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Brighton & Hove Pride SUMMER OF LOVE · 4TH-6TH AUGUST 2017 1

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2 Summer of Love


Contents Welcome to Brighton Pride; the biggest, best and boldest Pride celebration in the UK. This year Pride celebrates the 50th Anniversary of the partial decriminalisation of homosexuality in England and Wales with a Summer

of Love. A much-needed oasis of joy in challenging times, we will come together to show the world that we celebrate and embrace Diversity in our great City. Brighton Pride is about every aspect of our diverse community, respecting each participant and our sole ethos is to promote tolerance and diversity within our communities. Supporting our local charities and good causes is the cornerstone of our Pride. This year our fund-raising purpose has been placed prominently within this magazine and we hope this may encourage even more local businesses who benefit from the estimated £18 million brought into the city’s economy to get involved with our community fundraising We are immensely proud to deliver unparalleled Access facilities and services for the deaf, disabled, elderly and those with mobility issues in association with Brighton & Hove’s LGBT Community Safety Forum to ensure Pride is an accessible event that everyone can enjoy. Whilst we celebrate Pride we ask everyone to spare a thought for those less fortunate. Our Pride will continue to raise awareness of the plight of global LGBT+ communities who still suffer discrimination because of who they are. This year our minute silence across all Pride sites will remember vitims of ALL hate crime We thank our statutory partners Brighton & Hove City Council, Sussex Police, Fire & Rescue, the NHS, our commercial supporters and all the volunteers who help make Pride happen. We could not celebrate a Summer of Love without you. For visitors to Brighton and Hove we are thrilled that you have chosen to come and spend some time with us in our wonderful city. Paul Kemp & Dulcie Weaver Brighton & Hove Pride CIC


6 Where does your money go? 8 50 Years On by Simon Fanshawe 10 Pride Social Impact Fund 14 Interview: Mzz Kimberley 16 Pride Community Parade 20 Interview: George Montague

22 Pride Festival 30 Pride in our City (map) 32 Interview: Zoe Lyons 34 Pride Festival 38 Cabaret by Stephen Richards 40 Pride Pleasure Gardens

44 Pride Village Party 49 Accessibility 50 Interview: Rory Finn 52 Pride Community Day & Dog Show 56 25 Years of Wild Fruit 58 Pride partners

Design and photography © Chris Jepson, Contributors : jayne babb, Josephine Bourne, Bill Bruzas, Jim Carey, Tyler Gillett, Paul Grace, James Ledward, Eddie Mitchell, Mark Nortcliffe, Eric Page, Neil W Shaw, spirited films, Sophie Tagg, martin warren, Kate Wildblood. 3

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“One of the best Pride events in the world. Whatever your flavour, you’ll find it in Brighton.” Lonely Planet, March 2015

4 Summer of Love

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A Carnival of Diversity 5

Pride With Purpose

Where Does Your Money Go? Brighton Pride is a not-for-profit community interest company (CIC), so all ticket revenue raised goes directly to the operational and running costs of producing the Pride Festival, LGBT Community Parade, Pride Village Party and community fundraising. Our sole aim is to provide benefit to the community or to trade with a “social purpose,” rather than to make a private profit, and we work hard to ensure not only are fundraising targets reached but that Pride delivers value for money. With a budget of over £1.6 million, ticket revenue helps pay for vital infrastructure and services across Preston Park to ensure a safe and enjoyable day for all, from entertainment and well-being to security and production. For example, in 2016 Pride spent over £40,000 on power, £60,000 on sound and lighting, £33,477 on crew costs, £28,685 on toilets and £18,000 on waste management,

6 Summer of Love

£56,400 police, £33,000 on St John’s Ambulance and £202,144 on security and stewarding across our Pride events and parade, and that’s just a fraction of the overall costs of staging a world class event. Brighton Pride is recognised as one of the very best in the UK, but in today’s economic climate it isn’t a cheap proposition to produce such a large scale event. Regular festival goers will recognise that most commercial festival tickets carry a much higher price. Pride has similar production costs to other commercial events and with anticipated increases in cleaning, security and policing costs over the next few years we face significant challenges.

We aim to deliver an accessible community event that is award-winning, critically acclaimed and value for money; that is fund-raising and has a sustainable future.

Thank you for supporting Pride and helping us make it so.

Pride With Purpose

Pride With Purpose

Brighton Pride has its roots in the community and is a Pride with purpose; a fundraising purpose that without your support we could never realise. 2016 saw Brighton Pride raise an astonishing and record-breaking £90,000 for the Rainbow Fund, made up of £1 a head from every ticket sold for Preston Park and The Pride Village Party. £3,282.00 by official Pride fundraisers including the ‘official’ Pride parties on the night of Pride and £1,679.00 from bucketing on the Pride Parade. In the last four years Pride has raised over £310.000 for local good causes Brighton Pride fundraises for the Rainbow Fund, a Brighton and Hove based grant-giving fund for local LGBT and HIV/AIDS organisations. Grants awarded in September 2016 included £1,974 Accessibility Matters toward core costs of running the project which delivers access to Pride for disabled people,

£5,000 Allsorts for their work with young trans people at Transformers,

£1,508 FTMB to help them double their meetings to two a month,

£4,889 MindOut, the LGBT mental health project to support ‘Out of the Blue’ a suicide prevention and peer support group and a further weekly social peer support group,

£2,000 Radio Reverb for the ‘HIV Happy Hour’ weekly radio show dealing with issues surrounding HIV,

£6,850 Rainbow Chorus towards core funding and to develop the work to provide opportunities for people who just want to sing and don’t want to perform in concerts.

£10,066 Lunch Positive towards the cost of providing a healthy meal each Friday for people with HIV,

£5,000 Trans Can Sport to help transgender and gender variant people have access to sport,

£10,098 BluePrint 22 a young persons project for ‘Work it Out’ a project supporting 60 young people who have experienced barriers to employment, enterprise and education because of their sexuality or gender,

£2,720 Brighton GEMS to enable them to add a second daytime meeting to their monthly Friday evening meetings,

£6,493 Peer Action towards core costs and continuing to provide therapies and yoga sessions for people with HIV,

£5,010 Older and Out to help continue their once a month social club for older LGBT+ people and

£12,514 the LGBT Community Safety Forum for core costs, a self-defence course and a new Outreach programme.


The Rainbow Fund is a notfor-profit Community Interest Company with a remit to receive donations, and to use them to give grants to LGBT and HIV groups and organisations in Brighton and Hove. We have no premises or paid workers, so all donations can go to the good causes. We also don’t fundraise ourselves.

For fundraisers, whether they are local businesses and venues, or individuals, or local fundraising groups, we are a trusted and transparent way of making sure that that the funds they work so hard to raise go where they are needed, without having to make difficult choices between competing requests for support from local organisations. 7


50 Years On... The world is making our heads spin. It jangles with terror at the dangerous and bizarre vanity of Trump and the altRight who worship him and hate us, at the mad Christians who claim that the murders in Manchester were the result of Ariana Grande’s “promiscuity and love of homosexuals”, at the faux masculinity of Putin whose blind eyes refuse to see the persecution of gay men in Chechnya, at Islamic State who feverishly cast gay men off buildings to be stoned at the bottom with vicious pleasure by pervertedly religious crowds, by the 83 strokes of a cane on the backs of gay men in Indonesia and by the continual stream of horror stories we hear every day from the Commonwealth in whose 78 countries, like Uganda and Tanzania, live the greatest number of people in the world under anti-gay laws. (Which, in case you were wondering, we the British bequeathed to them as a little going away present when we departed the Empire in haste, arrogance and with barely any regrets).

These are not nightmares. These frights don’t wake us from sleep. Reality crashes into our every-daylight when we are jolted by the fact that, even though it’s only 50 years since gay sex stopped being a crime in the UK, lives in many other countries are still ruined and ended daily just because of whom they want to love. So is our world careering backwards at a desperate and dangerous rate? Just as we thought we’d won the hard earned right simply to live an ordinary life – to go the shops and get a bag of apples without being stared at or hit - that our futures were protected, our love no longer belittled, our selves no longer reviled. Are we now being cast into a new hell where we are no longer married, no longer citizens and no longer woven, even by the press, into the fabric of a future world?

by simon fanshawe obe

Counterintuitively the answer is no. For two reasons.


MAY 2017

I L G A . O R G


42 States and 13 entities Norway

Iceland Canada Ireland


16 States


18 States Portugal


Morocco Algeria Mexico

The Bahamas Dom. Rep. Virgin Islands Cuba Puerto Rico Jamaica Belize Haiti AG KN DM Honduras VC Guatemala LC Nicaragua GD BB El Salvador TT Panama Costa Rica Guyana Venezuela Suriname Colombia GF






Cyprus IL Gaza







Kazakhstan Georgia Azerbaijan Uzbekistan AM Turkmenistan Iraq


Bolivia Namibia Paraguay

North Korea





Myanmar Laos Bangladesh Thailand Cambodia






Bahrain X Qatar Saudi Arabia UAE X

South Korea




Sri Lanka

Aceh Province


Philippines Palau

Brunei Malaysia Singapore Palembang South Sumatra


Zimbabwe Mozambique Madagascar Botswana

Lesotho South Africa




Kyrgyzstan Tajikistan



Sudan Mauritania Mali Niger X Cape Verde Senegal Eritrea Chad Yemen Gambia Burkina F. Djibouti Guinea Bissau Guinea Nigeria Somalia South Ivory GH Sierra Leone Ethiopia Central African TG Sudan Coast Liberia Cameroon Republic Benin Uganda Equatorial Guinea Congo Kenya Rwanda Sao Tomé & Principe Gabon D.R. Burundi Congo Tanzania Seychelles Angola



Estonia Latvia UK Denmark Lithuania NL Belarus Poland Germany BE CZ Slovakia Ukraine LU LI AT MD HU France CH Romania Slovenia BA RS Italy Bulgaria Croatia MK Spain AL Andorra Kosovo Greece Turkey


Indonesia Papua New Guinea



Fiji Tonga Australia




implemented in 8 States (or parts of)

14 Y - life (prison)

14 States

not implemented in 5 States

Up to 14 Y

57 States

Religious-based laws alongside the civil code: 19 States

'Promotion' laws

3 States

No penalising law In green, yellow and orange countries, same-sex sexual acts were decriminalised or never penalised: 123 States

8 Summer of Love

Samoa Cook Islands

New Zealand







Solomon Islands


85 States Many States run concurrent protections Constitution Employment Various Hate crime Incitement to hate Ban on 'conversion therapy'

47 States A small number of States provide for marriage and partnership concurrently

9 States 72 States 63 States 43 States 39 States 3 states


22 States

Partnership 28 States

Joint adoption

26 States

2nd parent adoption 27 States

Separate detailed maps for these three categories are produced alongside this Overview map.

The data represented in these maps are based on State-Sponsored Homophobia: a World Survey of Sexual Orientation Laws: Criminalisation, Protection and Recognition, an ILGA report by Aengus Carroll and Lucas Ramón Mendos. The report and these maps are available in the six official UN languages: English, Chinese, Arabic, French, Russian and Spanish on This edition of the world map (May 2017) was coordinated by Aengus Carroll and Lucas Ramón Mendos (ILGA), and designed by Eduardo Enoki (

Comment The first is that there are activists now in countries and in numbers, in places and in reaction to events, that even five or ten years ago we could never have imagined. They are out and about in the Caribbean, in Sri Lanka, in Taiwan, in Russia, in Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania where the Government is currently violently targeting gays. It’s not to live in a Heidiswinging-her-plaits, feyly over-optimistic world to say that this repression of gay campaigners is a reaction to there being gay campaigners. Where there never were before. The doors of the global closet are opening. The homophobes and the bullies, from Russia and Chechnya to Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, from Indonesia to Iran are lashing out against a world they fear and cannot bear, a world given birth by those activists who are organising the campaigns that led to equal marriage in Taiwan, the lobby of the EU to put gay human rights as a condition into Sri Lanka’s trade agreement with Europe, Pride parades in Kampala and Moscow and…on and on across the globe. It’s unimaginable and wonderful. Our genie is beautifully, and often angrily, out of the bottle. And in the face of rebellious LGBT lives those who hate us can only resort to the stupidity of sloganeering that “God Hates Fags” or the claims of the Uganda MP that he is defending “African values from neocolonialists”. It is all a reaction to the depth of our progress. And the second reason lies in the brutal tragedy of the Manchester bombing. Every one of the pictures of the murdered opens a door to so many broken hearts, grieving partners, families, friends and colleagues. One in particular catches the eye. Martyn Hett. Pretty, smiling, one strap of his dungarees sloping off his right shoulder, he must have been gay. And then we read about the tattoo of Deirdre Barlow from Corrie on his leg and spend a minute on his Facebook page – Eurovision, him in cuter-than-cute drag, him with too many pretty girls piled on top of each other like puppies for him to be straight. Then his partner, Russell’s simple tribute: “wonderful, iconic and beautiful Martyn left the world exactly as he lived, as the centre of attention”!

martyn hett, victim of manchester bombing

He was 29. And he was everything that stands against the inhuman malice of the bomber. Martyn was all that they hate. Fun, spontaneous, witty, unconforming, a mother’s boy, a boyfriend, a smiling joyous Gay Boy. He was a symbol of the world we need always to build. On this Pride day let’s celebrate our own gains here in the UK. But let’s also give a moment of dignity and remembrance to the battles, the triumphs, the defeats and the sacrifices of those who struggle, many of whom have died, in order just to live the life they wanted. The homophobes, the bombers, the religious extremists think they can kill us, imprison us, beat us and slander us, but the campaigns of LGBT people - and the support of their families - in so many countries stand in defiance of them and the world they will never be able to drag us into. If there is any meaning in the senseless murder of young, vital, fabulous Martyn, it is in defiance to their hate. 9

Where Does Your Money Go - Pride Social Impact Fund The Pride Social Impact Fund is in its third year and aims to support those groups or organisations which need a little helping hand in making a difference in their community. The applications do not have to be LGBT+ related; they don’t even have to directly linked to Pride (although applicants directly impacted will be favoured). However big or small, the only criteria is that it will brighten up people’s lives by the time Pride comes round again next year.

Owl House The

£250 to Brighton & Hove Speakers’ Corner to support five events and support to develop a more sustainable organisation

£300 to Ardingly Court Residents Association for new lawn mower and a garden shredder

£250 to The OWL HOUSE towards co-housing project for Older Wiser Lesbians.

Pride Social Impact Fund

Funding comes from contributions made by businesses within the Pride Village Party in the Kemptown/St James’s Street area.

Paul Kemp, Director of Brighton Pride, said: “Pride is only able to deliver this fundraising with the help of local businesses who contribute to the fund and take part in the Pride Village Party. We’d like to encourage more local businesses across the city who benefit from the bumper weekend of business Pride brings into the city, to get involved with our fundraising efforts for all our communities.” Tim Ridgway, who chairs the Pride Social Impact Fund board, said: “We are grateful to all those who applied for the fund this year, as well as the panel for giving up their time to award the sums. There was a huge amount of diversity in the bids and the panel has tried very hard to make sure that every community and area of the city benefits in some way. We know that in these difficult uncertain times, this money will make all the difference to some of the amazing groups and organisations doing great things in our beautiful city.” Grant bids are considered by a panel made up of representatives from The Argus, BBC Sussex, Juice 107.2, Brighton and Hove Independent, Gscene, Brighton and Hove News and Latest TV, and to date more than £20,000 has been raised for the Pride Social Impact Fund. Details of some of the 2016 grants are on the right.

10 Summer of Love

£1,000 to Stay Up Late to allow the group to develop it’s Gig Buddies project and LGBT outreach work

£1,000 to LGBT Community Safety Forum towards LGBT History Big Top Event during LGBT History Month

£815 to Mile Oak Rec Action Group towards reviving the west side of the park to improve the look for all the community

£250 to Friends of Regency Square towards purchase of the information board and the initial setting up costs of tunnel exhibition near the i360

£500 to Marta Scott Dance Company towards helping disadvantaged or abused women take part in the 2017 pride parade

£495 to Friends of Farm Green for mobile farm to come to Bevendean park during half term

£1,000 to the Tarner Community Project drop in session for young people not in education, employment or training

£250 to David Harper of 4Streets in Hove community street parties, play street events and open-air cinema

£300 to Dottie’s Community Cafe in East Brighton Park towards running cafe which employs deaf people

£500 to Friends of Preston Park (bid one) towards Easter Egg quiz and hunt

£500 to Friends of Preston Park (bid two) towards Halloween event

£500 to Little Green Pig creative writing charity towards a videographer for This Is My City project

Stand proud

For stunning views over Brighton and the beautiful south coast Conceived and designed by Marks Barfield Architects, creators of the London Eye

Book Now @BA_i360



Pride 2017

Trans Pride Brighton Trans Pride Brighton, now in its’ 5th year, have an amazing array of events in July. As a registered charity run solely by volunteers, Trans Pride aim to inspire all trans, intersex, gender variant and queer people to help make a real difference by celebrating trans lives and gender diversity. By promoting equality and diversity through visibility, Trans Pride attempts to eliminate discrimination that trans people face. Trans Pride Brighton: Putting the T first. 19-24 july at various venues. full details at

Pride of the Show disabled people, and welcoming refugees. “We’re delighted once again to be launching the bus alongside our Pride partners and hope it can help to promote, support and celebrate the fantastic Pride festival.” Brighton & Hove Buses and Pride have together launched the magnificent new Diversity Bus – the latest incarnation of the wonderful Pride Festival Bus. The Diversity Bus has been designed to promote and celebrate diversity in the community. Managing Director Martin Harris said: “The Diversity Bus not only celebrates Pride and everything it stands for but is a symbol of our broader support for diversity and inclusion in general.

“We have a long history of supporting diversity across sexual orientation, gender, race and ethnicity, improving services for

12 Summer of Love

Paul Kemp, director of Brighton Pride said, “We are thrilled that Brighton and Hove buses have rejoined other prominent City businesses to support Pride in our City in this our 27th year. This is an ongoing relationship that includes a dedicated bus and shuttle service from the Pride campsite as well as exciting all year round promotional activity with the Pride bus” The bus, named after local drag artist and Pride supporter Phil Starr, carries messages of love and celebration and the simple but powerful message #moreincommon, set up in the aftermath of MP Jo Cox’s tragic murder a year ago to demonstrate how much more we all have in common that what divides us.

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EXPERTS 4 Over 30 years experience 4 Dedicated Travel Consultants 4 The widest choice of holidays and airfares 020 7324 8321 FLIGHT CENTRE WESTERN ROAD, 55 WESTERN RD, BRIGHTON BNI 2EB FLIGHT CENTRE WEST STREET, 39 WEST ST, BRIGHTON BNI 2RE 13 FLIGHT CENTRE HOVE, 29 GEORGE ST, HOVE BN3 3YA


Mzz Kimberley – Activist, Actor, Icon, Glamourpuss

photo chris jepson

How important is for you to speak out as a Person Of Colour (POC) Trans activist? I will always fight for social justice for POC, women and the disabled. I do find of late that many feel uncomfortable addressing certain issues. Black Lives Matter is so important. I can’t thank the younger community for carrying on this fight. The kids today are more educated and more excepting of one another. And I love them for it.

Mzz Kimberly is as dazzling as the sequined frocks she wears. A star of screen and stage with a campaigning heart and a voice Shirley Bassey would trade diamonds for. How did Mzz Kimberly come to be? That’s a hard question. I can’t recall a time when there weren’t sequins and spotlights. Maybe because I’m old and can’t remember! What are you up to at the moment? I’m starring in Spectrum London web series, directed by the dashing Campbell X. I play Rachel, a trans woman who sells drugs, and is a religious fanatic who sleeps with her boss. It’s not type casting, honest! Also I’m starring in Summer In London, directed by the incredible Rikki Beadle Blair. I play Joan, a character that will have the first interracial trans lesbian kiss. How have you found being part of Spectrum London? I felt it was important for a trans woman to play a part that many could identify with, for the public to see a trans woman living a life that’s not much different from your average person.

14 Summer of Love

Do things feel different today to when you first came out? Equality is better but of course there is room for improvement. We have a beautiful LGBT+ community, however with some parts that need to be more understanding and accepting. Things are so different now because there is more education. When I started, being trans was something that many had a hard time admitting to themselves. I’m so thrilled that things have changed for the better. Is the Pride Movement still relevant 48 years after Marsha P. Johnson and Sylvia Rivera, two transgender women of colour, led The Stonewall riots? For me, these two will always be relevant and hold a place deep in my heart. I do believe if it wasn’t for them we may not be having this conversation. They were the first women to stand up for what they believed in. And to be two women of colour at that time, is OUTSTANDING. I find it truly disturbing that they have been cut out of our history on the silver screen when they were the backbone, not only for the trans community, but also for all parts of the LGBT+ community. What are you plans for Brighton Pride? My mum will be with me, it’s her first Pride. And I’m thrilled to be hosting the Pride main stage with my much older sister Chrissy Darling! And finally please describe Brighton in three words. Accepting, relaxing and stunning people. twitter @ mzzkimberley

photo Adam Khadaroo

Interview 15

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“The Mariah Carey of Prides ” QX magazine

16 Summer of Love

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Pride Community Parade 17

Pride Community Parade

The annual Pride Community Parade is the biggest and most exciting visual event in Brighton & Hove’s calendar bringing the whole community out on to the city’s streets as over 200,000 people participate and watch the spellbinding spectacular of our our hugely successful “Carnival Of Diversity”. Participants have included Brighton Pride’s partners and sponsors, local community groups, representatives from political parties and faith groups, the NHS, Brighton Housing Trust, Sussex Police, Sussex Fire services, the Girl Guides, Scouts, trade unions, alongside major corporate brands showing their support for diversity, and a sensational selection of performers,

18 Summer of Love

musicians and artists including costumier extraordinaire Mandinga Arts, Brighton community choirs, Marta Scott Dance Company, Raw Samba and Samba Pelo Mar. An event like no other in the UK, flamboyant, vibrant and colourful, the Pride Community Parade fills the streets of Brighton and Hove with spectacular show stopping sights as music, floats, bands, costumes and dancing combine to create a truly unique Pride experience. Join Brighton Pride to declare unity with each other, our fabulous city and the global LGBT+ community as we come together for a Summer Of Love in a truly inspiring Carnival of Diversity.

the 2016 pride community parade was headed up by a walking group in rememberance of every victim of teh orlando massacre.

Pride lgbt Community Parade SAT 5th August starting at hove lawns at 11am

Pride Community Parade

Gatwick Airport is delighted to be involved with Brighton & Hove Pride’s Carnival of Diversity for a third year. In the last year we welcomed just over 40 million passengers through the airport, and with a direct 30 minute rail link it’s Brighton & Hove’s most accessible airport. We look forward to greeting Pride visitors flying through Gatwick to spend the weekend in the city for this international event.

”The Brighton Pride Community Parade is the most vibrant event on the city’s calendar attracting spectators and participants from across the UK and beyond and delivers an engaging, inspirational and proud day for all.“

The airport provides employment for around 21,000 people directly and supports a further 10,000 jobs in the region. This year Gatwick Airport was awarded the Gold Standard Investors in People award – jumping up three levels in just three years. Currently about 1,150 airport employees are from Brighton & Hove, from flight attendants to restaurant managers, and many of them will be there with their rainbow flags and whistles to celebrate Pride weekend. 19


George Montague – The Oldest Gay In The Village He’s the local hero who’s become a national treasure. He’s George Montague and he’s the oldest gay in the village.

How long have you called Brighton your home? I first came to Brighton in 1950. 15 years ago we moved here permanently. What has your 94 years taught you? To be patient and say it as it is. How was your first Pride? I first went on the Brighton Pride Parade 10 years ago and I must admit I flunked it, there was nothing to suggest that I was gay, I just went on a scooter that was decorated like a boat and people said what are you doing on the parade? And I was ashamed. And the next year I thought I’ve got to put that right and the Little Britain catchphrase “I’m the only gay in the village” gave me the idea, I’m the oldest gay in the village. What did it feel like the day you signed your civil partnership certificate with your now husband Somchai in 2006? Proud. I’m so lucky, Somchai found me and we’ve been together twenty-two years and as much in love with each other as it is possible to be. Sumchai is my rock and he loves me and that is all that matters. You’ve been an avid campaigner for Turing’s Law and not only for pardons for historic offence charges against gay men, but also apologies. What did it feel like to finally receive one this year? I was absolutely over the moon; it’s the best letter I’ve ever received in my life. Thousands and thousands of people signed the petition. The letter from John Woodcock at the Home Office was such an explicit apology saying how very sorry and ashamed they are for the way they treated us, writing; “The legislation under which they were convicted and cautioned was discriminatory and homophobic. What happened to those men is a matter of the greatest regret...for this we are deeply sorry.”

20 Summer of Love

What are your plans for this year’s Pride Community Parade? All I can think of doing is to make a big sign…“thank you, thank you, thank you for the apology”. I think Brighton Pride is wonderful. I’ve been on several around the country but Brighton Pride outshines them all. It’s so wonderful seeing all the people, standing on the roofs of the bus stop and all the windows, every single window full of people shouting and cheering and wishing us well. Having lived such a full and amazing life is there anything else you’d love to achieve as you head towards your 100th birthday? I can’t think of anything more because that letter of apology was the culmination of everything I’ve worked on over the past 40 years and there is nothing that would outshine that. As I tell everyone all the time I am the happiest, luckiest old gay guy in the world. All I would say is something I’ve been saying for years. This old queen is looking forward to getting a birthday card from a real one.

twitter @ GeorgeMontague2

George and Somchai married on the eve of Brighton Pride 2015

photo ©

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“The legislation under which they were convicted and cautioned was discriminatory and homophobic. What happened to those men is a matter of the greatest regret...for this we are deeply sorry.” John Woodcock,Home Office 21

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“Historic, inspired and unparalleled. Brighton Pride is one of the best international pride festivals, we love it� Attitude Magazine

22 Summer of Love

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Pride Festival 23

Pride Festival

Pride Festival

The Brighton Pride Festival in Preston Park is a glittering and truly inclusive community celebration that delivers an unforgettable day of Pride. A unique community fundraising event, the Brighton Pride Festival has enjoyed amazing performances from international stars including Sister Sledge, Carly Rae Jepsen, Fatboy Slim, Katy B, Ruby Rose, The Human League, Fleur East, Alesha Dixon, Ella Henderson, Boy George, Alison Moyet, Paloma Faith, Blue, Tulisa, Collabro and Ms Dynamite amongst others. Described by The Guardian as “the country’s most popular LGBT event,” the Brighton Pride Festival is a vibrant celebration of all that is wonderful about Brighton & Hove’s diverse community, with visitors from across the globe enjoying its spectacular celebrations. A unique Pride event bringing together the very best of Britain’s favourite seaside city, the Brighton Pride Festival revels in our diversity as dance tents, amazing live music and community areas combine to create a festival we can all be proud of. Brighton Pride has proved itself to be the UK’s biggest, boldest and best Pride event with community fundraising at it’s heart.

24 Summer of Love

Pride Festival

“Brighton is widely recognised as the UK’s best Pride festival” The Independent 25

Pride Festival Artists

with their full super tour performance Brighton & Hove Pride are thrilled to welcome the legendary Pet Shop Boys to headline the Pride Summer Of Love Festival in Preston Park on Saturday 5th August 2017 in their first Pride performance in 20 years. Few bands have influenced, entertained or reached into the hearts of so many as the Pet Shop Boys. A band truly deserving of the prefix ‘legendary’, selling over 50 million records worldwide, Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe are electronic pop masters and, after a sell out arena tour, Pride can’t wait to welcome them to headline Pride 2017 with their breathtaking ‘Super Tour” show. Grammy nominated, Brit Award winners (including a Brit Award for Outstanding Contribution to Music in 2009) and recently awarded the NME award for Godlike Genius, The Pet Shop Boys’ impressive history and their amazing contribution

26 Summer of Love

to popular culture is undeniable. They’ve worked with some of the world’s most important performers and artists including David Bowie, Dusty Springfield, Madonna, Kylie Minogue, Elton John, Lady Gaga, Robbie Williams, Tina Turner, The Killers, Girls Aloud, Shirley Bassey, Take That, Yoko Ono, Moby, The Scissor Sisters, Liza Minnelli, Boy George and many more. The Pet Shop Boys are pop royalty. They’ve released twenty six albums and secured eighteen Top Twenty singles including four UK No.1’s with West End Girls, It’s A Sin, Always On My Mind, and Heart, and they’ve circumnavigated the globe many times. Their latest critically acclaimed album ‘Super’ released in 2016 was again a huge success across the globe reaching the top 3 of the UK album chart. Throughout their career the Pet Shop Boys have delivered principle alongside pop, as they continue to campaign and fundraise for the LGBT+ community.

Pride Festival Artists

Brighton & Hove Pride are proud to welcome special guests Years & Years as a UK Pride Exclusive at the Pride Summer Of Love Festival in Preston Park on Saturday 5th August 2017.

a UK Pride Exclusive

The band were declared by the NME to be “the most important pop band of our time”, and are winners of the coveted BPI Critics Choice Award, BBC’s Sound of 2015, MTV Best UK and Ireland Act and five Brit Award nominations. Olly Alexander’s openness about his sexuality, his willingness to campaign for equality and his frank interviews about living with depression have made him an important spokesperson in our online age. Olly stated, “I want to make videos and songs and art that celebrate all different kinds of sexuality and queer identities.” A choice that has enriched and emboldened the lives of a generation of LGBT+ people. 27

Pride Festival Artists

Main Stage Artists

This years Pride Festival in Preston Park has already confirmed a diverse line up of main stage entertainment, but Pride should never be just about the main stage artists or we’d be missing the point! Pride should always be a day with community at its heart, a day we can all celebrate together.

As well as the main stage there are over 14 Pride zones with something for everyone. From the Community Village, Access Area and Accessibility Matters, the

Shelia McWattie Women’s Performance Stage, as well as the Family Diversity Area (non alcohol and safe space) where families can enjoy a range of activities alongside some exciting entertainment planned for the day. Along with the many dance tents, Cabaret big top, the Urban World Dance Tent, Market, Funfair and the many more diverse entertainment areas and you have a Pride we can all be part of, be proud of and celebrate together.

Becky Hill

scored her global first number one with Oliver Helden’s Gecko (Overdrive) with chart topping hits including Wilkinson’s Afterglow, Rudimental’s Powerless, Watermät All My Love and MK’s Piece of. Her solo career has seduced us with tracks including Losing, produced by MNEK, and Warm, declared by Radio 1’s Annie Mac as the ‘Hottest record in the world’.


burst onto the scene with their unique reimagining of Brandy & Monica’s The Boy Is Mine (with a little help from UK rap upstart Lady Leshurr) on SBTV’s A64 session with Wait Your Turn declared a “stand out” tune by The Guardian. 1Xtra standard bearers and MOBO nominees their 2016 releases include UK Top 20 hit Who Do You Think Of? and Not In Love (ft. Kent Jones).

Louisa Johnson Fickle Friends

Brighton Pride is set to be So Good this summer as songstress Louisa Johnson joins our star studded line-up for a proud day by the seaside. The X-Factor winner who wowed the critics with her enchanting performances throughout the smash ITV show’s 2015 season, Louisa has gone on to chart success with her own debut winners single Forever Young, the chart hit So Good and her collaboration Tears with Grammy Award winners Clean Bandit. She has supported and performed with Olly Murs, Little Mix and Clean Bandit on tour and delivered her second sensational single.

28 Summer of Love

were described by the NME as “following the pathway to pop perfection”, and have enjoyed critical acclaim with their brilliant singles Could Be Wrong, Say No More, Cry Baby, Brooklyn and Swim.


was hailed by iD Magazine as this generation’s answer to Mariah Carey, and by The 405 as ‘One To Watch’ with “all the makings to be the biggest popstar in the world”, KStewart’s collaborations include Marlon Roudette, Oliver Helden, TCTS and MNEK.

Pride Festival Artists

Wild Fruit Summer of Love Stage Jocelyn Brown is the diva’s diva, responsible for the seminal dance classic Somebody Else’s Guy, a tune no DJ or clubber could be without. Having worked with some of the world’s biggest names in dance music including Todd Terry, David Morales and Cerrone, Jocelyn has been responsible for adding the heart and soul to house music. Angie Brown made rave and house her playground when alongside Bizarre Inc. she released the club classic I’m Gonna Get You in 1992, changing the beats of club land forever with her voluptuous vocals whilst working alongside stars including Michael Jackson and Billy Ocean. And the ever-regal Rozalla provided

house music with one of its biggest anthems, the ever-joyous Everybody’s Free (To Feel Good) ensuring heaven was always on the dance floor when ever she sang, working with global superstars including Grace Jones, Chaka Khan and Brighton’s own Fatboy Slim. Promising live performances to make your Pride weekend sensational, Jocelyn Brown, Angie Brown and Rozalla are set to guarantee nothing but proud smiles with their exclusive Brighton Pride show at Preston Park as Wild Fruit celebrates a Summer Of Love diva style. 29

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Pride in our City

pride community parade start hove lawns see page 16 for more info

pride community parade route see WEBSITE for more info

30 Summer of Love map Š Visitbrighton

pride festival preston park

see page 22 for more info

pride pleasure gardens @ victoria gardens see page 40 for more info

main pride box office

pride village party see page 44 for more info

pride pleasure gardens @ steine gardens see page 40 for more info 31


You’re ’aving a Laugh...

Zoe Lyons Talks Exclusively To Pride About Knitwear And Why We Still Need Pride Hailed by The Guardian as always “Always fizzing with richly funny stories” Zoe Lyons has been charming the comedy circuit for years and ia the stand-up star we want to be beside. You are a supporter of many LGBT+ charities including MindOut, as well as being The Rainbow Fund’s first patron. How important is it for you to do so? There are brilliant people in this city volunteering their time and energy to help and support others and the sense of community is what makes this place special for me. What makes Brighton Pride so unique? The organisers of Brighton Pride have done a great job of keeping the event relevant in the past few years and making sure that the city is involved. Brighton Pride is unique, with an emphasis on community. Why do we still need the LGBT+ Pride movement? We have come a long way in the last 50 years and here in the U.K. real progress has been made. Sadly though there are still countries where being LGBT+ can have deadly consequences. We only have to look at Chechnya to see that the fight is far from over. What are your plans for the big day? I am doing a spot of hosting on the main stage on the Saturday which I am really looking forward to. On the Sunday I dust off the disco outfit and have a shoe shuffle and Monday I’ll have a long lie down! What’s it like being a one of a growing number of out lesbians in comedy? Comedy can be a tough business whoever you are. Some people will hate you because you are a woman, some because you are gay, and some because your heads’ the wrong shape. The more out lesbian comedians there are on the circuit the less people feel the need to constantly mention it. You are often on Radio4’s News Quiz. What is it you love about radio?

32 Summer of Love

I don’t have to brush my hair. Who has the best knitwear - you, Sandi Toksvig or Sarah Lund? I own a vintage ski jumper that would make Lund and Toksvig weak at the knees.

zoe will be hosting on the main stage at the brighton pride festival in preson park on saturday 5th august

What’s been the most fabulous and the most bizarre thing you’ve done for television? My Live At The Apollo record was the most fun and I recently had to dress up like a giant mallet for Go 8 Bit on Dave. Just why did that chicken cross the road? Because she had pressed the button and the green chicken light now indicated that this was a safe time to cross. She was a tremendously cautious bird. Complete in 140 characters - Being a comic on Twitter is….? It’s tricky trying to a convey a thought with such a limited number of characters at your disposal I always seem to run out before I have ma If you could send your teenage self a postcard filled with of advice what would it be? Pluck your mono brow, you’re supposed to have two eyebrows and don’t worry, everything will be ok. twitter @zoelyons

�I am so looking forward to hosting the main stage again this year at Pride. Always such a great atmosphere“

photos Mark Vessey

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Pride Festival

Wild Fruit Summer of Love Big Top Brighton Pride is the place where love lives; as the Wild Fruit Summer Of Love Dance Tent celebrates with not one, not two but three world class superstar house divas live on stage this August. From the club night that has brought you 25 years of ground-breaking fruity partying comes a line-up of voices that have changed house music forever. Get ready to raise those hands in the air as we welcome Jocelyn Brown, Angie Brown and Rozalla to Brighton Pride for a party that will ensure you keep on jumpin’.

Urban World Dance Tent The team behind the critically acclaimed LGBT+ urban and world music club night Urban World return to host Brighton Pride’s Urban Dance Tent. DJs and MCs including Big John Freeman, DJ Smoochie, 2Traxx, Qu, MC, Madx and many, many more delivering a day of diverse beats. Creating a unique clubbing experience fuelled by a soundtrack of the latest R&B hits, old skool Hip-Hop, dancehall, Afrobeats, Bollywood and Bhangra, the Urban World Tent is set to shine this Brighton Pride.

34 Summer of Love

Legends Cabaret Big Top

Pride Festival

The Legends Cabaret Big Top is the sequined sensation at the heart of the Brighton Pride Festival in Preston Park. Hosted and organised by the eversparkling Lola Lasagne, it is your first stop for all things saucy at Pride’s Summer Of Love celebrations. Expect nothing but the campest of camp as the high-heel Queens of the UK cabaret scene come together for a riotous celebration of sequins, song and sensational comedy. With a line-up that will shine throughout our proud day, organiser and hostess with the biggest trolley, Lola Lasagne will deliver non-stop, world-class entertainment for your Pride pleasure. Cabaret Queens including Sally Vate, Mrs Moore, Gabriella Parish, Spice, Martha D’Arthur, Davina Sparkle, Kara Van Park, Son Ofa Tutu, Rose Garden, Jennie Castell, Drag with No Name, Crystal D’Canter & Kelly Mild, Sandra, Dave Lynn, Miss Jason and Maisie Trollette, will put smiles on the faces of those enjoying the UK Pride calendars biggest cabaret line-up wider than the shoulder pads on Dynasty’s on-set wardrobe. With a legendary climax promised from the Dame Edna Experience, Mary Mac and THAT medley; you will be guaranteed the most fabulous of laughter filled days courtesy of Lola and the Legends Cabaret Big Top.

The Sheila McWattie Women’s Performance Stage The Sheila McWattie Women’s Performance Stage returns for another day of amazing spoken word, stand up comedy, poetry, cabaret and a fantastic array of musical entertainment.

A fitting tribute to Brighton & Hove’s much-loved women’s rights activist Sheila McWattie, this unique stage ensures her legacy continues to remain at the heart of Brighton Pride. With plenty promised to make your Pride perfect including a woman and her double bass, a comedic compare and a powerhouse voice to raise the roof off the tent, the charm of the Sheila McWattie Women’s Performance Stage will bring magic to your day as it continues to deliver one of Pride’s most unique and enchanting spaces. 35

Pride Festival

Diva Girl’s World

Seriously sassy and filled with hot bass from noon till close, The Girls Dance Tent is where the best action is all Pride long. Fuelled with fierce beats of the house, bass, underground and anthemic kind from the girls scene’s greatest purveyors of dance music including DJ’s Michelle Manetti, Kate Wildblood, Queen Josephine, Sami Kubu, Summer Ghemati, DJ Alpha, King K, Missy B and Lady Lola, it’s a Pride sensation we can’t get enough of. Hot and sizzling the Girls Dance Tent is where we all wanna be come August 5th. Hands in the air celebrating Pride with the ladies. Just as it should be.

Bears & Men’s Tent Always the focal point for the furry and the fabulous, the Brighton Pride Men and Bear’s Zone and Dance Tent is hot with handsome action as the best international DJs including Paul Coals, Paul Heron, Chris Barker, Matt Bogart, Rob C, Josh the Barber, Gary Noakes and Toby Lawrence provide the grrrr-eatest soundtrack on Preston Park. So buff up and get ready to enjoy the beef as Brighton Pride gets hot and saucy with the bears.

OneFamily Diversity Area The Pride Family Diversity Area, sponsored by ‘OneFamily’, is a celebration of our LGBT+ families & friends; delivering the best in children’s entertainment and fun activities. The Pride Family Diversity Area ensures family is at the heart of our Pride weekend. It delivers a day of rainbow filled celebrations in an exciting, creative and safe, alcohol-free space. The area is for all our community’s rainbow families to enjoy. A playground for the imagination; it will be a space filled with children’s entertainers, face painting, arts, crafts, games, dancing and fabulous costume making sessions for the Children’s Pride Parade. Poet Shanni Collins will be celebrating family diversity as she shares her enchanting poems about transgender, downs syndrome, single parents and disability from new her book ‘All You Need Is Love’, proving that with Brighton Pride, family is love.

36 Summer of Love

Trans Tent

Pride Festival

An integral part of the Pride Community Village, the Trans Community Area will be a celebratory and welcoming space, providing key information, points of reference and a safe social hub. The area will hosted by and dedicated to Brighton & Hove’s wonderful Trans community. Supported fully by Brighton & Hove Pride, the Pride Trans Community Area is community lead and has been developed in partnership with representatives of local Trans organisations; their friends and allies.

Community Village The Pride Community Village is always at the heart of our Pride celebrations in Preston Park with local and national charities and organisations playing an important role in the day. The Pride Community Village is key to the all our celebrations, reminding us of the true nature of Pride as it enables the community to connect, engage and support LGBT+ organisations and charities.

A reflection of the true diversity of our lives, the Pride Community Village encompasses everything wonderful, creative and supportive about LGBT+ life in the UK and beyond. Our community at the very heart of our Pride. Just as it should be.

Well Being Field

An oasis of calm and serenity, the WellBeing Field is where you can find out about the benefits of meditation, mindfulness and wellbeing therapies. This area of the park is alcohol-free and features Reiki, a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing, yoga and relaxing therapeutic massages in a chilled-out environment. You can also find members from Sussex Area of Narcotics Anonymous, willing to offer help, to those who think they may have a problem with drugs and alcohol. Come and talk. Free NA literature plus 12 step meetings throughout the day. 37

photo ©

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38 Summer of Love

Brighton’s Rich Cabaret History

Life Is A Cabaret, Old Chum Cabaret in Brighton. It’s as familiar as fish and chips, seagulls and a Southern Rail train service. Well maybe not that last one. But as I celebrate twenty-eight years as Lola Lasagne this year, cabaret has been a mainstay of the Brighton scene for all that time. Back in the day, things were very different. Brighton wasn’t a city for a start. And Hove was the base for many of the LGBT+ venues, rather then the Kemptown area as it is now. And back in the late 80s and early 90s, the laws were hugely different. Licensing meant that pubs shut at 11pm; split shifts on Sundays and nightclubs were the only late night venues. It meant that LGBT+ venues were exactly that; a safe haven for us to gather, enjoy a night out with friends and meet people, as we were a long way off from the world of mobiles and the apps. Most importantly; with the advent of HIV/AIDS, Brighton in particular, had developed a real sense of community. The Sussex Beacon opened its doors in the early 90s and Brighton’s venues were all throwing benefits and enlisting the help of the local cabaret stars. And there were plenty to choose from. Hove stood proud with the Beacon Royal, which was Tony Chapman’s first foray into the Brighton scene. Right around the corner was The Oriental, which was a huge favourite for us to play. Dave Lynn developed much of the madness we’ve seen in his act, as the pub had ‘MandyVision’ giving Dave the chance to start the show off on the roof, or interview people on the seafront with the audience watching inside. Over in Kemptown The Aquarium was a regular haunt for Lily Savage. The Queens Arms began its long reign as a cabaret bar under the expert eye of Tracey Davenport. And then there was Secrets nightclub, which was a little jewel of a venue with regular cabaret in the week. And who remembers The Pavilion Club and Wyndhams that was on Marine Parade? Then the emphasis on Kemptown being the centre of our scene began when Tony Chapman sold the Beacon Royal and bought Revenge nightclub and the

Legends hotel.

by stephen richards aka lola lasagne

Dave Lynn and Maisie Trollette had both made the move down to Brighton and through their connections in London and beyond were able to introduce Brighton to the enormous talent that was on offer. Established artistes such as Phil Starr, Dockyard Doris, Nicky Young, Andre Adore, Adrella, H.I.H Regina Fong, Sandra Hush, Ceri Dupree, Pink Gin, Sandra & Lucia, Millie Mopp all arrived on our shores, and also some of the newer acts who have taken over where so many of the aforementioned acts have stood after their passing. Through their showbiz connections and standing on the UK cabaret scene, Maisie and Dave were able to enlist the help of many stars, such as Hinge & Brackett, Hazell Dean, Jimmy Sommerville, Eartha Kitt and the original 60’s Tiller Girls to support the benefit shows for The Sussex Beacon to raise monies for those living with HIV/ AIDS. Some shows were in the venues before moving onto theatres for the charity Brighton Cares and our own Golden Handbag Awards, which still runs today. This also gave birth to Brighton’s adult panto through Casino Productions held at the Pavilion theatre. In the present day, whilst many things have changed, many have stayed the same. Sunday is still the ‘cabaret crawl’, starting at Legends and moving through Kemptown, taking in the Queens Arms & Charles Street amongst others. Newer acts are using Brighton to blossom on stage and some are following in the wake of many others and moving down here to live. The acts have taken Brighton to their hearts because Brighton took them to theirs. Which is why Brighton Pride and the Legends Cabaret Tent is the one that everyone wants to do each year. Brighton Pride has always acknowledged the impact of cabaret on the scene and given us our own stage each year. And since the first Pride in 1992 and my first Pride in 1997, its grown to the magnificence it is today. Where the artistes gather to celebrate Pride and to say thank you to Brighton for all the love they’ve received throughout the years. Long may it continue!

twitter @ misslolalasagne

Lola at the oriental, late 1990s 39

Illustration Lisa Holdcroft


After last years stunning debut The Pride Pleasure Gardens return for a weekend of enchanting and exciting entertainment in the heart of our city. A celebration of our diverse and glorious community, The Pride Pleasure Gardens will see the Old Steine and Victoria Gardens transformed into a unique Pride experience for three days and nights of fierce fun, saucy wonders, camp pop, stunning cabaret, Brighton bands, sensational live performances, cool DJs and hot clubbing. Victoria Gardens will be alive with unmissable celebrations as the exquisite sounds of beloved songsmith Lucy Spraggan with support from singer songwriter Amelia Caesar and local heroes

40 Summer of Love

3 Days of Free Family Fun & Ticketed Events

Frankie Furlow for Pride Unplugged on Friday night, whilst Saturday will see the brilliance of Brighton’s very own homegrown BIMM Showcase Stage and the funk soul and club classics of DJ Sean Quinn provide the perfect Pride soundtrack. The Old Steine will be fizzing with fabulousness as Pride Goes Pop – S Club Party opens proceedings with our Official Pride Warm Up Party on Friday night starring the poptastic S Club 3 and the award winning DJ Claire Fuller. Saturday will see legendary 80s mega club night It Is Still 1985 and the universally acclaimed self declared chaos of alt.drag superstars Sink The Pink’s Club Tropicana Takeover deliver must-do clubbing and cabaret,

Pride Pleasure Gardens whilst Sunday will be sensational with Stetson loving LGBT+ Community Line Dancing, London’s most addictive drag and cabaret night with the bears, blokes, cubs and hunks filled sexy tea dance of London’s infamous Brut, set to please every Pride pleasure seeker. With plenty of food stalls to tickle your

taste buds and bars to quench your Pride thirst plus an exclusive VIP area, The Pride Pleasure Gardens will be the perfect addition to your weekend’s carnival of proud Brighton fun. see for full details

Sink The Pink

Sink The Pink return to Brighton this August to bring their critically acclaimed clubbing to Pride’s Pleasure Gardens for a Club Tropicana Take Over. Expect nothing but the wildest glitter fuelled, wigtastic, beard beautiful, serendipitous hedonism as colourful club kids, fashion sweeties, large scale dance routines and lipsyncs redefine pleasure Pride style. A riot of the alt-drag kind, Sink The Pink’s Tropicana Takeover will be filled with all the fruits of the rainbow ensuring our Pride celebrations are the tastiest yet. Sink The Pink Club Tropicana Saturday 5th August 2017 10pm-3am Pride Pleasure Gardens Old Steine, Brighton, BN1 1EH This is a ticketed event.

Brüt Presents BeefyTea Bearstival It’s all about the bears, blokes, cubs and hunks as London’s hottest men-only gay club comes to the seaside for a very special Sunday Brüt Tea Dance at Brighton Pride’s Pleasure Gardens. With a line–up of international DJs, gorgeous beats and handsome fellas, Brüt’s Tea Dance will quench your thirst this Pride as it delivers clubbing of the glorious kind at the centre of our Pride celebrations. Always steamy and forever sensational, Brüt will guarantee you’ll be served just right with the hottest of house and the coolest of clubbers. Just how it should be come Pride Sunday. Sunday 6th August 2017 2pm-12midnight Pride Pleasure Gardens Old Steine, Brighton, BN1 1EH

BRUT TENT Louis Lennon / Chris Brogan / Ross Jones

Free entry to the Pleasure Gardens 2.00pm – 6.00pm for Pride Festival & PVP ticket holders. Tickets are required for Brüt Teadance in Club Tropicana 2.00pm – 12 midnight £5 advance.

WUFF TENT (Pop/R&B & Disco Classics ) Dj Dreadful Beary Ceary James Eagan Cabaret Stage The Sex Shells & more tbc 41

Pride Pleasure Gardens

Lucy Spraggan Feel the love this Brighton Pride as we welcome Lucy Spraggan for a very special night of live music as she brings her unique take on life to Pride Pleasure Gardens with her mix of acoustic, folk and hip-hop. A self-professed A-Flop wonder, Lucy will be joined by Brighton’s own Frankie Furlow, purveyors of the finest melodies, heart felt vocals and stellar live performances and the up and coming ambient, acoustic folk artist Amelia Caesar. A night of stars lit by stars, Pride Unplugged with Lucy Spraggan, Frankie Furlow and Amelia Caesar promises to be the perfect start to your weekend of proud Pride performances at Pride’s Pleasure Gardens. Pride Unplugged with Lucy Spraggan Plus support from Amelia Caesar & Frankie Furlow Friday 4th August 2017 Pride Pleasure Gardens Victoria Gardens, Brighton, BN1 1WN Free with Pride Festival wristbands before 8pm (subject to capacity). We advise Pride Festival ticket holders collect a wristband from the Box office on Victoria Gardens in advance.

sat 5th august 8pm dj sean quinn Saturday nights were made for dancing and with DJ Sean Quinn providing the funk, soul and club classics all night you’ll be sorted for thrills Pride Pleasure Gardens Victoria Gardens

sun 6th august 2pm line dancing Grab your dancing shoes and step our way for an afternoon of LGBT Community Line Dancing this Brighton Pride as we dos-à-dos together to a rainbow soundtrack of country and western wonders for a proud Stetson filled session Pride Pleasure Gardens Old Steine

S Club Party

There ain’t no party like an S Club Party and there ain’t no party like an Official Pride Warm-Up Party. Yes we intend to party with style as Pride Goes Pop with a poptastic S Club Party featuring the forever fabulous S Club 3 and the award winning Brighton DJ Claire Fuller. Expect nothing but the shiniest of pop as S Club Party featuring Jo O’Meara, Bradley McIntosh and Tina Barrett ensure you Don’t Stop Movin’ all night long. Official Pride Warm Up Party – Pride Goes Pop featuring S Club 3 Friday 4th August 2017 Pride Pleasure Gardens, Old Steine, Brighton, BN1 1EH Gates open 6.00pm. Free entry for Pride Festival wristbands holders (subject to capacity) before 10pm or £5 after.

42 Summer of Love

see for full details

Pride Pleasure Gardens

it is still 1985

The 80s club night that is always a roadblock comes to Brighton Pride for a night that will take your pleasure to the max. With more style than Madonna’s street urchin look, more bubbles than Cher and enough shoulder pads to keep Joan Collins happy for a Dynasty, It Is Still 1985 will provide you with your every 80s need; power dressing, neon colours, glittering jumpsuits and all. An awe inspiring burst of shallow 80s music, featuring legitimately good and BAD records from Phil Collins, Tina Turner, Huey Lewis & The News, Whitney Houston, Prince, The Cure and more, It Is Still 1985 has become a Brighton institution giving

gates open 12noon

clubbers a crowd surfin’ John Hughes lovin’ footloose journey into the sounds of Patrick Bateman’s Sony Walkman. So get ready to spin to the 80s good stuff, no jacket required. Become Modern presents It Is Still 1985 Saturday 5th August 2017 Pride Pleasure Gardens Old Steine, Brighton, BN1 1EH

Free entry before 6pm. (Priority entry for Pride Festival ticket or joint Pride Festival wristband holders, subject to capacity and T&Cs) Free with Pride Festival wristbands before 8pm (subject to capacity and T&Cs). We advise Pride Festival ticket holders collect a wristband from the Box office on Victoria Gradens in advance.

Bimm Live Stage BIMM, The British and Irish Modern Music Institute, has colleges in seven cities where music matters most – London, Berlin, Dublin, Brighton, Manchester, Bristol and Birmingham – and is proud to be the largest and leading provider of contemporary music education in Europe.

weekend of celebrations as they join us at best BIMM has to offer with a huge line-up of new and exciting bands as performers charm you with everything from Indie to Folk and Punk to ensure a day filled with the freshest talent for a truly memorable Pride celebration of our city’s creativity.

Responsible for bringing some of the brightest names to the music industry, former students have included James Bay, Tom Odell, Marina Diamond and The Kooks, BIMM is a vital component of Brighton’s musical community with students, tutors and guest lecturers delivering the most vibrant of beats to city life.

Saturday 5th August 2017 12noon-8pm. Pride Pleasure Gardens Victoria Gardens, Brighton, BN1 1WN See for full line up FREE entry (subject to capacity). Priority to Pride Festival wristband holders and BIMM student passes at peak times.

Pride is thrilled to welcome BIMM to our 43

Pride Village Party

The Pride Village Party is our city at its very best. Every street, every venue and every person decked out in rainbow colours as we celebrate Brighton Pride together. A spectacular two day fundraising event, the 2017 Pride Village Party will see St James Street and the city’s iconic seafront Marine Parade closed to traffic as bars, venues and businesses provide an array of amazing and diverse entertainment as thousands of people come together to celebrate at the UK’s most spectacular weekend long Pride event.

44 Summer of Love

The streets will be alive with the sounds of Pride as sound systems and venues deliver a hands in the air soundtrack from world class DJs whilst a line-up of sensational international cabaret acts will entertain the jubilant masses with their unbeatable selection of saucy seaside humour from noon till dusk. The rainbow flags will fly as high as the seagulls and our fun will be as hot as the sun. This most amazing of Pride celebrations brings us together once more for a party with purpose; to celebrate our communities and raise money for The Rainbow Fund and Pride Social Impact Fund.

Pride Village Party 45

Malta Tourism Authority

In recent years, Malta has experienced a pronounced and positive shift towards greater cultural acceptance of LGBTIQ in all aspects of life. Gay travellers can book a holiday to Malta feeling confident they will be able to explore the islands without experiencing prejudice. They will find the overwhelming majority of Maltese people to be gracious and welcoming hosts. They can look to a well-established gay community for tips on the best restaurants, cafes, pubs and boutiques, as well as gay-friendly hotels, nightclubs and social gatherings. Recent changes in legislation saw the Maltese Islands rise to first place on the ILGA-Europe Rainbow Index in 2016, an accolade it held on to this year. This puts Malta ahead of Belgium, the UK and Denmark, countries widely known for their

46 Summer of Love

liberal attitudes. This top billing was in part inspired by the introduction of the Gender Identity, Gender Expression and Sex Characteristics Act in 2015, which protects individuals’ physical integrity, bodily autonomy and self-determination. This quickly became an international example of best practice, showing once and for all that Malta can be a world leader when it comes to equality and non-discrimination. Malta has a brand new gay festival, Festa, taking place on July 21-23, and the annual Pride, a colourful, energetic party through the streets of Valletta, will take place in September this year. Supporting Brighton Pride was therefore a natural partnership to forge, as Malta looks to spread the word that everyone – without exception – is welcome on its shores.

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Pedigree Classes

Judged by Crufts Head Vet Andreas Schemel

Novelty Classes Judged by Miss Jason

Condition Classes

Judged by Coastway Vets 47

48 Summer of Love

Accessibility at Pride Page Title

Accessibility Matters at Pride Pride works with the Brighton & Hove LGBT Community Safety Forum to provide unparalleled Access facilities and services for the deaf, disabled, elderly and those with mobility issues throughout the Pride Festival, on the Community Parade and at Preston Park. We strive to ensure those who need it have a safe space at the head of the Pride Community Parade. Brighton Pride are aware that many deaf, disabled and older Pride goers will need to march in a space where access stewards are available to

prevent them from being crowded out or bumped into, enabling them to feel confident and therefore proud.

The Access Tent at the Pride Festival is a welcome meeting point which also serves as a safe space and place to report any incidents. It is a key information point for Pride, with a sign language interpreter present at all times, accessible portaloos within its grounds and a High Dependency Unit (HDU) with hydraulic lift, changing bed, full-length mirror and basin with running water.


Sunday 9th July 2PM - 7PM New Road, Brighton

A celebration of and for ALL people with ALL disabilities. All ages and families welcome. Come and join us for music, entertainment (including the fabulous Unified Rhythm), food, a family picnic area with entertainment for children, information stalls and fun! (There will be accessible facilities as well as a changing places toilet to make sure that everyone who wants to attend can)

Twitter @DPrideBrighton

Brighton Pride is proud to support the first ever Disability Pride in England, taking place in our wonderful city of Brighton & Hove on Sunday the 9th July 2017. Disability Pride will be a proud celebration of the LGBT+ disabled community with a day of performances including live music, street food, education, arts and comedy at the heart of our city. An important milestone in the battle for acknowledgement and acceptance of those living with disability (visible or invisible) within Brighton and Hove’s LGBT+ community, Disability Pride has been organised by Jenny Skelton whose own daughter Charlie had suffered disability discrimination at a venue in the city. Discrimination against the disabled is sadly still a reality for many in the community and Disability Pride aims to address the issue as we come together to support each other in a wonderfully positive way this July. Jenny said “There has never been a Disability Pride event in England before and I am sure you will agree that there is nowhere better than Brighton to hold the very first one. We are excited to be running our event at the same time and date as Disability Pride New York City as well as a similar Disability Pride event in Switzerland and Italy.� 49


Rory Finn – Creating Real Change In Our City Rory Finn from Trans Can Sport has worked with Gender Trust, Mindout, Trans Alliance, FTM Brighton and helped ensure equality for trans people with Brighton & Hove Council’s groundbreaking Trans Needs Assessment.

Why is important for you to identify as gender queer? As someone who has been taking testosterone for many years, it’s easy to assume I identify as male. I’ve never strongly ID’d as male and in some ways I still identify with the lesbian scene that I came of age to. I don’t feel strongly either male or female and there is more to my gender identity than a binary. And as a feminist, I take issue with the way gender controls much of the way we live and navigate through society. Of course, I’ve gained a lot of privilege by transitioning, being perceived as male makes life much easier in many ways. What drives you as a queer activist? I’ve always been passionate about challenging injustice but as a pragmatist rather than a protestor, so I like working strategically and working towards creating an environment that eliminates discrimination. What do you feel role models such as yourself are important for young LGBT+ people? Wow, I didn’t realise I was a role model! Young people need role models that they can actually become, rather than something unobtainable and on a pedestal. Learning to love yourself is the most powerful thing one can do. I’ve been inspired by many people, particularly activists, both locally and those in the national eye like Kate Bornstein and Peter Tatchell. Who was there for you when you began your transition? My lovers and my friends have been there for me throughout my transition. My family weren’t. The community made up for that though, as my queer family gave me strength. The biggest challenge for me was navigating healthcare and keeping my mind healthy. Access to healthcare continues to be an issue for the majority of

50 Summer of Love

trans people. Uniting behind trans issues as a wider LGBT community will definitely help all trans people, including those who do not transition.

photo © sharon kilgannon interview by kate wildblood

How important for you is it that the Trans Community are fully involved with Brighton & Hove Pride? Sadly year after year trans people have found themselves being called names, disrespected or even assaulted by other people at Pride. Having a Trans Tent goes some way to show that Trans is very much part of Pride and is a key part of the LGBT+ community. It’s good for people to have a space to come to find new friends, learn more about trans issues or just have somewhere that caters for them. How important is Brighton Pride fundraising for The Rainbow Fund for the Trans community in Brighton & Hove? It enables trans groups to deliver services that would not otherwise exist. In particular, it doesn’t feel like you need to justify why a trans, HIV, or any kind of LBGT+ group, needs support. Having funding for local LGBT+ projects is something for Brighton and Pride to be proud of.

In Solidarity

We Stand With Manchester This year The Manchester Pride Festival will not only be celebrating the Class of 2017, it will undoubtedly be a celebration of the city itself. The events that rocked the city shocked us all, but the people of Manchester have been united in their grief, their love and their defiance.

The Manchester Pride Festival features 3 strands; The Big Weekend - a musical extravaganza, bringing some of the biggest performers appearing over 3 stages. It’s not just about the music at ‘The Big Weekend’, there is an Expo which gives groups and organisations the opportunity to showcase themselves, a market and a few other surprises along the way that make ‘The Big Weekend’ special. The Manchester Pride Parade is one of The Festival’s most highly anticipated events, with thousands of people marching proudly together through the streets of Manchester and tens of thousands of supporters cheering us along the way. The Parade is always a joyous and sometimes emotional part of The Festival and we expect this year’s to have plenty of cheers and tears.

Closing The Festival is The Vigil in which Sackville Gardens is turned into a sea of flickering candles. In what will be an emotionally charged evening, The Vigil provides a space to remember those close to you who may no longer be with us and presents an opportunity to stand together as we recognise the many challenges that still exist and face LGBT communities from Manchester to the rest of the world. The Vigil is the spiritual heart of The Manchester Pride Festival and there is a truly magical and moving atmosphere of quiet reflection in the gardens that joins us together to become a community and city united.




25-MONDAY 28 AUGUST 201 7


Tickets & further info at manchesterpride

Raising money for LGBT causes in Greater Manchester Registered charity 1117848 51

Free Pride Community Day

Free Pride Community Day

The Pride Community Day is a fantastically fun collection of events that takes place on Sunday 30th July in Preston Park right in the heart of the city. Incorporating the Pride Dog Show, with a Bouncy Castle, Face Painting, Sports Fun and Games, there are loads of activities for adults and children alike.

Zumba with Lucie

Pride community day Sun 30th July Preston Park

Zumba is a Latin inspired, easy to follow, dance-fitness party that exhilarates your senses and works all your major muscle groups in a high energy cardio blast.


Spreading the joy of hula hooping in the UK and beyond since 2008, Live Love Hoop can’t wait to share their passion with you! Come join the fun drop-in workshop and they will teach you how to get that hoop spinning plus lots of fun tricks too. Why hooping? As well as being super fun, hula hooping a great cardio and strength workout and a fab way to tone your tummy, arms and butt. It’s a low impact and mindful way to exercise and an amazing stress-buster. Perfect for all ages and accessible for everyone.

check for latest info

Pride Dog Show

It’s time to pamper those pooches and paw your way to one of Brighton Pride’s most wonderfully accessible events. Join us as we celebrate our four-legged best friends with a day of fun and barking frolics, as dogs and dog lovers come together and shine with Pride.

52 Summer of Love

Part of the Pride Community Day and in association with Coastway Vets, the Pride Dog show will feature awards for numerous categories, retail stalls, a glamorous catwalk doggy fashion show, bar and refreshments.

the fabulous miss jason will again host the Pride Dog Show

Hosted by the gorgeous Miss Jason, industry professionals will be overseeing all entries and judging each category, ensuring every star pooch gets the recognition their proud paws deserve.

Pride Dog Show Sun 30th July Preston Park

Economic Impact

“One of the best Pride events in the world. Whatever your flavour, you’ll find it in Brighton.” Lonely Planet, March 2015 53

54 Summer of Love

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brunch club cabaret line dancing

Sunday 6th August 2017 • 2pm-12midnight Pride Pleasure Gardens, Old Steine, Brighton, BN1 1EH Free entry to the Pleasure Gardens 2.00pm – 6.00pm for Pride Festival & PVP ticket holders* Tickets are required for Brüt Teadance in Club Tropicana 2.00pm – 12 midnight • £5 advance* BRUT TENT Louis Lennon Chris Brogan Ross Jones

WUFF TENT (Pop/R&B & Disco Classics ) Dj Dreadful Beary Ceary James Eagan

Cabaret Stage The Sex Shells & more tbc

* subject to capacity 55

Wild Fruit

25 Years of Fruity Clubbing by kate wildblood

wild fruit brighton pride closing party 2009 ©

Twenty-five years since Wild Fruit began and every clubber, DJ, drag queen, performer or dancer who ever passed through its steamy doors will have a fruity tale to tell. There was no party like a Wild Fruit party and this Brighton Pride we will be celebrating the fierceness, frolics and fruitiness one last time. Following hot on the liberating heels of the seminal Club Shame at Brighton’s Zap Club, declared by Gay Times as a “blueprint of gay clubbing in the 90s”, Wild Fruit was launched in 1992 at Brighton’s Paradox. A fantasy of what clubbing can be, Wild Fruit was an empowering mix of sensational partying and set the benchmark for gay superclubs across the UK. Created and promoted by Paul Kemp, with creative

56 Summer of Love

collaboration from Sean Chapman, Mr Haywood and Chris Jepson, filled with Bunny’s oiled up dancing muscle boys and hosted by Mama Yvette, Dolly Rocket, Chrissy Darling and Fordy Freaktastic, Wild Fruit saw over 2000 clubbers experience a gay clubbing extravaganza like no other. Topping DJ Magazine’s Club Chart, delivering mouth-watering saucy memories, and a steadfast supporter of Brighton Pride since 1993, Wild Fruit was where Brighton’s LGBT clubbing community came together as a family at a time when full equality in the UK was still a battle we needed to win. Wild Fruit’s ground-breaking hedonistic soundtrack, provided by international superstar DJs including Fatboy Slim, David

wild fruit’s first night flyer, 1992

photos ©

Wild Fruit

Morales, Frankie Knuckles, The Sharp Boys, Prok & Fitch, The Freemasons, Seamus Haji, Boy George, Tom Stephan, Gonzalo, Paul Heron, Smokin Jo, Tasty Tim, Guy Williams, Chris McCoy, Fat Tony, DJ Paulette, Mark Bambach, Steve Pitron, Maze & Masters and Rob Sykes, provided the night’s trademark hi-octane tunes ensuring the atmosphere was always hot and sexy and the dance floor heaving as gay men, club kids and drag queens lost themselves in the possibilities of the night ahead.

LGBT charities, and it’s annual World AIDS Day Red Parties were a uniquely uniting force on the scene. Add it’s innuendo filled camp seaside branding (everyone loves a juicy banana!), a critically acclaimed compilation on Azuli Records and the thrilling party themes that ensured we all got to wiggle in a fruity Wonderland, and feel fabulously fashionable darling and its no surprise Wild Fruit became a must sashay to night.

“Wild Fruit has always been about glamour and drama, fun and dressing up. It is a fantasy of what clubbing can be. A collection of party-loving people with very strong creative, artistic streaks and free and open attitudes.” Paul Kemp

Always innovating and supporting new talent, Wild Fruit’s finely tuned selection of resident DJ’s including Mr Hayward, Andi Scott, Neil Duffie, Dulcie Danger, Richard Jones, Freddie Thomas, Jonny M, Lil Alex, Jon Byrne, DJ Hollie and Queenie & Wildblood completed an award-winning line-up. A much loved Brighton institution, Wild Fruit raised over £100,000 for local HIV and

It’s unique high-class branded production values meant Wild Fruit was always destined to be a clubbing legend. A legend we will be saying a suitably fruity and fabulous farewell to this year as the Wild Fruit Big Top Dance Tent celebrates Brighton Pride’s Summer Of Love with a sensational line-up of DJs and diva’s including Jocelyn Brown, Rozalla, Angie Brown, Fat Tony and many more. The tunes will be big, the celebrations emotional, the production spectacular and the smiles guaranteed. Wild Fruit., we luv you baby. 57

Pride Partners

Partnering With Pride Our Partners share many things in common. Most importantly we share a passion for Brighton Pride and it’s ethos of equality and the celebration of diversity. Brighton Pride CIC relies on sponsorship revenues to help fund our events that fundraise for the Rainbow Fund for whom we have raised over £310,000 in the last four years. The Brighton Pride events offer brands and corporate partners excellent opportunities to support the LGBT community but to also reach and target affluent, engaged consumers in larger numbers than most mainstream festivals like Glastonbury and V Festival

and across multiple platforms. We can deliver varied campaigns for brands with different objectives that include sampling, engagement, branding, direct response and even direct sales. We can offer campaigns that can run all year long or pinpoint activity during the Brighton Pride Festival. Our dedicated commercial team will work with prospective partners and their agencies to deliver our wealth of experience of working with everyone from major financial brands like American Express, to travel companies like Virgin Holidays, international brands like aussieBum or local businesses that are part of the Deliveroo network, ensuring the team provide the best possible return on investment for partners of all sizes.

“Following the success of last year’s Pride, Gatwick Airport was once again pleased to be partnering with Brighton Pride in 2016 for what was another wonderful celebration. Gatwick enjoys close links with the Brighton community and has been a strong supporter of Brighton Pride. With Gatwick just 30 minutes away by rail, we look forward to welcoming many of the international visitors who will once again be flying in to Gatwick from the more than 220 destinations Gatwick serves and continuing our ongoing association.”

58 Summer of Love

“Brighton Pride was a day to remember. We were overwhelmed by the hundreds of thousands of people that turned out to watch the parade and the joyous carnival-like atmosphere that engulfed the town. The team that took part are still talking about in the office, and we’ll be back in future to support our LGBT people and underpin our proud, public commitment to equality in travel.” Mark Anderson, Managing Director, Virgin Holidays

“OneFamily had a fun and memorable day at this year’s Pride, shared with families from Brighton and beyond. I was very proud to see the crowds of spectators reacting so positively to us, enjoying our music and dancing along with my colleagues as our float went by.” Simon Markey, Chief Executive, OneFamily

Pride Partners for 2017

Pride Partners

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photography & design

Pride is about every aspect of our diverse community, respecting each and every participant, worker and service provider who make our Pride celebrations and events so special. Respecting those who help us deliver a safe and amazing Pride festival of events. 2015 saw the launch of the Brighton & Hove Pride Respect Campaign. Working in conjunction with the Brighton & Hove LGBT Community Safety Forum, the Pride Respect Campaign will celebrate the service providers in our city, ensuring not only a warm welcome but also a respectful appreciation of the work they do to make our Pride events possible.

“Pride promotes tolerance, acceptance and respect for of all our diverse communities. We really hope that everyone can engage this positive campaign thats promote our citywide respect campaign. This should include respect for the residents of Preston Park and St James’s street area who’s lives are disrupted by the Pride celebrations on their doorstep as well as your fellow Pride goer. We don’t believe harassment or inappropriate behaviour to fellow Pride goers or service providers should not be tolerated and we support the Police in taking appropriate action. We really want locals and visitors to the City to have an amazing Pride weekend and encourage people to please drink responsibly and to help make Brighton and Hove Pride the UK’s proudest Pride celebrations” The Respect campaign highlights Brighton Pride’s commitment to a event free from bullying, sexual harassment or body shaming. An event where all are welcome and free to be who they are. A Pride based on respect for all. 59

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60 Summer of Love

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