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iPads offer a window to the stars

An Apple for the teacher carries a cutting edge meaning for the boys of BGS. The Crowther Centre for learning and innovation established by Brighton Grammar School has been working closely with computer giant Apple Australia to adopt its iPad technology.


Front cover: iPads at BGS. Back cover: Aerial of BGS – October 2010.

The Crowther Centre is now paving the way in researching how the interactive nature of iPads, and the diverse range of applications for the device, can improve the quality of teaching and learning in the classroom.

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Apple of Brighton’s Eye

Forty Year 7 boys enjoyed a dramatic and different way to learn the wonders of astronomy, using iPads to view the night sky. Through the use of the GoSkyWP app the boys simply pointed their iPads in a heavenly direction and the sky came alive. This astronomy lesson was just one part of the extensive research project currently underway at BGS which seeks to validate the use of iPads in the classroom. Working with the support of Apple Computers and major educational software developers we are involving boys from 7 to 17 to explore how iPads might be used to enhance boys’ engagement in learning. The boys finished their after dark lesson by stargazing through a newly purchased Celestron Computerised reflecting telescope which allows the students to see and photograph distant galaxies. This amazing telescope was donated by the Rosstrevor/Senior Parents Group.

Above: Boys take a sneak preview of stargazing with the iPads. Below: Carson Lewis (Year 10) helps Year 3 boy Oscar Dunning use the Fractions Frenzy app.

A few key staff members could see the potential of the iPad after experimenting with it prior to its Australian release earlier this year. A research project was formed with the key task of validating the use of the device in the classroom. Apple was keen to get on board.

“What has become clear through our iPad project is that schools can achieve so much more when working in partnership with industry.”


“With key staff at Apple Australia impressed with our research methodology, Apple fast tracked a set of 20 iPads for our school allowing us to be early adopters of the device. Apple has also been incredibly helpful with advice at various stages of the research project and has also placed us in contact with other schools involved in similar projects” explained John Phillips, driver of the project. Already the project is attracting great curiosity, with the independent research centre, the Crowther Centre, Apple Education, Pearson, the worldwide leader in educational publishing, and Apptitude, one of Australia’s first commercial education app builders joining forces with Brighton Grammar, eager to learn the results. Students are getting ‘real world’ experience too, with opportunity to work alongside senior developers and executives. “What has become clear through our iPad project is that schools can achieve so much more when working in partnership with industry. We can leverage their investment in Research and Development to improve learning outcomes that will benefit not only our students, but students globally,” explained John Phillips. It is expected the research will validate the use of iPads in the classroom leading to the widespread roll out of tablet devices at the school in the very near future. Brighton Grammar is working towards eTexts and hopes heavy school bags will soon be a thing of the past.

About the Crowther Centre The Crowther Centre was established in February 2010 by Brighton Grammar School. Its purpose is to conduct Educational Research; form links with Business, Industry, Tertiary and other Educational partners; to collect and distribute knowledge about modern educational practices. The Crowther is currently supporting projects into reading habits of boys, electronic data collection technology with PASCO instruments as well as the Apple iPad research project. Director of the Crowther Centre, Andrew Baylis said, “We are particularly excited about finding ways to partner with business and the tertiary sector as good education should be a collaboration by all parts of the community. Strong networks are crucial and we are working hard to build relationships locally, nationally and overseas. Eight months is a short time to have been in operation, but we are delighted by the interest shown – the best way to contact us is through our website:” Andrew is keen to talk with businesses, universities and schools about partnership possibilities.

The Crowther Centre hosts a ‘sell out’ National conference on boys & technology Above: The conference had a mix of lectures and interactive workshops. Above right: Mark Stroud (Year 11) and BGS teacher Matt McLellan both attended the conference.

Over 200 teachers, principals and administrators from all over Australia and New Zealand attended our inaugural National Boys and Technology conference held at the Novotel St Kilda in August. Our Crowther Centre staff devised the concept for the conference and partnered with Critical Agendas, an experienced professional development organisation, to assist. The conference focused on exploring how technologies will shape the way we do things in the future, not only in education, but also in industry and life in general. Over the two days, attendees heard many keynote speakers such as Michael Carr-Gregg and Andrew Douch address the issues regarding Boys and Technology. Attendees also participated in a variety of technology themed workshops held in breakout rooms.

A point of difference for our conference, and one that contributed significantly to its success, was the involvement of students in some of the program, and we know that the students who attended from a wide variety of schools went back to their schools inspired and shared what they gained from the conference with their peers, teachers and parents. The conference also enabled our Crowther Centre staff to form links with a number of other schools, businesses and organisations around the country and in New Zealand, and these links will assist our Centre enormously as it explores further opportunities for 2011. Due to the overwhelming success of the conference, the wheels are already in motion for another in August 2011 - and with even more of an input from students! 3

e-learning @ bgs It’s all ‘appening at BGS! Left: Thomas Banfield (Year 3) and Scott Collie (Year 10) test the new app.

“We believe it is an Australian first to actually have one group of students build an app for other students.”

Below: Luke Marget, OB95 with our app builders.

13CABS visit The Year 10 boys involved in our iPad app building project, Scott Collie, Hugh Petrie, Nick Fulkoski, Carson Lewis and Campbell Beveridge were fortunate to learn some programming tips from a commercial app developer recently during a visit to 13CABS’ Head Office. As a result of an invitation from 13CABS CEO and Old Boy Andrew Skelton, the boys spent an hour with Mikhail Raskine, the person who built 13CABS’ enormously successful taxi booking app. Mikhail talked about the processes he went through when designing, building and testing the app which has now been downloaded by 70,000 Melbourne iPhone users!

During the visit to 13CABS, the boys were also fortunate to be amongst the first in Melbourne to play with Telstra’s new T-Hub, a mix of a traditional telephone with internet capabilities, and see how 13CABS has been able to adapt their iPhone app for this new device. Of course, a tour of 13CABS would not have been complete without a look at the call centre and accompanying technology infrastructure which was indeed another highlight of the visit. Particular thanks to our newest BGS sponsor 13CABS for offering our boys this wonderful real life opportunity.

Meeting a person with Mikhail’s skills has already proved useful and inspiring as our boys continue to develop apps of their own. Boys building app for Nutrient Water In another Australian first, our Year 10 and 11 app builders are about to start work on building their first commercial app for well known beverage company, Nutrient Water.

Year 10 boys build app to teach Year 3 boys fractions Hands on learning has been lifted to a whole new level with a group of Year 10 boys Scott Collie, Carson Lewis, Nick Fulkoski, Campbell Beveridge and Hugh Petrie designing and building a mathematical app to be used to teach Year 3 boys fractions. The app, Fraction Frenzy, was built over 12 weeks during lunch times and afterschool. The boys explained half that time was spent studying the Year 3 Maths book to understand exactly the concepts that needed to be taught. 4

Brett Fitzsimmons, teacher of music and IT taught the boys the necessary programming language and guided them through the project. The boys were thrilled when they ‘launched’ the app with the enthusiastic Year 3’s and are now busy refining the app and ironing out a couple of glitches. We believe it is an Australian first to actually have one group of students build an app for other students. Their next project is to build a commercial app for Nutrient Water, a national enhanced water company owned by three of our Old Boys.

This opportunity followed a visit to Nutrient Water’s headquarters where the boys met with one of the founders of the company, Luke Marget (OB95) and pitched an idea for an app to him. It is fair to say that Luke was very impressed with the ideas presented and has given the green light for our boys to start work on building an app for his company which they hope to finish by Easter 2011.


The Double-cross at Brighton Grammar School It was exciting for me to visit the two participating classes and see the research study in action using my book, and to spend time talking with the students about their preferred method of study and their reasons why.

Students learn how to run a profitable business

Year 6 boys + iPad technology, I don’t think I have to tell you their preference. I was seriously impressed with how engaged the boys were with the gestural technology, and their explanations of the learning value of the e-book on iPads. But, of course, the biggie was simply, “It’s more fun”. The ease of annotating text, highlighting words, and access to an instant dictionary certainly seemed great bonuses and I could easily see how these did make learning “more fun”.

Above: Sam Stevens (Year 6), author Chris Bell and Lachlan Collie (Year 6).

Our iPad research project is certainly gaining us widespread attention highlighted recently when well-known children’s author Chris Bell visited the Junior School to see the e-book strand of our project in action. One of Chris’ books, The Double-cross, was chosen to be used in the project – with one Year 6 class reading the physical book and the other reading the same book but in digital form. Chris’ reflection on her visit was published on her blog and has been printed with her permission below.

The classroom is changing big time as is the way of studying literature in schools.

This week I was honored to be invited to Brighton Grammar School to check out a research study by the Crowther Centre to compare the differences and possible benefits of working with digital text/ e-books – using Apple iPads – compared to working with a physical book. The thrilling part for me is that they’re using my title, The Double-cross, published by Pearson Education (Rigby), as the featured text.

The Double-cross is set in China and was written as a result of my experiences during my time teaching there in 2006. An adventure, chapter book, The Doublecross is ideal for Year sixes participating in the study, particularly as several students have actually been to China. One group is reading the physical book and the other the iPad version.

The true results and impact on learning won’t be known until the study is complete. Meanwhile, digital readers and applications are no doubt going to be a huge part of our future reading experience. In years to come these same kids, and their successors, will no doubt find printed books very “old school”. Still I’m a huge fan of the physical, printed book. And I’m hoping (am I asking too much?) to see a string of my novels published in print form too, because I love the tactile aspect, the gorgeous covers, standing for hours in bookshops seeking out treasures, and most important – the idea of seeing my own future novels on bookshop shelves. Okay, I admit it – I’m old school. To read more from Chris http://christinemareebell.wordpress. com/2010/11/18/the-doublecross-atbrighton-grammar-school/

Above: Business Studies boys run a very profitable sausage sizzle in the Junior School.

Each year the Business Management students conduct small business activities throughout the school. These activities are the culmination of a series of preliminary activities which include developing a business idea, a detailed business plan and appropriate financial and nonfinancial performance indicators, seeking appropriate approvals, marketing and advertising. This year ‘businesses’ included a range of hot food stalls, an American Confectionery stall and a dunking machine. All activities were well-supported with the businesses generating in excess of $500 profit, all of which was donated to the Martyrs’ School in PNG. The Junior School Sausage Sizzle business made a profit of $411 - breaking the previous record set in 2004! 5

around the school Things are a buzz in the new ELC

Indigenous boys visit Junior School Six Year 5 and 6 boys and two staff from the Milikapiti School on Melville Island made a week long visit to BGS in winter as the first step in an exciting program initiated by Peter Tellefson for BGS to develop a relationship with an indigenous school community. Peter’s aim is to “enable boys at Brighton Grammar Junior School to foster and develop friendships, communication, understanding and respect for each other’s way of life and culture.

New paint, new furniture, new toys and even some new staff all came together to mark the beginning of a new era of kindergarten education at BGS. After months of patient anticipation there was great excitement in the new Peter Toms Early Learning Centre in November when finally the doors were opened to welcome ELC staff and boys for a Saturday morning orientation session. Our Centre is genuinely unique too being the only all boys ELC in Melbourne. This is fantastic for the boys because it means the staff can plan the program in a way that actually suits the developmental stages of little boys which is markedly different from little girls of the same age. The new ELC has double the capacity of the previous ELC with two classes of 3 Year Old boys and two classes of 4 Year Old boys. We are delighted to announce the 4 Year Old classes are full but there are still a few places left in the 3 Year Old classes if you, or someone you know, may be interested. The date of the Official Opening and blessing of the ELC will occur in 2011 which will be published on the BGS website as soon as it is confirmed. 6

“I believe we have a social responsibility to ensure our children are more aware of the distance and cultural divide that exists. In developing a sense of connection between the two schools I would see our program ‘bridging the gap’. There could be significant advantages down the track with teacher exchange opportunities, a GAP Program with BGS boys working at Milikapiti, assistance with resources/ BGS raising funds for Milikapiti, cultural exchange programs and joint learning

programs in Art and Information Technology which could involve on-line interaction.” The visit was a great success. The boys were billeted in pairs with the families of Year 6 boys Andrew McGrath, Max Gernandt and Izaak Gerkis . The family of the Captain of the Junior School, Thomas Wallace, hosted a lovely dinner for all the visitors, host families and staff. Highlights included the boys attending an AFL game and also visiting Collingwood Westpac Centre where they met Leon Davies and Old Boy Chris Dawes and saw the Collingwood Footballers training. At school the visiting boys joined in various classes, but were especially thrilled with joining in the APS sports afternoon (reluctantly agreeing to wear boots for soccer!) and participating in a beautiful art project, some of which is hanging in our corridors and some of which has gone back to the school on Melville Island.


Father and Son Getaway weekend BGS celebrates a significant milestone in Australia’s History

In October 53 Rosstrevor fathers and their sons ventured down to Sorrento for the second Year 8 Father and Son Getaway weekend.

On July 16, 1910, John Duigan (Old Boy 1901) flew an aircraft for a distance of about 8 metres at his family’s property at Mia Mia (near Kyneton) Victoria. He was the first Australian to design, build and fly a powered aircraft.

The weekend is primarily designed to provide fathers and their sons the opportunity to spend some quality time together.

On July 16 2010, 100 years to the day, this aviation milestone was celebrated in Mia Mia with the Governor of Victoria Professor David de Kretser AO unveiling a commemorative plaque at the site in front of some hundreds of people followed by a viewing of a newly built flying replica bi-plane at the Mia Mia football oval.

Across the weekend there was a program of varied activities – both physical and emotional. Everyone had a choice of Golf, Surfing, Sea Kayaking, Tennis or Point Nepean exploration. After this, the group engaged in three sessions which included a relationship check-up, a “Father – this is your life”, a “Son- this is your life” and then a session where the identification of positive male role models and the traits of a good man are discussed.

Boys and their toys that their name may be amongst the 50 or so names drawn to win a prize. First name drawn out of the hat this year was ELC student Nick Stretch pictured among all the toys donated to the raffle this year. After some careful thinking Nick chose a new scooter as his early Christmas present.

We know boys love their toys and this may be one of the reasons our annual Junior Parents’ Group Toy Raffle has become such a popular Junior School event.

Despite their sons, Luke, James and Tim finishing at BGS some time ago, Jeff and Jan Hunter continue to support our Junior School each year through the donation of all the prizes to this raffle, the proceeds of which support the Junior Parents’ Group’s fundraising efforts.

For many years now, at the end of each year, all Junior School boys eagerly await the drawing of the JPG Toy Raffle hoping

The School sincerely thanks Jeff and Jan for their ongoing support of Brighton Grammar School.

Above: Nick Stretch (ELC) wins the annual Toy Raffle.

Two Year 8 boys Max Vulcan and Jack Langan, the Director of Development Natalie van Wetering and Bequest Manager Peter Toms travelled to Mia Mia to represent the School at this important event. John Duigan (junior) nephew of the original John Duigan was delighted to meet the boys as was the Governor, the Mayor of Bendigo and several members of the local community. Jack and Max were interviewed by both ABC news and Channel 9 news, but unfortunately weren’t included in the final story that went to air. John Duigan attended Brighton Grammar from 1893 until 1901. He was inducted into the BGS Hall of Fame in 2008.

Did you know? Other significant aeronautical inventions to come from Australia include the black box and the inflatable escape slides.

Top: Max Vulcan and Jack Langan travelled to Mia Mia for the Duigan flight centenary celebrations. Above: The Boys were interviewed by two news teams about the event.


japanese reunion BGS Reunion rekindles connections in Japan On Sunday, 10 October 88 former BGS students and parents gathered at the Grand Prince Hotel, Tokyo, for our first BGS Reunion in Asia. The Reunion Luncheon was organized by a Japan based Committee led by past mothers Akie Iwata and Setsu Kumagai in conjunction with Junior School ESL teacher, Maggie Lynch and former Head of Junior School, Peter Toms. The Reunion brought together former BGS parents and boys spanning 25 years; our senior Old Boy present, Shingo Date, graduated Year 12 in 1987, and the youngest Sosuke Saito just five years of age who had only left Brighton Grammar a few weeks earlier. During the luncheon, Peter Toms spoke on behalf of Headmaster, Michael Urwin and Alumni Relations Manager, Andrew Biggin, while Maggie thanked the Committee members for their many months of preparation for the Reunion. Guests were treated to a video presentation which depicted the boys during their BGS schooldays, and a DVD which included messages from the Headmaster, Andrew Biggin, members of Staff and current boys. The DVD was followed by our former Japanese students recalling humorous and poignant anecdotes of their time at school. To conclude this most significant occasion, the School Chorus was sung with much gusto, followed by a group photo. A feature of the Reunion was the pleasure many former students had in reconnecting with fellow students whom they have not seen since their BGS days.


Above: Shinpei Fukagai proudly shows Maggie his first ESL workbook and his signed BGS shirt. Above right: Hiromi Hashimoto, Masae Yasumasa and Kanji Yonei and Maggie and Peter at a restaurant in Kyoto.

All families were presented with a Reunion ‘show-bag’ containing the Reunion DVD, a Reunion Booklet and a BGS Reunion Pen. Several families travelled many hours to attend the Reunion, with the Takigawa family flying in from Shanghai. Over the next few days small group reunions were also held in Nagoya, Kyoto and Kobe where Maggie and Peter enjoyed an overnight stay at Ted and Mihoko Uno’s home. Peter also visited the Rikkyo Nizza School and caught up with Hajime Akiyama, BGS 2009 exchange student.

News of some of our former students

Maggie and Peter are indebted to Akie Iwata, Setsu Kumagai and their Committee for their impeccable organization and their extraordinary hospitality and companionship. It is most gratifying that a Committee has been formed in Tokyo to maintain and foster the BGS connection in Japan.

Kentaro Fujii (2020) has just returned to Japan and is enjoying readjusting to his schooling in Japan.

Kentaro Abe (2008) is enjoying first year university in Tokyo whilst his brother Kosuke (2011), having completed Year 12, is presently studying for university entrance. Kouki Akahoshi (2007) is studying second year medicine at Tokyo Medical and Dental University and Takeya (2008) has graduated from Hamamatsu High School and will soon commence an economics major at university. Twins Gensuke and Sohsuke Amasaki (2020) are enjoying their primary schooling, learning swimming, playing soccer and having piano lessons.

Shinpei Fukagai (2005) is studying accounting, playing the guitar and cello, and aiming to become a financial advisor. Shingo Date (1987) has completed his PhD and is the Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering at the Defense Academy in Tokyo. Kohji (1989), after studying at Keio University,

Right: Japanese reunion. Below: Watch the Birdie!


Japan – a country of contrasts has recently been promoted to Chief Searcher at patent search company Tesco Co. Ltd. Yohei (1992) is currently employed at the Indian Embassy in Tokyo. Yosuke Honda (2008) is undertaking a university course whilst Tsubasa (2012) and Takuto (2012) are in Year 10 at High School. Kiichiro Iwata (2013) is in Year 9 and Ryotaro (2015), Year 7; both boys are enjoying high school and both represent their school in basketball. Masaki Kinoshita (2013) is a student Rep. in Year 9, plays basketball and is enjoying choral conducting. Ryosuke (2010) is doing well with his Year 12 studies, plays the piano and represents his school in soccer. Sena Kozaki (2019) is enjoying his primary schooling and is a keen unicycle rider. Jumpei Konuma (2003) has graduated from university and working in digital office solutions. Naoya (2007) is studying economics at University and is a keen basketballer. Kensuke Kumagai (2006) is studying music production and recently has caught up with former BGS mate Peter Rogers (2006) who attended the Reunion. Yusuke Kuroda (2009) is majoring in business administration at university and is a member of the university archery team. Akihiro Miyagawa (2002) graduated from Waseda University and is now working hard in business. Yoichi Naito (1981) after studying at Keio University joined NEC where he is still employed. Yoichi is married and is the proud father of a daughter. Iwakazu Nishikawa (2003) after graduating from university is aiming to join the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transportation and Tourism next year. Yuhei (2018) and Yuma Obara (2020) are both enjoying primary school and look back at their days at BGS with very happy memories.

Takahiro Oda is presently studying at High School whilst Masaki has recently graduated from university

A two week kaleidoscope of images.

Yuki Oda (Year 9 2010) thoroughly enjoyed his Year 9 King Island Camp and has now taken up American football as his major High School sport. Sosuke Saito (2021) is now in Year 1 and has just received his orange belt in karate. Wataru Shintani (2008) is studying Bioinformatics at Keio University and is a violinist with the university orchestra. Ryuga Shinozaki (2014) is at High School and has recently been awarded a special prize for piano whilst Keigo was placed third in a tennis tournament in Fukushima in September. Kenta (2012) and Shota Tsuda (2016) attend the ACS Cobham International School in London. Kenta excels with his swimming and has represented his school in international competitions. Shota enjoys competing in baseball and tennis. Both are doing well with their studies.

The bullet train trips caused raised eyebrows. Search as you would there were no chips. You just have to make do with something from the refreshment trolleys laden with dried squid and tiny little fish with the staring black eyes and boxes of eel.

Akihiro Suzuki (2007) is in second year university studying Information Technology and Atsuyuki (2010) is in his final year of High School and planning to study engineering at university. Akira Uno (2000) after completing his Masters degree at Sydney University was employed at a Hawthorn accounting firm. Takumi Yamada (2005) is studying agriculture at Tamagawa University whilst Akio (2002) has recently graduated from Clark University in Boston. Yosuke Yasuda (2007) is studying Economics at university and is Vice Captain of the university American Football Team. He hopes to join an airline company in the near future.

Sixteen boys who study Japanese from Years 10 and 11 joined three staff on an amazing language immersion cultural tour to Japan in the mid year holidays. One of the travelling staff shared her impressions…..

Yasumasa Yonei (2010) attends Doshisha International High School and is thoroughly enjoying his studies and American Football. Kanji (2014) is completing primary school, is very keen on his sport, and will join Yasumasa at Doshisha next year.

The view over the city lights of Tokyo might be nice but it doesn’t detract from the raw liver of the Angler fish dished up in front of you. The extreme aesthetics of Japan cannot always eliminate flavour.

Five steps up from Starbucks in Kyoto and you find yourself looking up at an 8th Century temple guarded by water dragons slinked along the ridge of the roof to protect it from fires. Not quite the smoke detectors we are used to. And if you run out of clothing while travelling you can always buy a shirt from a vending machine. You name it, it’s in a vending machine. Buddhist monks in medieval garb stand motionless, deep in meditation, bowl in their hand begging for alms, right next to a Harujuku girl dressed as Alice in Wonderland meets Gwen Stefani. 9

around the school Peter Marshall

Farewell to long serving staff

(BGS 1981 – 2010)

These words are extracts from the commemorative scrolls presented to long-serving retiring staff.

Gail M. Briginshaw

Mary L. De Salis

(BGS 1986 – 2010)

(BGS 1970 – 2010)

Gail joined the School to undertake a temporary role counting the money collected from a walkathon and then became the Accounts Payable Clerk – a position she held for 25 years. Gail worked with three different Business Managers and three Assistant Business Managers – accommodating with grace their different personalities and working styles. Gail has seen a lot of change in working methods having worked on manual typewriters, electric typewriters, basic computers and the sophisticated software of today.

Around mid year after 41 years service to Brighton Grammar School, Mary decided it was time to retire. Mary is best known for her gentle kindness and warm smile and sense of fun. Over the years Mary held many varied roles including a Remedial Teacher, teacher responsible for the setting and correction of innumerable I.Q. Tests and Scholarship examinations, a classroom teacher of English, English as a Second Language, History, Geography, General Studies and a Sports Coach for Swimming, Tennis, Volleyball, Soccer and Athletics teams.

Gail, we wish you and John a long, happy and healthy retirement as you enter this new phase of your life together, supported by your loving family, interrupted by regular trips overseas.

She has also been a Form Teacher and Teacher in Charge of Debating, Public Speaking and Chess in Rosstrevor; and a regular staff member at the annual Frankston Camp. Mary, we wish you good health, great contentment and thousands more Frequent Flyer points!


Left: (L-R) Deputy Headmaster and Head of Senior School, Peter Skelton, Gail Briginshaw, Peter Marshall, Mary De Salis and Headmaster Michael Urwin at the retirement celebrations. Below: Carmina Curtain and Hugh Latimer.

Peter joined the School as a student in 1959 finishing in 1965 as a Prefect, ViceCaptain of the School, Cadet CUO, Captain of Athletics, Captain of the Second XI and Champion Footballer. In 1981 he rejoined the school as the Senior Latin Teacher. Over the years he taught Latin and French and gave leadership as Head of LOTE. Peter coached, with passion and enjoyment, many football and cricket teams along with tennis, cross country running and soccer. He was also Commanding Officer of the Cadet Unit, a position held for many years during which the Unit flourished. In 1988 Peter became Master in Charge of Form V, serving as Head in each of the Senior School Year levels and the inaugural VCE Coordinator. Peter always maintained a strong interest in the Old Brighton Grammarians Society and served on the committee for many years. As President he also served as a member of the School Council - the first member of staff to be so appointed.

Peter’s two sons, Andrew and Tim came to BGS. Both involved themselves totally in the life of the School and Tim continues to be involved as a member of staff at Rosstrevor. Peter, by you the School has been greatly enriched, the boys have been well served, and the staff has been well-friended. Your commitment passion and love of teaching and of the school has enriched many and made the school a better place. We wish you well.

Carmina Curtain (BGS 1989 – 2010) For 21 years Carmina has been a specialist teacher of English as a Second Language for our overseas boys, beginning in a small way with mostly Japanese boys, ultimately caring for many more boys mostly from China and Korea. Carmina will always be remembered as a most caring, loving and gentle teacher, guardian, mentor, friend - and even ‘surrogate mother’ to a considerable number of anxious, lonely and insecure boys, separated by distance, language and culture from everything they knew. She instigated the Homework Club, dinners at restaurants, even dinners at her own home. Despite her part-time status, Carmina took a full part in the co-curricular life of the school, taking many sports teams, particularly Badminton and supervising training sessions and Saturday matches, organised camps, excursions and outdoor activities for ‘her’ boys. Carmina leaves BGS with our warmest affection and deep gratitude for her professionalism, her warm and loving friendship. We wish you, Ron and your family enjoyable travels, long life and the good health that should accompany it.


Hugh Latimer

Chess champs again

(BGS 1989 – 2010) Hugh has been a passionate teacher of Science, in particular Biology, for 22 years at BGS, and Head of the Panel of Examiners for the past 3 years. Hugh was also Deputy Head of Science for 10 years, Head of Biology for four years. A caring Form Teacher of a variety of classes, initially for boys in Year 10, and senior boys in Years 11 and 12 for much of the past 15 years, and almost always in Crowther House. He was also Teacherin-Charge of our Overseas boys for four years, with the added and complex legal and pastoral responsibilities that this job entails. Hugh was Teacher-in-Charge and Coach of a wide variety of teams and sports, beginning with his long and dedicated service as Teacher-in-Charge of Year 9 Rowing for 14 years; nine years as Coach of the 10A Hockey Team, as well as Teacher-in-Charge of Swimming, Water Polo, Lawn Bowls and Soccer at various times. Hugh, as you leave us to pursue some of your many wide interests, we hope that you will look back on your time at BGS with fondness; there are many boys and staff who hold you in high regard for your professionalism, your friendship and your generosity. We wish you well in your new endeavours, good health and excellent travelling.

Sue Thorp (BGS 1985 – 2010) Sue joined the School in 1985 in a twelvemonth relieving position. In those early days our Kindergarten consisted of one four-year old room, but as the importance of Kindergarten programs became more recognised and celebrated, a Three-Year

Old room was introduced. Sue’s expertise and knowledge of boys’ education in the early years supported the design and implementation of what is now known as ELC-3. Sue’s caring and motherly nature has been greatly appreciated by our youngest boys, parents and colleagues. As a mother of two boys Sue brought a wealth of experience and great understanding of the needs of boys in these vital years. Sue’s enthusiasm and humour was always evident on Special Days such as Pyjama Day, Super Hero Day, Footy Day, Olympics Day, Sport events, Grandparents’ and Special Friends’ Concert, Mothers’ and Fathers’ Mornings, and our Christmas Pageant. Sue’s devotion to inspire, challenge and support boys whilst providing a caring and nurturing environment has been exceptional. She has seen boys become young men and has had a positive impact on their lives. Sue, we wish you and Laurie a long, happy and healthy retirement as you enter this new phase of your life together.

Left: (L-R) Sue Thorp and Sue Enion with some of the ELC boys.

There was great excitement in late November when our Open Secondary Chess team won the Chess Kids National Championships at Monash University beating Melbourne High School who achieved second and Ivanhoe Grammar school who came in third.

Below: One of the Champion Chess players Joshua Ng (Year 8).

Three of our players were listed in the top six individual performers out of 76 players - Jason Tang, Isaac Ng and Joshua Ng.

Past Mothers The 68th Luncheon was once again a huge success with over 90 Past Mothers and guests in attendance. It was great to especially welcome a group of our ‘more senior’ past mothers who have now been attending the Luncheon for over 40 years. We also received an apology from a mother who now resides in China so our invitations go far and wide. This year we were entertained by the Borwick House Choir and their repertoire of four songs was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone and certainly a wonderful highlight. As always the three course lunch prepared by current mothers was delicious and the variety and number of prizes donated for the raffle was amazing. Thank you to all mothers of boys in Rosstrevor and Senior School for their contribution to the day by preparing food, donating raffle prizes, helping to set up, serving the luncheon or clearing up afterwards. We hope to see many more past Mothers next year so spread the word! Judy Gibson and Karen Cotter, Past Mothers Representatives 11

around the school

Clockwise from above: Kyle Parsons and Zac Donald (Year 7). Lachlan Watson (Year 7) competes. Teachers Brendan Savage and Matt McLelland at Rosstrevor house athletics. Rosstrevor cross country. ELC boys learn stretching from a XVIII Footy player. APS aths finals.



Clockwise from above: Dermott Brereton with the Headmaster at the Dalziel Club lunch. JS Choir boys sang carols for customers at the Brighton Toyota showroom. Year 3 friends Jerry Xu, Kentaro Fujii and Julian Roberts at the lower primary bush dance. Even Year 3 boys have goals. Boys will be boys. Rosstrevor Medieval Day. Generous sponsor and parent Randal Shreeve from Aussie Signs. Headmaster Michael Urwin addresses Chapel.


around the school

Music and performing arts are an important part of the BGS experience.



‘Music is the greatest joy there is!’ When I met with Andrew Alesi (Year 9) because I had been told he had recently performed in the Victorian Opera Production of a newly commissioned opera The Parrot Factory, I assumed he would have been singing all his life. But how wrong you can be! Andrew only began singing in Year 7 at School, enjoyed it, and so began lessons under Antonio Lancuba. He is now singing in • The Voci D’oro Choir • The BGS Year 7-12 Choir and • St. Andrews Choir with his two younger brothers He has such a natural talent that The Parrot Factory was his second professional production having performed in the 2009 Victorian Opera production

Design and Technology

of The Little Sweep. At this stage Andrew performs in the chorus because opera is very demanding on the voice and you need to be about 25 years old before your voice is strong enough to cope with a leading role. Andrew loves operatic music and listens to it nearly every day; when I raised my eyebrows at this revelation he exclaimed “it’s natural! I have Italian in my blood!” Unlike most adolescent boys Andrew’s music favourites include Pavarotti, Corelli and Caruso. When finishing school Andrew is weighing up whether to study at the VCA and become a professional opera singer or study engineering like his dad.

Hole in one – and he’s only 10! Ben Lawlor (Year 5) achieved the ultimate when competing in the Victorian Junior Golf Classic winning the U12 division and the U16 Boys competition, hitting his first hole in one!

David Walker David Walker (Year 12) has never played an instrument other than the flute in Year 8 Music. So why did David choose to design and build an amazing electric guitar as his major piece for Design and Technology (Woodwork) this year?

Next year, David is hoping to study Civil Engineering at Monash or maybe Software Engineering. We hope he will also make some time to learn how to play that magnificent guitar (once he can afford the final little part that will finish off the wiring and allow it to play!)

“I thought it looked cool – though to buy something similar is expensive - about $8,900. So I decided to build my own.”

Marcus Cook The fluid lines and detailed slat work of the bench and table designed and built by Prefect Marcus Cook would look ideal in the modern ‘outdoor room’ that has become so popular in Australian homes in recent years. Design and Technology is the favourite subject of Marcus who is also studying Art, Physics, Maths and English.

But how did you know where to start?

Below: David’s electric guitar caught the imagination of Year 3 boys James Konstas and Matthew Cook when the Junior School boys visited the Art and Design Exhibition.

“The internet became my best friend for the entire project which took about six months. I also rang guitar stores to get advice.” David paid for all the components one by one from money earned at his part time job at McDonalds; components were sourced through ebay from places such as China, Hong Kong and the USA.

“I love hands on learning. Mr Green is my favourite teacher; he is fair, he is not at all lazy and goes out of his way for us. The boys work really hard for him” explained Marcus. Marcus is hoping to become a commercial pilot and has applied to study Aviation at the University of NSW or RMIT. He has already flown solo at Moorabbin as well as being an enthusiastic and talented kite surfer.

Ben and his twin brother David, also an accomplished golfer, started playing golf when they were just four years old. The boys attended a birthday party where another little boy had been given a plastic golf set. The birthday boy’s father lined up all the boys to have a hit and, to everyone’s amazement, Ben hit all three of the balls from the golf set over the fence. He just had a natural swing. The boys started lessons at a local driving range where the golf pro agreed to teach them despite being so young after seeing them swing. And as they say, the rest is history! 15

bgs outdoor education Getting down and dirty The BGS Outdoor education program continues to grow from strength to strength with the core program now stretching across from Year 2 to Year 10. At each stage of the program boys are building on skills learnt in previous experiences and pushing themselves to levels they didn’t ever expect to reach. The staff report that it seems for most boys the sense of satisfaction and achievement is a great motivator for facing further challenges and pushing themselves even further. The program progressively develops personal skills in leadership, collaboration, organisation and independence as well as outdoor skills like canoeing, kayaking, trekking, camping, sailing and abseiling. One of the biggest challenges at some times during the year is the weather. The Year 9 boys at King Island and the Year 8 boys in Gembrook certainly endured their fair share of rain and cold.


Right: Some boys from Years 10, 11 and 12 explored the Larapinta trail. Below left: Tom Buffin, James Reed and Adam Levenda (Year 4) at Angelsea. Below centre: Teacher, Ben White on Year 8 camp at Gembrook with (L-R) Alex Douglas, Tom Larkworthy, George Walch and Jack Moncries. Below right: Jack Moncries runs the gauntlet.


Reflections of Year 8 Camp by Charlie Edgecombe As soon as we got to camp it was straight down the hill to be assigned to our groups and collect our gear for our two day hike. We started to walk with our heavy hiking packs to our first destination. It seemed a little longer than it was but we made it. We set up our tents and cooked our dinner. On the second day we went out for a full day of hiking and orienteering which required us to navigate our way through the bush. There was one marker that took another group two hours to find. It was well off the tracks, but we found it in 15 minutes. Day three, we headed back to base camp. We organised our stuff and passed on the hiking packs and other things to the other group for their hike. I loved the challenge course called ‘The Gauntlet’, a series of physical challenges. (The course contains much of what our boys enjoy the most – that being challenging, at times tactical and probably most importantly to the boys, lots of mud

and water. The main objective of the course though is to provide a range of activities where the boys need to work together to assist each other through the demanding obstacles). It was most challenging especially when we had to pull our way up a cement cylinder using only our arms and legs. There was a part of the gauntlet where there was a patch of deep muddy water covered by a cage. We had to crawl through the mud, under the cage as fast as we could. Rob won and I came third.

Far left: Scott Brown, Head of Outdoor Education. Right: Joshua Ng. Below: Year 8 Form teachers (L-R) Torie Olds and Eva John.

The next activity was abseiling which was a great experience. After we gained some confidence going down we were able to do some tricks including: running across the wall, spinning around and doing back flips. I had about 6 turns everyone had a great time. Later we had a soccer match which turned out to be an epic one. It lasted for almost two hours with Mr McCarthy scoring the goal of the match. When he got the ball he slipped over whilst being tackled, but got back up and kicked a goal! 17

thinking of others Green Up Clean up

Amazing Achievements Two BGS mums run the NYC marathon

Below: Du-Ho (David) Chung (Year 10)

Lucas Williamson (Year 1) has battled Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia since the age of four. Lucas has been blessed with modern medicine, amazing doctors and nurses, and loving family and friends. He has been the recipient of research which has seen remarkable changes in treatment, prognosis and outcome over the past five years. Thankfully, he has now completed his treatment and in November his mother, Milly, and fellow BGS mum Katy Bartlett, ran the New York Marathon to raise funds for the Royal Children’s Hospital. Japanese Language Speech Contest Korean student Du-Ho (David) Chung (Year 10) won Third Prize in the Japanese Language Speech Contest. It’s a great achievement as there were 24 contests who were all excellent speakers of Japanese. David only began studying Japanese last year and this was a competition for Year 11 and 12 students. David is taking Year 11 Japanese this year even though he is only in Year 10.

Literally hundreds of plants, shrubs and trees were planted across the School campus at the end of July during the ‘Green Up Clean Up’ Day, an initiative organised by Chairman of Student Council 2010, Dhanushke Fernando. Boys of all ages were assigned with tasks including planting, spreading mulch, picking up rubbish and establishing a vegetable garden in the Junior School. As well as the gardening work each boy was asked to make a gold coin donation. The funds raised were halved between supporting the people of Haiti and the 18

balance allocated to assist with the purchase of another recycle bin similar to those throughout the Senior School. The enormous success of the day was due to the fantastic guidance and support of the grounds staff Rob Bufton, Paul Graham and Adam Thorn.

Above: Enthusiastic Junior School boys enjoyed the planting under the watchful eye and careful guidance of groundsman Rob Bufton. Right: James Dickson.

Final gift of support from Arthur Backholer Arthur Backholer passed away in April at 90 years of age. Arthur entered BGS in 1932 and left after completing Year 12 in 1936. During the war years, Arthur served in the Armed Forces and was an OBGS Life Member. The School much appreciates Arthur’s bequest to BGS and his regular donations to our Annual Giving Programs over the years.


Left: The new Sequamur Society Honour Boards. Right: Some of the Sequamur Society Committee (L-R) Peter Toms, Bequest Officer, Andrew Biggin, Alumni Relations Manager, John Thorne, Don Cameron, Monty Stephens, Prof. Bill Hare AO and Max Yann.

News from the Sequamur Society Peter Toms, Bequest Officer How delightful it has been over recent months to welcome several new members to the Sequamur Society bringing our membership to over sixty. The Sequamur Society is our way of recognizing and thanking those people who have made a commitment to leave a gift in their will to Brighton Grammar School. In the past, bequests have varied from $5000 to well in excess of $500,000; from 1% to 50% of an estate. However, what is most appreciated is that members of our school community are realizing the importance of the Bequest Program in ensuring the long-term future of the School. Naturally when drawing up a will, provision for family is paramount; however, no matter the amount or form, please consider including BGS in your will. If you feel ready to learn more about leaving a gift in your will either take a look on the BGS website or contact me, Peter Toms directly on 8591 2274. The arrival of the Sequamur Society Honour Boards acknowledging the generosity and affection that our Members have for our School, was another exciting milestone for the Society. At present the Honour Boards are located in the Meeting Room in the Development Office.

Former Dux, Richard Parsons leaves bequest Our Sequamur Society Committee has had two luncheon meetings this year. The Committee discusses ways of strengthening our membership and enhancing camaraderie amongst members. The Sequamur Society cocktail function will take place at Rylands on Wednesday, 9 March 2011 5.30pm to 7.30pm.

Above: Richard Parsons demonstrates love for BGS with a bequest.

On Monday 30 August Old Boy and Sequamur Society Member, Richard Parsons, was farewelled at a Requiem Mass at Ballarat’s Anglican Cathedral. The Service was attended by OBGS Executive Officer, Andrew Biggin, and Peter Toms. To commence the Service, Andrew addressed the congregation recalling Richard’s great interest in and love for his ‘old school’. Richard was Dux in 1954 and a regular at our OBGS 50 Year Reunions. On leaving school, Richard studied science and became a pharmacist. In 1992 Richard retired to move to Haddon, near Ballarat, where he pursued his love of the land. For most of his adult life, Richard was an active member of the Army Reserve and a distinguished yachtsman being awarded Life Membership of the Victorian Yachting Council. As a much loved parishioner at the Ballarat Cathedral, Richard fulfilled many roles including Editor of Via Media, the

Cathedral Newsletter, membership of the Cathedral Council, Church Usher and, at Christmas, Richard traditionally purchased and decorated the Cathedral Christmas Tree. Each year Richard donated the produce of his numerous fruit trees to the Cathedral Shop which also benefited from Richard’s renowned chutneys, relishes, sauces and cordials. Richard will be very much missed by all at the Cathedral. In his latter years, Richard was very involved with the Haddon district community assisting with the Community House as Treasurer, the Community Market, and as Editor of the Woady Yaloak Herald. Brighton Grammar School is proud of Richard’s commitment to his Church, to his Community and to his School. We are most grateful for Richard’s bequest which will benefit boys of BGS for many years to come. 19 for life Old Boy in charge of Sydney to Hobart yacht race He resumed sailing “Laser” class dinghies competing in Germany in the World Championships in Kiel, West Germany in 1976. This led to one of those periods in his life that everybody dreams about. He was picked up as a crew member of the ocean racing yacht “Bumble Bee” and sailed in the Northern Hemisphere ocean races from Scandinavia to the Bahamas – tough life! He returned to Australia where he sailed in his first Sydney to Hobart Yacht race in 1977 on “Superstar”.

Garry Linacre (1970) attended BGS from 1958 to 1970, and was always destined to be involved in sailing from a very early age. Both his grandparents were founding members of the Royal Brighton Yacht Club (RBYC), his late father Jack and late uncle David were both Commodores of RBYC and his uncle Bryan is still actively involved to this day. Garry began sailing in 12’ Cadet Dinghies off the beach at RBYC as did BGS Hall of Famer and yachting legend Jock Sturrock. After leaving school, Garry worked in a variety of jobs including a stint in his father’s car sales business, Linacre Motors. Following the closure of the family business, Garry had his first foray into the marine industry with Epicraft selling fibreglass systems.


Garry joined the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia in 1983 and was soon invited onto the Board. His association with CYCA was remote during the seven years when he lived in Hobart, Tasmania working for Incat Pty Ltd, the high speed catamaran builders. In 1995, he moved back to Sydney and in 1999, he rejoined the Board of the CYCA. Garry spent 2 years as Vice Commodore then 2 more years as Rear Commodore and in 2010, became Commodore of, arguably, Australia’s most prestigious Yacht Club with over 2800 members and 210 marina berths located at Rushcutters Bay, Sydney.

Thanks to our OBGS sponsor Michael’s Appliance Centre Take a closer look at Michael’s Specialist suppliers of kitchen and laundry appliances. Ask for Old Boys Simon Williams or Michael Wood. Phone 9592 6400 or visit our showroom 24 hours a day on

As Commodore, Garry effectively heads the organisation that owns and runs the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race, one of the world’s largest and most successful blue water classic ocean races.

Prof Ian Meredith PhD presented with Award

Since 1998, when 12 yachtsmen lost their lives at sea during the race, there has been a significant lift in governance and risk management of the event. When asked if the same weather conditions were predicted for the race today, as occurred in ’98, Garry said the race would be postponed. With between 90 and 100 entrants, Garry chairs the planning committee. He was onboard the starting vessel on Boxing Day and then flew to Hobart for the finish, returning to Sydney aboard “Vamp”, a 49’ Corby ocean racer. Garry has competed in 15 Sydney to Hobarts and in 1985 was aboard “Apollo” when she took out line honours. Garry was the main media spokesman for the race and doubtless, you saw his smiling face on TV between Christmas and New Year. Congratulations Garry on your great achievements.

Above: Ian Meredith hold his Hall of Fame award with Headmaster Michael Urwin.

Eminent cardiac specialist, Ian Meredith (1974) could not attend the inaugural Hall of Fame Dinner to receive his award but was presented with it at Senior School Assembly on 10 August, 2010. After receiving his award from the Headmaster, Ian gave the boys a 15 minute talk on interventional cardiology which the boys found fascinating. Ian is one of Victoria’s top heart physicians and today Professor and Director of Cardiology at Southern Health and Head of Cardio-vascular Research at Monash Medical Centre. The author of 150 papers in his field, Professor Meredith is renowned worldwide for his studies on interventional cardiology and has treated more than 15,000 patients. In 1997 he was the co-founder of Brighton Heart Care.


His Heart beats true to the Red & the Blue John Trotter (1970) was recently appointed to the board of the Melbourne Football Club, the Club he has fanatically supported all his life. John is the Club’s first new appointment since the Stynes-led Board came into office mid-2008. The Managing Partner of Deloitte Victoria, John was invited onto the Board by President Jim Stynes. John has had a stellar career as a chartered accountant rising to the highest levels within Deloitte Australia, Asia Pacific and globally. He is currently a member of Deloitte’s national management executive, which sets the strategic direction and manages the operations of its 4,500-plus Australian personnel (170,000 globally).

BGS connections create a leading architecture firm

John consults for some of Australia’s leading organisations, focussing on corporate governance, risk management, strategic growth and structures for driving growth.

Ross Perrett (father of Jon 2001), Toby Ewert (1996) and Will Leaf (2000), all architects, came to know each other through the Old Brighton Grammarians Football Club.

His football background post Brighton Grammar extends more than 40 years. He played football at School, won a premiership in interfaculty football at Melbourne University, and has been involved with the Old Brighton Grammarians Amateur Football Club since 1971 in every key role at OBGFC from President to player, through to recruiting and player mentoring, and is still involved today in sponsorship and recruiting. He has had a direct association with the MFC as a member of the Melbourne Coterie, Mates of Melbourne, and more recently was a member of the touring group to China. He is also a Foundation Hero having been heavily involved in

the “Debt Demolition” program at Melbourne FC. John also played a key role in bringing the ‘Peace Team’ from the Middle East made up of Palestinians and Israelis, which participated in the AFL International Cup in 2009 and is returning in 2011. The Demon followers in the BGS Community will be eagerly watching his progress along with our own Jack Watts and Matthew Warnock. Above: John Trotter in 1964 as an 11 year old, supporting his beloved Demons.

Ross, an Old Scotch Collegian, had the good sense to send his son Jon to BGS and Jon went on to play with the OBGFC as did both Toby and Will. Ross Perrett is well known the world over for his phenomenal skill in designing golf courses and some of his projects include Sandhurst at Carrum, the Dunes at Rye and he has even done design work for the home of golf, St Andrews in Scotland. Will Leaf has spent 15 months working in Shanghai and 18 months in New Delhi, in charge of 35 local architects, designing and building terminal 3 at the Delhi Airport.

Toby worked with a firm which concentrated mostly on the hospitality segment, in particular, pubs and gaming venues. The three from very different backgrounds came together to establish Perrett . Ewert . Leaf. They can design almost anything from a golf course to a multi-storey office block but the majority of their work is residential buildings and renovations. As well, they have undertaken significant projects overseas in Vietnam and China. When asked what is the worst part of architecture, they answered in unison “Town Planning”! And the best? Seeing people’s joy as they take possession of their new home or completed renovation. Above: L-R Toby Ewert, Ross Perrett and Will Leaf.

Left: John Trotter today.

21 for life Near & Far Adam Smith (1999) A car designer, who studied at Monash University gaining Bachelor of Industrial Design. After graduating he worked at Ford Australia as an exterior designer, then moved to HSV (Holden Special Vehicles) where he worked for a bit over 3 years. Earlier this year he was in talks with several different car companies and manufacturers in China. He left HSV in mid-July all set to move to China to begin working on exteriors for a Chinese company when, at the 11th hour, he was offered a once in a lifetime opportunity to join the design team at GM design in North America (Warren, Michigan). Without hesitation he decided to make the big move to Detroit and is now working on exterior designs for GM products.

Tom Davidson (2005) Majored in Behavioural Studies after graduating from BGS; now working in Real Estate in Brighton with R. T. Edgar Real Estate.

Above: Tom Davidson Below: Adam when he was at HSV (working on the tape drawing for the E2 Senator).

Scott Duxbury (1990) Now lives in the US having worked in Sydney, London, and back to Sydney and now in New York for the last 9 years. Married in Jamaica in March 2006 and recently bought a house in Old Greenwich Connecticut. Scott has worked at Merrill Lynch for nearly 17 years, currently working in emerging European and South African trading. Simon Cherny (1972) Continues to help people implement the SAP software package. Skiing when he can – cross country, telemark and some alpine. Jason Rajakulendran (1999) Completed medical degree at Monash 1995, now working as a GP at Bluff Road Medical Centre, Sandringham. Rik Arendsen (1985) Gained an Economics degree at Monash post BGS and has had a variety of jobs including pharmaceuticals salesman, call centre operations manager then worked in financial markets. Currently Rik is a financial adviser living in Sydney (Penshurst) with his wife of 13 years Arhontoula and daughters Rikki, 9 and Paris, 7. Mark Schwarz (1982) After 8 years in the law, completed an MBA, worked for Virgin for 2 Years and started his own business (TRIMEX/EUROWATCH) which he sold in 2008 to Trafficmaster Plc. Now Group Commercial Director of Trafficmaster Plc (UK and USA). Mark and his wife Emma live in Sussex with three daughters. Emma runs her own events business. Mordy Bromberg (1976) Now the Honourable Justice Mordecai Bromberg, Mordy was welcomed to the Federal Court of Australia in July 2010 following a distinguished career as a barrister from 1988 and became a Queens Counsel in 2003. Mordy was a footballer of note plating 34 games for St Kilda from 1978 to 1981. His legal colleagues state that he is the only Federal Court judge with his own footy card.


Above: Andrew & Georgie Walsh

Andrew Walsh (1997) Graduated as a Civil Engineer from Melbourne University in 2002 and since 2007 has been working in London CBD on various large commercial/office constructions, such as the development of the new Eurostar terminal and offices at St Pancras Station. Earlier this year he returned to Melbourne for three weeks to marry Georgina Selth (Firbank, 2000). The wedding took place at Stones of the Yarra Valley, Coldstream on 20 March 2010. He was assisted by four past students of BGS: Chris Barrow, Ben Williams, Anthony McLaughlin and Ashley Robertson. The couple has returned to London. Ashley Robertson (1997) Earlier this year, Ashley started as Operations & Business Development Manager with MMR Studio specialising in web, design, online, print, branding and e-brochures. Brett Millar (1992) Currently managing safety and security for ITAC Services who move land and offshore drilling rigs around the world. Spending plenty of time in the desert and overseas. Kevin O’Reilly (2000) Is flying with Emirates Airlines as a First Officer on the Boeing 777.

Top: Greg Clinnick (left) receives his “Yachtsman of the Year” award at Royal Brighton Yacht Club. Above: “Audacious” with Greg at the helm.

Greg Clinnick (1979) A serious yachtie, Greg Clinnick won “Yachtsman of the Year” at Royal Brighton Yacht Club in July. Greg sails a ‘Sydney 38’ named “Audacious” a 38 foot keel boat. Greg sailed “Audacious” in the 2008 Sydney to Hobart and the 2010 Melbourne to Hobart. There is a website that tells the story of their adventures:


Blazer from 1934 Old Boys join forces Shingo Date (1987) Received a Doctorate of English at the University of Tokyo in 1998 then joined National Defence Academy, Japan as a Research Associate. Promoted to Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in 2006 and appointed Associate Professor October 2010. Shingo married Yuka four years ago. Shingo wrote “It was great to meet Mr Toms, Mrs Lynch, the old boys and families during the OBGS reunion in Tokyo”.

Below: Jesse White’s second book ‘Silly Sam’s Smile’.

Alan Whitelaw (1934) most generously donated his blazer with his 1st XVIII, Athletics and Dixon House colours pocket. He is pictured below with his daughter Gillian (left) (ex Firbank) and Lara McLarenO’Brien and Oscar O’Brien in front. The blazer now takes pride of place among the many treasures of the past in the Development Office.

Three years after his untimely death in 2007, the family of Jesse White (OB 1997) has begun to publish some of the children’s stories he wrote before his passing. Jesse graduated from Monash University with a Degree in Marketing; his deep interest in Japan led him to live there initially as a teacher and then writing fulltime. He wrote like there was no tomorrow having many poems and educational articles published. Jesse left a large legacy of children’s stories. His first book Mal the Lion was published in 2009 and his second, Silly Sam’s Smile was released in November. All proceeds from the sale of his books is being directed to Beyond Blue.

When Rob (1990) and Mike Sinclair (1991) made the decision to open the biggest ever E&S Trading store in Moorabbin last year, they approached fellow Old Boy Donald Blanksby (1990) to help out. The Sinclair brothers asked Donald to project manage the design and fit-out of this exciting new showroom, and the outcome was so successful they continued their collaboration on this year’s next project – moving E&S Trading’s 48 year old store from Ashburton to Chadstone. Moving the Ashburton store to Chadstone was a very emotional decision for the Sinclair brothers and their mother Kaye. “Dad started the business 48 years ago in Ashburton and Mike and I grew up in the building”, added Rob. In 2009, the timing of the Moorabbin showroom was perfect. Donald had just recently finished his Diploma of Building at RMIT, having made the transition from accounting to construction, and

Ant White (OB 2002) works in advertising as a copy writer. He was recently headhunted to DDB New York. Former classmate Russell Fox (OB 2002) has joined Ant in the same firm, as an Art Director. Father, Tony White, is amazed that two guys who rowed together in the same winning crew in the Head of the River (B Team) have ended up working together in NYC.

was available to get started on the development of the site. “Having known the Sinclair family for over 20 years I knew the quality they required for their flagship store” said Don. “It’s important for us to work with people we can trust. With Don protecting our interests with both his financial and building background, Rob and I can focus on the business side of things. We know that we can rely on Don to bring the store together while we focus on the customers and negotiating the best deals with suppliers,” Mike explained. Rob spoke at our “Brothers in Arms” Corporate connections breakfast in August 2010 along with the Ong Brothers who own and run the Two Brothers Brewery. Rob is married to Samantha and has two children. Mike is married to Ylla and has two children. Donald is married to Mayumi and has a baby daughter.

Jack White (OB 2005) followed family tradition and worked in advertising but has recently changed direction undertaking studies in acting.

Did you know? It is the 50 year anniversary of BGS boating a crew in 1st crews division in the Head of the River.

Left: L to R Don Blanksby, Rob Sinclair and Mike Sinclair in front of their brand new Moorabbin store.

23 for life Chris Dawes (2006) – AFL Premier Marathon Swimmer In 2006, Chris Dawes captained the 1st XVIII and many recognised his talent and potential to be drafted to an AFL club. He went on to play for Sandringham U18’s but in the last game of the 2006 season, Chris suffered a knee injury which required a full knee reconstruction meaning he went into the AFL draft with his leg in a brace and facing almost 12 months rehab’ before he could play a game. He thought his chances were at worst gone and at best, severely hampered. While on Schoolies at Byron Bay, he nervously watched on-line to see what would eventuate. He had mixed feelings – on one hand hoping to be drafted and on the other, hoping that it wouldn’t be to a Western Australian club. He was drafted to Collingwood and despite being a Geelong follower, he was most relieved. Then started the constant flow of telephone calls of congratulations. The following morning, the mobile rang again and the voice on the other end said “Chris, Eddie McGuire here, welcome to Collingwood”. Naturally Chris thought one of his mates was playing a practical joke but not so, it was the real Eddie. He returned to Melbourne and pre-season training started at the Lexus Centre. Meeting the players he had only seen on TV was a surreal experience, Chris said. Chris played his first senior game in round 19, 2008 against St Kilda and he said he was so nervous, he could hardly function. He lined up a centre half forward and in less than one minute, the ball came straight to him from the centre bounce, he got his first kick in AFL football and his first goal. What a start! 24


2009 saw Chris in and out of the senior side as his form lacked consistency but by the start of the 2010 season Chris was a permanent fixture in the side.

It is with sadness that we advise the names of Old Brighton Grammarians and their year of leaving who have passed away. Our condolences to their families.

On September 25, 2010, Chris ran onto the hallowed turf of the MCG to play in the AFL Grand Final. He was not the first Old Brighton Grammarian to do so, Hall of Fame inductees William “Doc” McClelland and Albert “The Great” Thurgood played in Grand Finals in 1900, 1901 and 1902. McClelland played for Melbourne in their first premiership win and Thurgood for Essendon in their win in 1902.

Tom Ridgeway (1927) Harold Whitby (1928) Arthur Schwieger (1932) Frank Callaghan (1933) Jack Eggleton (1936) John Cooper (1937) Raymond Neville (1939) David Davis (1940) Grant Johnston (1941) John Coon (1946) Geoffrey Gale (1946) Bernard Bocking (1948) Graeme Evans (1948) Peter Mytton (1949) Garry Broome (1951) Tony Hewison AM (1952) Past Staff 1960-1967 Richard Parsons (1954) Tim Rechner (1957) Peter Walmsley (1967) Mikael (Micky) Rohan (Year 8, 2010)

History now records that the Grand Final for 2010 was a draw and the replay was won by Collingwood in convincing style with Chris kicking 2 goals. This makes Chris the only Old Brighton Grammarian to play in a drawn grand final and the first to play in an AFL Grand Final. Many AFL footballers go through their whole career never playing in or winning a grand final. Chris Dawes, in his three year career, has played in two and won one. Congratulations Chris!

Andrew Page (1989) first completed the Manhattan Island Marathon Swim in 2008 and then more recently in June 2010. The swim consists of a 45.6km full counterclockwise circumnavigation of Manhattan Island. The race starts and finishes at South Cove in Battery Park. It is a great way to see New York with sights including the Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge, United Nations Building, Empire State and the Chrysler Building. At BGS, Andrew changed from swimming to rowing in his final years and rowed in the bow seat of the division winning 2nd VIII in 1989. Swimming, however, was always something he always did in the background. He credits BGS for setting him up with some good habits in continuing to participate in sport after school which enabled him to train effectively for such an event. Despite a bout of gastro picked up the day before, Andrew finished 21st in a time of 8 hours 55 minutes. Above: The Harlem River leg. In the background, High Bridge (now closed pedestrian bridge) the Alexander Hamilton Bridge, and Washington Bridge.

Did you know? You can view videos about BGS on You Tube. Simply search for Brighton Grammar.

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Reunions Class of 2005, 5 Year Reunion

15 Year reunion, Class of 1995 Below left: L to R Sam Barton, Simon Alderson, Alastair Liptrot, Rohan Barton and Hamish McDougall. Below: L to R Nick Bowring, Chris Kerr, Lachlan Coakes and Brett Parnham

Did you know? There will be an OBGS Reunion in London in June 2011.

Top: L to R Nick Paterson, Andrew McGuinness, Matt Burge, Michael Dewar, Morikot Keo and Ashan Jiffry. Above: L to R back row Bill Jackson, Leigh Chadjilazarou, Robert Rosengarten and Bruce Hardy. Front Brent Purcell and Craig Tubb.

Above: L to R James Everitt, Andrew Chong, Dean Gibson and James Ward.

20 Year Reunion, Class of 1990

Below: The whole group.

Above: The whole group Right above: L to R Steven Reynolds, Steve Kerr, Jonathan Forster and Nick Hill. Right: L to R Standing: Daniel Miller, Jonty Farrer and Don Blanksby Seated: Dean Simpson, John Phillips, Rob Carter, Rob Sinclair, John Beattie and Anthony Kritikides.

25 for life Reunions 25 Year Reunion, Class of 1985

40 Year Reunion, Class of 1970

50 Years On Reunion Luncheon

Top: The whole group. Left: L to R Rik Arendsen, Paul Ewin, Laszlo Puzsar, and Doug Johns. Left below:L to R Paul Matthews, Simon Dawkins and Mark Sinclair.

Below: L to R Andrew Pryor, Rob Peebles, Rohan Talwar, Michael Osborne and Peter Toms.

Top: OBGS President, Geof Hosie (right), presents Past President and Honorary Life Member, Graeme Templeton with his “50 Years On” lapel pin.

Top: The whole group Above: L to R John Smelt, Hugh Williamson, Ian Mullett, Ian Glasson, The Headmaster, Leigh Powell. Right: L to R John Chandler, James Taylor, Ian Giles, Paul Turner, Gary Dellora, Garry Linacre, Peter Kidd and Mike Thornborrow.


Above: L to R Julian Arnold, Brian Comport, John Haslem, Greg Kelly, Don Ashcroft, Peter Bryant, Laurence Bottomley, and Geoff McCalman Below: L to R George Thomson, Lachie Thomson, Bob McLellan, David Singleton, Alan Noble, Robert Bowler, John Grant, Barry Luxton and Charles Wheeler.


Left: The Class of 1960 L to R Graeme Templeton, Leigh Myers, Geof Hosie, Vance Findlay, David Fairweather, Doug Warbrick, Phil Harris, Rick Grant, George Long, Peter McIntyre, Philip Ellis, Brian Scoullar, Rod Kelly, Terry Wall, Roderick Bruce, Geoff Moon, Bob Pearce, Jonathan King, Nobby Forster, Ian Hennig and Warwick Brewster. Left: L to R Doug Warbrick, Rod Bruce, Philip Ellis, David Fairweather, Peter McIntyre and the Headmaster.

Adelaide Reunion Andrew Biggin, Natalie van Wetering, Peter Toms and John Phillips were all in Adelaide for a conference in September and gathered a small but enthusiastic group of Old Boys and some partners at the Naval, Military and Airforce Club in Adelaide for a reunion cocktail party. Right: L to R Natalie van Wetering, Will Zacharin, Peter Toms, Andy Becker, Andrew Biggin, Allan Wilson, Andrew and Janice Jack. Ian and Norma Charlton were in attendance but had left before the photo was taken.

Notice of OBGS Annual General Meeting Notice is hereby given of the Old Brighton Grammarians’ Society Inc. Annual General Meeting to be held at the OBGS Office

278 New Street, Brighton Vic 3186 On Tuesday, 22 March, 2011 at 6.30pm Refreshments will be served.

OBGS Reunion calendar 2011 Please mark these dates in your diary now for your class reunion to be held in 2011. Invitations are mailed approximately 6 weeks prior to the reunion. REUNION





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Cricket Lunch 1st Reunion Dinner Dinner Morning Tea Lunch Cocktail Party Dinner Drinks Cocktail Party Dinner Dinner Lunch Dinner Cocktail Party Lunch Dinner Lunch Lunch Lunch

Long On Marine Hotel RS Centenary Hall RS Centenary Hall GB Roberston Hall Marine Hotel R.S. Centenary Hall River Room, Crown Marine Hotel London, UK R.S. Centenary Hall R.S. Centenary Hall Marine Hotel R.S. Centenary Hall TBA TBA R.S. Centenary Hall Marine Hotel R.S. Centenary Hall Marine Hotel

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For up to the minute information about Reunions, go to the OBGS website and click on the ‘Reunions and Events’ tab. To view photos of recent Reunions, click on the ‘Recent Reunions’ tab. 27

October 2010 – The current Brighton Grammar School campus.

Brighton Grammar School 90 Outer Crescent Brighton Victoria 3186 Telephone 03 8591 2200

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