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Brighton & Hove Pride 6TH-7TH AUGUST 2016

“Widely acknowleged as the country’s most popular LGBT Pride event” The Guardian

Pride Rainbow Run

Pride Diversity Games

***** Best UK Pride Event – Out & G3 Magazine Awards ***** Best UK Pride Event – Boyz Magazine Scene Awards ***** Best International Festival – Planet London Awards ***** Best Pride Event - National Student Pride Awards ***** Gscene Princess Diana Award – Golden Handbag Awards






THE EVENTS Creative Overview Community Parade Pride Festival Pride Village Party Pride Diversity Games Pride Dog Show Pride Arts & Film Festival


SOCIAL, ECONOMIC & CULTURAL IMPACT Social Impact & Cohesion LGBT Accessibility Matters Economic Impact National & International Tourism Marketing, Media & PR Campaigns


BENEFICIARIES OF PRIDE Pride With Purpose Social Impact Fund

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Carnival Of Diversity


“One of the best Pride events in the world. Whatever your flavour, you’ll find it in Brighton.” Lonely Planet, March 2015



WELCOME Dear friends, Firmly established as the UK’s biggest international Pride Festival, Brighton Pride attracts a diverse demographic audience from across the UK, Europe and the World. In 2015, Pride25 cemented Brighton Pride’s reputation as the UK’s leading campaigning and community fundraising Pride. Supporting our local charities and good causes is the cornerstone of our Pride – a ‘Pride with Purpose’ - and 2015 broke all fundraising targets raising £100,000 for the first time in Pride history. Pride is singularly the most popular visitor attraction in the City’s event calendar, with benefits not only for community groups and charities but also the wider city services, tourism and commercial venues’ profits. Pride is not just a weekend of parades and parties for the City, but also a time when family, friends, neighbours and the city itself, recognises, celebrates and promotes tolerance and diversity within our communities. Our Pride will continue to raise awareness of the plight of global LGBT communities who still suffer discrimination because of who they are. As we embark on our 26th year, Pride 2016’s Carnival of Diversity, Uniting Nations will celebrate the colour, diversity and vibrance of the global communities. Now’s the time to get involved and support the amazing and diverse community event that is the UK’s biggest and boldest Pride event, Brighton Pride. Paul Kemp / Dulcie Weaver Directors Brighton Pride CIC,





CREATIVE OVERVIEW The creative vision of Brighton Pride is to stimulate everyone’s sense of the creative economy. The sharing of artistic skills and experience can be a great bonding effect that reaches far beyond the event itself with wonderfully positive results. We aim to involve the widest possible cross section of our community and supporters by encouraging participants to work together who may not have the chance to do so under normal circumstances. Encouraging community groups and supprting buiseseses with themes and creativity, helping foster better social cohesion among our communities and bringing diverse groups of people and their skills together, we hope to promote greater understanding, equality and social cohesion to express something that goes far beyond socio-economic boundaries, genders and abilities and can say something wonderfully positive about the city and it’s people. Taking part in the parade is the most visible way of showing your brands supports for diversity within our communities. Its a positive way to show your support for your employees and demonstrates your ethics and values, and is a huge ‘shop window’ with a massive audience over eager to hear your message.


“Greater understanding, equality and social cohesion can be the outcome of such efforts and together Pride can express something that goes beyond socioeconomic boundaries.”

Carnival Of Diversity


Brighton Pride is our Pride. A Pride with Purpose. Pride is more than just a day out, more than a party. It is a unique opportunity to bring people together and celebrate the diversity of our communities. 12


COMMUNITY PARADE The Brighton Pride Community Parade is an exciting world-class event celebrating the diversity of the UK’s favourite Cities. With over 200,000 participants and spectators the Brighton Pride Community Parade is the jewel in the city’s crown, bringing together organisations, businesses and community for a truly unique celebration of LGBT Pride. The Brighton Pride Community Parade is the biggest and brightest event in the city’s calendar that sees the streets filled with a joyous carnival of music, laughter, dance and proud rainbow filled celebrations. A celebration like no other this iconic international event now in its 26th year enables Brighton Pride to celebrate, fundraise and campaign, ensuring the city is the focus of global attention. As one of the UK’s best Pride festivals, Brighton Pride leads the way in community fundraising and campaigning for international equality and diversity. Participants have included Brighton Pride’s partners and sponsors, local community groups including Mind Out, The Mosaic Youth Centre, Raystede Animal Sanctuary, The Carers Centre and Allsorts youth project, representatives from political parties and faith groups, the NHS, Brighton Housing Trust, Sussex Police, Sussex Fire services, Albert Kennedy Trust, the Girl Guides, Scouts, trade unions, along side major corporate brands showing their support for diversity, and a sensational selection of performers, musicians and artists including costumier extraordinaire Mandinga Arts, Brighton community choirs, Marta Scott Dance Company, Raw Samba and Samba Pelo Mar. The Brighton Pride Community Parade is the spectacle of the year, wowing spectators and creating proud memories for years to come for all those participating. A truly brilliant, uplifting and empowering community event, the Brighton Pride Community Parade celebrates all that is diverse and beautiful in our community as we come together with Pride.


“The Brighton Pride Community Parade is the most vibrant event on the city’s calendar attracting spectators and participants from across the UK and beyond and delivers an engaging, inspirational and proud day for all.�

Carnival Of Diversity


“Empowering, inspiring and delightfully diverse” 16


PRIDE FESTIVAL The Brighton Pride Festival in Preston Park is a glittering and truly inclusive celebration that delivers an unforgettable day of Pride celebrations. A unique community fundraising event, the Brighton Pride Festival has enjoyed amazing performances from international stars including Fatboy Slim, Katy B, Ruby Rose, The Human League, Ella Henderson, Seamus Haji, Panti Bliss, Boy George, Alison Moyet, Paloma Faith, Blue, The Freemasons, Hercules and Love Affair, Tulisa and Ms Dynamite. Described by The Guardian as “the country’s most popular LGBT event,” the Brighton Pride Festival is a vibrant and spectacular celebration of all that is wonderful about Brighton & Hove’s diverse community, with visitors from across the globe enjoying its spectacular celebrations. A unique Pride event bringing together the very best of Britain’s favourite seaside city, the Brighton Pride Festival revels in our diversity as dance tents, amazing live music and community areas combine to create a festival we can all be proud of. Brighton Pride Festival has proved itself to be the UK’s biggest, boldest and best Pride event with community fundraising at it’s heart.


“It’s no secret that Brighton is the best Pride event in Britain” WINQ Magazine, June 2015

Carnival Of Diversity



“Brighton Pride Festival delivers the UK’s biggest and most spectacular of Pride celebrations” 21

PRIDE DOG SHOW In association with Coastway Veterinary Group and The Dogs Trust, the annual Pride Dog Show is an event guaranteed to set tails wagging across the city. One of Brighton Pride’s most wonderfully accessible of events, the Pride Dog Show celebrates our four-legged best friends with a day of fun and barking frolics as dogs and dog lovers come together and shine with Pride. A day for all the family, the Pride Dog Show features awards for numerous categories, retail stalls, a glamorous catwalk doggy fashion show, bar and refreshments.

PRIDE ARTS & FILM FESTIVAL Packed with a diverse selection of exhibitions and entertainment the critically acclaimed Brighton Pride Arts & Film Festival (BPAFF) has become the destination for the proudly creative hosting many exciting and innovative events. Over the past three years the BPAFF has brought together the very best of the city’s LGBT creative community and international stars. Artists, performers, exhibitions and events taking part in the BPAFF have included the Keith Haring Foundation in New York, Orange Is The New Black, Panti Bliss’s High Heels In Low Places, Boy George, Pink Fringe at The Marlborough Theatre, Duke Of York’s Picturehouse, Dukes at Komedia, the Pride Gay Icons and Freedom To Live exhibitions at Jubilee Library, Duckie, Shoot Me, I’m Gay, Tom Dingley’s #Outcome, Sink The Pink, New Venture Theatre, Have A Word Literary Salon, Trans Pride Cinema, Strike a Brighton Pose and the 25th Pride anniversary exhibition BrightonPride25. Created to inspire and engage, the Brighton Pride Arts & Film Festival continues to deliver an exciting programme from across the world of fine art, photography, literature, social history, theatre, comedy, performance, dance, live music and film. A celebration of the creative diversity of our city, the Brighton Pride Arts & Film Festival has become a vital event in Brighton & Hove’s cultural calendar.

PRIDE CANDLE LIT VIGIL In partnership with the LGBT Community Safety Forum, Brighton Pride holds a unique celebration of love and life in New Steine Gardens in the heart of the Gay Village on Pride Sunday as the community comes together to celebrate Pride and remember friends and loved ones at a very special candle lit sunset event. Providing a space for reflection and celebration, lit up by love and the support of each other this Brighton Pride, music is provided by local groups such as the fabulous Rainbow Chorus.


PRIDE DIVERSITY GAMES The Pride Diversity Games is a truly unique sporting and social event uniting Brighton and Hove’s community groups, businesses and individuals in sport, regardless of sexuality, race, age or ability. A weekend that reects the wonderful diversity of Brighton & Hove, the Pride Diversity Games is a citywide celebration ensuring we hop, skip and jump together in a variety of inclusive and fun sporting events. The Pride Diversity Games Fun Day in Preston Park, in association with BLAGSS, was a spectacular day, ensuring the entire city enjoyed plenty of fun sporting activities including the 5K Rainbow Colour Run, those must-do Fun Day classics Egg & Spoon, Sack Race, Tug Of War challenge and ThreeLegged race. Attractions on the day included Albion in the Community kickabout, military assault course, sport displays, Zorbs fun and much, much more. The Pride Diversity Games are a fundraising event for the Rainbow Fund, enabling its continued support of local LGBT charities and organisations.

Carnival Of Diversity


2015 saw the second annual Pride Village Party, a two-day event in the heart of the city with community fundraising at its heart. Brighton’s iconic seafront along Marine Parade was closed to traffic and filled with thousands of people celebrating Pride from the chilled vibes of the Rainbow Rooms and the magical party atmosphere of the many bars and venues with DJs and entertainers throughout the St James Street area. The Pride Village Party has enabled our communities to connect in one glorious fundraising celebration of love and life and is unique addition to the city’s Pride celebrations.



Carnival Of Diversity


Pride provides a citywide cohesion and focus for the wider community with its positive influence lasting long thought out the year which cannot be underestimated. 26


SOCIAL IMPACT - SOCIAL COHESION The very nature of Pride being an immersive and inclusive festival and celebration builds lasting community capital that is difficult to measure but easy to see. What is easy to measure is the money that is generated by Pride, not only from ticket sales for the festival in the Park but also across the city. Pride is the largest single event in the City with benefits not only for community groups and charities but also the wider city services, tourism and commercial venues’ profits. Pride is not just a weekend of parades and parties for the majority of the city’s LGBT population, it’s the time when family, friends, neighbours and the city itself recognises them, their relationships and the vibrant breadth of culture and community that the wider LGBT community brings to the quality of life in the city. Pride is a city-wide celebration of the value of the LGBT communities to the city. Pride provides a citywide cohesion and focus for the wider community with its positive influence lasting throughout the year which cannot be underestimated. In simple terms it makes you feel part of it and this increases self-confidence, happiness and wellbeing .


photo Sharon Kilgannon

Pride empowers communities, enlightens, educates and embraces an equal and diverse society for all.

LGBT ACCESSIBILITY MATTERS @ PRIDE Accessibility Matters is a dedicated LGBT project by the Brighton & Hove LGBT Community Safety Forum that delivers effective front line services to the disabled LGBT Communities in Brighton and Hove. Working with Brighton Pride, Accessibility Matters addresses the needs of older disabled, and deaf members of the LGBT Communities in the city, to encourage and empower them to take part in community and social life on a par with their non-disabled peers.

PRIDE RESPECT CAMPAIGN Pride is about every aspect of our diverse community, respecting each and every participant, worker and service provider who make our Pride celebrations and events so special. Respecting those who help us deliver a safe and amazing Pride festival of events. Launched in 2015 the Brighton & Hove Pride Respect Campaign, working in conjunction with the Brighton & Hove LGBT Community Safety Forum, celebrates the service providers in our city, ensuring not only a warm welcome but also a respectful appreciation of the work they do to make our Pride events possible. Respect for Brighton and Hove’s refuse workers, ambulance drivers and paramedics, police officers and support staff, fire crews and stewards. Respect for everyone working at or providing services for Brighton Pride 2015, regardless of gender, sexuality, colour or creed. Brighton Pride is committed to a Pride event free from bullying, sexual harassment or body shaming. A Pride where all are welcome and free to be who they are. A Pride based on respect for all.

Respect to me is to acknowledge and embrace the essential humanity of every human being and their right to be, to judge by only words and actions. Alice Denny

Carnival Of Diversity


“Widely acknowledged as the country’s most popular LGBT Pride event” The Guardian 30


ECONOMIC IMPACT Brighton Pride is singularly the most popular visitor attraction in the City’s event calendar and widely recognised as the UK most popular Pride event. Attracting almost 2% of Brighton’s annual visitors in just 1 day, with in excess of an estimated £15 million spend over the Pride Festival weekend. Annual Pride events have been the highlight of summer in Brighton & Hove since 1991. As a coastal City and popular seaside resort Brighton boasts a population in excess of 1.2 million (68% ABC1 social demographic)1 with an Affluent Families Catchment of 11.2% and the number of suburban homeowners at 21.2% exceeding the national average by 7.2%. The Pride weekend is the most popular single visitor attraction in the City’s event calendar2 with statistics from Tourism South East’s Economic Impact of Tourism Study showing that the city’s tourism industry had continued to prosper despite bad weather and a sluggish national economy. F F F F F

280,000 attendance across the Parade, Park Event, Village party and club and Pride festival events. 200,000+ participants and spectators for the Pride Community Parade 52,000 capacity, safe, secure, ticketed park event 20,000 attendees to club and other Pride events Increased community involvement across all activities

Figures released by the Office for National Statistics put Brighton as the 8th most visited City for city breaks. ONS statistics also showed the city as the country’s most popular seaside destination for overseas visitors. In the UK Treasury actuaries identify that 3.7 million people in Britain are lesbian, gay or bisexual. Businesses that get their marketing and communications strategy right can win the loyalty of lesbian, gay and bisexual consumers.3


NATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL TOURISM Brighton Pride is recognised as an iconic event attracting both national and international visitors to the city. Visitors to the event (Data collected from 2015 online ticket sales) 2015 ticket sales International reach

National reach


MARKET OVERVIEW The LGBT market is an attractive and valuable market commercially: F 6% or 3.6 million of the UK identify as LGBT according to official government figures F Gay men earn £34,200 on average, £9,400 more than the national average for men (£24,800) F Lesbians £24,780 compared to a figure of £18,530 for all women

* Brighton Pride collate numbers from genuine ticket sales and estimated crowd densities /capacities. 1 Source CBRE Retail Consultancy Report. 2 Source Tourism South East Economic Impact of Tourism, Brighton & Hove 3 Source Stonewall Guide To Marketing Gay Consumers

Carnival Of Diversity



“It’s no secret that Brighton is the best Pride event in Britain” WINQ Magazine, June 2015 35

MARKETING, MEDIA & PUBLIC RELATIONS Media & PR Campaign Print Magazine adverts: Attitude magazine Absolute magazine Argus newspaper BN1 magazine Boyz magazine Brighton & Hove Independent Diva magazine Gay Times (GT) magazine Latest magazine Männer magazine (Germany) QX magazine Spartacus Traveller Sussex Life What’s On magazine

“It’s no secret that Brighton is the best Pride event in Britain” WINQ Magazine, June 2015

Editorial coverage was received from all the above publications and many more across the globe besides. We were even selected by US magazine Wire, the best lifestyle magazine for the gay community in South Florida, to feature amongst the world's best international ‘must-do’ Prides. Radio Coverage Heart FM, Juice FM, Gaydio, Radio Reverb, BBC Radio Sussex. TV Coverage Interviews and features on BBC, ITV, Latest TV and many more across the globe.


“One of the best Pride events in the world. Whatever your flavour, you’ll find it in Brighton.” Lonely Planet, March 2015


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Newsletter Brighton Pride publishes a regular digital newsletter to keep interested parties informed and excited. With mailing lists of participants, supporters, businesses, media and VIPs, we can reach over 30,000 at the click of a button. Online, Social Media & Web Our social media plan is devised to match and support the main PR rollout with regular news items posted to our website and Facebook community page and snippets tweeted.





THE NUMBERS: F Facebook over 68,000 likes a reach of over 7,400,000 F Website over 3.9 million page views over 955,000 users (google analytics Sept 2015)

F Twitter over 14,600 followers

Carnival Of Diversity


PRIDE WITH PURPOSE Pride has it’s routes in the community and in the last three years has raised over £200,000 for local good causes. Groups benefitting include Allsorts Youth Project who provide vital support for young people; MindOut who deliver pioneering work for people with mental health issues; GEMS and Older & Out both organisations who are providing essential social networking and support opportunities for older people and the LGBT Community Safety Forum who facilitate delivery the Accessibility Matters project making Pride more accessible and safer for disabled, blind, deaf and older people.

SOCIAL IMPACT FUND In addition to Pride’s continued commitment to our fundraising for the Rainbow Fund, in 2015 we also established a Social Impact Fund from Pride’s additional activities. Pride will continue to work with community organisations to develop projects and idea’s that could be of social benefit to the wider community.




This document was made possible thanks to the kind support of our print partner Gemini impressions of colour - naturally

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