Brighton Grammar School Impact Report 2019

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The impact of giving



A word from the Chairman and Headmaster Thank you for making a difference It is our pleasure to share with you our 2019 Impact of Giving Report. The report highlights the impact your support has made at BGS and provides us with an opportunity to thank all those who have chosen to make a gift to the School in the past year. Our community truly embraced the philanthropic spirit in 2019 and, for that, we are very grateful. We think particularly of our third online Annual Appeal, another most successful campaign, that saw 320 members of our community support this initiative, 58 of them being first time donors. Through your support over the past three years, we have now raised over $1.1M for our means-tested scholarship program which is simply wonderful. We could only have dreamed of this level of support a few years ago and this speaks volumes about our community. We now have 12 boys attending BGS because of the generosity of our community – 12 boys who would not otherwise have had the opportunity to attend our School. In turn, these 12 boys add to the depth and diversity of our community in so many ways. On behalf of the boys who are now attending BGS because of your generosity, thank you.

In February we opened our new Annandale pavilion. Our new home of sport is an outstanding facility and one that came to life with the generous support of our community. The donor wall erected on the side of the pavilion is a wonderful testament to those in our community who chose to support this much needed development. The School is now on the verge of commencing the most ambitious building project in its history, a project that will provide our boys with an outstanding 21st century learning environment assisting to equip our boys with the skills required to successfully meet the challenges of a world beyond tomorrow. The BGS community will hear more about this project soon. Support from our community is crucial to enable us to achieve our goals. We do hope that everyone will make, or continue to make, a contribution, at whatever level, to support current and future generations of BGS boys. Thank you, once again, for your support during 2019.

Chairman, Peter Ickeringill

Headmaster, Ross Featherston




Annual giving donors

2019 Giving By Numbers

Thank you to all our families, staff, past students and friends who have all invested in supporting Brighton Grammar School.

ount Total amledged p raised, gifts d an in kind

$27K 4



Amount raised for our Pink Dinner Partner – St Kilda Mums


Number of first time donors people donated for the very first time to various funds

105 Members make up our Sequamur Society (Increased by 6 members from 2018)


Families contributed to the Building Fund Voluntary Levy (Increased by 117 from 2018)

53 69 Past and current staff contributed financially (Increased by 24 from 2018)

Members make up our Chairman’s Circle (Increased by 3 members from 2018)



Our culture of philanthropy continues to grow A strong culture of philanthropy continued to develop at BGS during the year and this was demonstrated in so many ways. Whether it was through the gift of time, money or goods and services, all forms of philanthropy matter. Early in the year, the Annandale pavilion was officially opened. In addition to the positive impact the facility is having on our boys in terms of their physical development, Annandale is now used widely by other members of our community. Old Boys’ reunions are held in the Bourke Family Function Room and members of the community can access the weights and conditioning centre when not required by our boys. Philanthropy played a big part in bringing our new home of sport to life. Thank you to the many Old Boys and past and current parents who secured naming opportunities in the facility. Thank you also to the 294 members of our community who supported the project, with all gifts over $1,000 recognised on our impressive donor wall as a lasting reminder of the impact of giving.

Fund, providing the gift of opportunity to more boys who otherwise would not be able to attend our great school. Our sincere thanks to the 1,148 donors who have chosen to support these important appeals.

Another highlight of the year was our Annual Appeal. Through the support of our very generous community, we exceeded our target and raised $340,000 from 320 donors. This was the third year we used our online platform and it is amazing to note that over that time we have now raised over $1.137 million for the BGS Scholarship

Thanks also to Risen Energy, founded by a BGS parent, who generously donated 375 solar panels which have been installed on the roof of the GB Robertson Hall redevelopment in the Junior School. This gift not only saves the School an enormous amount of money in terms of the install, but will reduce our electricity bill by approximately $50,000



strengthened through the generosity of four members of our community whose bequests have been directed to these funds. Our philanthropy also extends to helping others and there are so many examples of this at BGS. Through our support of worthy causes such as the Robert Connor Dawes Foundation, Frankston Camp and the Ute Full of Food, we are part of a truly generous community. I think particularly of our biannual Pink Dinner – the dinner for BGS mums – where all monies raised at the event support a charity chosen by the committee. In 2019, the chosen charity was St Kilda Mums and, through the hard work of our Pink Dinner steering committee, over $27,000 was raised, which was an amazing result.

per year. This latest donation follows the 400 solar panels Risen Energy has already donated to BGS for the Urwin Centre. During the year, our Bequest Manager, Peter Toms, welcomed five new members to our Sequamur Society which honours and thanks those members of our community who have confirmed their intention to include BGS in their Will. It is both humbling and gratifying to note that our membership of the Sequamur Society is now in excess of 100 members. This year, our Scholarship Fund and our Building Fund have been

With an increasing number of people in our community now choosing to support the School’s plans for the future, the years ahead in a philanthropic sense look very bright for BGS. In addition to our commitment to increase the number of needs based scholarships we offer, we are soon to embark upon our most ambitious project in the School’s history - a centre that will assist us to better equip our boys with the knowledge, the tools and the adaptability to negotiate the future and seize its opportunities. You will hear more about this exciting project during the year. Finally, I firmly believe we are all very fortunate to be part of such a philanthropic community and my sincere thanks goes to all that have made it so. BGS is indeed a better place because of your philanthropic support. Director of Advancement, John Phillips BGS IMPACT REPORT



Recognising our donors in 2019 Thank you to all our donors. You make a significant difference to what we can achieve at BGS. Whether contributing to scholarships, buildings or other programs, your support shapes and enhances the educational opportunities for our current and future boys.Â

Did you know that our Ist VIII is now rowing in their new Hudson Eight as a result of the generous support of the rowing community?



Abbott, Jane & Brian Abramovich, Mark & Adele Adam-Gedge, Sarah & Geoffrey Adams, Alexander (OB17) Adams, Geoffrey & Amanda Adams, Nicholas (OB18) Adams, Roger & Lorraine Addison, Nicholas & Meegan Adem, Meg & Leighton Agg, Robert (OB81) Alam, Nur & Ruksana Amor, Michael & Tracy Anderson, Ben & Jodie Aralica, Bobbi Arceri, Michael & Rebecca Argyrou, George Arnold, Aine & Jonathan Arnold, Peter & Ellen Aschman, Eva & Peter Ashcroft, Marcus & Rebekah Atchison, Andrew & Amy Atkinson, Michael (OB55)

B Badge, Philip Badger, Ann Bain, Jason Baines, Paula & Andrew Baker, Natalie Balfe, Sarah & Christopher Ballantyne, Tony & Gabrielle Banfield, Kevin & Amanda Bao, Wei & Yi Baragwanath, John (OB67) Barber, Andrew & Kerstin Barnedt, Pamela & Dennis Barnes, Thomas (OB14) Barreto, Alexandre & Maura Bartlett, Richard & Katrina Barwood, Shane & Danielle Bassat, Andrew (OB83) Bastone, Howard & Lori Bate, Russell & Jacqueline (OB65) Bath, Andrew & Joanna Batterham, Robin (OB59) Bean, Anne Beck, Andrew & Roisin (OB78) Beckett, Alan (OB65) Begg, James & Marian (OB58) Bellarts, Sissel Beninati, Vittorio & Angelina Bessell, Benjamin & Peta

Betts, Mitchell & Clare (OB93) Beynon, Anastasia & Peter Biddick, Martin & Jacqueline Biggin, Jake Biggin, Nathan (OB32) Biggs, Sarah Birrell, Kate Black, James & Megan Bloom, Jacqui Bogoevski, Robert Booth, Andrew & Christine Botha, Boniface & Melissa Bott, Cameron Bottomley, Christopher & Ingrid (OB62) Bourke, Colin & Imelda Bowen, Richard & Anne-Marie (OB87) Bowen, Vaughan & Carolina Bowerman, Michael & Elizabeth Boxtel, Anna & Roger Bramich, Ashley & Amanda Brickhill, Brent Brighten Education Brittain, Rowan & Nicole Brooks, Matthew & Christine Brougham, Anthony & Monique Brownbill, Scott & Victoria Bryant, Ines Bryant, Peter (OB57) Bulfin, Nicholas & Cathie (OB95) Bullock, Lynn & Michael Burgess, Justin & Lisa Burnell, Thomas Byrne, Marcus & Kate

C Calder, Michael & Lucy Calvert, Don & Brigitte Cameron, Donald & Jill (OB51) Cameron, Graeme & Jean Cameron, Lachlan (OB00) Campigli, John & Monica Canwell, Adam & Harriet Cao, Liangqun & Zhenling Carmichael, Timothy & Kylie Carnovale, Serge & Elizabeth Carr, Olivia & Craig Carson, Graeme & Samantha Caruso, Joe Catalano, Antony & Stefanie Caughey, Jonathan & Cassie

Cee, Simon & Karen Chad, Graham & Sinead Chan, King Nam & Xiaodong Chan, Lai Wah & Sze Wai Chan, Michael & Nadine Charidy Chen, Bing & Guohong Chen, Bocong (OB15) Chen, Huagen & Yinji Chen, Li & Yue Ming Chen, Qizhong & May Chen, Yanchang & Rongrong Cheng, Anthony & Shuk Yin Cheng, Siynan & Jie Chepurov, George & Melissa Chernikeeff, Matthew & Karen Chessells, Merv & Jacqueline Chilcott, Timothy & Gilda Cho, Sae (OB94) Chou, Junyi & Lijin Christodoulou, Christodoulos & Julie Clancy, Jonathan & Joanna Clark, Geoffrey & Maki Clarkson, Rosy & John Clyne, Anthony & Angela Colaci, Pino & Karen Collett, Martin & Carrie Collin, Katherine & Steven Collins, Brady Constable, John & Sarah Cook, Damon & Jane Coon, Peter & Paula Cooray, Navin (OB13) Corben, Shane & Jacqui Corcoris, Nicholas & Darleen Corke, Neil & Fiona Costin, Pamela Cotton, Russell & Lisa Couper, Sarah & Gregor Court, Peter & Tessa Cozens, Shaun & Fiona Craig, Dean & Caroline Crawley, Nicholas & Angela Crawley, Nigel & Lisa Creighton, Scott & Amanda Crewdson, David & Christine (OB95) Crocker, Darren & Marcia Croft, Kate & Darren Crotti, Anna Cui, Chunguang & Guihua Cui, Zhiyi & Min Currie, Mark & Alison Curtis, Robert Curwood, Sam & Jodie Czekajlo, Raymond

D Dai, Yusheng & Guangxia Dai, Zhipeng (OB16) D’Alessandro, Anthony & Kylie Dalton, Rodney (OB70) Dammer, Louise D’Arcy, Brian & Kim David, Arvind & Charmaine (OB89) Davies, Christopher (OB63) Davies, Peter & Carolyn Davies, Tracey & Brian Deans, Nigel & Leanne Deicke, David & Belinda Delbride, Adam & Elizabeth (OB89) Desmyth, Timothy & Brooke (OB89) Dever, Phillip & Alexandra DIB Australia Pty Ltd Dick, Hamish (OB18) Dickson, Dr Ian Dickson & Lisa Dickson, Glen & Rachel Digney, Paul & Kate Dimopoulos, Dimitrios & Stavroula Ding, Ding & Hao Ding, Qiang & Jun Ding, Victoria & Motoi Disney, Graeme & Dorothy (OB55) Dixon, Benjamin & Julie (OB85) Doan, Hung Van & Ha My Dodanwela, Nicole Donald, Scott & Kylie Dow, Grant & Eva Dowd, Marnie Dowe, Blake & Gabrielle Downs, James & Jo Draheim, Matthew & Lisa Du, Wei Gang & Bai Duckinson, Carl & Melissa Dudfield, Robert (OB67) Durkin, Stephen Durso, Patrick & Lisa Duscher, Brian & Suzanne Dylan Alcott Foundation

E Eastgate, Barry & Alexandra (OB66) Easton, Tom (OB69) Edgar, Jonathan & Melissa Elliott, Brett & Anna Elliott, Matthew & Andrea Ellis, Phillip & Jane (OB60) Elmasri, Adib & Khadija Ettershank, Kim & Emma (OB87)

Ettershank, Sarah & Andrew Evans, Marita & Nigel Ewers, Kent (OB86)

F Fan, Hua & Yu Ting Farrell, Sasha Farrugia, Michael Fearn, Sarah & Jonathan Featherston, Ross & Rosie Feehan, Michael & Aikaterini Ferguson, Tim & Christina Fidock, Paul Field, Adrian & Candice Field, Cameron & Amanda Field, James & Catherine (OB02) Fillmore, Sarah Findlay, Rowan & Elizabeth Fisher, Thomas (OB13) Fisher, Victoria Fitzgerald, Andrew & Rhonda Flack, Russell (OB69) Flanigan, Cameron & Lisa Flannigan, Patrick Flockart, Peter & Katie Follett, Justin & Rachel Forbes, Cameron (OB93) Forster, Andrew & Charlotte (OB91) Fox, justin & Sophie Francis, Rowena & Timothy Frederico, Jonathan & Felicity French, Christopher (OB74) Fu, Da Qing & Ping Furnell, Frederick (OB75) Fyfe, James & Susan (OB86)

G Gadsden, Peter & Yvonne Galinas, John & Dianne Galloway, Hayley Galloway, Philip & Jacky Gan, Weibin & Qing Gannon, Nicholas & Fiona Gao, Jingmiao & Yuping Gao, Min & Haofeng Garrett, Sam & Georgina Gasper, Andrew (OB88) Gates, Kathryn & Peter George, Mark & Nicole Geraghty, Karla & Mark Gianatti, Christopher & Caroline Giannarelli, Mark & Kate Giannatos, Theofanis & Kym Gibbins, Greg & Jill Gibney, William & Triecia (OB74)

Gibson, Peter & Maryse Giddings, Charles & Joanne Gilbert, Nicholas & Penny Giles, Adrian & Sarah Gill, Jason & Jessica Gillies, Nicholas (OB15) Ginis, Anastasis & Olga Girardau, Georgina & Paul Glasson, Mike (OB69) Goodger, Darran & Terry Goring, Georgia Goss, Nathan & Kate Graham, Andrew & Jennifer Graham, Matthew & Jenna Grange Automation, Grant, Dean & Marie Grant, John (OB51) Graves, Jonathan & Claire (OB84) Gray, Dean & Jessica Gregory, Cameron & Susie Grollo, Mark & Rebecca Grubb, Paul & Irene Grummitt, Neil & Mavis (OB54) Gu, Daorong & Qingfang Gu, Jiong & Hongbo Guo, Jian (OB09) Guo, Xin & Lijin

H Haddon, Matthew Hall, Julie Hall, Tania & Robert Hallam, David & Angela Hamer, Kristin Hamilton, Benjamin & Alexandra Hamson, Lawrence & Wendy Han, Heng & Huihui Hankinson, Roger & Annetta (OB51) Hara, Bruce & Rachael Hare, William & Eugenie (OB84) Harper, Daniel David & Julia Harrington, Matthew & Cherie Harris, Jodi Harris, Roger (OB62) Harris, Sara Harrison, Mark Hart, David & Catherine Harte, Erin & Martine Hartenstine, Craig & Caitlin Harvie, Peter & Wendy (OB57) Hathway, Rod & Joanne Hay, John & Kim (OB78) Hayes, Mark & Jennifer He, Min & Baofend He, Wayne

Healy, Matthew & Sherrin Hearne, Brian & Rhona Heath, Colin & Harriet Heath, Rob Heath, Rodney & Cindee Heil, Leslie (OB51) Heinz, Julian & Emma Hemingway, David & Sharon Henderson, Sharon Hendy, Ross & Melissa Henley, Paul (OB87) Hepples, Ian & Emma Hewison, Christopher & Rachel Hick, Alastair & Caroline Hii, Lawrence & Sue (OB02) Hill, Alexander & Nikki Hill, Chris & Fiona Hill, Harry (OB15) Hillenaar, James & Lisa (OB95) Hills-Jones, Peter & Irene Hipwell, Gregory & Petrina Hollow, Nathan & Nicole Hong-Dunnett, Brent & Sophie Hooley, Doug Hooper, Aidan & Leah Hopgood, Travis Hopwood, Lachlan (OB13) Horth, Geoffrey & Colleen Horton, David & Sinead Horton, Noelene Horton, Rachel Hou, Weichang & Anjing Hou, Yufeng & Shuxia Houridis, Harry & Sophie Howard, Elizabeth & Warren Howden, James & Kate (OB87) Huang, Bo & Meghan Huang, Linlin Huang, Qingcheng & Xiaoying Huang, Yueqing & Zechun Huang, Zuqiang & Xiaojuan Hunter, Cameron (OB84) Hunter, Luke & Louise (OB02) Hunter, Madeline Hurd, Anthony & Jodi Lee Hutson, Malcolm Huynh, Thanh & Long Hyett, Peter (OB50)

I Ianuali, Emily & Pasquale Imbesi, Leigh & Elise

J James, Jane & Andrew Jarvis, Barry & Wilma (OB58) Ji, Lei & Ye Jiang, Peter & Liya



Jiang, Shen & Junjie Jin, Wei & Dan Jin, Xiaochun & Xiaohong Jing, XueBin & Dan Joe White Bequest Johnson, David Johnson, David & Sandra (OB79) Johnson, Laura & Steven Jones, Brendan (OB86) Jones, Simon & Belinda Jones, Timothy & Suangkana Jorgensen, Peter & Valentina Judah, Mark & Debora

K Kantounatakis, Paul & Natalie Karanicolas, Alex (OB16) Kasapidis, Chris & Elinor Ke, Ning & Zhuo Kelly, Phillip & Patricia Kemal, Ben & Kitty Kent, Stewart & Emily (OB96) Keogh, Stephen & Lisa Kerherve, Yann & Jennifer Kerr, Christopher & Anna (OB95) Kerr, Fiona Kessler, Simon & Cheryl (OB77) Khan, Jamal & Lorna King, Annette & Mark King, Damien & Emma Kirby, Robert & Katherine Kirkham, Anthony & Catherine Kissane, Gregory & Sandie Knipe, Denise Kobayashi, Masaru & Mina Kombi, Chris & Rachel Kong, Junmin & Jing Kong, Xu & Jianwu Konidaris, Efstathios & Mary Kouskouris, Con & Riki Krastich, Robert & Daniela Kulesza, Aleksander & Anette Kwong, James & Kyeong Kyte, Paul & Ruth

L Ladas, Anna & Paul Lade, Justin (OB87) Lan, Xiaoming & Xiaoling Langdon, Timothy & Margaret Langdon, Victoria & Bradley Lansell, Cyril (OB33)* Lantrin, Pierre & Margaret Lawrence, Martin & Nicole Leadbeater, Heather & Mark Leadbeater, Jonathan (OB18) Leaman, Phillip & Vanessa



Lee, Hyunsil Lee, Jianlin & Xi Lee, Wai Ling & Arno Lees, Murray & Leanne Lemon, Robert & Kerrie (OB74) Lewis, Michael & Kerrin (OB89) Li, Gang & Chengfeng Li, Jiping & Chao Li, Lillian & Bob Li, Meng & Xiaoqing Li, Te-Ho & Hsiao-Tzu Li, Xiang & Chong Li, Ye & Jing Li, Zhaoxia & Shuqi Li, Zhongwei & Xiaojuan Liang, Jun & Huaijing Liao, Yu & Linglan Liddle, David & Kathryn Lin, Haifeng & Weiru Lipovetsky, Maxim & Rhonette Litis, Dean Liu, Chun & Shengyu Liu, Gary & Jing Liu, Jinning & Peng Liu, Ping & Huilin Liu, Shen & Weiqun Liu, Zhe & Xiaojie Lohan, Paul & Susanna Long, Hua & Xiaohua Lopez, Simon (OB86) Lorback, Matthew & Chloe (OB95) Lorden, Gary & Monica Louw, Johann & Carina Lowenstein, David & Leanne Lu, Anton & Jie Lu, Hua & Ying Lu, Yao & Fenhua Lynch, Margaret & Frank Lynch, Simon & Ann-Maree

M Ma, Jun & Yize Ma, Xiaolei & Yi Macfarlane, Shane & Claire MacGillivray, Andrew (OB99) Machar, Christian Mackay, Mark & Jamie Macnab, Angus & Lucrezia MacSweeney, Donal & Megan Mactier, Cameron (OB88) Madanayake, Nirmal & Olivia Mahoney, John (OB69) Mandragona, Scott & Karen Manios, Peter & Evelyn Marais, Robert & Sue Marks, Christine & Leonard Marriott, David & Kylie

Marshall, Timothy (OB00) Marszalek, Paula Martin, Melissa & Daniel Martindale, David (OB69) Massuger, Joshua (OB16) Maxey, Adam & Sally-Ann McAllister, Cameron & Caroline McCahon, Andrew & Rachel McDougall, Graham & Janine McDougall, Mark & Nadia McDowell, Simon & Averil McGrath, Michael & Sandy McGregor, Garth & Brigitte McKelvie, Douglas McKenna, John & Philippa McKenzie, Alison McKie, Joshua (OB06) McLean, Mark & Sally McNaughton, Ross & Christina McPherson, Geordie (OB16) Mecca, Lucrezia & Angus Mei, Lin & Xuelian Mei, Yuanbin & Jing Merlo, Linc Middendorp, Nicholas & Joanne (OB79) Mighton, David & Lori Miller, Bradley & Belinda Minihan, Gary & Sharon (OB79) Mitchell, Dwayne & Kim Mohseni, Narelle Mollard, Cynthia Moncrieff, John & Traci Moreton, David & Karina (OB89) Morgan, Ewan (OB64) Morley, George (OB88) Morley, Peter & Lorinda (OB94) Morris, Christian (OB76) Morris, Graham (OB57)* Moulton, Wayne & Pamela Mozina, Michael & Georgina Murray, Rowan & Melinda (OB81)

N Naccarella, John & Joanne Nagasaka, Noriaki & Aya Nandwani, Roshan & Hea Jung Nathan, Joanne Neave, Colin & Marcia (OB61) Nethercott, Craig & Lucy Ng (Huang), Poh Beng & Weiyi Nguyen, Duy (OB09) Nguyen, Teresa Nicholas, Ines & James Nicholson, Fay Noble, Andrew & Katrina

O O’Brien, Justin & Marion O’Connell, Michael & Gabrielle O’Connor, Matthew & Anthea O’Leary, Timothy & Kylie Oliver, Kenneth & Tracey Osborne, Harry (OB17) Osborne, Michael (OB85) Ould, Cassie

P Palillo, Vincenzo & Bianca Pang, Leo & Yonnie Pantas, Klay & Terri Paolacci, John & Barbara (OB90) Paraskevas, Steve & Nefeli Parlane, Gerard & Priscilla Paroissien, Ian & Barbara (OB69) Parrish, Niki & Matthew Parry, Elena Parsons, Andrew & Lana Paterson, Ian Patterson, Mark & Caitlin Paul, Christopher & Haylee Paynter, Samuel & Louise (OB86) Pearse, Elizabeth & Ken Peers, Harry (OB43)* Pei, Yi & Hiuyun Peng, James & Lynette Peng, Qing Hai & Min Perkins, Simon & Victoria Persoglia, Stephen & Katherine Phan-Molloy, Hang & Warwick Pharr, Steven & Rebecca (OB01) Phillips, John & Suzanne Piccolo, Michael & Gabrielle Piercy, Mathew (OB90) Pigott, Nicholas & Ella Plozza, Raelene Post, Andrew & Susan Potter, Andrew & Louise (OB92) Powell, David & Megan Powell, Michael & Sally (OB73) Preston, Tony (OB74) Pretorius, Kurt & Priscilla Prins, Cameron Puig, Damian & Hayley Puise, Robert & Christine Purcell, Paul & Angela (OB66) Putland, Darren & Lecia

Q Qiu, Jiehua & Yinghua

Qiu, Yinbin & Cancan Quill, Basia & Michael

R Raglin, Mark & Tahsina Rao, Xiaomao & Li Rattray, Julian & Fiona (OB91) Read, Andrew & Elizabeth Redhead, James (OB09) Redpath, Lee & Karyn Reid, Christopher & Isobel Reid, Malcolm Reid, Matthew & Phoebe (OB90) Reith, Kerrie & Peter Reitmeier, Michael & Jocelyn Rekusz, Zbigniew & Anita Renouf, Tim (OB74) Richardson, Jonathan & Emma Rico Estrada, Corinne & Luis Riddell, Mark & Janet (OB71) Ridley, David & Sarah Rist, Samantha & Ryan Ristevski, Alex & Kirsty Roberts, Campbell & Bronwyn Roe, Stewart & Jeni Rofe, Helen & Rowan Rofe, Joan Rojko, Scott & Tracey Rolls, Phillip & Sophie Ross, Paul & Jennine (OB88) Roussety, Gino & Martine Rowe, Michael & Caroline Rozentoul, Boris & Hsinhsin Russell, David Russell, David (OB87) Russell, Timothy & Marlo (OB89) Ryan, Christopher & Janine

S Saadie, Michael & Joanna Saleh, Hatem & Agnese Salem, Andre & Jacqueline (OB00) Salisbury, David & Robyn Scanlan, Alana Scarff, Richard Schutz, Andrew & Julie Scott, Peter & Janelle (OB76) Scott-Murphy, Anita & Robert Secatore, Maureen & Anthony Seibert-Rekusz, Anita & Zbigniew Selleck, Vanessa Semenov, George & Valentina Semmens, Gavin & Lisa Shao, Lei & Yongmei Shen, Roger & Fengshuo

Shen, Yuqiao & Shaomin Sherborne, Tom & Louise Shi, Yun Yong & Yi Shumsky, Penelope & Alexander Silva, Ruth Simmons, Gary (OB67) Sitzoukis, Paul & Sophia Sivasli, Deniz & Gamze Skinner, Benjamin & Helen Skocic, Mark & Christalia Sloan, Alastair (OB89) Smart, Terry & Minaret Smith, Eve & William Smith, Geoffrey & Carolyn Smith, Gregory & Stella Smith, Ian & Tamatha (OB87) Smith, Owen & Emma-Jane Sobee, George (OB28)* Song, Hualiang & Qiaoqin Srinivasan, Shekhar & Henna Stani, Anthony & Emily Stanley, Alan (OB61) StarRez Stavrakis, Carli & Vasilios Stenhouse, Mark & Olivia Stening, Kristian & Annabelle Stent, Adam (OB82) Stephens, Montagu Steward, Tracy & Nils Stewart, Graeme & Melissa Stewart, Rob & Hope (OB65) Stewart, Ross & Lisa (OB98) Stillwell, Timothy & Stephanie Strahan, Clarke & Catherine Stretch, Nicholas & Felicity Stretton-Lewis, Carolyn Strintzos, Keith & Morfoula Stuart, Joanna & Barton Sum, Michael & Alison Summers, David & Pamela Sun, Hongfa & Xuejin Sun, Ying & Dalin Sun, Yuchen & Linyu Sun, Zhenhai & Bing Suszko, Christopher & Sarah Svensen, Alissa & Gary Swain, Paul & Andrea Swann, Raymond & Biserka

T Taffard-Phillips, Aljo & Lucinda Tan, Shu & Huan Chan Tang, Cherie Taylor, Leigh & Jennifer Taylor, Priscilla Tellefson, Peter & Fiona Tempest, Harley (OB94) Templeton, Graeme &

Margaret (OB61) Templeton, James & Samantha (OB87) Terry, Gavin & Jeannette (OB85) Theodore, Con & Angela Thomas, Philip & Fiona Thomas, Richard (OB64) Thomson, Andrew & Sayuri Thomson, George & Sue (OB51) Thomson, Lachlan (OB51)* Thomson, Paul & Petranella (OB86) Tian, Guoyi & Yanxia Tims, Olivia Tiver, Graham & Helen Todarello, Anthony & Bianca Tomaras, Ilia & Franca Toms, Matthew (OB90) Toms, Peter & Sue Tong, Liang & Liu Tongs, Jane & Paul Tonkin, Neil (OB62) Toomey, Martin & Lucy Torr, Jonathan & Lindsey Townsend, Adam & Simone Tran, Duc An & Thi Thuy Travers, Samuel & Nicole Trevillian, Paul & Robyn Triolo, James & Alexandra Tsangari, Andreas & Penelope Tunnecliffe, Luke & Aimee Tyler, Robert & Finola

U Ugrinovski, Robert & Maria Urwin, Michael Usher, Anton & RinaAnn (OB88)

V Van der Merwe, Barend & Wilhelmina van der Slot, Elizabeth Van Essen, Fred & Jan van Jaarsveld, Johan Varcoe, Kenneth (OB69) Vaughan, Jon & Narelle Vautin, William & Sarah (OB98) Verapen, Shammi & Georgia Vogels, Anthony & Nicky Vulcan, Victoria & Michael

W Wallis, Wayne & Lynda Walters, Daniel & Kath Wang, Bo & Xiaobo Wang, Chunping & Songtao

Wang, Hongfei & Hui Lin Wang, Kuankuan & Jenny Wang, Wen & Cong Wang, Xiaoyu & Lin Wang, Yufeng & Jing Ward, Jeffrey & Rebecca Warren, Andrew & Suzanne Watkins, John & Kerrie Weeks, Stephen & Victoria Wells, Andrew & Georgina Westpac Banking Corporation White, Fiona & Duncan Whiting, Stefan & Rebecca Wilde, John (OB67) Willcock, Gregory & Phoebe Williams, Brett & Barbora Williams, Cameron & Lisa Williams, Evan & Wendy Williams, Shane & Lisa (OB88) Williams, Stephen & Olivia (OB80) Williamson, Kevin & Judy Wilson, John & Dara (OB79) Wilson, Roger & Margaret (OB61) Wiseman, Anthony & Kirsty Wittenberg, Edward & Tracey (OB85) Woolf, Marian & Andrew Wu, Hailin & Dai Wu, Lixin & Ning Wu, Zehao & Ruijing (OB08) Wymond, David (OB73) Wyss, Andrew & Julie

X X’Lingson, Eddie & Chinn Xu, Feng & Ying Xu, Guangxing & Xingchao Xu, Kan & Jue Xu, Mingyu & Mei

Y Yan, Hao & Herong Yang , Yun & Zanhua Yang, Hongmeng & Chunyan Yang, Jianren & Liye Yang, Jiansong & Yuhua Yang, Rong Yang, Xiaolei & Yang Yao, Jianchen & Yanrong Yeaman, Andrew & Krissie Yelland, John (OB59) Yeo, Andrew & Meredith (OB87) Yeung, Matthew & Sally Ying, Yong & Shasha Young, Jeffery & Mary-Jo Young, Timothy & Melissa



Yu, Jun & Hong Yu, Liwen & Tong Yu, Qi & Yiyu Yu, Xin & Wenping Yuan, Shujie Yuan, Shujie & Guofeng Yun, Zong Guo & Ally

Z Zaikos, Jason Zeng, Wu Jiang & Yin Yung Zerial, Simone Zhang, Guang Qi & Li Zhang, Maggie Zhang, Mike & Fang Zhang, Wuyi & Sandy Zhang, Xin & YuPeng Zhang, Yue & Jinghua Zhao, Jiexi Zhao, Peng & Lei Zhao, Qinyi & Jie Zhao, Zhiyong & Ying Zheng, Luoynan & Luli Zheng, Zhiling & Yuanyuan Zhou, Edwin & Maria Zhou, Fa & Xioxia Zhu, Jishen & Aijun Zhu, Juping & Yun

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SEQUAMUR SOCIETY Alexander, Bob Arendsen, Gregory Backholer, Arthur (OB36)* Balfe, Anthony (OB66) Baragwanath, John (OB67) Baylis, Andrew Begg, James (OB58) Breaden, Erling (OB77) Bunning, Rodney (OB50) Burt, David (OB47)* Burt, Diana Cameron, Donald (OB51) Cameron, Jill Chapman, Bruce (OB53) Darby, Peter (OB51)* De Salis, Mary Devine, John (OB63) Devine, Julie Eden, Wellesley (OB48) Ellerton, John (OB61) Fairweather, Mabel * Farman, Jeffrey R Ferguson, Keith * Fleming, Peter (OB55) Forbes, Cameron (OB93) Ford, Rodney Glover, Alan * Goddard, Colin Gray, John (OB64)* Grigoriou, Georgina Grummitt, Neil (OB54) Grummitt, Mavis Hamilton, Phillip (OB66) Hare, William * Harkness, Peter * Hart, Christopher Hay, Pamela * Hay, Peter (OB76) Hay, John (OB78) Hay, Kim Haymes, Christopher (OB64)* Hope, Roger (OB69)* Ickeringill, Peter Jarvis, Barry (OB58) Jones, Stephen (OB71) Jones, Gary (OB72) Jones, Jennifer Lansell, Cyril (OB33)* Lasry, Nancy Lynch, Frank

Lynch, Margaret Marget, Constantine (OB68) Marshall, Timothy (OB0) McCalman, Geoffrey (OB57)* McCausland, John McGuigan, Andrew (OB48) McKenzie, Allan (OB68) Morris, Graham (OB57)* Moylan, AM, Frederick (OB38)* Murray, Mark Murray, Marilyn Neave, Colin (OB61) Nicholson, Maxwell (OB47) Norris, Athene Oppenheim, David (OB72) O’Sullivan, David (OB43)* Paroissien, Ian (OB69) Paroissien, Barbara Parsons, Richard (OB54)* Pearse, Ken Pearse, Elizabeth Peers, Harry (OB43)* Phillips, John Philpott, Edward (OB39)* Redhead, Theodore (OB62) Renouf, Tim (OB74) Robertson, Kenneth (OB68) Robertson, Margaret Robertson, Ian (OB74) Robinson, Keith (OB45)* Sanderson, Robert (OB35)* Stephens, Montagu Stretton, Nancy *

Talbot, Michael (OB65) Talbot, Trudy Tapp, Peter (OB69) Taubman, John (OB55) Templeton, Graeme (OB61) Thomson, George (OB51) Thomson, Lachlan (OB51)* Thorne, John Toms, Peter Urwin, Michael Walker, Hector * Watkin, Trevor Wehsack, Joyce * Wehsack, Norman (OB31)* Weiner, Ronald * White, Fred White, Graham (OB49) White, Judith Willcock, Gregory Willcock, Phoebe Wilson, Roger (OB61) Yann, Maxwell

Did you know

that $350,000 per year in cash and in-kind support is generated for BGS through our sponsorship program?

The Power of a Scholarship

The true power of a scholarship can be found in this letter written by past scholarship recipient Oscar O’Brien (OB 2019) on the evening before the 2019 ATAR results were released.

Mr Featherston, Mr Liddle, Mr White, Mr Marshall & Ms Ladas, Apologies for the group email here but I wanted to express my thoughts to all of you who have had such a massive impact on my life.

Oscar O’Brie


On the day before my ATAR is released I want to say a heartfelt “thank-you”. Every time I try to write this it makes me emotional as I am overwhelmed with gratefulness and also it is, in a sense, closing the most influential chapter of my life thus far. Being welcomed back to the school and the amazing opportunities that the John Gray scholarship allowed me to experience was truly overwhelming. The sense of comradeship and instant belonging was what initially struck me and this feeling stuck by me through my entire senior journey. The support provided by the school to me, and my Mum, at a time when it was most needed was truly something that I will be forever thankful for. The lessons taught to me outside the classroom by Brighton Grammar School have been especially invaluable and moulded my character. I have learnt values that will guide me through life and, for that, I will be forever grateful. It goes without saying that if there is ever an opportunity to give back or help the school in any way please never hesitate to contact me. This is not good-bye as I know our paths will cross again. I hope you and your families have a wonderful Christmas and I will see you in 2020. Yours sincerely, Oscar O’Brien



Creating Brighter Futures at Brighton Grammar School Our Annual Giving campaign continues to bring the BGS community together to support our scholarship program in the most remarkable way. In just 5 days, 320 members of the BGS community raised a total of $339,140 to support the BGS scholarship program, Creating Brighter Futures. This is an incredible result that has assisted in providing more boys, who would not otherwise have the opportunity, a BGS education. The support of the BGS community over the recent years has meant that 12 means-tested scholarships have been brought to life. “Without this scholarship, I would never have been able to come to BGS and excel. It has changed my direction by giving me an opportunity”.


Remy Bednarski -2017 Annual Giving Appeal Scholarship Recipient

We look forward to continuing to increase the number of means-tested scholarships and offering more boys life changing opportunities in the future. Thank you to everyone who has joined with us and supported our 2019 Annual Appeal, you have undoubtedly helped to transform more boys’ lives. Hayley Galloway Advancement Manager

On our BGS Annual Giving Day, Miles decided that he wanted to empty the coins out of his money box to donate to the Indigenous Scholarship Appeal. “I gave my money because I wanted to help give boys the opportunity of experiencing our school. We are lucky to have such a great school and I wanted to help provide that to another boy who wouldn’t be able to have a BGS education without our help”. It is evident that Miles has encapsulated the BGS spirit and ability to empathetically connect with others when they are in need. Well done Miles, every little bit helps.

I gave my money because I wanted to help give boys the opportunity of experiencing our school.

Miles Neatnica

Why I give to BGS


Why should I donate to BGS? Why should I donate to BGS? It’s a reasonable question and one that I know many fellow parents may ask themselves when approached to support the School’s fundraising endeavours. It’s the same question that I asked recently. Of course, an attractive aspect of giving to our Scholarship or Building Funds is that donations are fully tax deductible but I found out that the bulk of the School’s expenses relate to staff salaries, (64%), teaching resources, (25%) with the remainder covering admin expenses such as school maintenance. The School’s expenses make it challenging to finance scholarships, bursaries and building programs. Like me, you may question the rationale for supporting our Scholarship Fund, but I read in a Meliora magazine recently where an Old Boy commented, “The Scholarship Fund is a great way to help the School grow by fostering its academic and sporting achievements, broadening its musical and artistic horizons and culturally enriching each boy’s experiences.” 16


11% 64%


BGS Expenses 2019 Staff Salaries

Teaching resources

As BGS does not receive government funding for buildings, the School looks to its community – Old Boys, present and past parents, present and past staff - for support. Fortunately, there is a growing number of people in our community who are quite passionate about the present and long term needs of the School, and draw much joy and fulfilment knowing their philanthropic endeavours are enriching the lives of BGS boys now and in the future.

Admin expenses

including school maintenance

Such passion to support BGS may come from gratitude for past education, maybe from a grandparent’s wish to ensure that BGS will be there for their grandson’s education, or maybe just the basic belief in the goodness of a BGS education. No matter the motivation, to help BGS flourish, the need for philanthropic support will be ever present. I will always support BGS. Anonymous regular donor and parent

Making a Gift to BGS from Overseas The Brighton Grammar School community is spread across the globe and technology has made it easier than ever to stay in touch with the School. Technology has also made it very easy for members of our generous community to support the school philanthropically. And now, if you currently reside in the USA, Hong Kong or the UK, it is possible to receive a tax deduction in these countries when making a gift to BGS!

Should you choose to make a gift to BGS, Chapel & York will issue you a receipt for your donation and will notify us at the same time. We then contact you to confirm where you would like your gift to be directed, for example, the BGS Scholarship or Building Fund.

How is this possible you might ask? Well, through a partnership we have established with Chapel and York, a company with over 20 years’ experience establishing Foundations for this very purpose, it is a relatively straightforward process. You simply direct your gift through the relevant Foundation who then forward your gift to BGS.

Your gift, no matter the size, is truly valued. Further, 100% of your gift reaches BGS as we cover any administrative/gift fees. If you currently reside in the UK, Hong Kong or the USA, and would like to find out more about how easy it is to make a tax deductible gift to BGS through the Chapel and York Foundations, please contact Hayley Galloway, Advancement Manager, at:

Residents of the USA If you live in the USA, donations made through the Chapel & York US Foundation are tax deductible to the full extent allowed by law.

Residents of the UK If you live in the UK, donations made through the Chapel & York UK Foundation qualify under Gift Aid, increasing your gift by 25%!

Residents of Hong Kong If you live in Hong Kong, donations of HK$100 or more made through the Chapel & York HK Foundation are tax deductible. BGS IMPACT REPORT


A History of Philanthropy at BGS For close to 100 years, BGS has received the generous support of the community to advance BGS. In recent years, and as our culture of philanthropy strengthens, an increasing number of people are now choosing to support the School’s plans for the future. The Urwin Centre, Annandale, the Wellbeing Centre are just three examples of building projects in recent years that have been significantly supported by our community, the latter being fully funded through philanthropy. Our community has also generously supported our Scholarship program, providing life changing opportunities to boys who wouldn’t otherwise be able to attend BGS. Our Scholarship Philanthrophic timeline will be outlined in the next Impact Report.



Here’s our brief philanthropic timeline:

1923 The Old Brighton Grammarians’ Society commenced the School’s first fundraising campaign supporting the building of The Crowther Pavilion in memory of Dr Crowther.

1924 The Crowther family could no longer financially maintain the School and it was put up for sale. Canon Hancock, vicar of St Andrew’s, initiated a campaign to raise the necessary funds to save the School. Through community support, the necessary sum of £20,000, along with a loan of £30,000 from the National Mutual Life Association, enabled the newly formed Brighton Grammar School Association to buy the School.

1927 John (OB 1899), Norman (OB 1900) and Alan (OB 1913) MacGlashan gifted the Tower clock and bells in memory of their parents, Neil and Agnes MacGlashan.

1948 The Lilla Kirkham Memorial Gates, located in New Street, were gifted to the School by Jack Stott Kirkham in memory of his wife, Lilla.

1953 The Memorial Hall, honouring those Old Boys who gave their lives in the two World Wars, was officially opened in December 1953 after seven years of fundraising to raise the necessary funds.

1956 A fundraising campaign commenced in 1954 to support our first Annandale sports pavilion. Contributions were made by Old Boys, past and present parents, staff and friends of the School.

1957 A ÂŁ110,000 fundraising campaign was launched to develop a Junior School (Prep to Year 3) on land in Grosvenor Street owned by the Gas Corporation. By 1959 ÂŁ90,000 was raised which enabled the purchase to go ahead. Four classrooms, a toilet block and staff room soon followed.



1971 The School Parents’ Association raised $30,000 to construct a pool when a site became available on the last block of land purchased from the Gas and Fuel Company. The pool opened in 1975.

1964 The Senior School Science Building was funded through a £30,000 Government grant from The Industrial Fund for the Advancement of Scientific Education in Schools and from gifts and loans raised by members of the School community amounting to approximately £60,000.

1978 The School Council initiated ‘Exercise Completion’. An approach was made to all parents who had joined the School family in 1978-79 informing these parents of the School’s future plans and seeking their support in contributing to the School’s future development. The approach raised $47,000.

1980 A fundraising committee was established to raise funds for the building of the Robert Sanderson Centenary Hall with all funds raised supporting the development of the hall we still enjoy today.



1994 Parents, Old Boys and Staff members, supported the Brighton Grammar School Foundation’s Fundraising Campaign for the Rosstrevor Hall. A feature of the fundraising was the purchasing of seats in the Hall. A plaque listing over 200 major donors was erected in the Hall foyer.

2004 For several years the School was aware of the need to build a far more extensive library, resource centre and atrium. The Memorial Hall, which housed the Senior School library in its upper floor, was the obvious site for the new complex. The ‘I’ll be able…’ campaign was launched to assist with fundraising. To highlight awareness of the campaign, all boys throughout the School were given an “I’ll be able…’ badge which they proudly wore on their blazer lapel.

2008 A campaign was launched with a cocktail party to raise funds to surface the Junior School and Mitchell ovals with synthetic surfaces. Various members of our School community, including Old Boys, parents and Staff members, volunteered to seek support for this project.

A more comprehensive overview of the history of philanthropy at BGS can be found on the BGS website



The Sequamur Society Securing our Future For nearly 140 years Brighton Grammar School has enjoyed a proud and rich history of delivering our boys a first rate education. This has been made possible through the vision of our founders and the generous support of our community. In recent years, bequests have been recognised as a most powerful means of not only ensuring the long term future of the School but also significantly contributing to our current building and scholarship programs. In 2008, the School established the Sequamur Society to honour and thank those members of our BGS Community who had confirmed their intention to include Brighton Grammar School in their Will. From the initial 25 founding members of the Sequamur Society in 2008, we now have 105 members who play a fundamental role in ensuring that our boys continue to enjoy an exceptional education now and well into the future. Already in its short 13 year history, the Sequamur Society has contributed to the funding of The Urwin 22


Sequamur Society


Did you know that 24 of 99 members of the Sequamur Society, our bequest program, are current and past staff members? Centre for Learning, the Wellbeing Centre and the Annandale Pavilion. The John Gray Scholarship has already enabled three boys to complete their secondary education at BGS and funds four boys currently studying in the Secondary School. For over 20 years The Joe White Bequest has supported the education of numerous secondary school-aged boys. The Keith Ferguson Bursary is a safety net assisting boys whose parents encounter financial difficulties.

BGS Hall of Fame member, Graham White OBE, ASM (OB 1949) and Judy White, Sequamur Society members donated a beautiful ‘Out Back’ painting by Jack Absalom OAM, one of the renowned Australian artists from Broken Hill.

Members of the Sequamur Society have the flexibility to choose how their bequest will be directed; whether to the Building or Scholarship Funds, or to support specific academic, cultural, or sporting activities. No matter the amount or the particular interest area, every bequest strengthens the School, now and in the future. The Sequamur Society has, and always will have, a very special place in the life of the School.

2020 and beyond As we plan for the exciting years ahead at BGS, we will focus on two key philanthropic priorities.


To increase the number of meanstested scholarships we can offer boys who would not otherwise have the opportunity to attend BGS


To develop teaching and learning facilities that support our commitment to provide BGS boys with a world-class 21st century education

All gifts, no matter the size, collectively make a huge impact on the lives of current and future generations of BGS boys. If you would like to make a tax-deductible gift to either the BGS Scholarship Fund or the BGS Building Fund, please contact John Phillips, Director of Advancement: (03) 8591 2280 or email him at BGS IMPACT REPORT


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