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Photographer: Fiona Kelly Accessories & Concept: Olivier Laudus Hair Stylist: Joshua Altback Make-Up Artist: Ana Ospina Stylist: Elisabetta Cirulli Model: Eliza Stancu Model wears Sabina Motasem wedding dress & Daisy headband (£135), Olivier Laudus

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EDITORS LETTER Mile STONES British MODE has grown and evolved notably throughout each issue. This month marks our official six month milestone, something which everyone involved with the publication is incredibly proud of. The amount of support that British MODE receives from people within the industry as well as loyal readers is unbelievable, and we truly wouldn’t be able to create this fabulous magazine without that wonderfully motivating level of support. As it’s only the second month of the year I imagine that many of you reading this will have set yourselves personal goals, whether that be to lose weight or to finally chase after a new career - so good luck. Whilst some people like to live for the ‘now’ and in the moment, I personally think it’s important to have something solid to aim for and have definitely witnessed the effect that this has had on team spirit in general. This year there will be at least a few changes to the publication. One of the most notable changes is the gradual introduction of a celebrity section within the magazine, aside from the incredible give-aways which will feature throughout the year. Thank you for your continuous support and as ever, enjoy the publication.

Gabriella Enriocco

Gabriella Enriocco, Editor-in-Chief 9

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S t é p h a n e 12

R o l l a n d 13

Article by Moira Valenti 14

Stéphane Rolland’s SS14 couture show opened in spectacular style against a blue pastel backdrop, the focus an elongated arched entrance-way standing like a torso with arced wings of coloured light framing the emerging models; winged like a butterfly, angelic. A vision of woman elevated, not fallen...redeemed, ethereally beautiful. The music entreating, “A temporary slide back in the abyss...” Woman celebrated, adored... in all her shades. Rolland stands full square as a master holding the mirror to the female form; sleek, curvy,

evocative as endless summer skies. Natural forms interrogated the senses, both flora and fauna; winding fern-like fronds swathed the waist and wound about the root chakra. Powerful spiders web designs suggested entrapment, elaborated the narrative of these nocturnal shades, the ‘strands of web,’ cutting through to reveal flashes of flesh. Rolland celebrates the pure and the worldly, black on white...Eve and the apple. In this collection he effortlessly juxtaposes this narrative to insinuate the complexity, the layers sensually embedded

mound of Venus; this is perfectly tailored elegance as daring in its ‘play’ with virginal naivete as a gloved fist. Brilliant. A white space-age, wet-look tunic falls from the shoulders to create a perfectly strong line; Asian style minimalism at its finest. Shoulders balance the hips, from square forties references to off-the-shoulder ‘naped’ frisson. Purity and the exceptional palette of nature informs the entire collection. A pristine evening gown, pared with elbow length gloves is lit by a rising sun of gold from hem to knee. Daffodil and Primrose

J’adore Couture sensual, alluring and sexy. in female identity; nuanced and irresistibly complex. Silhouettes beguiled, move- Stephane Rolland’s collecment flowed and architec- tion elaborated through tural forms simply mes- pure white ‘suits’ and gowns; merised; this runway was articulating freshness, crispnothing other than an explo- ness, the ‘unspoilt.’ The ration of feminine expres- ‘bridal’ dress somewhat sion, subtlety and power. subverted: over-sized ruffle The canvass revealed itself over the right shoulder, full through a sensational play- length skirt utterly sheer off of purest whites against falling around the calves enigmatic midnight blacks, and feet like the foaming glorious spiritually charged waves of a boundless ocean. harmonic golds melded with The figure sculpting bodice vibrant orange set against slashed on the diagonal, it’s azure blues as fresh and ‘flora’ barely covering the

golds energise off-shoulder gowns. There is a leanness and spareness about these designs which is pure elegance. Tulles, chiffons, satin and lace billow about gowns, creating flowing, liquid movement; flutter like spring breezes, or fly like angel wings and wash in exquisite trains creating great rivers of colour. The collection features panels to the torso and legs, both veiled and exposed through lace. The collection closed on a 15

E l e g a n t 16





y 17


magnificent high. A glorious movement: flow, rhythm and flutter, meld, glide and wash vibrant orange gown artic- sway are vital components their way down the runway ulating the essential like the waves of beauty of sentient an ocean; natural, nature: the butterfly unstoppable and emerging from the mesmerising. Colchrysalis, the angel, ours provide the the goddess. Wings counterpoint to ‘arguing’ freedom this symphony of and ascendency. The elements. Gold and fabric , a masterpiece orange halos, black of haute couture: a velvet nights, gliscelebration of craftstening ice scapes, manship and the architectural in fashion The grandeur of the design. Burnished feminine explored orange reminiscent through line and of the robes of Budmovement....shouldhist monks, referders, bust, hips, ences to the sublime, sinuous movement; the colour of wisdom, pure allure, tantastrength and dignity. lising trains and unstinting glamour. Rolland, the Jean MiThe space-age, our chelle Jarre of high age, is sleek, wetfashion; magnificent look, sexy and accreative flair, cutting knowledged. Long edge technical masskirt ‘pearl’ suit is tery and captivating an evocation of unrhythms. No matter remitting elegance, the discourse on cliairy blouses ‘bishop entèle, Couture reat the sleeve,’ neckmains the height of lines scroll in rufexpression of an infles and detail, panspirational fashion els define loveliness design milieu. The of form, lines are Rolland signature not only fluid, but is uber feminine, inimitably clean. wonderfully tailored Colour is a celebraand captivatingly artion, a true carnichitectural; fabrics val of delights, fabdo things we might ric is the score on dream they can which texture, pitch do. Through AW13 to this of this designers composi- and tone interplay: Chifspectacular SS14 collection tional Masterclass. Fabrics fon, PVC, silk, tulle, lace. 19

Shades of Blue

House of Fraser

Model wears Turquoise lace dress £125 Pied a Terre Floral silk scarf £70 Barbour

Model wears Green polka dot jacket £150 Dickins & Jones Green polka dot skirt £80 Dickins & Jones Polka dot blouse £40 Dickins & Jones Cream ‘Hollie’ frame bag £35 Therapy

Clarity Model wears Beige trench coat £169, Biba Black ‘Hana’ large frame bag £45, Therapy

House of Fraser

Model wears White quilted dress with black collar £99, Pied a Terre Navy & Perspex ‘Camilla’ satchel £39 Therapy

Blush Model wears white quilted t-shirt £29 Pied a Terre Neon coral pencil skirt £80 Dickins & Jones Turquoise ‘Zodiac’ flap over clutch £89 Pied a Terre

House of Fraser

Model wears Pink jacquard printed shift dress £150 Linea White shirt £59 Mary Portas Coral bag £225 Vivienne Westwood

“I was thinking of a woman who is powerful but also feminine and soft - a contemporary goddess.� Donatella Versace


Versace Couture Article by Caroline Topperman

“I was thinking of a woman who is powerful but also feminine and soft – a contemporary goddess... I love the couture – you can really have fun with it. The budgets are bigger so you can let your imagination run a bit.” - Donatella Versace.

Although the house of Versace has been taken over by his sister Donatella Versace, the label still has close ties to the exoticism of the stage. Donatella was one of the first designers to embrace rock ‘n roll, opening the doors of Versace to every major star beginning as far back as the 1980’s. To appreciate Versace is to appreciate a All of this creative work was achieved long family tradition of garment mak- while maintaining a strong connection ing. Versace began his studies at a young to the brand’s rich and extravagant past. age as an apprentice dressmaker under the watchful tutelage of his mother who owned a sewing workshop. He later studied architecture, prior to immersing himself in the world of fashion design. In addition, the label’s history is steeped in the magic and opulence of the performing arts. Each individual piece is not only a work of art, but is also rich in the history of the theatre. While the collections are the epitome of luxury high fashion, they retain a certain youthful edge. This is perhaps due to the fact that Gianni Versace moved to Milan at the age of 25 and designed his first prêt-a-porter collection for Callaghan, Genny and Complice only four years later. His young and daring outlook wove itself into his work and thankfully his equally talented sister, Donatella, continues this tradition. Feminine, sensuous fabrics are often contrasted against ultra-cool, edgy designs. One might go so far as to say that this is a representation of a trend which began as far back as the mid 1970’s, when Gianni was designing the Leather and Lace collections for the Milanese brand Complice. 27



Versace’s SS14 couture collection was an ode to ‘the’ woman as a goddess of power and determination. Once again, the common thread of constructed versus de-constructed found its way into the collection, weaving the multifaceted faces of Versace’s design aesthetic together. A deep, reverent bow to Grace Jones and her iconic hooded dress combined with the use of fabrics such as jersey, draped luxuriously over the female form, created a beautiful fluidity and ease of movement representative of the soft and feminine. Of course, these superbly hand crafted gowns would not be complete without the intense sparkle and drama of the added Swarovski crystals. The duality of the collection was exemplified by the architectural jacket. A uniform, if you will, representing strength and perseverance working in balance with the divine softness of the flowing fabric. For those who are lovers of Old Hollywood style the collection did not disappoint. Vibrant luxurious furs 30

laced with glittering seams strutted down the runway and would be ideal for any formal event over the coming months. Body conscious dresses and suits screamed for attention as did metal chains, lacing details and geometric cut-outs - no designer can quite mesh the edgy and elegant with the ease of Donatella Versaci. This was again displayed in highly stylised tattoo-like art-deco crystals embroidered on sheer tulle tops. Versace is a name for the fearless woman. It is a name which has taught us to expect the unexpected. With impeccable craftsmanship and an unparalleled attention to detail, it’s not hard to see why the creations are favoured by many of today’s most renowned A listers, most notably as of late, Lady Gaga. With the likes of Nicole Kidman and Angelina Jolie also showcasing some of the most highly sought after gowns the world over, on the red carpet, Versace will only continue to be a fashion power-house for many years to come.


Classic in white There is nothing quite as beautiful as a ‘simple’ white dress worn by an elegant woman when paired with expertly crafted, statement heels.

Model wears Dune Halette heels, £65


Classic in black We all know that the little black dress is not only timeless but the ultimate in ‘chic’. Try pairing it with some ornate heels to amp up the ensemble.

Model wears Dune Barrio clutch £65, and Dolphin shoes £75




Article by Moira Valenti

Saab takes us into a Spring and Summer alive with the scintillating palette of nature..Its finest brush strokes leap off the Saab canvas; a seasonally inspired haute couture collection for the eyes to devour. The collection concludes when you bid your senses revel in anticipation of the sunlit days ahead, days which merge seamlessly into night, where Saab’s velvety midnight blacks take us all the way to the stars. Nights in black chiffon, tulle, lace and silk, bearing suitably graduated hues of a ‘setting’ red sunset. Some gowns are peppered with colourful blooms, sufficient to carry any woman to dreamland, with or without an equally stunning partner on her arm. Elie Saab, SS14, the stuff that dreams are made from.

Picture a fresh spring meadow adrift with Snow Drops, sensational Blue Bells and lit by pretty Primroses. Eyes alight on a tender hail of Cherry Blossom swept aloft on a rising breeze. Re-imagine warming summer winds caressing exposed shoulders with sweet warm air whilst magnificent rose heads burgeon into bloom: golden, scarlet and blue.

Classic lines, sophisticated pastels, masterly cuts and effortless elegance are the hallmark of this luminous collection. Saab is at the cutting edge of a visionary design revolution, and a couture master from whom the fashion elite are assured magnificent gowns bearing nothing less than timeless style. Take for example Grecian references: exposed arms, plunging necklines, with gathers, folds, sweeping under-bust sashes and sinuous flowing lines. Delicate appliqué flowers are much in evidence, as are boat necks, A-lines skirts, asymmetric lines and strapless gowns. Colour is pastel to full summer fierceness, cut is fitted to flowing, with the architectural also in evidence about the bustle; capped by a fully veiled wedding dress, full skirts and train. The over-riding principles of great design never exit the fashion arena; Elie Saab doffs his cap and acknowledges the classic. 37

Dark & Mysterious Whether venturing abroad this winter, or preparing for the Summer month’s, black is always classic and will be forever chic.

Betty Barclay

Model wears Betty Barclay dark blue crochet-look dress, Dresses to Love, ÂŁ115

Model wears Betty Barclay duo-print summer dress, Dresses to Love, ÂŁ90

Model wears Betty Barclay, white black colour combo dress, Dresses to Love, ÂŁ105

Loves Mitus Design tassel bud earrings £1,046.28

Cartier Paris Nouvelle Vague Bracelet £47,000

Jimmy Choo 'Farley' sandal £588.53

D&G cross clip on earrings £590.00

Maiyet 18K Yellow Gold and Diamond Bangle £3,845.00

Gianvito Rossi Patent Leather Pointed Pumps £430.00


MCQ by McQueen logo cuff £89.81

Salvatore Ferragamo Susi Patent Leather Pump £325.00

Alexander McQueen Embellished Front Gown £4,425.00

shed Twin McQueen Embelli .00 Skull Clutch £2,195

Marni keyhole bracelet £126.43

Kurt Geiger London Anya Pointed Courts £195.00

Alexander McQueen Twin Skull Clutch £895.00


Balmain checked floral print scarf £403.69

Ralph Lauren Black Label cable knit sweater £414.15

Samira13 fringed pearl earrings

Stella McCartney cape coat £1,540.15

DSQUARED2 logo belt £162.97

Jimmy Choo 'Mystic' pump £479.54


Acne 'Tillie' buckle sandal £350.00

Retro Super Future 'T73 Drew Francis' sunglasses £148.00

Roland Mouret Tucana Stretch Knit Mesh Top £495.00

Joseph leather skinny trouser £845.00


Spice Up Your Wardrobe Columnist & celebrity stylist, Suzanne Bernie, on the perfect pieces for your spring wardrobe

Please email or call Coathanger for any shopping enquiries, ensuring you have the very best of exactly what suits you, your body shape and your colouring going into this fabulous new season. www.coathanger.net info@coathanger.net 0203 3030654

New spring collections are beginning to brighten up the stores calming the chaos and mayhem of the ‘Sales’. Sale rails are now relegated to the back of the shops making way for the wonderful spring tones. The mouth watering candy colours are reminiscent of fruit sorbets, clear blue skies and tweeting birds, all the elements that combine to make the perfect spring day. With this inspiration I discovered the best of some new and original designers as well as those that are already the tried and tested. Designers that inspired me and made me smile with their intelligent creativity. Beautiful new pieces that would credit any newly refreshed and re-organised wardrobe. 46

One of the collections I’m currently loving is Angelys Balek’s. Not only is the collection is original, beautifully crafted and totally wearable, the items retail between £190 and £950. Another perfect example of this season’s incredible splash of fruit smoothies is the new Miu Miu collection. It is without doubt magnificent. The smooth rounded shoulders of dark denim jackets mixes so well with the sparkle of the bold coloured, crystal embellished collars along with the modern mixture of strong prints, worn altogether on the catwalk. The mélange of colour and prints is wonderful, however I feel that most ladies will probably buy single pieces and add slightly safer block colours to tie the ensemble together.

Dress by Angelys Balek

l’oeil prints is eye catching and the striking colour palette throughout their brand’s spring collection works so well together. The Trellick Tower sweatshirt below features highrise blocks of windows in a stunning blush colour palette, which beautifully compliments jeans of all colours and shapes. A very cool and relaxed collection is that of Rag & Bone. With more subdued and muted colours, beautiful fabrics and chic style with minimum effort. Rag & Bone along with many other designers are showing a lot of black but this time round its shiny, light and floaty.

Also guilty of the perfect colour collision is Mary Katrantzou’s new season. Found in Selfridges Oxford St and matches.com. The clever mix of trompe

Finally, still big this season is the backpack, which is by far the coolest and most functional bag on the market. It does have an air of casualness and it shouldn’t look like your going hiking! For me

it’s the perfect answer to hands free shopping! If you’re not quiet ready to step into pastel candy colours then start by adding some new season accessories.

twitter @Coathangernet // www.coathanger.net 47



Ulrich Engler “When a woman wears my designs I want them to feel good about themselves. I do not want my designs to distract from who the woman really is. I want to create timeless pieces that a woman will love to wear. It is important to me that a woman feels confident wearing my designs.“


Anne Hathaway has caused quite a stir in the fashion world by parting ways with her long time stylist Rachel Zoe who was credited for assisting Anne in selecting an array of stunning red carpet looks for the past ten years.


ed Carpet glamour has somewhat changed, and if one is to look closely at actresses such as Anne Hathaway, it is clear to see that they are pioneering a new trend. Currently, a dose of androgyny is now excepted and accepted perhaps we can thank the likes of Cara Delevingne for that. Hathaway’s short cropped hair cut for Les Mis has definitely impacted upon the star’s fashion choices, causing a ripple effect in the fashion world and leading other A listers such as Beyonce to try their hand at the more daring style themselves. Red carpet fashion gives us, the viewer, the chance to gaze upon some of the world’s most gloriously hand crafted couture gowns. Stars want


to look classic, they’re inspired by Old Hollywood and for one night only it’s their opportunity to dazzle the world with their elegance, poise and grace - something only achievable through wearing such opulent and carefully crafted pieces.

built upon his extensive wealth of knowledge and experience in designing, tailoring and fitting. Engler states, “When a woman wears my designs I want them to feel good about themselves. I do not want my designs to distract from who the woman really is. I want to create timeless pieces that a woman will love to wear. It is important to me that a woman feels confident wearing my designs.”

Amongst all the couture designers, Ulrich Engler is one of our favourites. The figure flattering collections offer the wearer the choice between the more demure, and There is no doubt that the more attention grab- the stunning detail, the bing statement pieces. impeccable cut and the sensuous, body forming Engler, who also offers lines throughout his lata glorious collection of est couture collection, bridal gowns, leads the ultimately compliments way in London, renowned the high quality fabrics for beautiful, classic, cou- selected and effortlessture pieces. Ulrich’s phi- ly hugs the contours of losophy is simple yet the wearer. Undoubtedpowerful, “Elegance is ly these designs would unchanging, elegance is be right at home, front timeless.” Indeed Ulrich and centre on any Holhas extensive knowledge lywood red carpet. Inof what a woman wishes deed, when looking at too see from his couture the timeless designs , they ranges, having worked appear to be reminiscent for Anouska Hempel of the classic 1930’s piecand Victor Edelstein be- es worn by stars of the fore forming his own silver screen such Bette couture house in 1991, Davis and Greta Garbo.

Article by Maggie Reid



LUXE fitness wear



Sportswear by Lucas Hugh

Article by Laura Farrington Interest in leading a healthy lifestyle is drastically increasing and so there is an increasing need for active wear that makes us feel as great as we are striving to look. Whilst going to the gym or for a simple jog around the block, women want to feel empowered and sexy, and thankfully far gone are the days of dull, ill fitting exercise wear.

professionals. Production is based in Europe at an advanced sportswear factory that was home to the research lab for the Olympic swimwear development team, ensuring that none of the technical features of the clothes are affected.

palette consists of crimson tones, peacock plumb and Mars dusk. Workout staples such as knit tanks and logo tees are at the core of the range, with key pieces and patterns driving it into the spotlight, such as the kaleidoscopic print of NASAs Rover.

For Autumn Winter 2013 Lucas Hugh released a Creative Director Anjhe Mules stated that she wanted to imagine how ‘a female space pioneer might dress on Mars’ when designing the latest collection.

“The fabrics are technically crafted to support and streamline the The incorporation of high fashion into techphysique” nical athletic clothes is

The desire for this type of luxury sportswear has been answered by designers, one of our favourites being Lucas Hugh. Lucas Hugh is a luxury athletic wear company which prides itself on providing athletic wear that is sleek and stylish, yet the fabrics are technically crafted to support and streamline the physique using tight-weave Polyamide / Lycra mix fabrics with a mild compression fit to assist blood flow and protect the body from muscle strain. All materials chosen by Lucas Hugh are UV-protective, breathable and antibacterial and have been tested by sports

collection entitled ‘Mars,’ taking its name from its signature futuristic motifs and exquisitely tailored, space warrior-esque garments. The ultra-modern ensembles seen throughout are both fashionable and functional, the ideal combination for those who are youthful and keen on keeping fit. The collection has taken inspiration from the Rover Curiosity mission, therefore the overall colour

a concept that is growing. Responding to the challenges of the sports themselves, regarding the garments, and dealing with technical fabrics is difficult, even before considering the grace and elegance that high fashion brings. Though there are some who can’t quite understand it, women want to feel sexy regardless of where they are or what they’re doing and this is exactly the kind of feeling these items provide, so that women can look forward to exercising and leading a healthy lifestyle. 57

Game of Thrones, Monday 7 April, 9pm, Sky Atlantic HD



Hollywood Actress Kate Dickie On Working with Charlize Theron, Game of Thrones & More!! Award winning Scots actress, Kate Dickie, sits ddown to speak with our writer, Maggie Reid. Dickie talks everything from fashion designers to being perceived as a role model within the industry. Being the star of award winning Andrea Arnold film ‘Red Road’ and having worked on major Hollywood movies and TV shows such as ‘Promethius’ and ‘Game of Thrones’, Dickie is undeniably a very successful and highly respected actress. Kate is currently working on movies Soror, A Northen Soul, The Silent Storm, Take it Back and Start All Over.

What inspired you playing a controversial to become a prorole? fessional actress ? I always try to go with When I was ten years old my gut instinct with roles. I started Saturday morn- Sometimes you get a script ing Drama classes at or character you just conCraigie College, Ayr . It nect with immediately, or was a revelation to me! I that you can’t shake off. I loved that I could escape find the roles choose me, into a different world, not the other way around. to be a different person. I seem to be drawn to dark, complicated character , but I never worry about You are highly respected playing controversial roles. for the demanding roles It’s not something I think you play. Do you choose about, I only worry that I the roles carefully? Do can do my characters jusyou ever worry about tice, and give them a voice

they deserve. Was “Red Road” a big break for you? Red Road was a huge break for me and it has completely changed my life. It was my first film so I was extremely lucky to play the part of Jackie, and work with Andrea Arnold . I will always be grateful for the opportunity. Do you feel the pressure to be a role model for 61

actors starting out in the business , espe- and perform it in Glasgow Pubs. I loved that! cially after your recent Spirit of Scotland What is the most memorable piece of award? advice you have been given? I don’t feel a pressure to be a role model, but I do feel very protective of young actors and try to make it a positive working environment when they work with me. It can be really daunting being on set for the first time and it helps so much if you feel supported by those around you.

My Dad told me to follow my heart and do what I wanted with my life, to work hard and stick it out, even though it feels impossible . Both my Parents were very encouraging and I have always been grateful for that.

What was it like to work on “Promethius” British Fashion is so exciting and Scottish and “Game of thrones”? designers such Wo r k as Judy ing on R Clarke both Proare realmetheus ly innoand Game vative. of Thrones Which has been designa woners do derful exy o u perience. l ove ? It can be quite I am a daunting huge fan to work of Holly on film Fulton sets of that and I scale and think she size when is an amazing designer. I also love Jonathan you are used to working on small independSaunders and Christopher Kane, but that is ent movies, but I have enjoyed it so much ! in my dreams. In reality I wear a mixture of whatever, vintage, mostly High St, and It’s been amazing to have the opportuniI love a good rummage at TK MaXX too! ty to work alongside actors you have admired for a long time and watched on screen.

“Ridley Scott has been a long time favourite director of mine and he was a dream to work with along with Charlize Theron...”

Have you ever wanted to be a writer of stage or screen? I would love to write a Movie or Book - I wish! I’m always in awe of writers and the worlds they create. It’s amazing! I used to write poetry 62

Ridley Scott has been a long time favourite director of mine and he was a dream to work with along with Charlize Theron and Michael Fassbender as indeed the entire cast. It was wonderful!


image courtesy of jcmackintosh.co.uk

LOVES Shiseido Benefiance WrinkleResist24 Pure Retinol Express Smoothing Eye Mask £59.00

Burberry Beauty Runway Nail Set £90.00

D&G Makeup Perfection Veil Pressed Powder £44.00

Tory Burch Bronzer & Blush Compact £35.00 66

Sensai Silky Bronze Self Tanning For Face £55.00 Dior Trianon Makeup Palette £59.00 Tory Burch Lip & Cheek Tint £28.00

Sensai Silky Bonze Sun Protective Compact £42.00

Guerlain Meteorites Pearls £37.50



St. Laurent Rouge Pur Couture Lipstick Pink Celebration £23.50

Part of an iconic collection of shades, Pink Celebration is an intense colour which will captivate its wearer and those surrounding them.

Lancome Absolu Nu Beige Rose £22.00

The shade of a new love, Beige Rose replenishes and enhances the lovely shape of your lips. It envelops them in a reflective light whilst keeping them softly moisturised.

Perfect.Pink.Pout By Caroline Topperman

Pink is often viewed as quite an innocent colour and although it still evokes images of cotton candy, these new ‘grown up’ pinks are ultra feminine and wonderfully romantic. The simple beauty of pink is that it is the ideal blend of red and white; carrying the fierceness and strength of a sensuous and powerful crimson infused with the softening purity of white. Burberry Lip Mist No7. Camelia Pink £22.50

An effortlessly sheer pink infused with wild rose extract. This is a long lasting moisturizing lipstick which can be layered to create a much bolder tone.

Dior Addict Extreme Lipstick Cherie Bow £24.00

On the peachy side of pink, this luxuriously luminous shade is the perfect partner to its colour intensity. Lips will glow with their own inner light. 71

New Launches

latest in


L’Eau Couture Elie Saab

£53, 50ml

All fragrances are available online if not already in store. Prices may vary.

This new fragrance is a continuation of Elie Saab’s 2014 Spring Summer collection . A perfume for the ethereal woman who appreciates airy fabrics and floats through life like a whisper of fresh morning air. Light notes of calabrian bergamot and floral magnolia open the symphony followed by the delicate sounds of green almond and orange blossom. It is completed by light notes of vanilla. 72

Marry Me Love Balloons by Lanvin

The latest in Lanvin’s Marry Me Collection , this perfume sweeps you away like a bouquet of pink and red balloons being released into the sky. The top notes are a complimentary blend of red currant and neroli , followed by red rose and jasmine embodying true femininity. Warm notes of cedar and velvety musk linger to close the romantic chapter.

Fruit Defendu by Terry de Gunzburg ÂŁ146, 100ml

This perfume is for those of us who love a wonderfully Floral Fruity fragrance mingled with a hint of the forbidden . The bouquet begins with tropical scents of mango, pineapple and bergamot. It is followed by rich middle notes of Turkish rose and pink pepper tied together with a base note of white musk .

Laine De Verre by Serge Lutens

An air of mystery surrounds the woman who chooses these top notes of citrus and musk followed by refined woody scents which ends with a hit of cashmeran . 73

How to wear a Dark Lip A dark lip can be so very alluring when worn correctly. The key to pulling off the look is to keep the rest of your makeup fairly neutral, with the lips drawing focus. For the eyes, select a subtle shade for the base and a colour just a few tones deeper than your own for the crease. Don’t be afraid to add definition to the shape of your eyes by using liquid liner or by smoking them out slightly with Kohl – shades of grey compliment this look perfectly. When selecting your foundation, opt for one with a matte finish. If there were ever a time to have clear skin, it would be now, as a strong lip really does require the rest of the face to appear seemingly flawless – if you have any blemishes, select a full coverage foundation or use a heavy duty concealer. A light dusting of a rose toned blush will be more than enough for the cheeks, and if you’re going to contour then use a contour palette as opposed to a bronzer. Remember to always exfoliate before applying lipstick as not only do lipsticks dry out the lips faster than a gloss or a tint, but dark colours will accentuate a chapped, dehydrated pout. Currently we are using Sara Happ’s The Lip Scrub in Sparkling Pink Grapefruit, which does the job to perfection! 74

In addition to gentle exfoliation, always use a lip conditioner at night and if you’ve not got one to hand then apply lip balm instead. We’re trying to create a clean look which means gloss is out and matte is in; although if you’re looking for a happy medium a satin finish lipstick will look and feel just as good. Your ultimate shade is one that is just a few tones deeper than your skin tone. For those with cool undertones, a blue shade will work best whilst those with warm undertones should reach for lipsticks that are in the orange and brown family. Right now we stocking up on Giorgio Armani Rouge D’Armani in 403, a deep plum colour. Begin by lining your lips with a colour similar to your lipstick. The texture of the pencil will stop the lipstick from bleeding and aid its staying power. Also bare in mind the fact that a strong lip is all about the structure. To ensure that your lips are the image of sculpted perfection you can always use a lip brush. It will give you complete coverage and a professional look by allowing you to precisely control the intensity of the colour, and is ideal for those without a steady hand. Go get creative and tweet us your look @BritishMODE or by using #BritishMODE.

Article by Caroline Topperman


Spa Treatment Phillip Kingsley, the amazing ‘hair doctor’ is the world’s leading authority on hair health. Kinglsey’s products are used for treating the hair and scalp medically and cosmetically. His number one product is the ‘Elasticizer’, a pre-shampoo hair mask. For a truly luxurious hair treatment try ‘The Philip Kingsley Elasticizer Spa Treatment’ the ultimate in hair pampering, bookable at his London Mayfair clinic. This pampering prescription for healthy hair and scalp will restore your hair’s natural beauty and leave you with strong, shiny locks which are full of bounce and elasticity. 76

The World’s Most Luxurious Hair Treatments by celebrity stylist & columnist, Vicki Lord

Extensions Balmain have developed the most advanced extensions system ever! Clients lusting after that Hollywood red carpet voluminous hair need look no further than Balmain’s hair programme, ‘Systeme Volume’. This revolutionary service creates long lasting volume using FX hair application and Silk Protein Cosmetics. The luxurious system is a quick and comfortable way of adding hair extensions with quality silk tip flat bonds in less than an hour and will provide long lasting, soft, silky and voluminous hair for up to three months!

Kingsley’s Treatment Includes:


STEAM Steam is applied for 10 minutes to improve penetration & allow Elasticizer to deliver long lasting moisture into the hair shaft.


ELASTICIZER This super moisturizing, intensive pre-shampoo treatment adds shine, suppleness, elasticity, bounce & strength to all hair types, as well as lasting UV protection.


MASSAGE A massage ends the treatment, improving circulation, aiding relaxation and additionally aiding lymphatic drainage. 77

Ultimate VIP Hair Package At £20,000 this is definitely an uber luxorious package, ideal for brides-to-be! This incredible treatment was formulated by none other than award winning celebrity hairstylist, Stuart Phillips. Phillip’s attention to detail is legendary. Stuart has been at the forefront of the British hairdressing industry for over 15 years and has styled some of the biggest names in the showbiz and entertainment, and so for his superstar and higher end clientele, Stuart has put together ‘The Diamond Package’, the ultimate luxury hair experience.

sure head and scalp massage. Next is the haircut itself and during styling, you will be played music of your predetermined choice. On completion of your style, Stuart will teach you step-by-step hair maintenance, he’ll give you information on styling and products, as well as different ways to wear your hair.

You’ll also receive a selection of L’Oréal hair products to last you for the whole As many of his clients are often trav- year. After your appointment, you’ll elling the package begins with a chauf- be taken back to your hotel by private feur driven limousine which will pick limo to relax or party as you choose. you up and take you from your home to the airport, where you will fly first The package includes options to exor business class (depending what is tend your luxury experience with more available at the time of booking) to the pampering from Stuart and his team, UK. You will be collected from the UK and even sightseeing, shopping and airport by limousine and taken to your personal security can be arranged… hotel, where you may enjoy a cham- you’ll need someone to fight off the adpagne lunch or dinner. mirers after this experience! Of course, limo’s and flights back to the real world Once you’ve finished dining you will will be included, all for £20,000. be greeted by Stuart Phillips, who will escort you to his divine salon to begin If you’re a soon to be bride or fiancee your luxury hair experience with an who wants nothing but the absolute extensive hair consultation, followed best, I’d recommend nothing other by the salon’s famous shiatsu/acupresthan this simply divine package. 78

Touché By Flavien Scalp Tonic £15.00 T3 Limited Edition Featherweight 2 Aveda Light Elements ™ Defining Dryer £155.00 Whip £20.00

heavenly hair

Whilst there may be no quick fix to attaining luscious locks, these products will surely set you on your way!

Show Beauty Pure Treatment Oil £50.00

Show Beauty Sheer Thermal Protect £35.00

Show Beauty Decadence Hair Fragrance £55.00


Jumeirah Grand Hotel

Signature Valentine The ‘Signature Valentine’ Package starts from €420 per room per night. For bookings and enquiries, contact JVVreservations@jumeirah.com or +39 06 48 78 81

The ‘Signature Valentine’ Package includes: Bottle of champagne and canapés on arrival / Candle light dinner for two at Magnolia Restaurant / In room Continental Breakfast / Complimentary entrance to AQVA City SPA / Guaranteed late check-out at 6.00pm / Private shopping at historical Bulgari Jewellery boutique / Sisley Zen Harmony Couple massage at the special price of 250 Euro on request Couples visiting Jumeirah Grand Hotel Via Veneto for a special Valentine’s Day treat will be greeted upon arrival with a bottle of champagne and canapés. Then on to an exclusive private shopping experience at the famed Bulgari Jewellery Boutique where guests will be able to create their own bespoke piece of jewellery in the iconic boutique that houses over a hundred years of the luxury brand. The Signature Valentine experience also includes a candle-lit dinner for two at Magnolia, the hotel’s gourmet restaurant which offers the outstanding cuisine of celebrity Chef Filippo La Mantia. Couples can also make the most of a Sisley Zen Harmony Couple’s Massage, available at the hotel’s AQVA City Spa for a special price of €250 upon request. Aqva City Spa is the only spa in Rome to stock the exclusive Sisley Paris products, ensuring a restorative experience to remember. Terms & Conditions: Special offer valid from 13th to 17th February 2014 only. Applicable on a minimum 2 night stay. Rate is subject to 10% VAT and City Tax. Beverages are not included in the dinner.

Raithwate Hall

Review We sent our Bridal Editor, Rebecca Martin , to review one of Yorkshire’s finest 5* hotels, Raithwate Hall .


s much as the Whitby coastline is incredibly beautiful, in December it is also incredibly chilly, so it was with a sigh of relief and a yearning to embrace the impending warmth, that I arrived at the rather imposing and magnificent Raithwaite Hall.

zen state of the Raithwaite Spa. Hidden beneath the hotel, it truly is a pinnacle of calm. Therapist Lauren did an incredible job, relaxing both body and mind with her de-stressing massage, compliments of some deliciously scented Aromatherapy Associates oils. Well and truly relaxed, I slipped off to take a dip in the reviving pool, before unwindGreeted by welcoming, smiling fac- ing in the steam room and sauna - it is es, check-in was effortless and I was the easiest way to burn calories after all! soon being whisked off to room by Pete, the rather dashing Porter. Be- Feeling truly rejuvenated, it was only fore I was left to relax in the comfort of the thought of the incredible Brace my spacious room, I was given a thor- Restaurant dinner menu that stopped ough run-down of the impressive fa- me retiring to bed, to doze in a cloud cilities including bar opening times. of soft throws and plump pillows. I A quick browse of the dinner menu am however thankful that I made it to definitely wet my appetite for what dinner, because it was quite honestly was to come later, but of course firstly one of the most succulent and sumpthere was a glorious spa to experience. tuous meals I have had for a long time. A quick change into a fluffy white robe I opted to sample the delectable hand and slippers provided in the room and smoked salmon mille feuille, creme I was ready to be transported into the fraiche and caviar starter, followed by 82


Images courtesy of Raithwate Estate


a hearty yet exquisite Waterford House Farm sirloin of beef with triple cooked chips, roast vine tomatoes and locally sourced Pickering Watercress. I ‘heroically’ forced myself to leave room to sample a desert consisting of the most incredibly luxurious chocolate fondant, juxtaposed perfectly against a zesty orange and cinnamon syrup and cinder toffee ice cream.

5 star dining in a more personal space.

Following a perfect nights sleep and a refreshing shower in the sizeable ensuite complete with heated flooring, I was overwhelmed by the breakfast selection available. Fresh homemade cereals, flapjacks and compotes were abundant, and once again the full English breakfast demonstrated everything that is great about local produce. For Priding themselves on their exquisite those with room to spare, there are also selection of locally sourced ingredi- fresh meats, cheeses and breads galore. ents from the surrounding area, the Brace Restaurant was filled with the Whether you are local to the area and type of buzz one would expect from looking for a night of luxury away from a renowned 5 star restaurant; all ac- the home front, or journeying from furcommodated in a room rich with dark ther away to visit the beautiful Whitby woods, golden lighting and a sprinkle seaside town, Raithwaite Hall is the ideof nostalgic imagery of the breathtaking al luxury retreat. The hotel is grand and Whitby coastline. Families and larger perfectly comfortable, the service warm, parties have the tempting option of set- the food is of an outstanding 5 star qualtling into their very own enclosed area, ity, being it is locally sourced and wholewith the long dining table, soft light- some too. Upon departure you’re sure to ing and privacy enhancing glass doors, feel warm glow, ready to face the world providing the ultimate combination of whilst contemplating your next visit. 85

House of Fraser, Biba Silver Bedroom, Moulin satin bench £399 Black glass perfume bottle £18 Moulin satin king bedstead £999 Edwardian lace bedlinen from £30 Silver jacquard bedlinen from £40 Snake print bedlinen from £25 Luxe silver bedspread £200 Cream/gold logo embroidered cushion £45 Cream/gold dotty embroidered cushion £40 Black beaded cushion £35 Ivory beaded cushion £35 Logo jacquard towels in black and sand from £14 Glass bathroom accessories from £10

House of Fraser, Biba Starburst Teaset, Starburst dinner plate £12, side plate £10 Teapot £30 Cup & saucer £12 Espresso cup & saucer £12 Odette 24 piece gold cutlery set £160

House of Fraser, Biba dining Versailles glass dining table £699 Pierre velvet dining chair (set of 2) £399 Deco dinner plate £12, side plate £10, bowl £10 Gold stem wine glass (set of 4) £70 Gold stem champagne flute (set of 4) £70 Odette 24 piece gold cutlery set £160

Recipes by Chef Richard Ekkebus

Of Amber, at The Landmark Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong 90

 Lime caught Seabream

glazed with stewed mizutzko & seasonal vegetables   & organic lemon        


 500 g

Japanese Octopus; Mizutzko

50 g 50g 50 g 50 g

Carrots, peeled and cut in 5mm square dice White Onions, peeled and cut in 5mm square dice Celery stalks, peeled and cut in 5mm square dice Fennel, peeled and cut in 5mm square dice

100 g

Butter Echire, non salted

100 50ml. 150ml

Japanse fruit tomato, peeled, seeded and cut in 5mm square dice White Wine, dry Fish stock

50ml 1

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Organic lemon

Garnish: 100g 50g         

  

Salicornia, trimmed and remove woody parts in the stalk Fennel Flower   


  

 Octopus: Add 50 g butter in a heavy bottom sauce pan, add all the aromatic vegetables (besides the tomato)and sweat for 1 minute, then add the raw tentacles of octopus, add the white wine and cover with the fish bouillon add salt to taste. Bring to boil and lower the fire and simmer slowly for 20 min, take of the fire & let it cool down in the liquid for 30min. Remove and peel the tentacles from their skin.. Cut the big side of the tentacles into thin slices of max 2 mm thick. Cut the small side into small cubes. Reserve both separately. Strain the cooking liquid of the octopus & reserve. Keep the stewed vegetables for later usage.



North Sea Crab

& Mozzarella di Buffala  Rolls

 with mauritian royal palm hear heirloom  tomato & watermelon                                 


                        



Cherries & Bitter Chocolate 

   

with cherry sorbet

            

 

                                            

       

450g,.  

Fondant blanc  

 

 

Cherry Sorbet: 500g 60g 40g 

   

Cherry puree Water Sugar

 Mousse Chocolate; Melt the chocolate till 50°C, Cook the sugar and water to 125°C. Mix the Egg yolk, whole egg and the sugar to make a Pate a bombe. Take some of the Pate a bombe and mix with the melted chocolate. Then mix the rest of the Pate a Bombe with the whipped cream. Fold in the mix of Cream and pate a bombe in to the chocolate. Place the mousse in a piping bag and fill the 4  95

Bruno Ménard’s

Heavenly Recipes


To find out more about &MADE visit andmade.sg or tel: 6690 7566 To contact La Cantine visit lacantine.sg or tel: +65 6690 7567

Photography by Geraldine Mostachfi

3 Michelin Starred Chef,Bruno Ménard, previously from Tokyo’s L’Osier, is now based in Singapore helming the kitchens of &MADE by Bruno Ménard as well as La Cantine by Bruno Ménard. He is also the first, and only, 3-Michelin Starred Chef to be permanently based in Singapore; having joined Deliciae Hospitality Management, one of the top F&B companies in the country.

Atlantic Cod

Photography by Daniel Hung

with ‘rattle’ potatoes

Ingredients 150 grs Cod fish 60 grs “Ratte” Potatoes 20 grs Butter 15 grs Capers 10 gr Lemon flesh 5 grs Sliced Almonds 5 grs Croutons 2 grs Parsley

Method 1. Cook the potatoes in salted water. 2. Drain and peel them before mashing butter. 3. Season the mashed potatoes to taste. 4. Grill the fish in a preheated oven at 180 degrees Celsius. 5. Scoop the mashed potatoes onto a plate, followed by the grilled fish. 6. Garnish with sliced almonds, croutons, lemon and parsley. 97


Fig Chutney with duck foie gras terrine

Photography by Brett Boardman

Ingredients Foie Gas 1kg Montlouis wine QS-Small quantity Salt 12 grams Pepper 3 grams Foie Gras Fat Cap fruit fig puree 300 grams Agar Agar 4 grams Red dye 4 drops Salt QS-small quantity

Method Marinate the foie gras with the Montlouis wine, salt and pepper for one night. Place the marinated foie gras in a rectangular mold and cover it with cling film on both sides. In an air tight food bag, steam the foie gras at 59 degrees until it is 50 degrees in the middle. Mix the fig puree, agar agar, red dye and salt together, and season to taste. Bring the mixture to the boil, and pour it into a flat container. Upon cooling, cut the mixture into your desired shape.

Presentation To serve, add a dash of rock salt and Vinecao vinegar to either side of the plate. It is also traditionally served with Poilane bread.



Chocolate Macaroon with Vanilla ice cream

Photography by Brett Boardman

Ingredients Foie Gas 1kg Montlouis wine QS-Small quantity Salt 12 grams Pepper 3 grams Foie Gras Fat Cap fruit fig puree 300 grams Agar Agar 4 grams Red dye 4 drops Salt QS-small quantity

Method Marinate the foie gras with the Montlouis wine, salt and pepper for one night. Place the marinated foie gras in a rectangular mold and cover it with cling film on both sides. In an air tight food bag, steam the foie gras at 59 degrees until it is 50 degrees in the middle. Mix the fig puree, agar agar, red dye and salt together, and season to taste. Bring the mixture to the boil, and pour it into a flat container. Upon cooling, cut the mixture into your desired shape.

Presentation To serve, add a dash of rock salt and Vinecao vinegar to either side of the plate. It is also traditionally served with Poilane bread.


Pescatori’s Cacciucco

Tuscan Fish Stew


Pescatori Mayfair

11 Dover Street, London W1S 4LH T: 020 7493 2652 F: 020 7499 3180 ds@pescatori.co.uk

Pescatori Fitzrovia 57 Charlotte Street, London W1T 4PD T: 020 7580 3289 cs@pescatori.co.uk

Monday-Friday: 12.00pm - 3.00pm 5.30pm - 10.30pm Saturday: 1pm - 11pm

Monday to Friday 12:00pm - 2:30pm 5.30pm - 10.30 pm Saturday 5.30pm - 11.00 pm

This is a traditional dish from the coastal town of Livorno, in Tuscany, and is based on a legend. A fisherman’s widow had nothing to give her five children to eat so she knocked on the doors of five neighbours, each of whom gave her a different fish and a different crustacean or piece of seafood. With those five fishes the widow was able to make a stew to feed her children, thus ‘Cacciucco’ (with 5 c’s) was born and is of course reminiscent of the sea. Ingredients (Serves 12)


Approx equal amounts of the following 5 fishes: Huss, red mullet, cod, hake and grey mullet

Prepare and clean all the fish, put the molluscs and crustaceans in one pile and the fish in another. The fish can be whole, filleted or cubed, it is simply a matter of personal preference. Crush six of the garlic cloves and fry them gently in the oil with the chilli for about five minutes in a very large saucepan. Add the cuttlefish, octopus and squid and fry quickly for about five minutes, stirring. Add the passata and half the wine, boil off the alcohol for a couple of minutes, then season with salt. In a separate pan (large enough for all the remaining fish) heat the fish stock and the wine together until simmering. Slide the fish into the hot liquid. Add the prawns, shrimps and all the other crustaceans. Season with salt. Cover and simmer for about 10 minutes, or until cooked through.

Approxequal amounts of the following:: Cuttlefish, octopus, squid, prawns, shrimps, mussels, vongole *All the above must weigh around 5 kilos in total* 10 cloves of garlic peeled 16 tablespoons olive oil 1 dried red chilli pepper, chopped 500 mls (approx.) of passata or canned tomatoes 4 glasses dry white wine About 500 mls rich fish stock, prepared Salt to taste About 24 slices coarse Italian bread, toasted

Transfer all this mixture carefully to the large sauce pan and stir it all together very gently. Begin by transferring the fish, then pour in the liquid. Cover and simmer until you are ready to sit at the table. Toast the bread slices. Rub the toasted bread generously with garlic on both sides, then serve immediately. You may like to sprinkle with a little chopped parsley, and offer some really intense extra virgin olive oil, or chilli flavoured oil for each person to add to their portion as they desire. 103

Photoshoot: Olivier Laudus, The Great Glamour Location: Corinthia Hotel, London Accessories: Olivier Laudus Stylist: Elisabetta Cirulli Photographer: Fiona Kelly Hair Stylist: Joshua Altback Make-Up Artist: Ana Ospina Flowers: Liz Inigo Jones Dresses: Sabina Motasem & Ellis Bridals Shoes: Rainbow Club 106







Olivier Laudus Article by Rebecca Martin Since its inception in 2004 Olivier Laudus has been lovingly nurtured by husband and wife team Olivier and Sangeeta, blossoming from the handmade designer wedding ring cushions at its luxury roots, into a flourishing arrangement of the most breathtaking bridal accessories available on the market today. Coveted by the most refined of brides, every piece in the Olivier Laudus boutique embodies timeless elegance and luxury. Shot by esteemed photographer Fiona Kelly within the plush surroundings of the Corinthia London Hotel, the campaign for the new Olivier Laudus collection effortlessly juxtaposes the glamorous combination of textures that runs through each piece, alongside the sleek, sophisticated backdrop of the magnificent hotel. Befitting of its title, the ‘2014 Great Glamour Collection’ is the epitome of glamorous sophistication. Sprinkled with the glitter-

ing essence of Old Hollywood and the splendour of the silver screen, each piece in the collection whispers the love stories of a bygone era. Ethereal forehead chains sit delicately beside dramatic vintage tiaras appropriate for even the most regal of unions. Headbands and hair combs are encrusted with a profusion of creamy pearls and sparkling diamante. Jewellery in the collection would sit comfortably amongst the most treasured of family heirlooms, with Crystallised Swarovski Elements, Cubic Zirconia stones and twinkling diamante crafted into a setting of the most captivating of bracelets and earrings. Within the opulence of Corinthia’s Massimo Restaurant, and the romance of its Trafalgar Suite, Olivier Laudus pieces shine as beacons of desirability. Transporting us to a golden epoch of refined glamour, the Bohemia Forehead Wedding Band personifies the sophisti-

cated luxe of the 1920’s, styled to defy time and remain a contemporary masterpiece. Demonstrating an alternative yet equally enchanting beauty to that of the Bohemia, the otherworldly appeal of the Victoria Ribbon Vintage Headband, a resplendent combination of smooth ivory ribbon and buds of crystal and pearl, is such that it transforms the already beautiful Trafalgar Suite with a sense of dreamlike fragility. A wedding is an occasion which calls for luxury and extravagance, and the charm of Olivier Laudus stems from an innate ability to craft a sense of the exceptional into each and every piece. On a wedding morning brimming with excitement and anticipation, the opportunity to take a moment, lifting the lid of a dove white box and folding back the layers of tissue paper to unearth the bejewelled treasure within will become one that is cherished with memories of the day. 113




weddings at

the Corinthia Hotel


erfection is seldom achieved, yet the talented and creative minds behind the Corinthia Hotel exceed expectation and present the ideal in luxury wedding venues. Set against the stunning backdrop of the Thames and only a stone’s throw away from Trafalgar Square, the historical building provides intimate and personal weddings in the heart of the city. Building upon its foundation as a setting for high society balls and infamous ‘Midnight Folly’ cabarets, the building retains much of its former character and grandeur with a modern fresh twist, creating a bright and open lavish space. The hotel is licensed to hold wedding ceremonies and civil services in a choice of four beautiful rooms, each varying in size and design. Alternatively the hotel can be a dream setting

following a Church wedding, offering unparalleled reception spaces. The Corinthia’s vast number of rooms and spaces present the ultimate in flexibility and adaptability. The Grand Style restored Victorian ballroom is a stunning setting for a banquet dinner and dance reception for up to 180 guests or the Royal Penthouse (suitable for up to 25 guests) exudes intimacy, with breathtaking views across the city. Care and attention to detail are matters at the forefront of Corinthia’s wedding philosophy, with a dedicated team of experts equipped with a fountain of knowledge and experience, ensuring that your fairy tale wedding becomes a reality. From quality in-house catering to artisan floristry and string quartets, each detail becomes an art form designed to make your





room is a stunning setting for a banquet dinner and dance reception for up to 180 guests or the Royal Penthouse (suitable for up to 25 guests) exudes intimacy, with breathtaking views across the city.

glossy monochrome setting of ESPA Life at Corinthia London delivers the ultimate indulgence of the senses. A sense of exclusivity resonates, with discreet private suites and relaxation pods shielding you from the eyes of the world whilst you relax completely. Care and attention to detail are matters at The amphitheatre sauna, hammam, steam the forefront of Corinthia’s wedding phi- room and innovative ice fountain stimulosophy, with a dedicated team of experts late your sense of well being and relaxation. equipped with a fountain of knowledge and experience, ensuring that your fairy tale Your guests will utter amazed gasps in wedding becomes a reality. From quality unison at their stunning accommodain-house catering to artisan floristry and tion; light and fresh with sumptuous decstring quartets, each detail becomes an orative touches, whilst mirroring the art form designed to make your wedding opulent tone of your special day with unique and completely bespoke. A dedi- on-site gastronomical delights inside the cated wedding planner will help create and Corinthia’s exquisite restaurants, oysdesign your big day, with wine tasting and ter bars and even private dining facilities. menu sampling to ensure your personality and style is felt throughout the wedding. Built upon an attitude of romantic nostalgia with service and style as paramount, the In the lead up to the all-important nuptials abundance of facilities and opulence found you and your bridesmaids can while away in every room places the Corinthia Hothe hours feeling pampered and relaxed in- tel as a unique and extraordinary wedding side the innovative and unique ESPA Life. venue with superior standards. From lavVoted ‘Best European Spa’ in 2013, the sleek ish spaces to intimate hideaways, love care surroundings house the world renowned and emotion mix elegantly with style and Hair by David Galvin salon within, along quality to bring London weddings to new, with perhaps the most opulent spa setting dazzling heights, creating an intriguing and around. Encompassing four floors, the beautiful five star luxury wedding venue. 121

Corinthia Hotel, 10 Whitehall Pl, London, SW1A 2BD 020 7930 8181



Memories & moments with


After the stunning gown, breathtaking reception venue, and emotion filled vows, there is one aspect of your wedding day that will remain until death us do part; your rings. As you and your beloved celebrate your perfect partnership, Cartier and diamonds celebrate theirs.

memories such a romance brings. Where memories will remain for eternity, so too will the expertly crafted diamonds implicit to the Cartier heritage. Since being founded in Paris in 1847, Cartier has built a reputation as one of the finest diamond experts in the world. Such is the appeal of their timeless designs and flawless creaCartier are synonymous with all-consum- tions, that Cartier have long served as the ing romance, and the once in a lifetime jeweller of choice to royalty around the 124

world, with King Edward VII of England even referring to them as “the jeweller of kings and the king of jewellers”. Along with a royal warrant befitting of their reputation as the diamond darlings of royal courts the world over, Cartier has also played its part in some of the greatest love stories of our time. Prince Rainier III of Monaco chose Cartier for his proposal to Grace Kelly, with an eternity band of rubies and diamonds playing the all-important role, until it was replaced with a breathtaking 10.5 carat emerald-cut diamond, flanked by two baguettes. Decades later in 2011, Charlene and Prince Albert of Monaco celebrated their romance with Cartier, exchanging 18-carat platinum Cartier bands as they made their vows to one another.

three stages of designing your own Cartier solitaire, supported throughout by the expertise of a Cartier ambassador.

The first step is to choose your setting, and with seventeen exquisite options to choose from, this in itself is a thought provoking process. Traditionalists may crave the timeless simplicity of the Classic 1895 Cartier Solitaire, whilst the stark screw detail and clean lines of the LOVE Solitaire holds a thoroughly contemporary appeal whilst also bearing all the markings of a future iconic design. Contemporary meets with tradition in the distinctly rounded design of the Honeymoon Solitaire: a determined statement piece that embraces a stunning combination of simplicity and opulence. Even with such a wide ranging With a history so steeped in romance, and variety of styles, the perfect one becomes a reputation cemented on an unwavering apparent, forming the bedazzling basis dedication to timeless quality and rigor- for the ultimate token of your affections. ous diamond selection processes, it is unsurprising that Cartier have long garnered With the setting decided upon, attention the attention of the newly betrothed. turns to the diamonds. Working within a rigorous selection criteria based on Whether planning a perfect proposal the ‘4C’s’ (carat, colour, clarity and cut), or yearning for a wedding band sym- Cartier’s team of gemmologists exambolic of the special vows you are pre- ine each and every stone to ensure their paring to make, the experts at Cartier beauty is flawless. Such attention to detail have taken care of every aspect, leaving ultimately attributes to the incomparable you the enviable task of choosing the quality of the final piece and indeed to the one that best symbolises your union. all-important moment of your proposal. There is little more luxurious than something that is created bespoke for At that moment when you stand togethyou. Creating a piece that is completely er, united at your centre by the iconic red unique and tailored to reflect your indi- box, encased within it is not just a beauvidual love is priceless, and the Set for tiful material symbol of your love for one You by Cartier service is the ultimate in another, but also a promise of a lifetime personalised engagement ring design. of adventures and an eternal partnership, Creating a ring as unique as the love you represented with a Cartier diamond ring. share, the process guides you through Article by Rebecca Martin 125


Revolutionising a Bridal Tradition


Article by Kimberleigh Spreadbury Founded in 2005, the Amara brand draws upon the expertise of interior designer and founder, Sam Hood. Alongside her husband and business partner, Andrew Hood, this fresh thinking, innovative team have hand-picked the very best in luxury home-ware from an array of designers including Missoni, Ralph Lauren and Roberto Cavalli, to name but a few. The brands incredible success is built upon their unparalleled eye for detail and design, something which is underpinned and supported by their award winning customer service. In a move set to radicalise the way we shop for wedding gifts, Amara have launched their new and bespoke wedding registry service, elevating the once arduous task to an exciting and enjoyable luxury experience. As strong believers that wedding planning carries enough stress and potential for worry, Amara aim to make the process of creating a wedding registry a smooth and happy one for you and your loved one to enjoy together. Such as your wedding day marks the first steps of a life together, the gifts you receive are a symbol of your new union and the love and support of family and friends. With the gifts you receive contributing towards

the rest of your married life, Amara recognise the weight and significance of a bridal registry, and the importance of making it incredibly personalised to you as a couple. Accommodating to all budgets, tastes and time restraints, Amara’s user friendly and beautifully presented website hosts over 170 luxury brands, with many of the stunning products available to be shipped for delivery the very next day. As couples log on to the site they are requested to create a profile, providing information such as names, dates and a personal welcome message for guests. Amara then provides tailored invitation inserts with a unique wedding list number (and password if desired) for guests to access easily, alleviating the worry and strain on loved ones too. A fully trained registry team are on hand to answer any questions posed along the way, by either the couple or their guests, and to also offer a luxury gift wrapping service. The next step (and most exciting) is shopping to your heart’s content. Across the sleek pages of Amara’s website you can browse thousands of beautiful, useful and quality products, selecting and falling in love with each piece, until your

list is complete. The products on offer expertly mix the traditional with the contemporary, working across demand, trend and style to ensure that each couples personalities and tastes are catered to. From the beautifully quirky Hybrid dinner service from Seletti, to the modern Eva Solo barbecue accessories, and categories such as home fragrance, men’s store and even pet, there are many treasures and gems waiting for you to explore. As an additional facet to the already glittering diamond service Amara provide, once your big day is over and you have returned from a blissful honeymoon, you have the opportunity to excitedly review and discreetly swap items before dispatch. Built upon the strong traditions of a personal registry, Amara effortlessly aggrandises the humble wedding list to a blissful bonding session between bride and groom, and subsequently family and friends too. Amara have artfully and carefully sculpted the nostalgic process into a bespoke and luxurious experience, through which ease, design and style are quintessential to continuing this wonderful tradition and helping create your very own happily ever after. 127


A Selection of our Favourite Pieces


An intrinsic and nostalgic part of wedding registry heritage takes the form of fine china and dinner services, and Amara has scoured the globe to find the most beautiful and stylish pieces. Ralph Lauren offers several gorgeous pieces designed to enhance and compliment your tablescape with rustic, country inspired charm and warmth. The Ralph Lauren ‘Duke’ red check dinner service artfully frames your food and sets the science for cosy winter nights with a roaring fire and friends. The set can be bought as a whole or key items treasured individually to create a variety of contrasts and combinations. Keeping in mind the country inspired theme created by the check dinner service, Ralph Lauren Home offers divine and beautifully tailored Dorset Stirrup Napkin rings that evoke imagery of long rides across the

rolling hills or a country walk ing white Squirrel Match Strike before your gastronomic feast. by designer Jonathan Alder takes the traditional sculpture Every table requires a little bit and sends it down the rabbit of glamour and sparkle. The hole. What you’re left with is a warm gold hues of L’Objet gold quirky match holder with clean bird crystal place card holders crisp lines and a playful white add an indulgent twist to your squirrel. Do I need it? Probably table while beautifully direct- not. Do I want it? Absolutely! ing your guests to their seats. The intricate sculpting mag- Books are an integral part of nifies the ordinary place card many people’s lives. When each to a small work of art not just treasured volume is resting on reserved for a mantle piece. the bookshelf, I believe they should be lovingly supported We adore the eccentric splash- and framed by L’Objets Coral es of colour seen on the Birds Bookends. The shocking colof a Paradise red bathrobe our and highlights of 24k gold from Pip Studio is defined by are beautifully showcased by its glorious vibrancy and daz- the flowing and delicate struczling pattern. In warm and ture of the forged brass coral. irresistibly soft 100% cotton velour’s, and available in four The final product we’d recomrich colours, this comforting mend is the bold red Doggierobe is an ideal luxury gift. lounge by Fatboy; a sumptuous home for my miniature dachsNot all gifts have to be tradi- hund and a an alternative fotional or indeed sensible. Com- cal point for any room. This bining whimsical frivolity with personifies pure indulgence. purpose, the stylish and uplift129

The Secret



Claire Pettibone Article by Kimberleigh Spreadbury

In a season abundant with varying shades of blush pink, couture bridal designer Claire Pettibone offers a fresh take on coloured bridal gowns. From nostalgic childhood daydreams of fairy tale gowns and playing in picturesque woodlands, Claire Pettibone designs aim to capture this romance and mystery while celebrating the beauty and elegance of nature. The result showcases three luxurious and exquisite collections with warm, muted tones highlighted with bursts of colour from floral embellishments and breathtaking embroidery. Here colour exists not as a bold statement, but rather as small and delicate jewels to be treasured and admired, mixing vintage glamour and extravagance with modern clean lines and shapes. The Decoupage collection draws inspiration from the traditional technique of layering intricate cut-outs to create pieces of adorning artwork. Here modest necklines are complimented by layered windows of Chantilly lace and cameo embellishments. Stunning drapes of platinum silks,

ivory organza, nude velvets and floral ribbons are lovingly crafted to take you on a visual journey of hidden detail and texture, resulting in a collection of vintage heirloom pieces, each an art work in their own right. While each gown holds a simple, elegant silhouette and neutral tone, hints of colour and shape exist in floral appliqué resembling a fresh bouquet of spring flowers in an array of delicate hues. Pastel pinks and warm greens lift each dress without committing to a strict colour code, thus providing versatility and beauty combined. Still life paintings beautifully depict inanimate objects in exquisite detail. During the 17th century, built upon the techniques of old masters and new age travel, intricate and rich florals became popular in ceramics and wallpapers- the sign of wealth, style and luxury. Drawing upon the discipline and beauty of 17th  century art, Claire Pettibone’s Still Life collection projects opulence, design and heritage with a fresh perspective. Breaking the traditional elements of still life, Pettib-

one utilizes three dimensional mixed media through the use of pearls, gold embellishments and lace layering to bring the historical discipline into the 21st century, in turn creating breathtaking gowns that are unlike any other. Possibly the most eye catching gown of the Still Life collection, Raven embodies the vision and essence of 17th century still life art. The dramatic black tulle overlay provides a deep backdrop for richly saturated embroidered florals, drawing the eye to gilded lace and dazzling sequins. In contrast the Alchemy gown, although under the same inspiration, boasts a neutral palette of intricate gold filigree and lace detailing over blush silk. Here the design echoes the extravagance and opulence of the great houses, textures and galleries of the time with a fresh revival of heritage floral prints. Although both gowns demonstrate strong and beautiful identities the two are united in their display of the luxury and romance of the late 17th century. Flora and fauna are modernised and utilised


to highlight and compliment the silhouette of each gown, celebrating nature’s beauty and form. The subtle yet warming use of gold thread and embellishments give the dresses a life form that exude warmth and mystic that glow and capture the light. The final collection in the trilogy encapsulates harmony, innocence and femininity. Drawing inspiration from Roman deities, the sumptuously draped fabrics of the Continuing Collection emulate smooth marble with a sun kissed colour palette. Jewelled embellishments and a slim empire line silhouette are softened with delicate lace and straps in the shape 132

of vine leaves, adding to the image of languid Goddesses relaxing in the Mediterranean sunlight. Rising up from Poseidon’s waves, the Venus gown in a sumptuous and eye catching azure green epitomises Pettibone’s fresh colour palette. A full length, form fitting, velvet gown with a sea foam cowl neckline and lace embellishments, paints the picture of divine and mythical mermaids and effortless beauty, perfect for those seeking to incorporate pure drama into their day. Claire Pettibone’s new flagship store at the Castle in Los Angeles, personifies the essence and historical influence of the brand. The dramatic and

stunningly crafted embellishments and accents present on each gown echo royalty and heritage befitting of a manor house or stately building, yet the charming and delicate floral pieces compliment old English country gardens and breathtaking scenery, demonstrating the versatility and richness of the collections. For those seeking a colourful yet timeless alternative to the blush pinks of this season, Claire Pettibone offers the solution. Traditional cuts combine with a sartorial secret garden, embroidered flora and fauna creating fabric artworks guaranteed to draw breaths of amazement on the big day.


Bridal Marchesa Embellished Filigree Gown £5,850.00

McQueen Lace Print De Manta Clutch £325.00

Carat Fancy Pink Pear Borderset Drop Earrings £474.00

Kurt Geiger London Anja Court Shoe £195.00


Carolina Bucci Small 18K Gold Sparkly Button Studs £245.00

Gaydamak 9K Gold and Diamond Ring £495.00

Casadei Blade Leather Pump £550.00

Saint Laurent 'Sac de Jour' tote £1584.33

Astley Clarke Green Amethyst Ring With Diamonds £3,300.00

Boodles Jazz Diamond Bangle £4,900.00 135

y r i S a O S F g n i d d e W

Our voice of the wedding world reveals all the latest goings-on from the aisle of I do! 136

It’s all in the detail...

I love nothing more than a room full of gorgeous people ready and waiting for an intimate winter warmer! I am particularly all over the pimped up ‘Downton Abbey’ look right now – faux furs, an unending amount of gothic candelabras to light the space with and a little splash of glitz to bring the whole thing alive. I always find this a really adventurous time of the year

to create a proper winter wonderland that your friends and family will never forget. The real drama is always in the detail and this is especially true when it comes to weddings. And when I say detail I mean the fun factor! Ditch the red wine and kick off your pre-dinner drinks with a his ‘n’ hers cocktail menu designed by your very good selves as bride and

groom. Why not also host a festive big day pub quiz at your reception themed around you as a couple. Where did you first meet, first date etc and make sure you have a prize for the table that wins - this is a fabulous ice breaker when putting strangers together on a table. And don’t forget to integrate detail for the season into your venue design – I am loving faux 137


snow and accents of win- oddest of rituals. The ter greenery right now sky will be a whirlwind of butterfly beauty as Of course, we mustn’t you bask in the glory forget the space where of having just said I do. all these adventures are Each butterfly is actuto unfold and where ally designed to fly for there’s fun, there are also 8 seconds so bask away moments to treasure. I people - I am feeling the have long been a fan of love already! Rose petthe very gorgeous Rice als also work really well Butterflies for truly cre- but, for a spot of that all ating a stunning scene important extra detail to capture the moment slash special touch - this you say ‘I do’. For me, confetti works a treat. the confetti chucking And only this week, I ceremony can often be a also discovered these rather messy unglamor- rustic, vintage styled ous affair. Guests hurl- crates for the venue ining handfuls of anything terior itself. A brilliant they can find at the new- idea for storing wedlyweds is never a good ding presents, to use as look in my book. Do we a centre-piece for your really want to see a bride tables or just within half choking to death on the space for dressing a pink paper lucky horse in general. Authenticshoe charm? Thankfully, ity is always really imit doesn’t have to be like portant when trying to this, in fact, this mo- bring a room alive, and ment during the day’s for me, these little beauproceedings can actually ties are the real McCoy. be a rather spectacular, picturesque moment to capture and save for the Prices start from £22.95 wedding album if man- and are available from aged correctly. Yes, say www.plantabox.co.uk goodbye to tack and hello gorgeous glamorous butterflies now availble Don’t forget to visit directly from my web- my site for the buttersite www.thewedding- flies... prices start at fairy.tv. This dream-like £11.50 for a box of 100. confetti glides through the air adding that all Happy planning girls important touch of sotwf x phistication to this 139


Wedding Wishing Well

British MODE magazine is proud to feature this truly exceptional charity as this month’s choice. Our pleasure in choosing The Wedding Wishing Well is deepened by the fact that our wonderful wedding expert, George Watts, aka The Wedding Fairy, is also a Patron of the charity; its aims are utterly laudable, honouring as they do the love between two people at the most profoundly moving time in their own and their families lives. The purpose of


the foundation is to or- chance to do my little bit ganise and fund weddings to help is really wonderful. for terminally ill people. And for me personally, it is so inspiring to see the Delighted by the an- Great British Wedding Innouncement of his new dustry all pulling together role as a patron of the for such an amazing cause charity, George said, “I and I see it as my job of am truly thrilled to accept patron, to keep spreadthis patronage for 2014 ing the word of what The and feel so honoured to be Wedding Wishing Well given this opportunity to Foundation is all about. In support all the incredible such a short space of time, work of the foundation. I the charity has achieved so have admired everything much, and I know in 2014 Naomi and the team have we will keep building on achieved for quite some that inspirational work to time now, so to have this support wherever we can.”

Dresses by Ian Stuart & Two Birds Bridesmaids, Beauty & Hair by Amazing Face, Accessories by The Tiara Boutique

Founder Naomi Thomas

The Foundation was launched in 2012 by founder Naomi Thomas of Wellington S ome rs e t , The Daily Mail’s Inspirational Woman of The Year. Naomi received the shocking news that she had breast cancer in 2009, later to be told that it had spread and was incurable, in 2010. Once initially diagnosed she knew she wanted to marry her fiancé of three years, however the strain of the illness on family finances made it seem impossible. However the marriage was made possible when a friend and colleague in the industry helped out and sourced wedding sup-

possibility of marrying their very own Prince or Princess Charming. Making dreams come true is very much what this charity is about. This feature is a tribute to the exceptional work of the charity and the sterling work of their supporters. The British MODE team would encourage individuals and fellow professionals connected with the bridal industry to get involved in any way in which they can. The rewards of doing so would be nothing other than priceless.

pliers who would work for free. Naomi’s background as a Wedding Planner cou pled with her own unique wedding experience and medical condition spurred her on to create the founda- Images courtesy of photion so that others in a simi- tographer Tasha Newland of Ikonworks. lar situation would have the



Beyond Burlesque The Pandora Dress This gown is inspired by the affluent film ‘The Great Gatsby’ with a sprinkle of the 1940’s With a classic sweet-heart neckline this flowing red dress is made of a delicious combination of silks… Georgette, metallic Chantilly lace and a corset of double crepe satin. It has a girdle like corset base that holds the waist in and supports the bust and the back has the traditional laced up detail of a Victorian corset.



The valentines Halter corset

This waspie (waist reducing corset) top has several meters of flowing red silk Georgette attached to it that forms a neck tie or shawl. The back has a traditional corset fastening (Eyelets and cord) A combination of classic corsetry and draping.


Honeymoon Essentials Dior Diorific Vernis £20.00

Judith Leiber Union Jack Clutch £2,825.00

D&G Classic Cream Lipstick £24.00

Casadei 'Slave Chain' sandal £616.83


Pinko lace dress £248.49

D&G PassionEyes Mascara £26.00 Melissa Odabash crochet 'Cara' dress £342.66

By Terry Serum Terrybly Sunbooster £68.00

Missoni patterned bikini £287.73

D&G Glow Bronzing Powder £39.50 149

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The Diamond Edition features an EXCLUSIVE Interview with Hollywood actress, Kate Dickie (Promethius, Game of Thrones). The issue is also pac...

British MODE February 2014  

The Diamond Edition features an EXCLUSIVE Interview with Hollywood actress, Kate Dickie (Promethius, Game of Thrones). The issue is also pac...