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Welcome This edition of the Meliora is one of celebration. Here we celebrate the extraordinary achievements of individual students as well as the latest Inductees to our BGS Hall of Fame. We celebrate the success of teams working together, the substantial advancement of the School’s strategic plan, and honour the contribution those who have served in war.

Natalie van Wetering, Editor

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The School comes together to remember When we reflect back on 2015, and maybe even our time at Brighton Grammar, the Centenary commemoration of ANZAC Day will stand out as one of those ‘special’ moments. The whole School, from our three year old ELC boys to Year 12 young men, along with staff, parents, Old Boys and invited guests, gathered together on the Mitchell Oval to stop, honour and reflect. The service included a haunting Last Post played from the top of the Clock Tower, a moving dramatic presentation, ‘The Sons of ANZAC,’ and a superb performance from the combined choirs. What many will remember most is the poignant and graphic illustration of sacrifice as Year 12 boys hung 117 simple white crosses, each one detailing one of our Brighton Grammar Old Boys who lost their life serving our country. The Headmaster, Ross Featherston, gave the address where he shared the story of Colonel Henry (Harry) Crowther (OB 1903) and second Headmaster of BGS. Harry was a truly heroic and soldier, decorated for his courage at sea, in Gallipoli and in France. We were delighted to have as our special guests at the service the family of Henry including his daughter June Burne and her husband Charles, and their daughters Janet , Phillipa and Susan. Also Henry’s son Bill, and his wife Marion, who travelled from Merimbula as well as their daughters Louise and Penny and their families.



The Crowther Family

WINTER 2015 5

“Before Anzac Day, we looked at Sidney Nolan’s Gallipoli series of paintings. He was an Australian artist, and his paintings have been given to the Australian War Memorial. We looked at photographs of Gallipoli soldiers and painted some of them.” Scott, Year 5.

Making ANZAC ‘real’ for the boys One key way to keep the ANZAC spirit ‘alive’ for future generations is to ensure the students of today have a deep understanding of what ANZAC Day commemorates. In the weeks prior to the Service, across the School, classwork was undertaken exploring such things as historical facts, personal stories of those who were at Gallipoli and, as occurred in Year 6, looking at issues such as ‘courage’.



Did you know? In April 2015 we remembered those brave Australian soldiers who landed at ANZAC Cove at Gallipoli 100 years ago. On that first day, 25 April, 1915, three Old Boys lost their lives: Thomas Douglas Partridge, aged 40 James Campbell Telford, aged 22 John Francis Huon Tovell, aged 26 In all, nine Old Boys died at Gallipoli and 52 were killed in WWI.

Lucas Williamson (Year 6), shares his thoughts on Courage “Courage is when you stand up for what you believe is right even if everyone in the world is against you. Courage is when you go up and talk on stage and resist the tingle of the butterflies in your stomach while having to deal with pressure. The ultimate act of courage though, is when you sacrifice yourself for another person. Whatever side they were on, all the soldiers who fought at Gallipoli either had courage or something else that was very close to it. If you ever wanted to know what you were supposed to remember when everyone goes quiet at school or at the footy, on the 25th of April, remember the soldiers who fought for our future not theirs. Before I conclude, I just want to leave you with a phrase to remember and that is: There is a fine line between courage and stupidity.� WINTER 2015 7

Boys love (and need) heroes We were very lucky in February to have Victoria Cross recipient, Ben Roberts-Smith, address the boys and staff of Years 7 to 12 at a special assembly. Through compelling story telling Ben talked about his life and time on active duty for Australia. He also cleverly wove in messages about our School values (Passion, Respect, Integrity and Accountability) and his own values of integrity, empathy, humility, courage and excellence. The life lessons he shared were invaluable and memorable.

Ross Featherston, Headmaster



Ben RobertsSmith with School Captain Harry Hill & ViceCaptains Christian Carnovale & Campbell Clapp


Drama is back @ BGS

Drama provides an opportunity for boys to learn to express themselves in a safe, supportive and fun environment. It also provides skills boys carry into manhood including confidence, self-expression and selfreflection, public speaking, empathy, curiosity and literacy. Ensemble work reinforces the importance of teamwork and leadership, whereas school productions enable boys to work and learn with other year levels and make new friends, and improvisation work strengthens their ability to work independently and trust their intuition. Drama is about being in the moment through getting involved and achieving success – something that boys really enjoy.

Unmasking our boys’ potential The Middle School boys recently enjoyed an innovative unit exploring the use of Neutral Mask which has resulted in positive outcomes expressed way beyond the drama studio. While wearing masks, boys were encouraged to develop their ability to freely express themselves and strengthen their communication skills. It was a real ‘game changer’ for boys, many of whom commented on how more confident and positive they felt to tackle the perils of adolescence. The boys’ willingness to explore their own personality and the world around them through the Neutral Mask also helped develop their performance skills and exaggerated expressive skills with outstanding results. We plan to present the Neutral Mask Workshops at the Drama Victoria State Conference in December.

When I put the mask on, I felt as if I could do anything and people would not know it was me and judge me.

The re-invigorated BGS Drama program now runs from Prep to VCE with it compulsory in the Junior and Middle Schools and optional in the Senior years.

Myles Collins, Head of Drama & Head of Production WINTER 2015 9


High School Musical

‘High School Musical’, the BGS and Firbank combined Senior production was a sell-out with audiences enjoying shows packed with energy, excitement and a story about teenage identity. Captain of Drama, Tim Semmens, reported, “It was fantastic to have some new talent grace the stage this year. It was the ‘start of something new’ for Christian Carnovale (Year 12), who went against the status quo when he decided to give the production a go before graduation. Even though he hadn’t been on stage since Year 6, Christian rewarded us all with his faultless portrayal of the lead character, Troy Bolton, opposite Stevie-Lou Answerth, who too gave a breathtaking performance playing Gabriella Montez”. Without doubt, the show was blessed with an exceptionally talented cast, with great performances by Campbell Clapp, Lachie Collie, Elias Kauiers, Ned WrightSmith, Dylan Taylor and Matt Evans. Tim went on to explain, “Musical theatre is special in the way it calls upon many skills found outside the disciplines of performing arts. For example, camaraderie and teamwork are as essential on stage as they are on the football field. With the production being entirely student-run, it was essential the 80-odd students involved worked together to ensure that the show was as focused, energetic and enjoyable as it turned out to be”. 10


WINTER 2015 11


Formula 1 Excursion A key component of ‘F1 in Schools’, a new program for the Year 8 Enrichment Studies boys, was to spend a day at the Melbourne Grand Prix. Here the boys collected data and witnessed the national finals of the 2014/15 ‘F1 in Schools’ challenge. ‘F1 in Schools’ is a multi-faceted and multidisciplinary program. It inspires students to collaborate with industry partners in the context of their project to learn about engineering principles such as physics, aerodynamics, design, manufacture, leadership/teamwork, media skills and project management, and then to apply them in a practical, imaginative, competitive and exciting way. The F1 in Schools program addresses several key learning areas, while at the same time gets students interested and involved in engineering, design, science and math related classroom activity. The boys pose with former F1 Grand Prix legend David Coulthard.



Learning Software Development IT skills are becoming increasingly relevant in the 21st Century and so IT subjects are an important part of the offering in the senior year levels. In an attempt to gain some insights into this area we spoke with the 2014 Software Development Unit 3-4 prize winner, Tim Semmens (Year 12) who achieved a study score of 47. Tim did Unit 1 of Information Technology in Year 10 before continuing with Software Development 3 – 4 as his only Unit 3-4 subject last year. “There were only nine of us in the class. I was really surprised that there weren’t many students doing IT,” he said. “I would have thought that it would be really appealing to the boys because it’s a handson subject.” The course closely follows the Software Development life-cycle, being analysis, design, development and evaluation. “We were using PHP as the coding language, with a bit of HTML on the side,” Tim said. “The coding aspect of the subject did not come naturally to me, so I had to work very hard at it.” While nearly all of the assessments are done on the computer, the final exam is actually a written exam. “It’s not necessarily about re-programming Microsoft Word or Google’s search engine – it’s about understanding the framework and processes behind developing software, in order to solve problems in real life.” Tim hopes to work with computers in the future and is planning to study Business Information Systems at Monash. “It expands what I’ve learnt in Software Development 3-4, and it’s a broad subject that can be applied to a number of different disciplines. In addition, Monash offer paid industry placements during the course, so it would be fantastic to get some experience in the field while I’m studying.” WINTER 2015 13


All that jazz In May the BGS Senior Big Band joined 4,000 students from 180 bands from across Australia who all travelled to the annual Generations in Jazz competition in Mt Gambier, SA. While not everyone relished the nine hour bus trip, most would agree the environment of creativity and experience of performing with, and for, all these young musicians was truly awesome. It was the first time the Senior Big Band had participated in many years, so they were extra delighted to gain a top 10 finish against 22 bands in their division. It was an amazing weekend, listening 14


to world class musicians like Australian trumpeter James Morrison, (patron of the event), internationally acclaimed Hot Horn Happening, the American vocal group Take 6, and many amazing scholarship winners. Next year we plan to take at least one more ensemble from BGS.


BGS and St Kevin’s workshop music together Two new music opportunities came to fruition this year for senior music students from BGS and St Kevin’s College. Members of the Big Bands were treated to a special session with guest conductor Dr Steve Davis, Director of Wind Band and Ensembles at the University of Missouri. Likewise, the Senior Symphony Orchestra from both schools had a workshop with guest conductor Pat Miller where the boys gained a wonderful insight into the works being rehearsed and various performance techniques to be incorporated into future performances. We believe it is invaluable for the boys to mix with like-minded students from other schools in a situation beyond sport, to make new friends and to learn from experienced musicians.

Are you pitch perfect? BGS is looking for five talented, musically literate boys in Years 5 to 10, who have genuine talent and love of singing, to join the amazing St Andrew’s Church Choir, Brighton in 2016. The 'choral scholar' experience is the best musical education available to children. The boys will work under renowned Musical Director, Thomas Heywood, training to work to a professional standard, as well as, fostering skills of teamwork, confidence and commitment. Choir Scholars receive a generous 75% remission of school fees and scholarships are tenable to Year 12. This is a rare and unique opportunity to experience the benefits and opportunities given to children in the UK and Europe. Places are highly sought-after and are offered through an audition process. To learn more contact, visit or phone Thomas Heywood on 9592 1240. WINTER 2015 15



ELC boys at the NGV You may be surprised to read boys from our ELC visited the National Gallery of Victoria in April for a morning of art immersion. Rather than learning about the history of art, the focus of the visit was ‘Emotions in Art’. By exploring the Golden Age of China exhibition, the boys moved through artifacts looking closely at the emotions expressed in the pieces. It quickly became clear to everyone, our boys were able to engage in a meaningful way with the artwork. The skilled staff at the Gallery used a variety of techniques (movement, dramatic interpretation and moments of visual reflection) to ensure everyone was involved throughout the presentations. 16


Bringing science to life In Year 7 Science, boys delved into the world of particles, investigating the impact of particle behaviour, how this creates a solid, liquid and gas and how this can be changed through the application or removal of heat. The boys loved our exploration of the behaviour of dry ice (solid carbon dioxide, -780C) watching it bubble and produce clouds of white gas, fulfilling the dreams of every mad scientist. We filled balloons with carbon dioxide gas and watched them shrink down to crispy nothingness when placed in liquid nitrogen (-1960C). The magic show was complete as a mysterious solid powder appeared in the crispy, shrunken balloon. And as the balloon started to reinflate, the mysterious powder disappeared. It was then the boys’ job to explain why in their homework!

Andrew Braddy, Middle School Maths & Science

Design Activity with Coles Gift Cards Last term 25 Year 8 boys who were studying design in CDT completed a focus group task for Coles while at the same time gaining valuable insights into the design process. The group looked at potential images for use on the Coles 2015 Christmas Gift Cards. Year 8 parent Amanda Farrell is the Gift Card Manager for Coles and was key in setting up this opportunity. Because of their age, the boys focussed on the teen mood-board images. The class divided into groups to review gift cards used in previous years to get a feel for what the final product might look like. They then looked through pages of

Will Brydon-Waldren, Charlie Moore and Felix Flockhart enjoy checking out previous gift cards.

new images and selected their favourite from each page. Once all of the sheets had been viewed the boys selected their favourite two images overall. There were a few very popular choices and we look forward to seeing if one of these pictures ends up on the Coles Gift Cards this Christmas. Thanks to Amanda Farrell for helping to organise this initiative and also to her son George Farrell who helped run the focus groups. WINTER 2015 17

The Fun of Robotics Year 8 Extension Studies visited the ELC to demonstrate their LEGO NXT robots recently. This aligned with a unit where the ELC boys had built robots using recycled boxes. The Year 8 boys demonstrated soccer playing robots and taught the ELC boys how to drive the robots using blue tooth and the NXT app for mobile phones. It was a fantastic atmosphere with all of the boys cheering and thoroughly enjoying themselves.

Seven boys from Year 8 English joined forces with Top Titles bookshop in Brighton to promote the virtues of reading. The staff at Top Titles let the boys publish their book reviews (shelf-talkers) to guide customers on their bookshelves – an exciting way for the boys to have their book reviews hanging in a public space. The bets are now on to see which boy can influence the most sales! Brendan Savage, MIddle School English Teacher



Tell me, I’ll forget. Show me, I’ll remember. Involve me, I’ll understand. Chinese proverb

Boys review books via shelftalkers at local bookshop


Boy friendly ‘hands on’ forensic workshop With the popularity of TV shows like CSI and Bones, it is hardly surprising that our boys relished the recent Forensic Science workshop. Boys were presented a crime scene in which they had to investigate the clues to ascertain, who, based on the evidence, had committed the crime. Expert presenter Leon led the students through a series of investigative techniques of analysis to work through the crime scene with the aim of finding out, who dunnit! Andrew Braddy, Middle School Maths & Science

Learning in the wild Biology came to life at the Melbourne Zoo in March for the Year 7 science class who were studying Classification. Throughout the day, the boys explored a range of enclosures and recording their observations, as well as attending an educational lesson with a zoo keeper. Here they discussed key ideas such as how animals adapt to their environments and the Zoo’s role in wildlife conservation. WINTER 2015 19

King Island Sea Change Trek


I’ve just returned from spending six magnificent days in my home state of Tasmania on the wild and rugged King Island with some of our Year 9 Sea Change boys. Each term, around 40 boys, plus seven outdoor education staff bushwalk in three different expedition groups around the western, northern and eastern coastline of King Island. The island in many ways is all of the following: captivating, alluring, breathtaking, stunning and pristine. The boys are ultimately responsible for navigating and looking after their group for the duration of their expedition. Throughout the expedition, each group bushwalks close to 65 kilometres with fully loaded packs, sleep in tents and cook all their meals on lightweight Trangia cooking stoves. It’s an epic trip of soul searching, selfdiscovery, intimate reflection and constant testing of ones levels of resilience. Our goal for each boy after the trek is to have a much better understanding of his levels of tolerance, enhanced levels of resilience and all-round better coping skills to help with all of the issues facing young men of today.

Cameron Barry, Head of Outdoor Education

20 WINTER 2015

There’s so much more to Outdoor Education than going camping This year the Banksia Peninsula of the Gippsland Lakes region, was the home for the Year 6 Outdoor Education expedition. Challenged with typical autumnal windy and wet weather the programs went ahead unheeded with only slight modifications due to some high winds. Nonetheless, all boys ‘dug in’ and participated with a real keenness for adventure and a drive to learn something new about themselves, their peers and the local environment. The boys spent two nights of the four nights away, at base camp (Camp Coolamatong) participating in canoeing, raft building, mountain bike riding and taking part in an indigenous field session with Cass. While all activities challenged the boys in various ways, it was pleasing to see the consistent effort and personal sacrifice some made in helping their peers

who were struggling or just needed a friendly word of encouragement. The overnight camping experience was the highlight for the boys. Personally, I think the mosquitos were the biggest winner with all boys befriended over their time on the Lakes! As the boys progress to becoming young men, it’s important for them to draw on their experiences from this expedition and transfer this learning into their everyday lives and families. The 5 day experience was a remarkable physical, mental and social achievement. The Year 6 teachers were impressive leaders and role models for their boys as they did everything the boys did with vigour and enthusiasm.

Cameron Barry, Head of Outdoor Education WINTER 2015 21

It takes a village to raise a child They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach - and that’s the same for our boys. In fact, it is quite remarkable how much focus boys have when they know food is at the end of the lesson! One delightful example was when ELC 4 student Danny Liu and his Mum, Lisa Zhu, treated the boys to a Chinese cooking lesson where they learned to make dumplings followed by a talk on Chinese culture and significant symbols and traditions.

Let’s make dumplings

Gyoza Extravaganza Japanese Teacher Chin Nagayama, being exceedingly proud of his Japanese heritage, wanted the boys to experience all facets of Japanese culture, including its delicious and illustrious cuisine! Donning his master-chef hat, Chin whipped up enough Gyoza dumplings to feed an army of hungry Year 8 boys.

22 WINTER 2015

Dad shares his passion for Flight Exploring ‘flight’ was the focus in Technology for our Year 4 boys last term. They designed and built gliders using balsa wood and then competed in the Annual Birdman Rally. A highlight at the end of the unit was when Shane Williams, (father of Ryan), a passionate collector and flier of model gliders, came to share his glider collection and talk about how gliders fly. The boys were enthralled by the amazing array of gliders that Shane had constructed. Shane’s interest in gliders began when he was a similar age to the Year 4 boys and it was evident that this passion has been passed on to his son, Ryan. “At the end, my dad flew his DLG, or Discus Launch Glider, so the boys could see how it worked. On one flight he even landed it so I could catch it. By that time we had a much bigger audience including the ELC and Year 3 boys” explained Ryan. To conclude the brilliant presentation, Shane demonstrated how to fly a glider in the air. The display was met with great enthusiasm and cheers.

Bang the Drum! Robbie Quelch from Maintenance, is also a drummer in a band. He recently noticed boys in the ELC playground playing pots and pans, and ringing the bells. Robbie couldn’t resist sitting down with the boys and joining in. What unfolded was an incredible 15 minute drumming session with boys and staff joining in to dance, clap, and play. WINTER 2015 23

The many sides of Christian School life wasn’t always smooth sailing for high achieving School Vice-Captain Christian Carnovale (Year 12). In Years 1 and 2 he was forever in the office of then Head of Junior School, Peter Toms, often resulting in empty promises for improved behavior. But somewhere along the way something changed in the cheeky, ‘over excited’ boy, resulting in one of the most impressive young men you could ever meet. Christian has all the ‘poster-boy’ qualities you would want for a school like ours. Smart, handsome, articulate, football hero, lead in the school production, passionate, modest, self driven…. and so it goes on. But rather than being dismissive, or even worse ‘envious’ of the talent of this amazing young man, we thought it would be interesting to try and find out, what makes him ‘tick’ and see what we can learn from him.

Q: What makes you ‘tick’? I love competition. Not so much competing against other guys but I want to see good I can be – how far I can push myself. This is not just in sport – it was the same for the School play too. I haven’t been on the stage in a School production since 24 WINTER 2015

Year 6 (when we all had to do it) but I thought - well this is my last chance so why not? Singing in front of four people in the audition was THE scariest thing I have done in my life. But playing the lead in High School Musical was a real highlight– one of the best things I have ever done.

Q: What sort of response have you had from the boys since your performance?

Q: What other things have enjoyed at BGS? I loved living close to School (in Hampton – a 10 minute bike sprint away). School has always felt like home and the teachers seem to always remember you. I also liked Sea Change in Year 9. Sea Change is so under–rated. I was lucky enough to go to PNG. It was nine days that were really difficult but it brought the group of guys together (not previously

Lots of little kids have called out and asked me if I was the guy in High School Musical and then gone on to say how much they liked it. I use the opportunity to try and encourage them to make sure they get involved too. That’s an important thing at BGS. When I was in Year 6, I looked up to the big guys – the footballers. It had a big influence on me. Now I have to remember they might be looking up to me and make sure I respect that and pass down the culture to them.

Q: Footy is important to you. Did you always like sport? In the primary years tennis ‘defined’ me – I played in and out of school – and I also played soccer. I hated footy but in Year 7 Dad urged me to ‘have a crack’ – and I found I loved it. I started playing both at School and club footy for the Dragons. In Year 10, I was selected into the Firsts.

my friends) and we are still mates. It also made me appreciate everything my mum had done for me. I think Sea Change takes you away to bring you closer together.

Q: Who inspires you? Lots of the other guys in the year. Even if they don’t have anything on their pocket, they are still good guys. But guys with a busy

pocket – it tells a bit of their characteristics and their story. I like guys who have achievement in contrasting areas like Campbell Clapp. It means they have put themselves out there. I also admire the guys who can party on the weekend but then if they have a spare first thing Monday, they still get down and study. One of my heroes was Chris Dawes (OB 2006). He got 99+ in VCE and was also drafted to Collingwood. Josh Kelly did well too and was drafted (to the AFL). Some people think the footy guys are all jocks, but that’s not true. Lots of them are academic and are determined to do well.

What I don’t understand is why the guys in Chapel can’t just belt it out. They have the words - it’s such a simple thing.

about music! My mum always says, do what you love. My goal is to stick with something and see how far I can take it.

Q: What’s are you aiming for post BGS? It’s not that I don’t know what to do, I don’t know what to choose. I love architecture. I would love to play footy and also think

Q: I hear you like singing. Tell me more about that. While I didn’t like learning the strings in Junior School, choir lessons with Althea Draayers were my ‘escape’. It is such a simple thing to belt out a song with others. I find it unifying. I still love mass singing. WINTER 2015 25

Individual student achievements

So many of our boys are achieving amazing things outside the School. These are but a few...

Mac to play the young Molly Meldrum in the upcoming TV series At just six, Mac Parsons (Year 10), never having had an acting lesson in his life, attended an Agents Audition with his older brother Oliver (OB 2913). Ironically Oliver missed out, but the actors’ agency wanted to represent Mac for acting roles. Since then Mac has appeared in cameo roles in feature films Knowing and Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark, and on TV in City Homicide, Neighbours, and in ads for McDonalds and Kmart. Mac has also acted in several short films with well-known actors like Richard Cawthorne and Vince Colosimo. Most recently Mac won the role playing a ‘young’ Molly Meldrum for the Channel 7’s new mini–series Molly. Despite it only being a small part Mac had to go through two auditions and a wardrobe and make up test to ensure he was right for the role. Look out for Molly coming soon!

Scholars’ Assembly As is our tradition, the highest achieving boys of the Class of 2014 were invited back to Assembly in February to receive their prizes. Such success is an inspiration to current BGS boys.

2014 DUX Congratulations to the Dux of 2014, Jeffrey Jiang who achieved an ATAR score of 99.90 26 WINTER 2015

Thomas Downs (Year 10), a member of Hampton Scout Group, was recently presented the Australian Scout Medallion, the pinnacle of achievement in Australian Scouts. 3% of scouts in Victoria were awarded the medallion in the last year. There are a number of requirements to earn the ASM including earning proficiency badges such as abseiling, top rope climbing, canoeing and fire awareness. The ASM also requires a level of campcraft knowledge and understanding: Tom has spent approximately 50 nights under canvas. And finally Tom had to demonstrate an active leadership role in Scouting, taking responsibility for mentoring younger Scouts as they advance through the section.

Will Pucovski (Year 12), Captain of BGS Cricket, has been selected to play for the Australian Under 19 Cricket team to play England in the UK in July/August. The tour will include one four-day test match and five oneday games. Will, a batsman, began playing Club Cricket at age seven and is about to begin his fourth season with the Melbourne Cricket Club. He has played in the BGS First XI since Year 8 with great success including three centuries. Despite missing a month of School at this critical time of year, Will is still aiming high before taking a Gap Year in 2016 when he will play some cricket and travel as much as possible.

Lucas Derrick selected into the Young Soceroos What a brilliant achievement!!! Lucas (Year 11) represented Australia in New Zealand at the Five Nations Tournament in May as a member of the Young Socceroos (Under 20s Australian team). Lucas made his debut against New Zealand – a game they won 3:2. Unfortunately the winning streak didn’t last in the other matches but the Head Coach Paul Okon was reported saying that their impressive performances during the friendly series shows the team is on the right track to being able to match it with any nation in world football. Photo courtesy Jason Heidrich Photography

We are now hoping Lucas will be selected for the Under 17 side so he can play in the Under 17 World Cup in Chile in October. WINTER 2015 27

Lloyd with Victoria’s Minister for Education and Deputy Premier, James Merlino


NOT 1, NOT 2, BUT 3 PREMIER’S AWARDS – and a whole lot more! Congratulations to Lloyd Hutson (Class of 2014) who in June, attended a ceremony to receive a Premier’s Award from Premier Daniel Andrews for each of his subjects where he achieved a perfect study score in last year’s VCE exams - Accounting, Economics and English. Ray Swann, Head of Senior School, reported he believes Lloyd

was the only student in the State to receive three awards. This year Lloyd has begun a combined Bachelor of Laws (Honours)/Bachelor of Commerce at Monash University, where because of his outstanding VCE academic achievement, he was awarded a Monash Scholarship for Excellence. Lloyd was also invited to apply for a place in the Monash Minds leadership program which he did and was subsequently accepted. The aim of Monash Minds is to provide students with the opportunity to learn from prominent leaders so they can make a difference to the lives of others.

Three elite musicians The School was very proud when three elite student musicians achieved the very prestigious AMusA Award earlier in the year. Congratulations to Daniel Lee (Year 11) who plays cello, Jerry Lee (Year 11) who plays violin and Julian Ou (Year 10) who also plays cello, on this outstanding result which is only possible after years of sustained playing, practice and commitment. The Associate Diploma in Music, Australia (AMusA) is a diploma awarded by examination to outstanding candidates in the fields of musical performance and music theory by the Australian Music Examinations Board (AMEB). 28 WINTER 2015

Jerry Lee, Daniel Lee and Julian Ou at their AMusA Graduation Ceremony at the University of Melbourne with John Quaine, BGS Assistant Director of Music.

For the love of theatre Lachlan Collie (Year 11), was selected as one of only 14 Year 11 student Melbourne Theatre Company Ambassadors from across Victoria. The year-long program offers insight into the world of professional theatre. Each month Lachie will attend an MTC production, meet with artists and staff, and share experiences of theatre with likeminded peers. Upon completion of the program the MTC Ambassadors are invited to join the Young Grads initiative to continue to attend MTC productions with their group. Lachie, who joined BGS in Year 2, has had his interest in drama nurtured through School. “To be honest, the only reason I

got involved at first was because we did the productions with Firbank – but from there I realised I really was interested in drama and theatre. I have been in every production since the Year 6 musical.” On explaining a little more about his MTC Ambassador experience to date, Lachie shared “The other Ambassadors come from as far away as Portland near the SA border. Through talking with them I have realised just how lucky we are at BGS with our facilities and resources. Many others have to hire performance venues and one person was telling me how they had to scrounge at the tip to find materials to build their set”. WINTER 2015 29

Luca Jarvis (Year 7) became the 3 metre national diving champion for boys aged 12/13 at the 2015 Australian Diving Championships in Brisbane in April. Will Middlemiss (Year 9) was selected for the Victorian Cross Country Ski Team last year and will compete in the Victorian and Australian Championship races at Falls Creek during Winter 2015.

Dante Caruso (Year 7) has had a great year in baseball at both state and national levels representing Victoria in the National Junior League Championships in Queensland earlier this year. The Victorian South East Mariner second baseman and leadoff hitter, made an impact at the championships both on the mound as a pitcher, as well as offensively with the bat. His Victorian team just missed out on the playoffs with the winner representing Australia at the World Series Championships held in the USA. Dante also played in the State Winter Championships held in July. 30 WINTER 2015

Students, teachers and other people interested in film making from around the world were among those who nominated Henry McDowell’s (Year 10) animation REVENGE to win the ATOM (Australian Teachers of Media) Audience Choice award in the Middle School (7-10) category. Henry created Revenge for his iDesign project in Year 8. Brad Marais (Year 9) captained the Victoria U15 Hockey team at the National Championships in Tasmania in April bringing home the bronze medallion. Brad has also been selected to play in the U16 School Sports Victoria Hockey team to play in Perth in August.

Noah McGrath (Year 8) competed in the 2015 Mediterranean International Cup with the FTS Australia Team in Spain in March/ April. This Youth football tournament brings together the best clubs and national teams of the world competing in different age classes. Clubs such as Real Madrid, FC Porto, UE OLOT, FC Barcelona, and FC Inter Milan were amongst the competition with FTS Australia.

Harry Potter (Year 12) was selected for the Vic U18 Rugby Union team. Harry who is the 1st XV Vice-Captain and our starting Fly Half has had an excellent year. He was also Stroke of the 1st VIII rowing team. Mackenzie Harvey (Year 9) and Nathan Murphy (Year 10) were selected to represent Victoria at the National Cricket Championships in Darwin in June. Nathan was selected to the U16 Australian XI.

Aaron Leferink (Year 8) won the U15 100m hurdles at the Australian Junior Championships. He also came 2nd in the U15 100m & 200m sprints as well as running up an age group in the U16 4 x 100 & 4 x 200 relays and came second there as well. Nathan Picchioni (Year 10) was again selected to represent Victoria at the U16 Australia National Baseball Championships in Blacktown, NSW. Victoria won gold and Nathan was selected as the U16 Most Valuable Player in Australia. James Tickner (Year 12) has been selected to represent Australia in Cycling at the Junior World Championships in Kazakhstan in August. As a lower age junior, James will have two years riding at these Championships. This year he is guaranteed two rides at the Championships.

Dance and drama enthusiast Alexei Mitnovetski (Year 9) competed with other members of his Drama School ‘Inspiration’ in a performing arts competition, in Prague, Berlin and Paris in April and May this year. The competition involved about 20 European teams with an Australian team included for the first time. The team won second place and 2,500 Euros with their interpretation of an Aboriginal dance and a shortened version of The Prince and the Pauper.

Accomplished organist Ned Wright-Smith (Year 10) was invited to participate in a concert for young organists held at the Melbourne Town Hall earlier in the year enjoying the privilege of playing on the Town Hall Grand Organ.

Australian representative Water-polo player Will Paynter (Year 10) enjoyed another success when he won the Portsea ‘Winter Pier to Pub’ swim sprint in 12 degree water in June. The event was held in support of MND.

Congratulations to St Andrew’s Choral Scholar, Jack Kissane (Year 5), who was recently presented with his Voice for Life Medal. This is an international education program for choristers and Jack is the first from the St Andrew’s Choir to achieve it.

Twelve year old, Lachie Briggs (Year 7) had the honour of being selected to play the Last Post at the Dawn Service for the Hampton RSL at Green Point on Anzac Day. Lachie, loves the trumpet having starting playing when he was just eight. Courtesy Leader Newspapers

WINTER 2015 31


Our Three-Cornered Partnership Tim Marshall, Head of Year 7M, presented his thoughts about the BGS Three Cornered Partnership model at a Year 7 Information evening early in the year. Although he was addressing just one year level of parents, the messages ring true across the School. Tim emphasised the ongoing involvement and engagement of parents in their sons’ schooling is vital to their success. Please find a brief summary of the four points he presented on the night:



Parents do not need to have an educational background nor training in order to achieve this. Simple, yet highly effective, strategies such as insisting your son places his Record Book on the bench immediately after arriving home and ensuring that ALL technology is removed from his bedroom (why not set up a ‘technology table’ in a central position for devices to rest overnight?) are great places for parents to start the process of setting academic-related expectations at home.

Asking your son about his day, comparing stories from your time at school and not accepting excuses for below average marks (e.g. “The teacher hates me!” or “Everyone got a poor mark…”) all demonstrate your active interest in his academic studies.


32 WINTER 2015



FINE LINE We know that boys need boundaries, and once established, they will at times push and challenge these. While rules and boundaries must exist, it is equally important that boys are afforded a little ‘wriggle room’ to find their own way in order to grow and develop. This balance can take time and patience for parents to establish, but fear not, we are here to assist you and are only an email or phone call away.


FOR HELP Parents should never feel hesitant (e.g. “Sorry for bothering you…”) about asking questions and/ or requesting advice to assist their son through his BGS journey. Upon entering Year 7 the boys are taught that ‘there is no such thing as a silly question’; this helps them relax and feel comfortable in requesting assistance. We extend this expression to all parents too!

WINTER 2015 33


BGS Middle School wins prestigious design award Wayne Stephens, from Architects Clarke Hopkins Clarke, has won the prestigious CEFPI (Council of Educational Facility Planners International) Award in the New Construction Major Facility category for the BGS Middle School. Up against 44 of Australasia’s most innovative educational facilities from both the school and tertiary sectors, winning this award is really something. Wayne also won the category for Education Initiative/Design solution for an innovative program for the Elizabeth Blackburn School of Sciences at Uni High – a project which was also the overall winner of this year’s awards. These projects will automatically be entered into CEFPI 90th Annual World Congress awards in San Diego, California in October.

34 WINTER 2015

Anonymous Donor establishes the Briars Scholarship

The inspiring story in our last edition of Meliora Sequamur about how a BGS scholarship had transformed the life of one of our students was a key catalyst in an Old Boy making contact with the School to establish our newest scholarship to be known as the Briars Scholarship. At the request of the Donor the Briars Scholarship is to specifically support the son of a single parent whose financial position would not otherwise allow him to attend the School.

The Briars Scholarship will be awarded, beginning in Year 7, (or at a later year level), and concluding at Year 12, to a boy of fine character who demonstrates an enthusiasm to attend Brighton Grammar School and is able to demonstrate that he would benefit from the opportunities that a BGS education would present. We look forward to welcoming the inaugural Briars Scholarship recipient in 2016 and thank our generous donor and his wife for this thoughtful, lifechanging donation. WINTER 2015 35

At last! – an archivist for BGS With the construction of the new Middle School last year, we took the opportunity to create a large archive area in the basement below the Urwin Centre for Learning to house our most treasured archives in a safe and ordered environment. The next step was to find someone to catalogue and organize the boxes and boxes of materials. We are delighted to have engaged Jane Mayo Carolan, a renowned Melbourne based archivist and historian, experienced in establishing archives in university colleges and independent schools, albeit on a very part time basis at this stage. Jane is super busy having recently submitted her PhD in history, volunteering at the Kew and Brighton Historical Societies and being a member of the council of the Royal Historical Society of Victoria. Her published works include the decorative Art of Walter Burley Griffin, the Story of an Anglican Church, and histories of Trinity Grammar School, St Leonard’s College and Loreto Mandeville Hall. Other works include a story of a convict’s family, a biography of an industrialist, a history of an insurance company and five hundred people connected with the Brighton General Cemetery. We would dearly love to expand our investment in archives and hope that maybe someone on the BGS community would consider supporting this program with a philanthropic gift. Supporting such a program in a school does not attract tax deductibility but may be of interest to one of our bequest donors or a donor where tax deductibility is not a priority. To discuss this further please contact Director of Advancement John Phillips on 8591 2280. 36 WINTER 2015

Selwyn Noall Discovery is an exciting part of archives. One of the first requests I received was to organize for the restoration of a special photograph which was over 100 years old. For many years the beautiful eyes and youthful face of Selwyn Noall observed those visiting the Headmaster’s office. What was the story behind this portrait? Selwyn Richard Noall, the son of a stockbroker, was a student at BGS from 1903 until 1909 before he became a clerk with the Australasia Bank and played cricket with the Brighton Cricket Club. Along with many of his school friends, Selwyn enlisted in the AIF and served in WWI. At the age of 23 on 20/3/1917, he was killed near Amiens in France. The St Andrew’s Church records described him as religious and one of a band of brothers whose name will always live on in the annals of the School as winner of the top mathematical prize and an outstanding sportsman. The annual Selwyn Noall Memorial Rhodes Prize was established in 1924 in his honour.

Do you have something to donate to the archives? Perhaps you have something interesting tucked away in a cupboard that would be a valuable addition to our archives and the history of BGS. If so, please make contact with Jane on jcarolan@ brightongrammar. or call the Development Office on 8591 2271.

BGS Archivist Jane Carolan holding the restored photograph of Old Boy Selwyn Noall (1909)

WINTER 2015 37


Look! No hands! As part of the Year 9 Sea Change program, boys are taught various lifestyle pursuits that they may wish to continue into adulthood for leisure. One of those is kayaking. The boys all managed to stand arm in arm on kayaks several hundred metres out off Sandringham.

Goldrush! Boys and staff from Year 5 consolidated their study of the Australian Goldfields with a two day immersion at Sovereign Hill, Ballarat. This sort of ‘hands on learning’ boys remember most.

“Sovereign Hill was one of the most exciting camps I have ever been on. It was like walking back in time to the goldfields.” Tom H

38 WINTER 2015

Father and Son both sponsor BGS – but from different companies!

Campbell Cooney (Hodges), Christopher Ride (Interactive) and Campbell’s son Pat (BPM Property Development) at the recent sponsor networking event.

Staff / Prefect soccer game A huge crowd of boys and staff cheered the hilarious staff/Prefect soccer game organized by Matthew Evans(Year 12) as a fundraiser for the Martyr School in PNG. Ultimately the veterans (staff) won but some of the Umpire’s decisions are still under debate!

BGS is the envy of schools around Australia with the support we have from our 24 major sponsors. Over the last five years their combined support has exceeded $1mil. The reasons people choose to sponsor the School are varied, but one aspect of our sponsorship program valued by everyone involved is the opportunity for the sponsors to network and do business with each other. One such networking occasion was the recent exclusive ‘behind the scenes’ tour of Interactive, a BRW Top 500 privately owned company offering data centre, business continuity and cloud based services owned by parent Christopher Ride. Among those attending the tour were Campbell Cooney (OB 78) from Hodges Real Estate and his son Pat Cooney (OB 03) who works for our most recent sponsor, BPM Property Development. This is a first for us – and great to see. WINTER 2015 39


How wellbeing is unfolding at BGS Across the School boys and staff are beginning to embrace the multitude of programs on offer related the wider strategic priority of enhancing the sense of wellbeing of every member of the BGS community.


Positive Coaching training for staff has led to one on one sessions with each boy across Years 7 to 12 looking at such things as goal setting and adopting practical strategies to achieve them, and character strengths.



The ELC has had a centre-wide focus on morning mindfulness. On the front door is a traffic lights poster with the message ‘STOP, BREATHE and THINK – Start every day in a mindful way’. This is the mantra for the Centre providing an environment that allows not only the boys, but also parents and staff to be able to stop, breathe and think in the moment. 40 WINTER 2015

ELC teacher Megan Gibbs snapped this photo of Matthew O’Leary being ‘mindful’!

We believe to be a truly successful man you need a strong sense of wellbeing.


Last year all Junior School and ELC staff were trained in Mindfulness Meditation. Since the beginning of this year the boys at BGS have been practising daily mindfulness meditation after recess when a “still cloud” covers the school. During this time the boys are engaged in a mindful meditation practice in their classroom. WHY? There is research evidence to indicate children practising mindfulness are better able, over time, to calm and soothe themselves; are more tuned into self and others, and their ability to focus improves.

A series of three two-hour workshops for Year 10 were presented by experts from Family Planning Victoria, Relationships Australia and The Red Cross. They also had a ‘Save-a-Mate’ program in June along with a Driver education program.

Wellbeing Centre the focus of our 2015 Annual Appeal


All Year 9 and 10 boys are participating in a Relationships IQ Course. An initiative of Youth Wellbeing Project, RELATIONSHIP IQ is a tenunit program addressing areas such as relational and sexual health, emotional and mental development, and life choices based on integrity. Topics included • Media, Gender & Pressures to Conform • Integrity & Smart Choices for Life • Respect = Consent • Proactive Intervention for Violence Prevention • Physical Responsibility • Pregnancy Choices • Deconstructing Sexting & Pornography • Valuing Individuality & Diversity • Strengthening Communication & Negotiation • ‘Whole-Person’ Sexuality We believe the course will provide boys with the knowledge and skills to make the right decisions and formulate values that will help them lead good lives.

All members of the wider BGS community – past and current parents, past and current staff, Old Boys and friends – have been asked to support the 2015 Annual Appeal. The Annual Appeal is your opportunity to demonstrate your belief in the School and our ongoing mission of teaching boys to be successful men by making a small annual donation. This year, donors can choose to support the Appeal to create a Wellbeing Centre in the former Girrawheen chapel (which we hope will be ready for use by mid 2016, but is totally dependent on the pace of when the funds are raised) or to support the BGS Scholarship Fund. To date our community has donated approximately $60,000. This supports other donors who have pledged major gifts to support the Wellbeing Centre. The Annual Appeal remains active until the end of the year. Gifts can be ‘one– off’, or by automatic monthly deductions. If you would like to learn more about the proposed Wellbeing Centre or any other philanthropic opportunities, please contact Director of Advancement, John Phillips on 03 8591 2280 or jphillips@brightongrammar. WINTER 2015 41


Chantology Chantology is a BGS tradition. We have chanted our sports teams to victory for decades. At large events such as the APS Swimming, Aths and the Head of the River, the competition amongst the supporters is as fierce as that in the pool or on the track. The boys coordinate the ‘cheering’ for such events by having a leader who calls the cheers and the boys respond. This year the Prefects have formalised the chantology tradition by establishing a new ritual. The ritual commenced with the boys in Senior School assembly practising various cheer squad chants. Then, to the sound of a lone beating drum, the boys silently processed out to the Quad. The nominated ‘chantologists’ (George Fry, Ben Prosser, Will Wood and Willem Hooy) then offered chants to which the massed Senior School boys responded. When the chant responses were loud and united enough the Headmaster formally presented the leading Chantologist the new Chantologist blazer – to be worn at key sports events. It was electrifying to witness the boys united in this way and apparently the chants could be clearly heard in Church Street! 42 WINTER 2015

There is an abundance of research indicating that showing gratitude improves general health and wellbeing, increases happiness and curbs depression and anxiety. Gratitude can even lower cholesterol and improve the quality and duration of sleep! In the Middle School boys have been encouraged to express their gratitude by establishing ‘What Went Well this Week Walls’ in their commons. It is a great way to encourage reflection and give thanks for the positive things that are happening in their lives. It is an easy thing to do at home too. Here are ideas from Generation Next to try in your daily routine:

In the ELC classes each boy is given the opportunity to take home their classroom Gratitude Journal for a week and document what they are grateful for as a family.

Showing gratitude is a skill that needs to be practiced

Learning gratitude

1. On waking find one thing to look forward to. This starts training the brain to scan for good things. 2. When in the midst of the thing that you looked forward to, take a few moments to pay attention to the good things around you and say an inner ‘thank you’. 3. Write a ‘thank you’ each day – via note, email, or text. The more detailed this note is, the more thought you’ve put into it, the more effective it is for change. This helps you take stock of the good things happening to you – whether in the present or the past. This mental-movie rerun releases the feel-good chemicals and focuses attention away from you to something else – a core aspect of gratitude. Peter Furey, Middle School Growth & Wellbeing Coordinator WINTER 2015 43


JS support Schools for school’s project Junior School Librarian, Pauline Anthony, and her husband Phil, Principal of Aspendale Primary School, have long enjoyed close ties to Vanuatu having established a business there many years ago. Therefore it was hardly surprising they moved into action following the severe devastation to the island nation after the category 5 cyclone Pam hit on March 13. The Junior School of BGS joined other Australian Schools in providing aid directly to the schools of Vanuatu by donating substantial quantities of books and stationary to enable learning to resume and to re-connect children with their schools.

44 WINTER 2015

RSPCA Blanket Drive The newly established Middle School Charity Committee organised a blanket collection for the RSPCA – and were delighted to ultimately transport a ‘minibus– full’ to the Burwood headquarters.

Mens’ Shed The men from ‘Mens’ Shed’ have designed and built an amazing Mud kitchen for the ELC boys. The boys and staff were excited to get in the mud patch and start creating. Many thanks to the guys from the ‘Mens’ Shed’ who have offered to build another resource in the future. The Bayside Mens’ Shed group have a base at BGS. Enquiries to John Knight on 0429 177 872.

BGS Pink Dinner The biennial Pink Dinner, a night of fun for the women of BGS, was once again a hit! Almost 400 mothers, past mothers and staff rose to the challenge of the 80s theme dancing the night away to the Party Girls. Each Pink Dinner supports a cause of direct relevance to women and this year Safe Steps, a crisis support service for those suffering domestic violence, was the recipient of approximately $10,500. The School would like to acknowledge and thank the ‘awesome foursome’ parent organizing committee (pictured above) led by Emily Ianuali and supported by Averil McDowell, Vanessa Catt and Julie Torrance for a fabulous event.

St John Cadets out and about Tony Smith, First Aid Officer and our BGS St John Ambulance Cadets were on duty at the St Kilda Road Anzac Day March giving up their holiday to support the community and pay their respects. Khoi Nguyen, Matthew Leadbeater, Stephen Sun, Matthew Smallridge, Tony Smith

WINTER 2015 45


Chinese New Year function A large number of the BGS Chinese community gathered with staff and other BGS families for a wonderful drinks reception in the Middle School Nexus in February to celebrate Chinese New Year. The event included an abundance of decorative Chinese lanterns, delicious Chinese treats, Chinese music and an address from the Headmaster. Eddie X’Lingson, father of Jerry, also took the opportunity to make a passionate speech about his affection for Brighton Grammar and why he has chosen to philanthropically support the School.

46 WINTER 2015

Past Mothers’ High Tea The 73rd luncheon of the BGS Past Mothers’ took the form of a ‘High Tea’ held in the Junior School GB Robertson Hall in May. We suspect 73 years is a record for a school to have a function like this run consecutively for so long and look forward to the 75th anniversary celebrations in two years’ time.

Some of our ‘younger’ Past Mothers’, Alex Wood, Jenny Selleck and Anna Boxtel.

Outgoing Past Mothers’ Lunch co-ordinator Judy Gibson with 100 year old Past Mother Susan Gluning and President of the BGS Parents Group, Susan Middlemiss.

Overseas community reunions


Shanghai reunion

Community Reunions were held in Tokyo, Beijing and Shanghai. As you see by this photo taken in Shanghai, we have a strong and growing constituency in this country (more overleaf). WINTER 2015 47


Ross Featherston and Roy T Tan (OB64)

Hong Kong Old Boys, past and current parents, and staff attended our joint BGS/ FGS Community Reunion in Hong Kong in March. BGS Headmaster, Ross Featherston and the Principal of Firbank, Heather Norton, both in Hong Kong on other business, very much enjoyed catching up with everyone. They look forward to hosting further joint BGS/FGS Overseas Community Reunions next year. While in Hong Kong, the Headmaster took the opportunity to catch up with Old Boy Roy T Tan, one of our very first international students. Since leaving School in 1964 Roy has had an incredibly successful career as CEO of the Union Group building up a portfolio of diverse businesses ranging from telecommunications to deep sea fishing. Although it has been over 50 years since he finished at BGS, Roy still has fond memories of his time at School and looks forward to visiting when next in Melbourne.

48 WINTER 2015


(L-R) Hiromi Harada, Noriko Nishikawa, Maggie Lynch, Aki Awata, Mayumi Fujii and Chitose Honda

More than 90 members of the BGS community based in Japan attended the Community Reunion held in Tokyo in March. The group included Old Boys and past parents who were delighted to catch up with each other as well as with Director of Advancement, John Phillips, and International Parents Support Group co-ordinator, Maggie Lynch.

The Court of Companions commemorates both present and past members of Staff who have worked at BGS for 15 years or more. Each edition we share some of their stories.

Greg Caldwell 1980-97, Head of Rosstrevor 2003-2007

Ray Lawrence BGS 1984-2001

I thoroughly enjoyed teaching at BGS from 1980 to 2007. During that time, I left to be the Head of Sandringham House for five years.

I started at BGS in 1984 which is where I met my wife Trish and we married in 1988. My main teaching areas were Woodwork and Graphic Communication.

I am in my ninth year as Head of Wadhurst at Melbourne Grammar School. Like Rosstrevor, Wadhurst is a standalone middle school for Year 7 and Year 8 boys. We have a student population of 336 boys served by a staff of around 30 teachers.

In 1985 I started the Senior School canoe trips along the Murray and Goulburn Rivers. These took part during Cadet Camp and there were many good times had canoeing, eating well and telling yarns around the camp fire.

Away from school, I have three fantastic daughters, two of whom are working in their chosen fields, while my youngest is at university. My wife and I have been lucky enough to travel to Europe and the USA and we enjoy touring Victoria. I follow the football and still love supporting the Demons. I take a great interest in the mighty BGS and former students and still see many ex–teaching colleagues when I visit the sporting grounds each Saturday morning - only now I'm barracking for the MGS boys!

On retirement, I started a small carpentry business in Rye in 2002 and it has been great fun working on the tools again. I coached the Rye U18 football team for three years and just missed out on a flag. Trish, (she is still beautiful), and I have travelled overseas every year for the past 12 years and we have had great experiences in lots of countries. My eldest son James (OB 1997) is a plumber, Kris (OB 1999) is a project manager and Ben Davidson (OB 1993) is a manager in the sheet metal industry. I have three grandchildren: Ashton 7, Harper 4 and Atticus 1.

WINTER 2015 49

The Sequamur Society honours and thanks those members of our BGS community who have confirmed their intention to include Brighton Grammar School in their Will. Maggie and Frank Lynch, Neil and Mavis Grummitt, share their reasons for making a bequest to BGS.

Frank and Maggie Lynch

In our fortunate lives, we have considered education to be at the apex of what is important. We both grew up in towns in country Victoria and we attended boarding schools, Loreto and Xavier, and we still give support to these schools. We married more than 40 years ago and moved to Brighton, and we have three boys who attended Brighton Grammar over a period of 19 consecutive years (1989-2007). During those years great changes were made at the School, thanks to the generosity of donors. Past parents, Frank and Maggie Lynch As parents we always contributed to the cause, but with three boys and In our fortunate lives, we have considered education to be at the apex of what is importa a daughter, we were stretched toboth grew up in towns in country Victoria and we attended Boarding Schools (Loreto and Contemplating a bequest? make significant donations, so instead and we still give support to those schools. We married more than 40 years ago and move decided to leave something moreBrighton, and we haveAs three boys who attended Brighton over a period of 18 c a friend and supporter ofGrammar Brighton our boys were at BGS (1989-2007) great changes were made at th substantial in our Wills. Why? Allyears.During alumni, the yearsGrammar School, your bequest, be of donors. As parents, we always contributed to the cause, but w including parents, grandparents thanks and to the generositylarge small,towill help securedonations, the and we decided boys (and a daughter!)itwe wereor stretched make significant friends, have a responsibility to give, something more substantial ourour Wills. Why? All alumni, including parents and grand-pa futurein of School. to ensure that quality educational friends, have a responsibility to give, to ensure that quality educational opportunities con For a confidential on education as our boys be to ensure the next generation of students candiscussion benefit from their opportunities continue, and to ensure how you can assist BGS in this way,are forged with sons’ f The school becomes an extension of family and lasting friendships the next generation of students can their parents and teachers. We have an obligation to(03) ensure this 2274 part of the circle of life c contact Peter Toms on 8591 benefit from their education as our boys have benefitted. The School becomes an extension of family and lasting friendships are forged with sons’ friends and their parents and teachers. We have an obligation to ensure this part of the circle of life continues.

50 WINTER 2015

Neil and Mavis Grummitt I commenced my education at BGS in 1943 as a seven year-old with Miss Fairweather as Junior School Headmistress. Despite my father’s hard childhood, he insisted that I receive a quality education, so I was enrolled at BGS and remained until the end of 1952. On graduating from Dookie Agricultural College in 1955, I joined my father on a recently acquired rundown farm which we improved over the years. Selling that in 1996, my wife Mavis and I finally relinquished farm interests in 2001. Now having a financially comfortable retirement and approaching 80 years, Mavis and I wish to return some of our good fortune to benefit other boys, whose parents have quality educational aspirations for their sons, but are unable to afford it.

Neil (OB 1954) and Mavis Grummitt

We were both brought up to think of others less fortunate than ourselves so the Sequamur Society has enabled us to pledge ourselves to leave a bequest in our wills to the School, and in particular, to the Scholarship Fund. Unfortunately, through the tyranny of distance, I have not been able to attend many School functions as an ‘Old Boy’, but when I have visited I am amazed at the continuing building program and the enhanced curriculum that enables boys to indulge their passions. Well done, and may they all ‘Meliora Sequamur’.

Sequamur Society patrons Bequest Manager, Peter Toms, was delighted when Monty Stephens and George Thomson accepted an invitation to be inaugural Patrons of the Sequamur Society. George attended BGS 1942-51, is a former President of the OBGS (197677), member of School Council (197577; 1981-98) and Chairman of School Council (1987-98). George was appointed an Honorary Life Member of the Old Brighton Grammarians’ Society in 1997. George’s sons, David and Paul, attended BGS and now Paul’s sons, Angus and Max, are following in their grandfather’s footsteps. George is a member of the Sequamur Society, and is a most generous benefactor to the School. Monty, a member of Staff 1976-

Peter Toms congratulates Monty and George

2012, undertook numerous roles in the Senior School including Editor of the Grammarian, Co-ordinator of the Student Council, and Head of English (1990-2007). Monty is a Foundation Member of the Sequamur Society and has been a member of the Sequamur Society Committee since 2010. Monty is much loved and respected by his former students and is a most loyal supporter of the OBGS Reunion Program. In 2011 Monty was appointed an Honorary Life Member of the Old Brighton Grammarians’ Society. WINTER 2015 51

Sequamur Society Cocktail Party


Sequamur Society members and their guests attended the annual Cocktail Party in March held in the Michael Urwin Centre for Learning. During the evening Headmaster, Ross Featherston, addressed the gathering outlining plans for our Wellbeing Centre and the School’s focus on our boys developing a strong sense of wellbeing. Ross made presentations to new Seqaumur Society members Peter Tapp (OB 1969), Chris Haymes (OB 1964) and Colin Goddard, father of Jonathan (OB 2011), and thanked them for their forethought and generosity in contributing to the long-term future of BGS by including BGS in their Wills.

02 01 Ursula and Chris Haymes (OB 1964), Wells Eden (OB 1947 02 Ross Featherston congratulates new Sequamur Society member Colin Goddard and wife Cyndi 03 Peter Tapp (OB 1969) and BGS Headmaster, Ross Featherston

For details about the Sequamur Society, contact Peter Toms.

52 WINTER 2015


BRIGHTON GRAMMAR OLD BOYS A word from the President First and foremost, I feel very honoured to have been elected President of the OBGS for the ensuing year and wish to thank the members of the Society for affording me this great honour. I would also like to acknowledge the great work done by my predecessor, Roger Wilson over the past two years. Following a strategic review of the OBGS operations we have restructured our focus into 4 key areas – Engagement, Clubs, Communications & Community. The committee is well supported by Andrew Biggin, John Phillips and the new addition to the team Tim Marshall who is heading up the young alumni engagement. The recent live broadcast of the 1st XVIII Football Premiership against Geelong Grammar from the Crowther Oval was the first of many new OBGS initiatives to connect the School community and Old Boys all around the world. The feedback has been tremendous and we look forward to continuing with the live broadcast program with our clubs and the School. I would encourage all Old Boys to embrace Linkedin and connect with the school Community and the OBGS. There are endless opportunities for Old Boys that can be made through this medium from simple connections to business relationships. Simply look up Brighton Grammar School and follow the group. The Reunion Program is in full swing with 13 events scheduled for the remainder of the year, including reunions in Sydney and Brisbane. The recent Hall of Fame dinner at the MCG was most certainly the highlight of this year’s calendar of events. It was a great honour to attend and hear about the extraordinary success stories from within our Old Boy community. It is an exciting time for the OBGS and we look forward to delivering more opportunities for all Old Boys. Sam Paynter President, Old Brighton Grammarians’ Society WINTER 2015 53

Celebrating ‘Fairy’ Twenty-nine former pupils of Miss Mabel Fairweather gathered in the SJ Priestley Room in May to celebrate the extraordinary contribution and generosity of Mabel Fairweather, Headmistress of the Junior School 1938-62. ‘Fairy’, as she was affectionately known, grew the Junior School enrolment from 30 to just over 300. Yet, sadly, there is scant reference to Miss Fairweather in our School history. Miss Fairweather’s dream was to establish a Scholarship and bequeathed half her estate, $70,000, for this purpose. With further donations and bequests, her dream, the Fairweather Scholarship, will one day become a reality. A highlight of the lunch was the sharing of Fairweather stories proffered by ‘Fairy’s boys’ which were recorded by Jane Carolan, our new archivist, providing the School with a far more comprehensive picture of this remarkable lady. No doubt, when next written, the history of BGS will duly honour the Fairweather era. If you would like to contribute to the Fairweather Scholarship by donation or bequest contact Peter Toms at the Development Office on 8591 2274 or his mobile 0413 60 70 88. 54 WINTER 2015

Swapping their memories of ‘Fairy’ - Victor Stewart (OB 1961), Ian Fraser (OB1961) and Colin Neave (OB1961)

Ian Kerr (OB1961), David Kux (OB 1962) and Hughie Purse (OB 1962)

Celebrating Second and Third Generation BGS boys During Term 2, current BGS sons of Old Boys were presented with their special Generational badges to acknowledge their presence as second and third generation BGS boys. Sam Paynter, OBGS President, made the presentations to Middle School boys while Old Boy and recently inducted Hall of Fame member, Andrew Lauterstein (OB 05), presented badges to Senior School boys. The Junior School boys will be presented with their badges in Term 3. While all boys have a special place in the life of the School, it is most gratifying when Old Boys choose BGS for their sons’ education.

Sam (Year 11) and Tom Murray (Year 9), Third Generation BGS boys are congratulated by Head of Senior School, Ray Swann.

“The greatest compliment that an Old Boy can pay his School is to enrol his son at his Old School.” Former BGS Headmaster, Robert Rofe.

Brighton Grammar invites you to

Book Tickets at Melbourne Recital Centre 96993333 or by visiting their website

The special badges for second and third generation boys.

John leads the way in USA selfstorage industry When John Yelland (1957) moved to San Francisco in 1966, it was to sell golf equipment for Australasian firm PGF Golf as John played pennant golf for Victoria Golf Club in his 20s. Just three years later he moved to Phoenix, Arizona where he opened the first selfstorage facility in the area. From modest beginnings of just 20 self-designed plywood structures, just a touch smaller than the size requiring an architect, John’s business has grown to have 10 locations in California and New Jersey offering secure records management services, as well as a full range of industrial, personal, business and RV selfstorage solutions. In 1979 John rebranded his business to Pouch Self Storage, as a nod to his

John Yelland (1957) receiving his SSSA Hall of Fame Award in 2012

Australian background recognising the kangaroo’s pouch as nature’s secure storage spot. John’s pioneering spirit and outstanding entrepreneurial success was recognised with his induction as a Member of the American Self Storage Hall of Fame in 2012. John has always maintained his connection with his School and has been a generous benefactor of BGS for many years.

100 ‘not out’ and batting strongly! Nick Walsh (1931) celebrated his 100th birthday on 16th July 2015. Nick was at BGS from 1924–1931. He played in both the 1st XI cricket and 1st XVIII football teams. When WWII broke out he joined the Australian Imperial Forces (AIF) and went to the Middle East and was later in New Guinea. Nick is a veteran of the Kakoda Track and walked into Kakoda Station in 1942 on the day it was liberated from Japanese occupation. He has written two books about the Kakoda Track, focusing on his beloved ‘Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels’. The ‘Fuzzys’ were the New Guinea natives who were such a great help to the Australian troops in very harsh conditions. Nick has donated the proceeds of his two books to the Fuzzys, such is his respect for them and the contribution they made to saving so many Australian lives in that terrible conflict. In 1957, Nick was the first President of the re-formed Old Brighton Grammarians’ Football Club which had been disbanded during the Second World War. 56 WINTER 2015

Nick Walsh 100 years young with one of his books on Kakoda

(L-R) Peter Hebbard, Rt. Rev. and Hon. Peter Hollingworth AC, OBE and Melissa Hebbard at the graves of Humphrey Moule and three other Australian Light horsemen who were all buried together.

Fallen Old Boy remembered Aunt of Year 5 student James Hare, and sister of Andrew (1980) and Bill (1984) Hare, Melissa Hebbard, travelled to Gallipoli with her husband Peter for the recent centenary commemorations. As part of her visit Melissa was visiting the graves of fallen alumni from Trinity College. One of those Trinity alumni was also an Old Boy of BGS, Lance Corporal Humphrey Osborne Moule (1910) who was killed in action at Holly Ridge, Gallipoli on 6 August 1915, aged 22. Melissa kindly took the opportunity to place a BGS crest on Humphrey’s headstone along with the Trinity College crest in memory of both his places of learning.

Humphrey Osborne Moule’s actual resting place at Shell Green, Gallipoli.

Humphrey lies in a beautiful cemetery at Shell Green which is on the Artillery Road, the main the track that supplies and men took to reach Lone Pine.

WINTER 2015 57


The third round of inductions into the BGS Hall of Fame, established in 2008, occurred at a dinner on 30 April at the MCG. As permitted by the Hall of Fame Charter, 10 outstanding achievers were celebrated and inducted along with three Rising Stars and seven Young Achievers. It was fantastic to have a large number of previous Inductees in attendance to honour and welcome the new inductees. These are their stories‌..

58 WINTER 2015

Dr Peter Andrew Downie

Andrew George Lauterstein

Peter Downie commenced training in general paediatrics at the Royal Children’s Hospital in the early 1980’s. He was appointed Chief Resident in ‘88, and then Clinical Research Fellow in the Department of Haematology-Oncology from 1989 to ‘91. Peter took a consultant position in general paediatrics and paediatric haematology-oncology at Queen’s Medical Centre, Nottingham before being accepted as Research Fellow in the Paediatric Oncology unit, Wyler Children’s Hospital, University of Chicago, where he spent two years studying the biology and molecular signalling involved in childhood leukaemia. He joined the staff of the oncology unit at the Royal Children’s Hospital in 1993, eventually leading it as Director of Clinical Oncology from 2008-11. Peter is currently Head of Paediatric Haematology-Oncology and the Children’s Cancer Centre at Monash Childrens’ in Clayton. He is also the Chair of the Australian & New Zealand Children’s Oncology Group, the Medical Director of the Victorian Paediatric Integrated Cancer Service, and Senior Lecturer, Department of Paediatrics, Monash University and Consultant Oncologist at the Royal Children’s Hospital.

Andrew Lauterstein is a swimmer and three time Olympic Medalist. In his youth, he was in the Victorian state football team and also represented Australia at baseball in youth teams. He quit both sports at the age of 16 to concentrate on swimming. After finishing school Andrew moved to the Gold Coast in 2006, to follow his coach Glen Baker, and enrolled at Griffith University to study business. The following year he won Gold in the 4x100m medley at the 2007 World Championships. In 2008 at the Olympics in Beijng, he swam in the 4 x100m freestyle relay and won bronze. Andrew swam a personal best and an Australian record in each of the three stages and qualified for the final with the third fastest qualifying time. He took bronze in the final with a time of 51.12 seconds in a race where US superstar Michael Phelps won his 7th gold medal of the Games. Andrew also won a silver medal in the 4x100m medley relay where he swam the butterfly leg. Following the Olympics, Andrew moved to the NSW Institute of Sport setting a new 50m butterfly record at the 2009 Australian Swimming Championships. At the World Championships of the same year Andrew won bronze in the 4x100m medley. In the preliminaries for that event he clocked the second fastest butterfly split in history behind Michael Phelps. Built like a gladiator, Andrew is the most successful swimmer ever to hail from Brighton Grammar School.

(OB 1974)

(OB 2005)

WINTER 2015 59

Mathew James McBriar (OB 1997)

Mat McBriar has had a stellar career as one of the NFL’s most successful punters. Mat knew virtually nothing of Gridiron growing up – he played Australian Rules Footy at school and for the Old Boys. Mat was spotted by Darren Bennett, (another Australian NFL pro punter) at an NFL sponsored kicking tryout in Australia. Although he didn’t win the competition, Bennett still hooked up Mat with June Jones, the Head Coach at the University of Hawaii where eventually Mat earned a scholarship, along with a few of Hawaii’s punting records. Mat moved through a few NFL teams, the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks, but made his real impact on the game when he joined the Dallas Cowboys in 2003. Over an 8 year stint he earned two Pro Bowl bids, becoming the second Australian to make a pro bowl, behind his mentor Bennett. In 2006 he set the Cowboy’s franchise record for punting average at 48.2 yards per punt. Another amazing record included his longest punt of 75 yards. Eventually Mat became the highest paid punter in the NFL, a true testament to his athletic skills and finesse.

60 WINTER 2015

Professor Anthony Crothers Milner AM (OB 1962)

One of Australia’s most distinguished Asian history experts, Professor Anthony Milner is a historian, academic and researcher with a particular focus on Malaysia and Indonesia. He is also a respected commentator on Australia-Asia relationships. Tony has been, and continues to be, a significant influence on Australia’s engagement with the Asian region. His research on the history of ideas and political culture in the Malay world has given him an ‘in depth’ understanding of the role of values and cultural perceptions in Asian regional relations. He was appointed Basham Professor of Asian History at ANU in 1994, and Dean of Asian Studies two years later, and in the same year, Research Chair at the Australian Institute of International Affairs. Tony was made a Professorial Fellow at AsiaLink of the University of Melbourne in 2008. He was made a Member of the Order of Australia in 2007 for ‘service to education in the field of Asian studies as an academic and author, and to international relations through the development of cross-cultural education and outreach activities’.

Alan Oppenheim

Andrew John Plympton

Alan Oppenheim is the son of Gerald and Rae Oppenheim, who founded Ego Pharmaceuticals from their home in 1953. Under the visionary leadership of Alan, who became Managing Director 20 years ago in 1995, Ego has grown to be Australia’s largest pharmaceutical business specialising in skincare products. Ego manufactures 120 different products in Australia for the people of the world exporting to over 20 nations. Ego products are used by over 3 million people every day. Alan’s passion for Ego, its industry, and the science that inspires and supports it, has led to numerous accolades and industry recognition. A life Member of the Australian Dermatology Nurses Association, Alan was President of the International Federation of Societies of Cosmetic Scientists representing 14,000 scientists in 35 nations. Other accolades include the Australian Export Hero (2010), BRW/ANZ Private Business Award for overseas trading (2010), Governor of Victoria Export Awards (2006 & 2009). Alan is a generous philanthropist supporting several charities here and abroad.

Andrew is a highly respected businessman and sports administrator. His professional career was in insurance broking where eventually he headed up AON. Andrew achieved great things in the sport of sailing having started at the age of 8 at the Royal Brighton Yacht Club. He won numerous national and state titles in international classes and ocean racing yachts. In 1988 he won the world championship in the Etchells class. Andrew served as President of Yachting Australia from 2002 -2009; he led a review of Australia’s Olympic Yachting Team. Because of his great leadership, Andrew is credited with much of Australia’s recent International yachting success. Andrew first became involved with St Kilda Football Club on subcommittees, and in 1993 became Chairman and President of the Club in 1993. Through his strict financial management Andrew oversaw a return to financial stability, growth in Club membership and success on the field, including the Saints first Pre-season Premiership, and, in 1997, its first Grand Final appearance in 26 years. In 2008 Andrew was elected to the Australian Olympic Committee, and was made a Director of the Australian Olympic Foundation. In 2009 he was also elected to the Executive Committee of the AOC, and two years later joined the Board of the Australian Sports Commission.

(OB 1975)

(OB 1966)

WINTER 2015 61

Robert ‘Rob’ James Stewart AM

Emeritus Professor Terry Fitzgerald Wall AM

You would be hard pressed to meet anyone with a better track record at building long term major businesses from small beginnings than change agent Rob Stewart. Rob completed Law and Commerce Degrees at the University of Melbourne and an MBA at Harvard, before beginning his career at Pacific Dunlop. At 32, Rob was appointed National Managing Partner at law firm Ellison, Hewison and Whitehead which later became Minter Ellison, a role he held for 11 years from 1981. Rob was key in growing Minters from a third tier firm of 13 partners and 140 staff to a top tier national firm of over 170 partners AND 1500 staff. Rob joined tech firm Melbourne IT as Chairman in 1999 and helped it grow from a small local firm specialising in domain names in 1996 to a global IT services giant with 60% of its business now from overseas, including companies such as Microsoft, Yahoo and Lego. For many years now Rob taken up a wide portfolio of activities as a director and consultant in domain name registration, on-line advertising, scientific research, education, telecommunications, and plantation forestry companies. Rob was awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia in 2012 for services to the community through fostering collaborations between business and the tertiary education sector, to health and technology organisations, and to the sport of rowing.

Terry Wall AM is undoubtedly Australia’s foremost authority in the area of energy and coal research and associated environmental issues. The work Terry has done over 50 years is invaluable to the way in which the world uses coal as an energy source now, and in the future. After completing his Chemical Engineering degree at RMIT, Terry moved from Melbourne to Newcastle University in the late 1960s to do a PhD on coal combustion. After completing his Doctorate Terry lived and worked at various universities around the world before returning to Newcastle University in the mid 70’s where he has worked since. An elected Fellow of the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering, the list of international awards recognising his work is truly impressive, including awards from the US Engineering Foundation, the US Iron and Steel society, and the Australian Institute of Energy. In 2001 Terry was made a member of the Order of Australia for service to the coal industry as a researcher in the coal sciences, particularly in the technical areas related to coal combustion, and to education.

(OB 1966)

62 WINTER 2015

(OB 1960)

Peter Snowden Wilson AM

Peter Wilson Yates AM

Peter Wilson has worked with, and for, some of Australia’s most well-known names including 5 Australian Treasurers - Cairns, Crean, Connor, Hayden and Howard. In 1982, Peter was drafted to the Treasury Department, ultimately becoming the Head of Department of Industry before moving to the private sector heading up major divisions of ANZ. For six years from 2000 Peter was Head of HR and operating risk at AMCOR, looking after operations in 40 countries with 22,000 employees. In 2001 Peter was awarded the Centenary Medal, and in 2005, the Member of the Order of Australia (AM) for service to business and industry, particularly through the development of workplace reforms in the areas of safety, rehabilitation and compensation, and for community service”. Today Peter boasts a list of board memberships and Chairmanships displaying outstanding leadership across the business, sporting, academic and financial worlds. Peter authored a highly regarded book on mentoring, Make Mentoring Work. The second edition with 100 interviews was released in May 2015. Peter becomes World President of WFPMA (World Federation of People Management Associations) in 2016. Peter is currently Secretary General of this organisation, the world’s peak body for the Human Resources profession across 95 countries covering 700,000 HR professionals.

Peter’s early career was in the investment banking industry. He joined Macquarie Bank in 1985 to work on public company mergers and acquisitions. During this time he had a lot of experience in the transport industry and advised Qantas, ANL and Linfox. In 1993, Peter led the establishment of Macquarie’s successful gaming and entertainment team with the acquisition of Melbourne Casino Licence by Crown Limited and the restructuring of the Vic Racing Industry which led to the establishment of Taborp. After 15 years with Macquarie, Peter became CEO of Publishing and Broadcasting Limited, better known as PBL, from 2001 to 2004 working closely with Kerry Packer. He was CEO of Allco Equity partners from 2004 to July 2007. Over the last 15 years Peter has taken up a large portfolio of directorships. Peter holds a Doctorate of the University from Murdoch University, a Master degree from Stanford University Graduate School of Business and a Commerce degree from Melbourne. He is fluent in Japanese, having studied at Keio University in Tokyo. In 2011 Peter was made a Member of the Order of Australia for service to education, to the financial services industry and to a range of arts, science and charitable organisations.

(OB 1968)

(OB 1976)

WINTER 2015 63

Rising Stars of the Hall of Fame Inspiring BGS Old Boys to keep reaching for the stars as we celebrate some of their early achievements.

Masa Yamaguchi (OB 1994), Actor

London born, Japanese actor Masa Yamaguchi attended BGS from Year 10. After initially studying fashion at RMIT, Masa went on to NIDA to study acting. Since graduating he has had substantial roles in such movie hits as Wolverine, The Railway Man, Star Wars 3, and Tomorrow when the War Began as well as parts on TV and the stage. Unfortunately Masa, was unable to attend the dinner to accept the award as he was filming a new major motion movie. We have invited Masa to attend Assembly later in the year to receive his trophy and speak to the boys about his career.

64 WINTER 2015

Christopher Busietta (OB 1998), Opera Singer

One of the rising stars from the Australian opera scene, Christopher Busietta can be found singing on the opera stages in Germany, currently as a full-time tenor soloist with Theater Augsburg. He began his professional work in Australia in 2004 as a soloist in concert and oratorio with local choirs and orchestras in Melbourne, and as a professional chorister with Opera Australia and Victorian Opera. He then went on to become a principal tenor with Opera Australia’s (OzOpera) primary schools company, touring Rossini’s Barber of Seville and Cinderella as well as singing leading roles for Lyric Opera of Melbourne and iOpera. After winning the 2009 German Australian Opera Grant, he relocated to Germany, singing roles with all the most well–known theatre and opera companies. He graduated from the Melba Memorial Conservatorium of Music in 2006. He also holds a Bachelor of Computer Science from Monash University (Clayton). Christopher also writes original folk, rock and classical music and performs his pieces under the name, Blue Macaw.

Dr Barney Hoare (OB 1994), Paediatric OT

Paediatric Occupational Therapist Dr Brian Hoare, known as’ Barney’ at BGS, is giving independence back to lots of children through research, teaching, and clinical practice that has changed the treatment of hand therapy for children with Cerebral Palsy. Brian completed his PHD five years ago where he evaluated the effects of upper limb therapy following Botox treatment in children aged 18 months to six years with cerebral palsy. His innovative research, established him as an Occupational Therapist expert in the field of paediatric CP. In the same year Brian founded CPgroup to bridge the gap between research and clinical practice for the treatment of children with CP. Brian also developed an app CP Toys, to provide individually tailored treatment programs by matching developmentally appropriate toys to specific upper limb treatment goals.

WINTER 2015 65

Young Achievers of the BGS Hall of Fame Congratulations. We recognise and celebrate younger BGS Old Boys and their early achievements.

Josh Kelly was unable to attend due to playing commitments interstate.

Josh Kelly (2013), number 2 in the 2013 AFL draft pick, moved north to join the Greater Western Sydney Giants. He burst on to the AFL scene with an eye-catching performance in Round 2, living up to expectations with an outstanding rookie campaign indicating he will be a long term AFL player. Playing 18 games in 2014, he averaged more than 17 disposals and three tackles a game to take out the club’s rising star award. He has shown his faith in the GIANTS’ direction by extending his contract until the end of 2017. Ben Jacobs (2010) is a natural born leader having Captained Victoria Metro as a junior, and alongside all Australia honours. He was Port Adelaide’s first selection in the 2010 AFL national draft as a first round selection at number 16. After two seasons Ben returned to Melbourne to take up a position in North Melbourne’s mid field. Chris Dawes (2006) was drafted by Collingwood while still at School but missed playing much of his first season due to knee surgery. Chris is one of few players who kicked a goal with his first kick in league football setting the standard for a five year stint with Collingwood which included winning the Premiership in 2010. Chris is now playing for the Demons along with fellow Old Boys Jack Watts, Christian Salem and Jayden Hunt. 66 WINTER 2015

Jack Watts, Ben Jacobs, School Captain Harry Hill, Chris Dawes and Christian Salem at the Hall of Fame Dinner.

Julian Lucas and Jack White (both OB 2005) Tropfest is the World’s largest short film festival and late last year Julian Lucas from the class of 2005 won the prestigious festival with his hilarious film Granny Smith, the cringe worthy story of a sickie that sets off a snowball of deceit. There are hundreds of short films submitted every year but only 16 make it to the final and from there, only one winner. This is the second time Julian has reached the top 16 films. The film was co-written with Old Boy class mate Jack White who also played Paul the main character.

Jack Watts (2009), was picked by Melbourne Football Club as the Number 1 AFL Draft Pick in 2008, after an outstanding Under 18 Victoria Metro Carnival. Jack’s versatility and extraordinary athleticism has seen him play in a variety of positions. Jack’s recent major milestone was his 100th game – a wonderful feat for any footballer. Melbourne Captain Nathan Jones has hailed the improvement of Christian Salem (2013) declaring him integral to the Demon’s new attacking philosophy. He is seen as a classy player who uses the ball beautifully. Christian was given time to develop in his first season last year, often demonstrating his ability to execute the basics under pressure as witnessed when kicking the match-winning goal against Essendon.

WINTER 2015 67

News from as an Estimator with Neo Construct. Nick’s entrepreneurial spirit has now led him to found a business Permit Ready was created with the sole purpose of providing Real Estate Agents with the opportunity to market their permit approved properties and directly target the Property Developer and Investor market segments.

George Bauer (OB 10) is another young entrepreneur of BGS. He and business partner George, have established a bespoke bow tie making business The Dapper Chap’. They source their fabrics from the inner northern suburbs, and then make one-off bow ties. Check out their fun website to learn more or to order yourself a tie! The future is looking bright for Michael Kwon (OB 08) who, since leaving School has notched up a Bachelor of Biological and Biomedical Science (University of Melbourne), Master Degree in Biomedical Sciences (University of Leuven, Belgium), and is currently undertaking a Doctor of Medicine at the University of Sydney. 68 WINTER 2015

After completing a Bachelor of Journalism at Monash University Jack Cannon (OB 06) moved straight into working in sports media working across radio, press, and TV. For the last three years he has been a producer at Fox Sports.

Nick Materia (OB 07) earned a Degree in Construction Management and then built his Construction and Business knowledge

Michael Stratton (OB 06) completed a Bachelor of Business, Accounting at Monash University before becoming a chartered accountant. He joined William Buck in 2011 where he is currently a Senior Analyst – Corporate Advisory. William Tang Felman (OB 05) completed a Bachelor of Science, Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Melbourne after leaving School. Prior to joining the NAB in mid 2013 where he is currently a Senior

Mortgage Broker, William was a personal trainer and managed various health clubs/gyms. James Ward (OB 05) has been working at Minter Ellison since Feb 2013. Brenton Humphreys (OB 01) studied Business at Monash University, had a couple of years at PWC before joining the Essendon Football Club in 2009. Since then he has had various roles in Business Development working his way to the current role of General Manager – Commercial Operations.

After leaving School David Simpson (OB 02) joined the Royal Australian Navy where he served with distinction for more than nine years as well as gaining a Bachelor of Arts (Political Science and Government) and a Bachelor of Business. His Navy career and experiencne has taken him to the field of HR. In 2014 he founded Melbourne HR, a business specialising in working with professional businesses with five to 35 staff.

Cam Demoy (OB 93) has had a successful career in the construction industry. Four years ago he joined Brookfield Multiplex, a leading global contractor responsible for creating complex, landmark buildings, as a Business Development Manager.

Consulting Psychologist Guy Robbins (OB 76) has recently begun in the role of Customer Services Director for Davidson Trahaire Corpsych, a longstanding national provider of employee assistance, critical incident training and health and wellbeing services.

Join the conversation with the 740 people in the Brighton Grammar LinkedIn group today Search: Brighton Grammar School

Phil Silverstone (OB 96) has a Bachelor of Commerce and a Master of International Business, Business Strategy, both from the University of Melbourne. He joined GE Capital 10 years ago and has had a number of roles there working his way to his current position of Director, Corporate Lending. WINTER 2015 69

Near & Far Andy Morrison (OB 06) married gorgeous Bayside girl, Stephanie Pender in a funfilled country wedding at Chateau D’ore in Mandurang in 40 degree heat. Their attendants, amongst others, included Charlie O’Dell and Sam Cressall, both BGS Old Boys and Andy’s sisters Sarah and Emma (Firbank Old Girls). Andy is a graphic designer at Malt Creative. Stephanie is a primary and ELC teacher.

Lachlan Hopwood (OB 13) is currently studying Law at Bond University. Lachlan recently competed in the VIS East Moot which is an international arbitration competition between some of the world’s leading universities. Mooting is the oral presentation of a legal issue or problem against an opposing counsel and before a judge. It is perhaps the closest experience that a student can have whilst at university, to appearing in court.

Lachlan Hopwood (OB 12) 2nd accepting his award.

70 WINTER 2015

Past winners have included Harvard Law School, and last year, Deakin Law School. The Moot was held in Hong Kong as it is an international hub for arbitration particularly in light of the growing presence of Asia in the international sphere. Lachlan was judged to be the leading advocate at

this competition which is an incredible achievement. There were over 100 teams competing with around 300 oralists from the world’s best law schools. It is a most highly regarded award in the legal community. He is currently undertaking an LLB/BA (International Relations and French) double degree at Bond University however, and is in the process of transferring to a Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Actuarial Science degree. Lachlan says “I am passionate about matters of public interest, foreign affairs, problem solving, and all facets of legislation; both its creation and enforcement. I am currently expanding my knowledge of the law, particularly in my role as Student Editor of the Bond Law Review and engagement in various areas of the Bond Law community”.

Daniel Meade (OB 01) recently conducted flight QF 2567 from Brisbane to Canberra and the first officer happened to also be an old boy of the school – Oliver Webb (OB 02). Daniel started his pilot training when he was in Year 11 while still at school. After finishing Year 12 he studied an Aviation Diploma and eventually became an instructor and charter pilot in general aviation. He then joined QantasLink in 2010 and has been there since. Dan is based in Brisbane flies domestic and regional which he loves. 2014 Old Boys and Visual Communication Design 3/4 students Alex Ferrier (left) and Max Vulcan (right) were accepted into the highly regarded double degree course of Architecture and Engineering at Monash University. After a rigorous folio and interview stage Alex and Max were offered a position at one of the most sought after design courses in the state. Only twelve spots are offered annually for this course and it is quite a feat that two of those positions went to BGS students. We wish Alex and Max all the best for their future pursuits.

WINTER 2015 71

60 Years On Reunion of the “Pendennis Chapter” The Pendennis Chapter is the group of Old Boys who left School 60 or more years ago. Their reunion is held at School on the same day as the annual Historical Assembly which they attend as our honoured guests.



01 (L-R) Fred Shillabeer (1952), Neil Grummitt (1954) and John Link (1953) 02 (L-R)John Mackie (1953), John Taubman (1955) and Frank Dunster (1946) 03 (L-R) Alan Noble (1953) and Jim Burgess (1952)





First reunion of the Class of 2014



01 The Class of 2014 reunite! 02 (L-R) Luke Lynch, Doron Lolatgis, David Nixon, Hugh Hamilton, Seb Nearchou, Jono Dick, Calum Macgregor, Kade McLellan, Ryan Cook and Robert Brainman 03 (L-R) Darcy Kennelly, Ed Tait, Seb Nearchou, Alex Douglas, Oscar Reeve and Corey Cinque

WINTER 2015 73


30 Year reunion of the Class of 1985 01 The Class of 1985 02 (L-R) Paul Matthews, Michael Osborne, Simon Dawkins, James Woodyatt and Carlos Quiroga 03 (L-R) Rowan Talwar, Andrew Lauder and Paul Rice.





Meliora 47th Club Dinner


The Meliora Club Dinner is held annually on the Tuesday prior to the Head of The River Senior Regatta.


The guest speaker was Old Boy, Bill Tait (no relation to Ed Tait from the 2014 1st VIII). Bill rowed in the BGS 1st VIII in 1993 and ’94. Since then he represented Australia in the U23 Squad, and has held positions as Head of Rowing at Lauriston, Caulfield Grammar and Head coach of Mercantile. Bill is currently the Head Coach - Rowing at the Victorian Institute of Sport and is the 2015 Women’s Pair coach for the Senior A Australian Rowing Team.

03 01 Bill Tait (far left) with the 2015 1st VIII. (L-R) Harrison Mcintyre, Thomas Noske, Will Lewis, Declan Bradfield, Bert Bender, Ben Canham, Luca Bade, Harry Potter, Jack Kirby, and Richard “Dick” Bartlett, 1st VIII coach and Director of Rowing. 02 (L-R) Seated Stephen Blakeney (Year 10A VIII coach), Tom Fisher (2013), Sandy Mitchell (Director of Coaching) and Morgan Evans (3rd VIII Coach). Standing Harrison Bade (2010), Will Priestley (2006), Oli Ward (2006), Matt Keen (2008 - 2nd VIII coach), Grant Maglio (2010)

04 03 The Bradfield rowing dynasty” Howard Bradfield (rowed in the 3 seat of the winning 1983 1st VIII), Declan Bradfield (4 seat 2015, 1st VIII) and Beric Bradfield (Declan’s father and Stroke 1982, 1st VIII). 04 Bill Tait presents Captain of Boats, Bert Bender with his “Tonners” top.

WINTER 2015 75


Class of 2010 5 year reunion 01 Class of 2010 02 (L-R) Sam Jewell, Victor Janisiow, Charlie Wood, Jon Gillard, Tim Marshall. 03 (L-R) Chris Walker, Dylan Struck, Pat Sands, Tom Hamilton, Chris Hardgrave, Jordan Steele. 02


76 WINTER 2015


Class of 2005 10 year reunion


01 Class of 2005 02 (L-R) Tom Evans, Andrew Davidson, Chris Pharr and Daniel Liebe. 03 (L-R) Henry Willis, Bill Jackson, John Marks and Dan Anthony. 04 (L-R) Tom Clarke, Julian Lucas, Phil Janholt, Nick Paterson



WINTER 2015 77

London Reunion On Friday 10 July, Tim Marshall, on holiday in the UK, hosted a reunion of Old Brighton Grammarians living in London at the Crown & Shuttle Hotel. Twenty “enthusiastic” Old Boys attended and a great night was had by all.

78 WINTER 2015

(L-R) Back Row: Jared Griffiths (2000), Geoff Earl (1996), Tim Marshall (2000), Josh Bucknall (2006 standing), Michael Waite (2008 seated), Hann Hor (2005), Kim McGregor (1989) and his wife. Front Row: Dylan Alcott (2008), Tim Biggin (2008), Johan Jegerajan (2000), Rob Baines (2005), James Ward (2005)

Vale It is with sadness that we advise the names of Old Brighton Grammarians and their year of leaving who have passed away. Our condolences to their families. Thomas Archer (OB ’34) Arthur Evans (OB ’33) Robert Garton (OB ’60) Lee Gibbon (OB ’46) Tell Henderson (OB ’44) Reg Jones (OB ’33) Graeme McDougall (OB ’33) Ken Opat (OB ’55) Rex Turner (OB ’32)

WINTER 2015 79

OBGS Reunion Calendar 2015/2016 Please mark these dates in your diary for Reunions to be held in 2015 and 2016. Invitations will be mailed approximately six weeks prior to the reunion. Every reunion held at the School will be preceded with a full tour of the School commencing at the Oak Tree, one hour before the reunion commencement. REUNION





Class of 1990, 25 Years


RS Centenary Hall

21 August


Top Enders


Marine Hotel

27 August


Sydney Reunion


J P Morgan House

18 September


Brisbane Reunion


Customs House

19 September


Class of 1975, 40 Years


RS Centenary Hall

9 October


Top Enders


Marine Hotel

29 October


50 Years On Reunion


RS Centenary Hall

27 November


Top Enders Christmas


Marine Hotel

11 December


Top Enders Cricket


Pritchard Room

Early Feb TBA


60 Years On “Pendennis Chapter”

Morning tea & Lunch

Senior School Library

12 February


Class of 2015 Welcome


New Bay Hotel

19 February


Class of 1986, 30 Years


RS Centenary Hall

4 March


Meliora Club


RS Centenary Hall

15 March


Top Enders


Marine Hotel

28 April


Class of 2006, 10 Years


Middle School Nexus

20 May


Class of 2011, 5 Years


New Bay Hotel

27 May


USA Reunions


New York & L.A.


15 Year, Class of 2001


RS Centenary Hall

22 July


20 Year, Class of 1996


RS Centenary Hall

29 July




80 WINTER 2015

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Meliora Sequamur Winter 2015  

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