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Vol. 10 December 2015 Editorial Board

About RAYS rays is a tri-monthly newsletter published by the brighton international School. brighton is situated near Vidhan Sabha in raipur (c.g).

© brighton international School, nardaha, raipur

rays is a compilation of articles by students of brighton aiming to promote literary zest amongst the students.

chief editor - english P. riyesh rithik - class Xii arman raut - class Xi chief editor - hindi Shalini gupta - class Xii akshita Dubey - class Xi Sub editor - ajit Pandey - class Xi

From The Principal’s Desk raYS once again is ready to deliver the work carried out by the students at different phases. it’s an admiration to the students to get their work noted and as well appreciated. life is not a bed of roses, one has to strive hard to get success, it’s not only the teacher’s who have to strive hard, but dear students you must put your entire effort to put things on right track. it’s always your will, determination and your teachers’ hard work which can bring success to you. never be afraid of failure as it is a stepping stone to success, those who work hard they can only enjoy the nectar of success. opportunity knocks only once, wise are they who grab it. once gone it hardly comes back. You will never have a day that became history again your life. i admire the efforts put forward by the parents who remain a guiding light in their ward’s life. brighton puts all the efforts to mould the students to the best what they can ever be. Wishing you all a Merry christmas and a wonderful 2016 ahead.

inside Story independence Week

Yoga Day

Friendship Day






Vol. 10 November | 2015 | © brighton international School, nardaha, raipur |

Independence Week independence week was celebrated from 11 to 15 of august 2015, student participated in various activities exhibitory this talents and patriotism.

Investiture Ceremony an organisation requires & leader to lead it. leaders shoulder their responsibilities to make on organisation to green smooth. investiture ceremony on 11 July 2015 was to elect leader in different spheres “together we can make’’ was the motto behind it.

Vol. 10 November | 2015 | © brighton international School, nardaha, raipur |

Junior the junior are no where inferior to the seniors, they show case their talent when ever they get a platform to do so. activities get fun filled and enthusiasm plans over when these tiny tots participate.

Yoga Day international Yoga Day was celebrated on 21 June 2015 in the school premises keep itself hale and heathy. the students and the teachers joined together and participated it whole heartly.

Vol. 10 November | 2015 | Š brighton international School, nardaha, raipur |

Boys from Brighton brings laurel to Chhattisgarh Shlok Soni, a student of class-Xi studying in brighton international School has been selected in table tennis,national bringing laurels to the state. Satyawrat Singh represented the state in nationals (Football) at Jammu and Kashmir in the month of october 2015. the school had marked its representation at state level with players like Satyawrat Singh and abhay Panna in Football, Kushagra Shrivastav in basket ball. Divyasha and ashmita placed themselves in state carrom. aryan Verma grabbed the position in archery. these students drew accolades from all spheres of the society bringing pride to the state and the school as well.

I Believe……. i believe that life is there to enjoy i believe you should give people chances i believe you should treat people the same because you never know what they will do for you in the future i believe hope is something everyone needs. i believe that money cannot buy happiness i believe books can take you any where i believe that true friends will last a lifetime. i believe parents are more important than you think. i believe that you have to love yourself before you can love others.

Emptiness... When your life is empty, and you are alone, You need someone but you only mourn When you want to dance and play What is in your head you want to say? You want to jump and hop But all you feel at the moment is life’s a flop When you want to find a soul Who will play your angel’s role?

i believe records are made to be broken.

emptiness is a disease you dread.

i believe brothers and sisters are made to teach togetherness.

but still my friend

i believe that being popular is not the key to life. i believe pets are great because they listen and love you no matter what you look like Hema Jumrani (Viii a)

that’s not the end raise above all this life’s beautiful Something just you can’t miss. Zeba Afrin Viii-a

Vol. 10 November | 2015 | © brighton international School, nardaha, raipur |

GRAND FATHER’S CHERRY BLOSSOM an old couple lived in a little village in Japan. they were poor but content, they were childless. one morning the old woman found a small white puppy, akita, the native Japanese Dog, whimpering in one of the vegetable patches in the garden. ”look what i found!“ she told her husband. the couple decided to bring him up like the son they never had. Whenever they made rice cakes or fish shiro got his share first. He grew into a sturdy, smart Dog. One afternoon,the old man heard shiro barking excitedly .When he went out to see what the matter was, Shiro ran to him and tugged at his Kimono. the Dog then ran to a tree in the yard and began digging furiously. the old man fetched a spade to help Shiro. together they unearthed a cache of old gold coins buried deep in the ground. the oldman and his wife gathered up the coins. they would never be needy again. When someone said that he was very lucky, indeed the old man who shared his wealth with all the villagers pointed to Shiro and said “i am lucky to have him as my son. Years later Shiro died. the couple was grief-striven. they buried him in the yard and planted a pine tree over it. the tree grew rapidly. one day the old woman said “why don’t you cut some wood of the pine tree? We can make a mortar out of it and pound some rice for the cakes Shiro loved so much. ”the man did as she wished and they made a mortar. When they pounded the steaming rice in the mortar, it began overflowing and didn’t stop! They fed the whole village with it. the Samurai lord’s son got to hear of the mortar and confiscated it, but it wouldn’t work its magic for him. In a fit of anger, the lout burned the mortar to ashes. When the old man heard of this, he was very sad. he went to the castle and collected the ashes. he was scattering the ashes in the garden when a gust of wind blew some of it on to the bare cherry trees growing nearly. it was winter but when the ashes touched the trees,they burst into blossom ! the old man scattered the ashes all over the village wherever there were cherry trees and they blossomed in a mission of red, white and pink! everyone was amazed and the old man became known as ‘grandfather cherry blossom”.the samurai lord heard of this and summoned the old man. he got the ashes scattered over the barren trees in the castle garden too. he was astonished when the trees bloomed. he apologized for his son that he would be suitably punished. the samurai lord showered the old couple with presents and wished them many more years of happiness. Retold by-Suyash Chandrakar (Viii-b), brighton international school.

What’s Life… life’s a guiding ray, Which let success come our way, life’s a hope, very long, like a rope, very strong. to failures life is a dream, Which never come true. neither in their minds nor in their soul, these people ever grow. Successors in life never weep, because as they sow, so shall they reap. life’s vast, running fast, irrespective of every caste. life’s what you make of it, allow success to be always with you, let it not come bit by bit. Khushi Chandra class Viii-a


1. babies crawl 200 meters a day on an average 2. astronauts become taller by 2 to 3 inches, while in space. 3. ants can live completely submerged in the water for up to 2 days. 4. More germs are transferred from shaking hands than Kissing. 5. Aztecs sacrificed 15000 men a year to appease their sun god. 6. cows are incapable of putting their lips together to make sound like humans. So they actually utter “ooooo” instead of “mooooo”. 7. it would take 70000 years for a modern spaceship to get to the star nearest to earth. Aryan Class Vii-b

Vol. 10 November | 2015 | © brighton international School, nardaha, raipur |

Save the Girl Child Don’t be wild

her life should be made long

She is your pride

Save the girl child

Save the girl child

the whole world grows in her presence

She has a pony-tail

Don’t lose this innocence

She is as sweet as fairytale,

Save the girl child

Save the girl child

You will be shocked by her liveliness

She has such beauty

She gives you happiness

to save her is your duty

Save the girl child.

Save the girl child

Anshula Singh iii a

She sings a sweet song

Poems Life’s Own battle Didn’t want a battle, Yet you declared war, each knock you gave me Made me stronger than before i will not give up I fight till my last breath

Thorny Rose our life is like a thorny rose not perfect, but always beautiful the thorn represents the hardship in our lives the delicate red petals represent the fun and beautiful things in our lives. Aditva Kulshrestha, Va

Success never comes so easy one has to strive hard. Anushka Chatterjee iX b

Tongue-Twister i feel the lovely feel, i love the lovely feel, if you want to feel the lovely feel, i feel then feel the feel, So, if you feel the lovely feel, then feel it by lovely feel. Shaivi Jangid Vb

Vol. 10 November | 2015 | © brighton international School, nardaha, raipur |

Interesting Facts about Japan 1. Japan is nicknamed as “land of the rising sun”. 2. there are over 100 volcanoes in Japan. 3. Sumo is Japan’s national Sport. 4. Japan’s literacy rate is almost 100%. 5. Japan has produced 20 nobel Prize winners. Dhananjay Tamrakar class Vii-b

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Amazing Facts




There are 62000 miles of Blood vessels in the human body- laid end to end. they would circle the earth 2.5 times.

At over 2000 kilo meter long, The Great Barrier reef is the largest living structure on earth.

The risk of being struck by a falling meteorite for a human is one occurrence every 9300 years.

A typical Hurricane produces the energy equivalent of 8000 one megaton bombs.

Blood sucking hook worms inhabit 700 million people worldwide.

The highest speed ever achieved on a bicycle is 166.94 Mph, By Fred rompelberg.

A world full of Books

We can produce laser light a million times brighter than sunshine.

books are like a treasure

65% of those with Autism are left handed

First Dinosaur walked the earth around 230 million years ago.

they give a lot of pleasure running crazy with suspense and mystery or bending about indian history,

Nancy Verma iX b

enriched with Knowledge they act as our guide in college. My passion is reading which affect the life i am leading, a friend of all, a foe of none books are perfect company for everyone. Akash Sahu class Vii-b

Go-Green no matter where we roam this earth is our home the birds in the sky Watch them fly high this planet is one of a kind Another like it is hard to find We all can do our share For cleaner water and cleaner air our future doesn’t have to be bleak if a clean green earth is what we seek Priyanshu Shukla class Vii-b

Riddles 1.

What is at the end of everything?

Ans. the letter g. 2.

Where does Friday come before Monday?

Ans. in the dictionary. 3.

What kind of band can’t play music?

Ans. a rubber band. 4.

Which dog keeps the best time?

Ans. Watch Dog.

Vol. 10 November | 2015 | © brighton international School, nardaha, raipur |

Mukul Sahu iV b

The Man behind the Award ‘Ramon Magsaysay’ ‘ramon Magsaysay was the 7th President of Philippines, who set an example of integrity, courage and public services in a democratic state. ‘roman’ was born on aug 31st 1907. he became the President in 1953. he was a people’s person and brought an end to the hukbalahap, a communist movement in the Philippines. raman died in a plane crash on his way to ‘Manila’ from ‘cebu’ in 1957. the raman Magsaysay’ awards were established in 1957, by the rockefeller brothers Fund,an organization in new York.the awards are given annually at ‘Manila’ ,Philippines on aug 31st . the award consists of a medal and a cash prize of US 50000 Dollar (Rs 32 Lakh). The first Indian recipient of the ‘raman Magsaysay’ award was Vinoba bhave. Soniya Mordia class Vii-b

Friendship Day Dance drama performed by the student was the centre of attraction on Friendship Day. the theme was based on friendship of lord Krishna and Sudama. in addition to this group dance, speech, group song and poem presented by the students of class 4th a and 4th b on 19th September. this event highlighted moral values, team spirit, co-ordination and cooperation among students. the upcoming events are cleanliness Day,good manners day and science day. For the all round development of a child the spiritual and physical nurturing is required, for this reason it is decided at brighton to conduct the following events during the academic session 2015-16

Delightful Saturdays


Manners Day


Cleanliness Day


Spiritual Personality


Science Day

We celebrate Saturday’s delightfully. every Saturday we conduct many activities for the students to enhance their skills and make them confident to speak. The students enjoy and enthusiastically take part in the activities conducted for which they are even rewarded to encourage them. our activities have started from the month of June. We conducted activities like Memory game, imaginative painting, Kho-Kho, crownMaking, Dance competition, Shlok chanting etc. We even plan visits to different places. recently we visited “Shanti Sarovar”. the students learnt spiritual values and enjoyed the visit. We have many more upcoming activities and visits planned for the session ahead. Vol. 10 November | 2015 | © brighton international School, nardaha, raipur |

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?kj dh lc pgy igy gS csVh thou esa f[kyk dey gS csVh dHkh /kwi xquxqukrh lqgkuh dHkh pk¡n “khry gS csVh f“k{kk] xq.k] laLdkj lkSai nks fQj csVs ls lcy gS csVh lgkjk nks xj fo“okl dk rks ikou xaxkty gS csVh ç—fr ds ln~xq.k lhapks rks ç—fr lh fo“kky gS csVh D;ksa Mjrs gks iSnk djus ls vkus okyk dy gS csVhA PushprajY adav class Vii-a

Himanshu Kumar singh V-a

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AfV¨f¹fʪf³fIY °f±¹f 1- vxj vki “kekZ jgs gksa ;k “kfeaZnk eglwl dj jgs gksa rks vkids isV dk jax yky gks tkrk gSA 2- yM+fd;k¡ yM+dksa ds rqyuk esa Hkk’kk tYnh lh[krh gSa vkSj vf/kd dfBu “kCnksa dk ç;ksx djrh gSaA 3- vxj vki de lksrs gSa rks vkidh otu c<+us dh laHkkouk c<+ tkrh gSA 4- rst /ofu ij laxhr lquus ls vk¡[kksa dh nwj ns[kus dh j¨“kuh çHkkfor gksrh gS Ayush kumar class-Vii-a

Mishika Tiwari Vii-b Vol. 10 November | 2015 | © brighton international School, nardaha, raipur |

EIY SX¨f³ff°¸fIY ´fWX»f ¸ffBaOXÀ´ffIÊY-2015 ls vk;ksftr ekbaMLikdZ vUrj“kkys; dk;ZØe bl “kS{kf.kd l= es 15 vDVwcj ls 17 vDVwcj esa vk;ksftr fd;k x;kA bl rhu fnolh; dk;ZØe esa Nk=ksa ds uSfrd] lkekftd] lkFk gh “kS{kf.kd Lrj ij fodkl ds fy, dbZ çfr;ksfxrk,a vk;¨ftr dh xbZA lkFk gh [ksy çfr;ksfxrk,a Hkh vk;ksftr dh x;hA Nk=ksa esa Nqih çfrHkk dks txkus dk l“kä ek/;e ;g dk;ZØe jgk] lkaL—frd {ks= esa :fp j[kus okys Nk=ksa dks Hkh bl dk;ZØe us ,d eap çnku fd;kA 2015

vDVwcj dk fnu [ksyksa dks lefiZr jgk vkSj fo|ky;ksa ds fy, fØdsV çfr;ksfxrk vk;ksftr dh x;hA nwljs fnu lkaL—frd xfrfof/k;ksa ds uke jgkA ofj’B oxZ ds lewg u`R; ds lkFk & lkFk fganh okn&fookn çfr;ksfxrk vk;ksftr dh x;hA dfu‘B oxZ ds fy, vkVZ] Øk¶V] ¶ykoj esfdax] dfork iBu] rkRdkfyd Hkk’k.k dh çfr;ksfxrk,a vk;ksftr dh x;hA buesa vkfnR; fcjyk Ldwy] dkaxsj oSyh] ,u-,p-xks;y] —’.kk ifCyd Ldwy] ç.kokuan fo|ky;] NÙkhlx<+ ifCyd Ldwy] fryd Hkkjrh fo|ky;] e;wj Ldwy ds lkFk dbZ fo|ky;ksa us viuh Hkkxhnkjh ntZ dhA


varj“kkys; çfr;ksfxrkvksa esa vxys fnu ;kfu 17 vDVwcj dks vaxzsth okn&fookn çfr;ksfxrk] uqDdM+ ukVd ds lkFk lewg xku çfr;ksfxrk vk;ksftr dh x;hA bl fnu dk;ZØe dk eq[; vkd’kZ.k lewg xku çfr;ksfxrk vkSj uqDdM+ ukVd jgkA uqDdM+ ukVd cky Je ij vk/kkfjr FkkA gj lky lHkh çfr;ksfxrkvksa ds ifj.kke ns[kdj csLV Ldwy vokMZ fn;k tkrk gS tks fd bl ckj —’.kk ifCyd Ldwy dks feykA dk;ZØe ds vafre fnu lekiu lekjksg esa eq[; vfrfFk uoHkkjr lekpkj i= ds lh-Ã-vks- Jh eukst f=osnh FksA vfrfFk egksn; us lHkh Nk=ksa dk vkHkkj O;ä fd;k vkSj vkxs c<+us dh çsj.kk nhA csLV Ldwy ds iqjLdkj ls eq[; vfrfFk }kjk —’.kk ifCyd Ldwy dks uoktk x;kA Vol. 10 November | 2015 | © brighton international School, nardaha, raipur |

Paintings Arshiya Jain (iVth a)

Lekhika (iVth b)

Abhay Panna (Viiith)

Pallavi Singh (X)

humeshwari Sahu (i b)

Priyanka Shukla (iVth a)

Suman Sahu (Vith a)

Nancy Verma (iXth)

Vol. 10 November | 2015 | Š brighton international School, nardaha, raipur |

Bhumika Verma (iVth)

A¸fSX ½¹fd¢°f°½f

½fû ¸ffh W`X va/ksjs esa dksbZ xhr xquxqukrh gS fcuk Loj vkSj rky ds “kgn ls Hkh ehBh vkokt yxkrh gS oks ek¡ gS ---Hkxoku ls igys ek¡ gS n;k] d#.kk] {kek] eerk ftldh Nk;k esa cPps gS tgk¡ cs[kkSQ cPps gS oks ek¡ gS -----thou dh jkg esa vkLFkk vkSj fo“okl [kqf“k;k¡ vkSj lPpkbZ gS [kqn dks Hkh yqVk ns oks ek¡ gSA teha ls vkleka ij fcBk ns vius nw/k ls ugyk ns ifrr dks ikou cuk ns oks ek¡ gSA rsjs vk¡py esa gS nqfu;k eSaus lquk gS dqnjr dk dfj“ek tgk¡ LoxZ ls Hkh vkrs gSa —’.k vkSj jke rsjs pj.kksa esa djrk gw¡] ek¡ dksfV&dksfV ç.kkeA

tks O;fä fujk“kk ds {k.k esa] ys vkrk vk“kk thou esa djrk fo“okl leiZ.k esa] og O;fä vej gks tkrk gSA Hkkrh u dHkh foJkafr ftls] lcdk lq[k nsrk “kkafr ftls gS “kh“k uokrh Økafr ftls] tks Hkz’V O;oLFkk ls ykrk rksM+k djrk çfriy tkrk] lcdks laHkkydj jkg lq>krk og O;fä vej gks tkrk gSA

Spiritual Personality Day this event was organized by class iii-a and iii-b students on 22nd aug 2015 it highlighted the teachings of buddha. Students presented different programmes including group song, skit, group dance, speech and poem. teachers contributed their best and made it an unforgettable event.

¨fbMXIbY»fZ jke&D;k nw/k ihus ls jax lkQ gksrk gS \ “;ke&gk¡ jke&xyr] vxj ,slk gksrk rks HkSal dk cPpk dkyk D;ksa gksrk \ --------------------------------------------rkjk&vjs jksgu rqe ekewyh ls ,DlhMsaV ds ckn brus lhfj;l D;ksa gks x, gks \ jksgu&vjs] ftl xkM+h ls esjk ,DlhMsaV gqvk Fkk ml ij fy[kk Fkk fQj feysaxsA Alka soni class Vii-b

Chandrakant Sahu Vii-a

brighton internation School 12th KM Vidhan Sabha Marg, Vill. nardaha, raipur (c.g.) 493111 tel.: (0771) 6067670, 3268680, Website :

Vol. 10 November | 2015 | © brighton international School, nardaha, raipur |

Rays 2015 December  

Rays is a tri-monthly newsletter published by the Brighton International School. Brighton is situated near Vidhan Sabha in raipur (c.g). ray...

Rays 2015 December  

Rays is a tri-monthly newsletter published by the Brighton International School. Brighton is situated near Vidhan Sabha in raipur (c.g). ray...