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With November being the transition period between autumn and winter it’s interesting to see how those around me are updating their wardrobes. With warm weather long gone many people are turning to snug knitwear as opposed to stylish bikinis. We however, have the pleasure of sharing our favourite swim and beachwear year round, which is particularly appropriate for those planning their honeymoon. If you are getting married this month then congratulations, but if not then I do hope that you find some sort of inspiration at the very least, from our brilliant bridal section and wonderful selection of French vendors which we’ve chosen to focus on this November. With Christmas drawing close I imagine that all of you are considering gifts, for others perhaps as well as for yourselves, which is why we have a marvellous selection of heritage brands to share with you inside this issue. As always we stand tall as a publication, paying homage to British brands which focus on classically cut garments and traditionally inspired design aesthetics. As a nation we have much to be thankful for, not least the incredible talent which this country so often produces, whether that be it in the creative fields or otherwise. Enjoy this months issue and remember that it is never too late follow your dreams.

Gabriella Enriocco

Gabriella Enriocco, Editor-in-Chief 11

Mc Queen’s


New Elizabethans



Article by Moira Valenti Sarah Burton, Winner of the 2011 Designer of The Year Award and creator of Kate Middleton’s wedding gown, took McQueen’s models and the assembled audience on a flight of fancy with the AW13-14 collection. We entered an ‘age’ replete with the swagger of early Elizabethan silhouettes set against semblances of 1970’s clean lines. Isabella Blow gifted today’s Elizabethans one of fashions great creative geniuses, the late Lee A. McQueen; the extraordinary ex-Saville row tailor and self-propelled Masters student, who both embraced tradition whilst being one of our greatest fashion saboteurs; the young turk was all but single handedly charged with bringing the then effete House of Givenchy into the 21st Century. These combined qualities were utterly beguiling to his brilliantly eccentric muse, ‘Izzy.’ Whether or not this collection is considered ‘true’ to McQueen’s vision is a moot point, however through this particular ‘lens,’ the feminine is all about form, texture, silhouette and restraint. The structural nature of the ‘neo-Elizabethan’ designs screams restraint: the bustle, corseted torso cinching the waist

and accentuating the bosom, the neck held in a ‘stiffened’ ruff, the balloon sleeves encapsulating the arms. The ideas of control, revealing, obscuring, restraint and disguise are means of exploring facets of feminine sartorial communication, particularly when ‘veiled’ in pseudo fencing masklike mesh. Herein lies the projection of a certain female persona: Strong yet restrained, expressive yet repressed; a style coda alive with juxtapositions even down to the metal and feathers completing the pieces. Although this collection may not represent classic McQueen, in respect of its capacity to challenge or shock, it does perhaps contain the seeds of his design imperative. This collection offers up a delightful palette of glorious golds, sharp silvers, simmering reds and striking monochromes all set against a panoply of textures: soft laces, unrestrained ostrich feathers and hidden structural ‘formers.’ All these elements within the Elizabethan ‘set’ are tied together through the master motif, the orb to the sceptre; the pearl. The pearl articulated its very own majesty whilst simultaneously giving the pieces weight, taking on as they do, in part, the look of armour; ‘pearl-mail,’ creating a particular fluidity of movement too. The pearl acts as a metaphor for the regal; insinuating puri15


ty, uniqueness, clarity and femininity. These elements of the autumn and winter palette, particularly white and black, create a searing clarity and directness. The mixture of textures is bold and delightful, from soft, enfolding velvets to cool, strong, sensual leather.

suggest again the polarities of restraint and greater freedom: full coverage or billowing from upper arm to mid-lower arm. The ‘bondage’ element posing an interesting juxtaposition against the supremacy of the suggested queen regalia.

The ‘costume’ element comments on the style history and glory of an age of the Elizabethans, then and ‘now,’ with an oblique nod to London’s pearly Kings and Queens and a definitive tilt to a 1970’s style aesthetic coming through. The regal aspect oozes from every thread, fibre, fastening and pearl of this collection. We experienced the white, silver, chain and diamond grid over the head and face on the catwalk, as if we were looking at some muselike warrior, fencer, veiled queen; the woman disguised, discreet but more so, contained. Perhaps even a veiled reference to the late, great Isabella herself, so famous for her ‘hats.’ The sleeve details throughout

Then we met the 70’s silhouette echoed through a black dress with pearl-laden upper bodice, taking on the appearance of armour or chain mail; the bodice references the Elizabethan doublet, with its folds, fall and ‘panels.’ The ubiquitous diamond pattern across the midriff area keeping the theme of pearls and diamond detailing strong and central. The ‘little black dress,’ in particular, having arched window-like motifs across the pelvis. The shoulders and neck are either bare or cosseted in softest ostrich feathers with the application of both ‘tender’ and more

“The ‘costume’

element comments on the style history and glory of an age of the Elizabethans, then and ‘now,’ with an oblique nod to London’s pearly Kings and Queens and a definitive tilt to a 1970’s style aesthetic coming through.”


at the shoulder margins and waist. The black diamond lace ‘mini’ skirt dress with cape sleeve and key-hole neckline is completed by a white feathered-look ruff. Strong, feminine and sexy. Silk, leather, velvet and lace are the fabrics of the moment and in this collection they are elegant, stylish and statement. Mirroring the ‘Elizabethan’ theme, McQueen delighted with contemporary black skinny jeans companioned by black silk chiffon bishop-sleeve shirt, pearl diamond motif over the breastbone and feather ruff to the neck. Shirts have strongly feminine key-note ruff detail in the high collars. A thrilling jet-black fur jacket, with long sweeping knee-length movement is perfectly flamboyant against the jeans.

structural lace. White pearl encrusted pillar heels grounded the models, giving them an assured gait to mirror the ‘persona,’ with the A-line skirt falling from the waist over petticoats extolling the feminine. The ‘little black dress’ emerged strongly and stunningly, of course beautifully tailored and fitted in this collection: either in sexy black leather completed by a gorgeous ruffed white shoulder skimming cape or in full black leather shoulder cape. Great for today’s stand-out woman or in cap-sleeved, gold panelled accents to the breast-bone and ‘belted’ effect at the waist. For women who prefer a more ‘covered’ look there are full length sleeves and a below the knee vented option, oozing sophistication with peephole triangle at the neckline, accented in gold 18

The A/W 13 collection is pure spectacle, shining with pristine whites, bold blacks with lace everywhere; models glided through in sparkling ‘chain-mail head ‘cages;’ shoes are boxy with pearl encrusted pillar heels, gloves are finger-tip-huggers cum jewellery. Hips are accentuated, waists are nipped-in and bosoms pushed up. Ostrich feathers added to the opulence, heavy broderie anglaise lace and intricate gold work adorn the bodices with the ubiquitous pearls predominant. The collection isn’t all courtly wear, the theme has been re-worked for today’s new Elizabethans: McQueen delighted with a range of cleanly tailored skirts; the elegantly regal silk skirt-suit in gold with its cinched waist using a statement silver belt. We glimpsed a black suit comprising a leather, high-waisted fitted skirt with ‘cape’ silhouette, white shirt and ruff collar. The overall effect of this collection is to rebirth Elizabethan high style , celebrating our regal traditions in the theatre of the clothing it had given birth to. Truly a splendid autumn/winter collection with regal forbearance and re-imagined 70’s style conventions.


DSquared2 embellished belt £475.56


7Fall Must Haves Leather is everywhere this autumn. The key with leather is to wear it subtly; so wear leather-trimmed pieces or blend it with softer, fluid fabrics. If you'd like to make a statement however, then definitely opt for an encrusted belt to give your outfit a more glam feel.

Fur has a lush and luxurious feel whether it be the real thing or faux. In pursuit of that 40’s glamour this season, opt for a touch of fur such as an accessory or a dazzling statement piece to add some classic sophistication to your wardrobe.


D&G crepe pencil skirt £910


It’s all about the pencil skirt this season which works well for every body shape. It can both create curves or highlight an already shapely hourglass figure. Pair it with a light-weight fine knit for the office, or a fitted jacket for a more glamorous evening look. 20

By Kelly Millar

Lea Clement raccoon fur scarf £288


Structured bags are trending this season, we love those featuring reptile or leather! For evening a small clutch adorned with jewels is ideal. Vionnet structured trapeze tote £1413.35

Invest in a classically inspired evening dress for more formal occasions. The look is sexy and sophisticated with longer hemlines, plunging necklines, lots of lace, nipped waists that sculpt an hourglass silhouette and open backs. Go ahead and be ultra-feminine!

Oscar de la Renta high neck blouse £831.28

A classic well-fitted tailored trouser looks outstanding year round, but this season it's a necessity. From flared and flowing to closely cropped cigarette styles, there are a range of different cuts to select from so take your time and be sure to get a pair which to flatter your body shape and lengthen the legs. We advise that you choose a classic cut in a luxurious fabric or tweed.


A key component of the 40’s style is the contrast of soft and sharp. This autumn flowing blouses are back in full swing. Create soft feminine lines with a beautiful, simple silk blouse. Shades of green look incredible, particularly on those with olive skin tones.

6. Ralph Lauren Black Label sheer panel lace dress £1776.02

7. Viktor & Rolf piped tailored trouser £395.56


steal the spotlight

with M


Marchesa 23

Article by Kirsti Reid Specialising in high end women’s wear and based in New York, Marchesa is carried by department stores as such as Bergdorf Goodmans and online luxury retailer Net-A-Porter. The ultra feminine brand has achieved a vast amount of celebrity endorsement including that of Sandra Bullock, spotted at the 2010 Academy Awards wearing a gorgeous fitted satin and lace gown, Blake Lively, Rihanna, Elle Fanning and Hilary Swank.

ette largely made up of blacks, oxblood, rouge and ruby reds, creams in a mixture silks, both sheer and opaque and organza’s to create a scintillating contrast against the skin. The collection is focused on heavily embellished gowns with delightfully bellowing bishop sleeves which create an inspiring silhouette. The cut of each garment is universally flattering, with delicate drapery giving a deeply femiThe beautiful nine outline, with a few duo’s AW13 collection exceptions featuring a fe atures ball gown or drop-waist a colour - exuding confidence p a l - and finesse. The accented embellishments appear in the form of floral or gold embroidery and appliqué, in an all over pattern or placement print. A unique feature of many of the gowns, is the inclusion of collars and stylised neck ties, normally associated with work wear. It is a style which Marchesa have cleverly adopted and reworked to include a shirt like top over, sensually revealing bustiers. The ‘shirt’ element fea-


Images courtesy of Marchesa

tures translucent sleeves with delicate collars and button stands and would look marvellous on ladies with a slender figure. In addition to the gloriously glamorous gowns, the collection features more demure skirt and trouser separates, embellished using panels with beads, crystals and asymmetric lines. One of our favourite pieces is an unashamedly bold, coat in red silk with cascading dipped hems and side closures accented by a Chinese collar. The outfit is complete with a pair of trousers in a darker red satin and ankle strapped sandals, first out on the runway at this seasons show which certainly set the tone for the rest of the collection.

Its blue blooded nature is herein reinterpreted, updated and utterly on trend for fall 2013. Whether you’re going to a Christmas eve event or New Years Eve ball, these eye catching creations will ensure your A lister status.

The inspiration for their work often comes from the arts, opulence in creative design and flair, with influences drawn from across the world AW13 is certainly no exception. The motif for this collection draws upon eighteenth century romanticism, the Francisco de Goya painting, “Portrait of Maria Teresa de Vallabriga on horseback.� 25



Who doesn’t love a little bit of arm candy? Not only do our clutches allow us to tote our lives with us wherever we go, they are forever faithful, more comforting than a security blanket, and arguably our most beloved accessory. Whilst it is tempting to dash out the door with your carry all, sometimes a lipstick, phone and a set of keys is all


Article by Caroline Topperman that you need for a fabulous night out. During times like this we reach for our prized possession, the glamorous clutch - an elegant jewel sitting proudly in our collections. Whether worn with a sleek tuxedo, a floor length gown or simply your favourite denim and a fabulous pair of stilettos, either one of these three show stopping clutches would be the perfect compliment to any glamorous, well thought out ensemble. The mosaics of Sicily’s Cathedral of Monreale were the inspiration behind Dolce & Gabbana’s Multicolour Miss Dolce Embellished Brocade Clutch. A crystal and bead encrusted bag, it is positively aglow with style. A dark red leather lining conceals all of your deepest secrets under the elegant padlock detail. Possessing a magical quality, this clutch is perfect for those with refined taste. Picture yourself in a sleek black evening gown walking down the red carpet on opening night at the La Scalla Opera House. The house lights dim, the first notes of the orchestra start to build and a spotlight catches the exquisite gem perching beautifully on your lap.

D&G Dolce embellished brocade clutch £895


“I want to empower women. I want people to be afraid of the women I dress.”

- Alexander McQueen Alexander McQueen’s black satin clutch is boldly bejewelled with gold beads and Swarovski crystals. Its sparklingly shiny facade creates a contrast to the concealed durable interior. Lined in leather, it is a perfect place to store this season’s hottest lipstick. With its monochromatic metallic design, this piece packs all the power and impact of a statement clutch. Not for the faint hearted, this is a bag you choose to carry when receiving an exclusive invitation to an exquisite Christmas event. Its undeniable glamour is only sharpened by McQueen’s signature skull detailing – a much loved touch!

Alexander McQueen The Skull Swarovski crystal-embellished box clutch £1,765


This piece packs all the power and impact of a statement clutch’


s o D

f O e

r e k t u : a . t e isi .co r e G V n i n on az e v hi ag E s em n a A F od r m h Fo tis i br


De M

Manta A stained glass window in your hand, this silk-satin clutch belongs to Alexander McQueen’s ‘De Manta’ collection. With magnetic folding corners it is an effortlessly elegant, show-stopping clutch that has a certain je ne sais quoi. Envision yourself on a red carpet in Paris with your mini masterpiece in hand. This clutch has the power to instantly upscale any outfit, ideal for transitioning between your daily uniform into glamorous evening wear. Whilst bracelets are referred to as arm candy, we feel that an embellished clutch is like candy for the soul. Whether opting for a simple style or an extravagant jewel, one should always be prepared to make a statement – go ahead, you deserve it!

Alexander McQueen De Manta stained glass-print silk-satin clutch £315




Article by Laura Farrington Chatelles is a women’s footwear brand that was founded in August 2012 by François du Chastel. He describes the beginning of his brand as a love story; with a charming gesture to a girl that he loved, François offered her a pair of his personally designed Parisian slippers. They were effortlessly chic flats that had a golden embossed line on their inner soles. The line was from French poet Victor Hugo that read ‘Je ne puis demeurer… loin de toi plus longtemps’ – I cannot remain… far away from you any longer.

Although the gesture did not win François the love that he longed for, it did create the seed for a brand that was soon to grow into a sought after and loved fashion house, Chatelles. The slippers are all hand-made in Portugal with only the finest Italian leather, the brand priding it-


self on providing customizable footwear for women that is both stylish and comfortable. The regal slippers are now seen throughout the quaint cobblestone streets of Paris and can transform any outfit effortlessly. Although only being launched for a short time, fashion-conscious “it girls” such as Rosie Fortescue and Pippa Middleton have already been spotted wearing the slippers, further enhancing the elegant air that surrounds the brand. Chatelle’s first showroom opened in Paris offering an alternative flat to the ballerina style. François boasts that the delicately engineered curves of the shoes are designed to give a feminine silhouette, making the foot appear slimmer and more delicate. The shoes are not only pretty, but also practical. Chatelles wants their slippers to be able to be worn

for any occasion: at the beach, at a tea garden with friends, or even out for an evening meal. They come in a variety of colours and materials including snakeskin and suede that can be ornamented with tassels and monogramming of your choice. The slippers are a classic design that ensures timeless elegance, with their modern materials bringing the shoes right up-to-date. The latex soles offer comfort while latex Sanitized inner soles fight odour and bacteria. Their pillowed heel bounces as you walk and so the shoes are of the highest comfort and will sustain the wearer through summer months with hot feet! The website offers a great tool to play around with, showcasing all the possibilities available so that you are able to find the perfect pair that is individual to you. Chatelles bring flat shoes to the forefront of sexy and chic which captures the very essence of Parisian fashion. With skilled craftsmanship and exquisite materials the shoes are beautiful to look at both inside and out. The shoes and the process of designing your own pair leave you with a feeling that you really are wearing something that was designed just for your, by your own Parisian love. The Hugo verse that is embossed secretly inside the shoes evokes the brand’s spirit of cute Parisian style that is of the utmost elegance.


Give Me Glamour Shaun Leane 'Bound' champagne quartz earrings £720.01

Sophia Webster Lola Patent-Leather Pumps £195


Victoria Beckham square clutch bag £394.60

Article by Kirsti Reid

Prabal Gurung Printed Silk-Satin Dress ÂŁ2,530

Sophia Webster's Lola patent-leather pumps pair impeccably well with this printed silk-satin dress, crafted by the undeniably talented Prabal Gurung. Not only do the navy inserts accentuate the female form, the artful draping of layered silk creates an ultra-feminine silhouette. Ideal for those who want to draw focus to the hips and away from the bust, this Asian-inspired dress is perfect for those with a slender figure. These heels by Sophia Webster are understated yet elegant, complimenting the delicate print of the dress without distracting from it. Designed for comfort, they are also cushioned at the inner sole for extra support, with a modest 3.5 inch heel, ideal for effortlessly transitioning your look from day to night. Whilst we love them in navy blue they are available online in a multitude of colours, but this really does add a lovely twist on the classic black heel. These Shaun Leane or Chan Luu earrings and a square duo-toned clutch (such as the one by Victoria Beckham) would tie the whole ensemble together beautifully well.

Chan Luu Cutout Gold-Plated Earrings ÂŁ115 37

Saint Laurent Ruffled metallic flocked silk-blend dress ÂŁ4,755

Sergio Rossi Pointed Stiletto Pump ÂŁ605.06


Yves Saint Laurent Vintage clip-on earrings ÂŁ195

The Sergio Rossi pointed stiletto pump is sleek, sophisticated and stylish. Combine this with Saint Laurent's ruffled silk-blend dress with glorious highlights of gold and you've found the perfect marriage. The silk blend dress features ruffles at the front which create the effect of a fuller bosom, whilst the wrap-effect design is an interesting use of the a-symmetric. This dress would look utterly glorious if worn to a winter affair, the flowing train cascading from the waist, giving it that extra hint of glamour. Not to be forgotten, the stilettos lengthen the legs and create a more toned appearance whilst the stunning gold lattice insert and lovely lick of gold on the stem are the perfect match for the flocking on the dress. If you're looking to accessorise try adding a pair of vintage Yves Saint Laurent earrings or a delicate gold bracelet.

Gaydamak thin diamond bracelet ÂŁ1856.91


We are simply enamoured with this exquisite Alberta Ferretti silk, ruffled lace and tulle gown. This is such a wonderfully constructed masterpiece, from the blush coloured lining sensually peeking through the delicate dark lace, to the sweeping hem which adds such fluidity of movement to the gown. The long train and tiers of lace give this dress the feel of high society and the bone lined bodice creates structure - suggestive of traditional corsetry. These suede, four inch heels featuring a buckled ankle strap, by designer Brian Atwood, are the perfect accompaniment to the gown; the gold chains and glistening crystals embellishments only add to its striking impact. If you'd like to accessorise we'd recommend this stunning vintage necklace from Christian Dior and of course a demure black clutch.

Gaydamak snake bracelet ÂŁ1776.91

Brian Atwood Sybil embellished suede pumps ÂŁ1,385


Christian Dior vintage chain necklace £995

Alberta Ferretti Silk, ruffled lace and tulle gown £5,660

Shaun Leane 'Bound' champagne quartz earrings £382.23


D&G Embellished Wool-Blend Mini Dress ÂŁ10,070


A testament of Italian craftsmanship, these hand pleated, black taffeta pumps would look sumptuous when paired with a dress such as the Dolce and Gabbana wool blend mini dress, as featured in the duo's enchanting AW13 collection. Inspired by the Byzantine mosaics of Sicily's Monreale Cathedral, the design focuses on heavy embellishment through the use of sequins, crystals, and beads. When worn with Magli's lavish heels (inspired by none other than 20th Century Russian royalty and adorned with hand appliquéd smokey topaz on both the stem and toe,) the regal, opulent aesthetic of the dress is mirrored. The gold cagelike structure of the embellishment are cast and crafted by hand, whilst the inner is completely lined with leather. The Dolce and Gabbana mini is printed and finished with embroidery to echo the detailed, hand ren-

dered feel of the mosaics. At a thigh skimming length, this heavy weight design is perfect for those who want to accentuate the legs and at four inches in height, the breaktakingly beautiful Magli pumps further elongate the figure. This is a highly decorative ensemble which needs no accessories, but if you insist on adding anything at all make it these gorgeous Oscar de la Renta Sunburst earrings for added 'wow'.

Oscar de la Renta Sunburst gold-plated crystal clip earrings £350

Bruno Magli Girifushi topaz-embellished taffeta and leather pumps £1,645


Model wears Jaegar London Mini Houndstooth Dress-£225 Large Marshal Bag-£299 Square Lace Roll Neck£120

Model wears Jaegar London Tab Detail Double Breasted Coat-£450 Slim Leg Stetch Trouser-£120

Make Me A Queen Dolce & Gabbana

Article by Sophie Milner A sea of gold cascaded down the catwalk, yet all that glittered was not just gold; regal reds, emerald greens, pearly creams and celestial blues glistened in Dolce and Gabbana’s SS14 collection. The dreamy pieces were sequels to the previous collection, once again pulling opulent influences from sumptuous Sicilian culture and the feminine fantasies of bygone ancient eras. Drawing specifically on the islands interactions with Greece in the ancient world this season, there were gold coins, airy and ethereal translucent dresses, gilded Aphrodite headpieces and goddess belts. The designers created a heavenly show that floated somewhere between fantasy and reality.

dream’. The pieces depicted a fusion of the real and the irrational: a combination reserved only for the most enchanting dreams. Notoriously luxurious, the designs ran deeply within the classic Dolce DNA; yet this season captured the Sicilian culture through fashion in a more romantic, renovated and fresh way.

Vibrant and ornate prints in celestial blues, glistening gold’s and royal reds mimicked the painted ceilings and walls of palatial Sicilian temples. This regal ode to the luxuriant culture of the island was played against a stronger, more explicit depiction of the beauty, magic and enchantment of Sicily. Delicate ceiling prints in blue and gold deMelting into a mesmerising mirage of lightfully edged the hems and necklines of elegance and opulence, Gabbana de- lacquered silk and chiffon dresses, skirts scribed the collection as an ‘unconscious and shirts printed with old and enchant46

ing photographs of crumbling columns and ancient amphitheatre ruins. Imperial coins were printed on translucent dresses or fashioned into goddess hardware belts.

the show. Heavily textured gold dresses in lacquered silk and gold painted leather had an armour-like feel: a gladiatorial uniform. Yet the feminine silhouettes in delicate gold macramé and organza Floral fantasies were contrasted beauti- lace, envisaged illusions of goddesses defully against the mystic archaeological scending from a gilded cathedral ceiling. pieces. Delicate blossom appliqués tangled gracefully over chiffon dresses, mir- Dolce and Gabbana are no strangers to roring ancient Sicilian temples choked notoriety. Yet after being put on trial for by trailing flowers and vines. An im- charges of tax evasion by their home counage of botanical beauty created a sense try, there was no taste of bitterness within of sheer femininity and softness against the collection, just a celebration inspired more explicit influences. Models became by the country they love. However, the living and breathing ancient goddess gold coins that embellished belts, adorned statues, entwined with overgrown vines dresses and tumbled alongside models in and reincarnated by springtime blooms. the form of imperial handbags, become darkly ironic under the clouds of the deAs a Dolce and Gabbana signature, the signers alleged crimes. This brash statehard against soft contrasts was ever-pres- ment of luxury, heritage and wealth is ent. Illustrated vividly through raven black ongoing with the designers’ defiance, and designs and burning reds, the strong Sicil- delivered a dousing of wit and refreshian woman remained an essential char- ment in light of a sartorial scandal. True acter. Black bustiers and slips created an to their nature, Dolce and Gabbanna’s image of a Sicilian siren with a get-back Spring Summer collection was unapologaze. Reds simmered down the runway getically lavish and dripping with royalty. like the burning Sicilian sun: intense, angry, and passionate. Anything but vulnerable, this woman means business. A procession of gilded goddesses closed FW13 Mosaic Printed Silkwool Bustier Dress £2060

FW13 ‘Mini Sicily’ cross-body bag £535

FW13 Embellished pump £1165 47

Kate Middleton

Reigning Queen of Style Article by Rebecca Martin Kate Middleton has experienced something of a style evolution since she was first officially introduced to the world as the darling love of Prince William. We have seen her style grow from that of a beautiful young lady finding her feet in front of the worlds’ lenses, to the place we see her today; elegant, graceful, undoubtedly Royal, yet fresh and youthful too. Kate showcased an unquestionable maternity style, abundant with the best of British design; from sweet pastel Alexander McQueen and Mulberry coats, to an on-going love affair with British design darling Emilia Wickstead. After such a stylish introduction to motherhood, we lingered on tenterhooks to see Kate’s post-pregnancy style. As the world waited with baited breath for their first introductions to Prince George, Kate embraced the 48

occasion with her usual poise and grace. As the eyes of the world looked on, Kate appeared on the steps of St Mary’s Hospital, just days after the birth of her beautiful son and shrouded in a nation’s memories of Princess Diana’s appearance on those very same steps. Kate glowed, dressed in a cornflour blue crepe de shine polka dot dress by Jenny Packham; poignantly mirroring the outfit worn by Princess Diana as she presented Prince William to the world 31 years earlier. Cut above the knee, with cap sleeves and a slightly elasticated waist, the dress perfectly suited the occasion. Kate’s choosing of bespoke Jenny Packham for such a special occasion was unsurprising, given her long term adoration for the designer. Few will forget the moment the fashion world united in gasps of amazement, at the exqui-

site teal Jenny Packham gown worn by Kate to the Olympic Concert at The Royal Albert Hall; delicate lace kissed the shoulders, enveloping her back in a stunning sheer design, whilst the pleated skirt cascaded from a tiny waist, cinched with an embellished ribbon belt. When appearing at the Tusk Foundation Gala Dinner a mere eight weeks after the birth of her son, the Duchess opted for a pale gold sequinned Jenny Packham design; such is her loyalty to the iconic British Brand. The Duchess’ daytime style has also developed greatly, transitioning from a heavily conservative wardrobe of skirt suits in wool and tweed, to a youthful combination of skinny jeans, smart blazers and covetable day dresses. An October appearance at the Sports aid workshop, Kate’s first official solo public appearance since Prince

George’s birth, saw her amazing post-pregnancy figure debuted. Dressed in her favourite J Brand jeans, eternally chic Breton top, and a navy Smythe blazer, Kate showcased a style that was both comfortable and confident. As she playfully joined in the basketball game, apparently aided by the wedge heel of her trusty Stuart Weitzman Corkswoon shoes, Kate demonstrated an overwhelming air of accessibility and warmth. As the world’s media remarked in unison at her slender figure, they did so with a manner of positivity, confirming that Kate had melted their hearts, along with those of the nation. Kate has a finger firmly on the fashion pulse, albeit with the guidance of style advisors and a black book of designers yearning for her to wear their collections. As a breath of fresh air drifts through British royalty, seeing members of the family becoming more fashion conscious and embracing of emerging design talents, Kate has become the epitome of a thoroughly modern Princess. The

commissioning of Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen, to create the most eagerly anticipated wedding gown of the decade, is true testament to Kate’s sartorial aptitude. Under

al style, whilst remaining true to the responsibilities and expectations of her Royal role. She may be the future Queen of England, but Kate is already the reigning Queen of style.

the spotlight of the whole world, Kate displays an endless capability to communicate her own person49

LOVES Halleh 18-karat gold turquoise ring £3,820

Roberto Cavalli Embellished georgette gown £3,640

Erdem Ruthenium-plated Swarovski crystal brooch £175

Charlotte Olympia Gemini suede slippers £495

Heirlooms' Art Deco 18-karat gold platinum, diamond and sapphire ring £8,850


One Vintage Fabbie jacket and dress £1,270

Bounkit Gold-plated multi-stone clip earrings £395

Alberta Ferretti Embellished silk-dupioni and silk-chiffon gown £5,605

Oscar de la Renta Gold-plated crystal butterfly brooch £300

Marc by Marc Jacobs' Too Hot to Handle textured-leather shoulder bag £350

Barton Perreira Vandella sunglasses £363.33


Oscar da la Renta Feather and crystal-embellished tulle gown £9,785

Valentino Garavani embossed pump £702.23

Vivienne Westwood Porta mac 15 laptop case £305.19

Sergio Rossi ankle boot £702.23


Moschino tartan peplem riding jacket £1170

Shaun Leane 'Bound' pendant necklace £195.56

Le Mill embellished drop earrings £6442.72

Alexander McQueen The Britannia Skull leather box clutch £995

Le Mill embellished earrings £1674.36

Le Mill embellished earrings £3138.35 53

Designer Lynnja Wang On Anna Sui & Matthew Williamson


What was it like working for Anna Sui & Matthew Williamson? Both companies were at a similar scale when I began working with them; it was interesting for me to see that they had 4-5 designers in charge in various fields. I stayed with Anna Sui for a shorter period of time than I did with Matthew Williamson, however during the experience I really admired Anna’s work ethics and passion. Being motivated and driven, she was keen to work longer hours than everyone else in the office and paid attention to all aspects. It was surprising to find that a successful international business was being run by such a limited number of people.

which is probably why he’s so friendly and makes sure he talks to everyone in the studio. He allows his designers to create ideas and requests prototype of things he likes. In some cases the designer dislikes the idea but Matthew always proves them wrong. He has an outstanding eye for fashion. What did you take away form those experiences that has informed your work or work ethic?

I’ve come to realise that if I want to survive in fashion, I have to be driven and excel at the business side of things; setting up targets and deadlines, controlling the Matthew Williamson is more of a free spir- costs and building up good relationship it - he’s well travelled and enjoys socialising, with suppliers. People say that only 10% of 55

it is fun, so I’ve become more realistic af- occasionally I don’t even realise that I’m uster these experiences and learnt from the ing it until my friends point it out. Asian aesbest to improve my own business skills. thetics are in my blood and I can’t avoid it. A Japanese Kimono inspired my first collection You describe your style as “quirky chic”. and for one of the jackets I designed a range Which similar designers do you like? of oriental patterns of embroidery using a Swiss technique, which sold very well. There Hermione de Paula is always doing her floral will always be an influence from Asian culprint with a twist but ture. I am my collections keeps it looking sleek and my collections are me. and sophisticated. Bora Aksu’s collections are What was it like working always beautiful, with in New York? Do your a pinch of eccentric. design inspirations differ Through his career he when working from other has developed a very locations? distinct signature which blends romance with Yes, I’ve found there is a darker twist. Emma a difference as people Cook is also one of my have varying work ethfavourites - I love her ics and priorities accordcreative prints, finishing to where they are in es and uses of colour. the world. When I was in New York I always Which ensembles or had to put ‘wearability’ pieces would you mix first when designing, as and match from both the market is more comyour previous and curmercial there. In Lonrent collections? don, designers can take more risks as the English I would pair the Kimarket is more willing to mono print blouse try new things, which is from AW12 with why I decided to start my the Sally pants from business back in London. AW13 to create an oriental inspired look with the block colour Finally who was the muse for your autumnal complimenting the pattern; or the femicollection? nine Sumie cream bow dress from SS13 with the mid length Mabel knit coat from Recently I’ve fallen in love with MiAW13 to create a romantic Parisian look. chelle Violy Harper and her wardrobe. She’s got character yet keeps her style very Are traditional Chinese design influences ‘chic.’ I totally agree with her philosophy, woven into your work? “... nothing inspiring is flawless or perfect. It’s in the failures, the experiments, The Asian culture influences me all the time, and the unique that I find the greatest joy.” 56

Model wears Jaegar London Red cocoon coat £375.00, short sleeve structured top £140.00, marshall bag £299.00, Micro floral jacquard jacket £275.00, Micro floral jacquard trouser £160.00


Feminine Outfits

That Don’t Demand Heels

A Morning sail along the French Riviera

Woven cotton blazer Band Of Outsiders £159

Vivienne Westwood White Cotton Shirt £159

D&G Floral tights £40.49

Rotating Buckle Woven Belt Tory Burch £165

Chatham Rita Navy Deck Shoes £45.00


Maxmara Navy Skirt £155

The French Riviera's micro-climate means that November temperatures average at around 12°C therefore it's important to wear a jumper, blazer or jacket and tights if you're wearing a skirt or dress. This clean cut Westwood shirt is impeccably tailored and when paired with the Band Of Outsiders cotton jacket it will keep you warm if the temperatures drop in the early morning or later at night. MaxMara's front pleat skirt will relax the tailored look of the shirt and jacket, and of course Chatham's Rita deck shoes in Navy are not only on trend, (with navy being at the forefront of the colour palette for AW13) they are practical at the same time. You’ll definitely need a pair of tights however, our pick are these gorgeous Floral pair by noneother than Dolce & Gabbana. Accessorise with belt such as this woven, rotating buckle belt from Tory Burch and you will be ready for a stylish sail in no time.

Style Tips * This season gives you the liberty to layer up, so grab a lovely pashmina or silk scarf to compliment the look. * Throw on a fine knit jumper below the blazer For added warmth. *Windy weather can be unforgiving to the hair. Grab a beret and all is solved!


A Sunday afternoon at

the vineyard

Ted Baker Opulent bloom playsuit - ÂŁ149 60

Alexander McQueen Goldtone skull handle umbrella £395 2

For a trip to the vineyard try a play suit like Ted Baker's Jealow with opulent bloom print, it is perfect for taking your wardrobe from summer to autumn/winter. Vineyards often have a rough terrain and with British weather being so very inclement, we advise you take an umbrella like this one by McQueen. To complete the look, stay on trend with a pair of these preppy, cream lace trim brogues by John Rocha. They will ensure your toes stay safe from the soil and dry if it starts to drizzle. One mustn’t forget the finishing touch, this all important Alexander McQueen Heroine tote, ideal for storing a makeup bag and a small vile of your favourite perfume. Designer cream lace trimmed brogues John Rocha £35

Alexander McQueen 'Heroine' tote £2115.58


A Moonlit Walk Along The Pier ASOS LIQUID Ballet Flats £25

Alexander McQueen floral print scarf £327.12

Saint Laurent Cassandre leather clutch £680


Sometimes there's nothing more romantic than a moonlit walk on a calm evening, let your outfit add to the ambiance with this red crepe dress by Elie Saab. Retailing at £1,442 the asymmetrical silhouette is trending for A/W 13 and the striking colour will contrast against the pale moonlight. Team with a pair of ever stylish ballet flats such as these faux suede shoes featuring a rounded toe and low cut style, complimenting the romantic feel of the occasion and therefore the entire ensemble. There is simply nothing more divine than this roaring red YSL clutch, a steal at a mere £680, which could easily become a wardrobe staple.; much like this McQueen floral print scarf, an absolute necessity given the season.

Elie Saab Crepe One Shoulder Dress £1442

Article by Kirsti Reid


Model wears Marks & Spencer per una Speziale Dress ÂŁ119

Model wears Jaegar London Fine Knit Merino and Lace Dress-£199 Snake Print Clutch-£75


Shell Belle



Petite Lingerie Article by Michelle of Shell Belle Couture

As the 1920’s dawned the female figure was expected to be slender, lithe and remain discreet. Today with our excess consumption the slender, smaller chested woman is often forgotten and out of the fashion focus. A renewed focus on ‘the beautiful era,’ is influencing our current trends, fashion, shapes and styles. Owner and creator, internationally acclaimed designer, Michelle Blenkinsopp has redressed the balance by creating a luxury lifestyle brand drawing on her passion for vintage wear. Michelle’s lingerie line honours this trend with The Great Gatsby Slip lending itself perfectly to this feminine body shape. With its dropped waist and soft layered cups, its look is gentle, flattering and straight from the Golden Era. The gold leavers lace draws the eye whilst the dropped waist widens the hips with the gentle gathers on the cups enhancing the natural curves.


In the lingerie industry there is a move away from over-enhancement; cup shapes have become more natural over the last few seasons, shaped with only light padding and without excess gel or padded pushups. The V neck bra shapes are

a favourite amongst smaller cup sizes, whom by their very nature have the most delicate décolletage. The V-plunge is perfect for low-cut necklines, sitting perfectly under most neck-line shapes. Soft bras are becoming more desired, often with lighter lining and light boning. Our “Love Me Bra” has an elasticated under bust and side boning, giving light support and gentle lift with intricate vintage detail; a style completely lending itself to the smaller frame. With lingerie design becoming more innovative each season, driven by the creative desires of the industry, we are seeing more new shapes with new wearable looks to incorporate into our everyday styling. Lingerie wardrobing is key to the discerning lingerie lover, where the outfit is determined by what lies beneath. The Tulip shape is another smaller bust distraction with beautiful curved lines and layered appliqué lace, perfectly trimmed with a deep lace hem. These pretty styles are often worn–to-be-seen; revealing a glimpse of beautiful lace or a subtle ‘hint’ of divine silk camisole, perfectly acceptable from those fortunate enough to have a petite frame. With adjustable straps

and bow detail our Tease Slip shows-off and frames the bust area to perfection, with separate framed straps increasing the area, giving the illusion of a larger bust. Framed looks are on-trend and give a seductive, coquettish twist to the overall effect. To complete the lingerie wardrobing, we have a Shell Wrap Robe which is wonderfully versatile featuring adjustable ties with the ‘Ballet’ style perfectly flattering the slender frame. The overlapping, low V neckline sweeps down the body, exposing an elongated triangle of skin thus enhancing and widening the décolletage whilst drawing the eye down to the waist. Today’s woman knows the value of the lingerie wardrobe and the powerful effect that feminine and seductive underwear produces on the wearer when partnered with favoured pieces. The potent 1920’s styling aesthetic is carried through into lingerie, enhancing the layering effect of a wardrobe that not only makes its wearer feel amazingly feminine it complements women with more petite dimensions. Good things most certainly do come in small packages.




Winter In St Barths Article by Laura Farrington



‘creating swimwear not for a season but for a lifetime.’


Photographer - Paul Scala Model - Illona Novace

With winter waiting right around the corner, who isn’t dreaming of escaping to the likes of St Barths for a stylish, sun filled holiday? If not for Christmas then certainly for the new year. Those who don’t care for the barely-there Brazilian bikini can rest at ease, as we introduce you to a totally new breed of swimwear - the stunningly sensual, ever so feminine line from Elle-en-Jette. Envisioned by the breathtakingly beautiful Victoria Baker-Harber, originally famed for her part in the Bafta Award winning reality TV show, “Made In Chelsea,” Elle-en-Jette provides the perfect swimwear for the fashion conscious woman. The brand offers a selection of exquisite designs, many of which are a hybrid between conventional swimsuits and high fashion garments. Unlike many other luxury swimwear brands, each piece is made from high calibre, durable materials which are completely suitable to swim in.

After pursuing her studies at the London College of Fashion and then going on to Business School, Victoria set her sights on blending her skills with first hand, indepth knowledge of swimwear trends acquired whilst jet-setting to some of the world’s most stylish resorts. Baker-Haber’s main concern was creating a collection that was as practical and flattering as it was timeless enough to still be relevant in 5 years. Although many of the pieces are inspired by seasonal trends, Victoria believes that a good swimsuit is truly an investment piece that should be designed to outlive any fleeting trend, creating swimwear not for a season but for a lifetime. For her debut collection she was inspired by whimsical tales of Grecian goddesses, thus the monochrome palette and detachable Pearl or Swarovski crystal embellished belts featured on one piece swimsuits. Not only that but the bikinis boast a range of inter-changeable straps, allowing for great versatility


in the possible ways of mixing and matching these sumptuous separates. This season welcomes in the ‘Medusa’ snake print featured in a blend of cornflower blue and black. Baker-Haber has taken the historic symbol of the snake and infused it with her contemporary designs, which looks particularly striking on the collection’s two piece bikini, paired with the gypsy style Hestia kaftan in 100% silk chiffon, perfect for a day out at sea. The brand’s patterns and prints have been developed by a dance wear and costume specialist to ensure that the most universally attractive aspects of the female form are highlighted, whilst providing support and flattering the contours of the figure. The collection is complimented by a lounge wear line of printed chiffon pieces and matching accessories. When all is said and done, these are indulgent creations that are individually everlasting and will become a statement piece in any tasteful wardrobe. No longer should the injustice of looking like everybody else continue simply because many designers have lost the ability to cater to what women really desire. It’s a much needed blend of quality, sophistication and daring which has resulted in overtly chic beachwear which rivals that of long established designers. From cool, crisp body cosseting whites to dazzling jet black two pieces, Elle-en-Jette’s effortless elegance is rapidly altering the way in which we perceive swimwear.


Elle-en-Jette’s effortless elegance is rapidly altering the way in which we perceive swimwear.

Vicki Lord On


Regal Styles

Inspired by the visual interpretations of poetry, Marios Schwab presented his stylish collection Calliograms which like an Elizabethan dream was full of rich fabrics and opulent jewel tones. To create this look revisit the eighties and get your hands on a pair of crimpers. Place a centre parting in your hair. Firstly ensure you spray your hair with plenty of heat protecant, place a centre parting in your hair and then begin crimping all of your hair. Once crimped use a soft bristle brush and give the hair a good brush through, then gently back comb the hair at the root area. Now dress the hair back into a pony tail and secure with a hairband. Wrap the pony tail into a loose bun and secure with grips. Spray with a good hair spray to hold the hair in place,such as L’Oreal Elnett hairspray. The end result will be a hairstyle which looks confident and undone at the same time.

Valentino’s show, Magical Realism, was inspired by studying the paintings of Flemish masters. The collection was truly about fairytale dressing for the modern day and the models resembled regal princesses. The hairstyles here with the black satin Alice bands and hair swept into a long side plait are simplistic but incredibly feminine and romantic. This look is best suited to those with round face shapes and long thick hair. To create this resplendent look wear a centre parting and simply smooth the hair into a ponytail, either to the side behind one ear or at the nape of your neck with a hair band. Now braid the ponytail and then secure it at the end with another band. Smooth out the top and sides of your hair with a serum to get rid of any stray hairs and create a high shine. I recommend Kerastase Cristalliste Serum Lumiere. Be sure to use a great hairspray to set and to complete the look add a black satin Alice band or a leather band to really vamp it up.


Forbes & Lewis Heritage Reborn Article by Rebecca Martin

Wiltshire Messanger Leather and Canvas £124.99

Somerset Holdall - Leather and canvas £139.99 // Full leather £189.99


Ipad easels, Small £26.00 Large £30.00

Named after its founders Samuel Lewis Winridge and Katie Forbes, the new English brand are quickly gaining a powerful presence in the luxury leather goods market. Working with only 100% leather, the brand sources the finest quality hides from across the world, passionately embracing the tiny imperfections that contribute to the uniqueness of each piece. This exquisite attention to detail, coupled with superior craftsmanship, ultimately leads to a truly timeless and high-quality collection. Ardently acknowledging and embracing the strong heritage of such styles as the satchel and duffel bag, they offer fine traditional style to meet contemporary demands. Each buttery smooth item is proudly embossed with the trademark name - the care that goes into each piece is clear to see. A stand-out piece taken from the brands current collection is the ‘Arnold’ men’s canvas duffel bag, a stylish reinvention of an old classic. Taking its name from the Belgian town of Duffel, where the canvas used in original representations was produced, the duffel bag has remained a firm favourite in the accessory world ever since it’s military beginnings. Retaining the instantly recognisable large cylindrical shape and drawstring closure tradition-

al to the design,their ‘Arnold’ duffel bag combines traditional style with luxe detailing. The brand’s decision to offer the ‘Arnold’ in the heritage colours of black, tan, grey and khaki is telling of their determination to remain faithful to tradition. The thick utilitarian canvas of the bag is complemented with luxurious leather accents, the perfect combination of function and style, with the large F&L logo tastefully emblazoning the front of the bag. Alongside duffel bags and smaller leather accessories such as eternally classic wallets and tote bags, each crafted from the finest cow hide and lined with silk, the current Forbes & Lewis collection also offers its own stunning representation of the satchel bag that has experienced a huge revival in recent years. A quintessentially English classic, the satchel has seen its popularity rocket to such a point that it is now considered to be a staple piece in many a stylish wardrobe. From its origins during Roman times, known then as a ‘loculus’ and used to carry personal effects and rations, to its functional use as a child’s school bag, the satchel has always served a plethora of uses. For now though, its fashion roots are strongly placed, seeing it become the accessory of choice for the sar-

torially aware the world over. Inspired by the charming British countryside in which it was designed, their Dorset’ satchel is crafted from the softest hunter cow’s leather. A soft cotton lining and antique brass hardware complete the traditional style of the Dorset satchel, with a contrasting top handle and detachable leather luggage tags providing thoughtful detailing to complement the classic shape. Other satchels in the collection include the ‘Liesel’ satchel, a small simpler design in smooth tan leather, which is clearly destined to become a classic, and the black ‘L1’ which is a more compact design than others in the collections and cleverly transforms into a timeless clutch bag. Finally, collaboration between Forbes & Lewis and British singer/songwriter Jessie Lee Burn led to the creation of the stunning ‘Jessie Lee Burn’ satchel, a masterpiece of buttery hunter leather in a delicious light tan hue. As the Forbes & Lewis collection grows and develops, what remains is the brands determination to create modern pieces that at the same time embrace heritage designs and traditional craftsmanship. The result is a collection of pieces that will surely last a lifetime, remaining eternally current in the face of changeable fashions. 81


James Aubrey Heritage Champion Article by Laura Farrington

James Aubrey is a fresh face in British menswear industry, proudly boasting its Made in Britain credentials. Available exclusively in the UK and Ireland, the brand offers the highest quality along with very competitive prices; with many of their raw materials originating right here in the UK. From waxed coats to tweed jackets, local fab-

rics are at the core of this heritage brand. James Aubrey’s central ethos is to work closely with British suppliers, making affordable and desirable garments for men. Sourcing only the finest British fabrics, Aubrey’s AW13 collection draws inspiration from the glorious green, brown and amber tones that appear as we transition 83

into winter. The brand’s Oxford shirts, Lamb’s wool knits and cotton chinos make you feel right at home in the countryside. These designs are for the English gent who loves the outdoors and desires stylish garments with classic tailoring.

British knitwear is of course another winter must-have. The tradition of making wool in Britain and Ireland dates back as far as the Bronze Age, and Aubrey is evidently all about tradition! The James Aubrey pullovers and cardigans are typically crafted using a gorgeous aran knit, made for James Aubrey in the North West of England using British wool. They feature crew necks and shawl collar cardigans. The knit is a classic look that returns yearly as soon as the seasons change and in turn the weather. We urge you to support British design, in particular heritage wear and new, upcoming heritage brands native to the United Kingdom. James Aubrey is available exclusively at leading independent retailers, to find out more visit 84

Photographer – Liz Evans Model - Nick Roberts

Using the warm, natural hues of autumn, the collection brags the use of natural materials, offered up in a variety of tweeds and knits. This season’s collection witnesses the launch of the brands very first tweed coat. The Tweed Jacket is an iconic garment, one which they have dubbed as a winter essential. James Aubrey’s tweed is sourced from Abraham Moon, a company that holds an enviable status as one of the country’s leading woollen manufacturers. Their fabrics provide a balance between heritage and modernity that is completely unique. These stylish, highly tailored jackets are single-breasted, expertly tailored and undoubtedly a wardrobe staple.

Model wears Marks & Spencer Cashmere jumper £79, Autograph brushed trouser £35, Brogues £75, Collezione watch £49.50

LOVES Menswear Versace boxy coat £4168.94

Saint Laurent boxy peacoat £1502.24

D&G logo belt £220

Gucci patent oxford shoes £475.56 Paul Smith 'Jay' boot £195


Armani Collezioni button up blazer £524.45

Church's lace-up boot £297.78

Tom Ford rectangular frame sunglasses £271.11

Maison Martin Margiela Wool and Leather Knitted Sweater £290

Neil Barrett tailored trouser £293.34 87

Daniel Wellington The Modern Classic


Images courtesy of Daniel Wellington

Article by Laura Farrington The idea is simple, if you’re a fan of the preppy look, you simply wouldn’t be seen without a Daniel Wellington watch. The founder Filip Tysander, when on a journey across the seas, met a man that inspired him so much so, that in 2011 he created a line of gentlemen’s watches which embody the very spirit of Daniel Wellington – an unpretentious man who liked to wear his Rolex with an old, weathered, Nato nylon strap. The Daniel Wellington watches are a mark of refinement, timeless in style and oozing with luxury. You can almost imagine the adventurous gent out on a yacht, or playing tennis at his country club, creating the whimsical tales that inspired founder Filip Tysander. The Swedish brand has only recently become available in the UK, but is already a huge hit. The simplicity of the watch face offers embossed lines instead of traditional numbers and a Daniel Wellington logo in the centre at 12o’clock. The buyer is given the option of either a silver or rose gold trim with a white mother of pearl face. The watches are all

water resistant and minimalistic in design, but by no means will go unnoticed, with a 40mm dial that is just 6mm thick – adding a mod touch, despite the brand’s vintage roots. The infamous Nato nylon straps only adds a sense of individualism to these watches, whose origins can be traced back to the British navy, where they were used over wet suits to prevent rust. Due to their military background, the straps would originally be a khaki shade, but Wellington’s personality is translated through the use of classic colour combinations such as red, white and blue. Customers are even offered the selection between Nato straps that are interchangeable and available in a variety of colours and patterns. We personally love the fact that these watches are instantly customisable, to suit any mood or compliment any outfit. Sean Connery loves them and we’re convinced that you will too, not forgetting that these would make an idea gift for any husband or partner this Christmas. 89

Ball For BMW Article by Madeleine Spencer

Horology at its best is always a balance between style and function. This marriage of beauty and precision could not be better served than in the collaboration between two companies renowned for both: BALL Watches and BMW. The resultant watch collection is quite a feat, managing, in the words of Swiss BALL designer Magali Metrailler, to merge ‘BALL Watches and BMW’s DNAs.’ The three tenets at the core of both companies that were adhered to: lightness, outstanding performance and superior technology, without any superfluous gadgetry. For BALL, taking on a project reflecting the values and importance of precision in both design and timekeeping is nothing new - BALL Watches have been producing mechanical 90

timepieces since 1891. Following a railroad accident in Ohio that was attributed to the inaccuracy of a watch belonging to an engineer, the American railroad companies tasked one Webster Clay Ball with ensuring the reliability of employees’ watches. So renowned was the accuracy of Ball’s timepieces that the expression ‘to be on the ball’ was coined. From American roots grew a global company that prides itself on outstanding performance. The headquarters, now based in watchmaking mecca Switzerland, continues to design and produce timepieces of exceptional performance, which provided a perfect starting point for a sophisticated interpretation of BMW’s design features. ‘There are BALL Watch details that are in total harmony with BMW’, says Metrailler of

Images courtesy of Ball

the pieces, one being ‘good visibility by day and by night with contrasts in black, grey and silver’ with these harmonious elements also combined in ‘the colour and style of the indications inspired by both BMW dashboard instruments and BALL Watch dials.’ The watches are all the result of this sort of respect and blending of the background and stand-out features of both companies. A good example of this is the patented, and revolutionary, anti-shock concept entitled the Amortiser, which has been introduced into each piece. The micro-mechanical engineering within the watches absorbs lateral impacts and therefore protects the mechanical movement whenever it is worn on the wrist; a detail that is, according to Chief Technology Officer of BALL Philippe Antille, a way of paying homage to BMW, the company ‘synonymous with high technology.’ All the movements in the watches have also undergone chronometer certification and incorporate solo tempo hour and GMT functions.

The externals of the watches are just as impressive and well thought-out as their internals. The production of the dials and ‘270 degree display format found in the automobile world,’ is, explains Metrailler, all part of incorporating BMW into the BALL design. This is also echoed in the ‘central guilloche work reminiscent of the car radiator grilles, and the circular-grained satin finish recalling that of the brake discs.’ The aforementioned good visibility is achieved with innovative micro-tubes of H3 gas to ensure the dial is always legible which, at a hundred times more intense luminosity than conventional luminescent paint, is unlikely to present any visual difficulties. The anti-reflective sapphire crystal is also designed to optimize legibility. The three watches that are the result of this meticulously detailed collaboration are elegant, robust and extremely well conceived – exactly as one would expect from a collaboration of two illustrious brands. 91

Clogau Cufflinks Article by Laura Farrington

For a piece of jewellery as intricate and small as a cuff link, it is hard to believe that huge amounts of character and history can come through in its design and craft. However, Clogau manage to do exactly this with their range of cuff links for men and women, that add a little extra something to any ensemble. Clogau’s cuff links, as with all of their jewellery, each contain Welsh gold that instantly makes them a rare and special piece. A set of cuff links for any taste are readily available in a variety of designs, including a more modern monochrome oval pair, or lovely a classic Celtic inspired set. The cuff links ooze quality and class as they have been crafted with Clogau’s love and care. Every piece of history that is embodied in the Clogau brand is captured within these delicate designs. Each cuff link is 92

traditional, yet modern and on trend, becoming the perfect gift for a loved one or even for yourself. These little pieces of artwork will unquestionably stand the test of time and keep your shirt, blouse or dress shirt looking luxurious for years to come. For the male that is particularly hard to buy for this Christmas, the Welsh Rugby Union cuff links would make the perfect present. They are sleek and sophisticated, whilst the delicate work that has gone into crafting them can easily be seen whilst paying homage to a sport that is so very loved. Clogau’s cuff links are some of the finest available for the jewellery enthusiast who wants something unique and meaningful. The sophistication of each piece giving them the ability to become a notable part of any outfit, as opposed to a small addition.

Model wears Marks & Spencer Autograph slim jeans £45, Autograph shirt £39.50, M&S man belt £15



On Royalty Article by Moira Valenti Interview by Laura Farrington


Wales is notably the land of myths and dragons, rugby, song and of course the renowned International Eisteddfod. Our sister nation is rich in cultural heritage, a heritage residing as it does in the hillsides and across the valleys; richer still the rare royal gold hidden in its secret places. Wales is not only the source of some of the Kingdoms most breath-taking beauty spots, it’s home to Clogau, in the land of mountains, Snowdonia National Park, the home to “gold of royalty.” Clogau, literally, “steep cliff,” is an established source of rare Welsh gold to the British Royal Family; the pride of a family business which has been passed from father, Bill Roberts, to his son Ben. With its origins in the Clogau St. David’s mine, founded in 1989, its distinctive rose-coloured gold is the source of the company’s “originality, beauty and quality.” As befits this month’s regal inspired issue, we felt it timely to ask Clogau about its autumn and winter 13 collection and important up-coming projects.

was announced there was an unprecedented amount of interest from all over the world. There are so many wonderful Royal wedding traditions and the time-honoured one of using Welsh gold for the wedding rings is one of the most well known. We had grown steadily over the previous years, particularly in Travel Retail. 2011 was a landmark year for the brand in terms of growth and international recognition. Parts of the new collection are inspired by Royal Palaces, is this something which may remain dominant throughout Clogau’s future collections? We have a very good partnership with Historic Royal Palaces. They are an independent charity that look after some of Englands most well known Royal Palaces. We collaborate with them on collections inspired by Hampton Court Palace, the Crown Jewels and Royal London icons. The most successful collection has been Kensington, inspired by the filigree on the Palace gates. The palace is, of course, now home to the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge and Prince George. We add pieces into these collections almost every season and I imagine we’ll continue to do so as long as the demand is there.

The Royal Wedding in 2011 was a rather significant date for Clogau. How do you think this affected Clogau gold and its international growth? The build up to the Royal Wedding was incredible. Your regal connections have As soon as the engagement a long and noble history, our 96 97


readers would like to know about both current and forthcoming pieces exclusive to members of the British Royal Household? Readers will be particularly interested in Clogau commissions for the impending christening of Prince George.

gold that goes into every piece of Clogau jewellery, jewellery that is often a tangible reminder of the special moments that touch the heart of the wearer. The Clogau St Davids Mine is located in the heart of Snowdonia. The mine is now closed but the awe inspiring landscape is something we return to time and again to inspire our collections. Our Royal Oak collection takes it’s inspirations from the many oak trees around the country, particularly the Sessil Oak which is the national tree of Wales. Love Vine, one of our most popular collections is inspired by the vines that grow around the entrance to the Mine. Awelon, meaning ‘happy breeze’ reminds you of the many trees in Snowdonia national park.

We created an exclusive white gold & diamond version of our Royal Roses collection for Claire Jones when she played at the Royal Wedding. Claire was the Official Harpist to HRH Prince Charles. She is now a brand ambassador for Clogau and the face of our Heartstrings collection.. We didn’t have a specific commission for Prince Georges christening although we did launch some beautiful pieces to celebrate his arrival; Baby shoe charms in solid rose gold and silver & rose gold. Also a In 2012, Clogau won the Brand Stork & baby charm and a lim- of the Year award at the UK Jewited edition celebration ring. ellery Awards. What was it like receiving such wonderful There are also strong links to recognition? nature in the brand’s collections such as the delicate rose and We were absolutely delighted to acorn pieces. Is this something win this category. The awards are that the brand holds close to its judged by the great and the good core, or is it more of a nod to of the UK Jewellery industry the landscape of the jewellery’s who talked to dozens of retailhome country? ers about the demand, performance, support and evolution Our jewellery is inspired by the of the brands in their stores. To four elements that make up our be shortlisted and then chosen brand DNA; Wales, our Royal out of dozens of fantastic jewelconnection, Am Byth (Forev- lery brands was very special. An er in Welsh) and Touch rep- incredible amount of work has resenting the touch of Welsh gone into turning a niche, fami99

ly run , Welsh brand into one that is now recognised and sought after in many parts of the world.

many years. It’s always been a question of choosing the right time and location for the flagship store. We have opened a store in Beijing, have another one opening in China next month and have a presence in some Pure Gold stores in the Middle East. It means a lot to everyone in the business to have a Clogau store in Cardiff The brand seems to have its roots firmly planted in Welsh culture. How do you think this translates when selling jewellery internationally? The influence of Welsh and Celtic culture has spread throughout the world. Celtic knots and weaves found in many pieces of our jewellery, 100

We have many exciting developments in the pipeline. We’re forging new partnerships with retail partners all over the world in addition to expanding our own retail operation. We’re usually working 12 months ahead on our new collections for the core range. The exciting times (and pressure!) comes when we’re asked to collaborate with potential new partners to tailor our core designs to meet the demands of their consumer. It may be one of the worlds leading airlines or a 7 star hotel boutique in the Middle East. We’ll celebrate 25 years in 2015 so we ‘re planning to create renditions of some of our classic, best loved pieces.

Images courtesy of Clogau brand manager Sonia Menezes

are appreciated and recognised in many countries. The scarcity of Welsh gold and it’s royal connections is also valued by our international Clogau’s flagship store customers. They love the in Cardiff St. David’s is idea of owning what is efset to open this Novem- fectively a piece of history. ber. How significant was it for you to open a store in the country where Finally, what are your Clogau’s gold was origi- plans for the brand moving forward and what nally mined? should one expect in It’s something that we terms of design aesthetics have thought about over and overall inspiration?





La Bella Vita

Images courtesy of Ti Sento

For AW13 Ti Sento found their muse from the glorious Italian city of Florence, unsurprisingly placing a particular focus on romance. Beautifully entitled ‘La Bella Vita’, the designers have ensured that the authentic, urban city lifestyle of Florence is reflected throughout the diverse collection.

following in their ten years of existence.

Ti Sento Milano provides jewellery for the woman who understands the importance of a singly perfect diamond, or a carefully crafted Italian style bracelet. Each piece is a wonderful staple to have, adding sparkle to any outfit whether you’re off to a The brand’s founder Julian Rotstein says casual lunch, or a festive evening event. that ‘the city of Florence holds love and friendship at its core.’ The romantic ele- Ti Sento translates literally to ‘I feel you,’ ment of the collection is prominent, with a reflection of how the brand wish to unthe renaissance architecture of the city of derstand and to embrace their female cliFlorence beautifully influencing the in- entele. ‘La Bella Vita’ allows boldness and tricate designs. The decadent buildings femininity to co-exist, with the alluring and streets can be seen in the curvatures combination of clean sensual lines and and seals of Ti Sento Milano’s rings and strong, dark hues. Christmas is almost earrings, whilst the fairy-tale cathedrals here and I know what I’ll be wishing for. and bridges are elegantly evoked through Article by Laura Farrington the necklaces and bracelets. The collection is luxurious yet affordable, combining beads and stones in a variety of colours, featuring pyramid prisms of rich blue, black and plumb. The accents of rose and yellow gold against the sterling silver give a deep, expensive look to the pieces. Director Rotstein says that the company prides itself on making ‘affordable, accessible, fine jewellery which they credit for having gained such a loyal


Backes & Strauss

Latest Collaboration


Backes and Strauss, the diamond experts founded in 1789, have joined forces with the English National Ballet to produce a new range entitled Victoria. Inspired by the union of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert and with some help from the Backes and Strauss 19th Century archive, the watch range has a motif of intertwined hearts which has lent an elegant, timeless quality that has proven popular enough to spawn an extensive waiting list. It’s little wonder that the timepieces are so coveted given the elements that have gone into this particular collection. Backes and Strauss are renowned for their diamond expertise, pioneering spirit and focus on light and, as part of the Franck Muller group, have access to the mathematical precision necessary to produce noteworthy timepieces. Crafted in 18 carat white or rose gold and set with 212 white and natural fancy diamonds, the watch surround recalls bygone femininity - an effect that isn’t undermined by the watch face itself. The Mother of Pearl dial comes in three colours for the four different designs - yellow, white and rose - and is punctuated by four white diamond numerals. The quartet of watches designed are entitled: The Victoria Sunflower, The Victoria Rose, The Victoria Snowdrop and The Victoria Jonquil, so-called for the small scented daffodil in true yellow first recorded in the very same year Backes & Strauss was founded. Each watch reflects in its design the colours appropriate to its name. The designs also encompass comfort - the interior gold finish of the bracelet is the ultimate

in luxury finish when worn next to the skin. The resultant watches are, rather unsurprisingly, extraordinary - dazzling and delicate, they are the ideal watch to be donned at evening events and would compliment even the most diaphanous of dresses. Of course, the high standard of the watches is in keeping with the partnership - Prima Ballerina and the Artistic Director of the English National Ballet, Tamara Rojo, has said that she ‘can relate very easily to the Victoria collection which represents the grace, finesse and precision that is central to the world of ballet.’ Modelled by Rojo, the watches worn are an extension of the grace of the ballerina’s poses and precise and flowing movements she brings to her roles. Having broken all box office records at the London Coliseum and named the ‘Dance Revelation of the Year’ by The Times, Rojo is a natural choice of ambassador and her name is entirely synonymous with the mission of the Victoria watch series to achieve a collection which is both modern and timeless with a nod to the impressive histories of both companies involved in the collaboration. The British heritage of both brands is also complicit - the suggestion of long-standing background and quest for excellence is central to the ENB and Backes & Strauss. While the mastery evident in the pieces must be ample reward for all those involved, the frenzied excitement displayed by customers surely cannot do any harm. Get on the waiting list pronto. Article by Madeleine Spencer 107

Harrods Spa Review Journalist Sophie Milner Went To Urban Retreat To Test Out The Facilities & the latest development in waxing

Viewed as the pinnacle of luxury London Shopping, Harrods is ‘the’ globally respected department store with a reputation for exceptional quality which has spanned the decades; it is nothing less than a cathedral of commerce, standing palatially in one of the capital’s most prestigious postcodes. Offering only the finest quality in fashion, electronics, jewellery and food their excellent Urban Retreat Spa delivers an experience which is second to none. Nestled on the 5th floor this is the perfect place to rejuvenate and restore the most discriminating body and soul amidst the hurly burly run-up to Christmas shopping. 108

The spa experience is fully comprehensive, comprising facials, manicures, massages, MediSpa, make up and wedding packages to name but a few. After checking in for my bikini wax treatment I was shown to the waiting room. In deep, regal purple with sparkling chandeliers, I felt as though I had stepped into the world of the Genie’s Bottle. Waxing is synonymous with pain which is in itself synonymous with fear. The soothing colours and copious issues of fashion magazines set about the sumptuous surroundings instantly sent me into relaxation mode. The therapist, Gemma, greeted me as if I was an old friend. Any fear

felt was instantly replaced by a sense of ease. intimate waxing) could be reduced by as much as up to 15 minutes.” Urban Retreat told BritUrban Retreat use a new generation of waxing, ish MODE. Gemma was both professional Outback Gold, produced by Outback Organ- and personable throughout, we talked about ics. Bubbling away in the treatment room, the shopping, store sales and her commitment to wax looked more like beautiful molten gold. her work; she told me she’d worked there for The ingredients contain beeswax: acclaimed many years and enjoyed her work so much that for its natural antiseptic properties. As they say, she could not imagine working anywhere else. beauty is pain, yet this treatment was almost pain-free (let’s face it, no waxing treatment will To find an employee so open, honest and ever be entirely painless). With advanced pol- so in love with their job and company, afymer technology it works by shrink-wrapping ter so many years, simply proves and rethe hair as it dries, removing the smallest and flects the strength and worth of the commost stubborn hairs. Urban Retreat informed pany. Overlooking the city in a calming British MODE “We can now offer clients with fifth-floor sanctuary, it is clear at Urban as little as four days hair growth appointments Retreat Spa you are in sure and safe hands. that previously we would have had to decline”. Outback Gold peelable hot wax dries quickWaxing treatments start from £25 er than most. As the drying time is so quick, To find out more or to book an appointment the appointment time can be dramatically revisit duced. “Certain appointment times (primarily 109

Winter Skincare Selection Vita Bella anti-aging serum 30ml £49.00 This buttery serum is easily absorbed and so delightfully fragranced, leaving the skin feeling fresh and renewed. It is the perfect addition to any skincare routine, particularly if signs of aging are already visible - especially if you have more pronounced wrinkles. Applying a small amount to specific areas such as the forehead or around the eyes, delivers a highly concentrated amount of over 200 natural compounds! We found that not only does it soften the skin, over time it noticeably decreases the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

Intense hydration anti-aging cream £75.00 This miracle cream is an absolute must have item, whether you’re 23 or 53! The skin begins losing elastin around the mid 20s so it’s really never too early to begin combating signs of ageing. We’ve tried and tested a lot of products but nothing quite compares to this deliciously creamy, plumping moisturiser. Part of the Biomimetic Cell System, it’s completely free of parabens, PEGs, silicones, colourants and artificial fragrances - nor is it tested on animals - yet another added bonus! We recommend using this twice daily particularly in the under eye area, the forehead and either sides of the mouth. 110

This highly effective cream has been tried and tested by our team of experts, with visible results to: laughter lines around the mouth, crows feet, under eyes, and forehead. This is to date the most effective cream trialled by a more mature member of our beauty team and is now a firm favourite! It contains Ub-p stimulator to detoxify skin cells and SIRTUIN 1 activator to protect and noticeably repair skin cells. Black Chicken Remidies love your body oil £43

Fine lines & wrinkles anti-aging cream (normal - dry) £75.00

Black Chicken Remidies love your face serum £50

This luscious duo is absolutely fantastic for the skin. Used over a period of weeks and months, you’ll notice the epidermis feels nourished, hydrated and supple. Both products are completely organic which we of course love, parabens and harsh chemicals are definitely a thing of the past! The face serum is very lightweight and is enriched with avocado, coconut, hazelnut and rosehip, whilst the body oil contains: vitamin E, coconut oil, sandalwood, lavender, ylang ylang and a whole host of other super hydrating, protective ingredients. 111

The Secret To Wearing Gold ...We won’t tell if you don’t


Article by Caroline Topperman

Gold, whether yellow or rose, is like a warm drop of luxurious radiance. Gold can add that perfect touch of glamour for day or night. Think of it as a neutral shade which can be worn with any colour. When it is paired with warm, brown shades, it is perfect for a toned-down daytime look; whilst pairing gold with glossy black creates a sultry feel ideal for transitioning from day to night. Keep in mind that the brighter the base colour the more avant-garde the look. Whether it be your eyes or lips, or perhaps a touch of shimmer on the collar bone or even that sensuous little spot at the base of your throat, it is best to pick one area to highlight when using gold makeup. Additionally, take care that your use of gold is age appropriate. A lot of sparkle and shine creates a very young, somewhat immature look, whilst shimmer is refined yet effortlessly chic. A subtle touch with a light hand will highlight your best features and add a gorgeous glow to your face and body. If you are unsure about applying gold all over your eyelid, why not try an eye liner. A pencil liner with a hint of shimmer will add a sparkle of gold to your gaze. When you are feeling a little bit more daring or going out in an evening, a liquid gold liner

will give you a more intense dose of colour, often adding a 3D effect particularly if the formula is infused with specks of shimmer powder. For an even more exotic appearance, line your upper lids in black then trace them again with gold and the night will be yours for the taking. An all over golden lid is perhaps the most dramatic way to wear this trend and is

Try adding a touch of gold eye shadow to the center of your pout.

something we’ve seen on the catwalks this season - particularly over at Dior. It is a bold statement whether worn as a hint of shine paired with a smokey eye or as a high impact colour. Combined with an emerald green or a royal purple tone, a gold liner and several coats of mascara creates sparks when you enter a room. For a more subtle look, select universally complementary colours such as pinks or browns which contain a soft golden shimmer. There are many ways to add gold to your lips. A regal red, luscious plum or a royal bronze with golden hints will be more subtle whilst

a high shine lip-gloss will give you a burst of 24 carat luminosity. For a truly dramatic look, try adding a touch of gold eye shadow to the centre of your pout this creates a full looking lip. For that all over glow, reach for a golden powder to add warmth to your complexion. To create an even bolder evening look, choose a gold infused powder to highlight your cheekbones and T-zone. Whichever you choose, a dusting of gold will provide you with a truly glamorous glow. Perhaps you are not quite ready to add a golden shimmer to your face. How about treating yourself to a manicure? Reds, greens and even purples accented with golden flecks are a very elegant choice. A glittery gold is the optimal pick for those with a more adventurous nature. For the chicest way to show off your nails, remember to keep them short and oval shaped. With the holiday season just around the corner, reach for a body oil infused with 24 carat gold flakes. A hint of shimmer with gold sparkles sprinkled lightly on your shoulders or collarbone become instantly alluring by candlelight. Dab a touch of gold in the hollow at the base of your neck to create a perfect invitation for a stolen kiss!


Article by Caroline Topperman 114

Achieving a

Flawless Matte Complexion

We’ve all spent time admiring the flawless complexions of models and wondering just how they achieve it. You might be thinking that it’s impossible to achieve, however we beg to differ. The key is to start with a good skincare routine. Be sure to exfoliate lightly 3 times per week, apply an anti-aging moisturiser morning and night (including to the under eye area), and if you’d like to take it a step further, introduce an organic toner and conditioner into your cleansing routine. Remember to gently massage products into the skin to stimulate blood circulation and better prepare the canvass of your skin for makeup. Start by using a base product like Dior’s Skinflash Primer, which will give you a clean palette to work with. Now you are ready for your foundation. One trick the pros use is to rub a liquid foundation between their fingers to warm it up. Then, using a brush, apply the foundation focusing on areas where you may have redness or dark shadows. To keep your application looking natural and not like a mask, take care to blend the foundation into your jaw line and down slightly onto the neck.

When choosing a matte foundation, look for a formulation which feels light and silky on your skin, as opposed to thick or chalky – water based foundations are always your best bet! For the opaque look, we are loving Givenchy’s Eclat Matissime. When it comes to concealer, we reach for a small pointed brush since it gives a more precise application. After applying the concealer onto any problem areas, blend it by gently tapping with your middle finger and be sure to set with a powder to prevent it from wearing off during the day. To highlight and add a touch of drama to your features, contouring is key! Using a powder such as Kevyn Aucoin’s Sculpting Powder, blend it into the hollows of your cheekbones working your way from the hairline to the center of your face. A blush or tapered brush is the perfect tool for blending the powder along your jawline and temples. Dust a light amount of powder, like Chantecaille’s Future Skin in Alabaster, over the T-zone or general problem areas to set your foundation and if necessary top off with a quick spritz of setting spray – we swear by Urban Decay’s All Nighter. 115


Belinda Chorley

3 Glorious Gowns



This bias cut corset based dress features a laser cut pattern in the hem and sleeves and tiered skirt. Heavy satin backed double crepe falls from a fishtail to a puddle effect on the floor. When designing Rosaline I started with a very sexy sweetheart corset base that I had actually developed for a vampire film and to be worn by Katie Mc Grath who was to play Dracula. I extended this corset


over the bottom to produce a girdle effect which controls the stomach and supports the bust. So many of my garments have a corset inside but the on- looker is oblivious to the fact so I decided to make this corseted garment obvious; with the back lacing of a traditional corset a main back feature. The fabric(heavy double crepe satin) lends itself to a garment with a more soft vintage feel of a bias cut garment so I was excited to combine the hard lines of a corset with bias fluidity of a double crepe. The laser cut pattern was inspired by the work of Jo Van Schuppen who designed the green dress for Keira Knightly in the film Atonement. This dress had a bow effect on the front of the dress and the laser cutting was carried out by the same craftsman Joe Geoghegan. Clients can have their own personal design laser cut into the dress, from tattoo to family crest.


Photography by Dave Kai-Piper

Spangle wool rose separates

The starting point of this garment was the wool spangle fabric. Tailoring is a passion of mine and I wanted to introduce a feminine bridal design to my collection that was made of wool without being a suit! (This wool and lurex mix offers the softness drape and warmth of a quality wool.) Using materials from different genres can lead to endless ideas and opportunity. So, knowing I wanted to hold the bust line in place I started with a strapless base with stretch side panels for comfort. The drape around the front bust line is a classic way Vivienne Westwood enhances the silhouette; This drape I cut into and twisted the fabric to produce a rose effect which I anchored with a tie of bias self. I wanted a small drape around


the shoulders to frame the body without being too heavy which can dominate the shoulders and look dated. The skirt is made of seams following the curves of the body and the rose effect is, once again, obtained by slashing and twisting.


Orchid Dress

This fish tail ivory taffeta dress is draped with fine pleated organdie with detachable pleated organza bustle train and detail in the bust-line. Creating an empire line effect. This strapless gown has an easy access corset base with stretch side panels for comfort. This garment is simple and elegant from the front with the contrast of a truly dramatic bustle flowing into a pleated train. The silhouette of the Edwardian era and the need for a utilitarian dress inspired the contemporary and detachable bustled train. The bustle itself is a pure statement of elegance and beauty, which is not dissimilar to the tail feathers of a peacock.



Article By Rebecca Martin Amidst the vast serenity of the Sussex Downs, housed between the quaint village Church and a delightful shop selling locally grown produce, sits the Churchgate Porter boutique. Juxtaposition personified, this very traditional hamlet is the cosy home to one of the most innovative and modern bridal concepts. Behind the simple navy façade is a distinctly chic, industrial vibe. Smooth wooden floorboards, exposed beamed ceilings and rough red brickwork are the perfect contradiction against opulent velvet 126

couches. Pine coat hangers suspend from aging steelwork rails, each one holding an exquisite bridal creation as lovely as the last. A true indication of Churchgate Porter’s revolutionary approach comes on their chic, elegant yet thoroughly modern website. Whereas other boutiques or designers invite brides to find out ‘About Us’, Churchgate Porter want to know ‘About You’. Their incredible mission to encourage brides to choose a gown that is a true rep-

resentation of themselves for their big day, embracing their independence and creativity, is innovative and long overdue. In a world of ivory satin, strapless necklines and lace-up corseted waists, Churchgate Porter’s potent blend of high-fashion, industrial premises and just a tiny hint of romantic tradition, is irresistibly appealing. When Louise Hill began her Churchgate Porter journey, she sought a way of bringing global fashion to UK brides, an approach that had been so sorely overlooked for so many years before. Louise’s own love of fashion, combined with an overwhelming appreciation of an increasingly creative industry, led to the creation Churchgate Porter. The result is an irresistible combination of achingly beautiful gowns from re-

nowned international designers including Patrick Casey, Sarah Janks, Charlotte Casadejus and Anne Bowen, alongside a truly VIP ‘Porter style’ service. With a strict one bride at a time policy, and a remarkable 5 star service from that first exciting appointment through to the morning of the wedding, Churchgate Porter promise truly modern style with a traditional standard service so often overlooked in this day and age. Several awe-inspiring Patrick Casey gowns are amongst the stand-out pieces in the boutiques delectable selection, hardly surprising from a designer who has been voted Designer of the Year several times over and continues to astound with his every collection. To find out more about Churchgate Porter visit 127

These collections embody the concept of blending modern fashions with timeless quality. It is this revolutionary attitude, combined with charming ‘porter style’ service ethic, which makes their avant-garde approach so appealing to today’s free-spirited bride.


The Zelda gown, by Patrick Casey, is vintage romance and glamour personified; crafted from the finest ivory silk, with exquisite scalloped lace overlay cascading into a small lace train sprinkled with delicate Myuki beading, the tantalising low scoop back and scalloped neckline add a perfect hint of sensuality to the stunning traditional design.


Margot Sand-washed silk forms the basis for the structured 1950’s corset style bodice of the Margot dress, by Charlotte Casadejus, with the softest of tulles flecked with glimmers of gold or silver draping over one should, vintage diamante detail gracing the shoulder in a finishing touch. Margot embodies the essence of the Churchgate Porter ethic, combining such traditional elements of the bodice with a modern skirt of white leather and feathers, flowing together into a slight train. Pictured on the left


Sand-washed silk so too forms the basis of the Maude gown (also by Charlotte Casadejus) with echoes of the Margot in the same vintage 1950’s style corset and ivory tulle draped from the waist up over the shoulders. A bejewelled waist band focuses the eye into the waist, from which a sequin sprinkled A-line skirt of paper-thin tulle petals descends, finished with a train of petals trailing over the floor behind. Pictured on the right


The epitome of romantic elegance, Carla stuns with winter white hand embroidered silk georgette; its detailed sheer tulle back hinting softly at the skin beneath. An extended tulle train radiates outwards from the embroidered hem, into a halo of tiny feather-fine folds. Charlotte Casadejus is another whose incredible designs feature heavily along Churchgate Porter’s rails. Vintage inspired dresses made entirely in London, Charlotte Casadejus seamlessly blends vintage style corsetry with modern fabrics and detailing.



The breathtaking backless Laguna dress falls in luxurious folds of winter white silk Georgette, handmade organza and chiffon flowers trailing gently over the fabric with Swarovski crystals encrusting in their delicate centres. Flower covered shoulders frame the open back, leading the eye downwards as the silk cascades into a small train.


Patrick Casey Photography

Model wears a luxorious velvet embellished wrap dress; M&Co, ÂŁ49.00 133

y r i S a O S F g n i d d e W

Our voice of the wedding world reveals all the latest goings-on from the aisle of I do! 134

When you wish upon a star... As we head into the wedding planning season for Summer 2014, this month we catch up with George for a quick Q&A over a glass of bubbles to talk cakes, flowers and dresses!

coming through for 2014. Regal glamour not glitz is going to be super hot in 2014. Think petrol blue, teal, turquoise and Royal blue. These colour-ways are going to rock the aisle next year, but think subFirst up George, when planning a tle splashes not full-on blocks of colour. wedding, what is the first thing a couple should look at organising? What has been your favourite romantic wedding? It’s really vital to work out how much cash you have to splash on the big day itself and Even now, David and Victoria Beckham’s then set aside 10% for emergencies. Being big day stands out in my mind, primarily weighed down with overdue invoices and because they ripped up the rule book and a growing credit card bill will only cast a told the World that you should make the cloud over the whole experience and in- day your own and not be afraid to go all deed the day itself. The planning process out on a theme - whilst having some fun should really be an enjoyable build-up to with it too! The fairytale thrones were a the main event! wonderful touch for me! What do you think will be the hot trends What has been your most memorable ‘alfor 2014? ternative’ or ‘fun’ wedding? In terms of styling, the monochrome Saying ‘I do’ surrounded by lions, tigers look will continue to grow in populariand an elephant was pretty amazing! ty during 2014, but we will start to move away from the whole summer fete thing What advice would you offer to brides - which has been huge over the last few about putting their ‘look’ together? years, as couples opt for more of a contemporary rustic twist on the vintage theme. I think its super romantic to start at the point where the whole thing began! Traditional / Modern / Vintage or Shabby The engagement ring usually reChic? flects your own personal style and tastes – soak it up and get inspired. Hollywood classic glamour all the way… more Taylor than Monroe. What ideas have you previously used for Do you have a favourite time ‘something old something new something of the year to hold a wedding? borrowed something blue’? I love a winter warmer. For me, a candlelit space at this time of Something old – A famiyear is the ultimate in romance. ly heirloom in the bouquet What are the key colour trends Something new – The lingerie of course! 135

Something borrowed – A vintage clutch bag EXCLUSIVE SOS READER Something blue – Any opportuOFFER!!! nity to use a blue ostrich feather and I am there – even the garter! Plan the perfect big day celebration with this ultimate guide that covers everything Do you have any money saving tips for you will ever need to know – without newly engaged couples? having to break the bank! Discover over 125 original DIY wedding solutions, read Always think what can we do ourselves about the need-to-know essentials on or ask a friend or family member to help budgeting, and learn how to achieve your us with. Someone will know someone very own fairy-tale wedding day look. who does hair, bakes cakes or has a pas- Find out all the important questions you sion for photography. Spread the word need to ask key suppliers such as your cake that you are getting hitched post haste! maker and florist to guarantee the very best deals for your wedding, and soak up an incredible mix of more than 50 A-list Do you have any tips on how to avoid a ideas by some of the best in the wedding wedding day disaster? business. Add a wedding planning countdown of what to do – and when – into the What is that saying... stay calm and car- mix and you have all the ingredients for ry on! If there is a little hiccup along the planning an unforgettable celebration. way, just focus on the bigger picture and An absolute must-have resource for any what the day as a whole symbolises for bride or groom-to-be planning a wedyou, not the tiny details that might just ding! cause a moment of headache but can be resolved. It is very rare for a big day disaster to not be sorted somehow - esEXCLUSIVE READER OFFER!!! pecially when friends and family all pull together. And sometimes those mo- Normally £6.99 NOW ONLY £4.97 ments of stress can become the most incl p&p! memorable –for all the right reasons!

Happy planning! twf xx

To order simply call Combined Book Services to process quoting ‘ Big Day Breakdown’ Just call: 01892 837 171

For more on George visit: or connect on twitter/FB: weddingfairyuk


Loves Bridal Notte By Marchesa Embellished silkcrepe gown £925

Kenneth Jay Lane Rhodium-plated cubic zirconia earrings £165

D&G Dea fruit and floral-print brocade clutch £850


Rosantica's Osiris gold-dipped pearl necklace £535

Emilia Wickstead Paloma Swarovski faux pearl-embellished jacquard dress £2,780

Marchesa One-shoulder appliquéd silk-chiffon gown £6,485 Kenneth Jay Lane Rhodium-plated cubic zirconia brooch £195

Vivivenne Westwood 'Jackie' earring £85.52

Marchesa Embroidered duchesse-silk satin gown £8,365


Marchesa Embellished off-theshoulder tulle gown £8,545

Kenneth Jay Lane Rhodium-plated cubic zirconia earrings £190

Brian Atwood 'Selma' pump £524.45


Emilio Pucci crystal embellished cross pendant £640.01

Le Mill vilandi pearl earrings £5288.81

Notte By Marchesa Lace peplum gown £865

One Vintage Nia dress £1,270


Glitzy Secrets 142

Jenny Packham SS14 Article by Kimberleigh Spreadbury British luxury bridal designer Jenny Packham epitomises regal beauty and flawless design. From the very beginning of her celebrated career she has maintained a signature style and never once compromised on quality. Recently noted for her red carpet designs and indeed sending an exquisite gown with full Swarvoski crystal train down the catwalk, the designer demonstrates her right to remain firmly placed amongst the most elite of bridal designers. Her elite clientele include many of the iconic and influential women of our generation, from Catherine Zeta Jones and Kate Winslett to Angelina Jolie and Diane Kruger. Her designs are celebrated the world over, with flagship stores in London, Paris and New York, and concessions in Harrods, Harvey Nichols, Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman. No stranger to Royalty, Packhams name is cited for many of The Duchess of Cambridge’s most exquisite outfits and she has become a celebrated and sought after designer to the British monarchy. Grandeur and majestic style are in abundance, with her entire 2014 collection encapsulating clean lines, crisp edges and delicate bead work; all designed to accentuate the bride’s natural beauty, setting a trend for modern brides-to-be. Her keen eye for

detailing and modern revival of classic silhouettes has earned her a key part in the shaping and styling of modern bridal fashion, creating much excitement and anticipation surrounding the launch of her 2014 bridal collection. Packham uses delicate crystals to highlight and accentuate each gown, along with sumptuous silks and intricate laces, which ultimately translates into unique and breathtaking gowns worthy of royalty. An exclusive range of bridal accessories, from earrings, to pretty hair clips and regal veils, form the perfect complement for her dresses, introducing a hint of sparkle and aristocratic jewelling, without compromising her signature classic shapes and opulence. The icing on the cake comes through her exclusive lingerie collection, ensuring her brides feel every inch a Princess. Echoing the complex and luxurious lace and sensuous silks of her wedding dresses, the lingerie is the perfect complement to the discerning and fashion conscious bride. A brief insight into a handful of the incredible dresses from her 2014 Bridal collection hints at her brilliance and ability to epitomise regal grandeur of bygone years, and beautifully summarises her 25th Anniversary collection with inspirational and magnificent pieces.



The geometric neckline and bodice, teamed with a subtle sheen, present a thoroughly modern bride. Capped sleeves in a delicate soft lace expertly finish the dress with a majestic aura.



With a modern nod to 1920’s inspired flapper dresses, The Alexia boasts delicate beaded accents emulating classic boning and a slight drop waist line. Packham puts her own signature on the style with a translucent high neck line and beaded keyhole suggesting a decadent and grand era.



Here, neoclassical styling meets contemporary design harmoniously. The modern sweetheart bust is subtly topped with a lace boat neck line, with delicate embroidery accenting the collarbones and shoulders, elevating the modern strapless designs to a refined and majestic peak. From the beaded bust, a romantic skirt cascades in soft pleats reminiscent of Roman mythology.



Suggesting a relaxed, almost bohemian style of dress, quality and design is still at the forefront. The soft, cascading sleeves let light shine through to create an almost ethereal and angelic picture, and the intricately beaded, plunging neckline celebrates femininity and curves without a hint of risquĂŠ.



This dress invites a modern twist on a traditional, formal style. The structured, clean and crisp lines compliment the brides figure whilst still appealing to a refined and opulent setting. A clear step away from the traditional full-skirted Princess dress, Cynthia echoes contemporary modernism with a hint of sparkle in the keyhole neckline.



This dress compirses elements of drama whilst retaining its subtle elegance. From the bold ruching across the bust through to the heavily beaded neck line, Mary demands attention and admiration.


Diamonds Are


One of the worlds rarest and most ‘bespoke’ gemstones, the diamond, retains its premier status as ‘the must have’ focal point for engagement, wedding and rings which symbolise special landmarks in all our lives. Diamonds remain the focal point of truly symbolic rings, primarily because the way they reflect and refract light is second to none. The world’s purest, most flawless diamonds possess a sparkle simply beyond compare.

through every colour of the spectrum, from the finest vivid fancy pinks, greens and blues to the finest truly colourless to the deepest midnight blacks, there is a colour, size shape and type for every person. Transported virtually in secret to secure offices and ancient bourses across the world, diamonds are then usually graded by hand and eye. Our team consulted Vashi Dominguez (TV diamond expert and founder of Vashi. com), to garner on behalf of our readers how they can identify the qualities which give rise to the very best diamond for that very special occasion. Vashi stated that for every parcel he inspected, using the highest grading criteria and the most stringent of evaluations, he selects only one diamond from every ten, with the other nine disregarded for return, to be sold elsewhere.

Though formed from the same simple carbon as a humble piece of coal, diamonds are amongst the most prized, traded and purchased luxury items in the world. From their discovery in 4th Century B.C. India, these 900 million year old stones have oiled the machinations of humanity and industry across the globe throughout history. Wars have been fought, hands won in marriage and myths and legends have grown around these dazzling and almost indestructible jewels. Vashi noted that being highly selective has always served him well; dealing only with Found in vastly varying degrees of rarity the very best mines and diamond cutters 152

gave him access to only the best stones, “... in becoming notorious for high standards, I am very grateful in being able to have forged relationships amongst the elite of British society as a jeweller of exemplary standards and utmost discretion.” We are now able to share with our readers how they can select that very special stone with greater confidence. Gemmologists, traders and jewellers grade gemstones using ‘the 4Cs’, the building blocks in defining the value of a diamond: colour, clarity, cut and carat. Carat, from the ancient unit of weight derived from the carob seed has been used since the 15th century as a measurement of diamond weight equal to 0.2 grams. It is a common misconception that carat relates directly to the size of a diamond. A perfectly cut diamond of ideal proportions can be ‘smaller’ in dimensions, but more valuable, than a poorly cut diamond exhibiting an expansive table (top of the stone). Cut is probably the most important factor in the visible grading of diamonds. A stone with an excellent, super ideal cut will sparkle like no other regardless of size and colour. A poorly cut stone will leak light from the pavilion (lower portion) and will appear comparatively dull no matter the size. Colour in diamonds is largely a matter of preference with strong, vibrant colours highly valued and subject to fashion or market sway. In ‘white’ diamonds, the absence of colour is the prized benchmark. Graded alphabetically from D to Z, white diamonds descend in grade and price from colourless to the strong exhibition of yellow or brown discolouration. Imperfect colour has some relative fixes in terms of jewellery; colouration can be less noticeable when set in contrasting yellow gold or set amongst side stones of

a lower grade, boosting the appearance of the main diamond. Setting diamonds alongside gemstones can also work to the same effect. Choosing a lower grade of colour with a superior cut can also make a diamond appear more colourless. Clarity or ‘clearness’ of diamonds relates to the absence of imperfections. Formed deep in the Earth since the beginning of time, diamonds are naturally occurring, no two are the same, and so, naturally, there is the same element of variance in clarity as any other grading criterion. A diamond may contain imperfections, flaws in structure or blemishes which affect its appearance. In good quality diamonds under one carat, these flaws will almost certainly be invisible to the naked eye but may affect the overall fire and brilliance - or sparkle - of the stone. In large diamonds the presence of inclusions could be a difference of hundreds of thousands of dollars in value, even if visible only under a microscope. Truly flawless diamonds command the highest prices –the diamonds show no imperfections, blemishes or flaws, even under the closest inspection; they are extremely rare and accordingly fetch the highest prices. The world’s largest flawless diamond recently fetched $30.6 million at auction in Hong Kong. 153

Fetcham Park House Article by Moira Valenti

With the perfect wedding day in mind, we are always on the look out for something extra special for our brides and grooms to be; this Queen Anne, Grade II listed building may just be exactly what you are looking for. Fetcham in Surrey is replete with historic charm, from the delightful Louis Laguerre period murals illuminating the Great Hall, to superb views of the fountain from the beautifully lit, cream and gold Shell Room, through to the book-lined Salon with its glorious chandelier, delightful architectural details and gold leaf decked walls. This is nothing less than an intrinsically stylish venue awash 154

with heritage and sumptuous grandeur. Established in 1705, the House has been privately owned and run for the past fifteen years, its owners proudly boasting that they offer clients the ‘Fetcham Park difference,’’ a bespoke person-centred package from inception to celebration. Clients are met by Laura Caudrey whom they consult with about their ideas and plans from the outset. Laura works in partnership over the months of planning, personally looking forward to everything coming together on the big day, priding herself on being present as it does. She is guided by the principle of working with suppliers whom she knows, loves and

trusts; quite a commitment to quality. The small things are captured as treasures for the years to come; attention to detail means that mementos and keep-sakes are brought into the theatre of the wedding ‘event’ to add to its drama, ensuring its lasting impact as ‘the’ special event in your lives.

just beyond the gates. Fetcham is partnered with Kalm Kitchen and At Home Catering providing exceptional food and drinks, exemplary menus and an exquisite service, as befits this distinguished and highly personalised wedding experience.

Fetcham offers couples a most delightWhether you choose to make a grand en- ful and memorable package, nestled trance down the staircase into the Great in a beautiful setting with the promHall, where you can dance the night away ise of an experience second to none. if you choose to hold your reception here too, or enjoy the more intimate setting of For availability, to arrange a viewing, or for the Shell room with views of the fountains, information on a pricing package to suit or even the magic of The Salon, this stately your individual needs contact Fetcham Park: house has a setting and style suited to your every need. This rather exceptional venue Tel: 01329 227 447 is licensed for civil ceremonies of up to 100 Email: people with the option of having a blessVisit: ing at the idyllic St. Mary’s church tucked 155





Et Voila Weddings!


Photographer Caroline Rome

Et Voila Weddings is a London based and helps you every singly step of the wedding planning agency specialising in way, from venue sourcing to entertainthe coordination of weddings in France. ment and wedding favors! The team only plans a limited number of weddings The agency was created 3 years ago by each year to ensure the best attention Anne-Laure, a French expatriate with to detail is given to each event they coa wealth of experience in event man- ordinate. Of course your wedding planagement across Europe. Anne-Laure ner is there on the day of the wedding and her team offer a unique wedding to make sure everything runs smoothly. planning service, allowing you to easiTo enquire visit: ly plan your wedding in France with a wedding planner near you in London Anne-Laure Renaud – 020 7243 3250 who you can meet as often as is needed. Facebook : Et Voilà – French wedding planner London Et Voila Weddings creates bespoke events

Gemma Milly Looking for fancy French stationery? Then look no further! This month we’ve been totally in love with the work of Gemma Milly Stationery - located in Surbiton, on the outskirts of London.

mail, so receiving something so utterly gorgeous in the post is simply magnifique!

We particularly adore the bespoke stationery which can be created by you yourself, making the experience all the most personThe design studio specialises in creating al, and therefore all the more memorable! beautiful and unique stationery that will really set any wedding or event apart. To find out more visit : Each element of their stationery is so obviously, lovingly hand-crafted, from the delicate illustrations to beautiful calligor tel raphy. Nothing can replace old fashioned +44 (0)7730 257 183


The Cake The Cake is a cake design company that opened its’ doors in 2010. Helen Shlosberg, the founder is an 
English woman, originally from Manchester. Inspired by her mother, owner of “Cottage Catering”, Helen has been surrounded by sugary
 sensations from an early age. Her passion for art and chocolate naturally led her to cake designing, where she succeeds in 
combining her artistic talent and enthusiasm for delicious, beautiful cakes!

Helen told us, ‘’I specialise in uniquely beautiful cakes.

I take the time to listen to my customers so that I understand exactly what they are dreaming of on their special day!

I love to put my ideas onto paper with little sketches so that my clients can see exactly what I am thinking!

 My speciality is modelling sugar brides and grooms in an elegant, original way! Everything is done by hand and I try to make my cakes as elegant as possible!

Each cake that I make is special to me and I have been told many times the passion that I have for my art shows in every 160

cake that I do!

‘’ The whole team would agree that selecting a Wedding Cake from Helen lifts such a weight off the brides shoulders, as everything is per-

- SW France

sonally taken care of right from the beginning to the end! 
 Helen will be attending the French Wedding Show London on Saturday November 9th. To book tickets visit 161

Marta Wydler We can think of nothing more delightful than having Marta do a live event painting for your wedding! Simply taking videos or photographs of the event is not nearly enough, which is why we adore this undeniably talented French artist. The French, are renowned for their sophisticated soirees, certainly understand how to have an elaborate, luxurious, and truly memorable wedding day. The artist, Märta, travels to venues throughout France and sets up her easel well before the bridal party arrives. Throughout the whole evening, she will capture the most important day of your life through various artworks which are sure to bring everlast162

ing joy. Attention to detail is so ‘true’ that clients are easily able to recognise guests, as well as the décor of the venue and even the fine details of your very own wedding cake, along with all of the other important elements that make the day so very special. Paintings are always finished either the same or the very next day, and to be frank, that is quite impressive indeed! Contact Et Voilà Weddings to find out more via : Anne-Laure Renaud – 075 2361 4450

Toni Lazzaro Makeup When selecting a photographer brides often take their time so that they can feel assured that it’s the right person. It mustn’t be forgotten however, that a makeup artist can make or break your wedding photos, depending on what products they use, how your skin reacts to said products and whether or not they understand your specific wants and needs. Toni, owner of Lazzaro Makeup Artistry, is an American makeup artist based in Paris, France. Not only does she specialise in bridal makeup but also fashion, beauty and high-definition makeup as well. Flawless natural skin is her trademark, which is exactly why she is our makeup artist of the month. For a decade Toni has been building

her career one fabulous face at a time with her enthusiasm to promote a more beautiful world through the medium of makeup. Toni is totally committed to delivering her client’s vision made easy for her because of her natural ability to accentuate the beauty in everyone. You will have seen her work in national advertising campaigns, editorials, videos, print ads, TV commercials, and television pilots . Be sure to book your makeup artist early ladies, professionals schedule their appointments months in advance. 163

Jazz Around Midnight ‘Jazz Around Midnight performs the universally loved standards of jazz with elegance, melodicism, swing and sincerity. Appearing at many major events in France, and sometimes abroad, the group Jazz Around Midnight is one of the most requested musical acts by events organisers.’ Who doesn’t love a little bit of jazz music? So why not consider a jazz band for your wedding reception. So many people think inside the box, selecting a DJ or a string quartet - we say, why not have it all! One of the wonderful aspects of weddings 164

is that you, the bride, have the freedom to create such a marvellous memory, and to transition between spaces during the night. We adore the idea of beginning the reception in a delicately lit marquee for instance, having hors d’oeuvres whilst listening to Mozart, before venturing inside for the main course and some smooth, sensual jazz. A wedding literally is one night only, so be bold and infuse your day with a variety of magical elements which will truly take your breath away.

Ariane Douguet The poignant and luminous singer, Ariane Douguet, is a highly sought after French soprano soloist. She interpretes a vast array of repertoire from opera to chamber music, oratorio to recital, ranging from the baroque to the contemporaty. Since the beginning of her career Ariane has performed at prestigious special events. Although classically trained, Ariane has the ability to ‘colour’ her voice to suit the mood and style of the song being sung. For weddings, Ariane offers a Music Planner Service where she helps you create the perfect atmosphere for your ceremony, whether at Church or outdoors. She can also sing at other moments of

the day and give a recital purely for your guests! We love the idea of a soprano soloist, particularly if you’re planning a rather large and extravagant wedding. To find out more visit: fr/ariane-douguet-soprano tel : (+33)0612695897 email:


Carré Vert

For more than 10 years the team at Carré Vert has guided brides and grooms-to-be in the floral aspect of their wedding planning process. From the very first meeting right up to the big day, they share their experience to bring your wedding the glamour and romance it deserves. Our 166

wedding planner friends over at Et Voila Weddings have worked with Carre Vert on Parisian weddings and describe owner Murielle as, “...doing her utmost to please even the most demanding brides, she will not rest until you are totally happy with the samples she creates before the event so that you are 100% confident that all will be perfect on your wedding day!” To find out more contact: Carre Vert – Murielle – Tel +33 (0)

Ivan Franchet photography

Specialising in the creation of floral arrangements for weddings and events, the florists at Carré Vert pride themselves on their harmoniously beautiful creations. With weddings now playing upon each of the senses, they belive it’s important to expose their clients and their own guests to new fragrances, rare essences and above all, astonishing designs.

John Armstrong-Miller photography

Jenny Moss Jenny Moss is a British floral designer, currently based in the South Western part of France. She offers many services including bespoke floral design for special events, in which she expertly tailors every arrangements to meet your specific wishes. Beginning with a friendly initial chat, inspiration images are exchanged to ensure that the bride’s vision will be met, before suggestions are made and a separate batch of pictures are sent back to the bride including Jenny’s interpretation of the initial ideas. Floristry truly is an art and those who choose to undertake such a profession enjoy playing with flowers, using con-

tainers, fabrics and so forth, to achieve a design which compliments not only the overall colour palette and decor of the venue, but also other important details. Surprisingly to some, Jenny Moss does not have a website, she is known solely by word of mouth and will be attending The French Wedding Show in London on November 9th! To enquire about The French Wedding Show London visit: 167

Studio 80

Studio 80 was founded by childhood friends Guillaume and Laurent, who have known each other for over 20 years. Laurent, having lived for several years in the USA, discovered his passion for cinematography which led him to Los Angeles City College where he learnt how to produce films. After 6 years overseas, he decided to return to France and put his new found knowledge to the test. Guillaume on the other hand, studied art at university in Paris and began creating documentaries in 2002, in order to share what he discovered during his global travels. Both videographers are inspired by raw truth, reality if you will, and discovering beauty within the fine details of everyday life. In 2010 their paths crossed once again in Paris and inevitably STUDIO 8O was born - a film company specialising in wedding films. 168

The aim of a movie is to depict a story and to therefore evoke the emotions of the viewer. When filming a wedding, they perceive it to be very much the same; a great story between two people in love, with a beginning, middle and end. At any wedding one can always expect to see elegant people, beautiful locations, delectable food and therefore experience a plethora of emotions. Each one of the movies they create lasts 20 minutes on average, with a teaser of 3 minutes. They are shot and edited like a movie as the company believe that this is the only way to capture the emotions and the essence of your special day. To find out more visit: tel +33 (0)6 67 73 73 07Â

Nov 9th 2013 The French Wedding Show London is a unique event designed to help brides and grooms-to-be make their dream dest nation wedding in France come true. The event has been designed with the couples in mind. There are a selection of talented and experienced French vendors, whose services and products match the specific needs of destination couples. On the day, couples will be able to meet with vendors, with planners and brides who tied the knot in France to ask all their questions and get an insight into what it’s like to get married in France! There’s also a Venues Bar where couples can flick through a selection of some of the most exclusive wedding venues in France!

20th Century Theatre, Westbourne Grove, Notting Hill From 11am to 7pm Search ‘The French Wedding Show on to book your place


Ritch Erani NYFC 'Adorned' pump £622.5

Oscar de la Renta Gold-plated crystal necklace £675

Shaun Leane 'Serpent' bracelet £1057.79

Brian Atwood 'Selma' pump £551.12 Rosamosario Fiori In Un Letto Di Bambole silk-satin chemise £445 170

Fendi 2Jours medium textured-leather shopper £1,390

Shaun Leane 'Signature Tusk' bangle £248.89

Aurelie Bidermann gingko bracelet £284.45

Alexandre McQueen charm bracelet £370.67

Casadei pointed toe pump £431.12


Model wears F&F Womens Jacket £35 Blouse £14 and Trousers £20

Model wears F&F Womens Jacket £40, Body £12 Trousers £20

Aboard The







The Royal Scotsman Article by Kimberleigh Spreadbury

After decades spent as an icon of opulence and profligacy, The Royal Scotsman is extending its luxurious surroundings to couples, to become a romantic and indulgent wedding venue. Relaxation, extravagance and sumptuous grandeur are in abundance aboard this piece of moving art and history, and the opportunity to experience the magic of The Royal Scotsman with those dearest to you is one that is priceless. Each wedding package is bespokely tailored to create a uniquely personal experience for up to 34 guests, providing a special and intimate wedding, with memories to cherish forever. From enchanting excursions through Edinburgh, to a 178

lavish hosting service and gifts, the Royal Scotsman wedding package elevates a traditional wedding to new, magical heights. Reminiscent of a regal voyage and exploration through the Golden Age of travel, the extravagant locomotive creates a warm and inviting ambiance through the use of rich textures and detailing in each of the trains. The grand accommodation is made up of 14 twin, 2 double and four single state cabins, where guests can enjoy individual heating, a dressing table and private bathroom facilities. Stately grandeur is captured through even the smallest details, with charm and excellence complimenting the occasion and celebrating

the very best of Victorian steam and steel. gus beef to locally sourced wild salmon, the mouth-watering menu, served in a choice Whilst this remarkable train provides a of two dining carts, reveals the unrestrained stunning backdrop for your ideal wedding, and indulgent nostalgia of a regal lifestyle. the ever changing and awe inspiring scenery of the Scottish Highlands adds a rare, Immersed in true Scottish heritage, the ethereal dimension. The observation car- Scotsman offers a kilt service to ensure all riage provides a superlative vantage point enjoy the magical spirit of Scotland and to admire and be swept away by the dra- partake in the history and majesty of the matic views, edged with tranquil lochs and environment, in association with Kinloch soaring hills. To add to the ambiance, a Anderson. Here guests can hire traditional live orchestra weaves an evocative sound- garments from the kilt makers to HRH The scape to anchor your memories for years Queen and truly dress to impress. As this to come, as the mysterious and rhythmic charming train pulls into each station to rest train ribbons its way through the landscape. overnight, guests are treated to a blissfully peaceful night’s sleep or the unique opporDining on the move not only feeds the gusta- tunity to dance under starlight surroundtory, visual and auditory senses, it offers those ed by the incomparable wilds of Scotland. soaking up the experience all the delights of fine Scottish cuisine. From Aberdeen AnVisit for more. 179

“Elegance and extravagance are united with white gloved stewards pouring champagne, before leading you to the exquisite dining cabin for a gastronomical adventure worthy of royalty.�



Journey to Venice Article by Kimberleigh Spreadbury

More and more newly weds are seeking alternative honeymoons to celebrate their future lives together in style. Taking a classic approach to indulgence with modern influences, the an all-inclusive, signature honeymoon package on the Venice-Simplon-Orient-Express elevates all ideas of extravagance and style, above and beyond what we have seen before with regard to journeying holidays.

the rich and famous, the Orient Express has been the subject of many a dramatic novel or silver screen thriller, and has played its part as the decadent setting for countless regal parties and excursions. Upon boarding the luxury train, a symbol of traditional design and imagination, couples are transported back in time, to an era where opulence was paramount. Reminiscent of Old Hollywood glamour, and royalty, the Orient Express journey from London to Venice evokes strong imagery of romance, intimacy, adventure and classical luxury.Â

Following the extensive and painstaking restoration of its vintage carriages, the Venice Simplon Orient Express personifies the glamour and wonder of the twenties; the golden age of travel. Traditionally the transportation method of Venice is idealised as one of the most ro182

Photography by Matt Hind

mantic and beautiful destinations in the world, and based upon the ideology that the journey itself can create lasting and significant memories, the creative minds behind the Orient Express present a journey steeped in magical mystery, a rich past and luxury beyond expectation. Your honeymoon begins in an executive room at the iconic Ritz Hotel, London, elevating the mundane process of a traditional, compartmentalised honeymoon. From your exquisite hotel, embrace the wonders of The West End and all that London has to offer right there on your doorstep, yearning to be explored and marking the beginning of your journey both as a couple and as explorers. Linking London to one of the world’s most beguiling cities, the Venice Simplon Orient Express welcomes passengers aboard the long distance train, stepping back to

the 1920’s, with the era translated through beautiful, original Art Deco personal carriages. Elegance and extravagance are united with white gloved stewards pouring champagne, before leading you to the exquisite dining cabin for a gastronomical adventure worthy of royalty. The unique and ever changing landscape creates an amphitheatre of flora, complimenting the rich and warm ambience of the train. As the elite passenger train majestically pulls into the station, you are whisked away on your own private boat transfer, placing you both firmly in the heart of Venetian culture. Drifting through the magical and ancient waterway labyrinth of the city, you will head towards the stunning Hotel Cipriani, your prestigious boutique home for the next three nights. To enquire visit 183

Accom 184


modation 185

After three nights of luxury and regal indulgence, involving a half day sightseeing tour, your romantic journey concludes with a flight home via a British Airways Club Class Flight. Along with the stunningly chic Hotel Cipriani that plays such a key role in the luxury of the Venetian journey, The Orient Express has many other destinations in its exclusive catalogue. Two of these, The Hotel du Palais in Biarritz and the Hotel Ritz in Madrid, are especially notable for those seeking a little royal, European luxury during their honeymoon.

Located on the exclusive island of Giudecca, the hotel encompasses 95 chic rooms, including 16 suites and rooms in the Palazzo Vendramin. Guests also have the opportunity of exclusive use of the hotel’s gymnasium, boutique shopping arcade and lush nearby golf courses. Nestled in an envious position between 186

Photography by Genivs Loci

Set amongst the stunning Basilica’s mosaics, the Hotel Cipriani celebrates the essence of the famous floating city; the water. Adjacent to a Venetian lagoon, highlighted by the neighbouring romance of the 15th-century Palazzo Vendramin, couples can take a dip in the hotels Olympic pool or gaze unhurried at the boats from the private jetty.

two idyllic beaches, with the magnificent Pyrenees in the distance, the Hotel du Palais epitomises regal glamour, luxurious French styling and sophistication, as the former private residence of Emperor Napoleon III and Empress Eugénie. With 30 romantic and extravagant suites and 123 bedrooms, guests are treated to a secluded, relaxing setting with outdoor activities and excursions befitting of the European monarchy and of course high society.

nowned Goya restaurant set amongst sculptured terraced gardens for romantic alfresco dining and parties beneath the stars. With a wellness centre on site this hotel does not merely exist as a place to rest your heads after blissful days spent sightseeing, but also as a haven to celebrate and enjoy your honeymoon in the playground of Kings.

All hotels mentioned are associated with the Orient Express - to enquire about a specifThe Hotel Ritz forms part of the Golden ic location or to find out more about other Triangle in the heart of Madrid, a city with a packages visit dazzling culture and extravagant notoriety. At a glance, the flawless hotel features a re187

Jeremy Pascal’s

Latest Cocktail Recipe 188

The Royal Bees Knees Ingredients: 50ml Beefeater Gin infused with Jasmine 25ml Home-made Quince puree 1 BS wildflower honey 1 BS bee pollen 25ml Fresh lemon juice

Method: 1. Mix the ingredients together making sure to be accurate when measuring 2. Top up with house made jasmine soda water 3. Decorate your cocktails with a caramel basket, honey spoon & edible flowers

Pascal is currently bar manager of The Perkin Reveller 020 3166 6949 189

5 minutes with Michael Wignall Renowned chef Michael Wignall, who runs the Latymer in Pennyhill Park Hotel, on kitchen disasters and seasonal delights.

As a classically trained chef, when you’re What do you consider when you are conplanning a more modern menu or recipe, structing your menu? are there any rules by which you adhere? Season, taste, textures, sourcing and origiAbsolutely no rules, that’s how nality. It’s important when conceiving a new you move forward so adhering to dish that each component used complements them just restricts what you do. each other, never masks or overpowers and 190

stays true to each flavour. I’m forever peas, girolles, diver caught plaice and evolving dishes something I like to involve grouse for the first two weeks of the season. all of my team in; I’m constantly picking Each one marks the start of a new season

everyone’s brains for their ideas as this is and don’t need much to make an amazsuch an important part of development. ing dish. Girolles with fresh garden peas and a light velouté made from the pods of To date, what are the highlights of your career? the peas typifies the freshest of flavours. My very first Michelin star and having the What one recipe do you feel is utterly roDuke and Duchess of Devonshire person- mantic, perfect for anniversaries or valally congratulate me. I confirmed to me entines and ‘simple’ enough for our readers that this was my path and the right one. to create themselves? I imagine it’s difficult to select a favourite ingredient but perhaps you have some favourite seasonal ingredients and if so what marvellous recipes do you enjoy cooking with them?

Rhubarb lightly poached in Sauternes, vanilla panna cotta and ginger biscuit crumb. It’s so easy to create and brings your carefree childhood back to you when nothing really mattered other than a great time, ok, apart from the booze Morels, Yorkshire forced rhubarb, hare, bit which can be replaced by ginger ale! 191

Leaving the oven on too high or for too long can result in a disaster. So if we’re cooking a meal for friends and something goes wrong, what can we make in 30 minutes that looks wonderful and doesn’t compromise on taste? An amazing seasonal salad with soft boiled Burford Brown eggs and warm new potatoes in a soft herb button. Serve with a first class olive oil, fresh mill pepper and organic sea salt.

1. Sea salt flakes (throw out the table salt!) 2. Plenty of seasonal vegetables 3. Good olive oil 4. Unsalted British farmhouse butter, not margarine 5. Decent pans and knives

The Latymer is renowned for its quality and consistency in delivering impeccable dishes to satisfy any palate. What has your experience been like working there thus far and how do you feel it has influenced 5 things we should all have in our kitchen your own creativity? are…? Working within a hotel has its ups and 192

down but they allow me to almost run independently as a restaurant. We have seen it grow from a complete unknown to a five Rosette two Michelin star restaurant, one of the only restaurants within a hotel with these accolades – all of which has been done within five years, a very short space of time. I’m very proud, it is a great achievement. Finally what are your future plans, where do you see yourself and your career a year or two from now? To keep pushing forward and being successful not only as person but as a business and one

never knows what’s around the corner so enjoy my time. I am also consulting with Gary Neville and Ryan Giggs for the football cafe and expanding my experiences cooking abroad.

To find out more about the Latymer or to make a reservation visit: or tel: + 44 (0) 1276 486 150 193

6 Celebrity Cleanses By Caroline Topperman

Detox cleanse diets are frequently in the news and we often see celebrities promoting them prior a major film role or before walking the red carpet. Whilst all these diets share common characteristics, they are many variants making it easy to find one that fits your needs. Your own motivation to start a cleanse may not be as glamorous as a red-carpet premiere, however recharging your body, ridding yourself of toxins or getting your daily caffeine addiction under control are all great reasons. Sometimes, of course, it is as simple as needing to jump start a diet. Post cleanse, you should find that your skin has a healthy glow, your mind is clear and your energy is abundant. Gwyneth Paltrow turns to Dr. Alejandro Junger’s Clean Program when she is looking for a cleanse. This 21 day diet plan consists of two nutrient rich shakes, one for breakfast and one for dinner. Lunch is a healthy solid meal from a list of approved foods. The 194

benefit of having a list of approved foods is that you will always know what to prepare for your next meal. Filled with supplements, this is an excellent choice for those looking for a structured meal plan. For those not quite ready to commit to a 21 day cleanse there is also a three day detox available. One of the UK’s most popular cleanses is the Radiant Cleanse. Created with the goal to be the first certified organic juice cleanse, this detox diet is a high quality nutritional cleanse. With the option to do three to five day cleanses or simply a single juice fast day, it is a great introduction to the world of detox cleansing. The diet begins with pre-cleanse days, followed by cleanse days where regular meals are supplemented with nutritious organic juices of your choosing. There’s even a post-cleanse diet which helps ease you back into eating solid foods. Actresses like Salma Hayek swear by cleans-

es to help keep them stay slim. Having done cleanses for the past 15 years, she worked with Juice Generation founder Eric Helms to create and perfect the Cooler Cleanse. This detox

and vegetables drinks per day. This cleansing system is broken down into three levels of difficulty: beginner, intermediate and advanced otherwise referred to as,

diet is a three or five day juice cleanse consisting of raw juices with an ultra-fresh and potent range of ingredients. With five different types of cleanses: 5 Day Cooler, 3 Day Cooler, Juice For A Day, Raw Cooler and Cooler Club you are sure to find the perfect fit for you.

Renovation, Foundation and Excavation.

Another popular diet is the UK’s Painless Detox Diet. Whilst many cleanses leave you feeling famished, this one focuses on eating clean by eliminating toxic foods from your diet. For the first week you will not be ingesting wheat, dairy, red meat, saturated fats or refined carbohydrates. By removing these common allergens you will no longer be bloated, your energy levels will be up and you will not feel like overeating.

David Kirsch’s 48-Hour Detox Diet is a favourite of Anne Hathaway’s before she walks down the red carpet. This diet claims to boost the metabolism whilst increasing energy to kick start weight loss. The cleanse consists of a LemonAid drink taken four times a day. During the 48 hours all meals are replaced with the LemonAid 48HR Detox Mix and foods such as bread, coffee, alcohol, dairy, sweets and fruits are all off limits.

If you decide that a detox cleanse diet is right for you, take a minute to understand the differences between them and speak with a health professional before you begin any diet. Remember that there are no quick fixes, treat The Blueprint Cleanse is a favourite with your body right and listen to its needs. A cleanse the likes of Jessica Szohr. This is a three day can be a great start, but it has to be followed juice cleanse consisting of about 1,200 cal- by a healthy lifestyle to have lasting effects. ories a day where you will drink six fruit 195


Royal Air Force This month we are delighted to celebrate the invaluable work of the Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund with its proud tradition of “looking after its own.” You might wonder how their work relates to you, well whatever our individual feelings about armed conflict a relatively straightforward family or internet ‘search’ might quickly reveal a member or members of your family who have served in one of the great wars or in one of the more recent conflicts British Servicemen and women have fought in. The RAFBF is the air forces leading welfare charity, receiving no government funding, Winston Churchill described it as “... part of the conscience of the British nation.” Begun in 1919 its mission is to support both serving and former members of the RAF (their partners and dependent children), to maintain the RAF Memorial in London on behalf of the nation and to support the morale and well being of the serving RAF. ‘Looking after their own’ costs over £22 million a year, supporting as they do over 68,000 people and relying on the Great British public to make that happen; from aiding a Second World War pilot in later life, to practical help for a young RAF Regiment gunner injured in Afghanistan or a RAF widow and children. Their work relies on fund raising, donations and gifts to underpin this laudable cause. For each pound raised, 88 pence goes directly to support the RAF family. The work of this charity is extensive: from relationship counselling, welfare breaks to the costs of caring, even offering grants to other charities whose work benefits members of the RAF family.


Our national Treasure, Dame Bomber Command Upkeep C guardianship of the Bomber Co the memory of the bravery, com er crews; visit the website to see Members of the public can get easily accessible fun ways, such a party. For those who love a mor there are marathons and excitin can register for. There’s the Airfie


Benevolent Fund

Judi Dench, is Patron of the Club which is dedicated to the ommand Memorial, preserving mmitment and audacity of bombhow you can assist in this work. involved in lots of fabulous and as baking a cake or organising a re physical and mental challenge ng obstacle-filled challenges you eld Anarchy Mud Run in Newark

Nottinghamshire (22nd March 2014), a 5k or 10k obstacle course where you can run, climb, jump or swim, alone or as part of a team which will take place right next to the Newark Air Museum. There will be music, face painting and nature trails for children aged 2-7 at The Wilderness Adventure School. There’s also The Mighty Deer Stalker, Traqauir House, Innerleithen, Peeblesshire in Scotland (15th March 2014), which is all set to be a thrilling and unforgettable event. Choose either a 5k or 10k fun, fiendish and tough off-road route with tweed jackets and pipers in evidence. Once over the finish line seek much deserved refreshments at the Beerstalker party tent. Hurry, if you are in more sedate mood you can raise money by bidding for a commemorative bottle of Hercules Whiskey. There are 307 bottles being offered in a ‘closed bid’ style auction. Last day for bids is the 8th of November, bottles will be despatched in time for Christmas 2013. The site runs a great blog and there’s a shop where you can purchase a plethora of memorable and distinctive gifts from model air planes (from Corgi and Aircraft), to mugs, dog leads, cards, calendars, hoodies and cuff links for that someone special this Christmas. Follow the links below to the site to find out more and to register your interest to get involved.


Ashleigh & Burwood

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