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Brighton Dome & Festival Corporate Strategy 2009 – 2012

inspiring creativity. enriching lives.

‘A forgotten Orton play brought to exuberant life.’ the guardian

WELCOME From Polly Toynbee, Chair of Brighton Dome & Festival

Brighton Dome & Festival enters a new phase in 2009 and this Corporate Strategy, with renewed vision and purpose, charts a course for the next three years and sets out our ambitions further into the future. The 2009 Brighton Festival was a landmark for an arts Festival which, throughout its 43 year history, has become a major event in the uk arts calendar. Under new Chief Executive Andrew Comben and the Guest Artistic Direction of Anish Kapoor, the Festival built on its considerable previous success and rose to new heights of international significance. With two new commissions from Kapoor, several world premieres and many uk exclusives, the Daily Telegraph described the programme as ‘a dazzling line-up… one that any festival in the world might envy… British arts Festivals will be hard-pushed to beat Brighton’s pizzazz’. With Hofesh Shechter Company well established in its first of three years as a Brighton Dome Resident Company our busy venues are offering even more throughout the year. As this strategy demonstrates, Brighton Dome seeks to associate itself with the country’s best artists, offering creative and professional development opportunities for them and the ability to forge new links to the wider community, making our organisation truly accessible to all. The Trustees of Brighton Dome & Festival are extremely excited by the new direction this organisation is taking. We commend the following strategy to you and hope you will join us on this exciting journey.

Polly Toynbee, Chair




From Andrew Comben, Chief Executive of Brighton Dome & Festival

Only a year on from Sir Brian McMaster’s seminal report (and its implicit challenge) we are faced with an entirely changed economic environment. Yet the legacy of more than a decade of significant cultural investment happily finds our leaders and our communities with a renewed commitment to the arts: a belief in their ability to stimulate understanding, to be a catalyst for regeneration and social change; and ultimately a belief in the arts’ intrinsic value. I believe the impact of the last decade’s creativity has been so significant and so vital a part of people’s lives that we can optimistically set out this corporate strategy for the following three years. Brighton Dome & Festival has undergone enormous change since the refurbishment of Brighton Dome in 2002 and it has built an enviable and diverse portfolio of activities. This strategy strengthens the connections between our year-round venues and one of the country’s most important arts festivals to make Brighton Dome & Festival a properly united force in Brighton & Hove. This organisation is one of the leading businesses in the city, contributing significantly to the local economy, and is key to this city’s reputation as a cultural destination. We aim to encourage greater access to our venues, develop our artistic distinctiveness, increase our international recognition and lead activity in the region – further developing Brighton & Hove as a draw for audiences and artists nationally and internationally.

‘Earlier this year, it was said of culture in Britain that we are living in a “golden age”. It is certainly a time of phenomenal creativity but I think that the true golden age could be ahead of us.’ sir brian mcmaster, supporting excellence in the arts 2008.

Anish Kapoor, Hofesh Shechter Company, London Philharmonic Orchestra, Dreamthinkspeak and Rimini Protokoll are just some of the artists we are working with over the next three years and beyond. It is through associations such as these that we will further enhance the reputation of our organisation and our city and through careful management of a balanced programme of events that we will maintain the long-term stability of our business model. We have much to do to ensure our organisation is as efficient as these straitened times will demand. But with the energy, expertise and dedication of our staff we are equipped to direct artists’ passions and support them in sharing their work with our diverse audiences, in realisable and achievable ways. Our relationships with artists and with the wider artistic community of Brighton & Hove is at the heart of Brighton Dome & Festival’s new strategy and I invite you to help us make our vision a reality.

Andrew Comben, Chief Executive

This city’s community has been recognised as the most culturally engaged outside London. That fact alone gives Brighton Dome & Festival an enormous base on which to build and an ability to introduce innovative participation and learning projects – a laboratory in which best practice can be developed and from which we can reach out, taking great art to those who cannot come to us. At the same time, the city’s environment, its openness, its love for the experimental offers an inviting mix for internationally acclaimed artists, and the venues Brighton Dome can offer them provide the opportunity to develop in interesting and innovative ways. Foreword



As Brighton & Hove’s foremost artistic and cultural organisation, our festival and venues together present an open invitation to the best of the world’s artists of all cultures and genres to join us in engaging and entertaining our diverse audiences. As an organisation of artistic excellence we aspire to quality and distinction in the presentation and development of our activities and ensuring the widest possible access to them. We are constituted to advance education through the promotion, production and encouragement of a variety of art forms including music, dance, theatre and outdoor performance. Brighton Dome is a crucial resource to the city presenting a year round multi-artform programme appealing to a wide audience (currently one in five households in the city attend). It is a Grade 1 Listed building, part of the Royal Pavilion Estate and comprises three flexible performance

and conference spaces: the Brighton Dome Concert Hall (up to 1650 seated and 1850 standing), the Corn Exchange (up to 570 seated, 1100 standing) and the Pavilion Theatre (200 seated, 330 standing). Brighton Festival is one of the country’s most important arts festivals and is held annually in venues and outdoor spaces across the city during the first three weeks of May. We are committed to an extensive range of partnerships within the region, across the UK and world-wide, and to supporting the aims of Brighton & Hove City Council, the Department of Culture, Media and Sport and the Arts Council of England. The organisation makes a significant contribution to Brighton & Hove’s economy, to making the region more competitive, to building equality and community cohesion, and to providing better public services.


Champion the power of the arts to enrich and change lives.

Inspire and enable artists to be their most creative.

Be a destination for leading artists, inspired by our expertise, our location and venues and the openness of our audience. Foster connections between artists and be a catalyst for the development of challenging new work. commission and produce work in partnership with the best companies and promoters nationally and internationally. Consistently deliver memorable, high quality experiences.

value our high achieving staff and create a positive working environment encouraging diversity and professional development.

Deliver nationally significant learning opportunities that explain, explore, enhance, and share our artistic work with diverse audiences of all ages.

Operate strong systems of governance and accountability and ensure we are efficient, effective and transparent in the management of our financial and other resources.

Reflect and promote the unique characteristics of the city and region, in particular its diversity, openness and free-thinking spirit. Contribute to the city’s social and economic well being and be a key driver in developing its status as an international cultural and conferencing destination.

maximise income from public, private and voluntary sources and generate commercial income from performances, conferences, private events and associated revenues. Be a responsible custodian of our Grade 1 listed buildings and ensure Brighton Dome remains at the heart of the cultural quarter and the social life of Brighton & Hove.


Setting the long-term agenda for Brighton Dome & Festival

increase the reach of our audiences across the city and region and deepen levels of engagement in our artistic activity.


independent on sunday



‘A faultless performance next to Kapoor’s gruesome installation.’

Be recognised and valued as the most important cultural provider in the uk outside London.

Strategic Aims


‘Not just a show, but a really remarkable experience.’ the argus

THE NEXT THREE YEARS… Guided by our long-term aims and values, our priorities for 2009 – 2012 are to grow the organisation as a centre of year-round artistic activity and artist development enhance our learning, access and participation programme

extend a wider invitation to artists and audiences across the city and the region

embrace the opportunities presented by the Cultural Olympiad in the lead up to 2012

The Next Three Years


establish a baseline for critical and peer-review and set stretching annual targets. raise the profile of Brighton Festival through the annual appointment of a Guest Artistic Director of international significance. create associations with six nationally significant companies to develop and perform work at Brighton Dome and engage with audiences on a regular basis.

build relationships with four artists or companies based in Brighton & Hove and the South East region reflecting the particular diversity of the city. Develop their artistic ambition and capacity and bring their work to international attention. engage with Brighton & Hove’s new media industry and our associate companies to commission new work incorporating digital technology and live performance and source at least two international co-commissioners for this work. increase our capacity to produce outdoor events within the Brighton Festival programme.

create a strong brand identity for the whole organisation achieving 75% brand awareness across the city. increase national media coverage by 20%. work in partnership with targeted diverse communities to explain and promote what we do. achieve one significant national television feature over the period of the plan. establish an advocacy strategy to enable the work of Brighton Dome & Festival to inspire and influence the decision making and actions of key stakeholders.


the argus



‘Musical fireworks at Brighton Dome… Breathtaking virtuosity… Truly spellbinding.’

build a reputation for excellence in the commissioning and presentation of dance, music, theatre and outdoor performance.

Priority Objectives 2009 – 2012


provide a year-round programme of open rehearsals, classes, workshops and talks from visiting or associate artists and companies. produce an annual four-day celebration of children’s literature and associated outreach work and co-produce or commission a minimum of two original pieces of work for young people with an ambition to tour these nationally.

offer practical support and training for our associate companies to create participatory projects and work for targeted groups. offer support and access to a wider artistic community and to local community-based arts groups. support and enhance the National Curriculum by offering pupils from all Brighton & Hove schools opportunities to participate in the arts and to see performances. provide a structured programme of work experience and volunteering opportunities.

reach one in four households1 in the city as ticket buyers or participants.

encourage increased cross artform attendance and audience risk-taking across the programme.

identify three currently underrepresented groups in our audience and increase engagement with them in the city and region.

establish a range of opportunities and experiences specifically targeted at potential new audiences.

reach 35% of the mosaic ‘Urban Intelligence’2 population in the city as ticket buyers or participants. increase attendance from beyond the core catchment area (30 minute drive-time) by 15%.


bangers and mash dancer, blatchington mill sixth form college

research and deliver a three year plan of outreach initiatives that target young offenders, older people and those with disabilities.


‘Please can we do it again – this project has been amazing!’

act as a bridge to the arts for all, actively encouraging engagement with our diverse communities.

develop opportunities to allow increased open access to our venues. reflect the city’s diversity profile3 within our overall attendance. develop a programme of assisted performances throughout the year.

1 There are 114,479* households in the city of Brighton & Hove (*2001 Census) 2 Experian’s mosaic classification system portrays consumer behavior in terms of socio-demographics, lifestyles and cultural consumption patterns. Urban Intelligence (one of 11 mosaic groups) are avid explorers of new ideas and fashions, cosmopolitan in their tastes and liberal in their social attitudes; with a sophisticated understanding of brand values, who value authenticity. Urban Intelligence is the most dominant profile in Brighton & Hove representing 31% of the city’s population 3 5.4% of the city’s population are white non-British and 5.1% of the population are non-white

Priority Objectives 2009 – 2012


maximise income from conferences and private events within the context of a balanced artistic programme. maximise income from ancillary sources prioritising contributions from bars, catering and ticket shop facilities.


maximise income from appeals and fundraising, specifically increasing support from individuals, trusts and new public funders.

generate sufficient unrestricted reserves to reduce the accumulated deficit to nil by the end of the three year period. use timely and accurate financial information to identify opportunities for maximising efficiencies and value for money across the organisation. operate sound procurement policies and systems to ensure purchases are made efficiently and economically and in an environmentally sustainable way. operate an effective system of internal financial controls and procedures, being transparent in all our financial transactions. set prioritised annual capital budgets, ensuring all resource implications are affordable, achievable and appropriate.

communicate regularly and effectively across the organisation, promoting ownership of our corporate values, aims and objectives and encouraging and responding to staff contributions.

continue to provide a high standard of customer service to audiences, artists and clients across the organisation and develop staff training to promote excellent external relations.

work with Brighton & Hove City Council to identify an affordable five-year programme of repairs and renewals acknowledging the financial constraints of the Sinking Fund provision.

develop and operate a structured Business Planning and Performance Reporting system identifying key performance indicators and monitoring business performance on a regular and consistent basis.

align our staffing resources to business need and maintain and develop a strong skills and knowledge base.

identify and prioritise capital expenditure outside the remit of the Sinking Fund to ensure our venues operate efficiently and competitively.

develop and operate a pro-active Human Resources Strategy, standardise processes and monitoring procedures and deliver an active performance management and development system.

develop a regular audit of resource usage, setting and meeting targets to lower our carbon footprint.

develop and operate an Information and Communication Technology (ict) Strategy investing in our ict infrastructure and appropriate skills training for our staff. develop effective office systems and processes to ensure efficiency and effectiveness in all that we do.

formulate a Capital Development Strategy specifically including the future provision of education and dance studio space within Brighton Dome.


maximise financial contribution from Brighton Dome & Festival performance activities.

operate an affordable financial plan through the active management of payroll, utility and administrative resources.


achieve a sustainable funding mix of public, private, voluntary and commercial income.

Priority Objectives 2009 – 2012



Priority Objectives

08 – 09

2009 – 10

2010 – 11

2011 – 12










ARTISTIC AMBITION % of work considered excellent by peer review & critical assessment COMMUNICATING OUR PURPOSE Number of national media features, previews and reviews LEARNING, ACCESS & PARTICIPATION (LAP) Number of lap and Artist Development events Number of participants













AUDIENCES & COMMUNITY Number of events

Paid attendance %

Total overall attendance, including free outdoor events1

% audience positively valuing experience

















FINANCIAL SUSTAINABILITY Self-generated income as % of total income

FUNDING, FINANCE & RESOURCES Brighton Dome & Festival Limited (bdfl) is a company limited by guarantee and registered as a charity. bdfl currently operates within a balanced funding mix on its general reserve. This is recognised as a core objective for the organisation and one planned to be sustained in future years. With an annual turnover of £7million, bdfl generates 65% of its income from its own activities and receives the remaining 35% in core funding support from Arts Council England South East and Brighton & Hove City Council. bdfl aims to restrict expenditure on management, administration and governance to 9p of every £1 earned.

1 Attendances are anticipated to increase in 2011 – 12 in line with our ambition to programme large scale free outdoor events within Brighton Festival (as in 2008 – 09).


Measuring Our Performance

Building Maintenance Support 2% Other Grants 3% Ticket Services 3% Appeals & Fundraising 7% Bars & Catering 8%


Brighton Festival 14%

Appeals & Fundraising 1% Core funding 35%

Management, Administration & Governance 9%

Brighton Dome 28%


Bars & Catering 11%

Building Maintenance & Depreciation 15%

Artist & Performance Costs 64% Funding, Finance & Resources


FUNDERS, SPONSORS & SUPPORTERS As a registered charity Brighton Dome & Festival Limited is reliant on generous support from funders, donors, sponsors and supporters to whom we are deeply grateful. Thanks go to them and the many artists, promoters, producers and organisations who gave their time, advice and expertise in the drafting of this document. They are the inspiration behind Brighton Dome & Festival’s new strategic vision.

Picture credits front cover C-Curve at the Chattri, Anish Kapoor. Brighton Festival 2009 inside front cover The Erpingham Camp Hydrocracker. Brighton Festival 2009 page 2 Brighton Dome at night. 2007 page 4 Brighton Festival Children’s Parade. 2009 page 5 Brighton Dome reflected in Anish Kapoor’s Sky Mirror. Brighton Festival 2009 page 6 The audience in Brighton Dome’s Concert Hall. 2007 page 7 The Art of Not Looking Back Hofesh Shechter Company. Brighton Festival 2009 page 8 Giovanna D’Arco. Chamber Domanine, mezzo soprano Anna Grevelius, Dismemberment of Jeanne d’Arc Anish Kapoor. Brighton Festival 2009 page 10 The Tragedian Trilogy Prodigal Theatre. Brighton Festival 2009 page 12 Toumani Diabaté’s Symmetric Orchestra. Brighton Festival 2006 page 14 Bangers and Mash Hofesh Shechter Company Youth Project. Brighton Festival 2009 page 16 The audience arrives in Brighton Dome Concert Hall’s Foyer. 2009 inside back cover Hubbert’s Peak Les Alama’s Givrés. Brighton Festival 2009 All photographs © Matthew Andrews except; page 4 The Argus, page 5 Chris Harrison and page 16 Hugh Fox. design print Printed on 9lives 55 Offset. This brochure can be recycled.


Funders, Sponsors & Supporters

Brighton Dome & Festival Limited 12a Pavilion Buildings Castle Square Brighton bn1 1ee tel +44 (0) 1273 700747 fax +44 (0) 1273 707505 ticket office +44 (0) 1273 709709 e-mail Brighton Dome & Festival Ltd Registered Charity number 249748 Registered Company number 889184

Brighton Dome & Festival Corporate Strategy  

This corporate strategy document sets out Brighton Dome & Festival's course for the next three years and ambitions for the longer term

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