving everywhere it is played. British Polo Day celebrates the heritage of the game in each country, reviving some of the old rivalries whilst bridging cultures, in a quintessentially British Day.

British Polo Day Dubai, 29th March 2013 British Polo Day United Kingdom, 29th June 2013 British Polo Day Germany, 7th July 2013 British Polo Day Russia, 7th September 2013 British Polo Day China, 22nd September 2013 TBC British Polo Day Singapore, 28th September 2013 British Polo Day Mexico, 23rd November 2013 British Polo Day India, 14th December 2013 British Polo Day Thailand, February 2014 British Polo Day Abu Dhabi, March 2014 Brazil, The US and Australia to be added in 2014 If you would like to attend a British Polo Day, please email:

19 19





Tee and coffee.

Nespresso Boutiques: Dubai Mall Mall of the Emirates Abu Dhabi Mall Nespresso Club: 800NESPRESSO



Rules of Polo 1

The green player has the line, and at fair speed the white player would be crossing the line without sufficient safety margin, resulting in a penalty against white.


When travelling in the same direction the white player may draw level with green and then force him across the line and take possession of the ball without committing a dangerous foul.


Two players riding for a ball from opposite directions in the open must both give way to the left and take the ball on their right or offside.


Even at a far lesser angle the white player would still be crossing the line if he continues in that direction, and committing a dangerous foul.


The white player may move in parallel with the line and play a shot providing he can do so without interfering with the green’s mount or causing him to check back. If white would cross the line to the dotted position it would be a foul.


When two players are approaching a ball in the open from different directions, the player (white), with the line of the ball on his offside, right hand side, has right of way.



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Teams and Players THE BRITISH EXILES


InterContinental London Park Lane


1. The Marchioness of Milford Haven



Nasser Al Dhaheri



Mr Will Laugher



Nasser Al Shamsi



Mr Richard Paton-Philip


3. Ali Al Merri



Mr George Meyrick





Oscar Colombres




The British Exiles The British Exiles Team is comprised of some of Britain’s top young players and a wide range of other polo enthusiasts, who play predominantly outside Britain at British Polo Days around the world – hence the “Exiles”. Wilf Laugher has been playing polo in the UAE for more than 10 years and we welcome him to his first British Polo Day. Clare Milford Haven is a stalwart of the game in the UK and is a JaegerLeCoultre Ambassador. Clare played at her first British Polo Day in Mexico for the victorious British Ladies. Rick Paton-Philip is a very accomplished player who scored the winning goal for Eton in the British Polo Day India in December. Finally, George Meyrick, a veteran of British Polo Day China, completes this Dream Team.

1. The Marchioness of Milford Haven



Mr Will Laugher



Mr Richard Paton-Philip



Mr George Meyrick



Although the ancient sport of polo began in Persia and China many centuries ago, the British reinvented the modern game in the nineteenth century. Sir Winston Churchill, one of the greatest proponents of the game, once famously said “a polo handicap is a passport to the world� and polo is still thriving everywhere it is played, from Argentina to New Zealand. British Polo Day carries on the tradition of the British playing polo against friends in a host of different countries around the world.



Ghantoot Polo Team Ghantoot Racing & Polo Club boasts the UAE’s only team with Royal backing. The team showcases the skills of developing Emirati players alongside accomplished Argentine professionals. When compared to many of the world’s leading polo teams, which possess a long and rich history, Ghantoot is a very young team and yet that has not stopped them gaining international honours. They have travelled the world claiming victories at tournaments in St Moritz and Sotogrande among others. At home or abroad Ghantoot carry the pride of the people of the UAE. The Ghantoot team were worthy victors of the Dubai Gold Cup in 2013


Nasser Al Dhaheri



Nasser Al Shamsi


3. Ali Al Merri




Oscar Colombres



Cavalry & Guards Camel Polo Team Man has ridden camels almost as long as it has ridden horses, so it was only natural that after horse polo was developed camel polo followed. Today we welcome teams from The Cavalry & The Guards regiments of The Britsh Army.


British Polo DAy All British Polo DAy ViP guests Are entitleD to free entry to Blue MArlin iBizA uAe AnD A coMPliMentAry welcoMe Drink After the Polo eVent on sAturDAy 23rD MArch Please Present your British Polo Day WristBanD on entry

sAfety DriVers AnD tAxis Are AVAilABle uPon request


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Hackett Camel Polo Cup Cavalry Camel Polo vs. Guards Camel Polo Presented by

His Highness Sheikh Shakhboot bin Nahyan Al Nahyan


British Polo Day Cup Ghantoot Polo Team vs. The British Exiles





History of the Game Polo is perhaps the oldest game in the world – having been played over 2500 years ago - and is truly international. The name polo is said to have been derived from the Tibetan word “pulu”, meaning ball.

Ancient Polo


n 600 BC the first recorded game of polo took place between the Turkomans and Persians. The Turkomans won. Polo began as a training game for cavalry units, usually the king’s guard or other elite troops. To the warlike tribesmen, who played it with as many as 100 to a side, it was a miniature battle. Persian literature and art give us the richest accounts of polo in antiquity. Ferdowsi, the famed poet-historian, gives a number of accounts of royal polo tournaments in his 9th century epic, Shahnameh (the Epic of Kings). In the earliest account, Ferdowsi romanticizes an international match between Turanian force and the followers of Siyâvash, a legendary prince from the earliest centuries of the Empire. The game spread into North India. In fact Sultan Qutb-ud-din Aibak, the first Muslim Emperor of North India, actually died accidentally in 1210 playing polo. From Persia, in medieval times polo spread to the Byzantines (who called it tzykanion), and

after the Muslim conquests to the Ayyubid and Mameluke dynasties of Egypt and the Levant, whose elites favored it above all other sports. Notable sultans such as Saladin and Baybars were known to play it and encourage it in their court. Polo sticks were features on the Mameluke precursor to modern day playing cards. Polo was passed from Persia to other parts of Asia including the Indian subcontinent and China, where it was very popular during the Tang Dynasty and frequently depicted in paintings and statues. The Moguls were largely responsible for taking the game from Persia to the east and by the 16th century the Emperor Babur had established it in India. Polo was revived in Japan by the 8th Shogun, Tokugawa Yoshimune (1684-1751) and was played until early 20th century. It was the favourite sport of the last Shogun who surrendered power to the Emperor in 1868.


Sir Winston Churchill Old Harrovian

The Prince of Wales in Jodhpur 1922

Modern Polo


he modern game of polo, though formalized and popularized by the British, is derived from Manipur (now a state in India) when British tea planters discovered the game in Manipur (Munipoor) on the Burmese border with India and eåstablished the first polo club in the world at Silchar, west of Manipur in 1862. In 1869, Edward “Chicken” Hartopp, 10th Hussars, read an account of the game in The Field, while stationed at Aldershot, and, with brother officers, organised the first game known then as “hockey on horseback”- on a hastily-rolled Hounslow Heath against The 9th Lancers. The 1st Life Guards and the Royal Horse Guards were quick to follow suit on grounds at Hounslow and in Richmond Park; and then on a small ground near Earl’s Court known as Lillie Bridge. The first polo club in England was Monmouthshire, founded by Capt. Francis “Tip” Herbert, 7th Lancers, at his brother’s seat, Clytha Park, near Abergavenny in 1872.

In 1875, the first official match in Argentina took place on 3rd September, where the game had been taken by English and Irish engineers and ranchers.

Prince Philip playing polo


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In countries all over the world, polo has a long history of raising significant Women and Health Alliance Internationalfunding for worthy causes. Wherever possible, British Polo Day is entirely committed to bringing to bear the full weight of our Partners, network and creative talent to this end.

WAHA International is a non-profit, non-governmental organization, working to ensure that women and newborns can access the healthcare services they need to live their lives fully and in dignity.

In partnership with our host in each case, British Polo Day divides the fundraising proceeds from charity auctions and raffles that are held at any event between local & British Charities. In so doing, the polo ties between two nations are reinforced further through shared philanthropic aims. For British Polo Day Abu Dhabi 2013, we have chosen WAHA International and Help for Heroes. WAHA International was established by Her Highness Sheikha Shamsa bint Hamdan Al Nahyan as a response to the unacceptably high maternal and neonatal mortality and morbidity rates in many parts of Africa and Asia. The efforts of Her Highness Sheikha Shamsa bint Hamdan Al Nahyan – President of Women and Health Alliance (WAHA) International – to save mother’s lives have been given added momentum this year amongst key influencers and decision makers, after the current situation was made a central theme at the G8, G20 and African Union summits. Help For Heroes was founded in 2007 in order to provide direct, practical support to those who have suffered life-changing injuries and illnesses while serving in Britain’s Armed Forces. British Polo Day is committed to raising significant funding for these two Charities – founded to achieve life saving and life changing results – and would urge guests to bid freely and generously during the Loud Auction in aid of these formidable causes. The British Polo Day UAE Fundraising Committee

Every mother’s death is unacceptable. We must do what works! An appeal by Her Highness Sheikha Shamsa bint Hamdan Al Nahyan President of Women and Health Alliance (WAHA) International.

If there is good news, it is this: saving mother’s lives has been given new impetus this year. After years of advocacy efforts, it was a central theme at the G8, G20 and African Union summits. However, there are enormous challenges ahead: A study published this year in the Lancet showed that only 23 out of 181 countries are on track to achieve the Millennium Development Goal of reducing maternal mortality by 75% by 2015. In simple language, this corresponds to hundreds of thousands of women who are dying every year. In simple language, this is unacceptable. It is time for us to take an honest look at what needs to be done. We know that the vast majority of these deaths can be prevented. We have the techniques and know-how to save lives and reduce this suffering. We have done it before in Europe, America and the Middle East. We must now do it in the African and Asian countries where too many women are still dying to give life. Maternal deaths are clustered around labour, delivery, and in the days and weeks following birth. The main direct cause of death is obstetric haemorrhage – in other words, bleeding to death. The most effective way to eliminate these deaths is to ensure that women are in the presence of a skilled attendant in a suitably equipped health facility for the delivery. Trained midwives and practitioners must have the skills to provide obstetric care to manage haemorrhage as well as sepsis and obstructed labour. They also need the skills to provide the medical and surgical interventions, like transfusions and Caesareans that save lives. So what do we need to do next? We need to train more midwives to assist women during the delivery of their babies and to provide emergency obstetric care. We need better-equipped health facilities to encourage women to deliver in places where skilled attendants can provide quality obstetric care. We need to remove the financial obstacles that impede women from coming to health facilities before the onset of complications. We need to address cultural and social barriers to delivering in health facilities by reinforcing links between communities and healthcare providers. And we need to remove physical barriers to attending health facilities by investing in innovative referral systems that use new telecommunication and transportation strategies. We need to give women a fighting chance of surviving childbirth. And while we are rightly focusing on reducing maternal deaths, let us not forget that for every woman who dies, another twenty suffer debilitating complications following childbirth due to a lack of obstetric care. From a prolapsed uterus to chronic incontinence or obstetric fistula, childbirth complications can equate to a life of profound psychological, social and economic misery if left untreated. The World Health Organisation estimates that 2 million women currently need surgical repair for obstetric fistula, with an additional 50,000 to 100,000 new cases occurring each year. A fraction of these cases are treated each year and the backlog of cases remains virtually untouched. To deal with this, obstetricians, urologists and general surgeons must integrate fistula repair and management of other postpartum complications into general practice; and midwives and other frontline health workers must be involved in the active identification of cases for early referral and treatment. Each one of us has a role to play in stopping maternal deaths. And this is why I appeal to you today with a simple request: Give women a fighting chance of surviving the delivery of their babies. Make sure that more midwives and doctors have the right skills to provide obstetric care. Ensure all women have access to suitably equipped health facilities. And ensure that treatment is available for the millions of women who suffer a life-time of misery from childbirth injuries. Let’s do what works.


Women and Health Alliance (WAHA) International works to strengthen medical services in the countries where maternal health needs are greatest. Our goal is simple: to ensure that all women have a safe pregnancy and motherhood. We believe in the power of partnerships to get things done. That’s why at WAHA International, we work together with university teaching hospitals, national associations of midwives, obstetricians and gynaecologists, community groups and policymakers. We believe in promoting a south-to-south knowledge exchange to find the most innovative and effective strategies to ensure that women have access to skilled help during delivery and postpartum care.

OUR KEY AREAS OF WORK ARE Promoting skilled attendance at birth and rapid access to Caesarean sections in the event of obstructed labour. This includes implementing innovative strategies to facilitate referral and treatment of obstetric emergencies. Integrating fistula surgery and treatment of post-partum complications into the routine training and practice of gynaecologists, obstetricians and urologists through our partnerships with university teaching hospitals in Africa Strengthening the role of midwives in the prevention and early treatment of obstetric fistula.

WAHA International was established by Her Highness Sheikha Shamsa bint Hamdan Al Nahyan as a response to the unacceptably high maternal and neonatal mortality and morbidity rates in many parts of Africa and Asia

“Working together to improve wom en’s and children’s heal th”



Help for Heroes was founded in 2007 in order to provide direct, practical support to those who have suffered life-changing injuries and illnesses while in service to our country. This is provided through grants to individuals, other Service charities, capital build projects and our four Recovery Centres across the UK which will offer support for life. It is because of the overwhelming response from the general public that Help for Heroes has been able to provide this support, but there is still so much more to do. With the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan coming ever closer, people may think that the job is done. The war may end but for our wounded, the battle will have only just begun. Soldiers, sailors and airmen who are injured today will still need our support tomorrow and in the days that follow, for the rest of their lives. They are still battling and we won't let them battle alone.


Real World, Real Approaches I’ve emerged from the INSEAD EMBA experience with skills — relevant, realworld approaches to solving today’s business challenges — shaped by the myriad perspectives of a diverse group of peers and faculty. As an alumnus, I continue to tap into INSEAD’s global network of leadership talent to gain valuable insights. Discover authentic curiosity with the INSEAD Global Executive MBA Connect with us at Singapore | France | Abu Dhabi

Ivan Filippov Deputy Head of Corporate Finance Aeroflot - Russian Airlines Russia

Global Executive MBA


that’s the formula for saccharin, the artificial sweetener found in mainstream tonics. Its cloying taste will ruin the best gins. At Fever-Tree we use pure cane sugar to sweeten our tonic water, as well as natural quinine from Rwanda. In fact, all our mixers use only the finest natural ingredients to enhance the flavours of premium spirits. You don’t need a PhD in chemistry to understand that can only be a good thing.



Spend a week at any 3RD HOME property British Polo Day Abu Dhabi Loud Auction Lot 1

3RD HOME is the premier private club for the owners of luxury second homes. It features over 1,300 properties in over 67 countries, including many within top branded residence clubs, with an average value of $2.25 million. 3RD HOME enables luxury second home owners to travel the world and stay in premier properties without the expense of renting. It is unlike any other home exchange program you may have known. The winning bidder will receive a complimentary membership and five (5) 3rd HOME Keys that they can use to reserve any available property in the 3RD HOME portfolio. 5 Key properties are valued at over $4 million US dollars. The winner will not be required to list their own home in the club to use the 5 Keys. To learn more about 3RD HOME, see the description included in this program or visit



Jaeger-LeCoultre A Tribute to 1931 Reverso British Polo Day Abu Dhabi Loud Auction Lot 2

Certain legends draw their strength from their age. Frozen in the past, immobilised forever, they speak only of the past. But sometimes, the magic is so great that a strange phenomenon takes place: the legend lives, breathes, mutates, becomes more beautiful, all the while retaining its aura. A long time ago, back in 1931, in a dusty vortex and to the accompaniment of horses’ hooves hammering, an idea was born: a watch with a dial that could protect itself from shocks, all the while offering a personalised engraved case-back. Eighty years later, the Reverso has progressed from watchmaking icon to cult status. The Reverso is so unique that with the passing of time, it has been made in many other guises without losing its essence. Today, wearing a Reverso from the current collections on your wrist is an entry to an exclusive world – not only in terms of watchmaking history, but above all to a universe of technical perfection and aesthetic refinement. By inventing the Reverso, a small group of men with great imagination and innovative spirit did far more than create a simple reversible case. They gave birth to an emotion which has lasted more than 80 years, and designed a watch whose endless possibilities are still being discovered. The Reverso’s strength lies both in its past, but just as much in its future.

Jérome Lambert, CEO Jaeger-LeCoultre



A Three Night Stay in a One Bedroom Riad - Value: $6,295 USD British Polo Day Abu Dhabi Loud Auction Lot 3 Royal Mansour is a unique retreat set in the heart of one of the world’s most exciting destinations. Styled on a traditional medina, Royal Mansour occupies a perfect setting within the ancient walls of Marrakech. Meticulous design and pure Moroccan architecture are combined to create one of the most beautiful hotels in the world. Each of our 53 riads is fashioned as a private house for a comfortable living area, accommodation and a roof terrace with solarium and pool for the ultimate relaxation. This sense of privacy extends throughout the hotel; within our 3.5 hectares carefully landscaped Andalusian gardens create a wealth of amenities including traditional Moroccan Spa, gastronomic restaurants, stylish art gallery and library as well as swimming pools for guests’ pleasure. To stay at Royal Mansour is to experience hospitality at its finest; our 500 expert staff will offer an unprecedented level of service and personal attention in the most discreet way while using the underground tunnels covering the entire property. The Prize is valid for one year, from March 2013 to February 2014, except Christmas and New Year & includes breakfast and transfers from / to Marrakech Airport.


Six Senses Zighy Bay, Oman - Value is $2,000 USD for 2 sharing British Polo Day Abu Dhabi Loud Auction Lot 4

Six Senses Zighy Bay is located in a secluded bay on Oman’s Musandam Peninsula, less than two hours drive from Dubai International Airport, and is the first property operated by Six Senses Resorts and Spas in the Middle East. The Resort resembles a traditional Omani village, consisting of 82 luxurious pool villas that have been carefully designed and furnished to reflect local Omani culture and blend into the outstanding landscape. Six SensesZighy Bay offers a wide range of restaurants and bars, a Six Senses Spa and an extensive variety of leisure facilities and activities including a fully equipped Fitness Centre, water sports, mountain trekking and biking, guided off road excursions, tandem paragliding, dive centre and marina, offering Yacht charter and berthing. The Six Senses Spa offers nine treatment rooms, a juice bar, two Arabian Hammams and a full menu of local and signature treatments. The spa focuses on holistic wellness programmes to rejuvenate and revitalise the senses and can personalise programmes to meet individual goals. 1 Night’s Accommodation in a Beachfront Pool Villa (Bed and Breakfast complimentary basis). This fantastic lot also includes 1 Complimentary 60-minutes private Yoga or Personal Training and 1 Complimentary 60-minutes Signature Spa Treatment. Please note that the above offer is subject to availability, valid from 10 April 2013 to 20 December2013, (Excluding Easter, Eid, and high occupancy dates). Transfers not included.


Amouage Hamper - Value: $1000 USD British Polo Day Abu Dhabi Loud Auction Lot 5

Renowned for creating some of the most finely crafted and exotic fragrances in the world, the House restores artistry to perfumery to create extraordinarily beautiful scents with a distinct point of view and sources the globe for unique and the highest quality of ingredients. At the heart of all Amouage creations is a signature accord that cultivates the ultimate luxury of being unique and distinctive.Amouage is a lifestyle sought after by only the most sophisticated and discerning international consumer. The hamper includes a complement of Amouage products ranging from fine fragrance to bath and body and home, all housed in an Omani treasure box made of mandoo wood.


Remi Bertoche Live Action Painting - Value: $5000 USD British Polo Day Abu Dhabi Loud Auction Lot 6

Remi Bertoche is a creative and youthful artist. His art is a way of life for him. He loves what he does. Having pursued the professional surfing circuit through his youth, he became a renowned surfing painter. He then took on golf and polo as subjects. Remi truly lives and breathes the lifestyle that he paints and channels that effectively through his artwork. Remi’s outlook on life, art and travel is on show at British Polo Day Abu Dhabi Remi has showcased his work before at the Ghantoot Racing & Polo Club and also generously donated a painting there for Al Ain Private Centre for Care and Rehabilitation. We thank Remi for his support.






t. +971 4 454 9701 e.

COMMUNICATING EFFECTIVELY, VISUALLY, POWERFULLY We work with you to help you clearly define your needs and goals. Through this collaborative approach, we will create film and digital content that captures the essence of your company. Utilising the power of the Internet and its multiple distribution platforms, Pendragon provides you with a tailor-made end to end solution that will build a community based around content we develop. Founded in 2000, Pendragon Productions deliver exceptional production values and services to its clients who value their communication output and recognise that digital media is at the core of today’s marketing channels. We are delighted to be chosen as the digital and social media partner of The British Polo Day.

BRITISH POLO DAY PERSONALITIES Mr George Meyrick Player - British Exiles George has played regularly in Argentina and, since 2006 and has had his own string of horses and a small breeding programme there. Elsewhere, he has played in South Africa, Sotogrande, St. Tropez, Chile, Amsterdam, Dubai, Florida and India, as well as Sierra Nevada for snow polo. George has represented England in two World Cup Tournaments, both times winning the European Championship. This year he has played in two England test matches and captained Young England on two occasions, including on International Day

The Marchioness of Milford Haven Player - British Exiles An ambassador for Jaeger-LeCoultre since 2004 and, until recently, the Social Editor of Tatler for eight years. Clare is an active and enthusiastic member of Cowdray Park Polo Club. She has played competitively on all levels for the past 12 years, competing in the UK, USA, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, Italy, South Africa, India, New Zealand, Australia, Dubai, Argentina and Chile. Clare played in the England team in Mexico eleven years ago and again in 2010, when an all female team won bronze in the FIP European Championships held in Austria.


Lady Violet Manners British Polo Day PR and Fashion Coordinator Violet grew up in the Lincolnshire countryside the eldest of four siblings. She has been lucky enough to work with a fascinating variety of people from a very young age and this has given the skills to innovate on British Polo Day PR and Fashion. She spearheaded Philip Treacy’s first visit to India and is well respected in the fashion space. She continues to manage all VIP, Fashion and Press relations for British Polo Day globally.

Lt Colonel Simon Ledger The voice of British Polo Day Simon Ledger is a retired Lt Col in the British Cavalry regiment, The Light Dragoons. He joined the Army in 1975 and has served all over the world including Northern Ireland, UK, Germany, Norway, Cyprus, the Middle East and Kosovo. His last appointment was the Deputy Garrison Commander at Tidworth. Playing polo since 1976, he has run the Tidworth PC as well as the Cyprus Polo Association and the CSPA. He began commentating in 1987 (polo, eventing and race calling) and since 1994 has commentated for all the major polo tours at Tidworth PC, Guards PC, Sandhurst and all British Polo Days worldwide. Chairman of the Army Polo Association since 2003; he organises all Army Polo activity.



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British Polo Day Abu Dhabi 2013  

The British Polo Day 2013 series begun on Saturday 23rd March at Abu Dhabi’s Ghantoot Racing & Polo Club, the private royal club of His High...

British Polo Day Abu Dhabi 2013  

The British Polo Day 2013 series begun on Saturday 23rd March at Abu Dhabi’s Ghantoot Racing & Polo Club, the private royal club of His High...